Can We Know the Signs of the END TIMES?

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L. A. Marzulli

Before I launch into the first real BLOG – one originating from my desk a home  in over 8 days – let me say right off that I want to thank everyone who prayed for the Denver conference and also for my mother’s health issues.

It was wonderful to work with Norm Franz and his wife Deborah as they opened their home to Peg and I and it felt, after only a few hours, that we had known them for years! Thanks Norm and Deb for putting on a great conference! I would also like to thank Pastor Mark, for allowing me the privilege of speaking at his  Messianic congregation on Saturday morning.

Thanks to all of you who came out to the conference on Sunday!

So here we go…. Can we know the signs of the end times? Scoffers and critics will tell us that all remains the same as it has always been. As we read in Peter, where is the promise of His coming, for all things remain as they were before the fathers fell asleep…. 

In the Other News section there is a link to an interview by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, who states that we cannot create our exegesis (interpretation) of end times events from the news of the world. I would agree with him in part, however, we live in the information age, which is a recent advancement from the way news and information was disseminated for centuries, slowly or often not at all. Here’s what I mean. Let’s take the recent 9.1 earthquake, followed by the Tsunami in Japan. If this had happened 400 years ago, folks living in England would NOT have heard about it until a ship carrying a letter, from an eyewitness, arrived in London, which may have taken months. Now, in the information age, we watch the pictures of events from all over the world, via satellite, live as they  happen. The world is now wired together, linked in, and truly has become small. We communicate at the speed of light with fiber optics and so with that in mind, is it too much to believe that Yashua/Jesus would have known this when he uttered his prophecy of what we were to watch for that would indicate His second coming, and thus, with that future age in mind know full well that we would be capable of discerning the signs of the times?

Unlike those living before the information age, we can monitor every volcano, flood, tsunami, drought, war and rumor of war, famine, pestilence, and earthquake. We can put these on a graph and compare the frequency and severity of each of these to other periods of time. We can compile the data and then step back and see what it tells us. I am in the process of tracking news events and then comparing these events to the same period of time 4 years ago. I believe that there has been an acceleration of events that would point us to the startling fact that we are living in the birth pangs that Yahsua/Jesus warned us would be the indicator of His second coming.    

In closing todays post: I believe that something supernatural shifted in the heavenly realm at the end of 2009 which started the acceleration of events that we see unfolding today. I also believe that there are unseen forces that are creating some of the disasters that we are seeing. In my opinion, these are the birth pangs that we are seeing and at some point it will become self-evident as to the reality of end times in which we live. 

Watchers 2 – poses the question, are these frequent earthquakes, volcanic activity, floods, famines, tornado’s, record snowfalls, and wars and rumors of wars, business as usual or something more? You will notice that directly below this announcement are a series of disaster articles, all of which are current and taken from todays headlines. Here’s what people are saying about Watchers 2.

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57 thoughts on “Can We Know the Signs of the END TIMES?

    • More confusion in the bowl as far as i am concerned!

      Heb12:26. “His voice shook the earth then, but now He has promised, saying, Yet once more I will Shake not only the earth, but also thr heavens”

      john B

    • Great article Frank. Like he says, “and think critically about the basic laws of physics in light of the information we have been told by the media”.

      In Christ,

      Jeff D

  1. LA, Harold Camping had a stroke………..

    Many lost souls and even Christians are writing in to the Online Missionary site that Late Night Lisa and I ‘work’ on. Some are desperate to know why Jesus left them behind. I don’t know if LNL is getting these messages, but I am. Many have tried to commit suicide. Please pray for these people and if anyone has time, please join up on the site below to help out. God bless.

    • Mary, don’t those people wonder why Camping was left behind? His own personal rapture and he missed it.

    • Here we see on a small scale the danger of pre-Trib rapture teaching. what will it be like when the Whore’s unsatiable lust for the blood of the saints is unleashed in the final hours of the tribulation, when many christians find themselves with no escape. That is what false teaching does it kills faith. All was fine with these people until their expectations were not met!

