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  1. Thanks for posting a downloadable mp3. Accessing archived audio of Marzulli on Acceleration is cryptic at best. Hopefully this will be a regular feature on L.A. Marzulli’s blog.

  2. Awesome show LA and Paddy! Very interesting and enjoyable to listen to. Thank you! LA you handled the female caller who “got the preach on her” with loving kindness. I’m not certain as to why she was convinced that we are not the Bride of Christ, but the Body. Perhaps she doesn’t realize we are both.

    Paddy presented some information regarding the Book of Revelation and end times, that I have never heard before. I’m looking forward to searching the scriptures to confirm what he was saying…he said a lot in a short time…glad it’s playbackable (that’s not a word!). I’ve learned we should never just listen to someone and take their word for it but that we should study it out for ourselves, in this way, the Holy Spirit can bear witness to what we have heard.

    It’s an glorious time to be alive and doing the works of our Lord Jesus Christ!


    • We are not the Bride of Christ, that is the “calling” of a different group.

      All the Words of God are pure (Ps.12:6), and are given by inspiration of God, (2Tim.3:16). Yet the servant of the Lord is instructed to distinguish things differing and to rightly divide the Word of Truth, (Phils.1:9-10 and 2Tim.2:15).

      Certain promises were made to Abraham and Israel’s other fathers which are different to promises made to us. And finally, Christ is the only Saviour but He has different relationships with different called out companies; He is the Priest King of Israel and the Bridegroom to the Church of the Firstborn and the Head of the Church which is His Body.

      At the end of the book of Acts, not at the cross or Acts 2, Israel was put aside, as God had put them aside in the past. Please read Acts 28:17-31. Here, in the final chapter of Acts, we see yet again the ministry of the Acts period which was the word being preached to Jew first, however, the Israelites were non-committal to their Messiah and God put them away, or let them go,

      Act 28:25 And disagreeing with one another, they were let go,

      In Matt.1:19, the same word “let go” of Acts 28:25 is used as “put away”.

      Israel was put aside at Acts 28 and Christ descended and revealed to Paul alone the present dispensation of the grace of God, the Mystery which was hidden away from ages and generations. Paul is Christ’s messenger for us today.

      However, we have to be careful with Paul’s books. Some were written during the Acts period while Israel still stood as a nation and while Israel’s hopes were still on offer. Some of Paul’s writings came after Israel was cast aside for a time and her hopes had been put aside with her.

      Between these two groups of letters, Israel was put aside at Acts 28.

      Group 2.
      This group was written after Acts 28 after Israel had been put away for a time. They are about the things the Lord revealed to Paul concerning a new purpose in the heavenly places. Up until this time of revelation, these things had been hidden in God and were thus unsearchable.

      Eph 3:8 This grace is given to me (who am less than the least of all saints) to preach the gospel of the UNSEARCHABLE riches of Christ among the nations,
      Eph 3:9 and to bring to light what is the fellowship of the mystery which from eternity has been HIDDEN IN GOD, who created all things by Jesus Christ;

      This group has nothing to do with the promises and hopes of the Old Testament. The purposes of God in this group are all found in the dispensation of the grace of God given to Paul alone.

      Here is the post Acts group. Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Titus, Philemon, 1@2Timothy. In this later group there are about 8 Old Testament quotes, the reason being that this present dispensation was hidden in God and kept silent in the Scriptures so Paul could not quote from the Scriptures which knew nothing of this calling. For the hope of the post Acts period, please read Ephesians 1:15-2:6.

      Full article here:



    • I do not think that this is rightly dividing the word at all

      Acts 28:25 is about some Jews not agreeing with Paul’s message and leaving his presence .nothing more than that!

      That is clearly emphasized By “Paul’s parting word”

      Paul’s “parting word” was the prophecy of Isaiah in Vs26,27. it has nothing to do with Israel being put aside. It has everything with them being cut off by judgment.

      See Isiah6:8:13 look closely at Vs11-13 that was The desolation of 70AD. All Jews must after that time of desolation answer God’s call of salvation just as all men must if they are to be saved.Acts4:12

      There is one faith, one Hope of Israel Acts28:20. It is by grace through faith in the finished work of Messiah.

