UFOs – On the Moon?

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L. A. Marzulli

Update: More UFOs Near the Surface of the Moon – July 11, 2011


The above link will take you to a site where you will see an object that appears over the lunar surface. Is it a satellite, a flock of lunar birds, some swamp gas, perhaps the reflection of the sun off the earth, or it could be a stray grouping of weather balloons that escaped the earths gravity! Seriously, Yesterday I posted a link to what appears to be an object near the surface of the sun. How can that possibly be, yet there it is? Now we have what appears to be a craft of some kind near the lunar surface.

I believe that we are pawns in a game of disinformation, as our government insists that UFOs are not real. Meanwhile the governments of the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Japan and Brazil all have released, what at one time were classified documents stating the phenomena is real. ( I cover this in Watchers!) I have stated here that I believe there is a remnant of the old guard that is still holding the reigns of power. This old guard stands by the decision that were made in the Truman/Eisenhower era, that believed that the public would panic if they knew the truth about UFOs. The thought was that the religious, political, economic implications would be devastating… at least that’s what this old guard believes.

However, it’s now 2011, and the public has been enculturated with a steady diet of movies, TV shows, and books about the possibility of extraterrestrial life. It’s now a matter of when, not if, we will be told that these craft are real. How will this impact you and me? Will they come bearing gifts, like a free energy source that will wipe away our dependency on oil? Or perhaps have an implantable chip that will extend our life hundreds of years, disease free?

In closing today’s post: We are nearing a tipping point, when we add up the disasters, wars, and economic collapse. People are edgy and are looking for answers. Will ET provide a way out of the morass we find ourselves in? Are these beings extraterrestrial, or as Jacque Vallee believes, inter-dimensional? If they have a proclivity to  lie, then shouldn’t that be a warning sign? What about the cattle mutilations or the human mutilations? How do we reconcile this with a friendly ET?  I have stated numerous times, I believe that this is the Great Deception, that ancient prophetic texts warns us will happen, and it is on its way….

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22 thoughts on “UFOs – On the Moon?

  1. Watched the video once w/no prob. Then the link disappeared, followed by WordPress in its entirety, apparently.

    We grabbed a copy of this video off of YouTube, should it vanish (paste bulls-eye here: 198.162.1.etc.) Looks real to me.

    The moon seems to be a focal point, lately.

  2. I’ve often heard of structures being seen on the moon. This guy used to write articles, and he had bequtifully illustrated images, but never any photos. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if somethings going on up there.after all, who takes the time to look up there any more? Even if you did and saw something, who would believe it?

    Also, since the grove is mentioned above, prayerwatch podcast had a special on it asking people to pray before and up to their ritual fests on 7/15, so keep it in prayer to expose the works of darkness.

    Lastly, heard byron lebeau on an interview, and he was interviewing will schnebel (sp?) And they said that when reading from the Bible during deliverence, the demons laughed when any version but KJV was used, but when they read from KJV, the demons were terrified. Can anyone corroborate?

  3. Hey LA,
    Funny you write about the moon today b/c I was sent this vid today by a fellow watcher…the man debunks your moon info in Watchers2.Personally I am quite fed up w/ everything lately!I have tri- colored stars where I live and the moon has been doing weird things.I am not a scientist nor well versed in astronomy so I can argue it w/ no one.I know what I am seeing though and the tri -colored stars I do not like.I mean,what is it?Why are they appearing this way?Anyone know?You can see them w/ the naked eye even!My frustration is w/ the lack of information or confusing/conflicting info and not being able to determine what they are or why they appear this way.Like I have conflicting reports on what the huge star/planet is that comes up very early am in the east.And what about the star at the end of the big dipper’s handle?What’s up w/ that?It was golden so I thought it was Arcturus and then a few nights ago it too went to the tri-colored deal!The colors blink or appear to rotate. Forgive me, but as I said, I am so frustrated w/ all the weird stuff I want to scream or cry or quit studying or ???? It has become too much coupled w/ the current state of my friends and the Church in general I need a break.Wish I could ~
    BTW~ the tri- colored stars (I know it sounds almost funny) are red,white and blue!Very crystal clear and bright.I am not far from you in the eastern High Desert area of So.Cal.so as you know I can see far and wide w/ our elevation up here and since the chems are not being sprayed so much this time of year it has been quite clear.I did see some chems being sprayed the other night.I see lots of “stuff” up here and there is hardly anyone to talk to about it.I have one online friend who can handle the odd stuff and that’s it.
    So there is more but I am too mad to write about it.What good does it do? Like some days it seem so normal yet I feel as if t he sky is falling(ha ha) and I want it all to go away at this point.It is too much sadness for one person to know and have no fellowship to help w/ it all!
    Okay, that’s my vent ~ thanks for reading (:

    • I went to a star party and asked the an astronomer if he’s noticed any shifting of the moon, and first he explained to me that the moon waxes and wanes (thank you very much), and when I persisted about the actual angle of the face shifting, he scoffed at me.

