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Terrorist proclaimed himself ‘Darwinian,’ not ‘Christian’

Satan-still alive and well on planet Earth –

I’m not going to let it go! It’s Monday morning and I have been following the Oslo/Norway carnage since I fist heard about it. We were told, that the shooter was a right-wing, fundamentalist CHRISTIAN. Please look once again at the picture to the left which shows the alleged shooter, Anders Breivik in full-blown MASONIC dress.

I’ll state it again, that the actions of Breivik are the acts of a madman, that in no way reflect the Christian faith. Christians are told to turn the other cheek – which by the way does not mean becoming a doormat or passively doing nothing when someone is threatening YOUR life, or loved ones lives – to pray for those who persecute us, to go the extra mile when the need arises.

Here’s why I am revisiting this. The media immediately branded Brievik as a right-wing, fundamentalist, Christian and that is how most people will remember him. It’s doesn’t matter that a picture is emerging that shows that he was perhaps more of a DARWINIST – see above link – than anything else. John Q. Public will remember what he was told first, and that’s what I take umbrage with.

Where is the outrage of other Christians demanding a retraction of the initial statement by the media, as it is fallacious and misleading? Who are the people reporting this story and how did they come by their information? What is the world view of the reporter who is writing his or hers story and did they bother to VET the information before putting it on the printed page? Why the rush to judgment before all the facts become clear?

In closing today’s post: I am appalled at our media, that seems to have the integrity of a group of weasels! They’ll say or do anything to sell papers, to keep the masses entertained. This is evidenced by the Amy Weinhouse story getting all the attention over the weekend while the tragedy of the Norway shooting, took second billing.  Bread and Circus, once again rules the day. It will be interesting, in the days ahead,  to see who this guy really is and what he espouses, tragically most Americans will only remember what they were told in the early stages of the breaking news of the shootings.  However, not so fast Mr. Woopy, as some of us will continue to point out the blatant hypocrisy and anti-christian agenda that seems to be the mainstay of the Weasel-stream-media.

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35 thoughts on “Not So Fast… Mr. Woopy!

  1. Anders Behring Breivik, the alleged trigger man is now warning that there are two more cells in his terror group.

    Just Yesterday this man supposedly admitted to these actions, and says he worked alone, it was also supposedly stated that there was no ties to Islam or Terror… Now today he’s warning of more attacks??? Hmmmm Sounds like this guy doesn’t know which end is up.

    This quote is from one of the taking heads on CNN on this morning, one of the so called experts they rush to bring on during these tragedies.

    “As we sit here talk about the slaughter of innocent children at the hands of a conservative Christian – another Christian terrorist group is killing and maiming children at this very moment”
    “One of the ugliest, most brutal terrorist groups in the world today is the “Lord’s Resistance Army”. Not many people know about them, but you should. It’s a Christian group responsible for mutilation, murder, and the taking of child soldiers….and it’s going on right now.”

    Now we see who the media is really going to target and have a field day with ….so sad.
    If the guy was a Muslim we would be told by the media to try and understand why he did what he did, what drove him to it is easily understandable.

      I am going to blow my adherence to Corinthians, “slow to anger”!

      Boy the CIA, MI6 gargoyles must have been up all night penning this strategy with Soros, Kissinger and Brezinski!
      Or did Madison Avenue help out with this idea?
      Another “Muslim Brotherhood” style confection.

      These spontaneous organizations are suspicious in the mere speed of combustion!

      And the dense media will feed on it, like a fat boy on a Smartie! Don’t let up LA! Steve, Stan, Tom, Gary and you need to get on the talk circuit otherwise it will usher in the 5th seal.

      The Cypress Tree

    • “Some have been expecting such a thing (as the attacks) from these ‘crazy Christian fundamentalists.’
      You can expect more articles and commentaries like the one from Frank Schaeffer, comparing “Christian fundamentalists” to the Taliban,” he wrote. “Some might say (and with some justification) that this is how Muslims feel (see for more on that).

      This incident is a stark reminder of that there are nuts in all religions. Police in Norway and some media outlets, as you know , have called the alleged mastermind a ‘Christian fundamentalist.’ But does this guy really represent Christianity? Does he really speak for Christians? Does he really follow Christian traditions? I believe I speak for all sane people, when I say the answer is a resounding NO.

