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L. A. Marzulli

Syria recognizes Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital

Syria recognizes Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

“Syria recognizes a Palestinian state within the June 4, 1967 borders and East Jerusalem as its capital, and on the basis of the preservation of Palestinian legitimate rights,” a statement said.

On Sunday night I had the pleasure of dining with Professor Haralick, who I also interviewed for Watchers 3. During the dinner Haralick, who was holding court, asked the rhetorical question, Can there be peace in the Middle East through diplomatic negotiations? I immediately replied, no, there will be a war and most likely sooner than later. Haralick agreed and we discussed the soon-to-be September, United Nations, “force feeding” to create a Palestinian State.

As I write this there are 100,000 rockets, in Lebanon, on Israel’s northern border – depending on what INTEL you want to believe –  in the hands of Hezbollah, who have sworn to defeat Israel. Added to this is HAMAS, who occupy the Gaza strip and also are the sworn enemy of Israel. Syria, is certainly no friend of Israel and now with this latest statement, that recognizes East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital it would appear that Syria is forcing the splitting of Jerusalem, something that Israeli president, Benjamin Netanyahu has sworn will never happen. So we are at an impasse. So much for détente!

Remember that several weeks ago our president, Obummer, stated that Israel should move back to the 67 borders. Now we see that Syria has picked up this mantra and is shouting it loud and clear. Meanwhile another flotilla is making its way toward Gaza. The situation is ripe for a flash point, an incident that will plunge the region into an all out war.

The pipeline that supplies from Egypt that supplies Israel with 40% of its energy needs was blown up for the third time over the weekend. The bottom line for me is this. Israel is surrounded by hostile neighbors, with the exception of Jordan, but I believe that when push comes to shove, Jordan will fall in with the other Islamic nations. War is coming, as there now has been a new line in the sand… How will Israel respond? The ancient prophecies of Psalm 83, along with Isaiah 17, loom in the distance, like an unwanted mirage…

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81 thoughts on “A Line in the Sand…

  1. I was thinking of making a larger Survival Pantry. It’s good for 2 weeks, now.

    Hezbolah and Hamas didn’t get along with each in the past, now they’re united with Hatred against Israel.

    Obama’s comment fueled the Islamic fires allright!

    Israel’s strategies might be parallel to the David Vs Goliath strategy.
    Or: Samson destroys the Philistine Temple, and commiting suicide. Nahhh…

    Syria to the North I think will be taken out lst…they are the closest. And, the biggest threat.

    I thought that Israel would take a shot at Iran, because they’re making enriched Uranium for nukes. Well, they didn’t do that yet.

    I can’t remember the book or prophecy regarding Babylon on the Euphrates…It gets destroyed forever.

    The destruction is so unique…and not believeable. It slides into the Euphrates River…God is very Creative, being the only Creator.

    I finally realized or learned how it could be done!

    Babylon is sitting on a very shallow, or “thin” rock foundations. Under that, is very large pools of oil. ok.

    So, Israel fires some missiles that are Incindiary, Bunker Bombs around the perimeter of the city.

    OMG, Thank You Jesus! This ignites the oil under the city, and it gets “used up”…causing the city to SINK!…below the level of the Euphrates River….And, the River floods it out.

    I can’t stop typing…used too much cyberspace.

    Thank You L.A.

    PS: At some time the Israelis flee southward, out of Jerusalem, when they get Over-run.

  2. Times indeed are accelerating. Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38 do indeed loom on the horizon. Israel is continually threatened to have to divide their land, just as Joel prophesied the nations would be trying to do in the last days.

    “For, behold, in those days, and in that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, I will gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat; and I will execute judgment on them there for my people, and for my heritage, Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations. They have divided my land,” (Joel 3:1-2).

  3. It’s pretty exciting to see all these changes. Very scarey for a lot of other in diffferent parts of the world and country though. But the soooner these things happen the sooner we get to see our Maker! 🙂
    I can’t wait for the day to see him ‘riding’ down on a cloud to gather us for eternity, what a show that will be, huh!?
    Bring on the NWO, world gov’t/ religion, world currency, cuz the sooner these things come to pass, the quicker we get away from these creeps!

  4. I can’t help but think of the Christians who already deal w/so much living in the midst
    of the Islamic nations & on top of that they will be in the middle of all of this. Keep them
    lifted up in prayer.

    • Yes-please pray for these Brothers and Sisters! We are so BLESSED to have the freedoms we do now, and we lift Yousef Vadarkhani and his family up in prayer every day. We need to remember to interceed for Yousef and the “other Daniels” around the world who serve Jesus Christ, even though it is ILLEGAL and life-threatening for them to do so!

      They are surely the “Smyrna Church” right now, commended by Jesus Christ in Revelation. When one member of the Body of Christ is hurting, we ALL hurt! God bless these dear martyred Saints for their perseverance in the face of such great persecution right now, They are a “portrait ” of the post-Rapture Believers, who will have to “remain faithful unto death”.

      Whenever we get down because of the trials of this earth, pray for Yousef and others who are suffering for their faith. Paul called it:”This TEMPORARY ‘light affliction’ “. Or, as Pastor Ray Stedman used to say:”Thank God the Bible says’And it came to PASS’…, and NOT to stay “!