      These guys stare at the sky as an obsession and they haven’t noticed it? I am confused, too.

    • So did you listen to the show?Are you more confused or ????I am going to go figure out the JPL dealie and see what that shows me.Tomorrow not tonight…I have had enough for today…. you seem to have a very similar “up bringing” to me.As I have read your posts a lot and seem to get your language and drift.Or as I think I told you once b/f it could be that I just agree w/ what you say a lot of the time(:
      The show really knocked my socks off (still can’t find them):/ and I just heard her on w/ the endtime tribune gang the other night!
      Man oh man!
      Thanks for the comment tho!
      P.S. really “smart” ppl have a hard time w/ us peons ya know! IDK…maybe he is so smart he is dumb as a friend just told me about someone!I just call it brain sucked! Very sad~

    • HI Winds of Change – I watched the rebuttal and while I find that this man has a good scientific explanation of why the moon has rotated, it does not address Dr. Lorenzo Iorio’s paper on the eccentricity of the Lunar surface. Iorio’s paper is why we went with the segment. Also the Inuit are saying: Sun wrong, Stars Wrong, Earth tilt… Here’s the link, as I will most likely BLOG about this tomorrow. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread726052/pg1

    • Hey LA,
      Thanks for taking the time to reply! I really hope you did not think I was re -butting (ha ha ) you!I was just so smashed w/ crazy info and in the trenches I could not get out!I heard Deby w/the gang and Matthew Miller the other night so I was kind of freaked from that …it takes a lot to do that to me.Deby explained it so well at the beginning of your show.The absolute frustration at times of the research process! It makes me want to scream b/c THIS is so very important! And it’s not like we have a lot of time.I surely hope you stay on this and contribute input as well.You always do such a great job of interviewing people!
      I really enjoyed the show!!!
      I still want someone to explain the tri-colored stars I am seeing up here in the High Desert.I have posted 3 times now on different sites and no one as of yet has replied w/ any info…even a “oh yeah right sure” to me! Not that I want that…I want some explanation!It is not normal and they seem to be increasing! At least I am not seeing all the other stuff that was talked about on the program…yet o-o
      Thanks for all you do brother!!!

  4. Windsofchange, I feel your pain. Hold fast dear one. I have felt this too in the past. Once you have been awoken for some time, this passes. Know that you have fellowship here. Yes, there are few Christians willing to discuss all aspects of the KJV bible nor anything supernatural. God himself is supernatural! Not just an idea.

    You know what really comforts? The Holy Spirit, the Helper God sends when you ask. Also reading the word is very comforting–not Revelation before you go to bed! Psalm 91 is a great source of comfort. The beatitudes in Matthew. The Lord loves it when you pray His prayer.

    BTW take comfort that you are reported by angels directly to God when you are persecuted in His name.
    So when someone mocks you or hates you, look up and smile at God for he is embracing you at that very moment.

    The Cypress Tree

    • “Windsofchange, I feel your pain. Hold fast dear one. I have felt this too in the past. Once you have been awoken for some time, this passes.”
      Ah~~~ You have a true Mother’s (or Father’s) heart !!! Thanks for the love CT…
      I really appreciated it ~ now I hate to burst your bubble (: but I have been awake for sometime.Some might consider me old(er) but I have not even started yet!The best for last and all that! Although I have been a believer for many years and seen many weirdo things this that is going on now ,well, I digress !!!I think I expressed to LA what was happening pretty well.I find these days the more you study the more mind boggling it seems to get.You’d have to hear the show w/ Deby and some others’ to know this info is NOT the norm that we all know at all.I have been studying the particular subject off and on for quite awhile and was throw from the horse so to speak. I am still trying to figure out just how it fits w/ my entire life w/ the Lord and some things He has shown me would happen in the end times!Things that have been glue for me and helped me to continue on all these years.
      Soooo sooner or later I w/ be shown.Until then the process goes on!
      Thank you for your comfort and really truly you have a wonderful kindness about you.Rare indeed!!!