    • Anders Behring Breivik may have indeed been nominally Christian at one time, but to say “Christian terrorist” implies that Christian beliefs motivated his acts, when there’s no evidence to suggest that.

    • “One of the ugliest, most brutal terrorist groups in the world today is the “Lord’s Resistance Army”. Not many people know about them, but you should. It’s a Christian group responsible for mutilation, murder, and the taking of child soldiers….and it’s going on right now.”

      Oh my gosh, wow that really nauseates me!!! There is NOTHING Christian about this “lord’s resistance army” – NOTHING!!! it is a terrible terrible thing! The person who said this WAS correct that this group is responsible for “mutilation, murder, and the taking of child soldiers” (not to mention the atrocities they force these brutalized children to commit) – it’s horrendous!! BUT the group has NOTHING to do with Jesus Christ! It was started by a woman who claimed to channel spirits (a dead italian army officer called “Lakwena”, that her tribe thought was the Holy Spirit – they were obviously very very wrong!). Big huge red flags anyone????? and this group that was formed to help bring peace and a paradise on earth, well we can see what it’s truly done, and “who” is calling the shots with it. Definitely satanic earmarks all over it.

      I heard a caller comment on a radio show today, and i thought this was a brilliant reply to ANYONE attributing this man as being a Christian: “Which teaching of Jesus Christ was he following when he did this?”

      Good grief, where do the journalists get their degrees??? Talk about knee jerk reaction!! And there are people out there who are delving deeper into this guy’s background into freemasonry and such, but i doubt most people will hear of it. No, he’s been branded a “Christian fundamentalist” and i can almost see the humanists gleefully dancing around their bonfires celebrating.

      This makes me sooooooooooooooooooooo sad, so much deception. But I know that Christ told us that if the world hates us, know it hated Him first. Lord have mercy on this world that is in such darkness, and help Your sheep to shine brightly Your light and Your Truth into this darkness.

    • More “cells” in his terror group sounds like either some Illuminati cabal is jerking his chain and has been playing with him or it is just his way of saying, “I’m a schizophrenic and so am I”

      I have been really frazzled at work today, about to have breakfast at 7pm and catch up with what all you have been doin’ here! Whew, good to be home and at my cyber church!

  2. Dog on a bone eh LA?
    Love the Mr. Woopy headline.
    Indeed we are not doormats!

    BTW the court is closed. Does not pass the smell test.
    What are the judges compelled to hide?

    The Cypress Tree

  3. PSALM 56:3 When I am afraid, I will put my trust in You.

    PSALM 112:7 He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD.

    May God richly bless all on this blog.

    • Doug I dont see many people touching that question on any boards.. but it is a VERY important one. The killer (he isnt a christian hes a mason ie sationest) could not have he was in custody and no access to a puter.
      So the question of who changed it is very important and shows theres some very sloppy work by the powers that be in trying to stear this event.

  4. Randy and Faithfulelect

    Been where both of you are now, know I’m praying for your needs.

    God healed me through prayer, cancer, looked bad and He took the tumor away, no chemo, no radiation or surgery, doctors would not believe it. It’s been almost fourteen years and I’m thankful for all the prayers said on my behalf.

    Closed my business after eleven years, went through my savings, lost my house, became homeless, my dog died suddenly, had my new car repoed.

    “I complained because I had no shoes, then I met a man who had no feet”

    I know that it’s tough times right now and now is when the only thing you have is God and know that He is in control and that no matter what happens next, He is in control. He is your hiding place, I will keep your needs lifted up to God in prayer.

    You Are My Hiding Place
    You are my hiding place you always fill my hart with songs of deliverance when ever I am afraid I will trust in you I will trust in you let the weak say I am strong in the strength of the Lord

    You are my hiding place you always fill my hart with songs of deliverance when ever I am afraid I will trust in you I will trust in you let the weak say I am strong in the strength of the Lord

    I will you trust in you, You are my hiding you always fill my hart with songs of deliverance when ever I am afraid I will trust in you

    You are my hiding place you are my hiding place
    I will trust in you
    I will trust in you
    I will trust in you

  5. Off topic: Birth of Christ, September 11, 3BC ?

    Sundown on 11 September 3 BC (6 p.m.), was the beginning of Rosh sha’shanah, Jewish New Year’s Day (Jesus was born very soon after 6 p.m. when the day changed from 30 Elul to 1 Tishri).

