Third Intifada: It’s all about Israel and the “Occupation.”

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L. A. Marzulli

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“Palestinians have not been excluded from the Arab awakening that was dawning on the region and Israel is not immune from its ripple effect”

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

It is only three days until Friday, May 13. Will there be a third Intifada or will it be a no show? I don’t have any idea of what will happen and as I have posted on this BLOG, the Intifada is under the radar and is not being covered at all by our media.

Last week HAMAS, which is a known terrorist group, made a deal with FATAH, to work together. These two parties have been at odds with one another, yet we see them putting aside their differences and coming together, which begs the question what are they coming together for? I believe it is a common hatred of Israel that is the glue that holds these to parties together.

HAMAS refuses to recognize the state of Israel, and therein lies the fundamental problem which is this, does Israel have a right to the land? I believe the answer can be found in our Bibles, as the prophet Ezekiel, penned prophetically, 2600 years ago, that in the last days Israel would be gathered from the four corners of the earth and reestablished in her ancient homeland. This happened in 1948, on the heels of the holocaust, from the ashes of 6 million Jews who perished in the death camps. The Muslims call the birth of Israel, al-Nakba, “the catastrophe,” and this is the source of the struggle.

There are now 8 million Jews living in Israel. Tel Aviv, Sedrot, Jerusalem, Netanya, Be’er Sheva, Nablus and other cities are without walls, gates, and bars, a feature unheard of in the ancient world and one detail that Ezekiel mentioned in his prophecy.

As of this post the status quo has changed in relations between Egypt and Israel, as I believe the historic peace treaty that Anwar Sadat, made with Israel, will be voided. Sadat was assassinated, most likely by the Moslem Brotherhood, for making that treaty. Here is a link to that assassination.

In closing today’s post: Israel is now surrounded by those who would like to see her destroyed. There has been atrocities committed on both sides of the conflict, and that has been used by both the Israeli’s and the Palestinian to justify their causes. That being said, if Palestinian children are  taught that Jews are the descendants of apes and pigs there’s not much room for common ground, is there? Friday is coming and we will see what  happens. Will this be the event that ignites the Middle East war? Will cool heads prevail? Only time will tell….


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87 thoughts on “Third Intifada: It’s all about Israel and the “Occupation.”

  1. Glenn Beck’s new theory is that Isreal will be blamed for high gas and the world will turn it over to Islam. Beck is there this week. Maybe he will see Lisa. Ha Ha.

    • I just can not put any faith in Glenn Beck’s conspiracy theories.1st he is a Mormon and so has allegiance to the Mormon church first and foremost,2nd he is employed by Rupert Murdock a know extreme liberal new world order type and so is subject to his scrutiny and has to buckle under to his boss’s beliefs,3rd he is a former disc jockey entertainer not a scholar. His job is to distract the masses and provide a offset to the other set of idiots on the view etc. Whatever he puts out there is just what he is told by his masters.His job is to help keep the left/right paradigm going and so keep the people fighting against each other.Bread and circus’s for the slaves. IMHO

    • I didn’t say I believed him. I was just stating what he says.

      People want to attack Fox News and Conservative radio but you hear more stories from them that the mainstream news doesn’t cover. I first heard about the march to Isreal from Beck. Why would he tell us thatif it’s his job to keep us uninformed?

    • Cap, There’s a little something going on called “controlled opposition”. It appears as pitting the Right against the Left so our attention is occupied with all that conflict while behind the scenes is where the real action is taking place. Which, of course, you will never hear on any mainstream media. Rupert Murdoch owns Fox News and my understanding is that he is an Illuminati member as are many, if not all, of the owners of media outlets. They’ll tantalize us w/ allowing the “conservative” outlets to report items not heard on the “liberal” ones and then the sheeple are wrapped up in the conflict so their attention is occupied.

      I know it appears that Glen Beck, et al, exposes a lot that we don’t hear in other places but it’s done under the auspices of Murdoch. I don’t think all the talking heads are aware of what’s really going on but if they found out and began to report it they wouldn’t be on the air long.