  5. there’s an interesting article concerning the placement of temples in strategic locales, the alignment of temple of debod, the vatican, and the hagia sophia on Horn’s site. I’m wondering if the wa monument is in alignment also, I don’t know how to figure it out on google earth. Anyone know how please check it out and post findings. Here’s the article:

  6. The images near the moon and sun:

    This “Truth Behind The Scenes” blog seems to be posted by atheists and is of sketchy origins. The about page is very long about using the site–smacks of Interpol-style warnings. I certainly hope this is not some disinfo site. No owners of the blog or even authors are shown.

    Not a great source.

  7. Hey All:

    I just got this via e-mail…thought you might want to read it. Amen!

    NOTE: This slaughter is confirmed by reports from International
    Christian Concern (‘persecution.org’) and other sources. Harold
    Camping’s false prophecy from earlier this year caused hundreds
    of Hmong people to be slaughtered. Below is a new report from
    Jacob Prasch in the actual region describing how it happened:

    -by Jacob Prasch.

    As most of you are aware I am at this moment in North Vietnam
    helping the much persecuted Hmong people of the tribal mountain areas.

    After listening to a translation of Camping’s prediction 7,000 of these
    people (known in The West as Montagnards) gathered on a mountain
    praising God – their suffering at the hands of the Communist regime
    was about to end because Jesus was returning that day in May to
    establish a new kingdom.

    The police and military police slaughtered many of them at gunpoint
    beheading two pastors. Others were arrested. I am told by Hmong
    pastors that so many were shot dead that they were buried in mass
    graves bulldozed over in an episode that I read about in Britain
    but did not understand the magnitude of until I got here. I am now
    trying to clean up the mess at the request of local Hmong leaders.
    I spoke to a secret convocation of Hmong pastors only yesterday
    who came to Hanoi, explaining to them about false prophets and
    false teachers.

    Due to a combination of poverty, ignorance, and persecution these
    poor Christians don’t understand much so they believed Camping’s
    shortwave broadcast which is how most get their teaching in a
    certain village area with heavy persecution. Their families don’t know
    if their missing loved ones are among the many shot dead, among
    those arrested and imprisoned, or among those from the 7,000
    hiding in the jungle.

    I am not the nicest guy in the world let alone the best Christian
    and I can’t pretend to be. But anyone who had to deal with the
    confusion and devastation I am dealing with now due to Harold
    Camping would also blow their top. These people already suffering
    for their faith in Jesus had it bad enough. They are not like the
    undiscerning whackos in The West who should have known
    Camping was a crackpot and a proven false prophet & false teacher.
    This is a persecuted church who just had no means to know any
    different. This is why I get angry at those who deceive the Body of
    Christ and why I warn so much about false teachers and false
    prophets. It may be an extreme case but these people, some of
    them children, were shot dead. Of course we can blame Satan and
    the communists but their blood is on the hands of Harold Camping
    and his Family radio. Women without husbands, children without
    parents, husbands without wives – thank you Family Radio; thank
    you Harold Camping.

    Frankly, this has been a rough week for me. One of the worst I ever
    had. I am up to my eyeballs in muck trying to explain to tribal
    pastors how to explain to their people why their families were
    massacred needlessly and trying to advise them how to potect
    their flocks from such wolves in the future…

    The anguish of the Hmong folk took my concentration off of my
    own problems… because their problems are so much greater
    after what they refer to as ‘the mountain massacre’ due to Harold

    Please pray for these people and the work of Moriel Asia branch
    here among the Hmong. We are trying to get 5,000 outlawed
    Hmong Bibles printed or smuggled in via Laos.

    Where does it end? These people are suffering terribly while
    Camping is still in business in Oakland, California – as usual telling
    more lies… Come Lord Jesus.

    • If its really info from Jacob Prasch I would believe him over what we can
      find on media reports.

    • hi LA this is a follow up to the story Lisa posted posted regarding Jacob Prasch’s experince with the Christians in Vietnam and the killings of those that headed Harold Campings predictions very sad indeed to hear of things like this

      Blessings from Hanoi.

      There are about a dozen reports of this terrible situation on the
      …Internet. If you just google “Harold Camping, Hmong, Vietnam” you will
      get several. The figures vary however from account to account. The
      verbal figure I got directly from Hmong pastors from the Diem Bien
      mountain area in the highlands where it took places is 7,000 which
      probably is conservative as other accounts place it as high as 10,000
      though some initial reports as low as 5,000. Part of the problem is
      that news here is censored by the government and the military police
      closed off the entire area trying to round up those who fled. My
      figures however come directly from those pastors who were there in the
      region and who had people from their churches among the shot and
      missing. It took place on a ridge near a village in the highlands in
      the Diem Bien area.

