Sunday Go to the Airport BUN!

Well… I wet to LAX this morning to catch my flight to OK City. I was in the TSA-Pat-down line when someone yelled, “Code BRAVO!” This echoed through the concourse, repeated by other men and then a female TSA employee said, “Stay where you are and don’t move.” So there I am without my shoes on, no belt holding my pants, boarding pass in hand, looking around trying to see what the hub-bub was about. There was a tension in the air. Don’t move? What if a bomb goes off? You bet your sweet bippy that this 60 year old body will suddenly transform into an olympic sprinter!
About 5 minutes went by and then someone yelled, “All CLEAR!” The conveyor starting moving, shoes and laptops got X-rayed, people got scanned, and all was back to normal as I relinquished my 4th amendment rights of being searched without probable cause. At least I wasn’t patted down and cavity searched! All of this because of 911, and an idiot who failed to blow himself up as a suicide shoe-bomber.
I know this isn’t much of a bun so I will end by telling you a about what happened yesterday. 21 years ago I was an elder at a church. An incident happened and my wife and I and our young family left that place. We had been there since our marriage and it was my first church. We felt betrayed, hurt, and abandoned by people that we thought were our friends. I became bitter and through this the Lord worked out some wonderful things in my life. I learned how to forgive, even when I was the one who should have been asked for forgiveness. I was reminded that when Yashua/Jesus hung on the cross He said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do! This process of forgiveness took time…. years in fact, but through it the Lord worked out someone wonderful things in my life.
Yesterday I ran into the former pastor of the church that we were kicked out of. I hand’t seen him in 21 years. I was glad to see him and shook his hand and asked him what he was doing. He in turn told me that he had googled my name and saw that I was writing books. Then he teared up and said how sorry he was for what had happened years ago. I laughed and said there was nothing to be sorry about, that what had happened was water under the bridge and that we would spend eternity together! We talked for another minute or two and then we parted. On the drive home my wife and I processed what had just happened. What amazed me was that there wasn’t a speck of bitterness, anger, resentment, or anything else that could have tarnished the moment…. there was only love, acceptance, and forgiveness. All of that to say that the Lord will work in us the attributes that we are told about in Corinthians. If we allow Him, His spirit will transform us, sometimes through adversity, into the men and women that he desires us to become. What was meant to destroy my wife and I, and ostracize us, was used by the Lord to change us, and in that process to become more Christ-like. It is His working in us that makes us godly men and women. It is His power, his love, his relentless pursuit of us, that changes us!

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  1. Amazing story all right.

    You’re probably going to see Gary Stearman? I miss J.R. Church so much.

    I love their monthly magazine so much, I keep every copy.

    I’d like to scan their articles and put them into files for their various categories.

    My printer is down…have a replacement unit.

    Prayer of Protection is Psalms Ch 91

    Pray the enemies out with Psalms Ch 109…

    God Bless your work,

    Greg Kasper
    West Allis, WI


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    And since we are always adding useful audio teaching, commentary, and information about current news we hope to keep you informed of events that are happening within the Messianic Movement.”

  3. It always amazes me how stupid these idiot bombers are. You had the show bomber, then there was the pantie bomber and that one in Time Square bomber, and I don’t know how many other duds. I’m sure some will say they were duds on purpose but it’s probably just the case of idiots or God protecting us from high death tolls. Obama’s team didn’t even stop those last few. If they hadn’t been duds thousands would have died. Were we lucky or did God protect us?

    • Would God protect a nation that instituted religious freedom in their first constitutional amendment directly against the first of the 10 commandments against having other gods?

      Would God protect a nation that murders babies, upwards of a million each year?

      I could go on… but I don’t believe God stopped bombs from going off due to any special protection on the US.

      His children’s prayers (saved through Christ) may have made a difference.

      Though tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes make me wonder otherwise.

    • If you look into it the first amendment is NOT about various religions, it is about Christian denominations. This is how the Founders interpretedit and they authored it. Even those who were not present at the authoring and were not even religious applied this meaning to it. Thomas Jefferson had the Marine Corps Band become the music for a church that burned down in D.C. (I forget which one) Up until the mid 20th century there was a church who met openly inthe Capital. I could go on and on about how the first amendment has been corrupted. So make sure you know what you’re talking about before you say something like that. If people truly understood how some of these things happened stuff like Roe V. Wade wouldn’t be accepted as the law of the land.

      You said you didn’t believe God stopped bombings then you said our prayers may have. Isn’t that the same thing?

      I have heard people here blame God, Satan and HAARP for the natural disasters. How can it be all 3? I personally think that God allows Satan to do what he wants or He doesn’t. Satan’s always trying to do this stuff and only when God allows him to do it does he succeed.

    • 1st Ammendment:
      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

      Looks pretty obvious to me Cap’n.

      God responds to prayer. Could be “yes, no, or wait.”

      Ecclesiastes 9:11
      “I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happens to them all. 12 For man also knows not his time: as the fishes that are taken in an evil net, and as the birds that are caught in the snare; so are the sons of men snared in an evil time, when it falls suddenly upon them.”

