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L. A. Marzulli

Proposal to the Vatican: “The cloud of resurrection was a UFO”

Here is a link to the story that I headlined above. The article is poorly written and often the sentences do not make any sense. I get the feeling that English is not the authors first language.

At any rate what we see here is that the so-called Alien Gospel is being promulgated once again. The author states that he believes that the resurrection was aided by ET. He also, like many others before him, states that Yashua/Jesus did not die on the cross. Oh well, where do I begin?

It is a historical fact that the Romans knew how to kill people, they were experts at it. The fact that blood and water flowed from Yashua/Jesus side, indicates that his heart burst. The god/man was dead and in my opinion we have The Shroud of Turin as forensic evidence to prove it.

What is sobering to me is that articles like this, along with TV shows like Ancient Aliens, are prepping the public for what I have coined as the coming Great Deception. This is the theory that ancient alien visitors came to earth thousands of years ago and genetically manipulated early man, created our civilizations, our religions, and now at this critical juncture in human history they are back to usher us into a time of peace, knowledge, and prosperity!

The author also states that angels and aliens are the same. In other words what people thousands of years ago thought were angels appearing to them, were in fact, aliens. We see this same paradigm in the  movie Knowing!

In closing todays’ post: We are being bombarded with the messages that claim that ET was and is involved with the religions of the world. I warn about this constantly and because of this I have been sometimes, unfairly called, a minister of darkness. Call me what you want, but the fact remains that outside the safe walls of our churches, there are billions of people who are looking to ET as their creators. It’s a set up and at some point in the not-to-distant future, when they reveal themselves, openly, that revealing will cause the great falling away that we read about in 2nd Thessalonians. The deception is coming, in fact, it is all ready here and many, like this author are actively promoting the Alien Gospel! Wake up church!


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207 thoughts on “Alien Gospel A-Go-Go!

  1. When Stan Deyo was on the your show LA I asked if he thought or wondered if the fallen angels would return prior to the rapture of the church. His reply was that he thought they were living amongst us. I agree. I think they are in government positions. I think they are here building their Dark Army as Russ Dizdar suggests and I think they are in the Vatican. I think they have been in Vatican for a long time strategizing a one world government and a one world faith.

    This is the review from lasts nights Coast to Coast. Has one heard of the Aztec NM crash?

    On Thursday’s show, UFO historian Richard Dolan commented on the FBI’s newly posted 1950 memo that recounts the discovery of flying saucers and aliens in New Mexico, as well as discussed various UFO cases, and the field of ufology. The Hottel memo, released through the FBI’s new public online ‘Vault,’ was actually studied earlier by people such as Bruce Maccabee back in the 1970’s when he obtained it through FOIA, Dolan noted. The description seems to relate more to the Aztec, NM 1948 UFO crash than the one that took place in Roswell, a year earlier, and the informant in the memo may have based his information on a Silas Newton lecture about the Aztec incident, given in 1950, said Dolan. More analysis of the Hottel memo is provided at

    Dolan pointed out that there have been other intriguing formerly classified documents that have surfaced such as a memo from December 1952 written by H. Marshall Chadwell of the CIA’s Scientific Intelligence Dept. In it, he warned of UFOs “that are not attributable to natural phenomena” appearing near sensitive installations.

    Dolan described an incident he recently heard about from a military witness to an event that occurred off the USS Saratoga in 1987 when it was stationed in the Bermuda Triangle. An aerial object approached the ship and jets were scrambled to intercept. One of the planes exploded, and after the UFO disappeared, a bearded man was seen on the ship walking through the bulkhead of the ship, like he was walking through a wall. Dolan also posited his theory that a “breakaway civilization” exists; a group in the classified/black budget world that’s been able to employ clandestine and advanced technology in order to live off-world or underground.

    • Catherine Austin Fitts also has talked about this “breakaway” civilization. It is this group that is causing the earthquakes and weird weather.

      I was surprised when Stan Deyo didn’t acknowledge this possiblitiy and said when asked that the U.S. gov’t wouldn’t use HAARP technology to so disrupt the Japanese because they are our allies.

    • “You And I”lyrics to song George Michael is recording for the royal wedding, written by Stevie Wonder….hmmm, any deeper meanings there?

      Here we are on earth together,
      It’s you and I,
      God has made us fall in love, it’s true,
      I’ve really found someone like you

      Will it say the love you feel for me, will it say,
      That you will be by my side
      To see me through,
      Until my life is through

      Well, in my mind, we can conquer the world,
      In love you and I, you and I, you and I

      I am glad at least in my life I found someone
      That may not be here forever to see me through,
      But I found strength in you,
      I only pray that I have shown you a brighter day,
      Because that’s all that I am living for, you see,
      Don’t worry what happens to me

      Cause’ in my mind, you will stay here always,
      In love, you and I, you and I, you and I, you and I
      In my mind we can conquer the world
      In love, you and I, you and I, you and I

    • I don’t question the song as much as I do the choice of performer.
      Won’t he a little busy casing out rest stop restrooms to perform at a wedding?

  2. Interesting that they have to tangle with Jesus’ crucifixion, resurrection and ascension. Must be that worries them.
    If it was just superstitious nonsense, they could ignore it.
    But….. the plan is to attempt to blind people’s eyes. A job that they are working hard to implement.
    I still think the birth of the Jewish state and the ’67 and ’73 wars have set them in motion as they know the time is short.

  3. I left replies for Frak, Bozz, Rhema , Kimberly, and a few others in yesterday’s thread a few minutes ago and wanted to make sure you all saw them.

    • oops. Should have been Frank.

      I’m having a hard time seeing typos lately because the text is so small when I type. Sorry, folks.

    • That’s ok, ill go by frak I guess.

      I think I saw and replied this morning, let me know if I missed any.

    • Oh, I replied since then. Ihave a bad habit of replying too much I thik. I just like conversation and try to be polite and respond when responded to.

    • Eagle; my heart burdens for you. You “desire” a wife that is in the Lord’s will my dear brother . A wife you shall have. There is an appointment according to divine ordinance.

      You come across as sincere of heart! the Lord will bless you wait and see.

      john b

    • God is not “androgynous”. Nor is He, in His Divinity, a male, or a female. In His humanity, the Word of God is a human male.

    • Its all good. If u gotta reply, u gotta. Like me. When I can, ido.

      Mark this response right here as the most worthless post ever.

    • Haha Frank. Not so, you made me laugh.

      Captain, I would answer the same as Kimberly did. Surrender and seek the Lord. Read the Word. All answers are in there. You are not the only who struggles with this issue, but try to focus on the Spirit more and less on the flesh. You`re what? 30 years old? I`m 27 and want the same things in my life as you do and Kimberly does, but through time I became aware, in what times I live, at the very end of the mystery of Godliness!!! Especially when I became born again. In a way it was like somebody smacked me with a hammer and I finally got it and fell to my knees and surrendered. I left the old me behind, I died to the world. I am still here and struggle sometimes but it`s so much different now. Because my focus is on Jesus Christ, the Word of God. I do not want to write a whole soap opera about me, but I had a period of time when I believe the Lord was calling me, but I didn`t want to come …yet. However he made sure I came. There were events in my life that I wanted to start but he ended them, because they were not good for me. I didn`t know that back then, but latter when he opened my eyes I saw it more clearly and saw what a fool I was concerning some things. He was waiting for me the whole time. We have to patient and wait it out. I take apostle Paul as an example, like it says in the bible that we should take him. He was single till his very end. One of the reasons was because of his “job” and also that he could focus solely on the Lord. But even if I look at the world now, I really would not want to have a child in this environment. The moral laws in society that God put into place are almost non-existent, the food is basically becoming poison, the economy is in chaos,… A few days ago a friend called me and informed me that they made a study on a certain baby food brand and they found traces of led and arsenic in it. It`s just crazy. Family now? Thanks, but no thanks. I`ll wait till the Lord straightens things out.

    • 1 Corinthians 2:9 (KJV)

      But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

      Till then the Lord has my steering wheel.

    • And Captain… In addition to what Bozz said… no one ever said to give up on your dreams… but it’s always good to be cautious that your dreams (which are God-given) do not become priority over seeking God… I always thought of keeping Christ as your focus as an orbit… focus on His face and everything orbits perfectly in place.. focus on another planet… everything falls apart.

      Regarding 1 Corinthians 2:9 … that verse says it all. And it’s deeper than just a glance by reading will give you. I don’t think you, or any of us, have any idea exactly how much Christ loves us. He is with us at every second of the day whether we know He’s there or not. He knows our deepest desires, more than we even know them! And when we are finally in His presence, there is no more needs or desires to be met… He’s the desire (He should be) and in Him, there is no regret. I have never dreamed about anything else but having a family. I probably won’t be able to have one… but I trust in God, I love Him more than my desire to have those things… if He decides for me to have a family… I’ll be overjoyed, if not… I still love Him with every ounce of my being.

      It’s more than giving up our lives for Jesus… it’s laying it down… daily… at His feet.

      You said yesterday that you wanted joy back. If America became spotless overnight… you would be surprised to find that it gave you no joy… that’s why Jesus said He gives a peace that the world can not give… seek Him… all these things will be added to you………………. I promise you.

    • I liked the 30’s – that’s a good age range. You have a little experience to know a few things & young enough not to feel your body coming apart.

      FYI on the kid issue. It would be great to have the ability to let it fly & take off for the Lord. No restraints or family obligations.

      On the other hand there is nothing like waking up to see the beauty in the joy & innocence of a child. They are just so dear & precious. It is a war now to keep them from the world’s grasp & its probably taking some toll on me as a parent.
      But there again its another incentive to seek the Lord for all cares & concerns.

      For me I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to have kids & raise them up in the ways of the Lord. The anti-Christ environment is the pits but I bet God has a special plan for the young generations of our day. Despite all the evil there are still those who love righteousness & will seek God in truth.

      I often think of just how amazing that is in our day. God is so above & beyond this idiotic wicked perverse generation & will rescue those who will come to love Him.

      (Can you kinda tell I’m a glass 1/2 full type?)

    • The thing is God did not make man to be a loner. That`s why he made him a woman. Do you know how the female got the term woman? When God made Eve and Adam saw her, he cried out in admiration: Woooo, man! 😎

      I think we as in younger generation just feel robbed in a way of our shot at a decent family life (if we are really at the very end, which I believe we are). I probably will never experience the things you experience(d) LNL and others here who are older, but that`s just the way it is (like the 2pac song).

    • I thought it was whoa man as in hey don’t do that dummy, lol without my wifes sage advice saying whoa man I would have made even more boneheaded decisions lol woman=whoaman

    • Wanted to add that I do understand you youngins angst about having a family but two sides to every coin, my biggest worries are for the salvation of my kids and grandkids as well as taking care of my wife. I would not trade them but will admit at times I feel this would be all so much easier if I only had myself to fend for. It can be quite a burden knowing so many depend on you(a burden I love though).Plus if Jesus comes back you will not have to go through losing your parents and grandparents which having lost all of mine I can tell you is not fun.This is not to take away from any of your comments because they are all valid. With love brothers and sisters,may God bless you all and bring you innumerable pleasures and joys in this life and the next. Randy

    • lol Randy. Like when God created Earth and everything including Adam and he rested on the seventh day. Then he created WHOAMAN and he could not find rest anymore. I can`t remember where I heard this one. Maybe on this blog. Overload of information lately.Low on memory.

      God made Eve, because he knew Adam is a bonehead lol.

    • Greeeaaattt… here comes the man vs. women jokes….. oh great. 😀

      Eve is the helper! Hey, we are just here to help… not to be a slave, not to be the head of the house, not to beat up the intelligence/pride of men… but to help. 🙂

    • Don`t worry Kimberly. I`m neutral on this 🙂 I would appreciate some help anyday. I as Randy can be quite a bonehead sometimes. 🙂

    • Ah Kimberley we kid ya because we love ya. I for one would not want to live in a world without women, you all bring beauty,kindness and gentle caring as well as being the stronger sex emotionally(hate to admit that though) into this world God made women last because he saved the best till last. There you feel better now? 😀 😀

    • Cap’n,

      I’m still in my (late)40s, but if I were your age in this current time, I wouldn’t want to have a family – especially children. I have a son who’s 25, so this is a conversation we have regularly.

      I know you are a student of history. Have you ever read the stories of Richard Wurmbrand and his wife Sabina? They were evangelical Christians in Romania when the Communists took over the country after the war. They had a son, Michael, who was left alone when his parents became political prisoners. His mother served slave labor for three years, and Richard was a prisoner for many, many years, and most of that was spent in solitary confinement. They were finally freed, and they came to America and testified in front of Congress about what was happening under the Romanian communist regime. His son was so angry with God that he turned his back on Him.

      We are coming into a time like this. Now is not the time for houses and clothing and land:

      (Ez. 11:3)
      They say, ‘Will it not soon be time to build houses? This city is a cooking pot, and we are the meat.’

      Do you want to be responsible for children when this time comes? You have a choice now, but you won’t later.

      If you long for children, go into your community and help with the many, many children who need someone who can show them Jesus.

      Quit gnawing on this like an old bone; either do something about it or leave it be.

    • Kimberly,

      When they start this kind of nonsense, grap the nearest frying pan. God gave men hard heads for a reason…

    • Aw… I know, you guys. 😀 I’m teasing along with ya’s.