      Many of the tribal people are illiterate or sub literate and of those
      who may be literate, many cannot read Vietnamese only Hmong (which is
      oddly related to Polynesian languages). The other problem is that most
      do not have bibles and of those who do many if not most don’t have
      bibles in their own language because it is illegal. Some have
      fragments, photocopied chapters, or individual books of the bible
      perhaps. But some of these are translated from Vietnamese, not from
      the original Hebrew & Greek. The result is they get their doctrine
      from translating stuff from radio and short wave; enter Harold
      Camping. They are simple tribal folk with no means to know anything
      much beyond the basic gospel so they automatically believe what they
      hear. They were being persecuted and imprisoned so they rejoiced with
      exuberance when they thought Jesus was coming to end their suffering
      in May. This is how it happened. But knowing about it and actually
      dealing with the aftermath are two different things. I just happened,
      I suppose by some providence, to have arrived to help the local church
      on behalf of the Asia branch of Moriel based in Japan in time to
      catch the fallout. Through no choice or intention of my own it fell to
      me to help try and clean up the mess and explain things because I was
      in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or perhaps in God’s economy (
      but not my own) the right time. The pastors who came from the
      highlands and slept on straw mats on the floor to hear me speak said
      my arrival was perfect timing. That is like heading to the beach for a
      pre planned picnic the day a Tsunami happens to hit.

      The ethnic rivalry between Vietnamese and Hmong goes back centuries.
      CIA anthropologist in the sixties knowing the history and language
      recruited Hmong to fight the communists which the old party members
      still in power remember seeing Christinity as the religion of the old
      enemies such as French colonialists, Americans etc. Similar to China,
      the state church is allowed to meet and have Vietnamese bibles as long
      as the churches are registered, are ethnic Vietnamese, and can be
      controlled by the communist party bureaucrats ( who are not even
      actual communists any longer). The house churches and Hmong churches
      are outlawed. So when the Hmong were told Jesus is coming in May to
      bring a new kingdom the government saw it as sedition and viewed it
      with alarm and a very violent military and police response.

      We got them a copier day before yesterday with the help of a messianic
      Jewish businessman/engineer in Hanoi who speaks Vietnamese. He can
      help us purchase a larger printer for about 7,000 US dollars that can
      print paper back bibles in Hmong. Smuggling from Thailand via Laos is
      not a good option because it limits smuggling capacity to about 200 at
      a clip and carries obvious risks. So however dies hiding a large
      copier with a printing capacity. They need 5,000. It is unbelievable;
      they are being persecuted, even shot dead, they have no bibles, and
      their churches are growing rapidly!

      We are not the only ministry involved in helping them. Moriel was
      introduced to the Hmong by ‘Voice of The Martyrs’, (Richard
      wurmbrand’s ministry) but their role is different from ours as they
      do not provide bible teaching etc. which could have prevented this
      terrible tragedy. Again, they just don’t know because they just have
      no means of knowing. One thing is for certain – Camping doesn’t care
      what he caused to happen to the Hmong Christians. That terrible man
      appears to be devoid of any conscience whatsoever

    • Hi LA:

      Not sure if it was vetted, however, I received it via e-mail from Revival List which is part of John the Baptist TV.com with Andrew Strom, etc. Hope that helps. Amen!

  8. L.A. said… “In closing today’s post: We are nearing a tipping point, when we add up the disasters, wars, and economic collapse. People are edgy and are looking for answers. Will ET provide a way out of the morass we find ourselves in? Are these beings extraterrestrial, or as Jacque Vallee believes, inter-dimensional? If they have a proclivity to lie, then shouldn’t that be a warning sign? What about the cattle mutilations or the human mutilations? How do we reconcile this with a friendly ET? I have stated numerous times, I believe that this is the Great Deception, that ancient prophetic texts warns us will happen, and it is on its way….”

    Well said L.A. I agree that it is a deception. It’s all in the Holy Bible.

    Ezekiel 1:4 “…And I looked and behold a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the colour of amber, out of the midst of the fire.”

    Ezekiel 1:5 “…Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man.”

