Cowboys and Aliens – Zecharia Sitchin 101 – The Alien Gospel.

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L. A. Marzulli

While I was on vacation I took the wifey to see Cowboys and Aliens. Actually there was a prelude to this. The night before I got a call from Russ Dizdar who asked if I had seen the movie – he was laughing as he posed the question – and I replied I hadn’t. He said that I should make a point of seeing it, so the wifey and I went the next day….

The plot of t he movie comes directly from Zecharia Sitchin’s books – where is Mike Heiser when you need him? – and the movie, in my opinion, is nothing short of propaganda for what I have comet to call, The Coming Great Deception!

Sitchin gained international notoriety when he published his book that supposedly translated ancient Sumerian texts that spoke of a race of alien beings – the Anunnaki – who came from their planet Niburu to mine gold. According to Sitchin they created a slave race of human beings to work the mines – our anscestors! Cowboys and Aliens copies this directly from Sitchin’s work and this is what the movie is about.

The story is set in the old west where UFOs show up and begin to take men, woman and children by snaring them with a special harness and whisking them away to where the aliens are mining the gold! There is a preacher character, who proclaims that these are demons! This is very deliberate as the viewer will agree with the producers of the film that these UFOs, and their inhabitants are obviously NOT demons. This is a movie and the viewer is being manipulated into this position that is rooted in the fantastic views of Stichin!  So the bottom line is this. Hollywood tells us that these craft and their occupants are NOT demons, but from another planet and thus render the theology of the preacher, and what is written in the Guide book to the Supernatural i. e. the Bible, moot and ridiculous. But why should we believe this position?

This is what I take umbrage with. People are being enculturated into what I would call The Coming Great Deception, and they don’t even realize it. Christianity is marginalized, the work of Zecharia Sitchin is elevated as truth, and the average movie goer has no clue as to what he has just seen. I asked several people after the movie if they had heard of Sitchin. All who were asked said that they hadn’t and thus didn’t understand where the film was coming from and the message that it was promulgating.

Isn’t it interesting that we see film after film, TV shows, like the History Channels, Ancient Alien series, all taking the position of Zecharia Sitchin, that the human race was seeded here by a superior race of aliens. This is what the Xopolotic crowd embraces. The New Agers and Spiritual movement embrace it as well. Darwinist, like Richard Dawkins, espoused this in Ben Steins movie Expelled! Please recall that we are told in the Guide-book: Because they did not believe the truth, God send them strong delusion. 

I believe that the Coming Great Deception will be the revealing of the extraterrestrial presence. When they show up they will tell us that ET created all life on this planet, that they genetically manipulated early man, created our civilizations, and now at this critical juncture in human history are here to user us into a time of peace, knowledge, and prosperity. When I did my last interview for the Ancient Alien series, I looked right into the camera and stated that someone is right and someone is wrong. Either the work of Zechaira Sitchin and Erik Von Dnaiken is correct or what the Bible tells us is. Both positions can’t be right, and someone is wrong. Cowboys and Aliens and the world view that inspires the film, are in my opinion, wrong. In time it will become self evident as to what position is the correct one….


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67 thoughts on “Cowboys and Aliens – Zecharia Sitchin 101 – The Alien Gospel.

  1. Very timely this morning as I just read on Linda Howe’s web site the building blocks of creation are found on asteroids…

  2. This is a movie designed to get a great deal of attention: Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig, and Keith Carradine.

    Cowboys + Aliens
    Good Alien vs. Bad Alien

    They pulled out almost every ploy to attract an audience – especially of young people.

  3. They don’t need an invasion to sway those that reject Christ. All they need is speculation and story telling.

    The false witness of conjecture and implications that substitute for true science is like the nazi big lies. The damned want to believe in aliens and ancient astronauts. That’s delusion enough.

    “NASA – DNA Building Blocks Can Be Made in Space” 8-08-11

    The idols they create for themselves are masks for demons to spread their doctrines. Same thing in every generation since the fall.

    The damned also want to believe in monsters and magic, political utopias, self-made-gods, mysticism and mysteries, and a universe of logic and mathematics devoid of the supernatural. The demons will play on all of it just as they have with religions.

    Even without disclosure, delusion is enough for the damned to reject Christ.

  4. Holly-weird has beaten the alien agenda to death, its nonstop. Don’t get me wrong I like a good science fiction once in a while but can’t they come up with something else? The alien in films are getting tired, very tired. I hear Holly-weird is even pulling one out of the dust bin for a remake, thankfully it’s NOT aliens, no this time it’s the new and improved Creature of the Black Lagoon, coming to a theater near you. How’s that for originality? Not sure how then plan to top the original black and whites, those were classics. It’s not a good monster movie unless you can see the zipper on the creature’s wetsuit. I’m sure it will be a low budget affair; they haven’t even cast the creature yet. My vote is for Pelosi to take the lead role, just think how much makeup and special effects the production company could save. As far as Cowboys and Aliens go, there was no reason for this movie to be made other than to take my money and dupe people like me who want something new and different than the conventional western or sci-fi movie. This movie was just two hours of people riding around on horses. I could have stayed home and watched Bonanza for free; it would probably have a better story. Loved the cast but I hope they got paid well for being in a less than worthy movie.

  5. Bonnie and I went and saw it too. I was wondering how they’d present the alien/demon viewpoints. Interesting that they presented the truth about the aliens (through the preacher) twice, in case you missed it the first time, and cloaked it in the “stupid Christian” ideology they so love to portray. Nice to see they had “good” aliens too. Makes me feel all warm and cuddley knowing the really cute good guys are out there protecting us. All in all, I think L.A. hit the bullseye on this one.

  6. Okay, so what if…..instead of a sequel, the next chapter in Cowboys and Aliens happens when “they” come and offer to make some like them and some (who won’t take the mark) into their slaves and a leader steps up to be first to be remade in their image and becomes indwelt with the spirit of Lucifer with a miraculous cure for a head wound which also changes his DNA.
    I can just picture it now, “Don’t be afraid, see I let them help me and now I am the ruler of this world! Come on everybody, get in line!”

  7. LA,
    Glad your back in the saddle, Cowboys and Aliens. Hollywood is selling it with Harrison Ford-INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULLS. They are talking about this movie at my office this morning, some have seen it and some have not. They dont understand the message that is being promulgated by this movie. Its pure entertainment to them and that its harmless.
    The whole world sees the garbage that hollywood makes and are being set up for the BIG LIE, which would be a good name for a movie exposing this sort of deception.

  8. Preach it, LA. Well said. Everyone will be comfortably inoculated against the truth that aliens are demonic. I pray God sends more workers into the harvest–workers who know this stuff.