      I… can be an airhead… it’s a human problem 😉

      I’m afraid of power tools (and spiders).. but I can clean a kitchen like no one’s business… No man = no power tool= collapsed house! :-O No woman=dirty kitchen= rats in the house!!!! 😯

      Ooooooohhhh! By bringing this up, you guys made me think of something… and you guys can tell me if it’s a weird thought… I thought of it like… if the Lord took HImself and split Himself in two… one half was man and the other half was woman… put them together again and it’s a perfect being, who alone is Jesus. Because Jesus is strong, powerful, and protective like a man. But He is also lovely, gentle, and nurturing like a woman. What I’m trying to say is that the attributes of God’s character are found in both man and woman… it’s the human part of us that causes everything to go all wacky…. hmm… I don’t even know if that made sense.

      (pssst… in some cases, Randy… it is very true what you admitted. 😉 )

    • That`s right. I can bust nuts with mine. 🙂

      Oh man, a few moths ago the Holy Spirit lead me to their ministry`s homepage. I found mp3`s and listened to Sabina`s testimony. Very sobering.

    • Yes it is a weird thought Kimberly. The bible describes God as a He. What you just described is the occult deity that the luciferians worship. Ever heard of baphomet? He represent the hybrid (male-female), androgenous god, who is actually the fallen cherub. I know what you are trying to say though. I do not have an answer how God came up with Eve. He probably just enhanced some traits from Adam and decreased others (physically and mentally). But I am totally guessing here.

    • Wow, Rose from KY, that is GREAT advice about helping with kids in the community. Cap’n, maybe you could be a Big Brother? I would imagine there are many children who could use a father figure in their life, a positive role model. That would be a win-win situation, eh?

      About the married or not married issue, haven’t you heard the funny saying — people who are married wish they were single; people who are single wish they were married. We humans are a fickle bunch, ain’t we?

    • I am a husband because I am a man married to a woman. She is a wife because she is a married woman.

      There is an order to the relationship “For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ is head of the church, being the savior of the Body.Wives be subject to your own husband as to the Lord” Eph5:22,23.

      That is how it use to be in our society until the sexual revolution accompanied by the feminist movement and gay liberation.

      western society at large has rejected this order of relationship between Man and woman. not only society but many churches as well have rejected God’s order for the sexes.

      How many husbands truly love their wives as Christ loves the church? How many wives respectfully submit to that Love?
      Judging by the divorce rate the answer must be very Few!there be that live in an orderly marriage of mutual Headship & Respect.
      The anarchy among the single youth of today also reveal the modern continuance of disorder for there is no submission to father & mother as there is no longer any role model of the godly order.
      To make things even worse the government legislates the disorder into law.

      Indeed the love of many men & women waxes cold. But lookout there is tremendous heat coming “burning like an Oven” Mal4:1.
      It is called the Great and Terrible Day of the lord. The day of reckoning. Isaiah2:12-22. 2Pet3:10.

      john B

    • Bozz; my grandfather had a nickname for my grandmother which she dearly loved “RIB” truely she was his Eve.
      A Good wife and mother She was. she often sat me on her lap and read me stories from the bible.
      I still carry her picture in my wallet.

      John b

    • Hahaha… eeewwww, Bozz, noooo… I’m not saying God is a sheeee… :-p I’m trying to say that God has all of the strongest traits of both a man and a woman… and He is perfect in all of those traits.. NO hybrid talk here… just “character trait” observations. And I’m not so much referring to as who God is… but how He made us in His image. No lucifers! No lucifers! 🙂

    • Softcurls… the best solution for everyone about the issue you mentioned is Hebrews 13:5 “Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have. For He Himself said, ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you.’ ”

      Being content is the key, and thankfulness. 🙂 Being single can be lonely, being married can be lonely… but we have a beautiful God that will never leave us!!!! 😀 !!!!

    • Here we go Bozz… here are some verses that explain somewhat of what I am trying to say… maybe this will come across more clear…

      “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings…” (Matt. 23:27)

      “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes.” (Rev. 21:4)

      Those are the more motherly aspects of Him… but I’m not saying God is a mother or a she, I am saying when a mother is nurturing… she is like Him! 😀

    • Back in 1986 as the JW’s taught it was better not to have kids for all the same “end time” reasons. They probably still encourage it. I truly considered it as being logical @ the time & felt I was getting ripped too. Now even though we are nearer to Christ’s return I just don’t feel the same way about it as I did then.

      In the parent mode different opportunities arise to share the gospel than if you choose to remain barren. (He,he) There are Non-christian parents who will allow you to take their kids to Sunday school. It amazes me the parents don’t mind but these Children embrace Jesus & then sometimes even the Parents get saved through their kids. Wherever we are in our lives the Lord will reach out to those around us.

      Now as far as you single people go……….. On a different Christian blog a Man & WoMan got to like each others postings over time, set up a date to meet, feel in love & got married! And to top it all off she lived in FL and he was from Australia. Seperate continents even! Wink,wink………………………….

    • I know what you meant Kimberly. You are a child of God. Sometimes I just have to pound over some things that I heard listening to Michael Hoggard lol.

      John B, I always like to listen to your teaching.

      LNL, a few years back I always daydreamed having a wife from abroad. Netherlands, or Spain, hey maybe even from the states. One never knows. Something more appealing to me on foreign women, different language, different culture, different continent, adventure! Maybe cause my whole family is like this. My grand grandfather married in France or Belgium (I forgot), My grandfather traveled all over the place because of the WWII searching for a job to provide for his family, My father lived in Australia, I have an uncle and relatives in Germany,…

      However the world has become so corrupt. In college I met a girl and spent time with her, only to have latter found out while I was thinking if I should date her, that she has a boyfriend! She didn`t even care. Latter I met another one like this, only that she was even more sweet than the one before, and I was really tested with temptation. she also didn`t care and just wanted to have fun, like me. However, events happened in both cases that guided me away from doing something stupid and also my conscience back then was also stinging me, not letting me get involved with these two girls. My last attempt at starting a serious relationship was when I met a girl from another city where a good friend of mine lives. We got along pretty well, and she was really sweet, but then when she drank a little bit to much, she started to reveal all kind of things about herself (in this case alcohol did a positive thing lol). She told me she slept with my friend and with a bunch of other guys and I was just disgusted. All this and more happened to me while I was lost till the Lord found me.

      And now while I look back, I see His hand. In everyone of these cases, He was there with me and telling me, stay away from her, stay away from this one also, do not even think about laying hands on this one! Working through my conscience. That`s how I see it now.

      So it`s not I want to be single or barren. It just turned out that way. I was living among the heathens if I can say it like this, I was backsliden and was not even aware of it. That`s how deceived one can get and how subtle the serpent is. Now I stopped searching for a woman. My priorities have changed. If Jesus Christ will introduce me to someone, He will, if not and He wants me to be alone and live for Him, He knows what is best for me in these times.

    • Oh goodness gracious… can’t believe I’m even going to tell this story… but it’s fitting… because, yes… the world has become corrupt and it seems like it is everywhere…. under and in every nook and cranny. :-O

      (Sigh)… I actually had a boyfriend in high school… he said he was a Christian guy, we talked about Biblical things, he always talked about how purity was important.. he took me to his church with his family. And as time went on.. he was angry with me, and I couldn’t figure out why in the heck he was soooo annoyed. One day he told me so casually “Me and my friends, we were talking about you and I, and we were all laughing, because…. we don’t think you have a sex drive.” !!!!!!!! Haha… I couldn’t believe he SAID THAT! And he was angry I wasn’t all… ya know… physical (even typing that grosses me out beyond words) I was stunned and was thinking “who in the HECK are you all of a sudden!?!?!!” :-O Well, I found out later on that he had possession of child pornography… :*-O

      So… yeah… agreed… that stinking slithery serpent finds his ways… but the Lord takes care of His children.


    • Kimberly – I never thought of Christ having feminine traits in those verses. I believe I have a unique perspective though because, like God, I’m a creator of worlds but they are of fantasy where His is reality. And to me those verses have always read like a Creator’s love of His creation. As I sure you know from your art, you have a tremendous sense of accomplishment and admiration when through you God has inspired you to make something good. I’ve often told people I’m not smart enough to do what I do alone so God must be leading me along the way. But, anyway, after time you really do start to think of your creations as having their own personality and life of their own. With characters in a story that’s a given but I have created artwork before that almost felt “alive” for me. I know it’s not quite the same thing but I can totally get how God would have affection for us being our Creator and all because I get that same feeling with work that can’t reciprocate my feelings. Imagine what it’s like for God when we have the ability to love Him in return? Also think of God’s unique perspective, He was able to enter into His creation. No mere mortal creator can do that, although we try. I may be totally wrong but I think that’s one of the reasons God loves us so much and I never hear anyone talk about His Creator love.

      I’d say I’m pretty content and thankful but I still feel a yearning tugging at me even in the back of my mind that only a soul mate can provide. It’s just like the calling I feel with my stories and characters. I know that is my calling and you’ve even said you thought I was gifted at it and can see Christ working through that. Well, the feeling I feel about the family aspects is just as real and potent as my calling to the creative endeavors. That’s why I feel it’s of the Lord because the feelings are kindred spirits.

      Lisa – I’d never thought of how we can minister to other people through their children when we have children. Thank you for that unique observation.

      Ack! Don’t get me started about online stuff! Oh, I’m very open minded, God can use any means to bring people together. I’ve just never had any results with it so I quit perusing the dating sites. Eharmony couldn’t even find me a single match. Eharmony, the site that guarantees they can match anyone! I felt like Charlie Brown “I know nobody likes me. Why do I need Eharmony to emphasize it?!” Ha Ha. It would be wonderful if something like that did happen to me though, and the rest of our lovely single people on this blog. I’m such a hopeless romantic I hope there’s someone out there for everybody. : )

      Oh, and I went to high school with a girl who met a guy in Australia online and married him so I know that does happen.

      Bozz, in my case if I met a girl online from another country she’d only be into me to become a US citizen. Ha Ha. That’s the Charlie Brown luck at play. (When Charlie Brown grew up, he became Captain Eagle)

      In college I knew a girl who met a german guy online and married him and it was all a big headache. I have no idea if they stayed together or not. She only married him because he reminded her of the Vampire from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (one of the first of those vampire love girl things.) I tried to minister to both of them but both had been hurt by the church and weren’t interested and booted me out of their lives because they were liberal atheists and couldn‘t have a conservative Christian friend because “it‘s like the fish and the birds. Where do they live?” And they got the story WRONG. That story is about a fish and a bird who FALL IN LOVE. It‘s not about friends. A bird and a fish could be friends because they don‘t live together, they VISIT each other. I really hate it when people think they prove a point and get a story wrong.

      Yeah, I don’t get people who date multiple people at once. I’m very much a one woman guy. I just don’t see how you can casually date people willy nilly like that and don’t even care if you hurt them or not. It’s all about “me me me” If it feels good do it. Sigh…I’m so sorry your women experiences have been that way. I seem to have the discernment to alert me to things like that before I get involved. It’s why I prefer to know a girl before I get interested. It’s just the way I’m wired up.

      Kimberly – You shouldn‘t be grossed out or embarrassed by your story. I‘d take it as a tremendous compliment that people of the world would think of you being as pure to not have a sex drive. People say the same things about me and I think that‘s why I‘m always seen as a sidekick or buddy role than the leading man. Even in my friendships with guys I‘m always the Barney Rubble to their Fred Flintstone. But that‘s okay. Good things always happened to Barney and he even had a wife. Ha Ha. (Anyone ever see how they adopted Bam-Bam? It’s the SWEETEST TV episode ever. They wish on a shooting star for a baby then someone leaves Bam-Bam on their doorstep. For characters as cartoony as the Flintstones they actually tug at your heart strings in that episode.) Anyway, I have noticed that the world thinks it’s funny when we Christians (or others) have control over our sex drives. I think it’s because they’re jealous and feel the need to knock us down and they think that f they mock us and make us feel inferior for what is really a strength then they will succeed in causing us to backslide and become just like them. When I was in college the other art students were ALWAYS trying to get me drunk or to get with a girl or whatever and they could never do it because my willpower is so strong. I, for one, am proud that I am the way I am and that they couldn’t get to me and you should feel the same way. : ) But I think that was where those guys must have been coming from with you.

      Oh, my goodness about the child pornography!!!

      I have told stories on this blog I’ve never told anyone. I never told anyone how I began as a writer and it’s the most embarrassing story of my life. Earlier I mentioned that in junior high I asked a girl out and she turned me down. Well, we wrote notes to each other every day as friends and I was such a stupid, foolish, idiot that I somehow believed that if I wrote her a letter everyday for a year she would be totally impressed with my loyalty and faithfulness that she’d be bound to eventually see me differently. (This is such a Charlie Brown moment) So I continued the rest of the year and over the summer and into the fall and, of course, it didn’t help. It just made people laugh at me. As an adult I realized just how strange that must have seemed but when I was a kid who lived on the fairy tale happy endings I’d grown up on it seemed totally logical. So, anyway, that was the most embarrassing thing I ever did but because of it I became an avid letter writer and it’s one reason why my blog posts are so thorough. Because I had little in way of friendships I’d slowly go through a note and reply to each point. I also recently drew on this embarrassing episode of my life and got a whole story line out of it in one of my comic book stories where the villain’s henchman gets a crush on the main heroine because she’s kind to him once. I’ll never publicly say that this story arc was autobiographical because it still makes me blush but my friends here will know the truth if they ever get to read the story. Ha Ha.

      Anyway, now you know the most embarrassing story of Captain Eagle’s life so we’re all even steven.