    Ezekiel 1:6-18 “…their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel…and their rings were full of eyes round about them…”

    Ezekiel 1:27,28 “…I saw as it were the appearance of fire, and it had brightness round about. As the appearance of the BOW that is in the cloud in the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness round about. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the lord…”

    Ezekiel 1:7-10 “…and their feet were straight feet; and the sole of their feet was like the sole of a CALF‘s foot: and they sparkled like the colour of burnished brass. And they had the hands of a MAN…As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of a MAN,…the face of a LION,…the face of an OX,…the face of an EAGLE.”

    Ezekiel’s vision of a UFO was the Zodiac Wheel.

    The 4 Cardinal Points of the Zodiac; the Ox / Bull, the Scorpion, sometimes symbolized as an Eagle, the Water Bearer / Man, and the Lion, are the faces of the UFO described by Ezekiel. Judaism and the Old Testament, as well as Christianity and the New Testament, where the faces are described in the Book of Revelation 4:6-7, are books of astrology and
    numerology, that the faithful are manipulated into believing is worship of the True Living God, of which there is no such thing. Astrology and numerology are concepts based on mathematics and geometry, which is the Thought Process. The Thought Process, in turn was introduced into the world through the Arab World, and this Sacred Geometry is worshipped as the One True God in Islam, under the name of ALLAH’s, or ALL EYES.

    Revelation 4:6-7 – “And before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal and in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne, were four beasts full of eyes before and behind. And the first best was like a LION, and the second beast like a CALF, and the third beast had a face as a MAN, and the fourth beast was like a flying EAGLE“.

    In the Old and New Testaments of the Judeo-Christian Bible, here we see grand imagery meant to shock and awe the population. The purpose of the UFO phenomenon is to cause well-intentioned people to believe the ridiculous. Many people will concede that, yes, ultimately everything we see is an illusion. Yet these same people give credence to the idea that UFO’s are an advanced civilization from another planet, who have come to earth, interbred with humanity, and formed a hybrid reptilian race that now runs the planet. This belief is the result of intense subliminal suggestion over decades of mass media manipulation. Having achieved this belief within this illusory body of humanity, many well intentioned communicators are now spanning the globe, and have made a business out of perpetuating this ALIEN ASPECT of the luciferian agenda. This particular part of the luciferian agenda creates an incredible distraction, and assists in establishing the 3D illusory cataclysm that the luciferian group egregore hope to bring to pass.

    ALIEN = A LION = AL-ION = the Electrified ION

    Why then, this insistent belief that there are alien life forms who have existed for millions of years? The answer, quite simply, is to, once and for all, convince us that the 3 dimensional reality of TIME and SPACE is a valid concept. It is difficult to break free of the hypnotic state that keeps us believing everything we see is real. We have our 5 senses to convince us everything is real because we can feel, taste, touch, hear and see it.

    When we consider our galaxy so vast that it takes hundreds and thousands of light years for distant starlight to reach us, it is very hard to believe that space is an illusion. UFO’s and their little pilots are a manifestation of deception. Yes, they do exist in this 3 dimensional experience, but they are not what they tell us they are – which is life from other planets. To believe that, then you must believe space is real, and therefore, time is real.

    UFO’s and the greys are conjured up to deceive. They have told us they can take us on a long journey. Why do we assume they’re speaking truthfully?

    Believing that the UFO events are orchestrated by a life form, on a far away planet, in some distant galaxy, may be fine. Except for one thing. This perpetuates the myth that poses a real danger to grasping Reality. If these are just alien life forms from another planet who present themselves as the greys and reptilian bloodlines then perhaps there’s a chance they’re not cruelly seeking our enslavement and submission to their agenda. In other words, maybe they’ll play nice. However, this is not the case. These are much more dangerous than a lifeform from another planet. These entities are creatures straight from the Mind of the luciferian group of Thinkers. The only desire of this egregore Mind is to destroy many of us, (under the pretext of the Judgment of God cleansing the earth), and to enslave the rest of us within the Trance state, which forms this 3 dimensional life experience. This is nothing more than the establishment of the New World Order, the Kingdom of God on Earth, and the New Age of Enlightenment. It should be noted that the new age movement is a strong promoter of the alien life from other planets concept.

    The new age movement is a religion, just as science (seance) is a religion. The religious writings of the Old Testament describing something akin to a UFO in Ezekiel, and the new age thinkers also speaking of this UFO phenomenon as fact, as do the new world order folks who couch their UFO belief in new world order rhetoric such as the all seeing eye symbolism, demonstrates one common bond linking these supposedly diverse luciferian group Thought Processes.

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