  9. Well its no different than Stitchens theory of planet X which has been conveniently tied to wormwood in the book of Revelations which I feel is falling stars and comets vs one huge planet, “which is open for debate.” NASA claims their is no planet coming, although I read or see an article every other day about someone seeing Nibiru from the South Pole.

    I tend to feel that something major is coming whether it Comet Elenin or Planet X or some other scenario. Why would the global elite be building underground bunkers like beach front condos so quickly. Why the underground seed bank in Norway. Why the elaborate under ground tunnel systems such as the one at Denver International Airport with the scary FEMA paintings everywhere.

    I would encourage everyone to start watching Steven Speilbergs Fallen Skies. These UFO’s and alien creatures are definetly portrayed as evil demonic spirits that come to rob, kill and destroy. They are inplanting new spinal cords for mind and body control. Russ would love this series. There are also several different forms of aliens.

    LA I saw the new commercial for the History Channel. I’ve heard you speak four or five times now. George is stealing your material about aliens lifting heavy objects for the new show.

    • Hi Richard,

      I would agree with you that “Fallen Skies” is certainly “Different” from the norm inside the Alien movie genre. I also agree they (So far) have made it perfectly clear that these “Aliens” are evil agains the good that is humanity.

      I throw that disclaimer of (So far) in there for a couple of reason. 1) Steven Spielberg is the Producer and we most all know how he mass-manufactures the “Alien Gospel”. 2) The very purpose of the harness is to enslave the CHILDREN to do what?…collect or mine scrap metal for them. For what reasons we don’t yet know for sure except maybe to help build their super structures they have over some of the major cities.

      I admit the last couple of episodes I have missed. The last one I saw is when the were tricked to led the children go ahead as they planned for full frontal assault by the “Skidders” so I do have some catching up to do and no doubt have missed much.

      Having said that, from a pure entertainment standpoint, it is very interesting to the casual viewer in my opinion. My question as it is with all movies of this genre is, “What is the end game” for the viewer?

      Respectfully in Christ,

      Jeff D

    • I believe we will see aliens being portrayed both ways. First they come as saviours to save us from ourselves. Then a second “evil” group will come to destroy or enslave our planet or so we will be made to believe. The unfaithful of the world will fight against this second group of aliens in the battle of armagedon.

    • Along the lines of connecting the dots…

      Pantex — shorthand for Panhandle of Texas — opened in 1942 with workers loading and packing artillery shells and building bombs for the Army during World War II.

      After the war, the facility closed, and the land was used for several years by Texas Technological College in Lubbock (now Texas Tech University) for cattle feeding.

      By 1951, the facility was reopened, this time as a place to handle nuclear weapons, high explosive and non-nuclear component assembly operations. But people didn’t talk much about what happened at the plant.

  10. most media presentations today have: 1. Demons as vampires 2 .Demons as werewolves 4. Superheroes with superpowers to “save” mankind 5. Demons as demons 6. Endless ALIENS coming to earth both “good” and “bad” 7. “Disaster” films with men coming up with a way to save the earth and mankind from extinction. 8.”White witchcraft” is good.

    Have I missed any themes, endlessly recycled on T.V. and in movies? Don’t think so.
    I have observed for about the last 10 years this barrage of “conditioning” people to EXPECT these things to happen. I agree, it is going to be PART of the “strong delusion” that GOD is going to send upon the Christ-rejecting world.

    The other part is already being accomplished within the so-called “christian churches” today- that “NAR” /Dominionist/Emergent/Preterist/ECUMENICAL “CRAPOLA” that “faux christians” are pushing today. They have already REINVENTED the true Gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, in addition to REINVENTING Jesus Christ, Himself! This is the thing that will send those to Hell who are leading the assault on God, Himself,

    • Forgot to add: The “Aliens” and the “NAR” are going to result in the One World Government” and the “One World Religion”. Sometimes, people get the government and the religion they deserve (see the whole Book of Jude), and THIS will be one of those times! Thank God, it’s “The End Times”!

    • Agreed S.E the deception is on all fronts, satan has something for everyone.

      Don’t forget the Marian apparitions, Mainly directed to Catholics and Muslims HUMM!

      God bless

      john b

    • MANY overlook the subtlety that they are using to perpetuate this ploy. They are making the fallen appear grotesque and disfigured when they are not. Their feel is. Their sense of awe and omnipresent doom is. Yet they are not hideous. Ive yet to see a grotesque son of GOD but thats just me. That doesnt mean their actions arent vile however.

    • But they ARE vile. The fallen HAVE become hideous because to appose the Most High IS vile. The opposition of beauty IS hideous. They are what they are. Truth is TRUTH. It will be revealed and true forms will no longer be hidden.

      Spirit is truth. Only here in the realm of the experience of good/evil can lies mask the truth. After this temporary plain, the eternal spirit foundation is left. IT is truth and solid.

  11. Beowulf, Trolls, And Dinosaurs?

    By Paul McDorman

    The 3182 lines of the Beowulf poem survives in a single manuscript copy that was made about 1000 AD. Rediscovered in the early 18th century, modern scholars say that it is a copy of a mid-8th century Anglo-Saxon original that is now lost. Nowhere in the poem, however, is there any reference made to the British Isles. Nearly every edition of the Beowulf epic, and virtually every commentary on the poem will take great pains to assure the reader that what he is reading is not a historically accurate account of real events or people, even though the names of many of the characters can be found in the ancient documents of northern Europe. Amazingly, the poem is described as an essentially Christian poem, even though there are no allusions whatsoever in the poem to any event, person, or teaching of the New Testament. However there are definite allusions to certain facts and personages contained in the Old Testament, namely to God, the Creation, to Abel, and to Cain. The sentiments of the poem however are strongly pagan, extolling the virtues of Viking vengeance, the accumulation of plunder, and the boasting of and reliance upon human strength and prowess. Allusions are also made to pagan oaths, sacrifices, and forms of burial. According to Bill Cooper, in his book, After The Flood, this epic poem is most likely a history of actual pagan life in northern Europe around the 6th century. A well known character in this poem is Grendel, described as a young “troll” in most translations. Grendel lives in the marshes, and for 12 years goes around terrorizing people by grabbing them and eating them in the middle of the night. Other strange creatures are also described as well. Translators persist in translating them all as trolls, even though the word “troll” is not used in the poem. The word “troll” is of Nordic origin and is supposed to be a human-like, mischievous and hairy dwarf (or giant) who swaps troll children for human children in the middle of the night. cont….

    Another interesting related article is found @

  12. GM brothers and sisters,

    The con of man is full-throttle. The wolf is in our midst with a sweet voice and countenance.

