Nebraska Flooding… Are we Being Told the Truth? Is This a Media BLACKOUT?

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L. A. Marzulli

First of all thanks to Matthew Miller and Savannah Miller for forwarding these videos – links below – that show us what is really going on at the Nebraska Nuke Plant. The photo to the left was supplied by my co-producer of the Watcher series, Richard Shaw.

You may recall that the Japanese government assured us that the Fukishma reactors were safe and that there was no danger of radiation leakage. However, what we now know is that the Japanese deliberately obfuscated the truth, in short, they lied to their own people and to the world. That being said, we go to the heartland of the USA, the state of Nebraska, and what we find is extremely alarming. Please watch the three video links at the bottom of the BLOG and appraise yourself of what is happening in our country.

There is now a NO-FLY zone above the nuke plant, but we don’t hear a peep about this from our lame-stream media. This may be our Chernobyl and in my opinion the story has received media black out status. If the Fort Calhoun plant is under water then this raises the question, have the waters breached the reactor core? If that is the case, then the Missouri river is carrying radioactive water. We don’t know what is really going on, and only local news stations are covering the events that are unfolding and those reports are sketchy.

Here’s what we do know. Levees have been breached and the waters are expected to rise at least another 5 feet. If that happens then the plant will be submerged, plain and simple, and all the sandbags in the world are not going to stay the flood waters. The snow pack is at record levels and as of this post, in Colorado, they had 4 inches of snow, yesterday, the last day of Spring. As I ask in Watchers 2, is this business as usual or something more? What is going to happen when this snow begins to melt in July and August? How will this affect the Missouri and the Mississippi rivers? What will happen to the already damaged Gulf states who are still reeling from last years BP oil spill, and hurricane Katrina.

In closing today’s post: The events unfolding in Nebraska may be setting the stage for an unprecedented disaster in the Untied States. Not since three-mile Island have we had a nuclear “incident” in this country, now with the rising flood waters of the Missouri we may be looking at another Chernobyl, except it’s in our backyard and will eventually affect all of us.

YouTube – missouri river flood Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant june 16 2011

YouTube – ” Media Blackout ” Nebraska Nuclear Plants Flooding !!

YouTube – Second Nebraska Nuclear Plant Threatened by Flooding!


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20 thoughts on “Nebraska Flooding… Are we Being Told the Truth? Is This a Media BLACKOUT?

  1. LA, thank you for making this the subject of today’s post. I have been watching this river fiasco for weeks now as I have a daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren in St. Louis. They do not want to know what is happening and ask me not to post links to them regarding the flooding situation as it causes them to fear. It should cause them to fear. It should cause them to start making arrangements for re-location. I don’t understand why they prefer to sit on their hands.

    I agree with your assessment. It looks like the big MO is being deliberately flooded via HAARP or whatever other technological breakthrough the Global Elite have discovered to allow them to control weather patterns. I live in the upper central western US, and we have had nothing but rain, rain, rain, this month of June. Yes, the pastures are lush and the forest is green, but the ground is soggy soggy soggy. The underground streams are running constantly into the larger creeks, into the rivers…all draining into the Big Missouri which in turn drains into the Mighty Mississippi. Only a blind person would not see and extrapolate the obvious.

    If the reactor is leaking, they will call mandatory evac for everyone downstream, which will include St. Louis. The Pope must have agreed to the sacrifice of St. Louis for the sake of the New World Order. I don’t know how the disaster in Joplin, MO ties into all this, but somehow, I believe it does.

    We are being told very little truth, but that has been happening for quite some time. We are also being surveilled at a greater level than ever before…everything electronic that is new, that we bring into our homes is chipped…next year, mandatory chipping for all cell phones.

    Nancy Pelosi once made the announcement that she was trying to save the planet. Somewhere within the same time frame, she quoted how much time the planet had before it would reach “self-destruct.” I haven’t been able to find that quote, but it wasn’t much time, in years, only a couple. It seems the Global Elite are steamrolling forward to enforce their plans to save the planet before we awake to planet earth, self destruct. May the Lord have mercy on their souls.

