What do American Idol, and the “Royal Wedding,” have in Common?

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L. A. Marzulli

Who will win American Idol this year, and how many millions of dollars will the royal wedding cost? Inquiring minds want to know…. NOT! There is of course no direct connection between these two events, but, in my opinion, they serve the same purpose, to distract the masses from the coming economic and social meltdown that is most likely only months away.

I want to make a point here and it is this, while I wish the “royals” a happy, prosperous, marriage, just as I would any newly wedded couple, I am taken aback by the entitlement of the royal family. These people are born into privilege and have every opportunity handed to them. I take umbrage in that, and it is why I don’t care a hoot about the wedding!

American Idol, drones through yet another season and with 52 million votes cast, to decide between two contestants – I’m on the edge of my seat with anticipation – ratings continue to soar. The show and the wedding serve as a useful distraction to what is about to ensnare the whole earth. Added to this is Katty Perry, trotting out on the Idol stage and singing her Alien song, that I Blogged about several weeks ago. More of the Great Deception, that is most likely coming with a three-mile-wide mother ship appearing over a city near you!

There’s a link to a story, in the, In Other News, section which headlines, Feels Like Armageddon. The author looks at what is happening on a global level but doesn’t get it and that’s OK. From her perspective it’s all business as usual. I wonder how many folks in Noah’s day were of the same mind set?

Sheen, Lohan, Gaga, Maddona, Speers, OJ, and the Casey Anthony murder case, are all distractions, bread and circus for the masses. Meanwhile there is another story below that I linked to that warns of the lethal combination of high food and gas prices. It’s coming folks, get your house in order by stockpiling food, water, ammo and medicine.

In closing today’s post: Throughout the centuries people have thought that the world was going to end. However, the signs that we are seeing, on a daily basis, in my opinion, jibe perfectly with the prophecies that Yashua/Jesus told us would signal the end of the age and His coming. Today is good Friday and Christians all over the world remember the horrors of the crucifixion that killed the god-man almost 2000 years ago. That event changed the western world. That supernatural event, the death and resurrection of Yashua, shaped the body-politic in this country. Sadly we have abandoned our spiritual underpinnings and instead look to the bread and circus to entertain us. What is coming will ensnare the whole earth…. He warned us 2000 years ago and it is not an idle – no pun intended – warning.


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42 thoughts on “What do American Idol, and the “Royal Wedding,” have in Common?

  1. L.A.- I agree 100% It’s the blind leading the blind.

    I have had the “stockpile” mindset for some time now- and have acted upon it. The companies selling freeze dried/ dehydrated foods…H2O purifiers…..Red Cross emergency kits are all back ordered. Yep… something’s brewing.

    I don’t know how one can stockpile medications, however. To my knowledge- the most you can a prescription filled is 90 days. This is an area that really worries me. Especially those of us who have life threatening conditions for which a prescription is vital.

    All the more reason to trust in the Lord!!


    • Hydrogen peroxide is the cheapest infection fighter.

      Have some basic survival books.

      We believe we are getting raptured out of here…whatever.

      But, our survival supplies can be used by others.

    • Yep! And I even put little notes in my supplies that point to the Lord with the gospel. I invite them to enjoy the “stuff” and be sure to take a Bible. 😉

    • BTW: another wonderful infection fighter is sugar or honey! A poultice of sugar and something to make a paste such as over the counter ointment or providone iodine liquid pulls water out of the bacteria, virus or fungus. See: South Med J. 1981 Nov;74(11):1329-35. Use of sugar and povidone-iodine to enhance wound healing: five year’s experience. Knutson RA, Merbitz LA, Creekmore MA, Snipes HG.

      Used it on my pet when he wound was not healing and used it on my own finger after nasty small burn. Works and does not cause bacterial resistance. Along with hydrogen peroxide in your kit this can do wonders! Funny how God gives us the tools to help if we look for them! Think I will post some more of the helps in the Forum. Even just the way health care is going not counting any future shortages due to the times, we need to know how to help others.

