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L. A. Marzulli

The picture on the right is none other than King Abdullah II, of Jordan.  He is a Hashemite King.  Hashem was the uncle of the prophet Mohammed, so the king, who is a direct descendent, holds great sway among both Sunni & Shia Moslems.  The King is in a unique position to solve the Palestinian problem that has plagued the region for decades, but before I tell you why, first travel with me a few decades back into time to 1970 and hear what Dr. Kadri Tonkan, the former Jordanian foreign minister has to say, “Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan!”

Then we have a statement by Anwar Nusseibi, a former Jordanian defense minister who stated on October 3, 1970, “The Jordanians are also Palestine. This is also one state. This is also one people. The name is not important.  The families lining in Salt, Irbid, and Karak maintain nt only family and matrimonial ties with the families in Nablos and Hebron, that are one people.” (Both quotes from The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorists – Chuck Morse – pg 137)  


There are other statements that I could quote here, bolstering my point, but I think I’ve established that Jordan is Palestine.  What the issue is really about, with HAMAS, FATAH and the Palestinians in general,  is the existence of Israel’s right to exist at all.  (Please take note of the Palestinian logo on the left and observe that all of what today is Israel does NOT exists! )

If we go back to the Guidebook of the Supernatural i.e. the Bible we see the “divine” land grant given to Abraham, by the God of both the Jew and the Christian?  This begs the question, especially to those who are in the replacement theological camp, when and how was this decree abrogated by the Most High God?  The answer, is never!  We see plainly from scripture – Ezekiel 37 –  that in that latter days the Jews will be gathered from the four corners of the earth and established in the land given to them by God, thousands of years ago.  I hold to this position and in my opinion there is no other stance that makes any sense out of the prophetic scriptures that decree this!  

When Iraq was trying to come up with a constitution after the crazed despot Saddam Hussein was deposed, King Abdullah offered to set up a constitutional monarchy.  He offer was flatly refused. However, now with the uncertainty that the Arab spring has brought to the region, both the King and the Iraqi’s may take another look at his proposal.  If, and I realize it is a big if, the king were to allow Jordan to officially become the Palestinian state then he would solve the conundrum that has plagued the region since May 14, 1948.  He would be heralded as the man of the century and would be considered the greatest peace-maker that the world has ever known.  Please remember that the guide-book tells us that the A.C. rides to power by making peace for 3.5 years.

In closing today’s post:  Obama sided with the Israeli’s, in what I believe is an unprecedented turn of events.  It would appear that the Palestinian bid for an independent nation will not pass the United Nations security council, as it will be voted down.  This will further fuel the flames of the Arab spring and we may see an all out war in the region.  However, there is an alternative, which would be a game changer and that is King Abdullah giving Jordan to the Palestinians to create their sovereign nation and in turn for this, become the King of Iraq.  I’m a Biblical literalist and Babylon lies in Iraq.  Would the King then set up a new kingdom in Babylon, restoring the ancient city with Iraqi petro dollars? (Jordan has no oil so this could be the lure that sets things in motion for the King!) Could this city then become a world center, all due to the fact that the peace-maker King Abdullah is now regarded as one of the greatest statesmen in history?  Lot’s to consider and ruminate on here.  I hold to these things lightly but continue to watch and wonder if this scenario might be how the Middle East problem is solved!


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