      That’s how I see it, anyway.

    • I think that it is good I am not famous! LOL or someone might say that I am a former root beer stand carhop instead of a professional artist who was once a dept. head at a major university before retiring to run my own picture framing shop!
      I guess all I am saying is that Glenn Beck may not always be right but he does seem sincere and he quotes the Bible and I have never heard him quote the book of Mormon.
      Let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water or judge lest we be judged. What were you before you were who you are now?
      It is the same as me saying I should not listen to anything Randy says because he was once a non Christian paperboy or kid who mowed lawns, or worked at a McDonalds…..I don’t say those things because Randy says intelligent things that make me think….but I put my faith in no “man”

    • I agree with Rhema.

      Its always good-cop/bad-cop. They do feed us a little more info than the others,but its just how most churches are. They feed you a little bit of the grace of the gospel(GOOD news) to hook you, then they control you with the law,fear, and heavy burdens. Its nothing new.The pharisees controlled the Temple the same way. This was the ONLY thing that actually brought out wrath from our Savior btw…

    • Randy – How is it fighting to tell us events that happen?

      Rhema – How do we know who picks the content onthe shows? Supposedly all of the hosts are involved on the content.

      Elaine – In Beck’s latest book I’m told it’s full of New Age teachings. I’ve never read it. I’m not sure what to make of Beck on faith. He sure does mention Jesus a lot more than any Mormon I’ve ever seen, met, or read. But some will say it’s a trick. I’m just not sure. I do know some of his guests are strongly Christian. David Barton is a man I’ve followed since 1994. I hope Beck sees the light and drops Mormonism but I’m told he’s deeply into it. It’s sad because he seems like a nice, smart guy.

    • Cap, I think what Randy is saying is basically what I said – keeping the “Conservatives” and “Liberals” fighting to keep our attention off what’s really going on.

      As to the news content: The reporters may have some input on certain stories but the owner has all the control and if s/he objects to a particular slant or content of a story then it won’t be broadcast. Remember the posting recently that took us to a link where the owner/publisher (Hearst) of the newspaper issued the command: Puff Graham. Almost instantly Billy Graham became a household name? Now we find out that he’s a Mason. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

    • CE
      David Barton? You might want to check out Chris Pinto’s work on history and origins of the USA.

    • agreed randy beck’s been waaay to wishy washy and downright liable against the truth movement and not to mention fema and their lying agenda.

    • Woc – What’s the problem with David Barton now? Are you going to tell me he’s illuminati? Skull & Bones? Part of the New World Order? I have mutual friends with David Barton and I know he’s on the level. No everyone is out to get you and not everything in a conspiracy.

    • “I do know some of his guests are strongly Christian.”

      And yet apostle Paul tells us that those with another gospel at our doorsteps must stay outside and we should not let them in. What we see in fox news is just another form of ecumenism. There are joining together because of the end time prophecies. After all Mormons have the KJV bible and yet they have another gospel attached to it, a lie buried deep in truth. How do you deceive the masses? Bury the lie deep in truth. A little leaven leavens the whole lump. It was done so slowly over time for ages. Mainstream media is nothing different.

      I agree with you Randy and Rhema.

    • And what of the guests with the SAME gospel?

      So if the main stream news is bad and fox news is bad then where do you get your news?

    • Bozz – And how do you know that isn’t what I do? There is way too much nitpicking lately on who is evil and who is not. Don’t you think I can listen to a Beck or a Lmbaugh or a Savage and be able to discern truth from lies? Just because you listen to a host does not mean you endorse their lifestyle. LA has to use that disclaimer now because of the nitpicking on who he sometimes talks to. There is no difference between this and the temple leaders of Jesus’ day.

    • I give up Ed you win, Glenn Beck is dang near a God and I am just a kook for disagreeing with the great all knowing, all seeing Ed. You just seem to want to argue all the time. i have grown tired of it. Sorry folks but i have had my fill of it here and on the forum.I shall really try to ignore him for now on.i am aware this is mean spirited but I have reached the point where I just do not care to be talked down to anymore by a boy who plays with dolls. Randy
      Please feel free to disregard any comments I make because unlike Ed I do not claim to be the soul arbiter of truth.