    • The Church is the nation to which the Ten Commandments apply. The USA is not a church. The American people are not God’s people. A nation state such as the United States of America is not required by God to ban all religions besides Christianity. Still, I wouldn’t mind living in a country where the official religion was Christianity as long as other religions were tolerated and their adherents not persecuted.

    • JL,

      Clearly tolerance can go too far. What would you think of a nation that followed “do what you want as long as you don’t hurt anyone against their will” ?? Which is really close to what Aleister Crowley the occultist would say, “Do what you will shall be the whole of the law.”

      compare Paul in Romans 2

      12 For as many as have sinned without law shall also perish without law: and as many as have sinned in the law shall be judged by the law;
      13 (For not the hearers of the law are just before God, but the doers of the law shall be justified. 
      14 For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves:
      15 Which shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another;)
      16 In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel.

      I believe Christ is far more interested in His own kingdom and household than how satan runs his. Some call this christian anarchy because of the way that appears to the world (seeming indifference).

      Vernard Eller’s book on “Christian Anarchy” is freely online at house church central. It also got a section on Dietrich Bonhoeffer regarding the Nazis.

      Another resource… which is too radical for me.

      But I can tell you for sure based on numerous places in the Bible that other religions aren’t tolerated in the Kingdom of Heaven — and their adherents will be most definitely be kicked out.

    • But Religion in 1776 meant denomination today. Here’s a good example of words changing. Ben Franklin said he was a deist yet he spoke at the first congress about the power of prayer. A deist doesn’t believe in prayer so how can that be? Well, a 1776 deist was different from a 20th century one. That is why you must ALWAYS look at the original intent.

      JL 0- what you described is exactly what America used to be. The old tolerance was we lived in peace with those we disgreed with. The new tolerance is we must accept all ideas as valid as our own.

    • Cap’n,

      Apparently “religion” in 1530 meant what it does today, per entymology online.

      Modern sense of “recognition of, obedience to, and worship of a higher, unseen power” is from 1530s.

      Are you going on your reading of the founders?

      My favorite word change from the King James is “conversation,” which then meant “citizenship.”

      Ben Franklin was also a mason, (basically occult & idolatrous). And he “didn’t give much thought” to the deity of Christ. So it would be complicated to use him as an example of deism.

    • oops! Got a response stuck awaiting moderation….


      Apparently “religion” in 1530 meant what it does today, per entymology online.

      Modern sense of “recognition of, obedience to, and worship of a higher, unseen power” is from 1530s.

      Are you going on your reading of the founders?

      My favorite word change from the King James is “conversation,” which then meant “citizenship.”

      Ben Franklin was also a mason, (basically occult & idolatrous). And he “didn’t give much thought” to the deity of Christ. So it would be complicated to use him as an example of deism.

    • If religion meant religion then why did the Founders, John Adams, Madison, Jefferson, John Quincy Adams who’s father was John and would have known the intent, interpret it to mean denominations of Christianity? The courts upheld that view for over 150 years and that is what it meant since that is what the founders did.

      I have read many of the founders writings and many of them were Christians. A word they often used is Providence, which meant God/Heaven at that time. Today the secularists brush this stuff off because the meanings have changed.

      Franklin wasn’t a Christian but I’ve seen nothing to prove to me he was into the occult. If any of these guys were at the time they would have been executed. That was the law in many states in early America.

    • actually a us government agent got him on the plane it turned out. A high ranking member of the Justice Dept. Alex jones has the documents just google the vids where he tells u where to find em.

  4. WATCHERS 2 is FABULOUS! Very well done Lynn! I am having horrible eye issues that no doctor can diagnose ( I have seen 7,neuro opthamologists,brain docs and more.Nevertheless,I watched Wathcers 2 two times! It took me 4 hours but it was well worth the effort and time……KUDOS……Now on with Watchers 3 please 😉

    I sure would deeply appreciate any and all prayers by all of you,my family in Christ! Laura

    • Thanks with ALL my heart,been bad since thanksgiving day when I went into hospital,been in 2 times and several pints of blood work,NOBODY knows what is wrong. I am frightened yet trusting.I know it is God filtered and if this a lesson I pray I don’t flub it. Prayers are incredible and DO work.Please please keep me in your prayers and you will be in mine. Blessings Laura

    • Oh,forgot to mention,ha ha ha ,my friend is reading and typing for me,eyes just cannot tolorate laptop screen or TV or sunlight,…etc….etc….
      The sink holes were amazing,other than that I thought the production quality was perfect.Lynn is such a talented man,I love when he does his assorted voices,especially when hearing something and says “Oh boyyy”….ha ha ha …He’s is a treasure and a tonic!
      I so appreciate all of you here at Lynns blog…You all feel like family,even when many squabble…..LOL…..

    • “Ask, seek, knock” definitely.

      Sounds like Lynn’s voices may help you laugh along with more tears.

      Does that help your eyes?

