Arizona Shooting: Update!

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L. A. Marzulli

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) – A Pima Community College spokesperson said late Wednesday afternoon that the school and its attorneys are reviewing an incident involving teacher Brian Hewlett. Hewlett, who teaches at the same college campus where Jared Lee Loughner went to school, was arrested last week after a bizarre incident at the site of the murders that Loughner is accused of committing.

According to a Pima County Sheriff’s Department incident report, at about 4:30 PM on Friday February 25, Hewlett sat down in front of the Safeway on Oracle Road and began chanting.  It was the same parking lot where a deranged gunman opened fire on January 8, killing 6 people and wounding 13 others.

When Hewlett refused to leave, the store manager called deputies.  The report states that when the first deputy arrived he found Hewlett clad in a tank top, jeans and socks sitting in front of the store in a “yoga position” and wearing white earphones.   He was chanting over and over again, “We are the ones you have been waiting for,” and occasionally throwing in, “We are the chosen ones.”

PCC reviewing teacher arrested at mass shooting site – KGUN9 On Your Side, Tucson News, Weather & Sports

It’s Monday morning and who wants to take a ride toward the dark side? I for one would rather be working on my Driver and how to hit the little white  ball, 300 yds, or getting some steaks for a BBQ, or going for a run on the beach, but my friend and colleague, Russ Dizdar, upset the order of nice, quiet, unassuming, Monday morning by sending me this story last night. For those of you who are not familiar with Dizdar’s work, he is the author os The Black Awakening, the Rise of the Satanic Super Soldiers. I have spoken alongside of Russ at 5 conferences, but who’s counting, and I will say  this, if I found myself in a foxhole I would want him to be alongside me. Russ was pastor for 30 years and served in a number of churches. He has a heart for those whose lives have been ruined by ritual abuse. He is a caring, God fearing, spirit filled, man of God.

In his book the Black Awakening he discusses the making of satanic super-soldiers. These super soldiers, are produced through Satanic rituals that create alter personalities. In short, it is trauma based mind control that began in the Nazi Death Camps of WWII. So why am I telling you this? I believe that Dizdar’s research is spot on. Now we may have written proof in this article. Dizdar has heard the phrases, we are the ones you have been waiting for, and we are the chosen ones, before, and he knows where they originate from, the gates of hell. He has heard alters speaking in rough German accents shouting those phrases. He knows what the end game is….

Look at the picture of the Arizona shooter above. Look at the eyes, the facial expression, the mocking smirk. It is, in my opinion, a manifestation of a super soldier. This guy blew away people in cold blood, without a second thought. You see, it’s beginning to happen isn’t it?

In closing today’s post: So why is this important and why should we care? Because there are perhaps thousands of these “alters” that are waiting to be triggered, and when they do we will have chaos on our hands. Remember when I posted the YOUTUBE video, Madness in the Fast Lane?  That video was frightening in that we  see super-soldiers at work, or at the least, demonically enhanced human beings and these two twin sisters are creating unimaginable chaos.

The times we live in are unprecedented. I didn’t have to post this today, but as a Watchman I am required to tell you what I see, and what is coming. This is an alarming story and should serve as a wake up call. We are at war and the enemy grows bold….

In the ends, as Dizdar points out over and over again in his lectures, we will see the fulfillment of Revelation 19:19. The King, Yashua/Jesus rides into the battle of Armageddon and with the breath of his mouth destroys the evil one. We know who wins! The rightful King is coming but right now we are in the birth pangs, and it will be a while before REV 19:19 happens…. but it will. Stories like the one above should serve as a reminder that the days in which we are living are evil, however: Greater is He who is in us than the scum-bag that is in the world. (L. A. Marzulli translation)


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107 thoughts on “Arizona Shooting: Update!

  1. Good Morning LA and All:

    LA thank you for this article. It would be nice to go about our lives as if all things were “La Te Da”, but we know this isn’t the case, as this article points out. I believe the Lord wants us to be in the best place possible with Him in our relationship so that we can face these “things” when they happen. That is why I have personally been trying to straighten out my life and get as close to the Lord as possible. It will only be His strength and power working through us that will help us to combat this type of evil. I hate to think about all the negative that can and will happen but I do look forward to our being gathered to our groom and returning with Him in His splendor to right this wrongful world. The fact that He has been as patient and kind with me in all my problems shows me how much He truly loves the world and even all those that have been deceived by the enemy to be in that camp. The Lord is not willing that any should perish and takes no delight in the death of the wicked because He gave of Himself for all. I love the Lord and like you, I too hate the “scumbag”. God bless all here today and the peace and power of God be with you all. Amen!

  2. Satan and his forces are hard a work and grow more powerful by the day. I like this Keith Green song that I think paints a very good picture of the world we live in. So many people equate Satan and his forces to myth or allegory and not as real, literal beings. That is the most dangerous thing anyone can do, as it opens them up to all kinds of deception. We are living in unprecedented times in which Satan and his forces are able to wreck havoc out in the open like this without anyone blinking an eye. The world is being dumbed down and ready to accept anything that will claim to give peace.

  3. I agree that we are wrestling with evil powers whose genius we barely comprehend.

    I posted over the weekend that, given the times we find ourselves in, and given that in 33 days we may find ourselves having to once again explain the quirks of the prophetic (re: May 21st)–we have to be all the more ready to give intelligent, concise, irrefutable answers about Jesus and the Cross (inseparable).

