Nebraska Nuke Plant – Secrecy, Obfuscation and Distraction…

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L. A. Marzulli

Last night on Acceleration Radio, my guest, Stan Deyo, shocked me when he told of a gag order being placed on those who work at the Yellowstone Caldera. Stan pointed out that this gag-order has been in place since February of this year. When I asked him why he thought this was done, he said that in order to control the population and keep order, the public need not be aware of the danger it might be facing. I believe that the same secrecy and obfuscation applies to the Nebraska in regard to the nuke plant that, as of this post, is surrounded by rising flood waters.

I suppose what bothers more than anything is that we, the people, elect those to represent us and then those very officials set up a two class system, the elite, who are “in the know,” and the rest of us. Big government believes that the average Joe or Jane on the street is incapable of managing his or hers affairs, and that the government knows what is best for us. I will never forget a few years ago when Arlen Spector was at a town hall meeting in Pennsylvania with his constituency, and faced a lot of angry people. He acted like a pompous windbag calling for calm as if he acted like he was somehow in charge, as if his voice alone was the voice of reason… the people of Pennsylvania voted his rear end out of office that year. Oh, by the way Specter is the guy that created the magic bullet theory, the one bullet that wounded JFK, and Governor Connelly.

Yesterday on this Blog someone posted a video about 911. In the video the man, who is a scientist, conducted experiments that showed that the buildings could not have fallen at almost free fall speeds. In other words what we saw happen with the collapse of the Towers on 911, went against the laws of physics. I’m posting the link here for your viewing and discernment. Obfuscation? You be the judge…

In closing todays post: In Minot, North Dakota, people are being evacuated due to the rising water. Levees are breaking, and entire towns remain under water. The Missouri river is at record flood levels and the Nuke plant in Nebraska has a no-fly zone over it. As I asked a few days ago, have the reactors been compromised? Is radioactive water flowing down stream where it will end up in the Gulf of Mexico? What is really going on, we have right to know. In the meantime we must put up with a government whose policies are one of obfuscation…

Thanks to Watcher Tony for the Link: YouTube – 9/11 Experiments: The Arbitrator of Competing Hypotheses

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28 thoughts on “Nebraska Nuke Plant – Secrecy, Obfuscation and Distraction…

  1. But lindsey lohan’s back in court!

    Seriously tho, these are good questions. I hadn’t heard about the gag at yellowstone, what’s that about? Also, is it any wonder these things are happeneing after the tornados? More disasters after Obama basically cursed Israel, as a result, are we being cursed? He does after all represent our people abroad. Chuck missler also did a series on hosea that outlines a further possibility for america to be judged by God. I hope he’s wrong.

    I pray the nebraska thing gets better.

    Oh, and if the elite think that I’m incapable of managing my affairs, they’re right. I’ve got daily errands, house projects, yard work and a harrowing “honey-do” list that need some major attention. So, big brother, if you can come help with those so I can work on my novel, blog and comic series I would appreciate it and so would my wife.

    We can talk.

  2. Has anyone noticed that Yahoo mail is putting pictures of a UFO in the scene of the loggin screen lately? Why is that? The latest one looks like a paper email plane coming out of a worm hole.

  3. A few days ago, this disaster link said “nuclear event” at that Nebraska power plant…Its not there now. Now there are just “flood” icons along the river…But you CAN look it up if you click “search” put in June 20/”nuclear event”/USA. It will show the report!

    • Here is a summary and an update you will see when you click the tabs on the report page:

      “A fire in an electrical switch room on Tuesday briefly knocked out cooling for a pool holding spent nuclear fuel at the Fort Calhoun nuclear plant outside Omaha, Neb., plant officials said. The safety of deep pools used to store used radioactive fuel at nuclear plants has been an issue since the accident at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant in March. If the cooling water a pool is lost, the used nuclear fuel could catch fire and release radiation. As ProPublica reported earlier, fire safety is a continuing concern at the country’s 104 commercial reactors, as is the volume of spent fuel piling up at plants. Officials at Fort Calhoun said the situation at their plant came nowhere near to Fukushima’s. They said it would have taken 88 hours for the heat produced by the fuel to boil away the cooling water. Workers restored cooling in about 90 minutes, and plant officials said the temperature in the pool only increased by two degrees. The fire, reported at 9:30 a.m., led to the loss of electrical power for the system that circulates cooling water through the spent fuel pool, according to a report from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. A chemical fire suppression system discharged, and the plant’s fire brigade cleared smoke from the room and reported that the fire was out at 10:20 a.m., the NRC said. Mike Jones, a spokesman for the plant’s owner, the Omaha Public Power District, said Fort Calhoun has a backup pump to provide water to the spent fuel in case the main system is lost. That pump, which runs on a separate power supply from the rest of the plant, was inspected and standing by on Tuesday, but plant operators restored main power to the pool before the emergency pump was needed, he said. Fort Calhoun’s single reactor has been shut down since April for refueling. The plant had already been operating under a heightened level of alert because of nearby flooding on the Missouri River, the NRC said. The cause of the fire remained under investigation this morning.”

    • Situation Update No. 1
      On 20.06.2011 at 17:30 GMT+2

      The rising Missouri River prompted the Cooper Nuclear Station near Brownville, Neb., to declare a “notification of unusual event,” plant officials said. The designation, anticipated by plant operator Nebraska Public Power District, was made Sunday when the river there reached a height of 42.5 feet, or 899 feet above sea level, the Omaha World-Herald reported. The notification is the lowest and least serious of four emergency classifications developed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for nuclear power plants. The Nebraska Public Power District said in a statement the plant is operating safely and there is no threat to plant employees, who are monitoring the water levels. If the river level increases to 45.5 feet, or 902 feet above sea level, the station would be taken offline as a safety measure. The Fort Calhoun nuclear plant, 20 miles north of Omaha, was shut down April 9 for refueling and hasn’t been restarted because of pending flooding. President Obama Sunday declared an emergency exists in Nebraska and ordered federal aid to supplement state and local response efforts in the area affected by the flooding, the White House said. The declaration also authorizes the Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate disaster relief efforts and provide assistance. In Missouri, the Missouri River washed over and broke through levees in the northwestern part of the state, prompting authorities to urge about 250 residents to evacuate Sunday. The river breached levees at two points and slopped over barriers at two other locations near Corning, Mo., about 100 miles north of Kansas City, the Holt County Sheriff’s Department said. Upriver, evacuation advisories were issued for 200 to 250 people in areas west of Interstate 29, said Mark Manchester, the deputy emergency management director in Atchison County. He said water spilled over the levees Sunday and already eclipsed the county’s previous record mark, set in 1993. “We’re in uncharted waters here,” Manchester. Across the state line in Hamburg, Iowa, where two levees failed last week, the river was expected to crest at 10 feet over flood stage in the coming days, emergency officials said.

    • Why would this be reported by the news? No big deal right?!

      “We’re in uncharted waters here,”


  4. A must read is: As America Has Done to Israel” (The Result: Massive National Disasters) by John P. McTernan.

    There’s approximately 20 Reports that whenever the U.S.A. has “marginalixzed” Israel, or pressured them to divide their land or Jerusalem, the U.S.A. got “Whacked”.

    One exampole: When Pres Bush Senior, at the Madrid Peace talks gave Israel a “Higher Hint” to divide Jerusalm on the last day of the talks, the PERFECT STORM starting brewing.

    The next day, the Perfect Storm trashed out his 3 story mansion. The meteorologists couldn’t name the type of storm due to its uniqueness.

    • Make me feel all warm inside but i wonder if bush got the message or was able to discern it? I think these elite are the ones that need babysitting. “yes mr. bush there is a God and is that a boat sticking out of the top of your house?”

    • Indeed Greg! let not Obama mess with Israel. This week Sid Roth (a messianic Jew) on his show interviews a messianic Jewish American woman of note who resides in Israel. . Together they speak of prophecy about messing with Israel, explain the history, and, yes, they too focus on September. Obama is already making noise about giving land to the Palestinians.

      I am going to take a position here. The Palestinians are surrounded by enormous masses of land, all their brothers, all muslim. They really do not have a real estate issue. Why don’t they share their lands? Most of them migrated from Jordan if memory serves. It is simply hatred of the Jews again and again. This must end.

