Japan – Chernobyl #2?

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L. A. Marzulli

Japanese officials said the leaks from the Fukushima plant so far amount to a tenth of the radiation emitted in the Chernobyl disaster, but said they eventually could exceed Chernobyl’s emissions if the crisis continues.


It’s happening in real-time, right in front of us, as we now are told that the reactor meltdown, in Japan’s, Fukushima Diiachi plant may exceed the radiation levels in Chernobyl. These are, what the Guide-book to the Supernatural i.e. The Bible tells us are, Troublesome times. Japan is still experiencing severe aftershocks almost a month after the original 9.1 temblor, that created a devastating tsunami which claimed upward of 20,000 lives.

Like Chernobyl. the area around the plant will become a no-mans land of uninhabited buildings. A ghost town left to slowly decay and crumble as time and weather slowly chips away at the edifices that once were part of a thriving town. People will relocate, put their lives back together and strive to move forward, the human spirit is amazingly resilient. However, the aftermath of the disaster, like Chernobyl, will serve as a grim reminder that perhaps some technologies should be safeguarded in a different manner, or maybe not implemented in the first place.

I watched a video that was sent to me by my friend and co-producer, Richard Shaw, of the Watcher’s series. The clip showed a news-caster poking fun at those who thought that the bird-death, fish die-offs, earthquakes, conflicts in the Middle East, threat of super volcano’s, and in short, what I post and warn of almost on a daily basis on this BLOG, were signs of the end times. In my opinion, it is exactly the position that the natural man or women takes in regard to what is happening. Like the article I linked to on the Sunday Go to Meeting Bun, where Giberson tells us that Jesus would have embraced the THEORY of evolution, these people, in my opinion, don’t have a clue. Here’s why. There is a war that is being waged in another dimension. It is now spilling over onto this planet as I believe that the “restrainer,” that we are told holds back the mystery of lawlessness, has been taken out-of-the-way. What we are seeing are the birth pangs, which by the way are very specific, in regard to what the world will be like before His second coming. Why would Yahsua/Jesus give us a laundry list of events to watch for, unless He knew what the future would hold. He admonishes us that when we see these things, we are to look up, as our redemption, deliverance, way-out of what is coming on the earth, is at hand.

In closing todays post: There will be those like Baghdad Bob, who will assure us that it’s business as usual, that everything is OK, that Iraqi forces are still in control as the US tanks go rolling by just behind him. There are those who tell us that Jesus would have embraced evolution. Still others go on that there is no second coming, that it’s all fairy tales created by smelly, robed, and bearded prophets who were illiterate and superstitious. Yet, they fail to see that there is another dimension, a supernatural that supersedes this one. The clock is winding down and we are approaching the time of Jacob’s Trouble. Nevertheless, these are signs of His return, and that is our blessed hope! Wake up and look up!


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142 thoughts on “Japan – Chernobyl #2?

  1. My hubby is in Chicago this week for work, and while he was getting ready this morning he flipped on the tv to see if he could catch some news. He said of the 12 channels on the set, 8 were sports, 2 were traffic, 1 was weather, and 1 was about what Brittany Spears has been up to lately.
    Now, isn’t that what every free society ought to know… sports, traffic, weather and Brittany???
    NOTHING about Japan; nothing about the vote today in the House about defunding Planned Parenthood; nothing about what’s happening in Gaza, Libya, Egypt or Sudan; nothing about the EU…
    No wonder people are blind, dumb and deaf. If you don’t HUNT for the truth, you won’t find it… especially from the American press.

  2. Here’s a thought.

    Chernobyl, is russian for wormwood. Is this a possible connection to wormwood making the waters bitter ie revelation? Not saying it is, but its interesting nonetheless. And this plant is leaking radioactive water into the sea.

    Also la, here the info u asked for.

    Haha! YEAS!
    Here is more info

    Nigel kerner and john biggerstaff,

    “Gray aliens and the harvesting of souls”
    His site, I believe.
    I heard him on dawn of shades. Looks like november hanson had him on, and it looks like he’s making his rounds on the interview circuit.
    Go get him!

    • Isn’t there another meaning for the word “Wormwood” too? I forget at the moment but in short it could be applied to another similar event with Russia that’s happened too. I just forget what it is because it’s been so long since I’ve read it.

      This all reminds me of the friend i had who insisted we should ignore Biblical prophecy because we can’t understand it so we are meant to ignore it.

    • There might be another meaning for wormwood. Tho rev calls wormwood a star. I know nuke pwr uses fission, and stars use fusion, just thought it was an interesting possibilty

    • Are any of you old enough to remember that this same discussion about “wormwood” took place after Chernobyl #1?
      It is definitely closer to being on target now than back then.

