42 thoughts on “7.8 Quake – New Zealand Area – I know I’m a fear monger…

  1. Indeed you are. Casey anthony is found not guilty by the way.

    Seriously though, I will pray. Thanks for the heads up bro.

    • This was not reported on the mainstream news in Australia until ABC news after 9pm. OK, it was out to sea and there wasn’t any property damage, but with the recent patterns seen before the Japan tsunami and before the Christchurch quake, surely people ought to be paying attention.

      There are so many events happening; each one has the potential to cause major catastrophic loss of life. You’re right, LA. Normal disappeared a long time ago. I’m wondering where the next big one (quake; tsunami, tornado, terror attack, hurricane, flood, fire, nuclear accident, revolution, chemical spill, plague, mass die off, financial collapse, pandemic, homicide bombing, famine, persecution, genocide, war) will hit. This is insane. And it is exactly as prophesied. Lord, help them; help us; introduce Yourself to those who don’t know You and who might be the next disaster victims. Lord, have mercy.

  2. Thank you for the update on quake ! No one wants me to update them on all these BIRTHPANGS, I have never seen so much denial with soooo! much evidence all around us! thanks L.A. i know there are others with like minds and the spirit KEEP ON PREACHING BROTHER.

    • Yea, the minister of the church we have been attending says there is NO increase of earthquakes, citing USGS statement. (Sorry, just look at the data and plot it across time and I would say there are a few) Funny thing he is up on prophecy in other respects so go figure.

    • I can email you my spreadsheet that proves an overall growth trend. It’s a few months out of date though.

    • I sure would be interested in your spreadsheet Frank. Would you send it to me please…


    • Sure,

      I would love to. LA, can you facilitate an email exchange somehow?

      Otherwise I will attach it to my blog somehow. I will update for recent activity.

    • Eq

      In the meantime, here’s where one can obtain the real data


      What I see,

      5 and higher, Overall increase from 90 to 99 even, with a dip. From 99 to 2007 big increase followed by a major drop in 08 and 09. 2010 had an increase. We seem to be on an increase of 5 or higher this year.

      For total EQ, from 90 to 2003 there is a steady increase. Then it plateaus more or less and 08 is the highest point. Then major drop in 09, and an increase in 2010. Again 11 looks like it’s an upward trend. In my opinion, the upward trend is definitely noticeable in 6 or higher.

  3. I worry about New Zealand. Chuck Missler lives there and in the early 90’s his house was totally destroyed by an earthquake in California. Do earthquakes follow Him?

    • Hi Andy~
      I thought that Chuck Missler presently lives in Idaho, not far from his Koinonia Institute?!? Does he have a home in NZ also?

    • He sure dose…..his home was very close to the epicenter of that quake.
      Thankfully, I am a lot further away and didn’t feel a thing. In saying that, the quake is way too close to Lake Taupo for my liking and is one of the worlds 6 known super volcanoes.
      We really don’t want to wake that puppy up now do we….


    • We have had a few over the past 7 months or so.Christchurch,a leading city on our South Island was heavily damaged late last year and again a month or so ago.


  4. Say a prayer for a girl named Vanessa! She was a foreign exchange student with family here in Michigan until last month. Odd, someone from so far away becomes a stranger no more….sat next to her as the family said grace before Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and now we will probably lose touch and never see each other again but still in our hearts and in Auckland!

  5. The lawlessness of the last days in full view:

    Georgia Governor Nathan Deal dropped a bombshell on the state’s educational bureaucracy yesterday. A special investigative report accuses the Atlanta Public School district of widespread cheating and corruption. Just to be clear, the students were not cheating, but the teachers and administrators were changing incorrect answers on the state’s standardized tests.

  6. http://christianbookshelf.org/wesley/sermons_on_several_occasions/sermon_129_the_cause_and.htm

    “The Cause and Cure of Earthquakes”

    John Wesley, Fourth Series, Sermon 129


    “O come hither, and behold the works of the Lord; what destruction he hath brought upon the earth!”