  5. “Mysterious markings discovered at Great Pyramid of Giza”
    By Nuala Calvi, for CNN
    5-281111 05:43 EDT

    “The big question is the purpose of these tunnels,” he added. “There are architectural explanations, symbolic explanations, religious explanations — even ones relating to the alignment of the stars — but the final word on them is yet to be written. The challenge is that no human can fit inside these channels so the only way to do this exploration is with robots.”

  6. Sweet story. Thanks for sharing about getting “disfellowshipped.” That happened to me about 30 years ago at a family-run, independent charismatic church in Williamsport, PA. Overnight all these folks who had been my “friends” the day before turned their collective backs on me.
    Unlike you, I have run into the pastor a few times since then and he’s never indicated he would do things differently. (In fact, he’s probably wishing he’d done it sooner!)
    As Chuck Missler often says, pride is the root of all evil and sin. It’s sad to say but this former pastor of mine oozes pride. Frankly, I’ve always been drawn to humble spirits. These precious souls don’t need a spotlight in cyberspace or in real life. You know them when you see them because it can’t be faked.

    • I’m in this same boat and it’s why I no longer go to church. I miss the fellowship and try to find it elsewhere and even from here I get banned.

      I was looking at my site stats this morning and it shows where visitors come from and I see I must still be talked about on the forum as several people have come from a link posted here and I know I didn’t post a link to my website here:

      You’re telling me that’s showing Christian, brotherly love to people? Yeah, right…

    • C.E. you’re still looking @ things though a hurt heart. There are brighter paths ahead for you. When today’s sermon is archived I’m going to post it for you & hope that you will consider the broader message of how The Lord desires us to relate to one another. And that goes for all of us of course.

    • Yes, Lisa. I have a VERY hurt heart and I want it healed so badly. In the case of the brick and mortar churches I see people from there all the time and they gloat and rub my face in what was done to me. With this online thing I still get hate emails so someone wants to keep it going. I’m sure whoever is spamming here is part of that. Then on top of that I see someone is trying to keep it stirred up and going by linking to my site from the forum. There’s no reason for that. I’m gone and let it die but some people can’t do that I guess. It took a lot for me to return here and I intend to stay. I just try to ignore the online hurt. I miss a lot of my old friends who don’t seem to post here anymore too. I sure wish they’d come back also.

      I look forward to listening to the sermon. As long as I can download it with Gozilla in multiple sessions (if it’s a very large file) I can access anything. LA’s weekly show takes me 3-5 nights to download and they’re 120 MB usually.

    • Capt, that is why I said forgive, forgive, forgive to you the other day. If you take a long look at how you still feel this hurt, it probably means you really do need to forgive deeply in your heart. Just like LA explained in his blog today, because if he hadn’t there wouldn’t have been this amazing peace and acceptance when he saw this man. You can say you forgive, but what I have learned is I can say “I forgive” all I want but it still weighs on you like a heavy chain then it probably isn’t forgiven. I ask the Lord to help me forgive when I simply am so hurt I can’t seem to do it. If you don’t it will block the Lord’s miracles and peace from your life.

    • And also Capt I pray for you everyday because like you I totally understand the loneliness and hurt you feel, my heart does go out to you. I pray for you to feel the Lord’s presence and see his miracles. We all need eachother and need to fellowship, like you I don’t go to church either. But do talk and get together with others as much as I can.

    • Laura – How it feels to me is I do forgive and move on but then someone always drops by to remind me of it again and pour salt in my wound. I always act all friendly when I see these people but they ALWAYS say something insulting to slam me. For example, the last church I went to where the Treasurer stole the money and I worked for him at his business and he didn’t pay me and not that came down on me as if I don’t pay my bills. Well, many of them are like “he actually did you a favor because you would have printed books with your publisher and they’re crooked.” Well, this theme comes up even today. I saw a guy from there around Christmas and he made a slam against my books not making money when they do. Why even bring it up? It’s like they enjoy being cruel. And it just reminded me of all that had happened again.

      Thank you for your prayers. They’re GREATLY appreciated and I just hope He hears us.

      I socialize when I can but there just aren’t many people in my neck of the woods to socialize with.

    • Capt, I hope you don’t think I am diminishing how cruel people can be and you sure have had your share, sometimes people who call themselves christians can be worse than the unbelievers. When I have encountered that I ask the Lord to please not let me see them until I am strong enough to handle seeing them again, and sometimes I never do see them. I pray the Lord will hide you and stop these attacks upon you. I certainly understand that you get over one thing and here we go again is it ever going to stop? Bless you dear brother!

    • Hi Laura,

      Oh, no. Not at all. All I was saying is it’s hard for wounds to heal when people come back to pick at them. In a lot of ways I feel like Frodo at the end of Lord of the Rings where he has those wounds that never healed and it was so bad he had to leave Middle Earth all together with the elves. That’s what carrying this stuff around is like.