    • What is your problem? Why do you think I support everything about Glenn Beck? I’m not arguing or talking down to anyone either. I’m just contributing. How am I being mean spirited? I’ve never claimed to know all truth either. I’ve always said I seek the truth.

      If something offends you then just don’t look at it. I’m not trying to make people angry. I have no idea why everyone gets that way with me.

    • and in those days they will be easily offended….it is a good way to stop communication! It is the way the Muslims are…..I respect you and I respect your right to your opinion and will not judge you even though I may not agree….but I respect myself enough to reserve that right!

  2. There will something happening as a Catalyst to cause more wars over there. Nothing happens until Israel returns to their land…Ez Ch 36.

    The stage is set…Turkey is allied with Russia…Ez Ch 38..

    The destruction of the Aswan Dam is cheduled to happen..Ez Ch 29, making the land unihabitable for 40 years…

    The destruction of Syria 40 years not habitable. The destruction of Damascus Never to be inhabitated again…And the list continues.

  3. Thanks for covering this stuff.

    Idk if they really will go thru with it. I mean, we know prophetically something like this will happen. But are they going to go thru with it?

    Not that I want to see it, but we see so many times stuff like this gets built up, only to fizzle out. I think and hope that’s what happens this time. but if LA is right, we better be on the lookout.

    Thanks for covering this stuff.

    Idk if they really will go thru with it. I mean, we know prophetically something like this will happen. But are they going to go thru with it?

    Not that I want to see it, but we see so many times stuff like this gets built up, only to fizzle out. I think and hope that’s what happens this time. but if LA is right, we better be on the lookout.

    Maine earthquakes are interesting. Its good to see science coming up with plausible excuses to answer why there is an earthquake in a place where none should be. Its not like weren’t warned by the Lord 2000 years ago there will be quakes in diverse places.

    Laslty, dumb question.

    I know Yoga is basically Hindu worhsip of brahma, and I know it cannot be done just physically and lose the spiritual aspects, but there are some nutso “christians” doin christian yoga (so called) by doing the poses and assigning scripture verses. Is that as bad as I think it is, or am I just seeing satan under every rock? I mean, saying one can redefine yoga like this is like saying its ok to do tarot cards as long as I throw bible verses on them.

    Same thing for tai chi. That is not so much worship, but can the moves be separated from the spiritual side of things?

    How about acupuncture? I’ve heard lynn dickie and gotquestions .org say its OK, but lynn said one must be careful. (Presumably of chakras and “color acupuncture”) I sometimes do acupuncture forr shoulder/neck pain and it helps, and I don’t see any spiritual thing going on, and God’s not “checking” me on it, so how do I know it’s safe or not?

    We live in deceitful times.

    • Ask yourself this Frank. “Are the practices about utilizing natural laws or demonic contact?” The most High created all things and the physics that apply to function.

      HOWEVER, we are instructed not to indulge in “Stargazing”/astronomy even though the Lord God created the constellations. There actually IS prophetic truth written in them. The Maggi were RIGHT about the the birth of a special king…IDK

      Even pharmaceuticals are said to be rooted in a craft taught by fallen ones. The original “witches” were the women who breed with the fallen ones to create the nephilim or giants. Are we partaking of witchcraft when we take a Tylenol?

    • See, that’s a great way to think of it.

      I may be wrong, but modern medicine used things, probably unbiblical, to get us where we are today. Such as dissecting dead bodies. (I’m just brainstorming here). So does that mean surgery is out?

      I think that acupuncture at least has some physical effects but has questionable origins.

    • I think first of all the God is the creator of all things. He also gave man the intelligence to use what he gives us. That is how I look at medicine. Aspirin comes from a bark of a tree. Mint is a plant that grows everywhere and can be used to make tea to settle a stomach. Besides Timothy was told to take a little wine for his stomach… is that medicine??I don’t see witchcraft in it, unless it is done with a chant to some false deity.