    Read this treatise!

    There has to be a connection between 911 and this information, apparently widely published.

    The Cypress Tree

  6. Everything you could possibly want to know about ABB (Anders Behring Breveik) is in his “2083” manifesto. (the link for the pdf there is still active)

    He was baptized a christian but has no direct relationship to Christ. He thinks protestantism has failed and the only true church is the the catholic church.

    The appeal of the entire manifesto is to christian conservatives and christian moderates to defend their nations against islam, marxism, and nazis.

    He may only be a cultural christian, but a christian nonetheless as far as the world is concerned. Whether he’s a true Christian and follower of Christ or a false Christian and follower of masonry and the pope is the better discussion — because it gets down into the real issue — about Christ.

    The manifesto is tough to digest. It has 4 parts. Watching the video trailer helps understand the structure. The first part is largely a historical account of muslim atrocities and their impacts. The last quarter of the manifesto gives all kinds of details about ABB from his education, to his businesses (including a CV), to hobbies, etc. The last quarter includes a 3 month journal of preparing the explosives and weapons.

    There may be other cells, or not. It’s clear from the manifesto that he was heavily involved in fantasy games; especially, MMORG, World of Warcraft, etc. He talks about being addicted to them.

  7. It looks like Mr. Breveik could very well be a triggered soldier; it would be interesting to know about gaps in his personal history, or whatever discrepancies exist that could indicate when he was programmed.

    According to certain sources, Masonry at its inner core believes that extension of earthly life-span and other supernatural benefits can be derived from systematically destroying innocence; one does achieves this by traumatizing children in various ways.

    The kind of personality splintering that enables creation of sleeper-soldiers in an unsuspecting host is done by inducing horrible trauma in a child, from what I understand. This per Nazi ‘research’ paper-clipped into the CIA, wherefrom leaks abound.

    And the last-minute social network ‘christianity?’ This all smells. And not like flowers.

    • Picture this…..Sicily 1929…, wrong Italian….start over.

      the crowd chants…..”L.A.-Dizdar-L.A.-Dizdar-L.A.-Dizdar-L.A.-Dizdar-L.A.-Dizdar-L.A.-Dizdar-L.A.-Dizdar….”
      Finally the theme music plays and the crowd falls to a hush…..

      music and the usual lead in…..”Oh my God,Oh my God,Oh my God, for about six months…..” (a smile of familiarity is on every audience member as they lean in to hear….no one wants to miss a single word)

      “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, I am your intrepid host and tonight’s guest is Russ Dizdar to discuss nephilim and super soldiers and the Norway shooter…..”


  8. This is the Socialist, Anti-God “spin factor” my friends. I try not to watch any Main Stream Media systems anymore….But yet, many people don’t know about the “spin factor” of the MSM.

    If you really think about it, we are a Socialist Nation…even though we can say the Pledge of Allegiance and so on.

    The Socialists, Progressives, Marxists are Anti-God. Here in WI, we had many Protesters marching and trashing out our Capital, Madison, WI. It’s called the birthplace of Socialism.

    If any of you have seen these Marchers with their symbolic, Raised Blue Fist flag, then realize they are “hooked up” with Lenin or Marx, who created the symbol.

    It’s not a symbol of Unity…It’s a Symbol of Raising their First at God.

    As Glenn Beck once said: ‘When you see them coming out of their closets, know that they have been emboldened. And, the following times will be even more dangerous. If they don’t get their “candy” they will turn violent and rioting at first, and then maybe worse.

    They need a scapegoat or “strawman”. A “Strawman” is someone or something to balme, as they don’t take any responsibility.

    A socialist is a “manufactured Brick in their Wall.

    A Christian is called a “Lively Stone”

  9. This is olds news, and may not be available now.

    You Tube: Jihad in America Part 1 I think there were 6 parts.

    BoTTom Line: There are 35 Islamic Military Training Camps in 22 States. Obama won’t allow the F.B.I. to investigate as he says that is a State Issue.

    The Major News Media is silent.

    Lies are reinforced, in general with Music, Money and The Media….

    God’s Truth needs no special reinforcement at all. Truth stands alone. In effect, it is in parallel; and can’t be stopped.
    Lies are in Series, and if you or i can Open Up One Lie, the rest of their ought to stop…

    Hitler’s Propaganda Machine, done with His Own Reporters, was learned from systems that were used in America!