  5. Brother Scott Dryer after much biblical study and research believes Dr. Assad is a good candidate for the anti-christ. I posted about this before. And I believe this video was posted before. Fascinating!

    The Cypress Tree

    • As the coroner said:”Remains to be seen.” The very best words on this video were: “Yassar Arafat (DECEASED)”. I was disappointed not to see a slide of Nancy Pelosi with Assad, when she made her trek to Syria a few years back.

    • Scot is awesome, and I enjoy listening too and watching his take on Biblical prophecy ! I also like his take on The Fallen Watchers and Alien deception as well. I highly recommend his Area 6:2 and Come Sail Away Video’s, which are in depth teachings on the Nephilim and Fallen Angels.

      A warning to the pretribers, He will make you think and show you what the word says about the pretrib theory. But, I’m a pan-triber, and I don’t like spending precious time debating they theories ! The main thing is that we are ready everyday and watching for the Kings return ! The Rapture will happen at it’s appointed time, no doubt about that ! I have several of his videos posted on the Forum.


    • Well said Ruggie. Now I will call myself a pan-triber! Thanks for helping me figure that one out! 🙂

      I will look for this material on his channel, or site, ProfoundProphecy.

      THANKS LA! for bringing the ‘weird beard’ forward (how he pokes at himself).

      The Cypress Tree

    • Just a thought…..if Damascus is made a ruinous heap and yet “wins” (or seems to for a while,) a war with Israel maybe the syrian would move to his new conquered city of Jerusalem?

    • Elaine, Well included in those 1967 borders Assad is clamoring for, fueled by Obamanation’s impetus, are the headquarters in Jerusalem. So yes,this makes sense. The Assyrian’s ‘local office’ is destroyed so he travels to the ‘capital’ so to speak. Indeed, very logical.

      It is all so pretentious since there is so much land for the Palestinians throughout all of the middle east. Yet these people have to take more of the tiny sliver Israel has. The hate is so blatant. This has been an endless obfuscation of the obvious and I was very displeased with Obama since he has ushered in this apocalypse. He is so clearly of the Islamic, antichrist. Talk about sinfulness! (I still wonder about that scar on his head, his BC to boot, and his training under Saul Alinsky (total Machiavellism!) The enemy of Israel now counts Obama.

      We must pray for Israel. She is strong. Well fortified. From Above too. Woe! to those who come against her.
      Woe! to United States since Obama has moved to ‘checkmate’ Israel. What has he done to America!! God has avenged her at each turn.

      The Cypress Tree

  6. Well i just finished watching watchers 2. Great job LA..I hope you do have Scot Dryer on the show could vey well be he is right on with Dr. Assad being the man of sin.I dont think we are far from finding out.

  7. 6.2 Mw – KYRGYZSTAN
    Preliminary Earthquake ReportMagnitude6.2 Mw
    Date-Time19 Jul 2011 19:35:40 UTC
    20 Jul 2011 01:35:40 near epicenter
    19 Jul 2011 13:35:40 standard time in your timezone

    Location40.128N 71.423E
    Depth1 km
    Distances30 km (18 miles) SSE (162 degrees) of Farghona (Fergana), Uzbekistan
    64 km (40 miles) SE (137 degrees) of Quqon (Kokand), Uzbekistan
    98 km (61 miles) SSW (193 degrees) of Namangan, Uzbekistan
    225 km (140 miles) SE (124 degrees) of TASHKENT, Uzbekistan

  8. I recommend Apollyon Rising 2012 & P Heron’s book The Return of the Antichrist and the New World Order which is available for $5 online last time I checked. You will see that Apollyon is the beast of the bottomless pit aka the beast from the sea. And sea doesn’t necessarily mean water, it means deep, as in sea. So this term can also mean deep space. In my mind he comes from that region in space it says God has bound the Pleiades and has bands on Orion. Orion is the hunter: Nimrod. Nimrod was an assyrian. Nimrod was the first king/ruler. Is it any wonder why Jesus emphatically states: I AM the first and the last. Apparently Nimrod was the first, and he thinks he’ll be the last. He comes to inhabit the one who has had 42 months prior to speak proud words and blasphemies. Last time I checked Mr Assad has been in power over 42 months. These are time oriented prophesies, if it doesn’t fit you must acquit…

  9. “Even now many Antichrists have arisen…..They went out From us, but they were not really of us; for they had been of us, they would have remained with us; but they went out, in order that it might be shown that they all are not of us” 1Jn218,19.

    Five times Apostle John used “US” in order to designate the origin of Antichrist, even saying that he might be shown. This is a good place to start researching into Antichrist.

    What is the “US” of John’s reference? To answer that Question is of necessity in order to understand the origin of Antichrist.

    We cannot just ignore the origins as stated by Apostle and rush into the vain and glorious imagination of modern theological concepts.

    john b

    • THE reason I do not believe that Assad will be anti is because no Jew would accept ANY Islamist (Shia, Sunni, or “alowhite”) as “Messiah”. I think anti is not even human, because he, the false prophet, and satan are, all three, cast alive into the Lake of Fire. They do not stand before the Great White Throne judgment of God, and, as Hebrews states:”It is APPOINTED for MAN once to die and then the judgment.”