      I think you are mixed up with “stargazing” Bon. We are not to use the stars to direct our paths or see the future as in ASTROLOGY! Astronomy is a whole different subject! I love looking at the pictures from space from the Hubble telescope! It makes me more aware of my Creator and the beauty he has made even in space! Studing how the planets revolve around the sun we learn about seasons and weather patterns etc. Science is in the bible..especially in the book of Job and he speaks of the constellation of Orion and the Pleiades! I think if God mentions it in his word it’s okay to look at the stars as the science of Astronomy.

      Astrology is a system of telling the future. Funny how most people know what their sign is!

      The Planet X stuff right now is astronomy….

    • Frank,

      Yes, I am currently in the process of furthering my career in the medical field and so much about it bothers my spirit.I question going on with it because of the things involved. The EVIL prices man has paid to even get to what you know as modern would keep you up at night(ie:dissecting horses ALIVE). Someone I know has a close relationship with another involved with currant research. She says they are amputating mice legs and growing them back all day long! The person who told me this was a part of the team who developed the endoscopic procedures/equipment.

      Karen Taylor,
      I dont think you quite understand the dynamics of the conversation I was having with Frank.Yes,”astrology” suggests the “dark arts” but I was using current terms pharmaceutical(“medicine”)and astrology(the study of celestial) to examine things we are all involved with that may not be biblically kosher. Pharma is spoken about in the bible as sorcery.There is a well known association between “potions” and witches.There is a reason for that. More ancient understandings of this link deals with the fallen ones teaching certain KNOWLEGE to man such as war,pharma,cosmetics…It is said to be the very ORIGIN of witchcraft and ONE reason these women chose to mate with them to produce giants/nephilim.You could explore this on your own to get a better understanding of what Im talking about. Im happy for you that you enjoy looking at photos produced by telescopes.

    • All good points but in this area in sw virginia where I am there are certain sects of holiness that do not believe in medicine at all and have let their loved ones die from snake bites where their legs burst open and they were begging to be taken to the hospital at the end… Im not judging I just find it curious as both of you made excellent points. Yet so often God turns the workings of evil to his true purpose as all things must inevitably go.

    • Faithfulelect,

      I PROMISE you I am not a “snake-handler” LOL! I dont have a big bun on my head and I wear make-up.HECK I even wear PANTS LOL!

      No my point is that we all turn a blind eye to things when they benefit US.Countless horrors go on everyday for the advancement of science.You would be shocked at the level of trans-humanism already OUT there with pig/human synthesization. I love Tom Horn but he doesn’t realize trans-humanism is already mainstream and HAS BEEN.Its unholy.

    • Heh I wasn’t implying you were I was summarizing basically that from the watchers evil intentions God turned their revelations or inventions to his ultimate good.

  4. I heard on the radio that a study came out today on how birth control pills have ruined the relationship of the genders. The gist is that the pills mask or destroy natural things God has put in our bodies to attract us to each other. What I found interesting is when they explained some of the things our bodies sense in each other one had to do with a differing immune system so our offspring would have an even stronger one. Ever since birth control this hides that and look at the odd illnesses in young people and children today. Is it connected? Could this also be why people are turning to homosexuality? There is a confusion in chemical sensing in the opposite sex so they either turn to homosexuality on purpose or their own system becomes confused and they get attracted to the same gender? I’ve never seen anyone ask this. They either say born gay or it’s a choice but could some of it have to do with sexual confusion caused from medication? Just a theory. I’m not saying I believe it. But it is interesting in what they read about these chamical reactions in the sexes that can even be detected from just a t shirt without seeing the person who wore it.

    • Interesting theories. I believe homosexuality is some sort of emotional issue as well as a spirit of perversion(the thrill of rebellion). Gay men will say that they feel like “a woman trapped in a mans body” yet, studies show that promiscuity is a huge part of the culture.that is historically MAN trait…(don’t get offended!Not ALL men :))
      Lesbians I know put up a physical wall and try to appear very masculine, but they seem to be very emotional (feminine trait).

