Acceleration Radio – Judd Burton – The GIANTS of Gath!

Acceleration Radio – Judd Burton – The Giants of Gath!

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Gath connection!

Posted by arenmaeir in Findsgeneral blog stuffMiscellaneousTheory March 2, 2008
In the last few days, the web has been busy (such as here and here and here and numerous others) with discussions of the new Iron Age II seal that was just reported from Jerusalem, from the City of David excavations conducted by Reich and Shukron. The seal bears an interesting Hebrew name which has been read as Repaihu (ben) Shalem. Besides the various issues that were discussed regarding this seal (and the name on it), I wanted to point out one interesting point that relates to Philistine Gath and the excavations at Tell es-Safi/Gath.
Notice the name Rapaihu – basically it means the Rapa of Yahu. How does that connect to Gath and Safi?
Well, here it is: In the late 9th century BCE, Stratum A3, at Tell es-Safi/Gath (the level which we believe was destroyed by Hazael of Aram), a short 3-4 letter post-firing, incised inscription (as yet not fully published), was found on the body of storage jar, which has preliminarily been read as rpa’. This reading is reminiscent of the connection in the biblical narrative between the Rephaim and the Philistines in general, and the association of the enigmatic yldy hrph (roughly, “the offsprings of the rph) to several figures originating from the city of Gath (e.g., II Sam 21: 16-22).

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Christian leaders: It’s about time you test false teachers

45 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio – Judd Burton – The GIANTS of Gath!

  1. Question for Burton:

    What, if any, are the exact differences between rephaim, and nephilim? Is a rephaim essentially an “un-dead” kind of thing, aka a revived nephilim?

    • Yes! Hope we get that question answered before the show tonight1 Anyone?
      And I am praying that I don’t have my computer get kicked off line like it did an hour before the Rozz interview! I look forward to Wednesday night and staying up late listening and studying with L.A.!

    • Just checked in Jesus Peeps!

      Yeeha! that should be an interesting interview tonight LA!
      Wow! an artifact of Rephaim days.
      Now you are really hoppin’ !

      I’m going to turn on Rozz and LA now…soooooo behind.

      No mo’ fightin chillen! ‘Til a few days ago we was a huggin’ bunch.
      Make ma skin crawl to see ma kin clamoring so!

      OK now that I got the hillbillly in me out, I’ll put my intellect and soul armor on and
      do some heavy LA listening.

      We pray for everyone in Irene’s way. My brother and his family in Florida!
      We pray for innocents in Libya, Syria, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Israel–people who just want to live in peace
      and feed their children in the middle of this insanity.
      We pray for our enemies and those who wish us harm.
      We continue to pray for Faithful, LA and Peggy, Dutchinse, and all Christ’s children under attack
      by the fallen one and his offices.
      We ask our Father to reward all His children who study His word and desire to be worthy in His eyes.
      We pray for wisdom to represent our Lord and Savior with gentleness and aplomb to those who allow us to share.

      Whatever you do, DON’T stand near any Ra, Osiris or Isis symbology or idols.
      Pray for justice, in their destruction with the fervor of David.
      These are comin’ down it seems. Praise God!

      The Cypress Tree

    • Too cute! I think all L.A.’s voices are rubbing off on Cypress?
      “No mo’ fightin chillen! ‘Til a few days ago we was a huggin’ bunch.
      Make ma skin crawl to see ma kin clamoring so!”
      Just cracked me up…..was thinking the same thing but didn’t want to get in it……it is a bush that Christians tend to beat around and around and, like L.A., I don’t really care when but know that He will choose His time and I am content to leave it to the Lord!

    • Amen Cypress!!

      Time to be of One Accord and focus on our “tasks”. Take it to prayer and find out what God wants you to do to be an effective part of the body. Listen for His voice!

      Love to you all in Christ and for those not in Christ – may the Lord open your hearts to His call.

      God bless.

  2. I can’t help but wonder what Harold Camping is thinking these days as he sits them out in a nursing home somewhere…

    • You guys are GREAT! You make me laugh and smile and that is so helpful these days. God bless you all. It’s so cool that God even made us with a sense of humor. I bet He has the best jokes…:) Love you all!! Amen!

