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There is a proverb that informs us that, Iron sharpens iron. During the course of my day I sometimes get calls which result in a lively conversation that end up here as a BLOG. One such call took place last week with, Roz, who has her own show on BLOG TALK radio. Having given credit where credit is due I want to discuss the rise of lawlessness, which is creeping into every aspect of our lives. Let me explain.

A few months back in Los Angeles a man was almost beaten to death because he was wearing a T-shirt that was of the opposing team, the man is still in a coma. A woman was beaten by two other women in a McDonald’s to the point where she went into convulsions, the offense, she apparently looked at one of the girls boyfriends. In Vancouver last week – Gordy’s home town – riots broke out when the hockey game was lost. Windows were smashed, cars were set on fire, and vandals roamed the streets.

Last year when the doors were opened at a Wal-mart, a mob stampeded through the narrow opening and people were trampled, but the mob kept going to get their trinkets, not caring about those who were lying on the floor injured. There are more road rage incidents happening in the US than ever before and there is an unspoken tension that is felt at the gas pumps. There are riots in Greece, Spain, Portugal, the UK, and all throughout the Arab world, as the thin line that serves as a demarcation of civility, is crossed again and again as every-day-people, turn into to angry mobs, like we see in the picture above.

The Guidebook to the Supernatural i. e. the Bible, warns us that the mystery of lawlessness is at work, and this was 2000 years ago. I believe we are seeing the fruits of this dark, supernatural, Luciferian force, manifesting because people have been led away from the law of God that is written in the Torah, and instead have adopted the law of the Fallen One, which simply put is, do what thou will. In other words, anything goes as long as you don’t hurt anyone…

We see lawlessness when Madonna and Spears lip-lock on the tube. We see it in the videos from Katie Perry, and Gaga. We see it in commercials, MTV videos, movies and sports figures who admit that they have been unfaithful to their spouses numerous times. We see it in the 53 million aborted babies in this country and the 1 billion murders of the innocents world-wide. Lawlessness is the calling card of the Fallen One and it is here manifesting in ways that I have never seen it before.

In closing todays post: I believe that we are living in unprecedented, tenuous, tumultuous, times, where lawlessness is gaining a foothold and the veneer of civility grows thinner by the day…

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44 thoughts on “Lawlessness…

  1. amen. We are under the hand of God’s judgement as we have promoted the very things he warned against. We are the broken promise, the unfaithful fathers and the degenerate outlaws of the luciferian age. We are “Change” or haven’t you heard? God bless you!

    • So right (again/yet!) L.A.! I am looking out at a drizzly main drag in my sweet little Currier & Ives city right now from my shop. I find it hard to imagine the kind of crazy anger and violence that Gordy’s video shows….and yet, a while ago some kids cut through the alley behind my store and climbed a steep hill in the rain, up to another parking area and I found myself worying….were they going to mess with cars? Were they running away from some other crime to be back there?
      I know they are just kids in a quiet little city of 7000 in the northwoods of Michigan….but the feeling is there…we are on the brink of seeing the craziy nastiness everywhere! Just a year ago, my thoughts would have been more about them getting hurt on the hill or needing a ride somewhere! I am going to work on keeping my old Christian helpful “mom” attitude but the world just feels so mean anymore.

    • Is this the effect of living for “do as thou wilt”? A lifetime
      of ingesting violent fantasy movies acted out in real time?

      These people are behaving like a mob-group of barbaric idiots over a “sports” game. It’s an excuse to act out what is in their hearts which is void of respect, love, self-control. Is this also an example of what is considered a reprobate mind?
      “In my view, the Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in which all children, under a free government ought to be instructed.. .No truth is more evident to my mind than that the Christian religion must be the basis of any government intended to secure the rights and privileges of a free people.”
      – Preface

    • Yep, Vancouver experienced “lawlessness”. And as I responded in today’s Windsor Star re this violence with the comment about this very fact, one commenter seemed to think that having all the police in the right place will take care of it, the make examples of the arrested criminals. People don’t get just how this is going to escalate, and they won’t until it slaps them in the face. Then they will think they can sue for damages!!
      And in our mid-sized community of Windsor/Tecumseh, Ontario, people are so focused on jobs, community projects, sports events, schools, health care, etc. they don’t seem to be able to put all these pieces together to see the collapse coming of all the things that make them feel safe and happy.
      Thanks L.A., you are always right on the money. Your a blessing to so many with this blog, and also all the others things you do and produce.
      Carol H.