      “God has given us all things in ChristJesus” and that is Word clearly reveals that we are to endure to the end by his grace.

      it is obvious that Camping’s followers were followers of Camping and not of Jesus. they were listening to a foreign voice.
      Many Wolves in sheep clothing are devouring the flocks of christ. Take heed for yourselves, things will get worse!

      john b

    • Agreed!
      We see through a glass darkly, but from what I understand I’ve always been inclined to believe that Paul’s prediction that those who are living would meet Christ in the clouds comes at the end of the tribulation rather than before. Even if it doesn’t, much of the Church is undergoing persecution NOW, and I have no doubt that it will spread here soon. Let us take christ’s admonition to heart to “waken and strengthen what remains”.

    • We must remember that at no time since Christ ascended
      into Heaven has the Church NOT been under persecuction.
      It has ALWAYS been under persecution and will continue to
      be until the Lord comes back to claim those that are truly

      And yes, as the days wear on and as Brother Lynn pointed
      out above by quoting 2 Peter, 3:4, people will always
      scoff at the Church because we DO have the blessed Hope
      of His return to take us home.

      And until He does, Christians around the world, including
      here in the USA WILL undergo persecuction for the sake of
      the call.

      In Christ,

      Jeff D

      out above quoting

  2. L.A.
    This verse came up when I read about the news and how it travels.
    Dan 12:4
    4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.
    We are in that time..part of the knowledge increase is the technology which allows us to see, and discern the times. Quite obviously we are in the birth pangs.

    • compare Rev. 22:10 “… Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand.”

  3. John B and NMM I read your comments on the previous blog post and I would throw into the mix that Jerusalem since 1993 when Peres and Arafat signed the agreement under Clinton, is Rome`s. All the Ecumenical efforts confirm that. So clearly the last days events will shift to Jerusalem, but Vatican will still be Vatican. So that`s the answer to the witnesses dying where Jesus Christ was Crucified. This city, which is spiritually called Sodom & Egypt is Jerusalem and the Mother harlot is still where she has her seat, in Rome doing work in Jerusalem and all over the world.

    Chris Pinto is right. As were the reformers back in the 16th century and other saints before that. Paddy Heron is wrong on this one and does not know how deep the rabbit hole goes. If you listen to the evidence that Chris Pinto presents this is 100% clear.

    • A lot of history has been intentionally covered up… and Pinto uncovers that like many others. God bless you, John B

    • Jerusalem now on earth is a mix of the heavenly and hellish. When the faithful flee, or are raptured, or are killed there — what’s left? Jerusalem ruled over by New Rome, perhaps? In the natural… But spiritually, what’s left is likely best described as “great babylon, mother of harlots and abominations of the earth.”

      Christ will use Heavenly Jerusalem to demolish the clay and iron empire(s), (note esp. Zech 12 verses 3 & 6).
      Heavenly Jerusalem comes partly back into the world in Rev. 12.

      For analysis…

      Pinto’s work is good. The Vatican has had a long and bloody sway in the world. I likewise agree that catholicism is part of the “beast of the earth” in Rev. 13. And will be a major part of the springboard (launching mechanism) of the antichrist.

      I’d even agree that “great babylon” is a particular city, as the ultimate – outward expression – of “mystery babylon.” But there’s that “double destruction” situation to consider. If it were just a physical city, (primarily of people), there would be no second destruction. But it’s not just a spiritual collective of peoples. It’s also the “dwelling of devils, and foul spirits, and hateful birds.” It’s a spiritual hybrid.

      As are the clay and iron nations, which I’d easily agree is a resurgence of the demonic dominion(s) surrounding the Mediterranean sea — Revived Rome is a good description. During part of history it has been Islam. Rule has shifted back and forth. In prophecy, the northern kingdom ultimately conquers the southern, leading back to Revived Rome.