      We KNOW that satan is not a man, and I truly believe that anti and the false prophet are “entities”.

    • My sketchy memory tells me the man to be a-c is struck to the head mortally and ‘miraculously’ comes back to life inhabited by the evil one. And everyone will ‘marvel’.

      With the conflagration in the middle east, and the CIA muslim brotherhood stemming it no less, Israel ready to blow, and Damascus being so close…well…This is on my a-c-dar.

      Wait til you hear Dryer detail this.

      The Cypress Tree

    • Awaiting for Cardinal Francis Arinze to become the Pope. If that within the next year, then look out.

    • Okay, you got my curiosity piqued, Hopeful. Can you elaborate on why you feel this about Cardinal Arinze? I’ve never even heard of him until just now…………….

    • GM all! I’m all lit up from reading the word! Boy o boy it is a fire-starter, aint it though?!!

      Hopeful, Arinze is a black pope. You know what that means if he is next.

      I have so much to reveal I think I will pop!

      Mrs. M, Elaine, I have been studying, Ephraim, Gad and Dan. Forming my thoughts.

      Got to read all your posts first (looking for heavenly confirmations)

      The Cypress Tree

    • I am unsure what you are implying, cypress.

      In a moment… I’ll clarify tonight. On mobile right now.

    • In a moment… The only thing I can say is I turned my life over to Christ, asked for discernment in His name and He led me to this individual. I did know of this man either before He led me there. To some this will be nothing more than speculation but I can not help that. I have stuck with these revelations faithfully and asked Him over and over if they be false and if I speak blasphemy that He tell me to stop, hit me with a truck, whatever. May God have mercy on me if what I write is false.

  10. So in my thinking his origin is not of the same seed as God said to Satan he too has seed. Nimrod began to be a gibborim, as Tom Horn has said. Note on the table of nations in Gen 10 the listings of the sons of Cush, no mention of Nimrod until after the listings of Raamahs sons,which is out of order, why?

  11. No matter who or from where, it could be that the anti Christ will not be human, but a hybrid. This might explain his complete control by Satan and his ability to recover from a near death head wound.

    It was reported that Iran was to give 5.8 Billion to Syria.

    It was reported that Turkey is going to double the size of their Army which would put them at over a million boots on the ground,

    http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=318757 most likely Turkey is the Gog of the Bible and will lead Islam against Israel.

    Ex middle east CIA Agent predicts that Israel will attack Iran by September of this year.

    I would like to encourage you to watch these two videos from Prophecy in the news. Very informative regarding prophecy (with many references) and the current state of Egypt. http://vimeo.com/21508850 http://vimeo.com/26125635

    • Have you heard the idea that some believers put forth about the Son Of Perdition/Man Of Sin (a.k.a. antichrist) that sort of parallels the hybrid/transhuman type? Those folks postulate that the a-c could be cloned from the Shroud of Turin blood stains! Seems pretty far-fetched to me. But with the state of technology (bio and otherwise) being what it is and getting “freakier” on a daily basis….well, not much really surprizes me anymore. That “man with the plan” should be making an appearance before too long. And that means that our Lord Jesus is not far off from making His (second) appearance either. Hallelujah!

    • I will comment on your post Moment in relation to antichrist as you asked about the False prophet previously.
      The “Us” referred by Apostle is where the Antichrist originates, not only antichrist but antichrists and the spirit thereof. 1Jn2

      Apostle includes himself and those receiving his epistle in the US.
      So; the Us has to be the christian realm of which Apostle belongs. there is no need to look into the OT for the AC as there was no realm or Body prior to the NT having the Apostolic within. and rightly so as there can be no antichrist before Christ in order to deny Him.
      Nimrod was only a Type!

      Judas was the one!

      He Apostasies and Christ referred to Him as the “Son of perdition”
      A Title which Apostle Paul also uses in reference to the Man of sin in conjunction to the Apostasy (The falling away from the christian Faith) which was given once and for all by the Apostolic ministry.

      It is logical and right to conclude that the AC is a devil possessed Apostate in the likeness of Judas betraying the Faith as Judas betrayed Christ.
      I must stop here for now.

      john b

    • Back again, Let it be noted that The man of Sin “whose coming is in accord with the Activity of satan, with all power and signs and false wonders” in order to deceive 2Thes2:9

      Behold the False prophet; “and he deceives those who dwell upon the earth, because of the signs which it was given him to perform”. Rev13:14.
      Q who gives him (false prophet) the power of signs to deceive?

      Strong correlation here with 2Thes2:9.

      A true prophet is a religious figure speaking on behalf of God..
      A false prophet is also a religious figure counterfeiting the real oracles of God.

      An apostate is a False Apostle speaking on God’s behalf, a True Judas. we just need to tie all of this together and ask ourselves who is the most likely spiritual authority having been invested with the Voice of the Dragon working towards the formation of the image of ecumenical God worship?.

      john b

    • No I hadn’t heard about using the shroud of Turin being used in that way, maybe they could clone someone from the blood stains but I don’t believe it is the blood of Christ.