    Of all the judgments which the righteous God inflicts on sinners here, the most dreadful and destructive is an earthquake. This he has lately brought on our part of the earth, and thereby alarmed our fears, and bid us “prepare to meet our God!” The shocks which have been felt in divers places, since that which made this city tremble, may convince us that the danger is not over, and ought to keep us still in awe; seeing “his anger is not turned away, but his band is stretched out still.” (Isa.10:4.)

    That I may fall in with the design of Providence at this awful crisis, I shall take occasion from the words of my text,

    I. To show that earthquakes are the works of the Lord, and He only bringeth this destruction upon the earth:

    II. Call you to behold the works of the Lord, in two or three terrible instances: And,

    III. Give you some directions suitable to the occasion.

    about a 3 page sermon follows… see link

  7. As if the 2012 Olympic one-eyed Mascots weren’t bad enough ~ now this is really something. How can this guy put this all together? Wow.


    • I guess I don’t understand cryptography.

      He took the original image, rotated it a few times, superimposing each one over the previous one, and created a new image… How does this make it evil or subliminal? It isn’t the image they (the Olympic committee) are using. It’s not the image that I see when I look at the 2012 Olympic logo… (but then, I can barely see the “Zion” in the original image) Hasn’t he simply created something brand new?

      It’s not that I don’t believe this, I truly don’t understand.

    • Yes Alice….I was a psych major long ago (LOL….ya want fries with that?) and learned that we can find almost anything if we look hard enough…..even if it isn’t really there! I took 2 courses in subliminals back in the stone age of the 1970s and though they do indeed plant things in images there are myriads that truly are accidental or figments of our imagination. In fact, from that same era, Harry Nillson had an album called The Point with lyrics:

      “You see what you want to see and you hear what you want to hear. Ya get the picture?” and “What’s the matter with you boys, you been goofin’ with the bees?”

      it is like looking at the clouds. When you are hungry, you will tend to see hamburgers and when you are lonely, you will see faces.
      I think we need to worry about what it is in ourselves to go looking for some of this. There is enough evil and trickery that really is being pulled on us! Look for Christ, truth and His will!

    • Interesting post, but I agree with alice. I don’t get it.

      I also don’t buy it.

      1) he’s not using the real logo. Ok, so how does the REAL logo work out?

      2) he uses a quote from nostradmus saying that 2012 is actually 1999 and that the king of terror “prophecy” fits. Yet more twisting my nostradomites.

      What’s next, quotes from the kolbrin bible? (Btw, I emailed dr. Heiser about the kolbrin, he indicated that most scholars don’t take kolbrin seriously.)

    • I think his explanations are a stretch. I have seen his other videos about cathedral architecture, a subject which I have studied academically, and again he stretches the bounds of their meaning. In one video, he speaks of a window which in architectural symbolism is the eye of God, in terms of Nibiru. There are many flaws. Even the good guys can be wrong.

      I believe that he is a Christian; but, perhaps he should take his lead from the Holy Spirit more.

      Frankly I cannot imagine celebrating Olympics in 2012 as the world crumbles under the elites culling of the masses, the tyranny of our leaders who carry out their evil deeds for pay, the resulting loss of life, famine… I do not care about the Olympics one iota right now.

      We need an olympiade of the human soul right now–all belong to God, many will be lose, many will win.

      The Cypress Tree

  8. I hope LA does not mind my repeating this here since he was filmed saying it. I was blown away by hearing that Stephen Greer is funded by Soros. I knew something was off. And it rings true. I have reason to believe this indeed. I also know there is some Vatican connection too–can’t go into that. For those who don’t SG and his group of Exopoliticians are the “aliens are good and will save us” group. So IMO the alien deception plan is real. Remember how the UN main picked a woman to represent us to the aliens–what a side show. The suppressed disclosure is false to the extent that it is all drama delayed for the useful day.