    • Did you see the vid yesterday of the cow opening the gate bolts with its tongue? Pretty crazy…The same brown cow (I think) was filmed about the story and it was just staring down the camera guy! I think it was saying, “You lookin at me?” like DeNiro! lol Strange…

    • HA! I had to youtube it. Cows have got to be smarter than chipmunks and birds which get in and out of all kinds of things.

      Me, I’m more city folk than country, but I’ve had my times. Ended up more or less house sitting for a couple once who had sheep they used for carding wool to spin and knit. One of the neighbor’s cow was real possessive of those two sheep. It stalked me along the fence whenever I’d go let them in for the night out of the back pasture. The fence wasn’t all that sturdy, so I didn’t turn my back on her. Now I’m glad there wasn’t a gate!

      I like to catch 5 particular daily comic strips on yahoo including:

      In Abba’s long plan of forever, I reckon we’re all going to get to know animals very very well. And I quite look forward to that. Even the insects.

  2. You’re absolutely right L.A., we seem to bein a Laodicean mindset “My Rights”, and weare violent and moving into the “Days of
    Noah” scenario. Throw in the Nephilim and
    the crazy luceferian scientist community
    and it doesn’t look good for the future!
    Sure glad GOD is still in control and
    controls my life!!!!We need to pray also
    for one another as we pray for the lost.

  3. BC Apologizes for Omitting ‘Under God’ From Pledge During U.S. Open Broadcast

    What is at the heart of all this is NBC’s intent behind the omission. The Pledge of Allegiance has. since the ’50’s, been recited with “Under God” as a part of it…That is the only version that many of us know and were raised on, myself included…It is the standard and accepted form of the pledge that most Americans are familiar with, and I feel it was a calculated and deliberate action on NBC’s part to omit it. This was not an “accident” or an “oversight”…It was blatantly intentional, and is a part of NBC’s continuing politically correct campaign to marginalize and often denigrate religion in general, and Christianity in particular. In our house, we pretty much boycott NBC programming (and have for years), with the possible exception of its sports, which I used to consider failry safe from the the network’s institutional biases. However, as a result of this, we may be adding NBC’s sports coverage to our “do not watch” list as well.

    • I see so many who profess to be Christian making such ugly scenes all over the country… (world?) by saying they are speaking on behalf of the “church” but are really soooo evil! THEY are going to be the reason we get extreme persecution when it happens!
      If Christianity had to be judged by the likes of Westboro Baptist, Terry Jones, the guys with megaphones in Dearborn, Heremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton….the list goes on and on….if we were to be judged by the likes of them, then we would be as wrong and evil as the other side!
      I have friends who are gay, I have friends who have lied or cheated or ….you get it, for all have sinned!….anyhow, I still have at least a chance to witness by saying that, for instance, “Yes, I believe that homosexuality is a sin, but I also believe that my addiction to too much chocolate so my butt got huge is a sin….Jesus loves us all anyway and because I love Him, I fight to avoid chocolate now that I have repented of making my butt so big!”

      True Christians must remember to stay loving to our enemies! Love the sinner….hate the sin!
      If these rabble rousers spewing hate keep it up and in the news every day….soon, saying, “I am Christian” will get us beaten up, kicked out of town and all the awful things the Bible says are coming….and it will be because of these devils in Christian clothing!

    • Reminds me of this:

      “I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars–I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.” Rev 3:9

      Then follows my favorite promise whether it’s the catching up or being “kept” in truth from the great deception.

      “Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come upon the whole world to test those who live on the earth.” Rev 3:10

    • Rev. 3:9 was what I was thinking when I wrote that! And was at work and got interupted by a customer (Yea!) so by the time I got back, forgot to finish the “gay” conversation…..My rebuke was accepted in its sincere but loving joke about my chocolate butt. I can still have opportunities to witness to that person in ways that I could not if I had just said “dump your gay lover or go to hell!”

    • at this same festival last year they were arresting christians for being there and handing out bible a few blocks away. even the muslims said it didnt bother them but the police took them anyways . Part of the arrests are in teh paul washer video “christian persecution is coming to america.” really good vid check it out on youtube

    • I know, being from Michigan and I have my youngest son living in Dearborn! Yikes! I even emailed his fiance the day that Jones was going to have his protest this year to have him go stay at his dad’s in the suburbs that night!
      Last years Christians at that festival were peaceful and in the right….that is why I think the emissaries of the evil one who say they are Christian but are ravening wolves jumped into that festival this year! It looked ripe for their poison of the Christian community!