      I have been a skeptic regarding the shroud and believe that this form of burial cloth wasn’t used by the Jews when the Lords body was prepared for entombment. You can read about common practice for burial in JOHN 38:39,40 They would tear cloth into strips and using Myrrh, Aloes and Spices to coat the cloth strips which then dries like shellac which would make the shroud an unlikely burial cloth of Christ.

      I also have a problem with the image, as God has never wanted us to have an image and thus fall into idolatry of that image. What ever Image it is and it may be authentic as an image of someone having been wrapped in it and buried, I just don’t believe it’s that of our Lord.

      I remember when I used to have a subscription to National Geographic Magazine in the eighties that they did a report on the shroud and there was a picture of it in the magazine that you could fold out and I wonder how many people have it framed and hung on the wall.

      When I was a young Christian I longed for confirmation and evidence and through God’s word and the miracles He’s done in my life He has proven to me that I don’t need to see Christs burial cloth or the Ark of the Covenant or Noah’s Ark to confirm what I confess and believe.

    • on the topic of hybrids…..

      that is so creepy and seems to have humanish (new word!) lips and when it looks at the camera there seems a strange intelligence in its eyes. Makes me wonder about Atlantis and as in the days of Noah…..maybe they were splicing DNA then like our mad scientists are doing now…..maybe there were hybrids on land as well but they died in the flood. Creatures like this and others in the deep may have survived only because they live in water….maybe part of why God says the next time it will be by fire?

      Just so many maybes and since it is just too hot to work, my brain just keeps going in these weird circles?

  12. Even with all this going on we have reason to CELEBRATE!! I was able to lead a young man 27 years old to the Lord today from the UK>!!! Lets all remember to rejoice once in a while as WE are the CHERISHED!!

  13. Btw the syria deal is just another step into what i believe the antichrist position will be. THey will try to merge /split or surround jerusalem it will be staged and then a miraculous peace deal will take place. The orchestrator will either be him or the one put out to take credit for this deal. GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!!

  14. ET/UFO Disclosure | Alien Message On BBC News? / To Serve Man? – Watch these two videos…the second is the warning that many Exopolitics believers are ignoring.

    • Awesome episode!

      U know, I was watching godzilla final wars, and there was actually a lot relevant to us.

      Giant monsters continuously attacking people of earth caused earth to unite to fight the threat. Then, mutants begin to appear, they’re basically faster stronger humans. They are almost capable of killing many monsters with small weapons somehow. Then the aliens show up and take the monsters away.

      Then for a while there’s debate about what it means, and one scientist is ridiculed for suggesting that the “aliens” aren’t really from space. He’s not saying they aren’t, but he’s questioning it.

      Oh, did i mention that the aliens warn that there’s something planet-like that will collide with earth?

      Long story short, the aliens are revealed as hostile, and so godzilla must be utilized to save the day. The movie then becomes a monster melee which doesnt really resolve any of the above stuff, but is entertaining.

  15. A few questions…

    Q1: What part of the current population of Israel are antichrist?

    Population in Israel: 7.7 million

    75% jewish (5,795,000)
    (85% haredim, 12% religious, 13% traditionalists, 25% non-religious traditionalists, 42% secular)

    21% arab (1,571,000)
    (83% mostly sunni muslim, 8% mostly catholics/orthodox, 8% druze=gnostics 100,000+)

    4% minorities (318,000)
    (buddhist 32,000, karaite 12,000, messianics 10,000, samaritans 700, hindu, bahai…)

    Assuming we’re close to abomination of desolation and the antichrist system…

    Q2: What part of the population of current Israel will be saved? (more than 144,000? more than 500,000?)

    Q3: What part of antichrist Jerusalem will be saved?


    • None are going to be saved is the answer, if they continue in their unbelief! That is a fact of the Gospel Preached to the jews First and also to the gentiles’

      “But we preach Christ crucified, to the Jews a stumbling block, and to Gentiles foolishness, but to the Called both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God…. 1Cor1:23-25.


    • 1/3 (Zecharia) will be saved and probably within those one third will be the 144000 or apart from them. So this number will be big like in Exodus. Like Saul (Apostle Paul) was saved without repentance (for the gifts and calling of God are without repentance), so they will be saved. If this would not be true, God would not preserve them till our time and there would not be prophecies about them, how a nation is born in a day. Who has seen such a thing? God asks through the prophet. It is not for their sakes, but because God is long-suffering and will glorify His name through them. Jesus Christ died (and rose again) for the sins of the whole world, Jews included.

      Revelation 1:7

      7Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

      Zechariah 12:10

      10And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn.

      Zechariah 13:6

      6And one shall say unto him, What are these wounds in thine hands? Then he shall answer, Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends.

    • Zechariah 8:23

      23Thus saith the LORD of hosts; In those days it shall come to pass, that ten men shall take hold out of all languages of the nations, even shall take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew, saying, We will go with you: for we have heard that God is with you.

      Zechariah 14 mentions saved Gentiles, why wouldn`t God save Jews? They will repopulate the earth again together and it is these Gentiles who will take a hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew.