      To say that Messiah is coming is not biblical!
      Messiah has come!
      His work was the removal of Sin from Jacob. He is not coming to do that again The prophets words are fulfilled Romans11:26,27. Paul is Quoting Isiah59:20,21 This is not a future event which Paul is speaking about in Romans11. Nowhere in the new testament do any of the Apostles teach that Messiah is coming! because the truth of the matter is that the Blood has been shed as prophesied.
      Jesus returns as Judge of all who tread under foot the blood of the everlasting covenant once shed for all men.Acts10:42, Heb10:29.

      John B

    • Maureen,

      I don’t know who you are talking about when you say, “We are not the Bride of Christ…” But, you most assuredly not talking about me.

      I am as much the Bride of Christ as I am a member of the Body of Christ…but it is certainly not worth arguing about. I have found that to try and change someone’s foundational beliefs or inner convictions is a job better left to the Holy Spirit.

    • But, hold on–aren’t “All the promises of God Yea and Amen in Christ Jesus”?

      The logic of this strange idea is tortured. Let no man deceive you through vain and empty philosophy and cause you to stray from the simplicity that is in Christ. And please remember that there is no longer Jew nor Gentile, slave nor free, Greek nor barbarian. We are one.

      Bless you, Maureen.

    • ALL of God’s promises will be fulfilled. But we must handle the Scriptures carefully to make sure we are not expecting what has been promised to someone else.

      One of the most fruitful causes of misunderstanding of the Scriptures among those who are saved is the failure to distinguish things that differ, or, as Paul puts it in 2 Timothy 2:15, failure `rightly to divide the Word of truth’. The
      words of Miles Coverdale are much to the point here:

      `It shall greatly helpe ye to understande Scripture,
      if thou mark
      not only what is spoken, or wrytten,
      but of whom,
      and to whom,
      with what words,
      at what time,
      to what intent,
      with what circumstance,
      considering what goeth before, and what followeth’.

      Failure regarding this principle leads to subversion.

      The Galatian church, recently brought out of pagan darkness into the light of grace, were easily intimidated by the Judaisers who descended upon them quoting chapter and verse to prove that, apart from the law of Moses and
      circumcision, they could not be saved.

      Had they known the great principle of 2 Timothy 2:15 they might have recognised the deception. A realisation of the distinction between `law’ and `grace’ would have made it clear that the mere quotation of Scripture was not sufficient.

      `Chapter and verse’ is not enough.

      These Judaisers could quote `chapter and verse’ for their teaching, but the point was that the dispensation had changed. The apostle Paul, referring to the very law of God from this aspect, calls its precepts and ordinances `weak
      and beggarly elements’ (Gal. 4:9).

      If the Holy Spirit can speak in this way of the very ordinances given by God when they are applied in an undispensational way, the reader should not rest satisfied with current opinions concerning the Church and its ordinances, until he is sure that such are not only to be found somewhere in Scripture, but also in that part of Scripture that applies specifically to the present time.

      In other words, he must `rightly divide the Word of truth’.

      Full article here:



  3. L.A., while I listened, a prayer I prayed as a young, new Christian in 1984 was answered! It was the night of the McDonalds’ massacre in San Ysidro. As I retired, I asked God to tell me how someone goes from a regular person to saying, “Hey, I think I’ll get a gun and mow down some kids and strangers.” Strangely, I woke up with the barrel of a shotgun between my eyes and we were getting robbed. It was God initiating me into part of my calling: warfare, watching, and intercession. But it all clicked last night when you talked about the Arizona shooter, and I realized he has answered that prayer for me. Mass murderers are created ritually and released. It is a supernatural thing, not a natural thing.

    Also, I loved your answer as SL did to the rapture issue. Who cares when we go? Of course we want to escape the hell on earth, but ultimately, who cares? It’s about rescuing as many as possible before the curtain is lifted. The Holy Spirit was rocking through you in that answer. It was so perfect.