  2. Its a good thing the FDA recently raised the amount of radiation that we can safely absorb/encounter/ingest. Crazy about NE. I had heard rumblings, but I think it was PID or future quake. Nothing in the lame stream…

    In other news, and also good thing to know we can hav e more radiation…

    3/4 of nuke plants in the US have leaked radiation.


    • Yes, and you can apply regular liquid iodine to your skin and it will absorb to your thyroid. And wash all fruits and vegetables with baking soda. It may not be perfect but it helps!

  3. It’s not like we aren’t in hurricane season.

    There’s likely much more flooding coming.

    • You’re right – The 1st thing I noticed is that Nebraska is located in the center (heartland) of the U.S. It must be a huge wow factor for you to get that word and then watch all of this unfold. The next was “uninhabitable” ~ Yikes!

  4. FEMA Enforces Mandatory Evacuation of Minot, ND
    The Intel Hub
    Shepard Ambellas
    June 21, 2011

    A FEMA release today documents just how bad and/or dangerous this situation is getting in North Dakota (most likely at Garrison Dam and two Nebraska Nuclear Reactor Facilities — one includes a GE Type 4 reactor).

    The statement from FEMA’s website reads:

    June 21, 2011

    Mandatory Flooding Evacuations – City of Minot, ND (Ward County)

    Due to heavy rainfall releases from Lake Darling (ND) need to be increased, which may result in severe flooding in the City of Minot (Ward County) and rural areas. Current release levels at Lake Darling are at 9,000 cfs, and this will be increasing to 16,000 – 17,000 cfs on Wednesday, June 22.

    The high flows in to the Mouse (Souris) River in Minot can be expected to begin by Thursday, June 23. The current reading of the Mouse (Souris) River at 4:00 p.m. CDT on 20 June was 1553.29 feet and the new projected crest, due to the higher releases, is expected to reach 1,563.0 feet on June 26 or 27. This crest will be higher than the 1969 flood (1,555.4 feet) and 7-8 feet higher than the 1881 flood (1,558.0 feet).

    A mandatory evacuation has been ordered for all residents in the original evacuation zones. All residents in the original evacuation zones 1-9, need to be out of their homes by 10:00 p.m. CDT on June 22, with the possibility of additional areas being added to this evacuation order. One shelter has opened at the Burlington School. The population of Ward County is 61,675 per 2010 census. No Federal requests have been received as a result of this situation at this time.

    Nebraska: Multiple levees were overtopped this weekend along the Missouri River. On June 19, 2011, Federal Levee – R548, located south of Brownville, NE, overtopped. Water levels at the Brownville gage increased approximately 2 feet in 24 hours and contributed to water going over a 30 foot stretch on the southern portion of the levee system.

    Illinois: Another federal levee overtopped in Scott County along the Illinois River. Flash flooding caused overtopping on the upper flank due to heavy rains in Jacksonville, IL, upstream on the Mauvaise Terre Creek. There were three breaches in the levee totaling 300 feet. Due to location and size of the breaches, there is not much that can be done to stop the flow. Estimates indicate that flows will stop entering the levee district within 12-24 hours. This levee district is mostly agricultural, but there are some homeowners within the district and they have been notified.

    Missouri/Nebraska state line: The Brownville Bridge on US 136 at the Missouri/Nebraska state line is closed due to flooding caused by the overtopped levee (Missouri River). There are closures around Holt County and I-29 on levee unit I-550 located at the Upper Sonora bend of the Missouri River
    Interstate 29 remains closed along parts of northwest Missouri and southeast Iowa.

  5. There are two nuclear power plants now surrounded by sand bags that are not showing up in local Omaha news.

  6. If you want to know why the media is the way it is, this video by Leonard Ulrich fills in the blanks.

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