      And thank you for your well wishes. It’s great to know that there are still some true Christians out there in this world and I have a few of them praying for me. 😀

    • Dear Cap Eagle:
      Oh dear one,I know what it is to be hurt,but a miracle happened,I FORGAVE those who hurt me! It took alot of repenting and confessing MY holding onto the hurt and grudge,but after praying and honestly seeking TO forgive with many hours on my knees,sitting,driving or wherever,something clicked and I was FREE from the pain,unforgivness,resentment.Talk about freedom!As I was reading the Word,I remembered just how MUCH Jesus forgave and still forgives,how dare I hold a grudge,hold resentment or hold back forgiveness.I also remembered what Jesus taught,love and do good to those who hate you or injure you.It is easy to like and be nice to those who agree with us or like us.Once we really allow the Lord to root out all that resentment,pain and grudges,we CAN forgive and move forward. Then we can be assured we are indeed growing and walking IN Christ.In my experience I noticed when I was hurt or insulted by someone,it buried itself deep within and I lashed out,I BECAME and treated others how I was treated. What a self imposed prison. I also learned the HARD way that “you teach people how to treat you”.Sounds simple but if one really thinks about that,it is profound. Each of us is growing in our walk.Some are much more mature in our Walk and understanding,others are young or even newbies,some try,but they will not succeed because we are trying in our own flesh power,once we ‘let go and yield to the Holy spirit’ man oh man life changes. Personally I welcome you. Blessings to ALL…….Soulatpeace

    • I’ve kept quite on here and bit my tounge 100x’s from your ranks and posts here over the past week.

      So, you didn’t give the link to your website on LA’s blog ???? Ohh really ??? You continue to rant about your banning on the forum and your defiance and playing the victim continues. You’ve posted 3 or 4 links to the forum, after I made an announcement not to bring forum issues to LA’s blog, so even more defiance. Now you lie and say you didn’t post a link to your website, which you did, click on you ID name and it goes to your elf comic book site.

      Your IP is banned from the forum, how did you access the forum ???

      The Moderator forum is accessed by staff only. How did you get that link Ed ???

      So, You think it’s Christian like to Lie, be defiant, rant, and play the victim and trash me, the staff, and the forum,when we’ve worked hard to make this a place for believers to post, when it’s obvious your the one continuing to cause the problems, and falsely accuse others of things, and you wonder when the other folks defend themselves from you LIES. Ok Ed, Keep digging, keep digging !

      You can ask Rose ! There were several times, out of mercy and forgiveness I was going to let you come back on the forum, but eachtime I was about too, you went off ranting here and continued your pride and defiance. You mouthed off to me in PM’s called me names and continued defiance. If you want to continue, let me know. I’ll show the audience what you wrote me and they can decide for themselves, who really is the victim. You want too rumble with me again, trash the forum I worked hard to develope, and also trash ROSE, JEN, AND JEFF also !

      LET’S GO ! I want LA to see the real you as you’ve crossed the line AGAIN ! It’s called: Pride, A liar, Falsely accusing others, and defiance, all rolled up in a NUTSHELL !

      Main Blog link

      Quote below !
      Captain Eagle said
      May 25, 2011 at 8:44 pm
      I have included a link to one of my websites in this post for one time only. If you want to see what I do click on it. The site is for one of my properties and needs updated. I just uploaded it as it was and there is a glaring typo in the quote section of the character gallery. Just never mention the property by name or my full name on this blog. And the site I link to as my main site at the bottom will be a dead link for now. I’m still uploading that site and rebuilding it. It’s my parent site so it gained the attention.

      I like Star ars too but came to it in my 20′s. I never thought the new films were as bad as people said but there are changes I would hve done if it was my baby. For example in Revenge of the Sith I would have had the Ghost of Qui Gonn show up after Obi-Wan and Yoda see the footage of Anakin killing the kids. You needed that to be there because it reflected when Obi Wan’s ghost showed up in Jedi after Yoda dies. It’s when all hope was lost. I think Lucas missed the boat on little moments like that.

      I don’t really do super hero comics but I have qa comedy hero one I’ve done. I do fanstay stuff with my theology behind it. I’m like C.S. Lewis in that aspect. I do prose books and comics but my background is in animation. It’s easier to get more done in print media though.

      It’s just hard not to take offense of attacks and accusations against your faith. Look at what Rose said about me today that was unfounded. That stuff just bothers me. I wish it didn’t but it does

    • Since Ruggie wants to be a bully and brought this up yet again here is my reply to his post.

      1.) I said I NEVER posted a link to my site in YOUR FORUM. I never said I didn’t have it on the blog. I DID say I posted a link on the forum. Get your facts straight

      2.) I would have only known about tat link from where I said I got it. It was in the traffic area of my site.

      3.) I could care less about your “rules”. I’m banned, remember? Your made up stuff does not apply to me.

      4.) You TOLD me to prove 9/11 wasn’t an inside job, you said you had thick skin/ I posted facts and you attacked me and called me names. Then you deleted everything, claimed I called you names then started coming after me. As I said before if I were guilty then so were you. Every time it was settled you or one of your other lackeys kept it going. I did tell you to bite me in a PM. Because you were adhering to a double standard. You are a bully. Just look at your threats to people if they talk about anything on here. They get banned? That’s Christian love.