      But, long before the Vatican (or Rome), “mystery babylon” was at work spiritually, as the foolish woman of the Proverbs (false teaching) in contrast to the wise. Certainly there’s Babylon, Egypt, Sodom … and note especially — Nineveh — in Nahum 3, which is almost identical in description.

      Plenty of times in scripture, Jerusalem went whoring after other gods. Much as it does today given the mix of muslim, catholic, false christian, and other religions there. It’s easier to just note that part of Jerusalem is part harlot and part is faithful, (wheat and tares).Once separated, what’s left? Separation is part of the function of tribulation, whether it’s the wicked that are cast out by the angels, or the saved that are caught up (raptured).

      Hopefully you can see why I disagree in part? And can help correct my errors.

    • Nome; I grasp the duality of Babylon, no disagreement there. Spiritual Babylon or the Spirit of Babylon (the Wine thereof) is world wide (The nations) However; The literal city Rome Capital of the ancient Empire is also catholicism’s capitol from which the humanistic doctrines spread abroad. that literal fact cannot be overlooked.

      john B

    • jB, Yes Rome is the enduring political center of the kingdom of the north, moreso than London, Berlin, or Moscow. I’d agree. And their poisons have spread worldwide.

      What’s behind Rome and the KON? The wolf spirit ~ beast spirit. ~ sundog (false sun). Not the Son of Righteoussness rising with healing in his wings. Rome is more about false heroes and false saviors, and ultimately, likely even The Antichrist. The king of the north as a demon prince, whether an office or entity I don’t know, is the sun-god.

      Distinct from the king/kingdom of the south ~ false prophet ~ prince of persia ~ allah ~ mohammed, etc. You wouldn’t be trying to convince me that the false prophet or mecca is mystery babylon.

      If “mystery babylon” is taken as “mystery religions” then it’s “the occult” (as the foolish woman of Proverbs) that tries to rule over the nations (and kings of the earth). I’d suggest that’s consistent with the masonic, occult, and demonic practices that we so often expose here. The spirit behind it is better describe as the mercury-god or sorcery. Where’s the territorial focus or center of this world wide dominion?

      Does it better fit: Rome, or Jerusalem, or NYC, or London, etc. ??? It best fits the spiritual capital of this demonic dominion. — hidden — in plain sight. …cabals like skull-&-bones (from academic leagues) as collections of elites playing exclusion games, all the while completely manipulated by demonic higher powers.

      No need to go on to the fuller pattern. This summarizes my main points. We can pick up again in later blogs.

    • Bozz, are you aware that there is prophecy that the Vatican will be destroyed in the end of days? Also, the Vatican has been trying for years to be the arbitrator of the holy sites in Jerusalem to maintain peace between the fighting factions.

      All speculative, of course, but gives one pause.

    • Thanks hope_watcher for the plug….you might seek these. Lord Bless, Wayne


      ameriKa “EXPLICITLY” Identified In Prophecy!

    • Bozz, I’m still considering your point that Rome is the mother harlot and Jerusalem is the end-time focus of spiritual sodom and egypt….. Looking for reconciliation.

  4. I have to say also that not only can we know the signs, but we are held accountable to know the. Remember, Christ fulfilled one of Daniel’s prophecies at the right time even, and held them accountable for not knowing. ( I believe that’s the case.)

    In other news, another quake in Christchurch New Zealand. Without waxing too symbolic, maybe God’s trying to wake the Church up, giving us a little more warning before He comes.

  5. Wow! You are so right L.A.! If ya think about it, Christ did not say there would necessarily be more earthquakes, wars, etc. (Although I do believe there are) But the whole use of the word “rumors” in that passage makes me chuckle and think of the lame stream news now! This is a really good point to make when we try to reach out to our dear spiritually deaf and blind family and friends!

    And, you gat me trying to remember what exactly was going on end of 09. The underwear bomber was the first thing that popped up in a search. Hmmm, that was the real pivot point for our privacy and TSA creepiness taking over our lives and really making it a police state.
    Do you remember any one thing just as you got that feeling?