      I have a theory of narcissism when it comes to gay men.Sometimes I wonder if gay men are truly “gay” because of their obsession with feminine beauty and fashion. Its almost as if they are truly attracted to women but a narcissistic lust to BE the object of desire is the root…At least in a lot of cases…There is a lot of glamorous parading and attention seeking. They covet a woman’s beauty. Also, it seems as if a lot of gay men were molested as children. Their first experiences involved “being” the object of desire.

      I see a theme of “power” and “safety” with lesbians.

    • I once heard someone say that there are various stages of depravity and that Lucifer loved his own beauty.

      I know of homosexuals who are nothing but masculine throughout. you would never pick them to be Gay.

      one of them use to come to some meetings I use to hold.
      the lord exposed him as the strong sodomite.

      I confronted him, to this day he continually smears my name. the other day down the street he came up to me and did some bowing gesture and laughed at me.

      I believe that this man was given opportunity to repent but choose not to do it. Has God given him over to insatiable lust? based on what Apostle Paul says in Romans1 I would say Yes.

      John B

    • Do you ever wonder if THAT is the root of all the “goddess” stuff? As in Columbia for example is always holding a star as the “Light-bearer” (AKA Satan/Lucifer). I’ve often wondered if Satan likes appearing as a woman.

      Yes,I hear that the “true” homosexual is the masculine kind.I don’t have a theory on what THAT one is about other than the thrill of “forbidden fruit”. I have compassion for those who are caught up in this sin and believe there IS hope for some. But you are right,many LOVE the sin and darkness and will not repent.These are the ones who try to make it acceptable in clergy. There is no light in them.

      I’m sorry for your trouble with the scorned one.Is he like the “cop” with the Village People? (LOL sorry) They ARE very querulous indeed.The feminine ones are no “frail flowers” LOL!They can hold their own!

      I’ve learned you have to be very careful in your approach or they will use it to “prove” to the world that Christianity is “unloving,unforgiving and judgemental”…I believe it is also to KEEP the homosexuals (who could)from trying to escape.

      Bottom line, rebellion and rebellion from nature is not of God.I always hold my ground on this and tell them it is THIER soul and between them and their Maker…

    • I know not Bon about satan but the things I have read all tend toward hermaphroditic. Dont ask me why.

    • The trend is so; first came the feminist (women in authority)in direct opposition to the Apostolic Authority for church rule, this in turn paving the way for this abomination (the homosexual).
      These evil twins (Feminism and homosexuality) work hand in hand.

      It is all part of the Apostasy indeed in the end of it all the Godly remnant shall remain pure to the Apostles teachings.

      John B

    • Bon, all good points of discussion.

      I think bon you have to take this before the Lord to see if He wants you to continue.

      I have a friend who just finished a PhD in medicie (and experimented on mice, but not cutting legs off) and he is now I believe going into medical missions.

      Near as. I can tell, he sincerely loves God and wants to save those who suffer.

      I agree that pharma is sorcery in some capacity, however I think there is a place for it. The danger from pharma comes when it is mind altering. They have cough syrups, that cause night terrors, because of a chemical in it no doubt, that must cause a spiritual door. We also suspect, from enoch, that root cuttings were taught by the fallen angels for sorcery. Does that mean we cand cut potatoes or ginger root as they are roots? I think not. So too with some herbal medicines used in chinese medicine. While I think chinese meds and accupuncture probably originated from beliefs in chi (and operate in that capacity to some extent now) I believe there is a chemical biological component that makes it work.

      In other words, long time ago, someone discovered sticking needles in a spot made pain go away, or eating certain herbs helped a certain ailment. They then must have incorporated that scientific reaction as something related to their worldview. I realize this is dangerous territory to walk on here, but it is my working theory.

      In the end though it is God who ordains who is healed and how. He designed the body, and I believe He gave us the means to care for the body.