    • So true, Darlin’ Lisa! And I think if we pay attention that He is telling us jokes all the time! I have even said that I don’t care if He created us to be His cosmic amusement park…..I don’t care! I hope we can be worth even a shred of His humongous effort and He doesn’t regret making me to be His goof ball! I wonder which is funnier to Him… or anteaters or penguins…..all must make Him smile sometimes!

  3. LA, (JB, or anyone…)

    How do we get DNA samples and then get them tested for markers that point to nephilim, giant, or neandertal portions?

    Especially Q’daffy, Assad, King Juan Carlos, Prince Filipe, Javier Solana, and the other ruling blood lines. Same goes for the paperclip nazis and the SS offspring. Same for Hugo Chavez and Castro to see if they’re taking stem cell treatments for longevity (possibly even from aborted babies).

    This is similar to asking how to test the Shroud of Turin for DNA or the implants, etc.

    Q’daffy’s in bed with Chavez, the french, and the russians. And had his eyes set on Unified Africa rather than Unified Islam. The question is who’s going to give him asylum? I’d bet the french or Chavez. Putin might if he intends to take over the EU (as a political or economic union, aka “kingdom of the north” in prophecy including russia).

    Q’daffy has that look, like Assad. De Gaulle, etc.

    • Hope you are catchin Nome’s post above LA. uhmmmmm. Hot diggity questions for your guest.

      The Cypress Tree

    • Nome, LA, Dr Burton…

      I have posted on this just recently after listening to Tom Horn’s video on Pandemonium’s Engine. He talks about the use of technology to “re-align” our genetics to make a “new and improved” version of what God has already made! (We are already fearfully and wonderfully made) Ps 139:14.

      After going through several failed attempts at IVF (invitro fertilisation), I began having thoughts about where all the unused embryo’s where ending up!! IVF was pioneered about 35 years ago….. We now have “designer” children….. In my very unscientific opinion, anything is possible!!!!

      Q. What if they had already been harvesting our eggs and sperm for their (whoever they are?) own experiments with this type of genetic engineering / transhumanism???

      If anyone has any thoughts, I would be very interested….

      Looking forward to the show.

    • If I could take all the unwanted snowflake babies away to the moon and hide them in a deep cryogenically cold craters that never see sunlight I would, hoping to deliver them to Christ for the millennial reign.

      Yes it’s not just the aborted babies, but the unwanted IVF babies that the enemy wants for no good.

      If they could figure out how to raise a clone army schooled by machines, I’ve no doubt they would. But here we admit it could be much worse — that they’re trying to create some species other than human to use a vessels for demons.

      And based on Russ Dizdar’s work and others that they’ed traumatize and ritually abuse them as much as possible to shatter the personality into thousands of shards each compartmentalized from the other so each can be demon attached, like creating a hive or more accurately a nest to replicate others after their kind.

      They’re against God and His Christ, who saves and integrates His children into His own spiritual body as His bride (The Church) and wife (New Jerusalem). As Jesus / Yahshua has said that He is the Vine and we the branches and elsewhere that none can come to the Father except through the Son — which must be spiritual.

      They are divided against themselves in what would be everlasting turmoil as a blood red tide raging as waves through time. But as the sand to the sea, Christ has raised a standard against them ordaining death for sin for those apart cast out or cut off from Him (spiritually).

      The physical is only the outward expression. Long before Christ was born into flesh as Jesus, He was known face-to-face as the Son of God, Alpha and Omega, the Great “I am,” the very “Word of God,” by whom all that’s created has been created, no matter how they’ve tried to corrupt, twist, and re-engineer us for their own “frakensteins.” Not just in the flesh but abominations in the spirit as they try to mock and counterfeit Almighty God with their rag tag troupe of rebel angels.

      But I’m also beginning to suspect that it’s not just by shattering the personality into multiples, but by creating “dwellings” so that we fence some pre-occupation off from God, such as some program that we watch on a routine basis, or some game played, or some music, or hobby, or anything that compartmentalizes and excludes Christ, seemingly innocuously but a breeding ground and nesting place for darkness and dark spirits apart from Christ. So that every wicked thought of their imaginations is like a contagion and spiritual plagues.