      5.) I do not play the victim and I do not lie. I have ZERO pride.

      You are mean spirited and angry. Just read your post to me. Are you demon possessed? Every chance you get you come out of the woodwork to attack me and push me around. I’ve been gone for a month, you’ve had your power trip but it’s not enough for you. It’s all about you and YOUR forum. You want to be the big cheese and be on your power trip so run me over again. You love doing it and you enjoy it. There is something seriously wrong with you. You obviously have anger issues. I did not trash talk the forum. I simply stated what happened and you get angry because it’s the truth and it paints what really happened. I’m sorry you’re so angry but I could care less about your silly “rules” or forum. Yawn. I was booted out so it does not apply to me. Grow up and LEAVE ME ALONE!

    • The photo of him looks EXACTLY what I thought LA looked like for years. That is the face I imagined, an aged heavy guy with a grizzley beard and big glasses. It just fit the voice. Instead he’s a clean shaven skinny guy in glasses. Ha Ha. And I’m dead serious. That guy looks EXACTLY how I always imagined LA to be.

    • Soulatpeace – I have no grudges though. I’m not really capable of holding a grudge or being mean. I don’t trust people who have screwed me over and over again but that’s different than a grudge. If someone steals from you you’d be foolish to let them near your wallet again. You can donate money to them if they really need it but that’s different also.

      Sometimes I wonder if I am too nice. I never say rude or mean things to people and when they insult me I just smile and nod my head and it bothers me later. I have a real hard time standing up for myself at times because I treat everyone with kindness. I think people see that and try to screw with me because they know I wont do anything back.

      Interestingly if I were married and my wife were insulted I’d probably be more protective of her than I would be with myself. It’s just how I am. I’d like to think that’s being humble?

      Lisa – Thanks. I’ll have to see if will let me save this so I can watch it.

    • Crud! says I can’t save it. Grrr. Do they have a youtube page? That always works for me.

  7. I believe the code is related to the military code level. Bravo would be an elevated cause for concern. Charlie being an attack imminent and highly probable. Delta is the event is happening or an almost certainty to happen very soon (think 9/11).

  8. Great story LA. Thanks for sharing. It’s always good to hear how God is working in us, even when it takes years to work through our hurts. We know that we can’t do it without Him!
    Looking fwd to watching the interview on PITN!

    • How does forgiveness work when you’re older brother molested you when you were a little girl and he’s never asked for forgiveness and acts like nothing ever happened?

    • The work of forgiveness begins and will probably end with you and not him. He will never admit what he did because he’s probably revised history in his head or even worse, doesn’t believe what he did was wrong.

    • I wanted to answer you Susan, to let you know I understand from my own experience some of the emotional distress you have gone through. I could not think of anything to say that seemed right though. But when Gibby62 added her? note, I felt the need to add in. What Gibby62 has written is exactly what has happened in my case. I have forgiven my older 1/2 brothers many years ago. But since neither of them want to admit, or deal with their actions, they have revised history and want nothing to do with me. They are both far from the Lord and angry with life, I am at peace and in love with the Lord more each day. All I can do is pray for them, to give up pride and repent. But I am free, and they are not.

    • Thank you both for your comments. My 91 yr old dad passed away on the 25th and I am going to the service and both brothers will be there and it’s hard not feeling the dread of going and being around them. I never had a good relationship with my dad or any of my family for that matter. I have a relationship with the Lord Jesus and my Heavenly Father, but it’s been a struggle to let go of the past and be at peace, especially if he doesn’t know my hurt inside. Please keep me in prayer. Thank you and God bless.

    • Susan, Praying for you as you have to deal with a family you are distant from, during a very hard time. I pray the Lord will flood you with HIS forgiveness, peace, mercy, joy, comfort, wisdom, and discernment. May the Word of God fill your heart and mind, and may you be filled with the Holy Spirit and power. I pray no evil or unclean thing will touch you. In Yeshua’s Precious and Holy name.

    • Louie, thank you for your prayers. I felt them all around me. With much trepidation, I made it to the chapel and was welcomed with hugs and handed a red rose to lay on my dad’s body. After it was time to take my dad and all of us to leave, my older brother stayed behind in the viewing room with my dad. That was where the Lord brought us together in the spirit of forgiveness, mercy and love and to start over again. I see that he is hurting too from his own pain from the past, so we stood resolute to make things happier in our family, especially with our mom now that she’s alone. We want to do what we can to make her last days brighter and happier by filling her mind with pleasant memories that at least my brother and I can bring with our healing, something she couldn’t “fix”. Anyway, it’s a beginning. I felt God’s peace on my drive home. It was pouring rain both ways, but I did catch a rainbow on the way home.

      Thank you again. May God’s grace be on you and yours.

  9. Sometimes I wonder when I will call it “all water underneath the bridge” when I think about some of those who have wronged me.

    LA I’m glad you came to a sense of peace. Looking forward to seeing you next sunday.