  5. I enjoyed the “Sign of the skull ‘points to Nazi gold hoard’ article. Thank’s for posting.

  6. La and fellow blog members I apologize for losing it in a earlier post,that was very un Christ like. I am sorry you had to witness such a poor display of etiquette. In the future I shall try to just keep my fingers shut if I can not do better than that.Sadly sometimes the dark side wins a battle as you witnessed, but rest assured with the Lords help I shall win the war.God Bless you all. Randy

    • We all have those kinds of days brother. We believers are a family, but siblings don’t always get along. Thanks for being a man and doing the right thing in the end.

    • Randy…we all have our battles and you appear to be winning yours. Previously, when you would inadvertantly let off a little steam, it would take a day or 2 for the Lord to help you to see it. Now, he seems to be getting through much more quickly…and that’s a good thing.:)

      Pride…”the desire to COMMAND respect”…words from God. It rules and destroys people and families and nations but through the power of the Lord it will not rule us. It’s the one thing that people will take with them when they die but those of us in Christ will leave it behind.

    • Randy, as someone that loses it more often then I would like to admit, I have been just as frustrated as you at times, and unfortunately, a knee jerk reaction from me was not the best course of action. Thankfully the Lord is not through with me yet and if he doesn’t give up on us, then half the battle is won.
      I do understand your frustration and your apology shows the kind of person you are.
      Much respect.

    • I think we’ve all done that some days we just wake up more cranky or more sensitive and also the only thing about this form of comunication I hate is from typing its so easy to misinterpet intention and/or sarcasm when many times none was implied. I tend to come across as harsh when I never intend that. When I want to be harsh Ill say Im being harsh or angry.

  7. At least LA doesn’t bully people and ban them. What a sad thing that a forum baring his name is run by such childish people.

    • More evidence ufo entities are “Messengers of Deception” and use mind control on contactee and abductees:

  8. In all our waiting for prophecy to be fulfilled Let us not loose sight of this; we Christians born of the Spirit of God are the only representatives of the righteousness of God in this world.
    It is my belief that we are the most hated objects of the Devil and his primary target.
    It is We who are in the Battle, we are in enemy territory being pressed on all sides. It is we that shall be hated by all on account of His name Mk13:13
    The promise of Jesus was to us, His true disciples “I will be with you unto the End of the world.
    Let us not forget this In the growing darkness.

    John b

  9. Wherefore art though oh Lord my God? I stand in the darkened spaces alone and oppressed. I call thy name and hear only echoes full of despair. Shall I rebuff thee Father? Shall I say vain things and cross my heart and hope to die in swears that call thy name? Oh father I am enfeebled and ensnared as I watch my soul mate decay before the very eyes you gave me to see. Oh cries my heart and weeps my spirit sorely as true anguish brings me to my knees Oh Lord and I cry out to thee for pity.
    Where shall I turn if not to thee oh Lord? Shall I stretch forth my hand for the flask already prepared for me? Shall I turn my back on the faithful mate you gave me by hardening my heart? Tell me OH my GOD please tell me! Help me Lord. Like a flashpoint you are the fire that stirred within, setting my feet upon a course that only you direct, aiding and abetting my soul stirring whimpers for mercy and remembrance as the one I love lies in torment.
    O dearest Lord my God. My Father. My creator. My king. My Love. Thou art all encompassing and thy steps trod down the wicked with ease. I am a sinning child dear Lord, a stray and fallen creature outside the warmth of thy comfort. I turn to thee Oh Lord My God for you are all I know. You are all I want and quite simply you are all I have. Aid thy sickly child dear Lord my God and take my life and not her own, for this one has been through enough of what this world has to offer.
    I thought it a grand thing dear God to live and love, yet now I see the heartache on the other side of that fleshly palpitation. I come to thee Oh Lord in earnest supplication, with purest anguish, beseeching thee to spare the life of someone far worthier than myself. Let thy majesty pour out health and longevity upon her Oh Lord for she is the only earthly love I have ever known. Save your servant oh please oh please my dearest GOD and if it be thy will to take her then surely take me just as swiftly for without her my suffering will be tenfold more than I can bear. Some might say without her I will survive, but father, without her I Do Not want To! Keep up your prayers dear friends.

