Columbus Conference – Day One!

I’m headed out to Columbus Georgia today for a conference.  It should be great and I’m looking forward to it.

I’m writing this post from 35,000 feet in the air… I am awed by the age in which I find myself living in, as I can now reach all of you who come here daily while traveling to Atlanta!  The scripture comes to mind:  Men will travel to and fro over the face of the earth and knowledge will increase… well, here I am traveling over the face of the earth….

A few days ago I attended a lecture given by writer, Dan Gordon, at jewish Temple, in Thousand Oaks California, which is about 30 minutes from where I live in the Santa Monica mountains.  I may have been the only non-Jew in the crowd of over 100 people who in attendance.  Dan Gordon is a reservist in the Israel Defense Force.  He had just returned from active duty in Israel and brought the “news of the day” with him.  He told us that because of the Arab spring Israel has no way of knowing who will be in charge of the countries that she shares border with.  There is no way for Israel to anticipate what the regime in Egypt will look like now that Mubarak has been deposed.  As I write t his, King Abdullah, of Jordan is hanging onto the reigns of power by a thread.  Syria is in the midst of what I would call an all out civil war.  Added to this is the continual rocket fire from HAMAS that keeps the border towns always on the defensive.  In the North, Hezbollah has dug in and booby-trapped many of the villages that once held civilian populations. They have converted the houses into rocket launching bases, and placed explosives in the houses themselves so that everything is wired to blow up should there be a war, and as I have stated plainly, in my opinion there will be a war.

Gordon reminded those in the room that Israel is the place where Joshua, David, the Maccabees, and others defended the nation in times past.  What I found poignant was that most everyone in the room had lost a family member or in some cases their entire family in the Holocaust.  for me it was look into the soul of the Jewish people and realizing that all they have is this tiny strip of land that only a hundred years ago was denuded, sparsely inhabited, and little more than swamp land….

Now of course the Palestinians are shouting for an independent state.  What I find interesting is that recently King Abdullah of Jordan went out of his way to state that Jordan was not PALESTINE! I find this interesting because his predecessors stated the exact opposite.  Jordan is populated by over 75% Palestinian people, and Jordanian kings and statesmen have gone on the record stating that Jordan is Palestine.  This ties in with a post that I wrote a few years back discussing the possibility that at some point King Abdullah would annex Jordan to the Palestinian and in return become the King of Iraq.

In closing todays’ rambling post at 35,000 feet!:  I believe that war is coming to the Middle East and when it happens it will be a game changer.  It might result in the destruction of Damascus and WWIII.  War is coming and we would do well to prepare by stockpiling food and water.  The bottom line for me is that all of what we see leads up to the conclusion of Biblical prophecy and that is the long anticipated arrival of the Rider on the White Horse!  He ios coming back and we should remind ourselves of this when it looks the darkest.   His promises are true and He is faithful!

I wil be speaking tonight for several hours and then all day tomorrow!  If you’re in the area I hope you’ll come out and get informed as to what is going on!


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