    The truth is we have been imprisoned on this planet and do not realize that even the normal life we yearn to maintain are our shackles.
    All systems are our enslavement. For example, A good productive slave has a good credit rating: meaning their level of fear is sufficient to feed the monster without fail. When we are born, our parents are conned into attending a hospital, so it will sell us out for a fee and a number. Then we, our children, etc…become a commodity on the stock exchange and our lifetime labor is capitalized and traded on. Why do you think they call us ‘human resources’? This has been the core natural resource that has collateralized the US debt or any nation with a central bank. Iraq was attacked because it is one nation that did not have a central bank to put its people into debt with fiat money, the fractional reserve scheme, which creates a Ponzi bubble, and eventually must burst.

    Here is the only fact you need to know to understand why US is being destroyed. Americans are past their “best before date”. In other words, the value of their labor is eroded by the social security required to keep them alive. The same holds true for most of the world.
    The bankers do not wish to spend their stolen wealth on their slaves; especially as their labor has been exceeded by robotics. Hence, they are accelerating extermination of 2/3s of humanity with GMO foods, vaccines, chemtrails, poisoned water, lab diseases and those who survive will be exterminated by any means possible, including conning them into walking into a FEMA camp, fancy benevolent name for Nazi camps. There is no shortage of food. Kissinger strategized the withholding of food for this time and it is happening. If you kill the people, you do not have to pay them back or spend money caring for them. It is just about money. And to them we are just “cannon fodder”, “useless eaters”. Our souls hold no value to them; but, they are precious to God.

    I have to be honest. If I were powerful I would hire a large contingent of mercenaries to collect these bankers and their minions all over the world. I would sequester them on a distant island with no escape and would subject to all of their own schemes, as lab rats consuming GMOs foods, pesticides, vermin. All the bankers, the Bilderbergers, the Skull & Bonesmen, etc…! know vengeance is not mine, the Lord said. If only I were an archangel like Michael. Yes, I am a bonafide Christian but I do not feel that our love and longsuffering makes an iota of difference. Only the Lamb coming back will change that.

    What have we missed about our true existence in the Garden of Eden? Adam and Eve were not “naked” and felt no shame. How has our true existence been thwarted? What would living be like had Satan not corrupted humanity? What would a day be like? What would we be doing?

    I hate life on this earth. It is ugly. Some days my soul hurts so much I can hardly “be”. The only solace I find is in God’s nature, the wind, the trees, the birds around me. And His word. But I do not enjoy reading the history of so many fallen men to be honest. I am digging to find God’s original intent. Truth about life. Thinking out of Satan’s box. Some of you will think I am “depressed”–no, this is a confection of the Satanic Freudians and scientists. The people around me are so programmed it would take years for them to get where I am. So I remain silent, utterly disinterested in their constructs of materialism, false ambitions, pleasures, etc… This means I take no interest in them; they converse and reach out to me, but I detach myself. I have a role as a mother to my children who are now ‘adults’ according the evil governments. This keeps me alive. I cannot bring on my own rapture fearing losing my inheritance; so I endure. If only the rapture would come. I already hate this world. How on earth will I be an overcomer.

    Satan has so corrupted this world, made it so ugly, so cruel, so hateful, so vile…I cannot enjoy it. I try daily. But it is getting harder and harder. I am less and less able to smile. I used to talk a lot; now, I talk less and less. Frankly, I cry a lot. Why am I telling you this? I am not sure. Perhaps it is a swan song. I am sorry if this hurts any of you. Perhaps, you feel the same. I don’t know if I will continue with any sites, any blogs. I really need not know any more. I pray that God brings me home suddenly and painlessly. If only he would give me power to change the world, I would. But I am a mere reed in the swamp of Satan’s dung.

    The few souls here at LA’s have given me little sparks. Elaine you are so precious. As you are too Faithful. Rose. Indy. Nome. So many. But I am alone. The Christians around us do not ‘know’ the Bible; but they are uppety. The Satanists are everywhere. Their temples, pyramids in parks. They are functioning all around us as police, small business, government…I know some of them. I am so tired. How long must I go on Father? If only you would materialize and be here with me for even a moment…I would find purpose.

    The Cypress Tree

    • Cypress Tree,

      I read what you said this morning twice and it brought me to tears. Not to trivialize what you said or how you feel but we all struggle and have been in the very bowels of dispair over the state of our world and the coming loss of so many to the evil one. You my friend have turned the corner in your spiritual life and you cannot give up or give in. I ask you to please pray, God wants to hear you and He knows what you’re feeling and He loves you so very much. I will pray for you as well and God will comfort you and give you peace and rest and protect you.

      PHILIPPIANS 1:3-6 I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

      Some day we will know everything and we will have complete joy like weve never known, no more tears, no more fears, no more sadness.

      Love of God and love from God and peace and safety and contentment for ever and ever.

      I am going to pray for you now and lift you and your heart before our Heavenly Father for the touch by Him that you need.

      Love and Prayers to you.


    • Thank you John Michael, Indeed I know I am no exception. God bless you for your soothing words and action. I will survive another day. CP

    • Its hard not to get caught up in this “demo program” because we are stuck here. The hard fact is, you can never know a happy life here because you cannot escape the evil that exists in conjunction with good . That is the grief of our fallen state.

      Fortunately (for some) it is temporary with a specific time allowance. We have a way of escape and restoration to the kingdom (as Yeshua always spoke of). Often people get angry with the Father for not fixing our problems and tragedies but, that is ridiculous when you consider that this is NOT the realm of the Most High and his will! THIS is the dominion of MAN and his will/choices. Man demands free will and independence, then at the same time throws a tantrum when the Father doesn’t interfere and impose HIS will and perfection.

      I struggle daily as you C tree. We can only comfort ourselves with the hope of our rescue and looking to the perfect kingdom we will one day live in. This current realm is incredibly sad and always ruined with the presence of evil. I, for one, have a hard time enjoying anything when I know the pain and horrors others live everyday.

      We look for signs of our Savior and rescue to get by. Be strong Princess. Be comforted that the end of the age is NOW and He is near.