      Keep looking up!

    • I have heard A LOT of abduction stories where the grays refer to us as vessels for the soul. Linda Moultin Howe mentioned it once and couldn’t figure it out. Another time she played the tapes of Bernard and Betty Hill where they tell about the grays going nuts when they mentioned Jesus (Bernard was a minister) All of these things are strange if they are not spiritual beings. Why would any race of creatures zoom trillions of miles across space to a backwater planet to preach asian religion and deny the divinity of Christ? It only makes sense if they are SPIRITUAL beings and not aliens.

    • Sorry, not old enough. But it wouldn’t surpise me. Its a spurious link, but still keep looking up!

      Cap, its amazing how many times the evidence has to rear its head. The grays that abducted betty andreasson got jittery when she said Jesus as well. She was a Christian, but didn’t rebuke them. She thought they were angels. (I have a blog about her case)

      Then this nigel guy, in his interview talks about Jesus, but totally misses the points. He’s so close, but that minor deviation shipwrecked him

    • I’d like to see that blog if you have it handy. I collect this stuff to point alien belivers to that I know.

    • I don’t know thexact link to the post…

      I did a multi part study on the andreqasson affair book 1

    • Although Chernobyl was a terrible tragedy, I bet it has nothing on the Wormwood that is to come. Many people died, but a third of the waters did not turn bitter. Perhaps it is a shadow of what is to come?

      Also, I think we have a bunch of seals, quakes, wars, hunger, apostasy, disease and the revealing of the Antichrist before The world is hit by Wormwood. I believe the rapture precedes the trumpets, of which Wormwood is the first trumpet.

  3. The lady who cuts my hair grew up very close to Chernobyl. Her father was reserve so he had to go clean up and was dead from brain cancer 10 years later. She is constantly having to have tumors removed but now she is trying homeopathic remedies. Isn’t wormwood the cup given to the adulterous wife?

    Okay, I just googled it, and here’s a great link to answer that question, here’s only a portion, then the link:

    The cup of the adulterous woman spoken of in the book of Numbers has
    proven to be a key to great insight. This same cup is the one spoken of in
    Revelation that Babylon the Great has been given to drink from.
    Yeshua Himself drank of this cup so that we, His Ekklesia, can be
    found righteous, and are as a result, capable of standing in the day
    of His return. Let us hold this knowledge in remembrance as a
    testimony to God’s endearing love for all of His people. As I said, I
    have covered this topic very briefly, but I hope I have explained it
    well enough to provide insight into this amazing act of selflessness
    that was demonstrated by Yeshua. Take care, and G-d bless.

    Your brother in Yeshua,
    Brian L. Fulton

    It’s from Eddie Chumney’s web site, which I highly recommend:

    & here’s a commentary on a possible invasion of Israel set for 2012 in Arutz Sheva:

    • Why do people feel the need to write “God” as “G-d” when that’s not His name? They say it’s a form of respect and reference to how Y-W-H was written but unlike Yehweh God isn’t His name, it just refers to him. at the ame time I’ve never seen anyone do it on He or His so they’re not even consistent. I notice this post has God dashed out but Yeshua is HIS real name and there’s no dashes in that. This is just something that seems more like something some guy has come up with that’s caught on than anything that’s truly Biblical. Or show me where I’m mistaken.

    • Capt’n good question, I like GOD myself, it looks bigger! If I say Yeshua or Yehweh, I feel like I am talking Indian, such as my Navajo buddies in Arizona.
      Different strokes for different folks, aye?

      Yeshua Akbar!

      CAP has your puter puting?

    • Chew on the meat, spit out the bones. We need to get beyond things that offend us in the body of Christ. He is doing it out of respect for the most holy name. Jewish people do it. I got it from a messianic web site. I think God didn’t give us his Name in the same way He hid the body of Moses. Evil people would use it for destructive purposes. Doesn’t kabbalah use the tetragrammatron for that purpose? (not sure)

    • Are Jewish people led by the Holy Spirit like Christians? Isn’t that what the prophets were for? To speak forth the oracle of God?

  4. Anyone see the interview with Trump on the 700 club where he talks about the Bible and Koran? I heard it on Glenn Beck and it’s the funniest strange thing. Trump is talking about his Christian faith and sounds as awkward as Obama did when he did the same. It’s the oddest language he’s using He doesn‘t sound comfortable at all. He says he‘s always had a special relationship with the church (not God) and that he gets sent tons of Bibles every month but he keeps them in a special place and only does positive things with them because he‘d worry about doing something bad to a Bible and the Koran gives him a negative vibe.