    • “The Five Silent Years of Corrie Ten Boom”

      p. 180 and 181 re: Loren Cunningham’s prayers (*). (…that 10 years be added to her life and 10 years later, that she be allowed to go home) Her last 5 years involved a series of strokes. (* – LC of YWAM)

      from p. 189…
      “Eight months after Tante Corrie’s homegoing, my mother died. It was the darkest moment of my life. Again the Lord brough to mind Isaiah 53, as He had at the time of Tante Corrie’s homegoing — “Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows.” Deep sorrow was well-known to the Lord Jesus Christ. He had borned this for me and He was sharing it with me. I entered into a new and deeper fellowship with Him. He had been here before. He had died for this grief. It would not crush me.

      And it did not. My mind returned to the present in the peaceful memorial park. I felt very rich. The Lord Jesus had proved Himself mighty in very difficult circumstances of my life.

      “It is not so much what happens, but how we take it, that is important,” Tante Corrie had often told me. Through the hard circumstances of the last years of her life, the Lord had shown me a paradox: The deepest fellowship with Him lies not in resisting when suffering comes our way, but in going through it resolutely with Him.”

      By Pamela Rosewell Moore

    • I pray that God will be with you and comfort you both.
      Life is but a wisp — then we will be with our Lord and our loved ones forever — where the Lord will wipe away all of our tears, and there will be no more suffering and pain.

      May our Lord give you peace, and rest for your weary souls.

    • Tears are in my eyes Faithful. I feel the pain in your words. The lesson of Job is that our suffering is never in vain, for God is in control and loves us. Continue to lean on Him with every fiber of your being. We love you Faithful and Jesus Loves you.

    • GOD bless you guys. Tomorrow they are inserting some kind of long syringe into her stomach to draw liquid out… i dont know the correct terminology but it sounds painful and shes worried.

  10. Was in Nazereth today. Went up to the Precipice
    where the Jewish leaders wanted to throw
    Yeshua off the cliff.Took a boat up the
    Sea of Galilee.Interesting dynamic in various
    neighbor hoods. So far no problems w/the
    local Arabs.There are a lot currently mixed throughout
    Israel.Wouldn’t want to be alone in an unsecured

  11. F.E., My heart grieves for yours.Thank
    you for sharing it with us.Your plea to
    The Lord was heard.Now wait and see how
    He will answer.Our God bottles all our
    tears and loves us w/an all consuming divine
    and perfect love we are yet to fully

    • Thank you dear sister isn’t it ironic how only a few of us know each other irl yet the support found here is greater than the very families some of us grew up in. This inspires me this hope and earnest heartfelt goodwill that you my brothers and sisters are showing for a family you will probably never meet upon this earth. Let me say to everyone once more THANK YOU!! One day dear friends…one day we shall not suffer. One day we shall soar whether it be upon wings or clouds when our new bodies and whatever gifts we have earned take us to the promise so many of us have died for. God bless you guys!

    • Amen brother! That is our blessed hope, that is the endgame, to be with Jesus through out eternity.

    The “rings” appear over the whole of the midwest.. same large rings as seen in Louisiana (before the tornado) in Dallas (before the tornado), in Missouri (before the tornados), in Seattle (before the hail, snow, tornados), and in California (before the hail, snow and tornado)..

    all events happen 24-48 hours AFTER the rings appear and then disappear.

    view on multiple satellite feeds:

    Real Time Seismicity


    Japan Quake Map

    Radiation map

    Speacial Thanks to: – dutchsinse and 2010TheCountdown
    For information!

  13. Barak outlines conditions for peace deal with Palestinians

    05/10/2011 23:25

    Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Tuesday night outlined Israel’s conditions for a peace deal with the Palestinians, including maintaining settlement blocs and Jewish neighborhoods of east Jerusalem.

    He said the pre-1967 borders would be adjusted with land swaps….