    • ya elaine i think its partly to protest last years treatment and make sure it didnt happen again and partly to antagonize as well. We are gonna be sought after like gold sister. We will be pursued (if we are here) like beautiful virgins. They will hate us because of stuff like this and the sabateurs that are planting themselves all over everything and in every debate to stir up violence.

  4. I see on drudge a lot lately about groups of teens massing together and raiding shopping malls etc.

    Maybe I’m gettin old, but a lot of times in the mall I see teens flitting about and acting really wild. I used to be naughty as well, but I didn’t really do that running thru the mall and tried to maintain a slight amount of civility.

    I don’t know, I’m sad to hear all this.

    • Ya know, there is a way to stop this looting. The Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson said, the looting would have happened regardless of the outcome of the game. It was not about the game, it was about stealing and rioting and causing destruction by mob indented to cause problems. The way to stop looting, it is very simple really. Most of these thieves are got away just with a slap a slap on the wrist.
      If residents of Vancouver want those responsible for the riot to be held accountable, they should look first to the mayor.
      We know the following facts about the riot in Vancouver:

      1) That, in spite of a history of hockey riots in this city , that in spite of incidents of violence in the recent past (including the Olympics), that Mayor Gregor Robertson nonetheless encouraged a crowd of perhaps 200,000 persons to assemble in a zone that was ideal for rioting.

      2) That he and his officials made almost no effort to control the consumption of alcohol and narcotics in this zone (two critical ingredients to most riots).

      3) That in spite of the example of violence that this and other cities have seen in similar circumstances, he ordered a dramatically inadequate police presence in the zone.

      Look at the pic below, not sure how they do it in Canada, however, if this guy tried this in Texas, he would be either dead, or never to be seen or heard from again. One of the many things you do not do in Texas, is burn a police car and live to tell about it.–backlash-hits-Vancouver-riot-s-shaming-websites

  5. The raging heathens are under God’s judgment.
    We dear brothers and sisters are the apple of his eye, His treasurers purchased with that more valuable than Gold & silver.
    Our endurance in these distressful Times is the strengthening and purification of our faith.
    Let us have confidence; “For I am with you unto the end of the world”,
    We are the wheat of His harvest and shall not be bundled up and burned with the Chaff.

    “praises and Glory, wisdom and honor, power, strength and thanksgiving be to our God forever and ever amen”.

    john B

  6. This post was from another blog I read I think these opinions could be dead on.

    I will not be discussing the first five seal of Revelation 6 because if we are in heaven when they are being released that could be taking place before the tribulation or after the beginning of the tribulation and it is hard to determine any timeline when you are seated down in eternity!

    I will list the main events this fall which have to do with jewish feasts and comet Elenin and its possible effects on the earth!

    September 26, 2011– Next alignment with planet earth and comet elenin and the sun with a great earthquake being produced as has happened three other times in the past!

    September 28-30, 2011– Feast of Trumpets where the rapture has a possibility of occuring around this feast!

    October 7-8, 2011—The feast of Atonement where the beginning of the tribulation may just be starting the seven year countdown!

    The Angel in Revelation 8: 1-4 Is coming to the golden altar in heaven and it is similar to the day of atonement ceremony which is being performed as the angel is getting ready to pick up coals of fires(Debris Tail of Comet Elenin) and cast it to the earth below!

    October 212-19, 2011– Feast of Tabernacles and on this last day or the 8th day of this feast there is a solemn assembly called and this confirms the prophecy of the beginning drought in Joel 1:13-14 where there is a solemn assembly called just as the drought begins the tribulation period! Numbers 29:35!

    The two witnesses alos begin there 1,260 day ministry with no rain over the land of Israel for the duration oftheir ministry-Revelation 11!!

    November 6, 2011–This is the date when the earth will most likely be in direct impact from the debris tail of Comet Elenin-which may causes meteors of Ice and Fire to fall to the earth and be laced with blood from the fatalities as is described in Revelation 8:7!

    September 2011 is the major beginning place where all these other judgments get there execution from!!

