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Acceleration Radio – James Lloyd

Prophecy Writer

Has over 60 books published

Christian Media Network

After James’ first full length book Beyond Babylon: The Last Week Of The World published in 1992, he began writing a series of short titles called ProFiles, on many prophecy subjects

During the ongoing profile work, managed a separate project called The Exile Trilogy — 3 non fiction commentaries on the Post-Babylonian exile, begun with the book Nehemiah: The Pre-Messiah, followed up by Hadassah Of Shushan, and The Spirit Of Ezra – modeled on the 3 persons of the Trinity found in the Old Testament.

(Partial list of books published)

ProFile Books

Blood east Of Babylon

Chuck Smith & Calvary Chapel: Sound Doctrine or Strong Delusion

Christianized Psychology?: An Exposé Of Integrationist Theology

Chupracabras: The Devil’s Genetics

Days Of Future Past: The Preterist Apostasy

Deadly Medicine Of Dr. Bill Deagle

False Prophet & The Image Of The Beast

Hadassah Of Shushan: The Book Of Esther

Hank Hanegraaff & The Christian Research Institute

King James Controversy:Which Bible Is The Word Of God?

The Lion, The Bear And The Leopard

Lying In Laodicea: Rapturism Unmasked

Many Lies Of Bob Larson

Postacy Club/The: A Critical Examination Of That Bunch In Topeka Kansas

Prince Of America

Print & Radio Pitfalls: The Corruption of Christian Media

Queen Of Heaven

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In Other News:

Today’s Tornado Onslaught Centers on Tennessee Valley


Egypt gas pipeline to Israel and Jordan explodes


U.S. broadens Mexico travel warning


Pro-Abortion Vandals Turn Pro-Life Display Into Satanic Scene


Roswell church desecration shakes parishioners


Food prices set to hit record


Water may be leaking from No. 4 reactor fuel pool

48 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio: James Lloyd

  1. well if the news item about the satanic vandalism:

    “Even eerier was the mock bloody footprints of an infant painted in front of the display.”

    doesn’t prove once and for all that the label “pro-choice” should be “por- death” nothing will! Ghastly to think such evil walks among us!

    It is Wednesday morning and the day will drag waiting for L.A.’s show….the high point of my week!

    • i know Elaine..and to think that hatred is toward Babies!! It’s the babies who lose their lives… on the altar of convenience!

  2. Regarding the heavy thunderstorm/tornado activity…it’s as if a path is being cleared along the New Madrid Fault Line…if I’m not mistaken, the storms seem to be targeting the Southern “Bible Belt,” of the former USA.

    • Sundown,

      I put up some USGS docs in the Forum that discuss this very thing. Check it out.

    • I hadn’t thought of the New Madrid fault line… You could be right. You know, we are all in this together. There are good people who Love the Lord being affected by the storms and flooding too. It’s time like that that we can show a peace within us and be a help to those who do not Know the Lord. I am praying for help and encouragement for them, and for a stop to all the devastation that may still come.

    • Yeah, I noticed that the most recent flood map of Mississippi and Ohio etc. rivers looked like the beginning of the Deyo map! make a huge crack in the earth and watch that new sea form….the water is already gathering!

    • SL, I have been thinking the exact same thing. I don’t for one minute think this weather is a natural phenomenon. I think it’s HAARP generated.

    • Rhema, agreed. HAARP is probably stirring up low level rumblings in the New Madrid fault line to telegraph when they will turn it on full force to create the big one that will turn the mid-states into a nuclear cesspool. There is a ring of nuclear reactors that circle the New Madrid fault line that an 8.0 or higher earthquake would take them all out. The weather patterns are more likely a consequence of the jet stream getting manipulated from the use of HAARP.

    • We had tornado warning out for the mid section of Indiana until 2 hours ago. We have had SO much rain the past two weeks, I am concerned the fields will not dry out for spring planting.

  3. Greetings to all~
    Big question: isn’t it possible that even though HAARP and/or CERN could be responsible for many of the weather and geophysical anomalies presently happening on Earth, that almighty YHWH is allowing His prophetic word to be fulfilled through these man-made technologies?

    • I believe that is very possibly correct Moment. Just as God worked through Pharoah of Egypt to show forth His Mighty Hand, in the same way, He could be working through the Pharoah’s of this generation. M Hoggard was teaching this very thing in his 4/24/2011 broadcast called “Firestorm.” He said of the Exodus, that God used the plagues to set His people free.

      Exodus 9:16 – “And in very deed for this cause have I raised thee [Pharoah] up, for to shew in thee my power; and that my name may be declared throughout all the earth.”

      It often seems strange that God can work through unbelievers, but, He can, and He does. Although I find it strange that the Bible Belt would be His target, remembering that, “…in the Land of Goshen…there was no hail.” (v.26)

  4. I haved lived in Chattanooga all my life. I can only remember 2 tornados in our town in the last 40 years. Chattanooga is surrounded by mountains and tornados are suppose to have a hard time forming. However, in the last 6 months we have had at least 3 confirmed tornados, but I believe it to be more. Today I have been in the closet with the kids twice already. We still are under tornado warnings and looks like it will be a long night. Lots of damage all around town. No one can tell me this is business as usual. I could very easily believe somehow this weather is being manufactured.

    • James Lloyd has made many false prophecies, including one that said anyone who disagreed with him would die by the end of the year. Of course, nothing happened. Just try doing a search for him, tons of stuff will come up.