      Whatever we do apart from Christ, even just drinking, eating, reading, or celebrating holidays, is a place they can create a nest, gate, and stronghold. So multiple personas arise, out of control, demon influenced if not attached, whether roots of bitterness, or suspicions, or whatever other feeling or uncaptured thought takes hold, like flaming darts … if left alone soon to become raging wildfires in the earth. Thinking of the Book of James ans the unruly tongue….

      But we are not ignorant of their ways — which the Holy Ghost exposes repeatedly in the Word — such that we should be caught unawares (captured in mesmerism or mindless meditations like stagnant ponds). Every escape is the same. Every godless television series or video or band. Same as whatever obsession or addiction or workaholism or compulsion that’s out of control and unbowed before the authority and healing of Christ. Because He integrates and balances our lives overcoming every wicked work of devil and the rebel angels.

      It’s not just ritual abuse. It’s not just cartels nor cabals nor occultists nor terror groups. It’s anything we take for granted that leaves out Christ. We open ourselves to spiritual infections and spiritual infestations, apart from continuing prayer (conversation) and application of the Word (obeying His will for us).

      I suspect we are far more at risk on a daily basis from the “little foxes that still the grapes” than any massive manifestation of end-time malevolence, alien incursion, or transhuman re-alignment of our genetic codes.

      (please accept my apologies for not editing … far too much of a battle going on around me today…. from the frontlines)

    • Nomemoleste,
      The first issue with using DNA to identify a trait, gene, relationship, etc. is that known and verified DNA of a marker is needed. We have plenty of human DNA but how do we know if we have nephilim, rephaim, or other DNA? You need a well preserved specimen, dead or alive that is positively identified. L.A. recently did a show on the starchild project and this gives an excellent primer on what would be needed to identify markers in question.

    • Yes Tony. Definitely! Something LA has access to and expert knowledge of…

      I’d like to see him and Sharon Gilbert and Tom & Nita Horne discuss the matter.

  4. That there are cracks in the triangular face of the Washington Obelisk is heartily encouraging to me. This false system is going down. Even as the New World Order poises to destroy the people of the earth and bring Order out of Chaos, there game is already crumbling. I’m not happy about the sorrows headed here, but it sure will be great when the Holy One comes and rules out of Zion, and we will all learn war no more.

  5. Fireball Leads to Midwest Meteorite Alert, NASA Warns

    Ohio residents should be on the lookout for potential small meteorites that may have been created by a bright fireball that streaked over southern Ontario, Canada, last week, NASA said.

    The fireball was detected by all-sky cameras from the Southern Ontario Meteor Network at 1:22 a.m. EDT (0522 GMT) on Aug. 8.

    “It was picked up over Lake Erie and proceeded south-southeast over Ohio,” said Bill Cooke, head of NASA’s Meteoroid Environments Office at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala.

    The meteor was last tracked north of Gustavus, Ohio, and the potential impact zone for meteorite fragments is a region east of Cleveland, Cooke told

  6. O! LA how I love listening to you.
    As I weed my garden and replenish the bird feeder, I am giggling away at your voices.
    And I hope my neighbors don’t see me giggling by myself.
    Listening to you on Rozz’s show.
    Hope one of those voices was not me! I think I chimed in on the horses. LOL
    OK OK I’ll go with birth bangs. Sheesh.
    What a simile! I’ve been through two of those birth pangs!
    Do you know what those are like???!!!

    LA, You are not just a watcher. Such a soldier for Christ.
    We need more LAs!
    I resist flattery cause of the scriptures.
    Jolly well done!

    Nome? Faithful? John Michael? Elaine? Lisas (both) why don’t you guys start a show.
    Just kiddin…
    But we do need more LAs.

    OK now gonna water my garden.
    Get that simile?

    The Cypress Tree

  7. Does a Satanic Cult control the world?

    LA, I have read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and it is real.
    You poopoo them.
    It is not a Jewish conspiracy.