    • Jennifer,

      Most medications CAN be used pass the “expiration date”. At least 1 year for pills in my estimation.
      The way I built up a small stock of our medications is by filling them as far in advance as the insurance company will let me. Example: refill due on 04/22/11 and our insurance will let us fill 5 days ahead so fill on 04/17/11. Takes a while but over the year we have one month ahead. Our doctor has been great too, letting us have samples of stuff we are taking. Ask your doctor about that, drug reps still are generous about giving doctors samples.

    • I share the same concern as Jennifer about prescription meds that many people need daily to control heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes and so on.

      I have high blood pressure and diabetes and control the diabetes with better diet, exersise, but still need the medicine which is prescription. Don’t know how to stock pile those.

      I have some meds built up for other ailments.

      On the food side, I have been makin it a habbit to buy a few cans of generic brand salmon when I go to the store. Bulk steal cut oats too. Neither are too expensive that way and will serve me well if and when a disater happens.

      Back on the med note, my fiance has epiplepsy. Since a brain surgery 10 years ago and some heavy duting meds, she has not had a seizure in 10 years and is highly active. But there is no way to stock pile her meds which she has to take every so many hours.

      God Bless,

      Jimmy D

    • Best reason ever to do the Lords work now as so put away treasure in Heaven, the only real refuge is with the Lord. And yes I share the same concerns because my lovely bride has many problems and relies on about 20 different meds a day. We have stocked up as much as possible on them but perhaps it is for the best that we must put our faith in God, I think our faith gets stronger when we are at our lowest and can not fend for ourselves. God bless you all! Randy
      look up for our redemption draweth nigh

    • Jim and Randy

      My hubby has to take seizure medications as well. Thankfully we have a little stockpile. We have discussed what plans if we don’t have our medications. We are blessed to have been provided by God each other to lean on! When you become one flesh as husband and wife as God intended you are stronger in your weakness. I have held him whilst he has had grand mal seizures when changing medications, and I would do it again if he had none. Bless you both and your loved ones, you looking to providing for your beautiful ladies. Keep Him in the center of your marriage, and future marriage!

    • I’m in the same boat as Jimmy D. I take several medications- most are not vital for my life, but would need to ween off- if it came to that. Heart meds are a the ones that worry me. My son and I have one of the heart conditions that cause ventricular fibrillation- (i.e. cardiac arrest)- I have an internal defibrillator so I can be shocked back to normal (not saying I’m normal to start with though 🙂 ). My husband doesn’t want to be holding me if I get shocked. Even though they say the current doesn’t travel between people- I have talked to people who have felt it second hand!

      My son however, relies solely on the medication to keep his rhythm in check. I know the Lord will provide- meds or a steady rhythm if that is His will….. Worrying is one of my downfalls though.

      Indy Rose- great idea on refilling asap. I am horrible about waiting until the last minute to refill. I will change that habit with my next refill!!

  2. I’ve signed up with some Leftie, Progressive sites to warn them about the coming catastrophies.

    I tell to use their rights, and check out the info that I gave them.

    And, there’s only One Way to Escape.

  3. I keep asking myself what is it going to take to wake America up from the apostasy that its in? What will the tipping point be. Maybe a devastating 8.5 earthquake in Los Angeles, San Francisco, the New Madrid fault line, maybe Yellowstone? A terrorist attack maybe. Maybe this summers coming comet Elenin will shake the heavens in some form? If you follow the research each time Elenin has been in line with the Sun and Earth there has been a large earthquake. Its scheduled to be in line with the Sun and Earth like 5 or 6 times this summer.

    I’m surprised that the un natural events that have occurred havent woken up more people. The wierd animal die offs, the earthquakes, the world wide droughts, floods, tsnumais, soaring food prices, wars, rumor of wars. I have a friend that knows scripture inside and out and he believes we are no where near the end of days so its not just the unbelievers its also the chruch that is blind.

