Turkey – Pointing the finger but denying its past!

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L. A. Marzulli

In interview with CNN Turkish PM continues with belligerent rhetoric towards Israel, questions the number of Israeli fatalities from Palestinian terror groups’ rocket fire ‘compared to thousands of dead Palestinians’
Erdogan: Israel cannot be trusted – Israel News, Ynetnews

Armenian Genocide

The government had made no provisions for the feeding of the deported population. Starvation took an enormous toll much as exhaustion felled the elderly, the weaker and the infirm. Deportees were denied food and water in a deliberate effort to hasten death. The survivors who reached northern Syria were collected at a number of concentration camps whence they were sent further south to die under the scorching sun of the desert. Through methodically organized deportation, systematic massacre, deliberate starvation and dehydration, and continuous brutalization, the Ottoman government reduced its Armenian population to a frightened mass of famished individuals whose families and communities had been destroyed in a single stroke.

Armenian Genocide

Last week Prime Minister Recep Erdogan blasted Israel over the raid that it conducted against Turkish ships that were trying to run the GAZA blockade.  What’s interesting is as I write this post, news broke about Egypt uncovering SA-24 Anti-air missiles that were bound for GAZA.

DEBKAfile, Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism, Security

Of course if the shoe had been on the other foot and it was Turkey that was trying to avoid the smuggling of weapons into its country, I wonder if the reaction would be the same.  While this story that I linked to above serves as a reminder of what Israel faces on a daily basis the elephant in the room is what the Turks did to the Armenians during WWI, which has become to be known as the Armenian Genocide.  Over 1.2 million men, women and children, and elderly people were systematically forced marched and starved to death.  Why doesn’t someone remind Mr. Erdogan about this atrocity?  The Turks to this day have never apologized to Armenia, yet Erdogan makes a big deal about Israel doing the Mea-copa over the Gaza blockade incident.  It’s a double standard that is so far beyond the pale the mind reels.  I wonder if anyone has the guts to stand up to Erdogan and remind the PM that less than a hundred years ago his nation brutalized a people because they were of a different ethnicity and were primarily Christians.

In closing today’s post:  Israel is now surrounded on all sides by neighbors that are hostile to her.  Over the weekend Mahmoud Abbas held a rally, in Ramallah, for the “Palestinian” Spring.  Please scroll down and read my post from last week about what the Palestinians really want. In there version of the Middle East there is no Israel, it is free of its Jews.

Turkey is flexing its military muscles with attacks against the Kurds in Northern Iraq as well as their interest on the island of Cyprus.  I wonder what is really going on behind closed doors in reaction to our Presidents speech last week – which was a major flip-flop in his support of the Palestinian cause – who made it plain that the US sides with Israel.  In my opinion this opens the door to only one recourse and it is war.  The Arab spring has produced a never-before-seen, instability in the region.  Meanwhile Turkey lays the blame for all of the Middle East’s problems at the feet of Israel.  Mr. Erdogan, the blood of 1.2 Million Armenians cry out from your soil…. how about cleaning your own house before you start pointing the finger elsewhere?


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