    It’s time to start speakings like sages.
    It’s time to speak like Jesus did to Pilate in John 18, whose testimony was commended by Paul in 1 Tim.6:13. It’s worth checking out.
    It’s time silly chattering dies down. (I predict by the end of today’s thread we’ll be talking about…ummm… blue dots on wrapping paper. Or whatever.)

    • Lynne – Thank you for addressing this silly chatter. I’ve been waiting for an opening and you’ve given it to me. I would ask that people who post, stay on the subject and not use this site for a social network. I could BLOG and discuss stories all day as the times that we are in are unprecedented… L.A.

    • I, am also guilty of fooling around trying to be funny. The Lord also chastised me and said, “SL, time is too short for you to be playing the fool. Read My Word.” I’ve started in II Chronicles…the Chronicles of the King.

    • Sorry if I made anyone feel bad; commented more in jest. I’ve been feeling convicted too, about not just saying whatever comes to mind.

    • I am glad this topic was broached, as well. A forum is the perfect place for friendship and goofiness, which are wonderful things. This is a very sober and watchful site and to stay focused on watchfulness, exhortation, and encouragement seems appropriate. Peter said, “If anyone speaks, he should do it as one speaking the very words of God. . . so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen.” I believe this is applying to the gift of teaching, but since this is a widely read blog, I believe our comments should be for the sake of edification first and foremost. In glibness there is often error, and there are unbelievers reading. Let us be salt and light!!

    • I think I’ve been guilty a few times of that and if so, I apologize as well. I try to post links to articles and stuff, but occasionally, like the above post I’ll post a song or something. I like the new forum though. Just became a member. Hopefully this will help smooth out the comments and make things much clearer.

    • Thanks LA. I love to read your blogs and do everyday. I even put a link to them on my Facebook page. I’m with you on this one too.. I really don’t like scrolling through the dating discussions and trivial things (to me anyway) to read related items to your blog. I have been guilty of posting a song..sorry.
      I think the new forum will be great for that purpose.

      Maybe the younger ones can use the new forum or even a socialnetwork group like facebook to gather in..that’s a great place!

      anyway.. Thanks for keeping us aware of what is happening! Maranatha!

    • NO ONE is right in this situation…not either “side”. Romans 14…will anyone review it? Fruits of the Spirit…I’ll be at the new message board. : )

  4. I don’t think it an accident or coiencedence that the location that both events occurred was on “Oracle” Rd. To me that is just like the enemy trying to show off how brazen he is as he carries out his death plans.

    Kind of feels either like he is either saying, “I am showing you that I am through hiding in plain sight. For now on, I will do my bidding where it is already fortold for those who have eyes to see”

    Just mho.

    In Christ,
    Jeff D

    • look Loughner in the eye, I bet this new wacko has the same look.

      22 The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is sound, your whole body will be full of light;
      23 but if your eye is not sound (evil), your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!

    • We are selling our freedoms one by one. I remember before the new screening I watched a muslim women in full burka dress, go right on my plane then the next couple about 80-ish white haired, blue eyed get pulled aside and searched! I wanted to question them why?? My husband said he NEVER took his eyes off the muslim women the whole flight!

      NOw we molest 6 yr olds and leave our borders open for anyone to come through! How about searches at the border?

  5. Even paranoia magazine had an article about “choosing ones” a few years ago. Its out there, just no one wants to admit it.

  6. Joel 2:1-13 (KJV)

    1Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the LORD cometh, for it is nigh at hand;

    2A day of darkness and of gloominess, a day of clouds and of thick darkness, as the morning spread upon the mountains: a great people and a strong; there hath not been ever the like, neither shall be any more after it, even to the years of many generations.

    3A fire devoureth before them; and behind them a flame burneth: the land is as the garden of Eden before them, and behind them a desolate wilderness; yea, and nothing shall escape them.

    4The appearance of them is as the appearance of horses; and as horsemen, so shall they run.

    5Like the noise of chariots on the tops of mountains shall they leap, like the noise of a flame of fire that devoureth the stubble, as a strong people set in battle array.

    6Before their face the people shall be much pained: all faces shall gather blackness.

    7They shall run like mighty men; they shall climb the wall like men of war; and they shall march every one on his ways, and they shall not break their ranks:

    8Neither shall one thrust another; they shall walk every one in his path: and when they fall upon the sword, they shall not be wounded.

    9They shall run to and fro in the city; they shall run upon the wall, they shall climb up upon the houses; they shall enter in at the windows like a thief.

    10The earth shall quake before them; the heavens shall tremble: the sun and the moon shall be dark, and the stars shall withdraw their shining:

    11And the LORD shall utter his voice before his army: for his camp is very great: for he is strong that executeth his word: for the day of the LORD is great and very terrible; and who can abide it?

    12Therefore also now, saith the LORD, turn ye even to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning:

    13And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the LORD your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil.

    A good rebuke brother Lynne and Lynn, guilty as charged, it`s time we start preparing. However lets not give in to anxiety for we know the Lord loves those who are His. I will pray for you brother Lynn and all who visit this blog and fellowship here.

    • Great quote, Bozz; sobering. Dovetails with not only what L.A. and Russ D. are saying, but what Tom Horn says in Forbidden Gates about the super-soldiers, referring to verses 7-10. Horrifying. Dear God, please send out workers, and give us all boldness, opportunities, and utterance.

      On a different note, I was admonished by my dear husband to please keep quiet about the days in which we are living and the signs all around us, that it affects our family with fear. I am going to honor him, of course, and pray that God would open his eyes and make him a Holy Spirit super-soldier.