    • Oh, Darlin’, darlin’ Cypress Tree! You just need a break, to catch your breath and remember to endure, abide and I can’t remember but somewhere in Isaiah it says to go into your chamber until the wrath has passed.
      Sometimes it is good to do just a peaceful practice visit to your “spirit bunker” to refresh you to go back into battle. Soldiers all need R&R!
      I used to take whole weekends and go to a very remote camp site and just pray and fast and “be” in the woods. I would thank the Lord for the trees who were my main companion in this dimension and then as I did deep breathing, I would inhale and be thankful for the oxygen that the trees gave me and when I exhaled I would give it as a gift back to His trees. In and out, back and forth, a gift an acceptance of a gift. Watch the birds and critters and you may just be amazed at how just being with Him in His creation without any human contamination will ease your heart!
      I haven’t been able to even get a full day away since February this year but I do manage to go to the woods in my mind for an hour with my watercolors as I sit in my house. I hope to get a full days away soon….hopefully two, but in the meantime….just keep saying, “peace be still” to the raging waves of horrid news.
      I know that the burden of these days and the disgust at the ways of the world are getting harder and harder for all of us but, I have also been wonder struck at the love I feel for brothers and sisters like you, who I have never met face to face…..for example, one day last week when our weather finally cooled and I woke up in the middle of the night needing a blanket because of the chilly breeze coming off Lake Michigan, I caught myself without even thinking saying, “Lord, please send a bit of this cool breeze to Larry Taylor and GeorgeAnn Hughes.” Just because I knew they are in the middle of the heat dome and suffering. A year ago I would not have thought anything except gratitude for my own self centered little breeze relief. It is a joyful burden to love and pray for all my brothers and sisters.
      Cypress, right now I am praying for a cool breeze to your hot and heavy heart!
      Love you all!

    • Thank you Bon and Elaine.

      My suffering is matched by millions and exceeded by surely billions. I hate, hate, hate what these corporatists are doing to the third world through vaccines, lab made diseases, and GMO engineered foods. Bill and Melinda Gates, Carnegie, Mellon, Hewlett, Packard, Turner, MacArthur, Soros, Rockefeller, Buffet to name a few are investing billions in their extermination under the guise of family planning. They will have to account for it on judgment day; I see them all gnashing their teeth. It’s amazing how wealth makes a vapid man believe that he has the skills and right to triage humanity!! I trust they have no less in store for America. I also hate how they recruit the young to go and fight their engineered wars for money, oil and drugs; these troops actually think there is a cause.

      Although I am a woman, I assure you I would don my long hair and mascara in a heartbeat, to join Michael and Gabriel in avenging God’s people. I wear the ethereal helmet, breastplate and shoes but the real ones would come in handy. The innocent, the children and unborn, are being sterilized, aborted, infanticided, murdered, sickened, poisoned by these devils. I know these corporate devils are cowards; how much they would beg for their lives if confronted with their own devices? It is hard to perform my work in the corporate world because I think of it as a tributary to their swamp water. I mourn a world that was stolen. What is in store must be stopped sooner than later.

      I know things and it has all gone too far unchallenged. God cannot come back and put an end to this evil soon enough.
      I have been in the presence of trans-humans. Cyborgs with no soul who mimic human behavior, mechanically; they are living among us everywhere. These are among the soulless beings that shock us with their lack of empathy. I know you will have trouble believing this; but I have witnessed it. I can say no more.

      One thing Father Malachi said is that those who are possessed “know it”. So their souls are willingly hijacked for the power, the money in high circles. They know what they are doing. Many operate in high positions, in government, in military, in medicine, in media. And many don’t look possessed. But they can do things that are heartless without any empathy. This is not just psychopathy. This is possession. I know Boehner is not possessed because he is an emotional cauldron; but, think of the council of 13 just founded. Do you ever see any of these, sad, apologetic, hurt, passionate. Or do they keep the same stead, peacokcing, unemotional?

      Like Father Malachi said, “we are in deep trouble”. In 1999 (the year he was murdered), in a final interview he stated that we had far less than 20 years left with what he knew from the 3rd secret. That would suit me fine. 2019 would be twenty years and he says far less. So Satan’s dung will hit the fan between now and 2018. He said one third of the men in jail are possessed. These disembodied spirits must find a host or they will go to hell–they don’t even like the place. That is why they begged Jesus to send them into swine. Any place is better than hell. It will soon be overpopulated with no opting out. Praise be to God. “Christians cannot be possessed”, he also said. So fear not. You have to invite them it. Something as simple as yoga or Ouija is an opening.
      Praise God for our faith!!

      Anyway I will take my leave. Go and do the mundane. I too must start a canvas Elaine–I am an artist in my past. Use to paint in acrylic and water color. And graphics too. Would love to sculpt. I will fix my easel and promise to take your lead and buy canvas today. My mother’s paints and brushes are in my possession; she was a prolific artist and passed away too young. My home is like an art gallery filled with her gorgeous paintings. I miss her and my father so. Creating something is very healing indeed and I shall do that pronto.

      I will curl my hair, paint on my happy face for another day and go out into the realm.

      Much love to you Elaine (you are so, so lovable, so precious) and all of you. I trust I will have brighter days compliments of our Father who will send me His Consoler, Comforter, Cheerer-Upper, Helper. My angel must feel gloomy watching me! Poor angel got stuck with me! Wish I knew his name and could play Scrabble with him. 🙂

      The Cypress Tree

  13. Sarah’s Key is a movie that will balance out the propaganda of Cowboy’s and
    Aliens. It is a must see holocaust remembrance film that explores what happens when the present collides with the past in an unexpected way. Shown with lively present day scenes in Paris and flashbacks to WW II, the movie eventually ties the two threads together in a poignant way.

  14. I am here because I grew up loving and believing in Jesus and the bible. I never questioned my beliefs inwardly, and adored all that the bible held in it’s pages. Around the age of 32, (7 years ago) I explored other world views and my own belief system almost literally fell apart around me. I found myself no longer knowing what I believe, and to this day I have an internal war going on for what to believe. I’ve now been very interested in aliens and UFO’s and one consciousness/new age ideas. It has made more sense to me than what seems like myths handed down from early civilizations in the bible. I’m having a very difficult time “making” myself believe again in what I grew up holding as absolute fact. It seems so silly to me now, and also I have an even harder time with the violence in the bible. I’ve found this website now and many similar to it, and it’s helping me to possibly see my new way of thinking in a different light. Now, my question for those here is this: Is it too late to come back from my new way of thinking and seeing things? Have I denied Jesus (I have in my heart and even to others because I believed that I had been brainwashed from an early age and that maybe Jesus really was made up) to the point where I wouldn’t be welcomed back by Christ? I go back and forth almost daily with my beliefs and seem to always be in limbo. This haunts me always. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    • Jo,
      It’s never too late, it isnt over till it’s over. God allows U-Turns and you need one. Ask God to renew in you a desire to serve Him and only Him. Ask God for the forgiveness you need and confess Jesus and He will embrace you. Again, it’s never too late, it’s never too late. Peter himself denied Jesus and at did so more than once, yet look at how he was used by God to tell His message to the Jews and the Gentiles. No matter what you’ve said, no matter what you’ve done, confess it and accept the forgiveness that God promises. It isnt your job to condem yourself, ask God and He will restore you and even more. I will pray that you will do just that and then dont ever go back to the darkness and the lostness of where you’ve been.
      God does love you, love Him back and do it with all your heart all you soul and all your mind. Embrace the truth, it’s in His word and forsake the lies you’ve been listening. God loves you.