      Yep, God always does indeed take care of us! 😀

    • Captain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are not reading what I wrote… you are reading it backwards!!! I’m going to use the frying pan to hit you over the head so you’ll understand me some day!!!! 😛

      I am not saying God has feminine traits… character traits do not have a gender….. (sigh…. never mind… I surrender… haha, but that’s not what I meant by that. )

      Anyways… my point on my comment above wasn’t so much about being embarrassed, my point was more so about the corruption and deceit found in people. I was surprised to hear those words coming out of his mouth.. because he talked about purity so much, and he very well knew my thoughts about marriage. So, I was baffled… that was more my point.. I didn’t care so much about what they thought about me because I knew they wouldn’t understand … and I wasn’t ashamed, just flat out baffled that he expected things from me.

      Oh heavens, Captain! I have a TON of embarrassing stories!!! And don’t be embarrassed about being embarrassed. 😉 Hahaha.

    • No, Kimberly! Don’t use the frying pan on me!!! Ha Ha. I thought your point was God has both male and female traits and those were examples of His feminine side? I was saying it’s more of a creator/creation relationship. Where did I get you wrong?

      I had thought you were embarrassed that that guy would speak of you in the way he did. I know that feing of being fooled by people. It’s happened to me quite a bit. It’s a very belittling experience, isn’t it?

      I don’t find your “embarrassing” stories to be all that embarrassing at all. They very much humanize you and make me see you as an equal that I’m playing a card game with because I can match you hand for hand with experience after experience, embarrassing story after embarrassing story, and you’re the first person I’ve ever had that happen with to me. It’s very peculiar. You could be like my twin sister separated at birth it’s so peculiar. Usually people go “Captain Eagle, you sure lead a strange, sad little life” or totally don’t get what I’m about but we seem to have an understanding about that sort of stuff and that makes my embarrassing stories even less embarrassing because now I see them as not as embarrassing stories but as a shared experience.

    • Bozz – the numbers are always changing on me for the posts. It always confuses me in replying myself.

      I’m already reading the word and I Bible study besides researching my creative works (which often dovetails) and I believe I’m seeking the Lord. The hard thing about seeking scriptural answers without guidance is the Bible is so vast it’s hard to find all of the verses pertaining to a specific subject unless you have one of those digital pocket Bibles or a book that references all the verses on a subject.

      Yes, I’m 30. I’ll be 31 this fall. I’m not sure I understand what “The mystery of Godliness’ means? I agree we’re in the end times but I still can’t say how long this time will take to play out. I may be in my 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s before everything comes to pass. I do believe you can raise a Godly family in any environment if you yourself lead the home in a Godly matter. It wont be easy but it can be done. I’m always a little skeptical that all the food is poisoned too. I’ve been raising my nephew since he was born and you don’t have to buy al the store bought stuff if you don’t want to. You only need to be vigilant and I’ve already been through this once so it wont be my first rodeo now. I was ALWAYS asking questions like “Why do you have to buy special “baby water”? What did people do for THOUSANDS OF YEARS WITHOUT bottled “baby water”? I think a lot of this stuff is a racket and I don’t fall for it. My family does but I don’t.

      I know Paul was single his whole life but that’s not my calling. I’ve been single my entire life and I’ve had no pleasure in it at all. Some people do and I applaud them for that but I’m not one of them.

      Kimberly – How I feel right now is like the dream with the creative works. I’m plugging away at it but part of me does feel like if this is all over in a few years what’s the point? But I still do it because I must. The same is true for wanting to be a family man. Ever since I was a child myself I was always daydreaming ahead of being a husband and a father and having a family. I even remember in like 4th grade we had to write a story where we met our future self and I put all of that in there. I first encountered myself playing on the floor with my kids. Being a family oriented person is who I am and is in my blood. I don’t know how to be any other way. The reason it never went anywhere because most of the people I’ve encountered in my generation have no desire for family. They were always into partying and good times and if it felt good do it. Both the guys and gals. Because of that I rarely had any friends because I have better things to do than to get drunk and act like a fool. I have lived responsibly and I feel like I’ve got nothing to show for it. I know I have my salvation but I really wish I didn’t also feel like the nice guy always finished last. And I’m not talking about financially or career wise but for whatever reason people seem to think you’re a moron if you aren’t a jerk to everyone. But, again, I don’t know how to be any other way. As far as I know there’s never even been a girl who was ever even attracted to me and there are people who don’t understand that either. When I was in college people were always saying “Captain Eagle’ I don’t get that because you’re so well mannered and everyone knows you’d treat a women like gold” I wouldn’t treat them like gold, but like a lady. But, yeah, that’s what I’m talking about and I’m sooooooooo tired of people thinking I’m gay because I’m creative and never date anyone. My dad’s entire family thinks I’m gay and tells people I am and they don’t care when I tell them I’m not and to quit doing it.

      I would say that these desires are of Christ because I’ve had them my whole life and I don’t understand why He would give me the desire to be a family man if it was never to be. That’s another reason I’m so confused. I always seek God first in everything I do, it’s one reason I’ve always been single, but at the same time because I’m in my 30’s now and my 20’s went so fast and I can see the way of the world I’m beginning to feel like that dream will never become fulfilled. Even if I just had a long term girlfriend or a wife it would be a lot easier to face what’s coming with a life companion than alone because we could rely on each other for everything. I know I’m a hopeless romantic (some say a fool) but I’m such a traditionalist when it comes to morality and faith it makes things feel rather bleak for me the way things are. And I don’t go actively looking for anyone but He hasn’t brought anyone my way yet and I have no idea why. It’s not like I have something wrong with me or look like a creep but I seem to have qualities that are obsolete in today’s world and it’s hard to accept that.

      How do you go about laying your life down daily? Is there a method to this like that Blood of Jesus prayer that was posted last week? I guess I don’t know how to do it.

      I think I’d feel joy if I just had someone to share life’s journey with. And I mean the journey in the Lord. It’s lonely when you feel like you’re the only one of your kind. (Now that I’m so steeped in this end times and Nephellim and fallen angel/alien stuff I’m even more one of a kind than I ever was before.) I may not feel joy if America was moral again but I’d probably feel a little bit better. I get a lot of anger, disappointment, and anxiety when I see the nonsense going on around me. The very things posted about daily in this blog. It frustrates me to no end that most people are oblivious and don’t see how morality is slipping down the slope. (That Katy Perry and Lady Gaga stuff greatly disheartens me because they are going after our children and most parents will think that it’s just kids being kids and I NEVER recall any artists doing songs about having sex with aliens and things like that.)

      Bozz & Kimberly – I’m not sure I’m understanding what 1 Corinthians 2:9 is saying and ‘ve been focusing on t since you have pointed it out to me. To me this seems to be saying that we only have the desires in our hearts that God has planned for our lives to fulfill? That confuses me even more.

      I’m sorry that Kimberly and Bozz don’t feel like you’ll ever have families either. I think you’re all wonderful, God centered people and we need more people like that having families than the people who are actually doing it.

      Lisa – I actually feel the same I did when I was in the 16-22 range. That’s when I became the guy I am today and I haven’t really changed much since I was 16. I know more but at heart I’m the same guy.

      I don’t see family and obligations as a bad thing though. I’d LOVE to have someone to come home to at night who loves me as much as I love them. Whenever I see these stories about guys cheating on their wives I just can’t understand it because in my world you pick each other and that’s’ it. You work through the good and the bad. I don’t see how anyone can be so callus and cruel to treat their wives (and children) so carelessly. And the irony is these are the sorts of guys who women want, not guys like me. I’m about as honest and as straight a shooter as they come yet the guys who sleep around and have no ambition in life always get the girls. I just can’t figure out what’s wrong with people’s priorities.

      I saw how my friend Lee raised his children. I know it can be done. He was much more strict than I am and edited all the movies and book they were exposed to. I’d still control what they see but I’d not go to the lengths of paranoia he did. (He worried about tings that don’t matter in my opinion. The non issues)

      I’d love to wake up to that. I have my nephew and he’s like a son to me but it’s not quite the same thing because we share him with his mother’s family and they are not Christ centered at all and it’s always a struggle because of that. With my own family it wouldn’t be such a problem because both me and my dreamed of wife would be there. I would be just as thrilled as you if I had what you had. What you have articulated with why I don’t feel like it’s such a lost cause to have a family any time up until He returns. He will take care of us throughout the whole thing, no matter how bad it gets. I have that much faith in Him and that is why I’ve not closed the door on this dream.

      Bozz – What Lisa says is what I’ve been trying to say. Why rob ourselves of having a family when we trust Christ will take care of us even through the End Times?

      Randy – If you raise the children and grandchildren right and plant the right seeds they will come to the Lord every time. The reason I feel so many people, especially the young people of today, turn on the Lord is because they are uninformed through the lies and indoctrination of how the Bible was written and recorded and what it contains. That is why I study things like this so if I am ever blessed with my own children I can teach them these things like Lee taught his children and they will come to have an unshakable faith in the Lord. When you have a Mother and a Father who both bring something to the table in regards of faith it stacks the cards in their favor even more.

      Bozz – I told you that Man and Woman joke. A Jewish man told me that.

      Kimberly – I hope no one thinks this is a slam on men or women but I feel that God did in fact make men and women to be different creatures so that we both can do something the other cannot. Supposedly men are more logic based in how they think (not all men are logical, however) and women think more with their emotions. I’m told this is sexist but I just look at the examples of the present and the past and it seems to be true. The women I’ve met are much more spiritual in Christ than the men. I think that is your gift because of how you’re wired. The guys tend to be more into the logic based faith stuff, like me and the Biblical archeology and science. There are those who can do both, however, but they are an exception, not the norm. But I think that tis is why when we become of one flesh in a marriage it makes us whole on an earthly level because we compliment each other so well and when you have the right man and the right woman together they really are made whole in a new creation. I tend to think of people as droplets of water and when they get married they create a puddle where they are no longer the two “Me’s” but are now a “we”. When two droplets form a puddle it’s impossible to break them apart and be the same droplets they were before they mixed together.

      Does this make me a sexist?

      Randy – I forget who is was that said it, maybe Winston Churchill, but the quote goes something like women are what keep us men civilized. Without them there would have been no civilization or families.

      Rose – I’d never heard that story before. Did their son ever return to God again? I would hardly hold his parents responsible for that. God chooses to give life, although I can’t imagine why He’d want that story to end so miserably without knowing it all.

      Most believe the Church leaves before or mid tribulation. If you can make it that long He will come for all of us. Also, if we are only a few years away, as many here believe, would all the children born be taken up as well? Many say there is an age where you are shown mercy because you don’t know any better.

      I guess I trust that Christ would take care of the children. I study a lot of stories about WWII because I feel it’s the closest thing the earth has sen to what is coming. People were able to be courageous men and women through that dark time and I don’t see why this can’t happen again no matter how bad the times are.

      With me it’s not just about the children. I’d like the help-mate too. Even if we help off on the children that would still mean the world to me. A wife is sill a family after all and I’d love my wife as much as any man could. The great tragedy is she may not exist. : (

      I’m not sure what to do about it? What would you suggest?

      Kimberly – Captain Eagle fears the spideys too. Power tools though, what’s there tobe afraid of? (insert Tim Allen grunt here)

      You can also get rats (or raccoons) in your house even when a woman is around. It all depends on where you live. Because there is a farm field across the street we always get the little critters no matter what we do. It’s a fact of life.

      I’ve been told that male and females are the split aspects of God and that when we come together as a man and wife that’s’ when we are most like God because we are whole on the earthly level.

      Bozz – Can you post the link? I’d love to hear those MP3’s.

      Soft curls – Because I’m a 30 year old single man who people think is gay no one would ever want me near children and I’d never want to put myself in that position where someone can frame me. My old scout master was framed by a boy because he wasn’t interested in his mom and he lost everything. They later found that the boy had lied but it was too late. That’s why I don’t do that. I have my nephew but I still don’t have the spousal thing fulfilled.

      The only people who say that about marriage married the wrong person. Ha Ha. I’m in no way fickle. People say I was born 40 so that means I’m a bitter 70 now. Ha ha.

      John – I agree with you. That’s why I feel I’ve never found anyone. There are too few women out there who share that Biblical mindset on marriage and family.

      This may be the longest post in the history of this blog. Ha Ha. Sorry. I just wanted to reply to everyone trying to help me through this thing.

    • Captain, my kids were not raised as Christians because I was not a Christian, now that I am that have little to do with me. Now then women will not come to you ,you got to go out and get them,four legged deer you can hunt from a stand two legged dears you got to go out after, don’t sell yourself short,yes many women like the bad boys but there are many who appreciate a good man.Right ladies? And you never know where you will find them, I meet my wife in a bar..Gasp.. but it has been a great marriage not perfect of course but great, We both agreed it was for life and meant it. If you do not try you are guaranteed failure, nothing ventured nothing gained so get out there and start hunting my friend ,if you do not catch one worth having locally look farther out. Try different churches,laundry mats ect, craft stores, craft shows, go where the women are!! Hope this does not offend you ladies just hunting advice from one guy to another. Perhaps so of you gals can give away a few secrets from a womans perspective something I don’t have. And Captain do not tell them you collect action figures, it is cool to do so but let them get to know you first!! With love RTandy

    • One last thing you got to have self confidence if you don’t fake it!! If you don’t have faith in yourself how can they? It is not how you look, I am dang rough looking, even borderline ugly but always tried to be self assured and let me tell you it makes all the difference. Ladies if I am wrong please let the captain know I can only tell what has worked for me. Oh and get them laughing that helps too. Randy

    • Randy – I’m sorry your children wont have anything to do with you as a Christian. That breaks my heart for them.