    I have had battles with theosophists/gnostics/blavatsky-bailey followers who state without doubt that we were engineered by aliens and that Jesus is hovering above the planet in a ship. And of course the fundamental lie, that we are gods. God explains his power in great detail in Job, the leviathan for example–yet we who cannot create anything supernaturally are gods. All this blends well with the works of the evil one. Anyone who follows them is just a lunatic (forgive God for saying this!).

    We must warn our Christian friends of the build-up, the ships that are ours and those that may be from the Nephilim, fallen angels (remember they were banished from heaven and they are physical, so they would need ships to travel IMO). Notwithstanding, remember how they were featured in paintings during the reign of the church, long long ago.

    I often wonder how this Nibiru, PX, business is connected to an alien invasion, Project Blue Beam et al compliments of the CIA again.

    The Cypress Tree

  9. OMG this was just sent to me. How far idolatry has gone today.

    Idolatry is more in our lives than we realized–all of our holiday events included.

    Was this why Japan was hit? Has Japan sunk so low?

    The Cypress Tree

    • Hey Cypress, I can imagine your chagrin at having the thing post right on here but it is not like it is presented as porn. It is a well done and informative piece….disgusting but since God created that body part it is only disgusting because of the worship of it. Don’t feel bad, I may not have watched it if it had just been a link and it does fit with my theme for the day….Romans 1:28

      Might not have seen just what an evil is being practiced there if I had not seen it and ya just can’t find fig leaves big enough for those!

    • Elaine, I’ll tell you one crowd LA is bringing together: Christian Comedians!
      Not only did I just hear his voices Arnold, Willy and rednecks, but Frank’s post and now your fig leaf. Keep me giggling God!

      Thanks for your assuaging. Feel better.

      The Cypress Tree

  10. Gosh! I had entered the address field–no embedding and it showed the whole visual above. Sorry folks.
    YouTube is up to no good me thinks–because when you embed it only shows the address and when you only show the link/address field–it shows the whole video fram. Something has shifted here indeed.
    So LA if this bothers as it does me, please put in the address link–my original intention.

  11. I am also thinking how wonderful and mysterious is our Lord! I had Christmas trees for most of my life but around 1980 I just quit….they just seemed sort of stupid….had no idea why. I guess it was that still small voice!

    • * Xmas Tree
      * Santa
      * Reindeers
      * Reefs
      * Stockings
      * Gifts (OK some ref. to the 3 wise men)
      * Lights (OK ref. to the guiding star)
      * Easter bunny
      * Easter eggs

      Do you know how many Christians practice all of the above without question?
      I hate the ‘Xmas’ shopping holiday. The birth of Christ is not even mentioned.
      People don’t even know that it is a celebration of His birth?
      They pack on debt on their cc buying crap from China (sorry but) to flatter themselves.

      Is this ‘fertility’ celebration in Japan an alternative to the birth of our Lord?
      Where is the woman in this equation?
      Notice how the idol is male only–meant to replace our male Christ?
      I have the read the wrath of God was delivered on Japan. I wonder.
      They are generally not believers.
      And I understand they have recently come up against Israel. Woe to those…

      The Cypress Tree

    • So true and since I just don’t have the heart to be the grandma who doesn’t give presents then, I made my own labels that say

      A gift for you to celebrate the birth of Jesus! The greatest gift giver of all!

    • I agree w/you Cypress Tree. I even dared–the nerve!–to mention the mindless, useless rituals of holidays to my nonbelieving friends. You would have thought I killed their puppy or something! Such a strong reaction they had to my comments, instead of deep reflection on why they do what they do. I even called Santa Claus “SATAN Claus”…interesting santa is an anagram of satan. Again, my observations fell on deaf ears. But thanks to folks on this blog, I have been gaining understanding of the history of our so-called holidays. And I have been vindicated in my choice to not participate in the meaningless rituals.

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