      Has anyone read Elie Wiesel’s Night, where Moishe the Beadle warns his whole village that the Nazis were rounding up neighboring villages and hauling them off, and Moishe goes from being a revered village sage to the laughing stock of the town? No one listens, and the village perishes. Sometimes it is so lonely seeing this world hurtling towards Armegeddon and all people care about is food, TV, and technology.

      L.A., thanks for your work.

    • Jacqueline here is a quote for your husband and everyone of us here. It`s from Richard Wurmbrand:

      “Everyone who tells you that he does not fear when he passes through great danger is a liar. Courage does not mean absence of fear, it means the conquest of fear. Everyone who tells you that he is not tempted when fear offers itself to him is a liar. Everybody is tempted. But to conquer the temptation, that is the real Christian life.”

      Indeed even the King of kings was tempted in the garden of Gethsemane. Twice Jesus had to wake the disciples and remind them to pray so that they would not fall into temptation. He won and He reigns victorious. Now He is waking us, every day of our lives.

    • Sounds good. Thanks. I had the privilege of visiting Richard and Sabina in their home before Richard passed away. What a mighty man of God. Makes me want to pick up one of his books and start reading.

    • I just started reading “Tortured For Christ”. Heartbreaking and also challenging. Could I ever survive such tortures is Christ asked me to? I pray for grace and wisdom.

  7. Hi All,
    I’m now working on the New “Watchman Forum”, which should be ready to go later this week.

    LA and I will provide the link to the new forum. I’m Looking forward to many here on this blog to sign up, register, and have a great community of folks with the same interests in studying Bible Prophesy and End time signs.

    The Forum Name:
    LA Marzulli’s Watchman Forum

    John R. AKA:Ruggie

    • Ruggie. That sounds good. I’ll be looking forward to it as I get more time to participate.

      As to blatancy, I am seeing it all over as the enemy get’s bolder. Also, many Christians sleep walking as if this life will go on forever.
      Still living in the “dreamtime”.

    • Are we going to be allowed to have the felowship we enjoyed before at the new forum? (read my post below) I now feel incredibly guilty. 😦

      But if you could, please give us young people our own section there. I have really enjoyed the friends I’ve made here.

    • I do have a subforum created for Bible study, Fellowship, and Prayer requests in this new Forum. 😉


    • That’s good to know. I’ve been taking this VERY hard. I know, it’s just a blog but I feel like I’ve lost the best church family I’ve ever had.

    • Captain Eagle,
      Look at this new forum as an addition resourse to LA’s Blog. I hope many people here will register/signup and participate on this new forum.

      LA was all for it when I presented this idea to him a few weeks ago. I really think we can only expand and grow the ministry for Christ and hopefully wakeup a very lost world.

      God Bless !

    • Awesome idea!! The fellowship and friendships are great things and that would missed by many, but it does make it difficult to follow some threads that pertain to the article. So I praise the ability for the fellowship of LA blog commenters to be able to continue their joyful talk. If we can’t laugh we would all go insane.

    • I like the forum format better than this, always have. I just hate for there to be hard feelings directed toward us for wanting to make friends and from us for being scolded. I don’t think anyone meant to hurt anyone or anything. I take all of this stuff going on in the world very seriously but when I finally found Christian friends in my own age group I guess I got carried away. It was just very thrilling to belong to people my own age. I hope everyone understands. And I’ve been so gloomed up about world events I needed some light heartedness in my day. Imagine it from our perspective, we’re young, have our whole lives ahead of us and these events are affecting us and our generation the most. That is a heavy burden to bare and I have been carrying it over half my life. But I never meant to make anyone angry and I know the others didn’t either. That’s all I’m saying.

    • I don’t think anyone should feel bad about being chums but, like there is a difference in demeanor between sunday school class and the pot luck dinner afterward…..we should rejoice that the new forum will give a place for fellowship and some fun while reserving this for enlightenment for all?
      Now, on to the topic of the day, I see people in a daze and totally self absorbed everywhere I go. Watch people in stores and parking lots….all with gizmos or phones, texting and talking. It seems all the technology is putting so many in a trance that it is no surprise the enemy seems to enter those empty echoing heads and souls!

    • CE, I don’t think there are ANY hard feelings toward you or the merry band of chatters! Please don’t take it hard! I am so sorry you feel burdened. It says in Isaiah that when deep darkness covers the peoples, the glory of the LORD will arise upon us and kings will come to us because of the brightness of our being. There is more written in prophecy about these times than any other time in history. We are SO lucky to be alive now. Daniel said that those who know their God in the darkest end times will display strength and take action! As our days, so shall our strength be. Don’t be discouraged about the darkness. Be encouraged to go about like Jesus, destroying the works of the devil. No one here is angry at you, no way. Just a minor re-adjustment. Thank God the problem here is TOO MUCH friendliness. It’s a good problem and you are a great guy.

    • As Elaine said there is a difference between the Sunday School and the potluck afterward. Having said that, hope folks will not become old sober sides when addressing a topic. There is a balance between being serious about the topic without being glum. Hope you all understand what I mean here, I am a bit slow this morning (as well as other times of the day!) LA for example on his radio “rant” can be humorous and still be on point about the topic. Though perhaps we both have the same quirky outlook on things…
      Sending prayers out to all.