      I know how it’s supposed to work but part of my problem has been I came of age through the 1990’s when they began screwing with our heads in school about our gender roles from kindergarten on. The first day of Junior High we had a 2 hour assembly about sexual harassment and it so freaked me out I could never bring myself to ask a girl out in high school, except once and she wasn‘t interested. They wouldn’t have gone out with me anyway because I was the outcast so I always pined away and kept silent. In college I was a little more proactive but no one was ever interested then either. I haven’t really met anyone since. I don’t go out of my way to look either. I used to do that in college and I wasted so much time catching no fish. I guess I’m just not much of a hunter. :/

      You know, almost every single “nice” girl I ever asked out ended up going for the bad boys and ruined their lives. I don’t like bad girls so that wouldn’t have worked out for me. Ha Ha.

      I have no idea where to find the right kind of ladies. (All the bars around here probably don’t have the right kinds of ladies though.) I’m not at all hard to please. I just wish I could find a girl deeply rooted in Christ so we could grow together in the Lord. I actually look forward to that the most in dating and being married. That and being able to support her and have her support me because supportive people are so rare in this day and age. I’ve only ever met a handful whom have ever been supportive of me and the majority of them are you folks on this blog. I wouldn’t have opened myself up about this spiritual conflict I’m having if I didn’t feel like I was among friends. Because I have no church I treat you as my church family. That’s another reason why I post so much, for the fellowship in the Lord. 😀 But I know part of my problem is that I live in a bad place for meeting single Godly girls.

      I agree, marriage is for life and when I take those vows I mean it. Even if my wife ended up in a Terri Schivo state I would now stray away for a moment. I am part Scottish and we are a very loyal people as well as being stubborn and when I’m serious and say I’ll do something I mean. Too many people are wimps when it comes to marriage and call it quits over lame stuff or they have no concept of what marriage is about going in. I know it would no longer be about me, it would be a we, but that’s why I need someone who shares some of the similar interests I do. Not all, but some or at lest is understanding of my interests as I’d be understanding of her own.

      I don’t usually tell people that I collect action figures. Ha Ha. But when she first dropped by my house and sees the thousands of them surrounding my house I think she’ll figure it out. I usually lose them when I tell them I create stories and characters. They never ask what the stories are about (and those who have read them all have said they’re good) so I feel I get misjudged in that regard.

      I’m often told I come across like a Rush Limbaugh type in the confidence dept. I’ve made myself vulnerable here because I’ve never been able to discuss this faith issue with a church family before. I’m pretty confident in who I am, what I believe, and what I’m like. I took a confidence hit 5 years ago when that church guy cheated me but now that I’ve just about fixed alll the damage he did to me as close as I ever can I’m starting to feel like my old self again.

      I agree, it’s not how you look but how you carry yourself. I’ve seen some women some would describe as plain who I thought were very attractive because they were confident. I think the reason why the fat and the ugly get rejected is because most lack confidence and that is what people are responding to, not how they look.

      Oh, and I always make girls laugh. But they usually only see me as a friend. Always a sidekick, never the leading man.

      I don’t know, for those of you in marriages, am I looking at relationships wrong? I know it’s all book study for me but do I understand what marriage is supposed to be as God designed?

    • One other thing, Randy. I’m not the type to ask girls out upon first sight. I like to know them a bit before the thought of asking them out ever enters my mind. You don’t want to ask a girl out and find out she’s a witch or an abortionist. I’m also not up on how you know if they’re married or with someone any other way other than being friends first.

    • Eagle; my heart burdens for you. You “desire” a wife that is in the Lord’s will my dear brother . A wife you shall have. There is an appointment according to divine ordinance.

      You come across as sincere of heart! the Lord will bless you wait and see.

      john b

    • Wow, I remember coming to this blog a few months ago, deciding I will only share scripture with you folks and wrestle some issues, but this blog has turned into so much more. We are like a family.

      Capitan, this is what I meant:

      1 Timothy 3:16 (KJV)

      And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.

      Soon he will come back again in glory and the mystery will be revealed to all men who have found favor in the most High`s eyes…

      I take 1 Corinthians 2:9 literal. We can not even grasp the infinite wisdom and love of God fully, we don`t know what He has in store for us, but we know that He loves us and that when we will be transformed in the twinkling of an eye we will see Him as He is and we will understand everything, we will understand the whole mystery of godliness. Our fleshly desires will fall away and the spiritual desires that we will get will be so much greater. That`s why I focus on the Spirit that is in me to not feel lonely, because I don`t have a wife and because the world is in such a mess right now that I don`t even consider having a wife. My flesh wants it, but my Spirit is stronger. I focus on the Lord.

      Hang in there Capitan. My friends also mocked me here and there that I am gay, but these things just don`t get to me. I just laugh at their foolishness. After a while they started noticing the spiritual change in me and now they are calling me a guru LOL! And I have to explain to them the difference between an eastern guru that they have mistaken me with and Jesus Christ.

      You said “The guys tend to be more into the logic based faith stuff, like me and the Biblical archeology and science. There are those who can do both, however, but they are an exception, not the norm.”

      The bible says we are one body, one voice and one Spirit. We all have the same Spirit. So I look at myself I can do both and I believe that men and women can do both, we are all one in Christ. And I see that in ladies and gents here. It`s the flesh that gets in the way. Also scroll up to see my other reply about my experience. I am not in anyway against us young ones here, having wives or husbands now, it`s just that the Lord has a plan for each and everyone of us and we are right where we should be. I removed the bitterness from my life that comes with being alone (in the flesh) and I could only manage to do that when I became born again. In fact it was not I that removed it and managed it, but it was the Lord.

    • Thanks, John. Sometimes I’m not sure if there’s something wrong with me. And I emphasize, it’s not like I’m openly out there looking for one. I believe God brings those He’s intended for each other together. I just haven’t met her yet.

      Yep, Bozz. I do feel a sense of family here. I think it’s because I feel the Body of Christ amongst us. We may not always agree on every little thing but I feel like we all belong here. I also never intended to be so open about myself either.

      I need to really meditate on those verses. I know we can never know what God fully has in store for our lives but I believe we do have inklings because He equips us with what we need to do out His will such as giving us talent or understand in a particular field or giving us a desire for family.

      I don’t feel that my family/spousal desire is fleshly because it’s not about physical love or lust. (My spirit is so strong I’m not even tempted by sexual desires like most guys are. It’s why I don’t understand the concept behind porn. It’s a picture of a person. To be that seems perverse.) I’m desiring the mental/spiritual connection and that is of God. I’m such a “take it slow” kind of guy it would take me a few years from meeting a girl to marrying her anyway. Please don’t think I’m in a rush to meet a girl and have kids. It’s a slow process that God leads you both on. That’s at least how I approach it.

      It only bothers me that my relatives believe I’m gay. I can’t believe that anyone would think I’d be so perverted. I have had many non believers be in awe of my spiritual side though. When they meet me and find out I’m a Christian they mock me or shrug it off until they see how I live and some ask questions about my faith as a result. So I guess I’m their guru in a way too. Ha Ha. (No gurus is good gurus. 😀 )

      I would say that when even male and female brains have been proven to operate differently there are differences between us. Perhaps the Spirit is what fills in the gaps? I do agree we are capable of anything but the fact that few ever achieve a spiritual, emotional, and mental equality ust lead to there being a reason for why that is indeed a rarity.

      I don’t really feel a bitterness about being alone. I just trudge on and wish and hope and pray I don’t end my time on this earth that way. And it in no way consumes my being but it is a part of me I have to admit is there and that I strongly, deeply feel.

    • Captain… it’s not a “slam” … that’s just the truth when you said “God did in fact make men and women to be different creatures so that we both can do something the other cannot.” 🙂

      Haha.. and about the rats.. I know.. I was just being silly, Captain!!!! My house is clean and we have rats in our roof :-O They are so annoying… they run, steal a piece of dog food, run up the tree, run onto the roof and inside the ceiling… and they play with that piece of dog food like it’s SOCCER! And I can hear it well above my bed when I sleep at night and it’s annoying. Plus, they fight like crazy and squeal … we try getting rid of them, but they are truly a pest!

    • Well in my case my friends were more like teasing me on purpose with the gay stuff, because they just couldn`t get the change that happened in me overnight. One day I was there drinking with them and partying, the next day I was reading to them the epistle of John and explaining prophecy. Strange but that`s how it happened. They couldn`t figure it out. It`s like they envied me, because I was completely satisfied with my life and did not strive for the endless drowning of my frustrations in alcohol over the weekends with them anymore. You know how people are, they always want something more, they are not satisfied with what they have, and when they do get it, they can not hold on to it. Partly because of the corruption out there. All my friends that had girlfriends in college are now single and miserable, because the girlfriends left them, and don`t know where they went wrong. I did not want the same thing to happen to me, so I embarked on the search for the Truth.

    • Almost everyone has rats Kimberly and those who think they don`t, have them also. They are operating in secret haha. Last year we renewed the roof at my home and we found all kinds of bitten through stuff. We thought we did not have them, it turned out we do. And by the remains it looked like they were not just playing soccer but basketball also! 🙂

    • Kimberly – You wouldn’t believe the fights my comment about the differences in male and female has gotten me into in a church setting. I went to a Mennonite Church by they were so liberal that the Mennonites booted them out. I only went there because my grandfather went there and I went to church with my grandparents after all the churches my parents and uncle’s family went to kept collapsing. That would get me into trouble and one day just after I graduated high school I got asked by some woman about having kids and I said something like “I leave that up to God.” and she was stunned “What do you mean you leave that up to God?!!” And the whole room got quiet. And I slowly stutter, with all eyes on me, something like “well, it seems to me that God is the One who creates life. You can try all you want or try and prevent all you want but if God wants to create a life He will.” And she said something like “Well, there’s such a thing as being STUPID and if God wants to create a life He can get around birth control.” And I said “It seems to me that you’re saying that just because we have the option to do something means that we should and that anything man can invent to control God’s will to conform to what man wants should be tried” It was something like that but I worded it a lot better. And all the adults in the room were uneasy and angry. I don’t get it. Either you trust God or you don’t. There’s nothing stupid about that. But we all know how that church experience eventually turned out for me.

      It could be worse than having mice and rats. We could be living in Florida and have armadillos!!. In 1996 we went to Disney World and stayed at Fort Wilderness (It’s Disney’s campground) and I was coming back to the camper from taking a shower at like 10:30 as night and I hear this thing HISSING and RATTLING and the bushes are shaking and I’m like “WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!!!” I thought it was like a HUGE rattle snake or something. Then this little armadillo scampers across the path. It’s funny you have rats when you have cats. That was one good thing when we had a cat. It was the one winter I don’t think we had a single mouse at all. They were either afraid of her or she was eating them. Who knows. But, indeed, you still could have it worse. Imagine lying in bed at night and hearing raccoons running around, squealing, and fighting. SHUDDER.

      Bozz – In my case people are serious about their accusations so I guess that makes the difference. It hurts more when it’s family doing it too.

      When I was in college the other art students actually confronted me one night in the animation lab and we debated a ton of stuff and the one guy finally said “Look, why don’t you just go away because when you’re here it’s like having Jesus in the room and we’re ashamed to be ourselves” and everyone was like “Yeah!” They tried to morally corrupt me for years but they never could do it. It REALLY aggravated them that I was so deeply rooted in my moral stature. I truly think they must have envied me and I took their slam as a great compliment.

      I’d say your friends must have had their relationships fail because they were not built upon a Godly foundation. (These are the sorts of comments I make that get people furious with me.) I have no doubt that if you yourself ever got into a relationship you’d not share their fate because you are equipped enough to know how to build upon a Godly foundation. I guess that is ultimately what I have been saying all along. If we take the parable of the men who build their houses on the sand and the rock that can also be applied to building a relationship on Christ and the things that truly matter or not. Most people want to build relationships on the sand (looks, sex, money, power, fame, shallowness.) and that is why so many are doomed to fail before they begin. I always wanted to build one on the Rock and that’s why I’ve held out my whole life. Huh. I never thought of applying that teaching of building your life on Christ to relationships. Thanks for inspiring that in me, Bozz.

      Bozz – For every rat or mouse you see there are supposed to be dozens you don’t see. One time we came home from shopping and there was a dead rat on the floor of our living room the size of a kitten. I’ve never seen a rat so large in my life. We rarely have rats. Our problem is little tiny mice and moles. Ever get moles in your house? They’re like mice but when they get in a mousetrap they cry and it just breaks your heart to heart this thing in pain, even if it’s brief. And I’m such a softie I can’t even bring myself to smash one with a shoe.

      When I was in college one of my professors moved into a house and found the skull of a mouse who’s teeth has grown around up into it’s mouth and into it’s brain. It’s probably what killed it

    • Bozz and Captain … I can’t imagine the kind of pressure that is put on you guys when faced with gay accusations… People that don’t know the salvation of God, definitely will not understand putting off the old man and putting on the new, so they have to explain the changes made in a saved person by the only means they know…. “he’s not running after chicks..hmm… must be gay.” Anyways, just stay strong guys and press on. 🙂

      This is sooo not the same kind of thing that you guys are facing, but a lot of my family almost looks at me like something is wrong with me because I’m nowhere near getting married… me and my sister are the only one’s left unmarried in the extended family… and they say to me hesitantly… “don’t you …. want… to get married.” Ummm…. yeah… but that doesn’t mean I’m going to pull some guy off the street and tie the knot! .. anytime we get together as a family they ask “so…… do you have a boyfriend yet?” I say “nope, not yet.” And then they have a awkwardly disappointed reaction towards me, and that’s usually when I decide to get up and get a drink or run outside screaming … or runaway to the North Pole or something. Anyways… it’s silly.

