Acceleration Radio! Doug Hamp Returns!

Acceleration Radio! Doug Hamp!

The First Six Days (of Creation): Confronting the God-Plus-Evolution Myth

Douglas Hamp, author of Discovering the Language of Jesus, earned his MA in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.  During his three years in Israel, he studied both modern and biblical Hebrew, biblical Aramaic, Koine Greek and other ancient languages as well as ancient texts and the archeology of the Bible.  He is currently an assistant pastor at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, where he teaches at the School of Ministry and Graduate School.

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Dust storm hits Phoenix, limiting visibility


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Moody’s downgrades Portugal to Ba2 with a negative outlook from Baa1


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Assembly passes bill to require contributions of gays in textbooks

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17 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio! Doug Hamp Returns!

  1. Question for doug tonight:

    The Hebrew word “tanniyn” could that mean dinosaur? Also, what is his take on dinosaurs/ muan dino interaction?

  2. Gay

    Let me stir the pot a bit, and weigh in on the homosexuality story. I doubt it will offend anyone here, but you never know.

    First, homosexuality is SIN. Period. So is looking at women with lust, using dishonest measures (cheating in business) and so on. Sin is sin.

    Second, God loves gay people so much, that He sent Jesus to die for them and to free them from that sinful lifestyle.

    Gay people are born to be gay. Just as i am born with an innate desire to lie. I was also born with a gravitation to lust, and impatience. I’m also lazy. Those are my natural tendencies. I was born that way; into sin.

    That said, this textbook thing is exactly what james dobson(dominionist leanings and ties to blackwater’s eric prince aside) warned about like 10 years ago, if we allowed gay marriage. The door has been opened to gay indoctrination of our kids.

    Now, nevermind how the legislation of defining marriage as a man and a woman could backfire on us. Consider that the gay people want us to keep our laws out of their bedroom, and basically they don’t want us to push our laws and values on them, yet now they do it to everyone else.

    Its just like a week or two ago. I drove by the gay pride fest in the park, and they had huge signs saying it was a tobacco free event. Equal rights, huh?

    Anyways, i would say the average gay person just wants to live their life without bother. Many i would say, would not push to have this in the textbooks. Its the actions of the militant few pushing their crap on us. They dont want anyone forcing their values on them, why can they do it to us?

    As a Christian, i don’t go around telling them they’re going to hell, that is pushing my beliefs (and the truth) onto them, instead, i reach out to gays as people, and accept them as people. They also know i am a Christian. Sadly, this has yet to bear fruit but at least they know not all Christians hate them which may open their hearts to the Gospel elsewhere.

    • Hi frank; I know and have known gay men and women who are by-sexual and I think that they were not born that way. we are all born in Sin and have the tendencies to manifest many abominations.
      The destruction of marriage displaces a lot of young children from the intent that God has ordained for fathers and mothers to be disciplinary role models in training a child in the way the lord intended for the family unit.

      The fact that people line the streets of gay parades also gives indication that the sinner accepts the gay standards. It is also taught in school as a Choice of life style.

      i do not love homosexuals, neither do i hate them, however: I have made it known that the condemnation of hell-Fire awaits all unrepentant sinners.
      Apostle Paul wrote it, warning homosexuals “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness” Rom1:18.

      One of the things that we as christians are hated for is the fact that we preach judgment to sinners by exposing their darkness calling them to repentance by faith in the Love of God as revealed at Calvary.

      Yes; the Gospel is offensive. All of the Apostles of Christ were put to death for ministering the Gospel, the devil hates it.

      The modern ecumenical Love Gospel is accepting the gay, even making ministers of the gospel of them… No! I will say to the Homosexual that his life is an abomination just as God’s word says it is.
      I do not agree with the way some Christians picket gay Parades and scream Hells condemnation upon them.
      I believe that the holy spirit is the Spirit of order. and the pearl of the gospel is not to be scattered in irresponsible ways.

      john B

    • Homosexuality is a perversion, not a lifestyle. While as Christians we must love the sinner, we should not accept the sin. Sin is separation from God and folks that are in the gay community that believe they were “born” this way are listening to secular humanism teachings that are lies from the pits of hell.
      Homosexuality is Satan’s plan to pervert God’s blessed union between a man and a woman.

    • Just to clarify, when I say “born that way” I do mean that they are born to sin like all of us.

      Nor do I advocate “loving them to hell” just that in order to plant the seed to open their hearts to the gospel, I want to treat them with dignity and respect, and treat them the way Jesus treated tax collectors and prostitutes.