    • Jo! (Love the name, it was my mama’s) It really is never too late as long as you seek Him before He comes to finalize it all!
      At your age, I was pretty much in the same boat except I never denied Him….just pushed Him to a back burner of my mind and heart. I thought so much of the story was metaphor and “storyfied” and I was just too smart and sophisticated to buy all the fabulous parts.
      I stayed Christian in my morality but some of it was just too sci-fi to dwell on. But I asked Him and He really did prove Himself to me over time. The transfiguration and Stargate SG1 were a real turning point. If I could swallow the fascinating possibility of a wormhole/gate between worlds then why was I resistant to an obvious description of the same show 2000 years ago starring Yeshua? If I could believe the science of photosynthesis then why couldn’t I believe the shroud of Turin could really be a snapshot of every cell in a dead body being zapped back into life? It has been a decade or two but as I seek He makes sure I find. It is why I came here! I am sure it is why you have joined us as well.
      Then as I read The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene (secular book on string theory) at the same time I watched the bizarre campaign that ended with the current prez and read a new study bible in 6 months……I became an absolute Bible literalist. It is an adventure and a joy….like the day I found a passage in Isaiah about when the towers have fallen in the day of great slaughter!

      It is there….it is all there but we cannot comprehend without asking Him to guide us!
      Welcome to the cyber-church!

    • Oh yeah, and that “haunting feeling?” Guess that is why they call Him the Holy Ghost! You are definitely here by Divine guidance! Hold on to your hat, it gets exciting!

    • Peter denied Christ three times and he is the rock of Jesus’s church. Never too late. Repent and he will welcome you with open arms.

    • Hi Jo; I have met many people who once confessed Jesus as the only way and are now either Newagers or ecumenist.

      The cross of calvary is a Historical fact!
      Sin in the soul of man expresses itself by unbelief.
      It is not so much what a man does with his life, but rather the actions of faith or unbelief is the criteria by which the judgment of Jesus is to be justified.

      “behold I am coming Quickly and my reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done” Rev22:12.

      It is possible to believe in Jesus with out having received the HolySpirit. Acts19:1-5.

      A belief from the heart is The Holy Spirit’s seal of Guarantee, Ti’s the circumcision of the heart that makes one a Son of the father.Eph1:13,14.

      Believe the Gospel,Repent, Get Baptized if you have not already and you will receive the Gift of the HolySpirit. Acts2:38.

      please ponder the scriptures I am sharing with you, use your volition in that light.

      Victory is in Jesus.

      john b

    • I will clarify that Yeshua is the only way out and it has to be a choice in spirit and in truth. His own know his voice because their hearts beckon. You’ve been through the fire as many of us here have. Few find the true path away from religion. You have to truly seek the truth to find this narrow path.

    • Thank you so much, everyone. I just got home from work and really need to go to sleep, but I’ll post in the morning. Ironically, I found comfort in an atheist board after leaving Jesus…….and now here while searching back. I really appreciate your warm responses. And how crazy to have found Christians who believe in aliens! 🙂

    • Hello Jo:

      I am the other one who needed help yesterday. And prayers for me worked! I came out of my lugubrious funk. Thank your brohter and sisters!

      Jo, about aliens, I think everyone here being Christian believe these aliens are a deception by fallen angels who were banished by God into the 2nd heaven. So we do not believe in little green men; but rather demons and fallen angels.
      Listen to Carol Rosin’s testimony (she worked for Werner Von Braun, a Nazi “rocket” scientist who passed in 1975) who blew the whistle on his deathbed.

      The sub-text:
      “Werner Von Braun gave Carol Rosin a work colleague a mission in 1977. To tell the world about the Nazi controlled secret goverment in the U.S.A. A large part of the NSA, CIA and NASA were infiltrated after project Paperclip brought over 170 Nazi scientists to the USA after the end of world war 2 in 1945. These scientists established a secret order and brought hundreds of Ex Nazi’s into the US goverment. They are one of the most powerful groups in the world,. Werner Von Braun the Father of Rocket Science and the NASA space program was so horrified at their plan of world wide genocide he told Carol Rosin. Everything she has predicted since 1977 has come true. The next thing to happen wil be a false E.T attack so that more legislation against the people can be rushed through as an emergency measure.This was predicted by Werner Von Braun In 1977 because he had seen the plan laid out in detail.”

      The alien invasion, space war, its all a lie. It’s all about genocide, the Nazis favorite pass-time. Understand that George Bush Sr. is a Nazi son. He was head of the CIA for a long time before becoming President. We are mere pawns in their chess match. That’s why we need our invincible God. The Lamb is coming back before evil has a chance to complete its plans.

      The Cypress Tree

    • BTW she also believes aliens are not unfriendly i.e. believes in them. It is all very confusing. But the beings are not friendly ETs as in the movies. They are banished creatures as described in Ezekiel in this ships. BUT he point: it is part of a deception. It is likely that scalar technology will be used to place holograms of mother ships above major cities, where they can simply send an ELF microwave beam from their microwaves radar arrays and elimininate its population. I know this is scary; but, with Christ there is no fear. Not one of the persons in this press conference has met with a physical being—only ships. Also these ships and their technology, anti-gravitic, were developed long ago, at least in the 50s. Stan Deyo interviewed by LA here, will vouch for this having worked on them directly. His site: There are so many layers to the lies, it is mind boggling.

      “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth”. As you can see the Nazis, Lucifer and his legion of “little grey”, “reptilians” (the dragon in the bible), and his entire cabal will inherit nothing but a nice pass to the pit. It is written. And it is coming soon.

      The Cypress Tree

    • One more to this alien thing.

      The whole thing is theatre. The ships, the aliens… The ships are ours if it they aren’t holograms. It is all theatre. The Nazi technology being used by the military and its agencies is 1,000 years ahead of what we know. They withhold this from us to give us a great show, a great delusion. The endgame is genocide. Again: The endgame is genocide. Like she says, “the last card (the last delusion) is the alien threat”. First it was the Russians. Then it was terrorism with 911 as its inauguration (it is widely known it was engineered from inside). Now interplanetary bodies (they are causing EQs around the planet with scalar weapons time with supposed alignments). Scalar weapons are the space-based weapons. They need only, turn up the dial for the ET deception.