      Bozz… hahaha… I just imagined rats in sneakers!!! Making all those squeaky sneaker sounds! And I guess they also like to play basketball… I guess that explains the dribbling of the dog food! 🙂

      Captain.. I actually used to have pet rats… I loved them… not nearly like I love my cat, but I did love them… but they weren’t ill-behaved like the vermin rats outside.

      Armadillos!?!? I am indifferent with that animal. I just know they look weird.

      I watched a thing on Animal Planet about how horrible rats are… how they multiply, take over houses, and carry deadly diseases… 😦

      What I HATE THE MOST… ticks!!!!!!!! We had them so bad one year.. they were all over our dogs, crawling on the walls inside our home, one was crawling on my leg… they are gross, and the fact that you have to take them out in such a way as not to leave their head under the skin grosses me out beyond words! I hate killing anything… but when I found a tick… I found creative ways in killing them! There is nothing good about their existence… they hurt my dogs! >:-(

    • Not sure why but I pictured you much older than 30. Funny how we see things in the minds eye. Just be reading your post, I had this mental image and it was not 30 yrs old.

    • Thanks for the encouragement Kimberly. Muchly appreciated. I am guru. I levitate. So don`t worry for me, worry for them. 😎

    • Kimberly – Not only do I get gay association but there have been some people who have implied that I might even be into what your old boyfriend was into simply because I’m adult who enjoys childlike things like animated movies and children’s books and toys and I write stories for children…That is the one that is most hurtful at all. I enjoy these things because, for the most part, they are innocent and it’s all related to the mission God has imparted on me to do on this earth. I have enjoyed he same things; Muppets, cartoons, stories, holiday folklore, etc., since I was at least 3 years old. It’s like I came into this world already preprogrammed with what I needed to know to do what He’d have me do I never knew I’d be doing it in print media, I thought I’d be in film, but other than that I’m doing what I need to be doing and to have people try and imply that there is something sinister behind my motives when I have said on numerous occasion that anyone who would ever harm a child should be put to death is VERY cruel and hurtful. Although I don’t nearly get accused of this as often as being gay it cuts me even more deeply because of the severity of it. But, yes, I think it all comes from what you said. “Hmmmm. Doesn’t chase after chicks and likes childish things. Yep, must be gay or worse.” Oh, and sometimes when people accuse me of being gay to my face I’ll sometimes say something like “I don’t even know why women find us guys attractive. You think I’m going to like a guy when God put women on this earth for us?” Something like that. They usually just look at me funny.

      Oh, yes, Kimberly. That’s exactly what I’m facing too. My parents and grandparents are ALWAYS reminding me how old I am and no where near getting married. The saddest thing for me is I’d like my grandparents to at least meet the girl I’ll end up with because I know it would really mean a lot to them. But sadly, I don’t think that will happen. And I’m not like out looking to get a girl just to do that. I’m holding out for THE girl. But my grandma is always like “When your grandpa was 30 he was married, had built a house, had a business, and a daughter…” and that makes me sad that I disappoint them so much. But it would be nice to finally meet THE girl even if I don’t marry her before they pass on if only they can see that. It’s gotten to the point now where my parents are sarcastic about me ever finding anyone because I’ve never dated anyone. At least you don’t have that.

      And the North Pole ain’t so bad. It’s the place I write about the most. Ha Ha.

      Hey, Mickey Mouse wears sneakers. Must be all the rats in CA wear shoes. 😀

      I knew several girls in college who had pet rats. It’s so a girl thing.

      Your indifference to armadillos would quickly vanish if you were walking down a wilderness trail late at night and hear one hissing and rattling at you. I never knew they could do that. Armadillos are just rats in armor. Ha Ha.

      You and my mom have something in common. When we were kids she was OBSESSED with ticks getting on my brother and myself. One year when we went to Gettysburg with the Boy Scouts one got on my leg and was just starting to burrow in and when I saw it I had like a nervous breakdown and went into shock because of my mom’s training about ticks. We had a paramedic in the troop and he flicked it off with a pen. But for as shallow as that wound was it sure hurt the next day. But, no. I’m not a tick fan either. We actually don’t have them that bad in this part of PA because the winters kill them off. That is the only good thing about winters. They keep the vile critters in check.

      Matt – How old did you think I was? When I was a kid people told me I was born 40. That means I must be 70. Ha Ha. But I look younger than I am. Always have. I get that from my grandfather. He’s aged so slowly people started to think that my grandma was his mother, NO JOKE. When I was in high school my grandpa would send me up to the counter to get free ice cream cones for him. The age limit was 14 and I was at least 21 and still being sent up to do that for him. It’s kind of embarrassing now but when I’m 70 and still look 40 I’ll appreciate it a lot more. 😀 But probably the fact that I like older things like old cartoons, old films, 60’s sitcoms, and the OZ books threw you off. It’s true. I always got along best with elderly people than people my own age.

  4. OH MY GOODNESS!!! They had the cone headed kids on the noon news! I now know what this is about! Oh My….

    It’s a school assignment. You know those ones where they take a baby home and take care of them? Well apparently this is a science class one where the kids are supposed to wear these elongated skulls so they can live as an “evolved human of the future”. It’s VEEEEERY interesting they chose this shape. The teacher said that in the future we will be splicing our DNA with animals, plants, machines, and even aliens and she’s encouraging her students to go all out and be as evolved as possible. That’s why some of these kids are wearing contact lenses like cats and white pupils, etc. The one girl they interviewed was like “I can’t wait till we get evolved in the future!”

    These kids look like they’re 10-12 years old. But my goodness, they’re TRAINING them for transhumanism. Oh my Oh my Oh my….

    Yo see why I have a hard time divorcing myself from caring about what’s going on in the world? This is brainwashing kids to accept this as being normal and it REALLY bother me.
    But now you know Cap’n Eagle ain’t crazy and really has been seeing these “alien” girls running around.

    • I have a picture of them!! I have a picture of them!!

      This ran in yesterday’s local newspaper. I have emailed it to Rhema and Kimberly in hopes one of them can post it for everyone to see. I have painted out the names of the girls and the name of the school. These kids are only SECOND GRADERS and this was also tied into their Science Fair. Wait till you guys see this. The elongated heads and tasseled hair. And I live in Hooterville and they’re doing this stuff here!

      Imagine a dozen of these kids walking down your street and IT’S NOT EVEN HALLOWEEN!!

    • Oh, and there was no story. They often just do a photo with a caption of local events and that’s whatthis is. If I see anything more you can bet I’ll pass it along.

    • Cap, I just got home and saw the picture!!! I’ll try to post it but can’t make any promises. Here goes.

    • I can’t do it. I know how to post websites but can’t figure out how to post an email attachment.
      So sorry. Kimberly, can you do it?

    • Well, you’ve both seen them. My description was pretty accurate, right? The girl I saw in the store had a longer head. I can’t figure out what they’re wearing to do this because it looks like it’s part of their own body. There may be as many as 50 kids wearing these since it says 50 were in the science fair.

      If either of you have anywhere to upload it and post the link that might work. I don’t have anyplace to upload photos. But I at least have 2 witnesses here who have seen what I’m talking about and can verify how the have the girls made up. (I don’t see any boys made up this way.)

    • One pretty much has to upload photos to Photobucket or Flickr or some such, then post links to them there, on their little flicker-bucket servers. Both of those guys (Bucket and Flickr) are free, I believe.

    • Oh my C.E. ~ That must have been a TOTAL SHOCKER! I donr know what’s worse- To see an actual hybrid or to witness this kind of conditioning of little kids! If my child was @ that school I would have a MAJOR confrontation w/the school board.

      Isn’t ANYONE standing up to this garbage?

      In ole CA one of our headlines is : STATE SENATE OKS MANDATING GAY HISTORY IN SCHOOLS.

    • Lisa – The school administration has ALWAYS thought they were smarter than any of us because they see us as a bunch of rural rubes. They’re always doing corrupt things behind closed doors. No one is even allowed to attend the School Board Meetings anymore after they rammed a new multimillion dollar school down our throats that NO ONE wanted. One of the members owned the land and that’s why they did it. He’s on some city board too and pulled the same trick to get a new hospital built when we already have one. None of the doctors want that either. They’d rather they update what we have.

      I’ve heard about that gay history thing. I ask, just what is “GAY” history?

    • Captain, Gay history is kinda like normal history but wearing a dress and makeup, it also talks with a slight liiissp! 😆 🙄

    • And here I thought gay history was history but funnier and more care free. Ha Ha.

      What a great title for a book! “Gay History: History In A Dress”

    • Cap, Your description was right on. Are you saying that the people you saw in the store had on contact lenses that made their eyes look like you described to me? I can’t imagine making children wear contact lenses!

    • Yep. She had the reversed eyes, like I spoke of. Black whites and white pupils. She must have had those contacts that the TV news hinted at.

      If this is happening in rural PA (which we know is a hotbed for the weird right now.) What’s going on in the bigger cities?

    • LA – would you like me to email you this photo from the newspaper? Rhema says you’d probably be interested.

    • The “vampire/Goth look is hot right now…I’m not surprised you saw someone with contacts like this at a store, some people are going as far as getting real permanent (caps) vampire type teeth put in.
      I tell you what freaks me out, is how now days it acceptable for businesses to hire people with tattoos all over their arms and neck and hands. I was at Walgreens the other day, the girl working the register had tats everywhere, not even trying to hide them in anyway. The one that caught my attention most was 666 across her knuckels,,,,I cant believe Walgreens hired her like that…..If this is acceptable in the business world, I’m so far out of the loop it isn’t funny. If I was the manager there would be NO WAY, I would hire her like that. I can remember when I was her age I got turned down over a job because my ears were pierced….yeah, that’s right. I didn’t have anything in them at the time , but the interviewer noticed the holes and said, ummmmm NO!
      Now days, you have tats and piercings everywhere and its perfectly acceptable….weird how things and opinions change,,,there was a time people considered the Beatles to have had long hair, looking at old videos when they first crossed the pond, their hair styles are considered short and well groomed today…lol

    • So Matt, your comments about tattoos got me thinking. (BTW, never heard them as tats, that is funny, just make sure you don’t misspell that word…lol.) Anyway I was listening to someone talking about the mark of the beast. The chip is being developed to implant into the skin, but most people would probably reject that because they don’t want this bump in their forehead or on their arm. This guy then said that maybe it won’t be a chip but be …. wait for it… a tattoo.
      Tattoos are becoming more and more popular nowadays, they aren’t just for outlaws anymore. So with them being more acceptable, people will accept a tattoo on their forehead/arm. The chip technology is becoming more and more advanced, that one can easily see that a tattoo image on the skin could hold all information a microchip could.
      Think about it! It may hve been Chuck Missler I was listening to, I can’t remember. But I had a “YES” feeling in my spirit when he said that.

    • Matt – I’ve seen those vampire cap teeth in action. I HATE tattoos and body piercing and all that. I don’t know why people our age find it attractive. When I see people with those studs in their face I think they look like animals. I don’t mind pierced ears at all, that seems natural, but when when they get them in their lip, their nose, their eyebrow their chin, their belly button and everyplace else they seem to be saying “look at me! I look like a heathen!!!” And it’s interesting. If you look at photos of people from African and South American tribes who do ritual piercing they look just like the young people doing this today.

      I’ve also seen people with horns implanted in their head! Weird, weird stuff to be sure.

      When people get tattoos I feel like they’ve destroyed themselves. I mean God makes us how he wants us to be and when you get all tattooed up it’s like you’ve spoiled the beautiful work that God has made you to be. I get a sad feeling whenever I see people like that for this very reason. My brother is into the piercing and tattoos too so it runs in my family even. I still don’t like it.

      What is going on is that our generation is called the Millennials (I saw this al on 60 minutes) and we are so screwed up and spoiled as a generation we EXPECT and DEMAND an employer to conform to us OR ELSE. Employers need young people in the ranks so they will accommodate. I find this all HIGHLY disrespectful and it goes right along with what I’ve been saying about the selfishness of my generation. It’s funny because in the 1950’s and 60’s you couldn’t work at Disneyland if you had facial hair. Now look at the freaks they have working there.

      The other thing is if you turned these people down for a job based on their tattoos and piercing they can sue you for discrimination. Isn’t that messed up? Say I want a professional atmosphere but I have no rights as an employer. There is a strong I saw last week where a place fired a doctor when they found out she was born a he and the “it” is suing them for discrimination. The doctor needs to be a she because of whatever it was they’re examining it makes guys feel embarrassed when it’s another guy doing it I guess. (Or maybe I have that reversed) The employer said that they lied and claimed to be a gender they aren’t but, hey, in today’s world gender is all relative. If you say you’re a different gender than you were born as it’s more valid than what you were born as. (It so sounds like a Monty Python sketch, doesn’t it?)

      Softcurls- The tattoo mark has always been the version I heard. I think that the chip thing will probably be it because they will eventually get it small enough where it wont be a bump. It can contain pages and pages of life history about you so that makes more sense to me than a bar code. It could also be the theory LA has about the pill that increases life span and keeps you well. We wont know until it’s here.

