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  1. This is great! Like the “Prophecy in the News” daily updates.

    L.A., what are the times this weekend & Calvary Oceanside? Thanks!

    • Looks like I won’t be here now. Hopefully LA will make the rounds again to So Cal. Have to go see mom – she’s only got a wk or so left.

    • Hi LA, wanted to let you know, not only did the moon flip, but the sun flipped too on November 15, 2010. You might want to see this. The speaker sounds really frightened, but here it is…

      Also, saw in another YouTube Video Channel that there are two “ships”, one in the Pacific, and one in the Atlantic holding the planet in place, while Planet X approaches. You might want to check out this channel…



    • If indeed the sun flipped perhaps that dark mass on the left is the cause. It is a large body, far greater than earth. If its mass is great, perhaps greater than earth’s, its magnetic pull could cause this. (I don’t believe the sun’s mass is great being gaseous). Now if so and if this is PX, I do not like to think of how fast it could flip our planet. Nothing would survive such a flip. Do not fear what I say; I am only musing. I will send this to my contacts who would know. I do note that this was mid-October 2010.

      Interesting that LA has uncovered that the moon has flipped 135 degrees. At what speed did this occur? Is there something in store for our planet? Lots of flipping going on.

      BTW I don’t watch videos pushing Enki and false gods–these should not be posted here. It is ‘spiritual porn’. I am speaking of the two add’l URLs. I turned off as soon as I realized the context. I thought I had escaped this false theology by coming here.

      The Cypress Tree

    • Yeah! I was hoping to see you start up a VLOG>

      Looking forward to seeing you everyday!

      God Bless,

  2. Awesome Lynn!
    What a fabulous new project! Well done indeed.I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it when you do your assorted ‘voices’.You bring such joy and laughter into my days.I just don’t know where you get all that energy and drive from every single day .Then to take on ANOTHER project.God Bless you,what a awesome God we serve,He sure picked the right men to be Watchmen. Blessings…..Soulatpeace

  3. Outstanding L.A.!!! Love the new daily video update, and don’t you sweat the on-air “mistakes”.. It makes the updates even better! My birthday is in a week, what a great present!!!!

    Watchmen like yourself, Gary Stearman, Hal Lindsey, Jimmy DeYoung, etc you are all here for a reason. What a Blessing to us out here!

  4. L.A.: I love it! Thanks for all your work gathering all this information. This is a great idea to have a Daily Update video. God bless you and protect you and yours!

  5. Uuuuuuh-huuuuuuh! This VLOG is a wonderful happening. So glad you decided to bring it aboard;^) His peace and continued blessings as you carry on in His work , Watchman Lynn. So be it.

  6. Love the sound of LA’s voice and his humor. I’m glad we’ll get to enjoy that more! Its hard to get some things across in print.

  7. It is really great sir! Nice to see you face to face, or it feels that way. It seems much more informative and personal.

  8. LA,

    With all that encouragement, well deserved, here’s a possible improvement. I have a tough time with the FutureQuake podcast when they read rather than post a link or a note. As long as you’re covering the same info reading, as in the blog, you may want to make it less about the reading and more about what it means to you and us, basically more conversational. That way the vlog complements the blog and vice versa.

    Due to my work, basically law enforcement support, I’ll never take off my mask. Otherwise, I would love to have been the first in the group to respond to you in a youtube.

    The closer we get to doing things Christ’s way, the better it all works out. You pointed to equality as citizens arising out of the protestant reformation based on Paul’s “neither greek nor jew, male nor female, bond nor free.” That would still be best in the political arena, where there are no special cases. And young, old, blue collar, white collar, democrat, republican, whatever… have no special treatment nor restrictions, but all are equal. At home and in church we can celebrate the unique differences that are often God given. There’s a place for both. That alone would shake the foundations of power and politics. And there’s so much more. Which we’ll get to see (somehow) in the millennial reign.

    Good job, sir! Hope to see your peers (watchmen) take opportunity to respond to the vlog format – in like manner.

    ps. http://www.khanacademy.org is an example of what can be done in 10-15 minute segments.

  9. And the Wall Street Journal’s answer re: lawlessness — SELECTIVE FEMALE ABORTION !!!

    “The War Against Girls, Since the late 1970s, 163 million female babies have been aborted by parents seeking sons”

    http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303657404576361691165631366.html (book review)

    “There is indeed compelling evidence of a link between sex ratios and violence. High sex ratios mean that a society is going to have “surplus men”—that is, men with no hope of marrying because there are not enough women. Such men accumulate in the lower classes, where risks of violence are already elevated. And unmarried men with limited incomes tend to make trouble. In Chinese provinces where the sex ratio has spiked, a crime wave has followed. Today in India, the best predictor of violence and crime for any given area is not income but sex ratio.”

    “And to beat the “marriage squeeze” caused by skewed sex ratios, men in wealthier imbalanced countries poach women from poorer ones. Ms. Hvistendahl reports from Vietnam, where the mail-order-bride business is booming thanks to the demand for women in China. Prostitution booms, too—and not the sex-positive kind that Western feminists are so fond of.