    Americans and the World are getting “Conditioned”.

    In addition, Subliminal Seductions are being used all of the time. This was outlawed for the Outdoor Movie, Drive-In Movie Industry years ago. But not outlawed anywhere else. !!!!!

    Yes, Lucifer, Prince of the Power of the Air (Waves?)….is constantly on the attack.

  10. Turning the Other Cheek…This is done when a Christian actually gets slapped for teaching the Gospels. then, take the slap and walk away.

    If the attack continues, it’s either Fight or Flight.

    We have the Right to defend ourselves, any way possible.

  11. Just had to repost this from my earlier post:

    I heard a caller comment on a radio show today, and i thought this was a brilliant reply to ANYONE attributing this man as being a Christian: “Which teaching of Jesus Christ was he following when he did this?”

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  13. LA; I reckon your right in saying that Breviek is a madman.

    Madness can be a Psychological disorder or it can be Demonically triggered.

    The fact that this man is a Mason most certainly subjects him to forces beyond his control specially if he be crazy to begin with.

    John B

    • Hi John B. I agree with you. I haven’t gone there yet because we have very little to go on, but it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that he was a super soldier…. L. A.

    • Aww shucks! I am touched! I love all you guys here but Cypress is still gonna be my gardening partner in heaven!
      BTW….I have the most amazing crop of tomatoes going that I have ever seen! Just 3 roma plants that I grew in my raised bed garden but just to keep their roots from choking other veggies, I put them in 2 gal water jugs with the tops and bottoms cut out and the tops of those above the level of the main bed by about 6 inches (about 8inches or nine below grade so their roots can dig deep) and they have truly flourished even in this heat wave! I wish I could copy and paste a photo here because they are so amazing. Not exaggerating, I am going to have over 350 tomatoes from 3 little plants! And only a foot away I have beets and carrots doing well since their roots are the food and stay fairly shallow and are blocked by the jug walls!
      We all need any tips we can get for gardening here soon…..hope this idea will bless others!

    • That is so wonderful Elaine. I did not plant my organic vegetable garden this year. I think the chemtrails were so thick it failed last year. (Did you know Monsanto has made their seeds aluminum as well as Round-up ready!) I had fairly good crops before chemtrails.
      I do however have a 3 ft cherry tomato plant on my deck.

      Elaine, yours is a little ray of sunshine in these sad posts. God provides to you clearly.
      BTW I would love a dome greenhouse–to avoid chemtrails and winds. Those I found start at $9,000!


      Why do fools, cowards seek to get attention by killing children?
      Much of his acts are vanity when you add it up.
      He is clearly peacocking at the attention.
      It’s like LA said, ‘people have lost their critical thinking’. Including freemasons! There simply is no stable inner dialogue.

      I think this is the beginning of heightened lawlessness LA wrote of. It is around every corner waiting to manifest.

      But I also know that there is money and control to be gained by the bankers in the City of London by triggering conflict. They want this lawlessness to spread. Norway is a litmus test of the “Sharia vs. Christians” conflict IMO, now artificially triggered. Tail wagging the dog. We must not fall for the conflict part! Breivik is surely one of many agent-provocateurs to emerge.

      The Cypress Tree

    • I shielded the garden with plain old plastic….( I was given a monster roll of heavy mil when a bag manufacturer went out of business a few years ago) until my plants got about a foot tall so Fukishima rain wouldn’t get ’em while they were babies. Also mixed baking soda in the soil with crushed egg shells. We get some chemtrails here but Lake Michigan seems to help them blow over us. Praise God! Then always wash the veggies with baking soda water before using. Oh, yeah, and got heirloom seeds and started them last winter. They were about 10″ high when they went outside. I saw someplace that tomatoes are one of the plants that naturally neutralize radiation….I now, I know something is gonna get to me but have to try!

      and “BREIVIK IS A PAID AGENT-PROVOCATEUR OF CONFLICT” is so true and they are all over the place just waiting to be activated. He may or may not be getting paid in $$$ but he has sold his soul. The awful thing is that some of his rantings have a grain of truth…..that will be the kicker to turn on everyone who speaks out on the islamic incursion and opposition to sharia law. Soon, because of him, anyone who says Islam is not a religion of peace and is not in favor of a mosque on every corner will be lumped into his category….he is a tool to begin the persecution of true Christians in earnest….Yikes, I smell lions!