  5. Ya looks like that author is Brazilian, just from looking at his name. English prob not his first language. Better than me only knowing 1 language tho! 🙂

  6. With the US in the condition it’s in, this song seems appropriate.

    Babylon Is Falling

    Babylon is falling down
    Everybody losing control
    People use and abuse this world
    And now its taking its toll.
    These times have changed

    Time will tell, left in no wealth
    You gotta start giving your love
    Maybe then you will open your eyes
    And end up in heaven above

    There is light at the end of the darkness
    Why don’t you come out and see? yeah
    Some are prisoners of this world, Lord
    But you were never right to be, these times

    Babylon is falling, falling, falling, falling, falling down
    Babylon is falling, falling, falling, falling, falling down

    • OK….on a more positive note, let’s try this one:

      Based on Isaiah 40:31

      You say you’ve been feeling weaker, weaker by the day
      You say you can’t make the joy of your salvation stay
      But good things come to them that wait
      Not to those who hesitate
      So hurry up and wait upon the Lord

      More power to ya
      When you’re standing on His word
      When you’re trusting with your whole heart in the message you have heard
      More power to ya
      When we’re all in one accord
      They that wait upon the Lord, they shall renew, they shall renew their strength

      Jesus promised His disciples He’d give strength to them
      Jesus told them all to tarry in Jerusalem
      When they were all in one accord
      The power of His Spirit poured
      And they began to turn the world around

      So be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might
      Put on all His armor and fight the good fight
      In all of our weakness, He becomes so strong
      When He gives us the power and the strength to carry on

    • You know, for me the final sign is who will win in 2012. If Obama is re elected I feel that is the end of America as we know it. I still have a slight bit of hope the damage he’s done can be undone (call me stpuid or opptomistic) but if he gets 4 more years I’ll say that’s it.

    • I can’t be positive right now, I like Perta a lot, however, with news like this.

      Gaga fan allegedly smears self with dead cat’s blood

      A desperate Lady Gaga fan has been charged with animal cruelty for allegedly killing her cat and using the dead pet’s blood to complete an outfit she planned to wear to one of her heroine’s concerts.

      Angelina Barnes, 20, had smeared her face and arms in the cat’s blood and was just about to leave her Oklahoma City home for a Gaga concert earlier this week when a relative walked in on her – and saw the carnage, reports say.

      Local news station KFOR-TV reports the cat had been cut to pieces after Barnes drowned the pet in the bathroom.

      The animal’s liver was found in a makeup case

      As the song says “Babylon (U.S) is falling down
      Everybody losing control”

    • Let’s not contaminate this blog with articles about her. I cannot even say her name; she is no lady, she is no woman. I hate seeing any references to her devilry because it feeds her popularity.

      No wonder you’re not positive right now. Such garbage she produces.

    • I have never heard one of her songs, I have no idea what she sings or sounds like , I close myself off from that kind of trash, plus the fact I don’t listen to the radio for music helps. I am a Itunes guy, I control what I listen to, not the corporate heads of Babylon

  7. A lot of us here probably remember this song from about 30 years ago. A video was also made. Added together we have been given a “haunting” and timely reminder of whats coming upon humanity and our earthly home. Here’s Mike & The Mechanics with “Silent Running”

    • Yes, In A Moment! I remember Mike & the Mechanics. Wow this song brought me back to my younger years!

    • Softcurls here is one for you, I know it is not a Christian song per say, however with just a tad tweaking; it can be construed as one, atleast for me it does.

      Stay with me,
      My Lord I hope you’ll always be
      Right here by my side if ever I need you
      Oh my love

      In your arms,
      I feel so safe and so secure
      Everyday is such a perfect day to spend
      Alone with you

      I will follow you will you follow me
      All the days and nights that we know will be
      I will stay with you will you stay with me
      Just one single tear in each passing year

      With the dawn,
      Oh I see so very clearly now
      All my fears are drifting by me so slowly now
      Fading away

      I can say
      The night is long but you are here
      Close at hand, oh I’m better for the smile you give
      And while I live

      I will follow you will you follow me
      All the days and nights that we know will be
      I will stay with you will you stay with me
      Just one single tear in each passing year there will be

      I will follow you will you follow me
      All the days and nights that we know will be
      I will stay with you will you stay with me
      Just one single tear in each passing year…

    • Gordy that was AWESOME! I watched all ten videos. That was an eye opener I had no idea how many movie stars openly claim to call demonic spirits into their acting right in the open; Johnny Depp, Denzel Washington, Haley Berry, Rosane Bar, Winnona Ryder, LeNardo DiCaprio, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Oprah, Shirley McClain. The list goes on and on. I am going to show this series to my son. Do you know who the pastor was that wrote it. This guy was a stud! It was more a sermon than anything. It really called me to recommit my own faith.

      What really hit me was the story about the kids who asked their father to go to a PG 13 movie what he did and what he said. PRICELESS! That should be a mastercard commerical.

      Gordy you come up with a lot of GREAT videos Thank You I so appreciate it! God Bless

    • Shirley McClain was pretty much a given on that.Denzel Washington was a surrpise, and as far as Rosane Bar goes not sure what demonic spirits she is calling, they are not answering, she can’t act.

    • Wow. That is really shocking – and to think that we all grew up with this in our houses. No wonder our culture has twisted itself off its Biblical roots; we traded circuses for Christ.

    • I remember watching a video of Billy Graham in a group of “stars” once. They all but snarled at him. I wondered at the time why they were so fiercely against him – it was their demons who were reacting to the Holy Spirit in Graham.

    • Thanks Gordy. I watched all 10 myself and although much of it was not a surprise, it is a good reminder of the filth that we have allowed into our lives. I don’t think many of those folks
      truly know who they are serving as they have been deceived themselves. Money and power are their master and they are leading so many down the road to destruction. I am guilty of watching questionable things myself and it has certainly affected my walk with God. I am sure I am not alone in this. I pray that our Lord forgives me for this and convicts me of watching this stuff
      from here on out.

    • … If I ever do get to have children…. I’m going to be super annoying and wake them up like this every morning. Hahaha… I love that scene to pieces!!!

    • Ohhhh… Kimberly, If you do have kids- be SUPER careful how annoying you are to them- they have a corner on that market. The more annoying you are to them- the more annoying they are to you. It’s a horribly vicious cycle!!!

      Like Stewie (From family guy- i know- HORRIBLE show but my friend had this as a ringtone)- Hey mom, hey mom, momma, mommy, hey mom, hey mom, hey mommy, momma, momma, mommy, mommy, WHAT!?!?!?!?!?! Hi.

      Oh… and What About Bob is one of my favorites!

    • JENNIFER!!! (rubbing eyes!!!) 😯 Doth mine eyes deceiveth me!?!?! 😉

      Nooooooooooooooooooooooo… I won’t be able to help it…. If I have them, I will gobble them up in my arms and kiss (xoxoxoxx) them until they can’t take it anymore. And I’ll tickle them until they giggle perpetually. I would be so glad to start the vicious cycle… “so it begins, my little one… let the annoying cycle begin..” That will be said on day one!

      I love that line!!! I truly hate that show… but I love that line… !!!! What kid did not do that to their mom?

      I actually used to wake my mom up like that scene! Hahaaa, she hated it, but it was always good entertainment for me and my sisters… plus, tickling her feet and turning the lights off and on really fast… :-O Teee heee heee, maybe the Lord is sparing a child because of me… teee heee. 😉

    • Sigh, what’s this clip about and who is Bob? What About Bob? Bob the Tomato? Bob of Bob radio?

      If Kimberly has kids (and I hope she will be blessed enough to have them because I can see she’ll be a pillar for Christ type mom) she’ll keep ’em in line with the dreaded frying pan….or all her children will be born with the dreaded frying pans in their mits and be hitting everyone with them. Instead of Bibvle thumpers they’ll be Pan Clangers. Ha Ha.

    • Cap’n- What About Bob is movie from probably the 90’s with Bill Murray (Bob) and Richard Dryfuss (his therapist). Bob has severe OCD and ends up following his therapist and his family on their vacation. It is really funny.

      Since I’m replying to you here- just a few comments on the discussion from WAY up higher on this thread re: wanting a wife and family. I believe you made a comment about a man and woman being different so they can compliment each other and that when married there are no longer 2 “I’s” – they are replaced by a “we”. As a married woman (just celebrated 15 yr anniversary) and a psychotherapist- I would like to suggest a different way of looking at a relationship.

      The “I’s” never go away. In a marraige/relationship there are three “people”- him, her, and us. All three must be nurtured. And, sometimes, because we (men and whoa-man) are different- we don’t necessarily make a puddle- we make Italian dressing (i.e. oil and water- mix well when shaken!)

      Hold on to your dreams- I meet my husband at work- and he was NOT what I had pictured as someone I would have ended up with- but I consider him my soulmate- can’t imagine my life without him.

    • Jennifer – I’m unable to watch You Tube because I’m on dial up so I wasn’t sure what the clip Kimberly posted was.

      I have What About Bob? On DVD and I agree, it is VERY funny. I love the final gag. “Come on, dad. How much worse can it get?!” That’s HILARIOUS!!!

      I would say that the three I’s and the we theory I stated are the same. Because you’re a we you’re aware of what each other needs and Christ leads your way. I’m the type of person who naturally thinks of others before myself so this is not a hard state of mind to be in. And congratulations on 15 years of a successful marriage! : ) I may only be a common layman on my theories (I’m just a simple cartoonist) so I take your view in the grandest regard and utmost respect. I can see the Italian dressing way too. I’m not sure if that would apply to me though because I put the comfort of others before my own in most cases.

      Since I work with a half dozen guys on a farm when I’m not self employed chances are I’d never meet my wife at work. Ha Ha. But, yes. Soul Mate is the term I often use. I’d love to experience that sort of a connection in life and glorify God with it. It’s just nearly impossible to find like minded girls.

    • Reminds me of a song by Christian artist Andy Griggs who is now recording a few country songs as well as gospel. It’s called “She’s More, and it talks about like how Jennifer explained “he was NOT what I had pictured as someone I would have ended up with but I consider him my soul mate- can’t imagine my life without him” To Jennifer, I’m sure in her eyes her husband is more than she ever expected or dreamed of.

      She’s More by Andy Griggs

      I like blue eyes, hers are green
      Not like the woman of my dreams
      And her hair’s not quite as long as I had planned
      Five foot three isn’t tall
      She’s not the girl I pictured at all
      In those paint by number fantasies I’ve had

      So it took me by complete surprise
      When my heart got lost in those deep green eyes
      She’s not at all what I was looking for
      She’s more

      No, it wasn’t at first sight
      But the moment I looked twice
      I saw the woman I was born to love
      Her laughter fills my soul
      And when I hold her I don’t wanna let go
      When it comes to her I can’t get enough

      So it took me by complete surprise
      When my heart got lost in those deep green eyes
      She’s not at all what I was looking for
      She’s more

      More than I dreamed of
      More than any man deserves
      I couldn’t ask for more
      Than a love like hers

      So it took me by complete surprise
      When my heart got lost in those deep green eyes
      She’s not at all what I was looking for…she’s more.

    • I’m going to tell you Captain Eagle, a relationship is hard work. You have to work on it and nurture it everyday as it is coming under attack from the enemy every day. Really, you will get out of it what you put into it. The toughest part for most is sustaining the passion and spark in their marriage after several years. It’s very easy to get complacent and take each other for granted from time to time. This is not good and can lead to problems.
      How many men that have been married awhile still open the car door for their wife like they may have done while dating? How many still tell them how much they love and care about them? How many gives flowers or surprise her with a card for no reason other than to surprise her? Not many I’m sure. My point is, don’t lose that spark, constantly remind yourself how you felt when you first met, what she means to you and what your life would be without her. When the honeymoon is over, and the first disagreement happens, (and trust me they will happen,) you may say, oh my Lord what did I get myself into, or who is this person I married? , lol … Really it’s all a part of it, the good the bad and the ugly. Going through such things and working them out form a bond between each other, knowing you have that trust and will have each others backs in a crisis. If you find such a person, chersih her, love her and thank the Lord for bring her into your life.

    • Matt – I know you have to work at a relationship because nothing can be entirely perfect but that doesn’t daunt me one bit. I look forward to working at a successful relationship. I’m such a hopeless romantic I intend to keep all of those things going that you listed even after the wedding. I actually think it’s more romantic to surprise the wife with flowers than give them on a fake holiday like Valentine’s day. I’m all about the appreciation and the respect and the romance. I’ll be putting funny little notes up all over the house and sending silly little cards and doing the most kindly things. There may be taking for granted times and that always can happen, in the natural ebb and flow of relationships but I intend to keep the spark alive. I wil so cherish the woman I marry and praise God every day for it that no one will have ever been so treasured since time began. 😀

      A few years ago God exposed me to a nice little obscure easy going song (it is so unknown I know no one here has ever heard it) and it very much feels like the song that’s going in my heart. If I ever meet a gal who answers this song and makes me feel like that song does I think I’ll know she’s the one. It’s at least how I imagine romance to feel like.

  8. I was listening to the Coast to Coast show from Wednesday 13-04-2011 and they had Whitley Strieber talking about Alien Hybrids and they got to talking about Dr. Roger Leir filming/observing a space craft in Turkey! Next thing you know Dr. Roger Leir calls in and cofirms it is true! I had never heard of this so I went to look it up and found this on youtube. Maybe you guys here have already seen it. I think it is very interesting and I think LA should put this in his Watchers DVD!

    • I can’t listen to Whitley anymore. He gives me a creepy vibe now that I feel is the spirit of new age and I don’t want that in my home.

    • I never cared for the guy myself,,when he is on coast to coast I turn it off. Nothing againt the guy, he just bores me to tears.

    • REAL creepy. Whitley tells a story of a dude visiting him mysteriously at a hotel:
      “The Master of the Key

      In the pre-dawn hours of June 6, 1998, Strieber was reportedly visited in his Toronto hotel room by a mysterious but apparently human man, who delivered an unsolicited lecture covering various subjects from spirituality to the environment. The man gave no name but Strieber has taken to referring to him as the “Master of the Key.” Strieber first reported the visit in his online journal in 1998 and later gave a more complete account in his self-published book The Key (2001). Skeptics have pointed out that The Key and the 1998 journal entries give different (not contradictory but non-overlapping) accounts of what the man said.”