    • Hi Bozz; God is saving Jews and has been through out the generations of those called. I don’t think that Paul suffered no repentance The calling always precedes repentance.
      I wont buy into the second Grace to the Jews at the appearing of Christ as it contradicts the judgment of the living and the Dead by the hand of Christ whom God has appointed on that great and terrible day.
      I’ll say it here and now and care not for the disagreement,
      I do not believe that the Symbolical 1000 years of Christ’s reign to be literal in the future. Christ has been caught up to the right hand of the Father subduing every enemy under his feet, The last enemy being death itself and from the right hand of the Father whence He comes to judge the living and the dead…. “Behold My reward is with me to render to every man according to his deeds”. We are presently In the short time of Satan’s deceit of the four corners of the Earth before the Appearing of Christ in Judgment the great white throne before whom Earth & heaven Fled away The judgment seat of the Lamb separating the sheep from the Goats, And it is not the Nations that he separates it is peoples from the nations just as it is peoples from the nations who have believed on His Name and were baptised in the name of the father, Son and Holy Spirit (the saved of this world of all generations) he will remove out of His kingdom all stumbling-blocks at His Glorious entry into His kingdom (among those translated out of The Kingdom of Darkness inti His). He is not coming to set it up, He is coming to Clean it out That He may present to the father all the who have returned to Zion redeemed by His Blood. I think I’ll stop here.

      That is my understanding anyway Bozz. Let us all keep on seeking.

      john b

    • But why then does Romans 11:29 specifically say “without repentance?” It`s a rhetorical question for me. Romans 11:29 does not say that the gifts and calling of God always precede repentance. Apostle Paul was talking here about the Jews on the day of the Lord. Those Jews who were saved during the last two thousand years and came to Christ, repented, so “without repentance” does not count in their case. It does not count for anyone else either as we all repented somewhere and sometime in our lives.

      Romans 11:25

      25For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.

    • Often in the King James Bible words have more than one meaning under the old English vocabulary.The Word repentance Here in that context means That the calling of God is irrevocable (not possible to change or be undone) it does not nullify repentance nor baptism in association with the calling See acts Peter’s 1st sermon and the response there of by the hearers.
      The fullness of the gentiles does not mean (when the last gentile is saved All Israel will then be saved). that is a distortion of the passage out of its context.

      The “all Israel” which Paul says is saved is the Israel of god( all the saved by Messiah’s blood in the New covenant) Vs27 jews and gentiles alike grafted into the olive tree.

      Paul is quoting Isiah59:20,21 in Rom11: Vs26,27 The partial hardening ended in 70AD
      Paul was writing before that Time. From then on the jews are being grafted back into the Olive tree (the Israel of God) History reveals this fact that many jews have been saved by the deliverer which came from Zion establishing the New covenant by His Blood.

      Rom 11:26,27 was prophesied by Isiah concerning How The Israel of God would be saved by the coming Messiah establishing The new covenant of promise by His Blood. It was a deliverance of Jacob’s ungodliness (their Sin) it has been fulfilled all must now “Today if hearing his voice” enter in
      that everlasting covenant wherein Jesus fulfilled Isiah’s prophecy.

      Gods Olive tree is presently being cultivated Jesus is its Holy root.


    • I would agree with the Zechariah 13 estimate of 1/3…

      And it looks like they get plenty of opportunity for repentance. (turning from wickedness to Messiah)

      Zechariah 13

      1 In that day there shall be a fountain opened to the house of David and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem for sin and for uncleanness.

      8 And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, saith the LORD, two parts therein shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein.

      9 And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The LORD is my God.

      At least before the time that Jerusalem falls to The Antichrist. When the 666 system comes in probably something less than 2 million out of the current population will be protected in the wilderness away from the cities.

      In any case, it’s not 100%. So there are wheat and tares.

      It seems that many assert “all israel shall be saved” often or have that expectation. I just don’t see the Almighty turning all of Israel including especially the muslims, the false christians, and the jews — that take the mark.

      Of those that are antichrist now, I’d expect most of them to remain antichrist and believe the strong delusion.

    • Many Jews have confessed Christ and I pray that many more will do so as well. There are more Jews in the US than in all of Israel and yet many they have strayed from the faith and also in Israel.

      REVELATION 7:1-8, were told that 144,000 will receive the seal on their foreheads and I believe that there will be Jews from all over the world sealed at that time and not just Jews in Israel. This doesn’t hurt any Christians standing with God or make our faith any less because He has chosen these to be safe from His wrath, I would remind us of the workers of the vineyard, MATTHEW 20:1-16.

      As for repentance being a prerequisite, remember the thief on the cross, LUKE 23:32-43.

      I really appreciate the teaching that goes on at this blog and hopefully we will encourage one another in our walk with the God.

      PROVERBS 27:17 Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another.

      So, my brother called last night to tell me he has a code……….I told him get plenty of rest and eat some chicken soup.