  14. “Norway Shooting, Bombing: Suspect’s Manifesto Denies True Faith in Jesus”
    By Nicola Menzie, 7-25-2011 02:29 PM EDT

    Breivik, although claiming to stand up for Europe’s “Christian culture,” in no way links that ideal to true Christian faith.

    He writes on page 1307 of his online manifesto:

    “If you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and God then you are a religious Christian. Myself and many more like me do not necessarily have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and God. We do however believe in Christianity as a cultural, social, identity and moral platform. This makes us Christian.

    Many media reports have apparently been following along with Breivik’s self-definition of his so-called faith, branding the alleged shooter as a “Christian terrorist” and describing him as a “Christian fundamentalist” or “Christian extremist.”

    Yet the Christian community, which has been quick to condemn the attacks, has been making it known that authentic Christianity does not espouse such heinous and immoral acts.

    By Breivik’s definition, the USA is a christian nation and the West is a christian culture.

    In truth they are counterfeits.

    Here’s more from ABB’s “2083” manifesto p. 1403

    Q: Are you a religious man, and should science take priority over the teachings
    of the Bible?

    A: My parents, being rather secular wanted to give me the choice in regards to religion. At the age of 15 I chose to be baptised and confirmed in the Norwegian State Church. I consider myself to be 100% Christian. However, I strongly object to the current suicidal path of the Catholic Church but especially the Protestant Church. I support a Church that believes in self defence and who are willing to fight for its principles and values, at least resist the efforts put forth to exterminate it gradually. The Catholic and Protestant Church are both cheering their own annihilation considering the fact that they embrace the ongoing inter-faith dialogue and the appeasement of Islam. The current Church elite has shown its suicidal face, as vividly demonstrated last year by the archbishop of Canterbury’s speech contemplating the legitimacy of Shariah in parts of Britain.

    I trust that the future leadership of a European cultural conservative hegemony in Europe will ensure that the current Church leadership are replaced and the systems somewhat reformed. We must have a Church leadership who supports a future Crusade with the intention of liberating the Balkans, Anatolia and creating three Christian states in the Middle East. Efforts should be made to facilitate the de-construction of the Protestant Church whose members should convert back to Catholicism. The Protestant Church had an important role once but its original goals have been accomplished and have contributed to reform the Catholic Church as well. Europe should have a united Church lead by a just and non-suicidal Pope who is willing to fight for the security of his subjects, especially in regards to Islamic atrocities.I fully support that the Church gains more or less monopoly on religion in Europe (government policies, school curriculum etc at least) in addition to granting the Church several concessions which have been taken from them the last decades.

    As for the Church and science, it is essential that science takes an undisputed precedence over biblical teachings. Europe has always been the cradle of science and it must always continue to be that way.

    Regarding my personal relationship with God, I guess I’m not an excessively religious man. I am first and foremost a man of logic. However, I am a supporter of a monocultural Christian Europe.

  15. This is nothing new. To this day we are told by the media that Tim McVeigh was a right wing conservative and Christian fundamentalist even though he said REPEATEDLY he was an athiest and a liberal. The spin on the AZ shooter this winter was the same. He was reported to be a talk radio listening right wing Christian nutjob until it backfired. This is all an effort to say the fundamentalism is bad when it’s Islamic fundamentalism that kills people, not Christian fundamentalism. The left defines Christian fundamentalism as believing the Bible is true and adhering to what it says. They want to pin a crime on a Christian to even the playing field and to begin going after Christians as potential criminals. There are laws in the works to make Christian vaues regarding sin into hate speech. That is what this is all about, folks, plain and simple.

  16. Well, there you have it. He claims not having a personal relationship w/Christ (What a true Christian does) but rather approves (of some of it) & uses the label of Christianity for his own wicked means.

  17. Coming from the religion that wanted to behead people for a cartoon of Mohammed, Muslim reaction about the Norway shooting is oddly nonexistent from the media. This action by this madman was as much to provoke Muslim anger as it was to paint Christians as being violent fanatics. Considering WWI was started with a single bullet, it is actions like this that will propel us into the third world war.

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