      Heard him recount this that the man gave him something to drink to expand his knowledge. Sure, just drink anything a stranger gives you. Your mind get so expanded it will explode. Said in the Wikipedia W.S. is a practicing Catholic, so he keeps practicing until he gets it right???
      Seriously, it was interesting to hear him, his wife and David Jacobs do the Coast show not long ago. Jacobs and Whitley agreed with a caller that the aliens are not our buddies, wifey kind of side stepped issue.

  9. The author of that article has things backwards. Angels in the Bible were not aliens, what most people refer to as “aliens” are in fact fallen angels. Key word, “fallen.”

    • That’s what they do, tell you half truths. They are one and the same but fallen angels are pretending to be aliens, not the other way around.

    • Yes, absolutely I believe this 100%. There also is something to these demonic spirits and their quest for fleshy vessels in which to inhabit. Hence all of the mingling with DNA and abominations to God’s true creation. Also, it tells us why there is such a thing as demonic possession, but they seek to have a body of their very own, one where they don’t have to share with us.

  10. HAARP Caused Japan Earthquake : claims journalist Benjamin Fulford

    To see video evidence goto:

    HAARP Caused Japan Earthquake : Benjamin Fulford

    In his latest statement Benjamin Fulford had said,the Earthquake that had hit Japan originated in the New Mexico and Nevada, U.S. New Madrid fault line being the probable next target.

    The horrific earthquake weapon HAARP (which can also cause spacequake) which attacked Japan on March 11, 2011 resulting in 10 meter long tsunamis along much of Japan’s coast line came from rogue elements of the U.S. government located in underground bases in New Mexico and Nevada.These are informations according to pentagon and CIA sources.

    • I just listened to a presentation by Adrian Salbuchi that mentioned this. Dr. Salbuchi recounted Fulford’s interview with the Japanese prime minister and how the prime minister said he had been “threatened” with an “earthquake machine” in 2008 if he didn’t make some decisions that would be bad for Japan but would align with the interests of the Rothschilds.

      The Japanese earthquake was caused by technology.

    • Wow outstanding find there Rose. Two full stars!! And I shall not take them back. i would not want to be an Indian Indian star-giver 😀

    • Randy,

      I’m going to start daily praying for the salvation of your children. I know, as a parent, how deeply this goes into your heart.

  11. I don’t see anything offending or contrary to the Bible in that image. The article may be in error (very much), but the idea that Jesus would fly in a spaceship is fully biblical. The strategy of the devil is to steal truth and then to get us christians to disband it. Instead we should take it back from him and claim it, then he will recede and find out something else to do.

    • I have said many times before on this blog very much what you say here. All good illusions start with a foundation of truth and Satan is a master deceiver and illusionist. The line, “what we call angels were really aliens”, I would flip that on its head. What we define as aliens are really angels, however, the aliens that manifest here on Earth are fallen angels, i.e. demonic spirits. There is some connection to craft, imho, but I reject every additional facet of the so-called Alien Gospel. They start with this foundation of truth with the sole purpose to get people to reject Christ’s divinity, his death on the cross and our salvation through His sacrifice. Don’t bite the hook, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some truth to the hook.

    • Why would Christ need a space ship? Why cant he just think his way to where he wants to go? What scriptual proof makes you say Jeus flying in a space ship is fully biblical?

    • If Jesus would have stayed in the highest heaven besides his Father, he wouldnt have needed a vehicle, or even a body. But now he has a body, a gloryfied human body, and therefore he is submitted to physical laws. Not primarily earthly laws, although they are included, but heavenly laws – that is laws of the first and second heavens, the atmosphere, and our surrounding space. During OT times, Jesus was called “the Angel of the Lord”, and “Captain of the hosts of the Lord”. When he appeared to men during those times, they described him as a human looking man. He ate with Abraham, he walked in the Garden of Eden, and Adam could hear his steps, and so on. This is a physical appearance. The hosts of the Lord is also described as travelling in the sky in chariots, many thousands, and the Lord himself is “riding on a cloud”, and on “the wings of the Cherub”. If you study all this, and much more which I cannot mention here, you will find that there is a very physical side of God in the OT, and that side isn’t the Father, but of course, the Son, in His preincarnate existance, as the Angel of the Lord. At his side he has the faithful angels, the legions of heaven, and as said, they do have vehicles. In Ezekiel such a vehicle is described in detail, and one thing that is clear, is that this vehicle has a crystallic dome. Another thing is that the wheels of the cherubs not necessarily are standing, like wagon wheels. They could have been laying horisontally, and that would make them very much like flying saucers. So to me, there is much in the Bible that suggests that some of the ufo sightings of today, may be of the good angels. For instance those who warned and stopped the functions of the nuclear sites. The abductions on the other hand are clearly deeds of the enemy.
      I could supply scripture details if you want, but I think most are familiar with those passages I mentioned.

    • I just dont buy the physical law hypothesis? Jesus didnt need a craft when went to heaven after his resurrection nor did Elijah and the angels never appeared to sheppards or anyone else for that matter in a craft. One might throw out the Ezekiel Charriot perspective but there are many interpretations of what the charriot actually looked like besides that there is “no scriptual evidence” to suggest that there are heavenly crafts.

    • Richard – Your question of why would Jesus need a space ship reminds me of a film story. I saw this mentioned on TV once but have never found a folow up anywhere. When William Shatner was directing Star Trek 5 his vision was that God calls upon Captain Kirk to fight on the side of the angels during the end times war with Satan. (I heard this right out of Leonard Nimoy’s mouth) and everyone kept asking “Why would God need a star ship?” and that’s why the film features a God imposter instead.

      But, I’d like to have known what was originally planned. Shatner doesn’t seem like a religious guy so why could he have possibly been motivated to have God in a sci-fi film and still have it be God? I’m not a Star Trek fan or anything (except for the time travel one with the whales. That’s great because it doesn’t have to be a Star Trek movie to work) but that planned film idea has always intrigued me. I wonder what it was all about.

    • Agree with you again Life.

      Richard, even the planets, comets and stars abide by physics. This is not limiting God or His power, please do not misunderstand, but God created the heavens and the Earth with physical laws and those that walk the Earth, including Jesus worked within those rules.

      Why would God need plagues to force Egypt’s hand to let the Isrealites go? Why would He need the Red Sea to part to destroy the coming army? He could just yank their very souls from their body and they fall like chafe. But God used physical means to correct a problem that has a physical presence.

      There is no scriptural basis that says this view point is true, I agree. There also is no scriptural basis that says such a view point is heresy.

  12. Jesus in a UFO? On one hand, its possible with Jesus coming on the clouds. But on the other hand, I don’t think Jesus was in a UFO that we think of today. The whole UFO alien agenda thing is tied to the new age movement which is tied to the occult. So if we trace the line of thinking and root of it all, it stems back to theosophy, Helena Blavasky, and the Luceferian Agenda. So is it possible that Jesus ascended to a craft? Yes. But that doesnt change that fact that it was of God. We don’t know. But remember that Satan has no original ideas. So it may well be that God was the original maker of the UFO and Satan hijacked it for his own agenda.

    • Oh my goodness, this is a funny idea.

      If Jesus came in a UFO and he said “Take Me To Your Leader” what would they do? Go “Uh, you’re our leader.” This would have been a funny Monty Python sketch. I can see Eric Idle or John Cleese. “Oh, right. Right…”

      Funny factoid. When they made Monty Python & the Holy Grail they were asked what their follow up would be. Eric Idle told the press “Jesus Christ: Lust For Glory” Then the Pythons looked at what the Bible says about Jesusand they actually agreed with what He said and did and didn’t find it funny at all. They were quite surprised because many of them had never bothered to read it before, they THOUGHT they knew what he Bible contained and wer wrong. And that is why they made The Life Of Brian (Which I never really cared for.) I’ve never seen The Meaning of Life. Any good?

      But I find it interesting that, although they didn’t become Christians, even the Pythons could see the power of the life of Christ.

    • That’s why I don’t like Life of Brian. I saw it in college. It’s about a guy people mistake as the Messiah and he’s always being confused with the real Jesus. I don’t remember much about it other than that theme and I didn’t like it and it even had aliens in it.

      I haven’t seen The Holy Grail that much but it’s not that bad. There are only a few scenes I could o without.

      I would enjoy Mel Brooks’ films a lot more if he wasn’t in the gutter so much. I like silliness sometimes.

  13. Mario Frangoulis just released a Christian cd sung in English/Italian, excellent cd. Here he is singing a classic Moody Blues tune with a surprise guest at the end. This is a song you may have heard 100 times but never like this…note what a cool place to see a concert.

    • Hi Matt~
      Yes indeed, this is one of the most beautiful arrangements of the song ever made! The entire performance is nothing short of phenomenal! I saw this about two years ago and linked it to everyone I knew would appreciate it. ((Btw, to my ears and heart, the Moody Blues “troubadour” sound falls within the comfort zone of secular music.) Over the last several years I have had to re-adjust my “relationship” to popular music. In fact I see it much the same way you do, attempting to find golden nuggets of the Creator’s message scattered throughout chords and lyrics. Music is of and from our Creator. He endowed humanity with a treasure trove of talent…art and music being two exceptionally moving, spiritually profound gifts. How they have been hijacked and corrupted by Satan saddens me so. You know, even the so-called Christian rock genre has been co-opted by corporate greed and agendas. So those of us who do appreciate the arts and music must remember to do this one thing…. weed it and reap:^D Thanks for sharing all that you do, Matt. Blessings.
      In His Service,

    • Thanks for sharing this! I found a new favorite singer!! magnificent voice!! WOW! I am amazed once again how creative God is !

    • Very well put In a Moment, I love music and the arts so very much. I have over 500 cd’s not all of them are Christian artists. One of the things I use to do is scan the sleeve of the cd/album to see of the artist give God credit for anything. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t, I am always disappointed when they don’t.
      To this day I still go to concerts and enjoy the music, although these days I am very picky on who I see live as I am a veteran of concerts and my hearing seems to have taken a beating for all the shows I have seen, all the way from classical, to rock, jazz, soul, new wave , reggae, opera..Doesnt matter, if the music is pleasant to me I will listen as long as it does not demean the Lord in anyway, or have lyrics that I would consider blasphemes, I went to see the Gypsy Kings a few months back, didn’t understand a world of it, but who cares, music is a international language and reaches beyond all stereo types and boundaries, I really enjoyed them, they were great.

    • Eros Ramazzotti is another Italian singer who is very popular in Italy. When I was there a few months ago he was all over the billboards and radio. His music is more pop music, but still has a few duets with others artist that are beautiful. I picked up a few of his cd’s while there as its very hard to get them in the US for some reason.

  14. Swarm of Quakes have Experts Concerned

    Nevada Seismologists are keeping a close eye on an area southwest of Hawthorne, Nevada where hundreds of earthquakes have been detected since Sunday.

    ” It’s a little bit concerning in a sense.. The largest earthquakes in these sequences are pretty large in size.” Graham Kent is Director of Nevada Seismological Laboratory at the University of Nevada Reno. He says there have been hundreds of earthquakes southwest of Hawthorne over the past few days. The largest– recorded at a 4.4 in size.

    “These are the biggest in a sequence we’ve seen at least in the last couple of years.” Kent says unlike the 2008 quakes in Somersett that damaged so many homes, these earthquakes are fortunately not underneath a community.

    Size is not the only reason Kent says they are watching the swarm of quakes closely. The location of these quakes is on top of a fault that has until now remained unknown or has not been active. Kent then made an eerie comparison, “Whats really interesting about most of these earthquakes we’ve experienced. Short of the Chilean and Japanese; Haiti, Baha, even Christchurch.. Were on unknown faults.

    But Kent says just because those devastating quakes happened on un-named faults does not mean that the series of quakes near Hawthorne will lead to a big quake there. Reno, Carson City and the Las Vegas valley all lie on top of fault lines. And right now, there is no way to predict where the next big quake will occur.

    “That’s yet another reason why you don’t want to look at the map and go phew, I’m safe. We’re in earthquake country and so we have to be prepared.

  15. has any one seen the Juicy fruit commercials with the serenading unicorn?? This one is offensive for sure!! I shot off an email to Wrigleys about it! Not only immoral, but with the costumed character it will appeal to children!!

    • I think it’s offensive with the idea of human/animal relations! That was the point of posting it.. it is a stupid commercial but the passionate kiss at the end and them being in bed together surely smells of something evil…

  16. After that one.. I had to put this one… I’m dedicating to all those SAINTS who have gone on before..and those of us who fight the evil of the world! Beautiful song and VOICE is tremendous!!

  17. Have these videos about the coming so called “comet”

    been posted here yet?? Sorry I have not had a chance to read here in about 3-4 days

    • I’m wondering if anyone has checked the science behind the comet NASA is calling C/2010X1 Etenin. I have seen several videos on the comet. There seems to be a general consensus amongst the videos that the comet aligned with the earth and the sun in addition to various planets during the Feb 7th Chile earthquake, the Sept 4th Christ Church quake and the March 11th Japan earthquake. Which makes logical sense that there would be pressure on the tectonic plates causing massive earth crust shifts during these alignments.

      The videos I have all pointed out that comet which some also label a potential Brown Dwarf could be Niburu or what scripture calls Wormwood. I know that’s far reaching but very intriguing.