    The economist Gary Becker has noted that when women become scarce, their value increases, and he sees this as a positive development. But as Ms. Hvistendahl demonstrates, “this assessment is true only in the crudest sense.” A 17-year-old girl in a developing country is in no position to capture her own value. Instead, a young woman may well become chattel, providing income either for their families or for pimps.”

    “As Columbia economics professor Lena Edlund observes: “The greatest danger associated with prenatal sex determination is the propagation of a female underclass,” that a small but still significant group of the world’s women will end up being stolen or sold from their homes and forced into prostitution or marriage. ”

    “Ms. Hvistendahl also dredges up plenty of unpleasant documents from Western actors like the Ford Foundation, the United Nations and Planned Parenthood, showing how they pushed sex-selective abortion as a means of controlling population growth. In 1976, for instance, the medical director of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, Malcom Potts, wrote that, when it came to developing nations, abortion was even better than birth control: “Early abortion is safe, effective, cheap and potentially the easiest method to administer.”

    “When she writes that a certain idea dates “all the way back to the West’s predominant creation myth,” she means the Bible.

    Ms. Hvistendahl is particularly worried that the “right wing” or the “Christian right”—as she labels those whose politics differ from her own—will use sex-selective abortion as part of a wider war on abortion itself. She believes that something must be done about the purposeful aborting of female babies or it could lead to “feminists’ worst nightmare: a ban on all abortions.”

    “Despite the author’s intentions, “Unnatural Selection” might be one of the most consequential books ever written in the campaign against abortion. It is aimed, like a heat-seeking missile, against the entire intellectual framework of “choice.” For if “choice” is the moral imperative guiding abortion, then there is no way to take a stand against “gendercide.” Aborting a baby because she is a girl is no different from aborting a baby because she has Down syndrome or because the mother’s “mental health” requires it. Choice is choice. One Indian abortionist tells Ms. Hvistendahl: “I have patients who come and say ‘I want to abort because if this baby is born it will be a Gemini, but I want a Libra.”

    Luke 1
    “41 And it came to pass, that, when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost: 42 And she spake out with a loud voice, and said, Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. 43 And whence is this to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me? 44 For, lo, as soon as the voice of thy salutation sounded in mine ears, the babe leaped in my womb for joy.

    You can’t be true believer in Christ and practice or support abortion.

  10. Once upon a time people read books by candle light, then electricity made it easier and more exciting. Then people listened to the radio and went to an occasional silent movie, then the merging of both made talkies the big deal. Although at home it was still the radio or a book in the evening. Folks still waited eagerly for their favorite radio show until the 1950s and 60s…..just like I eagerly wait for Acceleration radio on Wednesdays and watch my “watchman” on an occasional Prophecy in the News show.
    But today I had the excitement of hearing L.A. Marzulli and seeing him speak at the same time on a screen in my own living room (okay, PC, not TV but much the same)……and I feel like those kids way back when as they saw the Lone Ranger and Tonto in their own living room after years of just hearing them! I am so excited that I don’t know whether to call ya L.A., Uncle Milty, or Ricky!…….L.A., yoo got some splaainin’ to dooo!
    And we can hardly wait for the next show!

  11. Wow L.A. I was blown away to hear you mention keeping the Torah. I also know you were at a Hebraic conference recently. Have you become Hebraic and are you keeping Shabbat? I would love to see you at the conference in Albuquerque in the end of July.

  12. Great work, great presentation LA, please keep it going. I appreciate the awareness and insightful biblical application of daily “breaking news” and under-reported news in what is very fast becoming a very fast-changing world.

  13. Please permit me to extend you a hearty thanks for your love for Jesus and you profound awareness of the emerging of this shift,call it what you will. Please review my site as I believe strongly that God is connecting His people for various reasons. My calling as a therapist of some 28 years was to write an end time ,time travel story and integrate a coping model into the story.I am quite sure that the model is intended for now and after we are removed, to keep potential Christians from Satan’s intrusions after the shift. My site has been in operation for over a year, the model has been in development for 4.5 years.I am not asking for anything, I am merely taking a next step networking with others that are responding to the great deception. I too spent many years in the occult and was saved from its grasp in 1973. I have no doubt that God has prepared a certain message through these earthen vessels,for just such a time.We are currently developing a pilot series with the hope that we can take our story into a mainstream media context.
    Blessings on thee, Hunter http://WWW.lifesfreeway.com

  14. Congratulations, L A, on your first vlog. It gives you the potential to really communicate your feelings concerning these events. Maybe more will take the warnings seriously. Keep up the eye contact and the off-the-cuff remarks. It makes it more real.

  15. Love it LA! Well done. Authentic. Connects. Isn’t great when you can avoid the serial brain thinking, keying, correcting, yuk! Video is the future on the net and mobile.

  16. BTW LA ! Can’t wait to hear Stan and you together. Wow! I think you two are my favorite Christian/Alternative personailities. Love Steve Quayle, Tom Horn too. But you two are the dynamic due. Quantum theory (Stan) meets supernatural (you). Yeehaw!I am Canadian eh.
    For those who don’t know LA is on with Stan Deyo tmro or is that Stan is on with LA….