      They believe in an Aryan superior race and plan to eliminate all who don’t fit the DNA–the reason they have taken samples from every human on the planet. Yes, it is monstrous. It is amazing was money can buy. Not happiness; but, genocide.

      It is very sad that we live among these evil, surely possessed souls. This alone is enough to seek cover from our good Lord. These evil, earthbound powers are no contest for him. I believe that if pray collectively God will avenge us sooner than later and rid the world of these dark powers.

      The Cypress Tree

    • Hey Jo! Yeah, what Cypress Tree said!!!
      You may find some interesting interviews with Joseph P; Farrell if you go to and click on archives. I also have a couple of his books about the nazi connections to all of this. Easier to just listen though because I just never get time to read while my eyes are fresh for the day! (I am old….LOL)

      The byte show is an amazing library that is totally worth taking a tour and I try to send her a little money when I can because GeorgeAnn does amazing work for the Lord and his creatures with very little! Just like L.A., I think we should at least be willing to send the price of a movie rental for the time we spend being edified rather than renting “Dumb and Dumber!

    • I am off work tomorrow and should have a couple of hours to go over all of this information and I look forward to it! I have a LOT of questions, as this is all somewhat new to me. I’ve read some of this information before, but from a different point of view. Again, thank you all for your time and input. It’s so difficult not knowing what I believe anymore. I need peace.

  15. Have no worries and no fear.

    Yes, we’re behind enemy lines soldiers. But why long for an easy life among the worldly? That’s their propaganda. They idolize heroes, or ideology, or social group, or academia, or church, or government, or family. And the fallen use their idolatries to enslave them. But not only the fallen; there’s a cost for buying into their lies. See Romans 1.

    Our mission is rescue, escape, and evasion. If you go hide in the mountains you’re not part of the rescue. In fact, you’re no better than the cowardly false leaders that go off and hide in their bunkers. As if the rocks could save them from the Wrath of the Lamb, wrath which is also leveled against against any fearful or slothful servants of God. Matthew 25

    The forefront of the battle is in the heavenlies. But it’s not some game rulers play on some mount far above us. Our weapons are not physical. Nor are they fantasy nor magics. They are spiritual with direct personal and interpersonal impacts. (Armor of God)

    Most around us are plugged directly into delusion. They mainline delusion constantly. They couldn’t be anymore transhuman even with direct brain implants to a hive mind.

    We are not a rebellion. We are strangers here. We are the resistance against the devil and the fallen. We are the Kingdom of Heaven hidden within. The wicked can’t be part of it or even remain for long.

    We need Christ’s eyes and ears. We need His heart and hands and feet. And to speak with His voice. And to have His mind and His guts. There is no safe place to dwell in this world apart from Him. The only sanctuary we have in this world is the house of continuing prayer in constant contact with Him. Philippians 4

    What’s more lovely in His eyes than to see one of us reborn in His image, rescued from the disaster, and joined to Him (to Christ, Y’shua and Jesus, The Lamb Slain) — joined heart to heart? We are that great net cast into the world to draw out the lost.

    And His holy angels are the ones that cast out the fakes and weed out the tares. Garbage collection is not the task we were given.

    Yahshua/Jesus said, “My yoke is easy and my burden light.” He said and meant it — My yoke is easy and my burden light. But that also means leaning on Him. Philippians 4

  16. I’ve been reading Judges lately. So often it mentions that the Jews kept worshiping on the hilltops. Even Samuel gets caught up in that tradition, which was a hold-over from the pagan cultures and idol worshipers around them.
    Even the good kings who cleared the land of Baal and other idols still allowed this hilltop thing to go on.
    Ever wonder what that might represent?
    I was thinking it had to be some sin that’s so pervasive and so accepted that even God…think of that, even God puts up with it.
    Then I started thinking…could it represent (don’t laugh) capitalism? There’s such a fine line between capitalism and greed. Look at how the Jews were supposed to let their land lie fallow every 7 years but never did. Or how they were supposed to celebrate the Jubilee year every 50 and restore all debts, but never did (and paid for it by being hauled off to Babylon for 70 years, one year for every Jubilee Year they ignored).

    And finally, think about Revelation and the fate of Babylon. Chapter 18 is nothing less than an indictment of capitalistic greed.

    Now I’m not a flaming socialist. Far from it. I’ve benefited from capitalism as much as anyone. But when you get a glimpse of the sharing that takes place in Acts and the early church (and when you hear religious leaders rail against it for being naive and idealistic), a lightbulb goes on. Is God’s economy radically different from what America has embraced (supposedly the shining example of a God-fearing nation)?

  17. Hey Binny! I know what you mean. I think I even mentioned on here once about saying how great it would be in heaven and/or when Christ runs the world and we could just do the work we want to do and every customer can have whatever they want without worrying about how much it costs. I got looked at like I had lost my mind!
    I often write up an order and then remove the labor fee and tell them it is a gift, my tithe. They still look at me like I am nuts but they take it!
    Often when I do that they say, “You have to make a living!” and I get to tell them that I practice lilies of the field and the Lord has blessed my business or they wouldn’t even be in my shop in this economy since custom framing is a luxury item!
    The really funny thing is that the labor is about 10% usually! Coinkydink? I actually feel bad about deals that I don’t give a price break somewhere and use it as an opening to mention the Lord! It is also a great kick to say, “Jesus told me to be nice to you.”
    I don’t want to get rich, just survive until He comes!

    • Nice to know that you have struggled with that profit motive thing. So have I. When I was shooting videos and doing weddings, I wasn’t the cheapest nor was I the most expensive, in spite of the fact that I had 10X the experience of the rest of the competition. Nor did I jack up my prices for one group (industry) and lower them for others (individuals).
      What solidified this thought about ‘capitalism/idols on hills’ was hearing a sermon by Dr. D.James Kennedy the other day. In his sonorous voice he was slamming anyone who equated the Acts church with today’s church.
      Annother verse that ties it together for me is Rev. 17:9 where the woman sits on the hills.

    • Jeremiah 6 especially v. 13
      13 For from the least of them even unto the greatest of them every one is given to covetousness; and from the prophet even unto the priest every one dealeth falsely.

      Romans 7 Paul referring to himself
      7 What shall we say then? Is the law sin? God forbid. Nay, I had not known sin, but by the law: for I had not known lust, except the law had said, Thou shalt not covet.

      In Philippians 4 he says he learned to be abased and to abound, to be content in Christ.

  18. “john b said
    August 13, 2011 at 10:26 am
    Agreed S.E the deception is on all fronts, satan has something for everyone.