  16. I tuned in at the end of Fate Radio tonight and caught L.A. just as he was finishing the interview. After L.A. signed off, the interviewers went on and on about how much they loved what L.A. had to say and how they had to have him back on for a special show. The Lord is really using L.A. to reach those who wouldn’t otherwise hear. I’m praying for L.A. daily and I can hardly wait for Watchers 3.

    • Well this speech was not well received by its own. Assad is accused of being a liar by Syrian refugees in Turkey. Can these nations move against Israel while so divided within?

      The Cypress Tree

  17. IGNORE THE 3RD SECRET OF FATIMA–Dust off your feet.

    Digressing to another aspect of the anti-christ and satan. I spent a little time last on the third secret of Fatima and must weigh in on this.

    Father Malachi impresses me as a meek, humble, sincere man of God. But he may have unwittingly (or wittingly) fallen for one of satan’s many tactics. Note that Mother Mary is the informant. Not God. Only our Father knows of that time. There is no mention of Jesus anywhere. But of God and Mary under the same auspices of salvation are mentioned. Mary has no power and is not a deliverer nor a messenger. This is blasphemous. This third secret has generated extreme fear. Father Malachi has fueled this fear by not declaring its contents according to his oath; but, certainly voicing that its contents are of unspeakable horror. This in itself is ungodly. Yet he cannot give us the details, because of an oath to the RC whom he admits has been infiltrated by satan. And oath to satan? I think all of this Fatima nonsense needs to be dismissed as the desires, pleasures and craftiness of satan. Of this I am confident.

    Plead the blood of Jesus and do not allow this to enter into your heart.

    The Cypress Tree

  18. FYI

    Just a note about the link to the “India Sinking” article. There are some links to real articles, but that site is, in my opinion, demonically inspired. The leader “channels” an alien that answers her/their questions about the soon-to-be pole shift (their theory).

    I’ve read their stuff. You just need to be aware of what it going on there. What they are predicting may possibly be true – it certainly would line up with some end-time bible prophecies – but you just need to know where they are coming from.

  19. About the realm of satan. The earth is in it, hook, line and sinker.

    I increasingly believe that satan’s realm is other-dimensional and manifest to those who open themselves to it–and boy o boy those numbers are great! But, he is sequestered to the lowest heaven, if not only earth, since his banishment. This ‘betailed’ creature is doing all he can to destroy God’s creations, His children, his creatures and his blue planet. Satan is one pissed off, powerless being. He is powerless, faced with the almighty power of Jesus bestowed on us. I have had to use it often and it scatters him and his demons instantly.

    What were those three round bright, yellowish lights (they looked like those of a three wheeler or such) not far from me the other night? Up some 15 ft in the sky beyond the hedge? (note that God promises a hedge of protection around–uncannily literal!) I believe he wanted me to go beyond the hedge. I did not. These odd lights in the night are not a heavenly sign. The realm knows I am His child and is circling my wagon.

    So I plead the blood of Jesus. I wonder when we are sealed. VIP: Perhaps we are already sealed. Yet, I have no fear. My helmet is on, my breastplate, my feet are shod–of this the evil one places no doubt in my head. I have plead the blood over my brain too–no tin foil hat required. I have the ‘God foil hat’.

    This entity kept its distance and faded from me within app. 15 minutes. He watches us; but, there is a very substantive protection around God’s beloved. Many angels I am sure. All he can do is sabre-rattle. Trust in the Lord for your protection little children. Keep his word, keep your faith, keep his love, and you will be invincible in Him.

    The Cypress Tree

    • We don’t have to know all the mysteries of the Bible, were instructed to keep alert and to be watchful of His return. What we should all know is where do we stand with God.

      ROMANS 10:9 that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved.

      Pretty simple really and I like simple, Jesus paid the price for all of us who confess and believe. You’re sealed, stay in His protection and do as He instructed.

      MATTHEW 22:37-40 And He said to him, “ ‘YOU SHALL LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL, AND WITH ALL YOUR MIND.’ This is the great and foremost commandment. The second is like it, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.’ On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets.”

    • Some say satan is to be cast into the Earth, yet when John wrote revelations is throne was in perganum. So that implies that He roams the earth seeking whom he may devour. His realm is indeed spiritual But its location is upon the earth already.

      We cannot take the book of revelations in a literal way. These were visions in the spirit realm into which John entered the visions (symbols, figures, imagery) must always be in accord with the Apostles Teachings found in the Epistles. it is the only way to understand the message contained therein. And furthermore; it was given to the early church and not for us only in the end time. in other words, The message of the book applies to all generations of the christian church unto the coming of Jesus.

      john B

    • I am sorry John your post does not resonate with me. Yes Rev says Pergamum, today called Bergama in Western Turkey, is his throne. This means he is rather tethered to the physical. But I trust his abilities are sufficient as to influence the masses who invite him in.

      I am a literalist as much as the Bible will permit–metaphors are still literal to the meaning. There are fallen angels and also demons–they are different as the bible shows. The Bible is alive to me and God’s meaning reveals itself to me. I enjoy this.

      We can take the Bible literally.

      The Cypress Tree

    • HI JOhn B – I couldn’t disagree with you more. While there are symbols and imagery, it is also literal, in my opinion. We must agree to disagree!

