History Channel’s Ancient Aliens vs. The Watchers!

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L. A. Marzulli

I watched an episode of the History’s Channel Ancient Aliens program last night. It was a new episode from season three and I must say that Georgio’s hair was exceptional!  LOL!  Seriously though, this is season three and the show is blatantly promulgating what I call the coming great deception, as the show repeats their mantra about ancient aliens being responsible for all the megalithic structures that we see around the planet, and starting our civilizations.

For the record, Bob Ulrich, from Prophecy in the News, whom I interviewed this month for our monthly News Magazine, forwarded me a letter from a concerned supporter saying that they has seen L. A. Marzulli on Ancient Aliens and I stated that Noah was an extraterrestrial.  Of course this was exactly the opposite of what I had said but my words were manipulated in the editing process.  This is one of the reasons that I did not go back for season three.  I got tired of being deliberately misquoted.  It’s their show and they can do whatever they want, however, in my opinion it is a far cry from being even remotely fair and balanced in that they are presenting only one paradigm and will not allow any other voices that propose a different one to be heard!

That being said, this is the reason that my partner, Richard Shaw and I created the Watchers series.  While we don’t have the big budget of the History Channel nor do we have even close to the same audience, we have produced two shows and are working on #3!  The third show is entitled, Fingerprints of the Supernatural and will be available around Thanksgiving.  I know it sounds like a shameless plug and I suppose that in some ways it is, however, we are trying to present an alternative view to what the History channel is running with.

How many people do you think have watched their show, perhaps millions by now.  For people who are on the fence and not sure of what they believe, Ancient Aliens offers an alternative view of history and syncs with Darwinian evolution.

Our churches need to wake up and realize that this is not a passing fad or the latest craze, and the belief in ET and their creating life on this planet is no longer reserved to the lunatic fringe as it once was.

In closing today’s post: UFOs are here and continue to manifest. At some point they will reveal themselves, as many in the new age movement are anxiously awaiting them to do.  The church continues its slumber and feeling safe behind their respective four walls, while pop singers like Katy Perry indoctrinate our youth that ET is what is happening.  The Watchers series is a rebuttal of all of this and done in a way that is not over the top “religious”.  Why not support these shows and give them to your friends?


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