  10. nomemoleste – I’ve tried 3 times to post this but it always vanishes. Type in

    w w w . w a l l b u i l d e r s . c o m

    For some reason every time I put in the link my post vanishes.

    • Thanks Cap’n!

      You know I appreciate real links. I did a bit of digging over on the site and came up with this:

      “Franklin’s appeal for Prayer at the Constitutional Convention” 1787

      As it turns out, after the Convention, and nine days after the first Constitutional Congress convened with a quorum (April 9, 1789), they implemented Franklin’s recommendation. Two chaplains of different denominations were appointed, one to the House and one to the Senate, with a salary of $500 each. This practice continues today, posing no threat to the First Amendment. How could it? The men who authorized the chaplains wrote the Amendment.

      The real strength of Franklin’s motion, from the conservative viewpoint, is as an example of his supposed “deism,” which is a far cry from what some would make it out to be. Franklin obviously felt that God governed in the affairs of men, not exactly the general understanding of today’s deism. But many people attempt to anachronously impose today’s definition upon Franklin, Jefferson, and others, implying they had nothing whatsoever to do with religion. This is usually done to support a broad, separationist approach to religion and government, which is inconsistent with the words and deeds of those who created America’s political system.

      Franklin, as well as all of the Framers of the Constitution, realized the value of religion in society. And they realized the value of prayer in the weightier matters of politics. As it turns out, Dr. Franklin was not senile at all; he was simply asking for divine assistance in what proved to be the formation of our American system. Perhaps there were no “official” prayers during the Convention, but denying that the delegates wanted God’s blessing and direction, now that would be senility.

    • I responded earlier with a one reference that showed Franklin as committed mason and another that showed him quoting masonic doctrine when asked about religion and Christ.

      I wish your connection was quick enough to hear Chris Pinto’s audio podcasts on Freemasonry in America.

      The problem is that masonic doctrine “de-deifies” Christ, exalts Lucifer, and then mixes in other religions and occult practices.

      It’s the classic case of a wolves in sheep’s clothing.

      WallBuilders’ founder and president is David Barton.

      I’ll follow this up with pointers that help make the conflict between Barton and Pinto clearer.


      Documentary filmmaker Chris Pinto Discusses “The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers”

      Guys like David Barton are entangling the church and believers into a worldly political system; The film “The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers“; It doesn’t matter if David Barton is being considered “America’s historian”, “a hero to millions across America”, “one of America’s 25 most influential evangelicals”… he’s wrong on very important issues, and he is dangerously wrong on who the founders of this nation were and what they were hoping to accomplish–this is dangerous historical revisionism; Barton is doing what Paul warns about in the Scriptures… he’s turning these men who are messengers of Satan–by biblical definition–and he’s transforming them into angels of light; He’s going into churches and encouraging Christians to embrace these men, who had a form of godliness, but they denied the power thereof, because they denied the gospel… the Scripture says from such, turn away… not embrace them and bring them into the church and teach your family to follow their example; Jesus said “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?”

      There’s many more documentaries and podcasts that substantiate the point.

    • I’ve been reading David Barton since 1994, long before Glenn Beck came along. It has no connection for me. I was actually glad to hear Beck was getting Barton out there. (And I’m not really a big Glenn Beck fan. I do have him on sometimes for the news but I HATE it when he does that juvenile stuff on his show. I’ve never watched his TV show.)

      Here is why I believe Barton. He has doccumentation that backs up what he says. The issue earlier with the First Amendment, all of the reasoning behind where the Constitution came from is recorded public record. You can easily obtain a copy and read those minutes. You can see that Barton is correct when he says out Government comes out of Scriptual foundations. The 3 branches of government for example is one of these aspects. None of this stuff was done behind closed doors by secret societies so I don’t see how anyone can read that sort of thing into it. We have the minutes and they say what they say and it is what it is and this Biblical basis was upheld for over 150 years until 1947. Barton doesn’t make this stuff up. He always has documentation to back up his claims. Does Chris Pinto have the same?

      You either believe what is in front of you or you don’t and I believe the historical record and history because that’s what happened. It’s not open for speculation like a lot of this free mason stuff. If I saw factual proof that couldn’t be shaken it would be one thing but as of yet I haven’t seen it. All it ever adds up to is that some founders were free masons but we never know what that actually means. I have read a lttle bit about the American free masons of olde (yes, olde) and from what I read they were not the same as some found the old world. They were just a lodge of guys who shared the name.

      David Barton says he got started when God told him to look at the SAT scores from 1950 or so to the prsent and Baron found that after school prayer was removed, IE the school turned away God, the scores drop. He then looked at other stats. Teen pregnency rises, out of control children, like kids doing criminal behavior, also rises. The divorce rate climbs, and so on. Barton has found and believes that every time America turns its back on God, god turns away from America. The stats seem to support that theory.

      I also know people who have worked with David Barton and I don’t believe he has any sinister motives. I trust those people I know and since they’ve worked with him first hand I have to respectthat more so than arm chair commentators who want to condemn anything that may prove America was once a Godly nation.