    What is going to take place in September 2011 which may very well set off all the judgments of the tribulation period and start the wrath of God on the earth?!!

    Looks very certain to the whole would that the nations that represent the United Nations in America is the focal point of this judgment in September 2011!

    We know from a vast wealth of past events and coincidences that every time the jews are taken to the mat and given a good arm twisting to force them in peace talks to give up there God given land; that immediately during or shortly afterwards a judgment from heaven is sent in response to this pressure; many, many times this has resulted from God’s anger over His land!

    Now what do you expect should happen in the arena of God’s wrath if the nations of the world vote in the United Nations to give the gentiles(Palestinians) their own land which rightly belongs to Israel? Well, that is the straw that will break the camel’s back and start the whole tribulation ball rolling!

    Here now is how the comet Elenin will most likely set the tribulation sequence of events all in motion starting with September 26, 2011 with the alignment of earth and the Comet Elenin and the sun most likely triggering an Historic Mega earthquake on earth in California; which is the fourth corner of the earth as it relates to the other three major earthquakes recently as a result of this comet aligning with the sun and the earth: Chile, Christchruch, New Zealand, and Japan!

    With the triggering of this mega earthquake while Comet Elenin is between earth and the sun making it possible for Comet Elenin as big as some say it may be; which is of size to possibly block out the sun with its hazy coma and make the sun appear slackcloth-like and with it’s spreading out coma and tail it could easily make the moon appear blood-like in appearance!

    We next have the September 28-30, 2011 feast of trumpets which could possibly see the dead in Christ rise right after this giant mega-quake! If my reading of Revelation 7 is correct; where the Great Multitude is mysteriously seen suddenly in heaven without having experienced death but just having their robes washed in the blood of the Lamb from their earthly impurities and not by the hand of an exectutors blade; they all have palm leaves in their hands which is a custom on the Feast of Tabernacles!

    This fits the timeline to a perfect fall 2011 setting for the jewish feasts(but cannot be sure of the year!) But thanks to Comet Elenin and this Judgment vote in the United Nations set for September 2011 we are beginning to see quickly how possibl e this year could maybe be it!

    On October 7-8, 2011 we have the Feast of Atonement and this angel in heaven during the Revelation 8: 1-4 sequence of events is administering an atonement ceremony of judgment upon the earth with a heavenly casting of fiery coals from off the altar toward the earth in the form of this possible Comet Elenin tail intersecting the earth come this Fall 2011 on November 6, 2011!

    This happens just shortly after the two witnesses who had begun their ministry on the day of atonement of October 7-8, 2011 and they have prophecied that there will be a severe falling from the skies of meteors from this Comet Elenin tail in the coming month which will cause destruction and chaos over a third of the earth!!

    This is the first trumpet judgment in Revelation 8:7 which will bring a rain of hail stones of ice and fire onto the earth with the Comet Elenin tail sweeping past earth by November 6, 2011!

    This is now after the Earthquake from the Sixth seal on September 26, 2011 and the sackcloth sun and the blood-like moon from the Comet’s coma going in front of the sun creating a Comet=eclipse!

    The last part of this Sixth seal judgment which comes right before the first trumpet judgment in Revelation; as it is confirmed in Revelation 6 that the sixth seal is in Chapter 6 while the First Trumpet Judgment is in Revelation 8 just after the seventh seal is released!

    We see during the next phase of this sixth seal all the leaders of the world and presidents and rich folks and every citizen heading for underground shelters to hide from some terror from space! You don’t go underground for an earthquake!! That is not what is taking place here at this time! But a threat from space with flaming meteors hitting the earth a burning trees and property you definitely want to seek underground shelters!

    Before the end of October 2011 and maybe as soon as the end of September 2011 there will be many people from every nation and all leaders and all rich high income folks going into their underground shelters to hide from this Comet Elenin debris tail as it goes past earth by November 6, 2011!!

    The 144,000 jewish witnesses will most likely be sealed on the last day of the feast of Tabernacles on October 19, 2011 when there is this solemn assembly where the two witnesses will begin their ministry and the Holy Spirit will come upon these witnesses and these 144,000 jewish believers as they prepare their part in the first half of the tribulation period!

    I cannot say 100% that this is how these events will play out in the coming few months during the fall of 2011! But the sequence of events fits perfectly if Comet Elenin is to fulfill its place in Bible Prophecy by opening up the tribulation period with this Comet’s efeect on the earth on both September 26, 2011 and November 6, 2011!