    • Well I think that the symbols represent things and in that manner it isn’t a “literal” interpretation, but EVERY aspect of Revelation will have a literal fullfilment. I believe that Revelation was revealed and written in a certain way as to have a universal truth that could apply faithfully through the ages with 100% accuracy. Only the most.powerful God on high, the alpha and omega, could give us such universal truth in God’s word.

    • John B. Don’t be frustrated. I understood you. Revelation is not literal because its symboloc. Anyone who thinks multiheaded dragon will roam the earth is smoking something. It is written in a way to be universally truthful throughout the ages.

    • Praise the Lord J.Michael. It really is that simple. Satan has absolutely no real power apart from actions he provokes out of us through emotional fear and intimidation. We need do nothing but stand firm in our faith of Jesus Christ to return in victory. The battle has been fought and won already. There is no evil to overcome. There is only the pursuit of righteousness over sin.

    • Hopeful, “deliver us from evil” in the Lord’s prayer.

      There is a lot, I mean a lot of evil, to overcome. Righteousness is easy when you thirst. We are evil, the word says–even though we seek righteousness and repent. Can we begin to imagine what love is according to God. Those who have been translated and returned cannot describe the love. Love is the opposite of evil (hate). It lurks everywhere in people’s hearts, behind every door–in government, institutions, corporations, in the corner store. And especially in engineered wars. You tell the young men and women supervising the poppy fields in Afghanistan there is no evil to overcome. I could fill a football field with the anecdotes of evil we must overcome everyday and in the birth pangs, the beginning of sorrows and perhaps tribulation, if those days are not shortened. I have to plead the blood of Jesus on my home and head often. “We wrestle not against flesh and blood”, says a lot. We wrestle! Hence we must overcome the evil.

      So your post does resonate with me either. I love what someone said earlier, “Iron strengthens iron”. Indeed.

    • The people I worry about are the ones that aren’t yet saved and have believed a lie. Sadly many of them will never invite the Lord into their lives, tho He stands at the door and knocks. REVELATION 3:20. Like most of us I have family members and friends who have rejected Christ and or they’re Chinos, (Christians In Name Only) As the word says, even the elect may fall for the deception that’s coming, MATTHEW 24:24.

      I know where I stand with God through Jesus having worked out my salvation with fear and trembling, PHILIPPIANS 2:12.

      I have faith in my salvation and Gods plan for my life and only and when I take my eyes off of Him does the devil have power over me.

      JAMES 4:7 Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

      I’ve sinned many times and because of Jesus I’ve overcome much and God has healed me and given me more years to learn how to really love Him.

      As Christians our fate is sealed, the devil and his fellow fallen ones, the demons and everything he can come up with have their fate sealed as well. They know this and they know that their time is running out, one last battle and then defeat and then the abyss.

      Whatever’s coming and it’s going to be big, I say, bring it. Michael


    • Clearly there is evil present in the world, but it will.only have as much power over us as we allow it to. There is other scripture. Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil. You give Satan too much credit. He knows he lost. His only resource now is to get God’s children to reject God. Jesus sent us out as sheep among wolves, but experience true freedom when we boldly with faith know that they have no power to separate us from a God that loves us.

    • The casting down of satan, is it future or as it occurred already?

      The male child (Jesus) is ascended to God and to His throne Rev12:5

      what happens next?

      “And there was war in heaven…. there was no longer place for satan and his angels Vs7

      The Great dragon was thrown down into the earth Vs9

      So here we have it! The devil and His angels were thrown down when Christ ascended to the right hand of Majesty. No symbols here friends, A lateral event in the spiritual realm!

      I think Hopeful grasps this truth by his post.

      The devil is the roaring Lion in the spirit realm (behind the veil) so to speak. upon the earth is His throne (place of spiritual Authority) soon to be transferred to A person The man of Sin, The great satan possessed apostate.

      john B

    • The second heaven is our earthly atmosphere, (the heavens above us) Apostle said About the devil that he is the prince of power of the air Eph2:2

      That is why He can presently deceive the four corners of the earth.

      john B

    • Cypress, it sounds like we are very much in agreement although i would not so easily separate the concepts of evil from fear, for without fear evil has no real power. May God bless you and the spirited fellowship on this blog.

      I believe the evil in the world are pawns of Satan to provoke us into a battle that has already been won. If this is true, than a man ,like Hitler, was not the MOST evil power in the world but was to precede the wolf in sheeps clothing who would overcome the evil. In our current times it might be a Muslim fanatical leader, perhaps the syrian leader Assad, who is the pawn and the a.c. would be the one who successfully rallies the world to unite and defeat them. It is then true, that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

  20. Hopeful, I am signing of after this. Indeed to your words BUT now you are entering the subject of ‘fear’. WE were talking about evil and overcoming it. Not fear. His elect have no fear; the Helper supernaturally imbues us with fearlessness. So do not assume my acknowledgement of rampant evil is fear. I have faced it without a quiver. But I trust there will be days coming were I will be shaken. God gave us an amygdala, a frontal cortex for a reason! 🙂

    No worries. As Elaine said, I pray you all are safe and find comfort in this heat. Yet another sign.

