Comet Elenin Destroys North America – Obama safe in Denver Bunker!

Commentary & Analysis 


L. A. Marzulli

Today is a day that we will look back on with dread and despair as Comet Elenin wrought havoc on our world.  As of this post, most of North America is burning and lies in waste.  The comet combined with a massive coronal ejection, created temperatures that were over 130′.  As of this post, it is reported that President Obama is safe in a deep underground bunker below the Denver airport, where he is being briefed about the devastation, and dinning with Extraterrestrials from the Zeta star stystem.  The Internet has been disrupted as well as all communication devices.  The grid is down and I’m not even certain whether or not this post will ever be read.  The doom-sayers were right!  Comet Elenin has proved to be the fulfillment of the Hopi Blue Star Katchina prophecy.  Our world may never be the same….

Well, there you have it, the Comet Elenin scare, is nothing more than the New Age version of Harold Camping’s Rapture and end of the world errant date setting!  I’ll say it once again, the place to watch is Israel.  It all happens there.  The prophecies concern Israel, and what will happen to her in these last days.  While we should keep an eye on Elenin and the supposed planet X, we would do well not to be distracted by these false flags and know what the guidebook to the Supernatural tells us will happen in these last days.  Another non event will be the 2012 Mayan calendar hoo-hah.  I write about this in the Cosmic Chess Match and call it, a self fulfilling, staged, prophetic event!

In closing today’s post: We are pawns in a cosmic chess match and the final moves are about to played out on this earth.  Elenin is a non event. A no-show, and I have stated this over and over again…. see, I told you so!  Peace out!