    Sometimes I just shake my head and say God what do you need from me? Where can you put me? I also have to say I feel like I’m under attack more than I have ever been in my life. Each day seems like a new attack. I seem to have a short temper a lot. Some times I even just get depressed about it.

    I know need to remind myself to turn from the distractions. I need to just get more focussed on the word and in my prayer life. I need to rely on Jeusus’s guidance. I also need to rebuke more than I do.

    I am so thankful that I am a christian. Im so thankfual that my name is written in the lambs books of life. Jesus thank you dieing on Calvary. Thank you for washing my sins as white as snow and casting them as far as the east is from the west.

    May this hopefully be our last good friday on earth together. Maranatha!

    • I agree, I hope this would be our last good Friday here. The Jewish people have a saying, “Next year in Jerusalem”. I say we Christians start one stating “Next year in Heaven”!! As far as no one being awake, I think this is part of the great deception happening already to some degree. It’s like they are being lulled to sleep and conditioned to keep their eyes on themselves (not what is really happening out there) and living in a fog-like mentality, just another day, ho hum idea. It is the people that are able to see and understand that have to be in deep prayer and fellowship with the Lord. May our prayers help some come out from under the fog, amen?!

  4. Wanted to make the point on this Good Friday that neither the jews nor the romans killed Yeshua Ha Meshiak. He gave up his life for us willingly, in the blink of an eye He could have had all the forces of Heaven brought down and swept the earth clean. Praise God that He would give His only Son for us and praise Yeshua Ha Meshiak
    that He had so much love for us that he saw this through. All glory to God Almighty

    • Well said my friend. Too many people believe otherwise and as a result many people have persecuted the Jews, even so called Christians. God bless you Randy this Resurrection Sunday, and the rest of my new friends here.

    • Randy,
      That is a great point. I heard when Gibson made the Passion of the Christ he made a point of being the “stand in” as the Roman soldier who held the spike driven into Christ’s wrist. He wanted to show that we ALL nailed Him to the cross.

      (Now I wonder if Gibson with all his present sin/troubles remembers that…)

  5. LA,

    I agree completely. I wrote in my blog (http://facelikethesun.wordpress.com) about how Lady Gaga and the main stream pop culture is not only a distraction but a deliberate tool for the New World Order who is behind all of this shenanigans to begin with. Is it a distraction to our society? Absolutely. Are they using it to benefit themselves? Yes! They are using the main stream platform to lead people astray, away from God, away from Christ, and into darkness. This is needed to carry out what you call, The Great Deception. It can’t be a deception unless people buy into it, and I think main stream media is just a platform to do just that.

  6. Large Hadron Collider could be world’s first time machine

    Physicists at Vanderbilt University have proposed a theory that the Large Hadron Collider could be the first machine capable of causing matter to travel backwards in time, says professor Tom Weiler.

    Some scientists predict that if the collider succeeds in producing the elusive Higgs boson, it will create a second particle called the Higgs singlet at the same time. Singlets should have the ability to jump into an extra, fifth dimension where they can move either forward or backward in time and reappear in the future or past.


  7. Any comments and critique of this video on Billy Graham is welcome. May God guide and provide discernment as you watch it.

    • I remember a few years ago when I discovered that he was preaching more than one way to God & could hardly believe it. I don’t think he typically came out & said this @ the crusades but it depended upon who he was talking to. Didn’t know he promoted this back in the 60’s but I saw film of it in his later years. (Should have shown that on this vid.) I’ve been keeping an eye on Franklin Graham but haven’t seen any funny stuff w/him yet.

      It’s very disappointing to discover that a man of God who preaches the true gospel really in his heart believes another. Very deceptive.

      But “even though” this may be the case people have been truly saved though his ministry. The Word was preached & people believed. The ultimate test is to see who will remain loyal in Spirit & in truth w/o succumbing to the sin nature of compromise.

    • “Truth and purity of the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” is a thing of the past.
      Within the ecumenical sea of Babylon there are also many Jesus’.