    Don’t forget the Marian apparitions, Mainly directed to Catholics and Muslims HUMM!

    God bless

    john b”

    Bless you, john b!
    Ah, yes- the Marian apparitions-for catholics and muslims- all for the OWR. The more I know, and the more I find out, the more depressing it can me. But, I prayed about 3 years ago for the Lord to show me the truth-His truth about what is going on. First I read “Reinventing Jesus Christ” by Warren Smith, and it opened my eyes to the New Age “invasion” into the Body of Christ. Then I read up on the N.A., and alarming as it was, there was WORSE to come!

    This last year I’ve been reading all about the Nephilim, and that it has ties to the N.A. via “The Space Brothers”. Also, I have delved into how our government is overrun by puppets of “Lord Maitreya (Buddha)”, along with ALL leaders in the world. He’s been around a looooong time, too long for any true human being, so I conclude he is the coming antichrist, the “puppetmaster”,(behind the scenes) pulling the strings on all the “Howdy Doody” leaders of the world.

    The more I know, the worse it gets, except for one thing: Jesus Christ of Nazareth, King of kings and Lord of lords, Savior and very God of all creation, is IN CONTROL of ALL things in this life, especially for those who have tasted of His Salvation and His LOVE for them! I have walked with Him for over 37 years, and He NEVER FAILS!

    This is not to say that my faith has not been tried by fire, because it has(and IS), and I shall come out like “shining gold”, as Job said. There is no “retirement” on this earth for a Christian. We enlisted in His army on the day we were born again, and there is no going “AWOL”, because we are in enemy territory, and the safest place to be is in the very center of HIS will, even if it doesn’t FEEL like it at times. Hebrews says that “without faith it is impossible to please Him”, and ain’t THAT the TRUTH??!!

    I have lost all the family that I dearly LOVED, the most precious ones are waiting for me in Heaven. The others never were “with me”, because they did not choose Christ. I weep for them more than the ones who are safely tucked away with the Lord. I KNOW what my spiritual gifts are, and I know what “my job” in God is- and there have been times I HATED it! Blessedly, I married a person whom I WARNED very clearly about what life with me would be like, and they embraced Jesus Christ, me, and the “job” we do. This person got annointed about 4 years after our marriage, and then we became “assayers of people” in God together.

    Judgment follows wherever we go- for good and for not so good, depending on the people and their “hearts”. God indeed does judge the hearts of ALL people, and it is His right to do so! The bad part is that I am an extremely sensitive and compassionate person, with an abundance of discernment, and I hate that I know in advance when judgment is coming upon someone. It breaks my heart! I’m too much like Jeremiah the prophet-“the weeping prophet”, and he and I will be “fast friends” in Eternity I am sure!

    All I’ve said is leading up to this: The end of all things is at hand. The wicked shall do wickedly, and the righteous will shine forth in Christ Jesus to His glory forevermore. There is now left a small amount of time for people to climb aboard “the ark” of salvation in Jesus Christ, to pray to be found worthy to escape all that is coming upon this world- the Wrath of the Lamb. The deception of the evil one is almost complete, that “mystery of iniquity” which began at the birth of the carnate God/Man, Jesus Christ. Anyone with an ounce of Godly discernment can see the signs of the times that He warned us about in the Gospels: THREE times He warned His disciples to “Beware of deception”, and we see it EVERYWHERE now. In the Love of Christ, S.E.


    So often I see Christians that are Biblically Anorexic, they don’t read their Bibles. I am surrounded day and night by many such as these. Those of us on this site don’t have that problem, we consume the word as if our very lives depended on it, and it does. We are equipped and I feel so unbelievably blessed to share with the brethren on this blog.

    We all teach, we all learn, we admonish, we rebuke, we exhort, we build up and we encourage one another to know what we should know. We even disagree, oh but yes, but we do so out of love and concern for one anothers spiritual health.

    None of us are more important than the other, we work together to help each other. We pick one another up when were down and we study and research to better help each other.

    It’s hand to hand combat that were involved in and when we put our hands together and pray God hears our prayers.

    We, my precious fellow disciples, are FAMILY, the family of God, we are His church.

    I’m thankful for everyone on this site, God bless you one and all.

  20. John B. Hey just to give you a heads up. Your URL link on these comments come up as a broken link. I think because it is listed as ‘.con’ when it should be ‘.c o m’.

    Also, for lack of anyway to contact you (and forgive me if this is a bit spammy) but I have finished my Thesis and posted it online and wanted to get opinions on it. I left out all predictions and speculations and just focused on the nature of our enemy. Even so, it still goes against all conventional wisdom and I believe I have touched on a very deep truth. I am unsure how to proceed with this or where God wants me to take it.

    • Hopeful: I read your thesis, and found it to be thoughtful, well-written, and very germane as to what is happening today. There are a few thoughts I would add from my own perspective, which come from my personal walk with Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and which, of course will be DIFFERENT from any other Christian’s experience (since we are all unique in our own way-just as God always planned it to be).

      As to satan (I never capitalize that hated name, as he already considers himself to be better than our Lord):

      1) He corrupted his God-given “super intelligence” when he rebelled against The Most High God. When something is corrupted, it is REDUCED and WARPED in its original capacity, and it continues to “deteriorate” over time.

      2) My personal belief as to the “why” satan rebelled in the first place:
      Everything was fine as long as Lucifer was “the chief” of the angels, and he exercised much influence and power from God over the other angels.
      When Lucifer found out about the Trinity’s plan to make human beings “in Our Own Image”, that these humans would eventually rule with Christ Jesus over ALL of God’s creation, including the angels, then the “stuff” hit the fan!
      A creature with all the vanity of Lucifer could not stomach the very thought of “inferior” beings (in his eyes) RULING and REIGNING over him and the rest of the angels, who were in fact created to be SERVANTS to these humans.
      Thus, he came up with a plan of his own to “overthrow” the Trinity and “take over” God’s Throne.- we get the five “I wills” from the Book of Isaiah. He managed to convince one-third of the angelic community to join him in this rebellion against The Most High, condemning them and himself to eternal damnation, because he DIDN’T realize that he was a “CREATED” being, NOT a “BEGOTTEN” being like The Son of God, Jesus Christ, and human beings who have the opportunity for SALVATION from God!
      This is why salvation is a “mystery” to angels, and also why they are learning about it by watching us who struggle daily in our flesh in our fight against the world, the flesh, and the devil. We are in the process, by faith and the sanctification of God’s Holy Spirit within us, of becoming “the OVERCOMERS” who will reign and rule with Christ Jesus ETERNALLY. Also, we will be JUDGING angels, according to God’s Word, so it would only be natural that angels long to see how this process works out in God’s eternal plan.