    • Captain Eagle,

      Please check out the speaker’s list for the Future Conference coming up in Branson, Mo.

      Chris Pinto is one of the featured speakers, along with Gary Stearman, etc.

      Derek and Sharon Gilbert will also be there.

      David Barton is in the enemy camp compared to them.

      That may explain why some folks have been unfriendly around here. Complicated by the nasties getting in through your open email.

      In any case, I want you to be sure in your own mind which side you’re on.

      There’s only one right side. And that’s walking with Christ.

      We need to hold Jesus up. He’s the solution, none other.

    • What this all seems to come down to is that some Christians believe we should have no role in any country/government or that we should. Barton isn’t the only one where I get this information from. Another was the late Dr. D. James Kennedy. I also look at history. It does seem that God blessed the U.K. then America and the blessing is moving on. At the times of the blessing both lands supported the Hebrews. Biblical prophecy also seems to back up that these lands would be blessed for a time before they abandoned the Jews and God moved away. This isn’t replacement theology either. I reject that entirely.

      I also look at history. The Pilgrims for example seemed to have had God guiding them. They tried for Jamestown 3 times and every time they headed south a gust of wind pushed them further north. They landed on the only shore in America where the Indians wouldn’t have slaughtered them on sight. The tribe who once lived there died out. Then you have Squanto. He was the only survivor because he was taken prisoner, taken to England, learned English and found the Lord. He was the one who saved the Pilgrims but it seemed that was God’s intent for his life all along. Only after that original colony died off did future generations make trouble with the indians.

      D Day is another example. A fog rolled in just in time to give the allies cover to reach France undetected. Coincidence? Tha’ts the hand of God, my friend.

      And I never said everything America does is right. But I can see God’s hand over some of the events in er past.

      I also don’t see how on one hand you and others complain that America is evil because of abortion and God has cursed it over that and at the same time you condemn guys like David Barton as the enemy when he not only tells you how abortion became the law of the land but shows how we can overturn it.

      I have also found that a lot of these America haters are wolves in sheeps clothing. Many of them are not Christian and only pander to the Christians who want no part in America to use them for their own purposes. It’s just like the 9/11 “truthers”. They come from the same Godless camp and are using Christians and making fools out of them.

      I’m on God’s side and as far as American history goes I look at where the facts point me and they point me to a lot of the things David Barton says. My same logic process is what brought me here in the first place. Because my own alien/fallen angel study brought me to the same conclusions as LA has come to I was interested in what he had to say. Hence my being here. If the facts pointed me to Pinto’s camp I’d be there too. You just can’t argue with facts and that’s what I’m always looking to.

    • So, Ed. do you believe Jesus is Savior and Son of God?

      If we can agree on Him, we can easily agree to disagree on the rest.

    • It should be obvious that I do. I just don’t see how anyone can ignore the facts wherever they lead on the other things like America’s Godly past.

    • Yea!! Jesus is my Savior, Preacher, Pastor, Teacher, Priest, King, and Judge. He overcame death at the cross, resurrected after 3 days and ascended after 40 days, having interacted bodily with many witnesses.

      As Son of God, he has ascended not only to the right hand of the Father, but also to the midst of the Throne of Heaven. And He’s coming far sooner and more personally than even the watchers (watchmen) expect.

      I’m His companion, His child, His brother, and collectively His bride as part of His Church, most of which are the greater assembly of saints in heaven. My citizenship is there with Him in His city and kingdom.

      I’m a warrior and ambassador here, warring against principalities and powers and the spirits of darkness in high places — and not against flesh and blood people who need to be saved. I’m also an Ambassador of Reconciliation.

      All of this far far eclipses allegiances and kingdom building in this world.

      I know him as Jesus, Yahshua, Yeshua, and Y’shua, certainly Christ and Messiah. I also know that as Creator nothing was made without Him.

      John 1
      “1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 The same was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. 4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men. 5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”

      Ed, do you find any of this about Jesus that you disagree with? Have you ever told Him in prayer? Have you ever asked him for the Holy Ghost?

      In Christ, there’s plenty of time to iron out our differences, which He’s very happy to help with.

  11. I’ve listened to , I wish they had better archived system to locate their shows, but they speak about Barton much like Pinto.

    • This may be it…

      [audio src="" /]

      Show 258 4-2-2011 Future Quake – Tomorrow’s Tremors – Proven Oil Firm Deal for Iraq War, Chinese Inflation, CIA Involvement in Syria, Beck’s Masonic Clothes and New Religious Movement, Newt’s “American Exceptionalism”, Beck and Huckabee Feud, Barton Avoids Debates, Ominous Earthquake Exercises, The Spear of Longinus, Lincoln’s Pantheism, and “Origins of the Overclass” #63 Guest: Doctor Future, Tom Bionic

    • that’s the one, thanks for finding it. I really enjoy that program. Nice guys who love God.