    • I’m not familiar with James Lloyd, but I’ve learned to take “prophesy teachers” with a grain of salt. Some years ago there was a fellow, you’ll pardon me if I don’t mention names, he’s since passed on, who vowed and declared that Germany would never be reunited. His reasoning was that West Germany had once been part of the
      Roman Empire, but East Germany hadn’t. We all know what happened, the Wall fell, Germany was reunited, and the bottom fell out of this man’s contributions. He disappeared from TV, though he was still headlined at prophesy conferences and had a radio program.
      I believe this man was totally sincere, but he, as all of us, saw through a glass darkly.

  5. As regarding the Middle East uprising, this little item (viewer discretion advised) could cause a firestorm of another kind. I’m not going to post the link because it is porn, but I think it is worth a mention: a young Muslim female actress has posed for the cover and a “layout” (interesting term??) in German Playboy Magazine. This is one major reason why the Muslims are so enraged by the West…because of the sexual license the West encourages publicly. The Muslims have their own breed of porn, but most of it is kept under wraps. I wonder if this will incite as much outrage as the cartoon drawings of Mohammad with the bomb in his turban?

    • Religion is a mere cover up to the sinful nature!

      unless one partakes in the Divine nature 2Pet1:4 the cloak of religion will not be removed.

      Therein is the difference between The Jerusalem above & Babylon the Whore. The seed of the Woman & the seed of the serpent.

      john B

    • Just checked in also to see what happened to tonight’s scheduled broadcast. Anyone know?

      David Wilkerson’s death is a real shock–a real loss for us–but gain for him. To me this verse just fits David Wilkerson–Philippians 1:21 (KJV)
      21 For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

  6. LA, What ARE you thinking ? Lloyd ? Have you looked at the information presented about this man ? He is unsavory, to say the least. Why give air time to a false prophet ? (See his failed “Thus saith the Lord” pronouncements.) I always listen to you, but not this time. Time is too short…. Thank you for your ministry to the world. I always find you encouraging and hopeful and honest. Blessings ~
    Careful Listener

  7. Dave Wilkerson has always been one of my heroes. His book “The Vision” reads like tomorrow’s headlines.
    I can’t help but think this is yet another sign of the end times. I wonder if Satan’s laughing right now as he knows his own time to put forth his puppet is very close.
    Dave, you know how everything’s going to play out now, bless your heart! Thank you for guiding us and shepherding us for the past 50 years, brother.

  8. With the passing of J R Church in the last month, and now Dave Wilkerson, it reminds me of the Lord taking home Lamech 5 years prior to the flood, and then Methuselah the year of the flood. Why Methuselah didn’t just go on the ark with Noah I have always wondered. But this reminds me of God taking home a dear servant just before a big change on the earth.

    • I think there have been a few prophetic words along those same lines. I’m so sorry to hear of his passing for all of us.

    • Yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking & I wasn’t even remembering those Bible stories. But now that you mention it – YEP!

    • Thanks Gordy for providing this very informative link. I am a Photoshop and PDF expert and discovered this right away. I am frustrated that youtube videos such as this do not have views in the millions already, like everyone wants to put their head in the sand.

      What is even more shocking is that this forgery is completely sophomoric. Its like as if they asked Joe Biden to do the forgery. It is TOO sophomoric!! Anyone who knows a little bit about Adobe products would know that this would be spotted as a fake immediately. Its almost like someone is finding a way to have an impeachment battle begin, so everyone loses sight that WWIII is knocking at the door and our country is prepped to go down in an economic/nuclear fall out ball of fire. Distraction anyone?

    • I did not see any official state seal on the doc either. But what’s with the left side of it? It looks like the edge is curling back into a cut out of some sort.

      Thanks Gordy. I didn’t believe it was real when I first looked at it. I wonder if the big D Trump is accepting it as the real deal. Now, there’s a mighty windbag if I’ve ever seen one!

    • Hmmm, this issue is frustrating me. This is perhaps a ruse to further marginalize the so-called “birthers”.

      I will retract the view point that this is 100% a forgery for a moment to be objective. I have found out that there are processes called “Optimization” in Acrobat that would create these types of anomalies. So, with this cloud hanging over it, I don’t think you can say definitively one way or the other that it is in fact a forgery or not.

      This creates more questions than answers I am afraid. If it were a forgery, I will state again that it is sophomoric. However, if these are normal anomalies created by the optimization process, why in the world would they distribute this file that way knowing full well it would be scrutinized by millions of people. It could be bait and I bit too soon.

      Regardless, it is a distraction.

    • The above are two scenarios. There is another very devious scenario.

      First you create an excellent forgery and print out a high resolution to paper. Then scan the forged print out and run the scanned image through Acrobat’s optimization process and distribute the PDF with the various layers and anomalies on purpose to insert doubt into the discussion. Then you scoff and laugh at dumb birthers trying to analyze the bait. This would be a bit like laundering counterfeit money.

    • Whether the BC is real or fake is not the issue. It’s a mistake to focus so much attention on it. The real issue, and one that most people are losing sight of, is that BO is not constitutionally elligible to be POTUS. The fact is, he is NOT a natural born citizen. He will never be qualified to fill the office of POTUS. Period, end of story. BC is irrelevant. We need to uphold the constitution, not argue
      over this documents viability. This is cleary intended to be a distraction.

    • S, I totally agree, however, if I had my desires it would be some other element that disqualifies him other than the natural born citizen route. If Obama was impeached over the natural born classification there would be civil war.

    • I don’t think he needs to be impeached. If he is not legally allowed to be there, he should simply be arrested, and thrown in prison for high treason. Impeachment should be reserved for those who actually obtained their office legitimately, not by usurpation. Impeachment might actually lend some credibility to his presidency. Regardless, I don’t really see this resulting in his removal. The thought of worldwide embarrassment will prevent congress from taking any action what so ever.

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