  8. Hey, can anyone look into this? During the 2008 Presidential election didn’t obama say a few times that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for”? I’m not sure if this is connected but I remember seeing this relating to his gand during or shortly after the election and at the time it disturbed me. I didn’t know it had a demonic tie though.

    • Great catch, Alice–I remembered what he’d said as well,as soon as I read what that man had been chanting while sitting outside Safeway–on Oracle Rd. no less?! They really are becoming ‘in your face’ more all the time!

    • I did not hear him say that..because I never liked him..I always felt an evil coming from him and would turn the channel! Still do! WOW..thanks for the video..if that isn’t confirmation for how I feel about this evil man…

  9. I play various online games and on one theres a fellow that msgs me every now and then who’s always quoting crowley and no matter my warnings he will not discontinue his delvings down the dark path. Today however I told him that I prayed he accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and then closed down the game. I just had a feeling that he would turn his rather immature viewpoints toward blasphemy as many following the l.h.p do. I felt bad afterwards however and I cannot quite define the reasons…
    Was I Too judgemental or too quick to judge his reaction? Perhaps but I have had many experiences with those who are blinded and I simply was not in the mood to hear the usual satanist reply. {you can make a guess what they usually say} Perhaps, I feel more guilty for my quick little rebuttal and escapism? I know something is wrong about this and I do not like feeling this way. I stand for my Lord but was not wanting to hear him blashemed escapist even cowardly? Or was it the right thing to do if done prematurely as I had never heard this particular satanist do so before? Yet we know what satanist’s do do we not?
    Any thoughts on this La? I know satanists can be converted yet something was wrong with my reaction.

    • Faithful,
      You ask great questions and I’m no expert on this stuff. I have cast out a demon before but have never dealt with satanists. However, this video is a nice example of how God is our shield and our glory, and how greatly He can use us with satanists if we can understand that idea. My guess is that it is okay to endure blasphemies because we are sheep for the slaughter (Romans), and our love will win even satanists over. Anyways, check out this video. Ignore the lame intro. Powerful, exciting stuff. Oh and there are many on this site who would knee-jerk against Graham Cooke, but there is certainly nothing that is unbiblical here, just the power of the Holy Spirit and the Name of Jesus.

    • What a moving and glorious testimonial to the mighty Love of the Creator. Thank you so much for sharing:^D His peace and blessings upon you, Jacqueline.

    • Jacqueline, I am away from my home for a couple weeks, but in having an opportunity to check the blog today, I am glad to see you have posted. I was feeling very unsettled that perhaps I had chased you off and it was not my intention to do so.


    • Moment, Laura: yes, I know, right?! What a beautiful testimony!!! Don’t we underestimate the love and power of God!? The reason I adore Graham Cooke is because I know of no one else who is half as intimate with God and knows His love so tenderly. This video rocks. God rocks.

      SL, does that stand for Silly Lady? You by no means chased me off. I come from a family of intellectually aggressive atheists! All I got from you guys was iron sharpening iron. I used to be an atheist, I used to be a Hank Hannegraaf parrot, I used to ballyhoo everything that let God escape the box I thought He lived in. Being challenged and held accountable is a part of the quest for truth. But I am touched that you care! There is a lot of love on this blog. All I care about is following the compass of scripture. Much love to you.

    • Ill check it out as soon as possible my wife’s hogging the speakers since our old pc messed up and Im running this off of a laptop and she watches her soaps on the old monitor.

  10. Thanks for sharing the article and adding your commentary, L.A. I commented on the psychological aspect back on the Life in the Fastlane post- I still can’t get those images out of my mind.

    I don’t think a lot of people, mainly the ones who aren’t paying attention, have any idea how amazingly plastic the human brain is. It can be for good (e.g. regeneration after a traumatic brain injury) or unfortunately for bad as we see here.

    Thanks for being a Watchman- I never would have seen the article otherwise!


    • Those 2 reminded me of something out of the bourne identity… mind control maybe? I was addicted to pain killers so bad and such high doses that I literally would be inches from death dozens and dozens of times BUT you still feel pain and nothing would cover that kind of trauma to make them get up and run like that. SRA is all I can really come up with and Ive thought about this alot lately.

    • Yep….. PCP is the only drug I can think of that would make someone act like the twins; however, it’s part of standard drug testing- so I’m with you Faithful on the SRA angle. I can’t think of anything other than having your mind “programmed” to do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do in the “Fastlane” case.

  11. Rose, thanks for your movie reviews, I plan to see one of the films you mentioned. I went to see the movie Soul Surfer this past weekend. It was wonderful, such a wonderful story and moving film.
    A film you can take your kids to with many reference to Jesus and shows him in a good light for a change.
    At the end of the film you see a film clip of Bethany Hamilton at the teen choice awards saying Jesus is what made her strong and pulled her through,,,this was on national TV, unbelievable how brave she is, not sure the network was thrilled with what she said but who cares?
    This short video I am second really tells the story.

    • Sorry I posted this, there will not be anymore. I didn’t read the thread above before I posted this.

      When I get a news report on the Anti-Christ, new UFO sightings, hurricanes/earthquakes or insane lunatics I will post again, there never seems to be shortage of those unfortunately…

    • Matt, I think it would be a mistake to not post movie reviews. Movies are major players in the war of world views and the propogandizing of the masses. Satan likes to “show off” his plans and methods in them. It’s necessary to be on one’s guard when going into a movie theatre, but we should stay up to date of what’s happening in the culture.
      L.A. himself blogs on movies that show major shifts in the culture.
      The movie “Limitless” is extremely revealing in regard to how people will crave some sort of drug/antivirus/DNA alteration in order to be a “superhuman” – to be like god. Sound familiar?
      People think the mark will be forced on the masses – I think they will RUN toward it.
      Anyone who refuses it will be considered an absolute freak.