      Comet C/2010 X1 will be in alignment with the sun and the earth again on these dates according to the videos. Sept 25th, Oct and 17th Nov 5th.

      The videos point to alignments on these dates which could be potential dates for other large earthquakes, pole shifts and possible volcanoes?

      Very Interesting my fellow bloggers should watch. Especially the last video.

  18. Strieber’s first book “Communion”,about his place in upstate New York was the only book I’ve read that I kept looking out the window while reading. I had read some of his other works and felt at that time that he could be a credible witness.
    Over the years, Whit has been all over the map in his ideas and testimonials regarding these “Entities”. You don’t know what corner he will play next.
    Yes, his Catholicism enters it, he thinks them demons, teachers,forbearers, harbingers of good and evil.
    All New Agey now, and I haven’t read anything of his with the exception of his blog once in a while in a good while, including the Key.
    If it really happened as he said, I can understand some of his denial in his approach to “The Visitors”. Without the knowledge of the scriptures and without Christ, he is whistling past a graveyard like many others studying this subject.

    • Please pray for Whitley that God will give him discernment and grace to understand deception. He has said the the ” visitors” seem indistinquisable from what he knows about demons. Yet at other times he is not so sure what they are.

  19. Gordy, I have appreciated many of your postings of clips and articles.
    They are usually eye opening and thought provoking.
    I have wanted to thank you for digging them up and putting them on this site and I read them with interest.


    • This is bad news….I made the mistake one time of watching something like that. It has haunted me ever since. Bad decision on my part to watch it. I don’t advise anyone to watch something like that. It is demoralizing and cheapens the sanctity of life.

    • I’ve made the same mistake too!

      Just a side note, seems to me like the U.K. will go down the Satanic crapper long before the U.S. ever will.


    It has been too long that I have been away from this blog. I am back and wanted to briefly share what has happened with me in these past 6-7 weeks. It felt like an eternity. Some of you may remember that I had been requesting prayer for myself and family situation. My fiancee lived with me in my home for the past 8 years, we have a little 3 yr old girl and I have an older daughter 22. I relayed to you all the strife in the situation and my desire to get my life straightened out to be obedient to the Lord. I was so miserable the whole time. I love my little child and I care about her father, but the situation was not healthy and defininately not Godly. Well, upon all your prayers and the prayers of other saints in a great church I have been attending and the powerful and persistent prayers of my 22-year-old and some straight talk from her as well, I have finally asked my fiancee to leave my home. He has moved out about 2 weeks ago. He still comes to visit our little one and we still share a car sometimes, (I am starting to take buses and walk more, which is good for me anyway, ha haha) but he no longer lives here with us. I am hoping he will get the help he needs for his struggle with alcohol and more than anything that he surrenders his life fully to the Lord. My older daughter has moved back home and will be here for the next 3-4 months until her wedding day and things between us are almost 360 degrees in a better direction. SHe loves and serves the Lord and wanted to see her mother get back to where she was in the Lord and she wanted to see me raise her little sister as I had done with her. So I am now on my way, trusting the Lord and living by faith more and more each day. Also to back track a bit, I’ve been unemployed for over a year, house is in foreclosure, trouble with the relationship, and just one problem after another. Well, with no income the phone was shut off and then the Internet and then the TV. So I have been totally “out of the loop” on all that has been happening in the world for the past 6-7 weeks and it has been a trip. I didn’t even have a radio, so I was chomping at the bit to find out what was happening in this crazy world and get the perspectives that “we” share on this blog. I now have my phone service and Internet service back on and I’m so glad to be back and to be able to share this praise report that all the prayers you were all holding up for me to get on with my life in the Lord and change my situation has come to pass. I still need lots of prayer, as I will be dealing with my child’s father frequently and will need wisdom and grace in this and also prayer for my financial situation. I’m still job hunting but I just want to say I thank the Lord so much for His unbelievable love and patience with me and to praise Him for helping me get back to my walk with Him the way it should be. I thank my daughter for having the patience and faith to pray for me and to speak the truth in Love and Power to me that has helped give me that boost I needed to do what I knew I had to do. And…..I want to thank all of you, because I know the Lord has blessed your prayers on my behalf to help bring me out of bondage and into a place of peace, AMEN!!! Thank you all so much for your faithfullness, brotherly and sisterly love, and I am so glad to be back. Amen!

    • Lisa, in reading what you wrote I am believing without doubt the Lord will continue to guide
      you into a more abundant life.

      Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

      GOD bless you and yours.

    • Oh Lisa I have been thinking about you and still continue to pray for you and all on this blog! I am so glad at least in part your prayers have been answered, now the rest will come too.Amen and may the Lord continue to bless you and your family while you wait on Him. He does provide everyday!

    • Lisa, I have been praying for you and I have missed you. I’m sooo glad to have you back! God does and will continue to answer prayer!
      I’m very proud of you.

    • Aaaahhh…. this is truly a blessing. You are so very much loved Lisa. He is surely with you. Stay faithful and rest in His promises. Welcome back sis:^D
      In Christ Jesus,

    • I’m so glad things are working out for you, Lisa. I’ll keep you in prayer. I know situations like his can be tough but with God and your church family behind you you can do anything! Be strong in Christ! 😀

  21. I just have to share with you guys something that happened to me yesterday. On they had a column, ‘what is on the $1 bill. I added a comment about Klaus Dona’s pyramid etc and they wouldn’t post it! They deleted it! Then I said, ‘proponets of the NWO work in the editing dept on this site’ and they wouldn’t print that either! So much for FREE SPEECH in this country. Lord have mercy.

  22. As we celebrate Passover

    Let’s not forget what the placing of the lambs blood on the wooden door posts was a picture/foreshadowoment of.

    Exo 12:5 Your lamb shall be without blemish, a male of the first year: ye shall take it out from the sheep, or from the goats:
    Exo 12:6 And ye shall keep it up until the fourteenth day of the same month: and the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel shall kill it between the evenings.
    Exo 12:7 And they shall take of the blood, and strike it on the two side posts and on the upper door post of the houses, wherein they shall eat it.
    Exo 12:8 And they shall eat the flesh in that night, roast with fire, and unleavened bread; and with bitter herbs they shall eat it.

    Here are some verses that include the words “the blood of the lamb”
    1Pe 1:19 But with the precious blood of the Messiah, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot:

    Rev 7:14 And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

    Rev 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

    What better way to remember than to watch a visual of how the blood of our Passover lamb fell thru an earth quake crack and onto the Mercy seat which is an arch over the Ark of the Covenant.

    Be patient with this video as it as at a somewhat slow pace but once you get to the heart of the video

    It is truly amazing how we see our Father orchestrated the ark of the covenant/Mercy seat to be directly beneath Yahshua on the cross so that when His blood fell thru the earthquake crack it fell onto the west side of the mercy seat.

    If you want to straight to the amazing part of the video go to about the 16:30 mark

    In this video you will see;

    *the true place of the skull or Golgotha where Yahshua was crucified.

    Joh 19:17 And he bearing his stake went forth into a place called the place of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha:

    *what very well could have been our Messiah’s tomb

    *very compelling evidence of where our Messiah was crucified

    *the fissure line of where there earth quaked and the rocks rent

    Mat 27:50 Yahshua, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the spirit.
    Mat 27:51 And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in two from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent (split);

    *A view of what the Ark of Covenant looks like the Most Holy or His throne on earth.

    You will also

    Hear the story about the blood Wyatt extracted from the Mercy seat

    It is human blood with;

    1) only 24 chromsomes in it.
    (Everyone else has 46- 23 from your mother, 23 from your father.

    2)23 chromosomes from the mothers

    3) One y came from a source not a human male

    This blood is alive!!

    Someone might ask what verse show us that Yahshua’s blood did sprinkle down on to the mercy seat. Will 3 verses suffice?

    Verse 1

    Dan 9:24 Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to ANOINT THE MOST HOLY.

    The ultimate anointing substance = the blood of Yahshua
    The Most Holy = The Mercy Seat of the Ark of Covenant

    Verse 2

    Rom 3:24 Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in the Messiah Yahshua:
    Rom 3:25 Whom Elohim hath set forth to be a PROPITIATION through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of Elohim;


    Neuter of a derivative of G2433; an expiatory (place or thing), that is, (concretely) an atoning victim, or (SPECIFICALLY) THE LID OF THE ARK (IN THE TEMPLE): – MERCYSEAT, propitiation.

    From which we get the related Hebrew words
    From H3722; a lid (used only of the cover of the sacred Ark): – mercy seat.

    From H5826 in its original meaning of surrounding; AN INCLOSURE; also a border: – court, settle.

    Verse 3

    Psa 77:13 Thy way (toward), O Elohim, is in the SANCTUARY: who is so great an El as our Elohim?

    The Sanctuary (refers to the Mercy seat)

    From H6942; a sacred place or thing; rarely abstractly sanctity: – consecrated (thing), dedicated (thing), hallowed (thing), holiness, (X most) holy (X day, portion, thing), saint, sanctuary.

    Here is the link and celebrate the Feast of Passover in memory of the ultimate price our Messiah paid for us..

    • Great post Kirt, Thank you so much for that.This year will be my first passover observance. God Bless you and yours. Randy

    • Question! How many Arks of the covenant are there? Answer; only one

      According to Revelations11:19 The Ark of the covenant is in the Temple of God.

      Furthermore; The Blood of Christ was sprinkled in that tabernacle in that heavenly Temple not made with human hands Heb9:11-14.

      Heb12:22-24.reveals that the sprinkled Blood of Christ is presently in heavenly Jerusalem, pertaining to the ministry of Grace and not Law Heb13:9.

      Victory in Jesus.

      john b

  23. There is a radio station (classic rock) here in my city that as made the decision not to play Kansas music anymore as they were deemed a Christian band by the station managers.
    This is a joke, they can play satanic music all day long but they won’t dare play band that puts some positive lyrics to their music. I called the station and the so called manager on duty told me, “if it doesn’t have sex or drugs in the lyrics we don’t want to play it, that’s what rock is all about man” What a clown, he sounded all do 21 yrs old, what would he know about it?

    • Sad, sad, sad **sigh** Why just today I listened to Kansas’ “The Wall”…. a moving and truly inspirational composition.

    • 3 songs come to mind when speaking about Kansas and their leaning toward Christianity , and they are both on the Audio Vision cd/album. Relentless and Hold On as well as No one together. This was the first record after Kerry Livgren’s conversion to Christianity and is first heard on this album, primarily in the lyrics to “Hold On” (which was written as an evangelistic plea to his wife) During the recording of this album , there were very bitter arguments between the two main writers in the band Livgreen and Walsh….Livgreen wanted to lean more towards Christian rock while Walsh was extremely opposed to such an idea. The decision was to divided the record into two different parts, one with Livgreens writing and the other Walsh, almost sounding as if two different albums had been made., After the record was made the internal arguments and fighting were too much to take and the band was never the same and later went their separate ways to pursue solo careers.

      In the lyrics of Hold On,

      Hold on,’Cause it’s closer than you think
      And you’re standing on the brink
      Hold on,
      ‘Cause there’s something on the way
      Your tomorrow’s not the same as today
      Where do you run when it’s too much to bear
      Who do you turn to in need
      When nobody’s there

      Outside your door He is waiting
      Waiting for you
      Sooner or later you know
      He’s got to get through
      No hesitation and no holding back
      Let it all go and you’ll know
      You’re on the right track

      One song is called Relentless

      In the time we spent together
      Many words have passed between
      And the feelings that we shared are all behind us now
      ‘Cause a change has come upon me
      And I’m surly not the same
      There is so much more than what we feel and live every day

      Relentless, unchanging
      Though the world is still before me now
      I’m seeing forever
      I will keep my heart and mind with you
      So joyously I’m waiting for the day

      In a single timeless moment
      When the old was cast away
      The new was born into a world of simple joy
      And my life is still for living
      Though it’s seen through different eyes
      And the knowledge of the truth’s
      A burden easy to bear

      It’s drawing so near
      It’s shrouded in mystery
      Histories fall, the end of an age
      The feeling we’re waiting for, hoping for
      Now, the time to come alive
      The end to which we strive
      Will soon arrive

      Now the gift is truly given
      If you only would receive
      For you’re standing in the crossroads
      And you can’t turn back
      Though we can’t conceive forever
      And it’s sometimes hard to care
      Our lives do not compare to what’s awaiting us there

    • In A Moment, did you see my post the other day with Kerry Livgren and Ronnie James Dio singing a Christian song together? On Kerry’s fist Christian cd, marketed to Christian bookstores, he collaborated with Dio for two songs. They are both very soft slow very moving songs. Very strange to hear it.

    • Matt, it’s difficult (for me) to fathom Ronnie James Dio teaming up w/ Kerry Livgren to do a Christian song 8^0 !!! Did “Dio” become a believer?!?

    • Matt~
      Just sampled the three Kansas songs you mentioned. Very nice and ready to add the MP3’s to my collection. I just read that (according to Wikipedia) Ronnie did not consider “Seeds Of Change” to be a “Christian” album and he collaborated w/ Kerry “as a favor” to him. Hmmmm… Seems to me that on some level Ronnie was touched by the Word of God through this particular enterprise. Perhaps for him it was an experience akin to that of the crucified thief. What a glorious thing that would have been.

  24. I am not for the RCC at all, but seriously, one needs more reference to what is being said. I won’t take this guy seriously. Is there a Catholic website that is stating emphatically that it believes Jesus was a half breed or will arive in a space ship.

    If you cannot provide better/accurate information, this whole thing is huge waste of the LORD’s time. (Yes, HIS time that HE allows us to spend on junk news).

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