    • yeah,,Trump is a funny guy. Hard to sever two masters, money and God. I like Trump though, for comedy relief more than anything eles. Those fights with Rosie” O’Donnell are classic.
      Tell you what, I would take him over who is in there now.
      He would run this country like a casino,always in a surplus.

    • Yes, you have some good points there Rose, you would know about all that way more than I would. I’m glad you let me know a few reason why all this might be, I have many question and not a lot of answers. I suppose I shouldn’t concern myself with what or why aliens/demons have bodies or wear clothes. I’m just trying to hold my own body together till the rapture. I’m like an old GMC Pacer, losing parts as I go on down the road. Held in place by paper clips, super glue and duct tape. The Lord better hurry, I’m not sure there will be enough pieces left for the glorified body 🙂

    • Trump is great for comedy and I agree. If I knew we’d be getting the business man without and liberal morality I’d love to have him be President. I think he could fix the ecconomy. Some will say he’s a set up by the NWO and it is hard to always second guess everything but if we got what he promises to be he might be the greatest thing to happen to fix the damage Obama has done.

      Rosie O’Doughnut is one of the meanest people i have ever seen. I did love his fights with her. My lesbian aunt and her “wife” love Rosie and to them she can do no wrong. You can’t even rationalize with them.

    • Matt,
      Never underestimate the power of paper clips, superglue and duct tape…

      And don’t quit asking questions. We may not know all the answers until we get to heaven, but when you ask questions, it makes me think and dig for answers… I learn stuff. Thanks! 😀

    • Yep, he would run the country like a casino, and my wager is on him giving tax cuts to guys with combovers.

      You heard it here first folks.


    • He was on some other show today talking about the birth certificate. i forgot to mention that yesterday on The View they were TICKED about it and called Trump a racist. Then they turned it into a Sarah Palin bash fest. AnywaY….

      Is Kimberly laying low for making Captain Eagle cry this morning? 😉

    • Captain Eagle, they call everyone on The View a racist if they don’t subscribe to their political slant on the show. That’s how they intimidate guest. Whoopi slams the person while Barbara sits there and acts appalled at what she sees, which to me is an act. Barbara Walters in my book can no longer call herself a serious legitimate journalist. How can she when she is the lead host of a rag magazine show.

    • I heard FOX network won the bidding war with other competing networks for a planned Trump hosted news/talk related TV show. Trump said it was very close between FOX and CBS but he decided to go with FOX as it is the same thing his hair is made of.

    • I think the View is completely a set up. The republican/conservative they have on that show is not at all informed and they use that to their advantage and always make her look like a dumb blonde. I’m sure she’s a smart girl but I’ve seen the other 4 gang up on her many times.

      I also thought it was funny that when Star Jones left they went out of there way to find a Star Jones look a like. Now, isn’t that racism at play? That one is claimed to be a Christian but she is really a JW. She has said so several times. And she always gives Obama a race pass.

      I used to like Barbara Walters when she hosted 20/20 with Hugh Downs. I think she’s a fake.

      Whoopi pretends to be open minded but she is totally biased too. That mean menopausal lady I can’t stand. She is so ignorant and spouts her ignorance as fact and when she knows she’s wrong she even says she doesn’t care because she FEELS….” The two of them wont even acknowledge that Muslims blew up the trade center. Rosie O’Doghnut was the same way. She tried to say it was the conservative Christians who did it.

      Are you serious about Trump? If that’s the case he wont be running. Maybe this was just a stunt to get a poltical show.

    • Did not see the interview. I’m not surprised in the least that he is talking about his “faith”. He’s looking for the evangelical christian vote.

  5. What transpired at Chernobyl happened in a few hours, a blast and a HUGE expelling of rads. At Fukushima it is a slow, insidious leak over longer period of time. Japan will turn its back on nuclear plants as well it should. A disaster at a nuke plant might not happen often but BOY when it does the consequences are major and long term. I have a friend who is an ER physician in the danger zone, he sent his young family away while he is working 24/7 at hospital. What is interesting to me as Rose from KY said is this is not being covered by news, I have only heard a quick mention, or seen a crawler. Japan will have areas where it will never recover the land, or the dead from the quake for that matter.
    Pray that there will be a wind of revival spread through out Japan.

    • Now, as I understand it the nature around Chernobyl is coming back. That is why I don’t understand the concern. Is this true that it’s coming back or is it a lie? I’m ALWAYS cautioius of what the tree huggers say because many of them HATE humanity and want to see most of us dead. They will lie to further their agenda, which has been proven time and time again, especially with global warming. If the enviornment will come back then this isn’t as gloom and doom as we are told. Sure, there will be a few bad years but it may not be the eternal wasteland that it’s claimed to be. I only desire to know the truth.