    • Matt, this was very uplifting, and something people can share w/ their children…not to feel sorry for themselves about trivial things, but to have an attitude of gratitude as she clearly does.

    • I read the Wikipedia link about this movie “Limitless”, and boy, it sure is disturbing. A man killing another man and drinking his blood, to satisfy his craving for the drug?

      More distrubing still were the comments of the reviewers. I guess people no longer look at anything in terms of right or wrong, good or bad, ethical or moral. Consider that for many reviewers, the main point of criticism about this movie was it wasn’t as “slick” or “sophisticated” as it could have been. That’s a totally amoral worldview many people have in these end times.

    • Does L.A. mind if a positive movie review is posted once in a blue moon? (Because that’s how long it is between them now a days) There is certainly a plethora of Alien-esque / Demonic movies to post about. Soul Surfer has had such a positive impact on our 9 yr old daughter its astounding. She’s read some follow up books Bethany published as well.

      The topic of these Satanic Super Soilders is very important & the article about the teacher chanting those words -wow! Could this have been planned to trigger others who read about his arrest?

      The topics discussed here can get real heavy duty & some people are better @ digesting & dealing w/the info than others. How does the enemy react to having his plans exposed? Could they perhaps aim some firey mind darts to create fear & uncertainty into the lives of those @ peace in Christ?

      The info is eye opening & Russ Dizdar has some wonderful teachings on how to combat the enemies devices. If we are not blinded to Satanic schemes then we should also make sure we remain extra built up w/the knowledge of God’s word & open communication in prayer w/the Lord Himself. Slack off on that & we may find ourselves beat down & in trouble. These seducing/lying spirits aren’t playing around. A majority of people are either already deluded or becomming deluded by their schemes & charms including Christians not disciipled in testing the spirits.

    • My understanding is, this is not a movie review forum, and I fully understand that. It was not created for that purpose. I will refrain in the future of posting my reviews of movies no matter the subject matter, as it is clear it doesn’t belong here.
      Sometimes we may get a little carried away when we see something interesting and want to share it with like-minded folks but this is not the forum for that kind of information.
      The last thing I want to do here on this blog is have some people feeling left out or uncomfortable for some reason and I believe that may have been the case. The regulars that come here feel comfortable with each other and enjoy each other’s friendship and fellowship, however; others obviously found it irritating for whatever reason.
      That said, Dr Marzulli did not start this blog to be a social hang out of sorts. It may have slightly turned that way at times as we got to know each other and this must have frustrated a few people to the point where they felt intimidated. I hope that is not the case as we are all brothers and sisters in Christ and if anyone out there feels that way (you know who you are) I am very sorry, it was not intentional to bring humor and or lightheartedness to this very serious blog. Dr Marzulli has been kind enough to create this blog for all of us to enjoy. These are very serious times and we are dealing with very serious issue and should be treated as such in the future.
      It was great getting to know everyone, it’s almost like I know you personally, like a next door neighbor.
      As much as we enjoyed getting to know each other this is not what the blog is all about and I respect that and will adhere to the policy hence forth.

      P.S Soul Surfer is a great film; go check it out… 🙂

  12. I remember back when I went to community college, I had a rather interesting math teacher. I went to his office to get a little extra help, and he had his wallet open with a picture of some guru he was staring at. At the time I also worked at a restaurant that was sold to the moonies. Boy, are they dedicated to Rev Moon. The time is at hand when God will bring seperation between the holy and the profane. Satan is a defeated foe, now is the time to pray, ask for cleansing so you can stand with clean hands and a pure heart. Don’t fear when you see what is taking place, God is in control.

    • That moon fella has alot of sway in congress as well. I watched a video where he was actually married and had senators and un reps there. It was held in a major federal building as well i believe, anyways its on youtube so you can check it out. Hope he finds the true way for he is most definitely deluded and decieving others into perdition is heartbreaking.

  13. I just finished replying to everyone and Word crashed. And it was beautiful. Especially what I wrote about how I feel about this blog. I’ll try to rewrite everything again.

    I think that sneaky Kimberly sent her rabid squirrel army my way and chewed up my phone line last night. Grrrr. (Actually a semi probably knocked down the phone lines. Thanks to this stupid detour going past my house this happens all the time now.) Here are the replies to whatI missed below:

    Kimberly, you may only be a frail little human being in a big, crumbling world but you’re no longer alone. 😀 We’re all in that same boat with you. I sure wish we could get ya out of CA though. Maybe we could all pass the hat to help your family move? God will protect you with prayer and you have your faith placed in the right place. I’m no longer scared either because the mindset around here has helped me get over my fear. Hearing His guidance sums it up for me pretty well too. Don’t forget you have all of us praying for you as well. I keep your barriers in prayer daily and will continue to do so until God tells me not to anymore or they are removed. You’re my twin sista’ after all. 😉

    Yeah, I like Barbossa too. He’s my no. 2 all time favorite movie pirate right after Robert Newton as Long John Silver in the Disney Treasure Island. Now, THAR’S a pirate. You’re right, I may not be a real captain, but I’m as brave as a captain and you will find captains of various types all throughout my tremendous body of work. It’s one of my themes like Tim Burton has his skeleton men. When I chose my ID I combined a few aspects of one of my characters because he’s a man after my own heart and that is why I’m Captain Eagle. The Eagle is also associated with God as well as our national bird so its’ the perfect fit for me as a brave warrior in Christ. Much better than being a boring old Kimberly. 😛 Ha Ha.