      The Catholic jesus, the orthodox jesus, the protestant-evangelical jesus, the pentecostal jesus, the messianic jesus, the SDA jesus, the prosperity jesus, the JW jesus ect.
      So many preaching so many jesus’ deceiving so many people in the name of their jesus.

      My goodness, how the Whore is decked out in an array of jewelry!

      Billy Graham will stand before Jesus and give account as all of us shall. He will either be rewarded or condemned.

      john B

    • I, too have been concerned about Billy Graham for some time now. He has been preaching a different Gospel than I have read. Franklin, on the other hand seems to be right on target and
      truly has a heart for reaching the lost. His organization, Samaritan’s Purse also does great things around the world, showing the love of Christ. I would love to know what Franklin thinks
      of his dad’s message.

  8. Lynn,
    Did you listen to Farrell and Hoagland last night? They discussed the symbology of the wedding and the shuttle launch @ 3:47pm greenwich mean time: 19:47…@ approx 1:05 into it (that’s 1 hr, 5 minutes)

    • That little side trek in the interview was THE best part of the whole show. It was a very-very curiosity cultivating discussion to me.

      I am deeply intrigued by the royal wedding, because there just seems to be a possibility that we may see some prophecies unfold.

      I have seen some websites pointing towards Prince William possibly being the antichrist. Interesting, but I am not sure about that yet… There seem to be some verses that support that and others that would undermine that…

  9. Hmmm, what do they have in common?

    I have to say, they’re all good, wholesome family fun, and definitely worth investing our time into.


    Everytime wife and I go grocery shopping, she stops and holds me up looking at that infernal royal wedding magazine. I then tell her, (jokingly) let’s go, you have your own marriage to come back to.

    Sad, this world is.

    • A friend of mine opted to keep their child home from school today because it was the celebration of “Earth Day”. Instead she took her to the Good Friday service.

      Secular society doesn’t even want to hear a “hint” of Jesus Christ – paganized version or not.

  10. Move away from the cities-join your fellow believers in either Kalispell Montana area or the rural Pulaski County Missouri

  11. http://www.ufodigest.com/article/return-giants

    The Return of the Giants? by Barry Chamish on Fri, 04/22/2011

    Are the Anakim or the Refaim, the giants of the Bible returning to Israel today? There are only two periods of recorded history when giants were reported in Israel; In biblical days from the time of the Flood to the ascension of King David and since 1993 in modern Israel. cont…..

  12. B.Graham was accused of compromise back in the late 1950s. I remember concerns over the “Go to the church of your choice” business and the sharing platforms and pulpits with ecumenical and Roman priests and preachers that he did then.
    This did give the opposite message in deeds,to the one he seemed to be preaching.
    Franklin, as far as I know seems on the level. He had a wild youth, but came out of it.

    As to stockpiling, I have done some for a catastrophe. However, I expect most likely I will be killed by either the guberment, some wild hog gang of thieves, or a neighbor who needs food for his kids.

    The Japanese living on the coast of Sendai, had little chance to use their stockpiles and if one is thinking they can get through 3 to 7 years of the Tribulation on stocks…….

    Very difficult to imagine what will be coming and what it will be like. A time unlike any in human history, according to the Word of God.
    I do like the idea of messages and Bibles left with the stocks.

    “Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus.”

  13. This documentary about the Salem witch trials has some important lessons for Christians. Any
    comments or incites appreciated.

    • Jas.3

      [15] This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish.
      [16] For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.
      [17] But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.
      [18] And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.

  14. The link in the “Other News” section about Josef Mengele brought back memories of when I read “The Boys From Brazil” by Ira Levin, for the first time when I was in high school in the early eighties. I thought it was such a terrifying idea that Hitler could have been cloned, but was really too far-fetched to ever really worry about something like that happening. Well,…not so far-fetched to think something like this could have possibly happened now. With the Nazi’s occult knowledge anything is possible. Hopefully not, but these are scary times we live in…Thank you God for saving me!

  15. Hey LA,

    Is there a way to incorporate the Blog into the forum? The forum is AMAZING!! Soooooo cool!

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