      3) When satan realized that he could NEVER overtake God’s Throne and become “like The Most High”, he used his now CORRUPTED intelligence to try to subvert and destroy the humans that were the crowning achievement of all God’s creation. He did this first by questioning God’s Word to the humans: “Has God really said…?? Then he tried to corrupt the “seed” (DNA) of all humans (and animals) by having his fallen angelic followers mate with human women, and then came their offspring, the Nephilim. Now God had to destroy all of humanity and animals with the great Flood, except for eight souls and those animals aboard the Ark.

      4) satan is LIMITED in what he can and can’t do by Almighty God. He is now reduced to using that same old LIE he used from the beginning: “Has God said?”, and by tempting humans to rebel against God just as he did.
      Corrupted intelligence is faulty intelligence, and only when a human being comes to be born again, by God’s Holy Spirit, and partakes of the Mind of God by reading and heeding and learning from His Word, “having in us the very ‘mind of Christ”; do any of us “come into our right minds”.
      satan and his demons can NEVER have the mind of Christ as we can-Hallelujah! He forfeited the very best for a cheap imitation, and there are no “Do overs” for him nor his demons.
      To be continued….

    • Hi Hopeful, I am half way through bookmarked it get back to it soon. so far I reckon it is full of spiritual insight about the wiles of the devil and your portrayal of his cunning use of morality is indeed the most subtle of his maneuvers to deceive even churchianity.

      john B

  21. Continued…To Hopeful:

    5) As to this reference in your thesis:
    “God doesn’t will that we, His creatures, suffer the abomination of war.
    Wars are punishment humanity afflicts upon itself
    because the majority have obstinately and persistently refused to do His will,
    obey His Commandments, and put His plan for
    the rule of the Universe into effect upon this earth.
    We punish ourselves because we permit
    Satan to remain ‘Prince of this World.’
    William Guy Carr, R.D.
    Satan, Prince of this World ”

    We have absolutely NO CONTROL over “permitting satan to remain ‘Prince of this world: “! Even Jesus Christ didn’t argue with satan over this matter, when he was tempted in the wilderness, because He knew that satan had gained the “Title Deed” to earth when Adam forfeited it in his disobedience to God.

    Christ snatched back this title deed by being that “Sinless Lamb of God” and dying as the sacrifice in all humanity’s place for their sins! Thus the words “It is FINISHED” meant that the title deed was now in HIS hands, that humanity could be saved by believing upon Him as ATONEMENT for ALL of their sins. satan KNEW, even in his corrupted intelligence, that it was OVER for him and all of his demons, and that Jesus Christ had pronounced this JUDGMENT upon him!
    We next see this “Title Deed” in the hands of The Lamb of God in Revelation, Chapter 4, as it is “The Scroll with 7 Seals”, the customary “title deed” in the Jewish tradition. Christ is our “Kinsman Redeemer”, the ONLY One Who could buy back what man lost, as many as believed upon Him for eternal life!

    William Guy Carr, R.D. must be a Preterist/Dominionist/”NAR” spreader of more of satan’s LIE, because what he says is NOT God’s plan for His people! One only has to READ the Book of Revelation to realize exactly what God’s WILL is for His people and this earth! It doesn’t take any great intelligence to figure out this part of the Book of Revelation- a third grader with appropriate reading skills could see and understand this.
    Only a non-Believer in Jesus Christ would follow such HERESY as Carr spouts. At best, it’s a total misrepresentation of God’s Word (THE thing satan ” excels” at because he doesn’t really understand it). At worst, it will send Carr and his followers to Hell ( see the whole Book of Jude), which is actually practicing and DOING the work of the antichrist!!!
    These people may have “slipped in unnoticed”, but it doesn’t mean that God’s TRUE people do not notice them. We DO, and we NAME THEM when we find them, because this is what the Apostles TOLD us to do!

    Ephesians 6 tells us to “Put on the whole armor of God”, and to “TEAR DOWN THE STRONGHOLDS OF SATAN”. This is a very clear message to ALL Christians
    to ACTIVELY BATTLE against the evil one, as opposed to a “passively enduring”.

    My best advice is to read the free online book:”Satan” by Sperry Chafer, written about 100 years ago, it is even more timely today for Christian Soldiers to take up our God-given spiritual weapons and DO BATTLE against ALL heretical “GARBAGE” until we are out of here.
    In the love of Christ Jesus, S.E.

    • S.E.Brown, Much obliged for your input on the thesis. You clearly have given much study on the nature of our enemy as well. I like your total aversion to showing any kind of interpreted respect for ‘s’atan and I do believe I will incorporate that as well. Also, your insight into the motives of satan that led to his fall along with the angels seems intriguing. Although my thesis deals with his motives as they affect us today, it doesn’t delve into his motives about how the fall happened.

      Let me consider your strong stance on the quote I used from William Carr in his book, Satan, Prince of this World. Although I didn’t agree with all of his conclusions and didn’t enjoy his speculations about secret societies, I didn’t come away thinking he was spreading the message of the antichrist. Quite to the contrary, he seemed very grounded in the word of God. That said, I will take your warning and consider it more, because I have no interest in writing and publishing ANYTHING that is false teachings.

      That was a major problem I had with Carr’s conclusion was that he thought revelation could be averted, which is totally bogus. In fact, that probably proves my thesis even more, that good people think they can defeat satan. We can insulate ourselves from satan’s temptations, but only Jesus can throw him back into the pits of hell.

      Perhaps that was your problem with what Carr wrote as well. Maybe I was weak and allowed this quote to slip in to pervert the other principled and biblical conclusions I argued for in the thesis.

      At any rate, I appreciate the input and strong warning. I will most likely remove that quote from the thesis. It was pertinent to my thesis anyway, so all the more reason to remove it.

    • Ok, went back and read more of Carr’s quote in context. Here is my take away.

      HYPOTHETICALLY, if the inhabitants did follow God’s commandments there would be no war and satan would be rendered completely powerless. With this point I agree with Carr, however, that is a complete hypothetical that all faithful Christians know will never happen. It is for that reason, that statements like this should never be stated for they only serve the purpose of helping spread the luciferian agenda.

      I had been told once that the two most dangerous words on the planet is, “I wish”. That is what Carr’s statement amounts to, hollow wishing so that he wouldn’t experience the atrocities of war. In Carr’s defense, he did fight in both world wars, so I might forgive him for that, but it doesn’t diminish the danger of saying something like this.

      I will remove the quote. Thank you for the heads up, S.E.Brown.

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