  17. The video blog is terrific LA, Wish I was going to be in CA to see you again, you are a great teacher and awesome watchman. Thank you and God bless you and your family. The days are truly getting tense trouble is everywhere you go,evil is spreading, I pray that Christians would wake up, and walk the walk not just talk the talk…… ;(

  18. They announced plastic dollar bills today on MSM. This smacks of “let’s put a chip in the money so we can turn that off too”. People! they are trying to remove what we use as cash from circulation me thinks. Can’t corroborate how they are made, but it is the way the elite think. Lord how far will this all go before we are taken in our white robes!

    • We seriously do need to make connections with others as a network with the major economic crisis. Trading knowledge would be a way of helping each other. Hobbies such as wood working, gardening and preserving food benefit everyone. I trade my skill at canning and teach someone who helps me mend the roof. Might be a fantasy though, within the churches I have attended you could not get people to come usher let alone help a widow paint her house. (ooh feel a rant building, must be disciplined this morning…)

      Praise side note: hubby is SO much better this week from the bout of pneumonia. He was able to go to work and has much more energy, more than I do!

    • IndyRose, I may think myself a fancy lady but i can paint circles around those who get paid for it! I would paint the widow’s entire house. I once told the local Pastor i wanted to help seniors, give my time and effort. Nada. Yet i run across lonely sick seniors everywhere. I would love a widow to help!

      Now about the roof, you would be surprised how easy it is…and fun…and satisfying. Everything you need can be bought in a big box store. And instructions are plentiful in-store and on the net. Again I do a lot things myself–built a wooden fence and barn doors with my young son for starters. John Dinardo says only copper nails will survive the coming winds–not staples. If you get galvanized nail that’s the next best thing but they too can rust. It will take longer but with music and lemonade its a roofing event. “Raising the roof” so to speak.

      Post grid, i can sew, I can grow things, I can paint, I am an artist too. Have not done canning…I think the chemtrails destroyed my garden last year. It would have been like putting an aluminum can in a glass jar, me thinks. Candle making, soapmaking, these things will come in handy.

    • I think maybe plastic bills will make them more durable, I had the idea 29 years ago of printing books on PVC sheets like this so I could relax in the tub or on a floaty in the pool without worrying about getting my book wet…..ahh, good idea but no money to pursue.
      Anyway, TPTB have gotten so scary that you are right…..what should be just a great idea to make bills more durable now makes us apprehensive. Every single news item makes me think, “Okay, now what are they trying to pull on us?”

    • Elaine, all we have to do is refuse the mark of the beast (forehead and right hand) even unto physical death. I will not take even if hungry.
      Besides, we will have His seal on our forehead making a hedge around us.
      Think about how the devil is trying to defile His elect–the right hand is very symbolic to the Lord and the forehead is where we are to be sealed. He is always on God’s heels but is no contest. Perhaps the trib has begun and this creature will be gone shortly.

    • OMG! I always thought the fires were a feature of dry climates! What the heck is next?! (not sure I want the answer to that…)


      Boy Margaret, that is starting to sound like the 7th seal, or the first trumpet! But…

      Christian martyrdom is occurring all over the planet especially in the middle east. Here Christ and prayer is being forbidden increasingly. This is the fifth seal and will not abate.

      Are we about to experience the sixth seal? Lots of rumors about the cosmos for this Fall.

      Are we in tribulations already? I hope Stan and LA speak to this tonight. I know a lot of folks feel that if they are not yet raptured, then it has not begun. We need to pray about this. As for me, I know that our foreheads are sealed for protection.

      God is driving me to study Revelation and I am seeing things I have never seen before in the word. I have eyes that see! Ears that hear! It is very exciting. I will share soon. Don’t want to rush out of the gate!

      Just keep your eyes on His promise. Rev. 7:15-17
      “He who sits on the throne will dwell among them. They shall neither hunger anymore nor thirst anymore; the sun shall not strike them, nor any heat; for the Lamb who is in the midst of the throne will shepherd them and lead them to waters. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.”

      You must read 14-15–we are they who wear white robes, coming out of tribulation. 🙂

      The Cypress Tree

  19. Nice to see the Video blog! Great idea LA! Looking forward to listening as much as I did reading!

    Been in a discussion with someone who believes in Zarathustra, an ancient Persian/Babylonian religion. Anyone know of it?? The guy is really messed up with these beliefs! You know the typical, your God is hateful, created evil, allowed pillaging..etc! The end times are here…the weirdos are all crawling out from under the woodwork….

  20. I agree with basically everyone on here. This is great!
    I feel as though I’m “watching” Acceleration Radio. Really enjoy being able to here you go much more in-depth on your thoughts about the various stories! And Watchers 2 was excellent…I’ve seen it 2 or 3 times now. Great interviews!

  21. Hey L.A. –

    LOVE IT! I’m so happy you’re doing this now. We’re planning on doing something similar. Tom Horn suggested it to us, and eventually it will happen…spreading the WORD in every way we can.

    Love the commentary about California… I concur, the traffic is horrible and people are nuts on the roads! Thank God we’re still here!

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