    Read more:


    Fatah leader: New Palestinian gov’t to be formed in 10 days

    05/11/2011 01:19


  14. The Lord truly works in mysterious ways, my nephew saw his loving aunt (my wife) with her robust and giving nature at deaths door and he didn’t walk he RAN to church and got saved. I had been at him for a few months but this had nothing to do with me at all as I had not seen him in a couple weeks. Also as you know you meet alot of fellow sufferors in the hospital visiting the sick and injured and they all say the same thing.. Obama is a sham and Osama’s been dead for years. Strange but the same subjects kept coming up.

    • Praying for you and your wife. Praising God for your nephews salvation. I walked a similar valley 5 years ago, I pray that the Lord is your Rock, and His Rod and Staff comfort you, that you feel his presence, power, and love. I pray that the Lord lift up your wife in His Loving Healing hands and fill her with comfort, mercy, grace, and peace.

    • Faithful-The Lord surely does work in mysterious ways & we cannot comprehend them here on earth, but one day we will. It is a praise that your nephew finally got saved & your wife got to see it. I could feel your anguish over what’s happening with your wife, but I felt your immense love for her as well. She is very lucky to have been so loved. I am praying for you & her that you both will feel God’s prescence & that it will bring you both comfort & peace.

  15. Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) clears way for gay clergy

    “After decades of debate, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) on Tuesday struck down a barrier to ordaining gays, ratifying a proposal that removes the celibacy requirement for unmarried clergy, in the latest mainline Protestant move toward accepting gay relationships”
    “Differences over the Bible and homosexuality have split Protestant groups nationally and worldwide for years”

    Scriptures are clear that homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord (as is all other sin), yet this sin is becoming more and more widely accepted in our culture.

    • Sin is sin, all equally deadly. Divorce and coveting and addictive drug use and willful support of abortion — by so called christians — whose consciences are seared so that they even believe such things are good and right.

      Tares among the wheat, no surprise.

      The angels are the ones that get to weed the garden. With all our talk of fallen angels we forget to consider what it means when holy angels do their duty.

    • Right, I would love to see a “good” angel. There was this story about an elderly woman who lost her husband in a fatal car accident after 60 years of marriage. She was grieving intensely for days upon days; no one seemed to be able to comfort her, although everyone tried. Her children and grandchildren rarely left her alone for the first few weeks after the accident. According to the woman’s story, since her husband’s death she had troubling sleeping, so one night she was went downstairs to grieve, she sat in her husband’s favorite chair he loved so much, . There in the wee hours of the morning, all alone, with everyone else asleep, she was feeling such despair over his death, when she felt compelled to reach over and pick up her husbands bible he always had on a small stand by his chair. She always saw him read from the book on a daily basis, however, in all the sorrow she forgot it was even there. As she picked up the book, it opened where there had been a small crease, the first scripture that her eyes fell upon was Baruch 6:6 “for my angel is with you, and he is the custodian of your lives”
      She sat there with the Holy word opened on her lap, She began to pray for the Lords comfort from the pain and sorrow she was feeling, as she was deep in prayer she felt peace come upon her, she then felt something she describes as wings engulf her and wrap around her, encasing her, she opened her eyes and all she could see was a bright glowing light surrounding her, she was not frightened as she heard an comforting voice say, peace be still. She felt completely at ease and so full of peace , she opened her eyes moments later and the light was gone , however, the peace she felt lasted for weeks afterwards and although she still missed her husband she slowly she was able to move past her grief as the depression and deep sorrow had been lift lifted .

      Now I heard this story on a program a few years ago, the woman was in her early 80s and was adamant on what she saw and witnessed. I have no reason to doubt her story as God sends Angels at various times to bring messages of His divine intent and to strengthen people. The Bible documents many such messages. There are nearly 300 references to angels in the Bible; they are mentioned in both the Old and New Testament.
      Christ’s personal narratives, ministry, and teachings give evidence that angels do exist.
      I am encouraged when I read about them in the Bible, because I know that when God speaks mercy and kindness to one human being, He is ready to speak the same thing to anybody in similar circumstances or need.

    • I paused it and caught a bulbous type of head and some sort of body yet it seemed to glide ??? anyone else got any input?

    • It looks animated almost… so many fakes out there its hard to tell unless you are a professional at this video stuff.

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