  4. Recap of Coast to Coast last evening:

    Ancient Giants & Cosmic War


    George Noory
    Joseph P. Farrell, Richard C. Hoagland

    Renowned researcher with a PhD from Oxford University, Joseph P. Farrell presented evidence for a hidden history of mankind that involved tyrannical giants and an elite race bent on genetic mutation. The Greeks, Hopi, Mayans, Iroquois, Aztecs, and the Bible all recorded an ancient war against giants in the dim past. “I was astounded at the parallels between all these very, very divergent cultures,”– there seems to be some kind of worldwide or civil war against the giants, for different reasons including their sexual practices and/or cannibalism. This “cosmic war” may have involved something far more destructive than nuclear bombs– torsion or scalar-based weapons that effectively annihilated both sides, he said.

    Farrell cited ancient cuneiform tablets that suggest some type of genetic manipulation took place in which prototypical Earth females and Annunaki-type males were mixed to form modern humans, to serve as a slave race. This is particularly problematic, as our “cousins” may return one day to claim us as their property, he warned. Such ancient genetic engineering also produced chimerical beings composed of various human and animal components, he continued.

    We’re looking at the activity of one elite group, if not more, “that has been in continual existence more or less since ancient times,” and their behavior is to try and preserve knowledge just for themselves, he said, adding that their activity is masked by religion, mystery schools, and temples. Farrell announced his forthcoming book The Grid of the Gods which deals with the aftermath of the cosmic war, and the physics of the “pyramid people.” Richard C. Hoagland joined the conversation for a segment in the third hour.

    • Farrell is amazing! I have listened to tons of interviews with him on The Byte Show, all in the archives and he has tons of books too.

  5. The Horns of Alexander the Great – Disguised Truth or Unpopular Myth?


    Alexander Son of Zeus http://www.interesting.com/stories/alexander/

    Olympias had told her son that he was a direct descendent of Achilles, on her side. Later she revealed to him something even more dramatic about his lineage. Philip was not his real father. Zeus was his father.

    Zeus, the king of the Greek gods, had come to Olympias in the form of a snake.

    As a matter of fact, Philip did acknowledge that his wife would sometimes sleep with snakes in their bed. This may have been part of the reason for their estrangement. Around 336 B.C. Philip effectively “divorced” Olympias and fathered children without her. This was about the same time that Philip was assassinated and Alexander inherited his throne.

    In 331 B.C., the Egyptian oracle at Siwa confirmed that Alexander was the son of the Zeus. Actually, the oracle confirmed that he was the son of Ammon, but Ammon is the Egyptian equivalent of Zeus in nearly as clear a way as Jupiter is his Roman equivalent.

    Was Olympias schizophrenic? Was Alexander a crazed megalomaniac?

    Maybe, but they did have a quite practical reason for claiming that Alexander was a god or demi-god, and may or may not have ever believed it themselves. It helped Alexander rule.

    Alexander’s divine reputation helped him keep his tenuous hold over the people in his vast and disparate empire. It was an early precursor to the European monarchs’ claims about the divine right of kings.

    • These poor old folks in the photos have a form of skin disease called Epidermodysplasia verruciformis. Remember the Tree Man from Indonesia? He had a very, very bad case of it due to his bad immune system. The human papillomaviruses causes overgrowth i.e a wart to form. These elders have not bothered to have them removed and like a fingernail that is not trimmed can get long and curly. I have seen these on our patients to a lesser extent of course on anyplace on the body. The wow factor here is that when they are on the head they look like “horns”. Is there a connection (with these folks)in this case with the demonic as the second film clip seems to imply? Doubt it, Satan is far more subtle than this!

  6. Would love to hear a show with L.A. and Joseph Farrell!

    I have decided that the acceleration in the end times is directly related to how interesting L.A.’s shows are….the 2 hours fly by and seem like just minutes!

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    just right click follow directions as above. God bless

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  10. Hi IndyRose,

    Thanks for providing the medical information. Humans after the fall have all kinds of diseases and mutations. Not everything is directly linked to Satan of course. However, fallen angels as mentioned in Genesis and the Book of Enoch as being involved with the moral and genetic corruption of the human race after the fall.

  11. I wanted to jump in here a minute and say I did listen to the coast to coast with Farrell on it and another link was there for a youtube interview so I went to it and man was he bashing Christian’s and the Old Testament something awful and seemed to get great joy out of it as well,he said a few things about Islam but the main rant was on Christians.Here is the youtube channel,Vangelis721’s.Maybe I was overly sensitive last night I don’t know, but it sure rubbed me the wrong way.

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