    • Something on the comets that are approaching the Earth in the coming months this year (visit the guys channel for other videos, he does a really good job of the discerning stuff and putting it into videos)

  6. John i was a sort of believer in it and then i decided against it but today…with what ive seen and the Lord has put in my heart I have to say its real.

    I hope many of you actually believe the things you say in and on here and to your friends and families, because if they do not accept the Lord they will see these things and up close and personal. It’s all connected together the war in heaven, the war’s going on in space and whats coming upon the earth. Its different than the way you guys are thinking it will happen and to explain it is something i just dont know how to do. You have discernment use it ! It was foretold long ago. It will happen again. How is this comet or planet changing course so much? I too think its being controlled whether its guided or being flown I have no clue, but i think the things ive seen crawling in it and the sun lately are connected. Its the 2nd heaven part. Satan’s making ready. Will they attack and thats how the antichrist is ushered in ? Will he have the tools in which to barter or to beat them back? it would fit in perfectly if so and makes room for the strong delusion as well. all this is heading our way.

    • thanks Faithfulelect
      do you think that we will be out of here before
      it gets here, and who do you think the ones
      counted worthy to escape these things are?

    • I do. I read the bible a great deal as you know and you can find inferences to it even in the old testament, its just that some need it drawn in crayon their faith is so brittle. I don’t think not believing in the rapture will keep you from it however, but I do think Jesus will definitely have something to say to those that doubted his great love. God bless ya

    • i should add though john thats if this turns out to be the biblical wormwood. If its not then I really do not know nor could i pretend to, but deep in my very soul i feel a stirring now and ive never felt this way. The rapture will not happen until the falling away and that though happening slowly is not what Jesus meant i think..i’d say we will all know pretty soon however.

  7. Since the formation of Israel in the O.T. ..the Bible is about God’s Nation Israel and the nations that they come in contact with. And, we see in Daniel the 4 World Empires that come and go, with the Roman Empire being the last one.

    In the end times, The Empire resurrects, but in a more based fashion. I’m speculating that it Uniting with Islam. Many European nations have already done this, by allowing some Sharia Law into their Legal Systems.

    Israel has returned to their land, starts the prophetic time clock, since 1948…. This fullfilled Ezekiel Ch 36. And now the born-again Christian “Anxiety” factor grows, especially when asking: “How Long is a Generation?” Because One Generation Will See This All, and then, The End Shall Come!”

    The Bible’s Prophetical Stage, is all set up, as far as I’m concerned….What’s Left? The Rapture….and Daniel’s 70th week, which is detailed out in Revelation.

    America is surely experiencing “birthing pains” in all areas of our society and same for The World.

    I’ve got my copy of Watchers 2, today….I can’t believe how fast the order was handled….and Thank You L.A. and your wife for that.

    • G.K.
      Indeed when Israel regained the land in 1948, any of the ones that said the book of Revelation was for 70 AD should have blushed and kept quiet. Funny thing, preterists are becoming stronger. Quick definition: Preterism is a Christian eschatological view that interprets prophecies of the Bible, especially Daniel and Revelation, as events which have already happened in the first century A.D. Preterism holds that Ancient Israel finds its continuation or fulfillment in the Christian church at the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70. The term preterism comes from the Latin praeter, which is listed in Webster’s 1913 dictionary as a prefix denoting that something is “past” or “beyond,” signifying that either all or a majority of Bible prophecy was fulfilled by AD 70. Adherents of Preterism are commonly known as Preterists.(Wikipedia) Kind makes Jesus out to be a liar when He promises to return?
      We are held to know prophecy by Christ’s own words, when He lamented over Jerusalem: Luke 19
      41 As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it 42 and said, “If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace—but now it is hidden from your eyes. 43 The days will come upon you when your enemies will build an embankment against you and encircle you and hem you in on every side. 44 They will dash you to the ground, you and the children within your walls. They will not leave one stone on another, because you did not recognize the time of God’s coming to you.”
      We might not know the fine details, but we are called to study prophecy and to know the signs.