    The Cypress Tree

    • Whoops, I placed my post in the wrong place. I cut and paste it here.

      Cypress, it sounds like we are very much in agreement although i would not so easily separate the concepts of evil from fear, for without fear evil has no real power. May God bless you and the spirited fellowship on this blog.

      I believe the evil in the world are pawns of Satan to provoke us into a battle that has already been won. If this is true, than a man ,like Hitler, was not the MOST evil power in the world but was to precede the wolf in sheeps clothing who would overcome the evil. In our current times it might be a Muslim fanatical leader, perhaps the syrian leader Assad, who is the pawn and the a.c. would be the one who successfully rallies the world to unite and defeat them. It is then true, that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

    • Just thought of a great example that solidifies both discussions above about fear/evil and the truthfulness of symbolism in God’s word. Have you marveled about how exactly Jesus will defeat the whole army of Satan at armagedon with the sword of His mouth that is the word of God, clearly a symbol? I don’t think anyone believes an actual sword will emerge from his mouth. But what does emerge that cuts down whole armies like a sword is TRUTH. Truth that is realized by our limited undrstanding through God’s word. And this truth dispels all fear rendering Satan completely impotent.

    • We are fearless, not because we have the power to defeat evil, but because we know that evil has no power over us. For death of our bodies is not the end, but a transition of spiritual salvation through the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  21. OK John B, Hopeful, J. Michael, reminding you JB had said: “We cannot take the book of revelations in a literal way. These were visions in the spirit realm into which John entered the visions (symbols, figures, imagery)…”

    I disagree and still do. The golden calf emanated this way. Effigies emanate this way. I believe there are 7 lampstands, etc…Just as there are 12 tribes sealed. Iron and clay in Daniel I also take literally as clear descriptives.

    As a literalist, I do not seek to add, obfuscate meaning to any passage in the bible. A serpent is a serpent. A dragon is a dragon. I don’t mean to be glib. ‘symbolism’ can prove to be a slippery slope. God is so clear, simple, that he tells Moses he is “I AM”. The sword is a clear, uncomplicated; I take it literally, as that which cuts with the Truth. Jesus explained in the use of parables, to be understood by all, simple and clear—and I take each word word literally. As a sword!

    One of the most misconstrued books of the Bible is Genesis.On its heels, Revelation. But when we take them literally, they are clear. The fallen one always obfuscates, stretching meaning to suit his agenda. Literalism is of God. I take Him to his word. Again, it is a slippery slope to get into symbolism.

    Perhaps it is the semantics in your post that is triggering this discourse. “symbols, figures, imagery” are dangerous words. We probably agree. Much ado.

    I enjoy the Bible so much because it is the Truth. In a world of lies, a life of lies, this is very soothing. In the Spirit, the word is alive, vibrating with truth. I mean that, literally.

    The Cypress Tree

    • I think you are equaling something symbolic as something that has no truth and I think by doing so you are boxing yourself in to not letting the word reveal itself to you, because you believe there is nothing further to be revealed. Why didn’t God just say, hey guys in the year 2020 there will be some dude named commander such and such, and this guy is the antichrist? Because there are many a.c.s through history and God’s word reveals a timeless truth through the ages. When we see the cross we experience a sacrifice that God gave us through His son and the symbol is not diminished in relevance because someone says its not a symbol of sacrifice and redemption, but simply the letter ‘t’.

    • Hopeful,

      The cross is not a symbol. It is real. Jesus was nailed onto one.
      We cannot worship at symbols.
      This is why protestants stripped all effigies from their tabernacles.
      And so should we.

      His blood was shed for us.
      I thank Jesus for shedding his blood daily–I don’t need to see a cross to remember.
      It’s about the blood. It is in our hearts once we are saved. It is His covenant with us.
      We are new, transformed; we need no symbolic reminders.
      We are of Him and not of this material world.
      Jesus said, “Drink this in memory of me”.
      Jesus is in our memory–not on any symbol.
      In our hearts.
      We are His symbol.
      No wonder the evil one wants to vaporize us!

      And what’s more…the word will not pass away.
      Word, no artifact.
      “The word was first”.

      Symbology is of the devil. The RC is replete with these.
      And look at the endless symbols of freemasonry, Luciferianism, New Age.
      The evil one takes the cross and turns it upside down. What a small-minded punk!

      But he can’t touch our souls. We belong to Jesus.
      And we have the blood. The word. His name.

      I want to stay humble and not get into a proud joust with you. So this is my last word here.
      Let’s just leave this shall we, brother. Sister?
      Iron sharpens iron, right?

      I know you love Jesus no less than I.

      The Cypress Tree

    • I have always believed that the Bible is the inspired word of God and is to be taken literally. God says what He means and means what He says.

      2 TIMOTHY 3:16,17 All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work.

      I didn’t own a Bible until I was 27 and two months later I was born again and I cherish the word.

    • Cypress, i am your brother in Christ. Yes, let’s leave this here. Your passion in the Lord is invigorating. Peace and love to you in our savior’s blessed name, Jesus.

      Incidently, I am with you about the luciferian danger of glorifying symbols. It is idolatry at its worst. All the glory to God.

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