      Israel is just one little sliver of land. It should stay in the hands of the Israelites as God had planned. I would not mess with this if I were Obama or any nation. Recently, events show that those who have attempted to divide Israel have been punished. I did not know about Shrubs mansion! Ha! revenge is His. End of story.

  5. Of course, 9/11 was an Inside Job!

    The Illuminati was behind 9/11, and they blamed it on the Muslims.

    This allowed our “Christian” nation to kill millions of people (along with the torture and depleted uranium being thrown on innocent people).

    Here are pictures of Middle Eastern babies who were damaged by American depleted uranium:

    This is nothing different than what the Nazis did to the Jews.

    You should speak more about the truth of 9/11, LA.

    99% of the Muslims didn’t give a hoot about America before 9/11, which was covered up by the Bush regime.

    They are deservedly pissed at us for destroying the Middle East.

    America brought the Muslim hate on itself. The 3,000 dead on 9/11 was done by the Anglo-American empire, NOT Muslims!

    • The banking elite need to have us fighting. It is a money-making business model. They are duplicitous. And always, the rhetoric is a Hegelian dialectic i.e. they always talk out both sides of their mouth.

      Almost all conflagrations have been triggered by them. They build and depose leaders. They build and depose.

      It’s also called boom and bust. Build, destroy, buy for pennies on the dollar. Rebuild, lowering standards of living further (cause you are so greedy you cannot share) and bust again.

      The only Hegemony is banker hegemony. We know who they are, the Royals, The Roths, The Rock, among them.
      They will gnash their teeth in the lake of fire in this very generation. They have caused so much suffering for their own enrichment.

  6. LA,

    I see that “Faithfulelect” has 2 posts that were posted after mine. Yet mine still is not posted.

    Why is that? 9/11 Truth is not allowed here? Am I supposed to believe the Muslims magically brought down WTC 7?

  7. Check out the Radiation network web page (check out the message page) , Hawaii is receiving period very high spikes in radiation (especially when it’s raining), presumably from Fukushima in Japan. I’m sure people, especially in Hawaii would appreciate knowing this, but as usual we’re fed a daily diet of Casey Anthony and weiners instead of what is important for our health and safety.

  8. MUST READ: We the people are really waking up! Congratulations, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania!

    Friday June 24, 2011

    Pennsylvania County Rejects Agenda 21

    Written by Kelly Holt
    The New American Magazine

    24 March 2011 09:33

    The Mercury, March 8, reported that Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, will be letting its membership in ICLEI (International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives), lapse due to constituent pressure and dislike for ICLEI’s message, Agenda 21.
    Montgomery County commissioners learned what that meant at a recent meeting held in the county seat, Norristown, when local residents, Maggie Roddin and Ruth Miller charged the county commissioners with “being in league with the U.N. to promote that organization’s global warming agenda.”
    Montgomery, and surrounding counties, including neighboring Philadelphia County, joined in 2007 for, like many other communities, “the purpose of buying software to calculate the county’s carbon footprint. ICLEI’s mission is to help local governments achieve ‘global sustainability,’ according to the organization’s charter.” Edmond, Oklahoma joined for the same reason but the city recently rejected its membership, partly because local residents learned that a city’s agreement to that same charter places the city under the jurisdiction of the ICLEI.
    At the Norristown meeting, Commissioner Joseph Hoeffel, amused at Roddin’s and Miller’s allegations, said, “The only thing I laugh at is absurd allegations that the county has a treaty with the United Nations or a treaty with a foreign government.”
    But across the country, in Edmond, a grassroots effort, Govern Edmond Locally (GEL) came up against the same denials from its city officials. GEL found it quite easy to connect ICLEI membership with the United Nations and has issued its “3 Click Challenge,” available on its website, to warn residents of the U.N. connection.


    This is how the NWO is controlling (or trying to) in every community, through the ICLEI. Put a stop to it now–go to the next council meeting and start waking people up.

    WE have it here in Canada too–they call it the Canadian Federation of Municipalities (it reports and pays dues to the ICLEI which is a UN confection).

    The UN already has its mits on all our lands and lives! Under cover. They add fees to your cost of living. The Rockefellers finance the ICLEI. The UN is a joke–was founded in New York city, commercial Babylon, and financed also by among others, the Rockefellers. It is the most gothic, disgusting lie that we live in.

    God avenge us now. Please let’s add this to our prayers.

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