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Hybrids that walk among us…

Once again I will call your attention to the words of Yashua/Jesus who tells us That it will be like the days of Noah when the son of man returns.  We know that the enemy, the Fallen One, has been planning his final stand.  His end game is to seat the antichrist in the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem to be worshipped as God.  He will also delude much of the world with what I term the Coming Great Deception that is the revealing of the so-called extraterrestrial presence.

In my opinion the core issue of the Genesis debate is the creation of demonic hybrids known as Nephilim.  If this didn’t happen, which is taught in many of our seminaries with the teaching that is known as the Sethite theory, (see my Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural book for a detailed explanation) then none of this matters and we can all start watching American Idol again!  However, if my position, which many other scholars and researchers hold to, is correct then we should expect to see modern-day Nephilim roaming the earth.


Chuck Missler’s book, Alien Encounters, the Return of the Nephilim, holds to this position as well as:

Dr. I. D. E. Thomas, The Omega Conspiracy

M. R. DeHaan, As in the Days of Noah

G. H. Pember, Earth’s Earliest Ages

Clarence Larkin, Rightly Dividing the Word

J. R. Church, Daniel Reveals the Bloodline of the Antichrist


It becomes apparent that both positions cannot be correct and that one position is not only in error but is in fact distorting what happened in Genesis 6.

If we hold to the position that the fallen angels didn’t have sex with the women of earth then how do we understand who Goliath was, or that the Nephilim were in the land as told to us in Numbers 13:33,[1] or the Jewish historian Josephus who tells us that the skeletons of the Nephilim were openly on display at the time of his writings.[2]

There is a vicious ignorance regarding the plan of the Fallen One. Without embracing the position that fallen angels had sex with women and produced the hybrids known as the Nephilim, it is almost impossible, in my opinion, to come to an understanding of the tenuous and unprecedented times in which we live.

Here is what I think:

The Fallen One is producing modern-day hybrids.  They are not like the hybrids that were produced in the first incursion.  They are different and the goal is to have them pass as human, to create a fallen angel/human hybrid that will look human but be demonically enhanced like Russ Dizdar talks about and also what we may have witnessed in the video Madness in the Fast Lane.[3]

I believe the Fallen One is building an army.  This army will help the antichrist bring about the one-world political and religious system that will come upon the earth.

In Russ Dizdar’s book The Black Awakening he states that he believes there are tens of thousands of satanic super soldiers that will be released at some point.[4] This event, needless to say, will cause chaos and great social upheaval.

The revealing of demonic hybrids, whether they are satanic super soldiers as Russ Dizdar postulates or modern-day Nephilim or both, is one of the last moves of the Fallen One.  It is his last attempt to not only destroy the human race from this planet but to be worshipped as god.  At this point we know the counter move of the Most High God because it was written almost two thousand years ago.  It is the second coming of Yashua/Jesus, and it is the game-changer, the final move, the clearing of the board of any pieces that are left if you will that ends the match and sets in motion the literal thousand-year millennium.


The Game Changer

The second coming is the Game Changer.  It is the ending of this system that has been under the control of the Fallen One since the fall of Adam and Eve.  It is why Yashua/Jesus came in the first place because everything changes at the second coming.

We read in the Book of Revelation that the heavens open and a white horse is revealed and the rider of that horse is called Faithful and True! How’s that for drama!  This is one of my favorite passages because it shows us in a graphic way His power, majesty, and that at some point in the future the Most High God will declare that enough is enough, the Fallen One must go!  I also believe this is literal…  Here’s the text from Revelation 19:11:


Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse! The one sitting on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war.


This is the response to the Fallen One’s last stand.  He comes himself with the armies of heaven to end the game.  In short, it’s over and the earth is under the rule of the King.

[1] The Bible: Numbers 13:33

[2] Josephus: Chapter II:3

[4] Ibid


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