  8. You know i feel a bit convicted. I was on here talking about seeing dark shapes and manifestations but afterThe Lord’s intervention, i have failed to mention what I have seen since. I ve seen white doves one of these spiritual doves flew over my head in the house and it was so startling i asked my wife who thought i was nuts. Ive seen two more since then and a white presence that every now and then I see walking around my home protecting me as i had prayed for so earnestly. Strange isnt it that all i can do is laugh. Its such a big differences feeling that burden gone and now feeling the truth guarding me against the wickedness that was seeking my destruction. Praise you Lord you are indeed WORTHY!

    • Faithful,

      Please forgive me for coming across as a busy-body and even worse for I do
      not doubt that you are having these new expereiences. But I HAVE to ask
      as we are part of One Body…as beautiful and praise worthy as this experience
      is for you, have you TESTED the spirit(s) to find out if this is truly a move
      from Jehovah Yahweh or the enemy disguised as an angel of light.

      Please KNOW the last thing I want to do is hurt you or cause your heart to be
      doubtful of the Lord’s saving power but also KNOW that what I am personally
      going through in my own life with a very real “Hot war” against the armies of
      darkness has caused me to make sure I have ALL my battle gear on the ready to
      combat the forces of evil in ANY form they take…even if it is sent to make
      me feel the load has been lightened.

      We are COMMANDED to test the spirits as I am sure you know. And I can truly
      understand in your spiritual euphoria how easy it is to forget that. If I
      missed where in another post you have said you have done that, please do forgive
      my hasty post. I just do not like seeing another part of the Body getting
      burned by the enemy.

      Please know I am saying this in True brotherly love as we are ALL going to
      come under so much deceptive and heavy attacks as the days draw to an end
      that we must not take ANYTHING for granted that seems to come from Jehovah

      Blessings to you and may your house Truly be protected of the Lord.

      Respectfully in Christ,

      Jeff D

    • I apologize as I do not know why my post came out in
      such an out-of-control format. That has never happened

      In Christ,

      Jeff D

    • Np just saw it and you make a good point. It is possible but how do you test a white dove thats here and gone in 2 secs if that?
      Ill always be under attack mainly because im a fellow soldier, also because I warn those that are under the sway of these forces. It doesn’t really matter in that aspect of it then.
      I felt better and i still cant keep from laughing and feeling warm in the Lord whom if you were here you’d lock me away. Its one thing for people to say things but seeing someone else doing the things they speak of can have very sobering effects. My wife is a backslidden christian and she thinks im off my rocker.
      Me myself i guess ill praise the Lord when things are good to. God bless ya !


  9. By the way guys, asking a prayer for my hubby David. He has “walking pneumonia” fortunately a mild case but it has wiped him out. Pray he will be better soon, it is hard to keep him resting as he should!

    • careful that stuff almost killed me about 8 years ago or 9. I was just growing weaker and weaker, my wife and mother n law thought i was faking it. The only thing that saved my life was my great aunts showing up and taking me to the hospital where i was kept for 7 days. I had trouble breathing towards the end.
      I shall pray for you and yours and i hope for the same. We are but HE IS!

    • Thanks guys, it is hard to keep him in bed but I think the doctor put it in plain terms!
      F.F. Bless you. Hard to think a spouse would say you are faking something so serious. Perhaps it made her think twice when you had to stay in hospital for a week. God Bless that dear auntie, I am sure He had her to “just stop by”!

  10. Weaponized Pathogens (including the fake avian and swine flu “pandemics” and the new super-e. coli with its inserted plague DNA)
    Weaponized “Phude” (fake food, including dangerous GMOs and degraded organic standards)

    Weaponized Vaccines and Drugs (with their childhood-destroying toxins) and
    Weaponized Environment (radioactive and toxic, in a vile synergistic mix)

    All of this leading to Genocide via Genomicide…

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

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