    When you look up the word gullible in the dictionary you will find a picture of me. I’m also depicted under the entries for naïve, kind, cheerful, creative, and silly. As you can see, I obviously need someone to look after me but I think I’m a lost cause. Ha Ha.

    Bozz – Do your tin foil hats float like paper hats do? We used to double them as boats.

    Randy – Sure. You can be Pigpen. You just need to make a dirty snowman and you pass the criteria. Ha ha. (And yes, I have an action figure of Pigpen too. I bet I have 6 or 7 different ones in fact…)

    Matt – I turned all my Cds into MP3s a few years ago and keep the files on my computer and a My Book. Interestingly the new CD’s wont let you do that unless you have the older software like I have. I think that’s stupid. As long as you’re not swapping it with people what’s the harm? But that’s why I never buy MP3’s. What if the hard drive fails and it’s all gone? That’s why I like doing it myself on CD.

    Nomemoleste – It was psychic Sylvia Brown. I’ve seen her on TV a few times and she oozes of New Age lies to me and she says these things.

    Matt – Now, now. Not all women are that bad. I’m actually not afraid of their wrath. At my first comic book convention I gave an interview telling the story of my life and was asked if there was anything I was afraid of. I said “Yes. A pretty girl.” (And yes, Kimberly. I do think you’re a very pretty girl but my answer was in the context of asking a pretty girl out. So I wasn’t unintentionally insulting you or any of the other pretty girls here. 😛 )

    That’s a great story about the genie (I thought the punch line would be he makes the guy into a woman) but I have a story to share too. When I was 17 I struck up several online correspondence with some Hollywood story people and at the time I was developing a story where the main character is a girl. Because I was a 17 year old guy I felt overwhelmed and daunted by the task of how do you think like a girl. I was told you don’t get caught up in that. You write her like a guy but she happens to be a girl because deep down we all want the same things. I had no idea what they meant at the time and somehow I meandered my way through it. About a few years ago something clicked when I was writing a girl part and it suddenly became second nature because I started thinking more about her personality and her wants and needs and goal and got less caught up in the fact that she was a girl. I think that’s true of us in real life. Although we have our differences girls and guys pretty much want the same things in life.

    Kimberly, Kimberly, Kimberly. First of all, where do you get this “widdle brotha’ stuff? You may be street wise but I have 4 or 5 years on you. Second, I’m not afraid of you or your dreaded frying pan (or was that a proposal? Ha Ha.)

    If you become that cat lady just don’t go all the way. I feel so sorry for her. All she has are her cats and the city came and took them all away and destroyed them. This has happened 3 times now and I know she loves her cats but they take over her house. Her car has cat hair in it at least a half inch deep. It’s like a carpet of hair. And she smells like a litter box. I still love her like I love all my customers because I have found that in my own way I have the power to brighten up their day. Most of my customers are elderly people, folks people have forgotten and could care less about. But I have found that if you give them your attention and talk with them it makes all the difference for them in the world. Many of them drop by where I sell the produce just to visit with me and I’ve had so many interesting experiences. I’ve had old ladies crying as they tell me about how their children died as infants and I’ve have old men relieved to see that not everyone my age is a liberal freak. It really makes my day when I make their day. But anyway…

    Why would you need a cane to poke people with? Use your riffle or your frying pan. Ha Ha.

    Matt – I met Julie Neumar once. I could have met Adam West a few weeks ago but Ah, well.

    I enjoy Christmas and Easter and all the other holidays too. I just look at them from a Christian perspective.

    You wanna know why we color eggs at Easter? I’ll tell ya why. This is straight out of one of my political satire books. It’s so the brown eggs and the white eggs can no longer tell each other apart and finally meld together as one people. (Plastic eggs are the eggs who had cosmetic surgery.) I was called a racist for this story but it’s because I’m AGAINST racism. That was the whole point of the story when I wrote it. You just can’t please everyone.

    I have studied Abraham Lincoln and I think his faith evolved with time. With Lincoln you must accept what we get taught about him, that he freed the slaves because of pure humanitarianism, he brought people together, he was gay, is pure BS. He is a VERY complex figure, in part because we have to rely on writings to understand him. It is clear that his faith, like his views on black people, evolved along with the war. His writings before the war are almost anti-God but after the losses in his family and the war Lincoln changes and starts evoking God in his speech. I don’t know if he was a Christian but at the very least I believe he was like Jefferson and Franklin who respected the church and acknowledged the power of prayer.

    As for the nature of the blog. Here is my opinion (I hope this is as well written as it was the first time. ;/) When I joined this blog last spring I only thought I’d be posting articles and occasionally communicate with people but then a very funny thing happened. I actually started caring about the people who post here and feel as though they care about me. For me this blog has become a family. The most amazing thing is I finally found that there are serious Christians in the world near my own age. I have never really met that many before but here we have myself, Patrick, Matt, Bozz, Kimberly, and a few others. I really felt a bonding experience this past weekend especially and came to have a new kind of respect for Bozz in particular because of that thread on Christian relationships.