    We have first the Sixth Seal Earthquake caused by this Comet Elenin alignment on September 26, 2011 and the passage of the comet tail debris with earth being plummeted by the meteors of ice and fire on November 6, 2011!

    It seems to fit the timeline of events and they all appear scriptural in sequence and the dates do align with the events and seals and judgments so I think we have just until this fall of 2011 to see if these thing be so!!!

    I do not know when the rapture will take place or when the first seal will be released in heaven! I just know that this Comet Elenin seems to fit the bill for the opening events of the tribulation period in Revelation 6-8!!!

    • You had me worried Richard. I had to read a long way to find you’re assertion that “I cannot say 100% that this is how these events will play out in the coming few months during the fall of 2011!” Harold Camping considered.

      What’s the method? I get that you’re keying events to a back drop of the modern high sabbaths in Israel. And looking-up at solar system events that cross with those and the earth. I like the Seal 6 analysis about hiding in bunkers not from quakes but from something coming down. Bunkers become tombs in quakes when the doors jam.

      And frankly the “hail stones and coals of fire” imagery has always been fascinating to me trying to figure out just how that can happen. I suppose a dirty snowball comet skipping across the atmosphere might do it. I remember my first apocalyptic feeling as a youngster when mom got all us kids up after taking dad to work early since the sky was full of shooting stars from the tail of the Tittle-Tuttle comet passing over the earth.

      Which makes me think of that great red dragon in Rev. 12 casting 1/3 of the stars to the earth. Do you suppose there’s a spiritual equivalent of comet?

  7. AGENDA. figure it out. This is a famed astronaut Edgar Mitchell….At first I thought this was a satire The interviewer is the one who should file assault charges. I mean, he has the proof, on film/audio and it’s in color. Clear as day.

  8. The interviewer seems to be a cross between Liberace and Paul Lynde. If anything Edgar Mitchell should file a impersonating a drag queen charge against interviewer…was very comical, thanks for posting.

    • i took physics in high school and its true there’s no way the first couple of missions could of went to the moon. Its kind of hysterical when you think that most still believe that. I guess theyve really went by now but that first mission couldnt have done it not with what they claim to have used.

  9. Great post Brother Lynn,

    I believe the lost of this world are living their day to day lives with an underlying seething rage and anger. World wide those born after the “Baby Boom Generation”, seem to have taken for granted all the hard WORK that is required along with a belief first and foremost with the God of the Bible to make one’s life a life built on God, blood, sweat and tears.

    The generations of today grow up in a world with a sense of entilement and when that world does’t spin any longer, they react with such animalistic behavior because they were taught that corporal punishmment is wrong as well as it is not right to do better than your competition.

    How can they make their own lives better when they were never given a firm foundation to build their fragile lives upon? They can’t in their eyes because they are blinded to Hope by the god of this age. So when their world as they know starts to spin out of control, they were never taught how to deal rationally with such an emotional crises and fhat is when we see man turn to SELF for guidance and there is only one way SELF leads you to… Lawlessness. They are ANGRY when they can’t have any toy when and where they want it. They grew up in a world void of God’s guidance and expect satisfaction NOW. They have no moral compass to steer them in the Right Direction because they were raised to believe they “deserve” anything they want and it is their right to get it, whether they have earned it or not.

    Their’s is a secular humanistic paradigm. And because of that they will only know pain and suffering as they deny the very existence of the God Who created them.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

  10. We have been lied to on levels unimaginable about most things. Watch the Truman Show; it is a parody on our lives. Less than .001% of the world manufactures the lies for the world to consume. This is the fuel of their control and spoils. It is difficult for people, even the awake like us, to shake off such deep programming. The only way to recalibrate is to read and believe the Bible. It is the only Truth.


    When Japan was rocked by a massive earthquake and tsunami back in March, we told ourselves the worst was behind us.

    Tens of thousands dead, an economy shattered, whole communities razed.

    Surely the Japanese had suffered enough.

    But all these weeks later, the crisis is far from over.

    The crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is still leaking and, judging from the experience at Chernobyl, Japan’s recovery won’t be measured in years, but centuries. cont….

  12. Does God pat the rebellious God hating sinner on the head and say there,there you just missed the mark but i love you? Give me a break!