  12. So we had another bad storm here tonight and I went to bed early and I just woke up a bit ago and couldn’t get to sleep so I started watching some DVD’s. I don’t know about you guys but when I’m not looking at worldly events of the end times I enjoy old sitcoms. I was watching some Dennis the Menace, anyone rememberthat 1959 sitcom? If not, it’s GREAT and you HAVE to see it. It’s right up there with Andy of Mayberry and The Honeymooners. There are not many shows that get me to laugh out loud and this one sure does. What makes it so funny is when you see how Dennis is going to screw Mr. Wilson this time and he never ever means to. It’s also an innocent time when America seemed pure, more so than it was today. I know some disagree but there really were communities like the ones we see in this show and Andy of Mayberry. But anyway, if any of you need something light hearted (other than Scripture of course, but I wouldn’t really call Scripture light hearted) to lift your spirits during the troubling events check out some Dennis the Menace. I sure wish they made shows as innocent and pure as this one is and it’s so well written. Not like the crap on TV today. Anyway…

    • Hey Cap, I am right there with you on the old family sitcoms. Haven’t seen Dennis is decades. In my book, The Dick Van Dyke Show was and always will be the BEST of ANY sitcom…EVER.


      That strongly hints at NO AGRUMENT BY ANYONE OK? LOL


      Sadly those days of “Clean and wholsesome” TV are literally history now. And that does make me sad. Yet, it is good to have TV Land to bring them back any time, like you said, “You need something lighthearted” and these shows will certainly be a tonic to the soul, especially for those of us who sometimes pine for “The Good ‘Ol Days”.

      In Christ,


    • I hadn’t seen Dennis since the 80’s and it takes me back to being a kid. I love it.

      Dick van Dyke is one of the greats too. I have’nt seen that since the 90’s. I hope to grab those DVD’s eventually.

      The thing is these shows are SMARTLY written. I enjoy old radio too like The Great Gildersleeve and a lot of those shows had the same writers as the early sitcomes. Most of the shows today are just “fluff”. These old shows had content and plot. And they reflected real values. Dennis and his family go to church. His parents love each other and his dad isn’t a bumbling buffoon. It’s just as good as Andy of Mayberry and I wish we still had shows like that today. But, yes, they are a thing of the past. Anyway…

      What a tonic the old shows are!!

      I love Hogan’s Heroes too. Those are like mini WWII movies. Col. Klink nd Schultz stole the show and the Nazi generals and such were pretty funny too. I mean they were the heavies but they ALWAYS looked like fools. Ha ha…

    • Here’s a cross link to the prior discussion.

      It’s not hard to reconcile the spiritual and physical regarding the Two Witnesses. Christ taught us that what starts in the spirit also comes out in the flesh. (hate becomes murder, lust becomes adultery, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed that when planted becomes a great tree which is also a dwelling for the birds…)

      The Two Witnesses manifest the Spirit of Prophecy. Christ himself is the Word of God and the Spirit of Prophecy. The preaching, signs, and wonders of the Two Witnesses are faked by the false prophet (aka spirit of false prophecy, aka balaam, moon-god, allah, prince of persia, beast from the earth, king of the south, etc.)

      So there’s something more going on than solely physical or spiritual manifestation. Perhaps fractal (or holographic or harmonic or foreshadowed) presentation across in time and space, to greater and lesser degrees.

      I’d also agree with Hopeful_watcher about physical manifestations of the Two Witnesses as literally two witnesses in Jerusalem, much like John the Baptist came as forerunner in the Spirit of Prophecy (understood as Elijah). This will be the main event for the Two Witnesses in all of history. All others are echoes or foreshadowing.

      Same for antichrist. We know the antichrist spirit is in the world. John gives us tests. Antiochus epiphanies, hitler, etc. are all instances. But “The antichrist” as an individual is also coming openly, the main instance in all of history and prophecy. And just as those that have the antichrist spirit (false savior, false messiah) are only extensions of The antichrist, (i.e. the minions of his dominion in the end time), the same extends through the generations. Other names for the demon prince that comes in human form as The antichrist: sun-god, prince of grecia, king of the north, emperor of rome, fuhrer, caesar, kaiser, possibly even the end time pope since he will claim to be god and likely also claim to be christ…. Javier Solana has been an antichrist but not The antichrist.

      For comparison, Obama seems to me to be more controlled by the dragon (hypocrite, two faced, etc. … saturn-god, satan) As the US president, I would have expected him to be just another nicolaitan, which he certainly exhibits also. There may be a battle for control going on; the enemy camp isn’t about cooperation, it’s about dominance and conquest. As for being an antichrist (aka sun-god, reincarnated RA), and part false-prophet (aka muslim moon-god…), that’s all there also — but he’s really weak as a pseudo-savior or false-prophet. I’ve prayed for him to escape.

      The rule is that what we fear comes upon us and that we begin to look like our gods.

  13. grrr I downloaded the new ie9 and it’s totally messed my pc up when it comes to links vids and other things or Id been around a tad more. Still busy with wife and her probs and many of my own but God bless everyone!

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