    These aren’t just some kooks who spout doctrine, like you find on so many Christian site, we’re real people and I’ve come to love you all and enjoy your company very much. I don’t know how I’ll ever get through the periods coming up soon when I’ll be too busy to check in as often as I do now. I hope my presence in your group is as important to you as your inclusion is in my own life. I truly feel that we have come together in the Body of Christ. It may be sad but when I’m reading and posting here I feel more like I’m among friends than just posting on a blog.

    I also find it an amazing testament to Christ that He has brought us all together on an end times blog. This could be a very bleak, terrifying place but I feel at home and warm and comfortable here. I have learned so much and know I’ve been growing in the Spirit. I no longer fear the end times because there are so many of us here in the same age group who are in the same boat and will face this troubling period together. It’s one thing to know that Christ is on your side but I have ALWAYS felt alone because everywhere I look I see lukewarm Christians my age or worldly people my age and here are people my age who are just as deeply rooted in their faith as I am. That means more to me than you could ever know. It’s a refreshing feeling to know that I have so many Christian brothers and sisters here who can understand what I go through because they have gone or are going through it themselves. Just by knowing that there are others like me out there I no longer feel like such an oddball. I enjoy our silly spells because it’s bringing us together. I feel especially close to a few of you and sometimes we even seem to think alike. Patrick, Matt, and Kimberly especially. But tis is what I’d always prayed for and dreamed of finding in a church family and you are my church family. 😀

    I’m sorry if this offends some of you but you don’t have to read what we write if you don’t want to. You can scroll past it. I am a very serious person and I do indeed know what times we are living in and take it very seriously. But the fellowship I find here among my own kind takes the fear away. I don’t know how LA feels about it but I feel that God has had an unintended result through his ministry. He has brought us together through this of all places and not a single one of us were looking for it. And I don’t mean to leave your older folks out. I value your guidance and advice tremendously because I know you’re not like the type of church people I’ve grown up with my whole life who were stealing God’s money. But this place is such a blessing to me because of he people I find here. Thank you all for loving me and letting me love you. It really means the world to me. 😀

    And, yes, Matt. I’ll give you reviews on movies, music, and TV any time you want. I’m actually a professional at that. I used to be a reviewer for DVD Toons but they fired me over my Jesus: The Miracle Maker review when the Catholics complained. Ah, well.

    I look forward to the new forum opening up and will be among the first to join! I feel that format would have been great for the relationship conversation we had this weekend so it could have been kept alive and helped others find it and learned from it. When the new forum begins might I suggest there be a sub forum for we young whippersnappers to play in? Then the serious stuff is “safely” quarantined from our enthusiasm for life and we still have our place too.

    I still know this wasn’t as great as the first time I wrote this stuff but I did my best to recreate it. Sorry guys. : (

    • Because LA said we shouldn’t be socializing here. I really didn’t mean to ruin it for everyone (I know I was the biggest offender.) I just really enjoyed what I found here and I guess I took it too far. I didn’t see the harm but I respect the owner of this blog. Randy sounds like he’s leaving now (he hurts VERY easily) I hope we can have that at the promised forum. Maybe we can all stay in touch via email?

      I sure am going to miss this. I liked the group-ness of it.

    • Hey Captain. Don’t beat yourself up. When the other forum comes online, there will be plenty of space to have fellowship. As a matter of fact, segmenting things out will make things a lot easier for everyone to find and follow threads. You won’t have to be like, “hey regarding that comment three posts ago” kind of thing.

      We are to lift each other up. Not tear each other down. I am sure LA is very supportive of fellowship, but there is a time and place for everything.

    • I’m already at the new forum and I agree it will make topics easier. I even posted an article there that I couldn’t here.

      My question on the fellowship is had we never fellowshipped at all then we never would have become friends but then no one would have been upset so it’s sort of a chicken and the egg thing with the time and the place arguement. Anyway, t’s passed. Come join us on the forum. We need a Matt and a Patrick and a Bozz and a Late Night Lisa and a Doug and a Kimberly and a Rhema….

    • Capt`n, don`t take it too hard, a Blog has its limitations or in other words it is not specifically for social networking, however because of the layout of this Blog it facilitates such. As being able to post your videos etc. Even I up to this point felt kind of guilty posting different subject matter because it distracts from the main post of the Blogger himself. If this new forum is being designed to facilitate a more social environment then apparently L.A. is making provision for such in so doing, perhaps the lack in making the intentions of the new forum well known beforehand is the problem. Rather to simply say there is a forum being created please restrict any further socializing to the forum once it is up. Good communication is important. At least that is how I see it..

    • It is what it is; Randy shouldn’t feel hurt or offended by it if that is truly the case, I already addressed the issue on top of this thread, nothing more to say. I like doom and gloom like just as much as the next guy, however, too much of it and my head begins to spin. I have to take a break from it once in a while.

  14. LA; how about muslim suicide bombers, would they be classified as super soldiers? for sure Ala is Satan (the crescent horned bull Baal).

    I work in disability and I have seen that Arizona Shooter appearance on others mainly men. I always thought the possibility of these people being possessed. I am told that it is the medication that these people are on that stops the violent manifestation from happening.

    I have visited mental assilums scary place many people in these places are posessed. the reality is that there are a lot more openly living in society and may crimes are by their hands.

    The opening of “the bottomless pit” Rev9. has released the psylogical demonic to inflict pain on man.

    victory in Jesus

    john B

    • WE had a medical doctor once who told my husband that many illnesses..could be done away with if people would have faith in Christ! He went on to say many things are spiritual matters and not health issues!
      How right he is!