    I have read and discussed extensively the history of the Khazarians whose empire was once the largest and most powerful. They sought a religion and settled on the Hebrew faith–but it is of another ilk.
    Comparisons are made between the Torah for the true inheritors and the Talmud for this clan which fuels hatred and murder of Christianity.
    You say the Protocols were produced by Russians–perhaps you meant the Bolsheviks or the Khazarians; but, indeed these are the Israelites that God relocated around the Jordan.
    They are impostors. It is said the Rothschilds and many of the Illum families are also of this ancestry.
    Is this folklore or verifiable? Maybe. There are many texts. Easy to Google and YouTube.
    But this is a rampant belief and intensely researched.
    So my point is if Zionism is loathed in Israel by the Hassidic (Torah) Jews as evil and considered not Mosaic, than what is it?
    Zionism is real. It is not Jewry. It is fake Jewry. It is Kabalism, freemasonry, that presents itself as the chosen people. Not!
    The mirror of Lucifer again.
    Hope this triggers some response from you cause I would like to know your position here.
    It is the Hegelian dialectic at its best.

    The Cypress Tree

  8. Jesus peeps, you wanna understand what is going on?

    Read about Rakovsky and the Red Symphony. It’s all here in black and white. Short and bitter.

    Very simple. No Jewish conspiracy whatsoever. That’s a distraction. It is the Illuminati-Freemasonry plan in final strokes.

    I say this with God as my witness, “they may not win”. They had not bet on the world waking up.
    And if they succeed, they may regret what they wish.

    What will they do with a destroyed world? There is simply no way a global police state can be sustained.
    Human need and covet peace and freedom.
    As history shows their own will turn on them, if the masses don’t get them first.

    They’ll put on a good show no doubt. Anyway that my 2 cents. Goodnight. Say your bedtime prayers peeps. 🙂

    The Cypress Tree

    • The Cypress Tree – The Protocols have been proven to be a forgery over and over again. Isn’t it interesting that 6 million Jews were gassed….? This is inspired by the Fallen One, I get into some of this in the new book…. Blessings…

    • GM LA and Jesus Peeps,

      Hmmm LA, now that you said that, I will be re-thinking the Protocols. I have also heard it is a hoax often. But also the reverse.

      There seems to be many versions e.g. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (such pretension). I can see how this could have been written to justify killing the Jews, brushing them as evil. I have read them and as Dr. Malachi Martin would say, “it is not a good read”. So labeling it “Zion” is an effrontery on the Jewry and a sacred place.

      I never believed this was the Protocols for the Jews (that’s the Torah). Again I thought it was developed by the Khazarians using Zion as a cover. They are actually quite brief; memory serves, about 24 short chapters.

      One wonder though, is it the Illums “manual”, their operating system? After all, it is written and consistent with their acts.

      I have also read the Jesuit handbook and it resembles it a lot. Deception, taking money from the widows, justified murder…

      Wonder why Henry Makow believes in them. He is scholarly, a PhD in English, and also a God loving Jew. His material is jarring revealing truths about the Illums that won’t soon leave your consciousness.

      There is no arguing its evil nature. I can see satan whispering each word in to the writer’s ear.

      The Cypress Tree

    • Cypress Tree,

      I have an opinion based on what I know so far and I’m going to do some research so I can give a better informed comment.

      I’m thankful you’re feeling better and getting some sleep, It shows. May your sleep be peaceful as you rest in the Lord, He is watching over you.



    • The subtle deceitfulness of satan does not let such widely held beliefs and fears go un-utilized. Never let a catastrophe go to waste. My thought is 2012 is a bogus date and not the end, but the world will be in such dire straights that everyone on the planet will believe it is the end. That way satan can come in to save the say. He would be like the animated villain Syndrome from The Incredibles.

  9. Wooa! Just finished looking up, “The Jasons Special Report”
    The Jasons are a group of elite scientists on contract to DOD and DARPA.

    View this page of projects, Reports on Defense Science and Technology

    Mucking with God’s creation without restraint!

    Enjoy nature while you still can.
    It’s no wonder they are trying to destroy access to natural supplements and foods.
    The natural paradigm is anathema to their “superiority” engineering.
    Everything natural will soon be deemed “inferior”.

    The final battle may be between natural humans and soulless lab creations.
    The end of humankind is in store–by a bunch of decaying, flacid, usurous bankers looking to extend their life on earth.
    I muse at David Rockefeller Sr. with mouse ears.

    The Cypress Tree

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