    • Frank, Matt, John, I feared being rejected by my daughter but I finally took a stand last month and said it was a sin. I am stolid in that position. Oddly, she did not reject me or feel anger. (She probably just thinks her Mom is a religious kook.)

      God said in the last days that family members would be separated from each other. Thank God this is not happening to mine.

      Right now our society is so moribund–our children are being read books on two daddies and two mommies. The CIA/Rockefellers financed the feminist movement starting with Gloria Steinem. This social engineering has destroyed the family unit, God in the home and the sanctity of the home. It is a daily battle to push back this influence.

      I have recently realized that ‘self-esteem’ was also part of destroying the family. Taking away parental influence and discipline. My teenage son stole my daughter’s camera and when I cornered him in the VPs office, the VP asked, “why did you do it?”. I was the ‘bad guy’ for cornering him and I had to listen to them discuss my son’s feelings. Arrrrgh! He stole a camera. It’s bad. And you are grounded. End of story. But that would offend his ‘self-esteem’.

      The elite, the churches, the schools, the government agencies are all complicit in the break down of family, the isolation of children and parents. There is no moral rectitude cultivated by our leaders.

      Now we have record levels of single moms, divorcees, deadbeat dads, gays. And porn is as accessible as water. Believe me God’s wrath is warranted. I feel mad myself. I get it.

      BTW men, gay is a badge to get attention in schools. It is “cool”. It is the new normal. It is hard to imagine a worse society in our future other than one that resembles Dante’s inferno. It is time for His return as it was in the time of Noah.

    • Greetings to Frank and Everyone~
      Glad you mentioned this subject and I stand in agreement with you, Frank. Allowing homosexuality to become a political/legislative issue has opened doors that are best left closed. What I’m getting at is that “gayness” — not unlike Islam — has become a tool (Lenin’s ‘useful idiots’) in the hands of a very dangerous few, collectively known as the ‘global elite’… purveyors of a global system being compelled upon humanity. The philosophy of “unity in diversity” is symbolized in the rainbow (research the symbolism if you’d like to) banners, flags and bumper stickers pervasively displayed throughout present day Western culture. And so “proudly” waved around by the gay community and various religio-political groups…the true colors of world ecumenicism. Through the political lens we are focused on the word “tolerance” when the harsh reality is that in this context we actually experience INtolerance in the name of tolerance. Go figure! I’m going to be INpolitically correct now and say that’s some definitely twisted thinking coming out of those crazy elitist think tanks!
      Be blessed;^)

    • Great post bro.

      One thing brought to mind. Years ago I caught the end of a debate by gays about issues facing them. The panel was taking questions from the floor. A middle aged lady took the mike and said she was, female, African American Republican Lesbian and DID NOT like being told by the esteemed panel that the priority issue for “us” was the marriage one. She started to say what was the most important and they shut her down and adroitly ended discussion. Humm, so this is not a political agenda? It was even within the group.

    • Exactly. People are just moving forth a political agenda. One theory of mine is that people are pushing for wider more pervasive gay propaganda to decay our morals as a culture. Gay agenda, way bad and deadly. Gay people caught up in it, need Jesus.

    • I knew what you meant by your “born that way” comment Frank.
      My comment was not related to yours, I was just commenting on what homosexuals have told me in the past. I worked for years at very prestigious fine arts museum and I was the only straight guy that worked there.
      I was always amazed at how many of them told me of the sexual abuse they suffered as teens or pre-teens. Usually the sexual abuse would come from a family member such as Uncle or on occasion a close trusted family friend. Many of the stories they told me of the sexual abuse within the family were so similar to each other, only the places and names were changed. I work with a guy now that is a closeted homo sexual. His abuse started when he was sent to a military boarding school at age 12. Not sure what happened to him there as he doesn’t speak of it, but he has hinted that something tragic did in fact happen to him there that wasn’t on the dean’s list of recommended extracurricular activities.

  3. L.A. is on right now. The joy is so strong in his voice that I realized that I have been grinning ear to ear for his whole rant! Not that he is saying happy things…..but he seems rested and happy himself. Praise God, our watchman is rested!

  4. No one is ‘born’ homosexual. How do I know this? The Word of God says, “God created man in His Own Image, in the Image of God created He him; male and female created He them” (Gen. 1:27). I base my statement on what the Bible says. It is God’s Word- not mine. And according to the Bible, ‘homosexuality IS sin’ (again, not my words, it’s God’s Word). God does not ‘create sin,’ but He does and will ‘punish sin’ because He is a Righteous and Just God. Man, using ‘free will’ has ‘chosen’ to be homosexual. There is no scientific proof whatsoever that proves anyone is ‘born’ homosexual, and they will never find such evidence because it’s a lie.

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