  15. Empires: Kingdom of David: The Saga of the Israelites
    2003 NR 4 episodes

    Keith David narrates this religious exploration of the struggle of the Israelites, from 586 B.C. when they were forced to find refuge in Babylon to the rise of Christianity centuries later. Filmed at the precise locations of the events featured, this exploration features four episodes that focus on key figures in Judeo-Christian history: Abraham, Moses, King David and King Solomon.

    • In this video about the Israelites there is some important facts despite some liberal sceptical interpretations of history of the Jews.

  16. Just mind blowing that such amazingly great things (the mystery of godliness) are happening on a tiny planet like this. We are so tiny. Makes you praise the Lord even more:

    • Thank you so much! I have joined and am registered and hoping all my other friends from here show up too! (Boy was it hard for me to find where the register button was! Ha Ha.) Anyway, I’m there and joined.

      And, again, I’m so sorry for bothering people here. I never intended that at all. Please forgive me.

    • I see you and several others have already signed up ! Great now please spread the word guys ! Hope to get this forum cranking in the coming days, be patient It’ll grow !


    • You never bothered anyone, but we should stick to the topic at hand, anyway you now have a place to discuss whatever in the forum!

    • We obviously must have bothered those who weren’t happy. I didn’t think we were doing anything wrong because each topic was it’s own thread. I’ll most stay at the new place. I hope everyone comes over. 😀

    • I registered, but for some reason whenever I try to go anywhere else, it takes me back to the registration page??? Any suggestions?

    • That’s weird Sundown lady !
      Are you signed in ? Try to log out and then log back in to the forum. Always go to the BOARD INDEX for all subforms to show.

    • I logged in and then went to Board Index and now it is telling me I am currently viewing the boards as a guest and the login boxes are up again.

    • I wonder if my anti-virus or something is preventing me from entering…but if you click on ‘members’ my name will be there and when I tried to register again, it said, sorry that name is already in use…

    • It could be anti-virus ! Are you still have trouble ? Is anyone else who signed up having any problems like Sundown lady ?

      If you continue to have problems I could delete your account tomorrow and you can try to register again.


    • I rebooted my computer and seems to be working now…I’ll let you know if I have any further problems. Thanks so much.


  17. The other day at work a girl in her mid 20’s signed for a package. I happened to look at the receipt because the signature seemed odd. Upon a closer look I noticed for her signature she wrote SATAN in capital letters. I couldnt believe it. I guess she does that will all of her signatures. According to other employees.

    I walk to work its a 4 block walk and on the way home the same day as the SATAN signature a man in his mid thirties was sitting across from a church and in broad day light he was playing with a Ouija Board. I couldnt believe it.

    When you think about it, its not hard to imagine a super army of people who have nothing but hate in their lives. Maybe they grew in a bad home, lost a love one, everyone seems to be hurting. There’s nothing but violence on TV. Its just sad times all around. I used to think it was a gift to be living in the end of days. Now I just cant wait for his return. Things will only get worse. Maranatha

  18. Sort of a sidenote on this: ” we are the ones you have been waiting for” quote. In addition to the “Black Awakening” & as these things always go – you can follow the demonic trail. “We are the ones we have been waiting for” is from a Hopi Prophecy. The New Agers have picked up & ran w/this as well & turned it into a me, myself & I glorification while morphing it into unity consciousness.

    Following is an example of a women expressing these ideas. Of course “Yoga” is also involved.

  19. Speaking of a dark awakening, here is their general, Charles Manson.

    Some of his quotes are outstandingly timely:

    ‘You have to accept yourself as God. You have to realize you’re just the Devil just as much as you’re God, that you’re everything and you’re nothing at all.’

    ‘Everyone’s God and if we don’t wake up to that there’s going to be no weather because our polar caps are melting because we’re doing bad things to the atmosphere.’

  20. Interesting that until of late there was a downplay of the occult background of the Nazi third Reich. I have seen only a mention of the Arizona shooter’s interest in the occult as well, the altar with sacrifice material in his back yard.

  21. Not sure if anyone has already discussed this or not, (I haven’t read all 100+ comments), but what I’m wondering about with this Hewlett guy is this. Was his showing up at the infamous Safeway something that occurred as a planned result of his programming, or was it a “glitch”, or whatever we might call it?

    Was he “supposed” to be there, talkng about being the chosen ones? Or did his programming somehow come out accidentally?

  22. In a way I also pitied the killer. Chosen ones have no say in their being “Chosen”. And they are Chosen before birth.

    One can tell he has multiple eyes. In his FB photos he has blue eyes. In the mug show they are totally different and brown. In fact, he looks different in all of the pictures he posted on his social networking sites and the one at the book fair.

    Who knows about the teacher. You would think an alter would want to keep programming hidden. But he spoke a Chosen Ones language. I’m sure many caught it.

  23. Viral Video Sensation: Millions Watch Siberian ‘Alien’ Discovery

    Incredible footage has emerged of what a group of Russians claim is the remains of a mangled alien. The lifeless ‘body” was supposedly discovered lying in snow in the Irkutsk region of southern Siberia following reports of a UFO crash last month.

    The “extra-terrestrial” appears to have suffered horrific injuries — including the loss of one limb.

    Shocked villagers had told of seeing a pink and blue glowing object hurtling towards the town before the alien was found. The bizarre reports were taken so seriously, they were investigated by the country’s Emergencies Ministry staff.

    The mystery deepened when investigators said no aircraft were reported in the area. And search and rescue teams found no evidence of an aircraft crash.

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