    The mystery of lawlessness = the love of self, sinful self, God rejecting sinful self revelling in the pride of life.Such a one will be the Man of sin.

    The Father did not pat Jesus on the head at Calvary. sometimes I think that we do not realize the horror endured in the price paid, Oh! it was love filled with pain.that is right, Love filled Pain.
    No friends God does not pat sinners on the head. The consequences of selfish rebellion is Hell-Fire.
    What is it that we are to give warning about anyway?

    john B

    • The Church of England is expected to confirm that openly gay clergy can be made bishops, if they are celibate. Legal advice is due to be published as early as Monday saying homosexual clergy in civil partnerships can become bishops. The move is in response to the Equality Act, which protects from discrimination on the grounds of sexuality. But it risks deepening divisions over gay clergy,..

      you can read the full article on

      john B

    • How far does one have to greive the Holy Spirit before being given over!
      It is beyond deceit to confess Jesus as savior and live in the filth of Sodom!
      john B

    • Why would there be a need to acknowledge gays if you are assume celibate. Talking out of both sides of their mouth. You have already sinned in your mind if you have to work at being celibate.

  13. I see lawlessness already on a light level, where disaster has not yet struck. People who hurt people with impunity. Gossiping, lying, cheating, stealing among them. I see people not able to say they are sorry. I see selfishness to the mth degree. God said in the last days, [“the hearts of men will go cold”]. i see broken people, so many, who need love, attention, comfort. I am here for the giving to those Jesus speaks of in the beatitudes.

    Some days I can only find a friend in Jesus. The word is great comfort. I truly am disappointed with human behavior. So I really do understand God’s wrath. He cannot return fast enough for me. Do we really know anyone as wonderful as Jesus? Even remotely? As loving, as patient, as forgiving… We can only try to emulate Him.

    All of my friends are (were) mostly atheist, preening Christians, new agers and they find my faith repugnant. I can no longer be with them. It is almost as God was yelling at me to get them out of my life. So one by one, I have. I even ended a business partnership in the last week. Once, I used the name of Jesus as an example, metaphor, and he flipped. That was my cue. God was in my mind reminding me not to join with such persons constantly up to that point. So now I pray for the good Lord to bring me the right fellowship, friends, business partners…

    In business, I am a sheep in wolves clothing. What I mean is I speak the language. I dress up. I talk up. And I sneak in crumbs of Jesus’ goodwill wherever I can. But it is a moribund environment nevertheless, where money and power of this world prevails. I find comfort in Jesus’ response to His disciples, about his relationship with Matthew, the tax collector.

    In God’s Kingdom on earth I will probably be a seamstress! I took sewing lessons when i was young. I digress. But I do think lawlessness will be our Achilles. It is our response to what comes that will accelerate the outcome.

  14. The spiritual world of Angels is divided. Lucifer is in charge of 1/3 of the angels. Michael is in charge of 2/3’s. However, it seems that Lucifer was stronger than Michael.

    Now, in the last days, Lucifer and his angels will be thrown out of the heavens to Earth.

    Therefore, there will be more evil concentrated on our Planet…..Until The Lord returns with His Saints

    • the way i’ve always read it is each angel has whatever power that God sends them to do that way it’s always done. Remember satan is the god of this world which is why michael rebuked him in heaven its a different story perhaps.

    • Gee Greg, I’d appreciate you expounding on that. Phew! Some verses too. I am truly curious.

  15. Studying this thread and thinking about Christ saying “Forgive the Father, for they know not what they do….” and I was thinking about someone who says he is a Christian yet cheats and steals and scams his employees and gouges his customers. I was thinking about how sad his life is to be such a slefish miser that he does these things….he has made himself a joke in this town. So I prayed and told the Lord that I forgive this guy, thinking it is for God’s sake that He should have all His amazing creations with Him in eternity….
    But clear as a bell, I got the message that it is rigjht for me to forgive but if the recipient of that forgiveness does not accept it and repent then he really won’t fit in the heavenly crowd. Hmmm, gotta keep praying for the guy!

  16. I cannot find the comments day that had the entries about “scientists” making “meat” from poop so I am just sticking this here…..
    So sick and so wrong. I know there is a verse about dung eaters and urine drinkers in the Bible.
    It sure all goes to make us even more eager, if that were possible, for the Lord to just get this awful time over and done! Come quickly lord Jesus!

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