    • I have heard some stories of folks that have developed different ways to clean up nuclear and chemical disasters. Then the powers that be either buy up the company, kill the creators or generally do whatever it takes to silence the new ideas. Sad…

      Of course these stories are hard to prove positive!

    • The birth pangs should get faster and harder, but that does not mean we are not in them.

      That article did feel like it was filled with some fancy dancing! 😉

    • Lisa – I replied to you this morning in the other thread. I think you misunderstand what I’m trying to say. Please take a look at it.

    • C.E., I think we’re just looking at the same thing from different angles – no issues here. (:

      “But, Lisa, I question if these pseudo Christians are Christians at all.”

      Exactly- Pseudo I thought meant “fake”. Fake-Christians which would = In name only & not saved.

      Matt 7:20,21

      Yes, just as you can identify a tree by its fruit, so you can identify people by their actions.

      “Not everyone who calls out to me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do the will of my Father in heaven will enter.

  6. What I don’t understand is when Satan and the other rebellious angels fell, why didn’t God strip them of their powers, instead of letting them keep the power and wreak havoc on earth with man?
    Seems to me, once fallen, the powers they had in heaven would be stripped from them.

    • There are SO many questions we all have and one day we will get the answers and they will be so simple when they are so hard to figure out now. I believe our minds are limited in this ‘dimension’, but when we are all with our Father, things will just be known and understood so clearly. One of my favorites… If everything has a beginning, then how did God begin? This question has much more involved for our tiny little minds to even imagine now. I can’t wait to be with Him and all my family and friends. I just really want some children first! 😀

    • How I rationalize God not having an origin is that time is a creation of God and in fact the first thing He created. That is implied when He says “In the beggining…”

      I think the reason why the fallen angels still have powers has to do with dimensions and our perception of time. Some say their powers are indeed stunted. Also consider this, what we see as powers are just part of their biological being. They do things that seem magical to us here but it’s just like the abilities we biologically have. We just can understand our world because we dwell here. We can’t understand their world because we have never visited.

    • Jeff, if you not already married, makes sure you marry someone that wants kids. Can be a sobering revelation to find out later the person you married has no interest in having kids.

    • Jeff, your lucky day I have the answer to you question “If everything has a beginning, then how did God begin?”
      Are you sure you want the answer?

    • Matt, By looking at my post above and my spelling mistakes maybe I should refrain from typing until I learn to be more patient and concise. Sorry I was taking some time for some self-flatulation. Dagnabbit see what I mean! I meant to type self-flagellation.
      I was hoping that Jeff was going to say “lets hear your answer then!” I made the statement in such a way that if he really wanted to know he would have to ask me! One of life’s lessons is that nothing is free! Unless it comes from GOD of course. Or in other words “you have to pay to learn man” if one is so curios to know such a question you would think he would have remained long enough to receive an answer? Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining, I am just observing and at the time yacking.

      I have said a few times here and there that I was taught by the Holy Spirit for around a years time in the past. In light of this comes the following. I asked the Lord near the to the time that his teaching was ending this: I said Lord you have been with me and taught me all this time and in this time I have only asked you a few questions. So Lord this is my question, someday when I tell someone what I experienced, surely they will want to know some of the questions that I’ve asked you and when they find out there was only a few over such a long period of time, wont they be confused, being that I do not know what to ask you, then at least let me ask you this: how did come into existence,who was before you?
      Without delay the Lord simply said: “In heaven this question is not asked.” as I complicated the simple answer in spirit I perceived why, the reason was is because the question in heaven “does not exist” ie. it has never entered the thoughts of those in the heavenlies.
      Well since I babbled a lot at the beginning of the post, I will conclude, I do not know if this means anything to whomever reads this, but for me it opened up a totally different way of thinking.

    • Jeff: You just took me back about 40 years! When my daughter was 7 years old, she was very sure of her salvation (btw: she’s been in Christian ministry most of her life now). The pastor “interviewed” her to be sure she knew what being a Christian was about. She did have a question for him: “If God made everything that was made, who made God?” I have no idea what the pastor told her–the only answer I know is that He always was! Satisfies my simple mind. PTL!

    • Well, I’m thinking Jeff was not logged on to bite on your answer to the question, so I did.

      Well, I have to say, not sure I fully understand your response, and that does not surprise me as that message from the Lord was not intended for me but for you.
      When I’m finally at rest and with Jesus, I will have many questions, if they are not already explained to me in an instant upon entering heaven.
      I’m sure I will trip out on all the colors I have never seen before and the pure beauty of it all, but beyond that, I would like to know why the bible contradicts itself in some places. If I instantly become brainwashed (“it has never entered the thoughts of those in the heavenlies”) then I don’t suppose I will ask any questions and just go about being a robot in heaven.

    • I love the rain
      I love the autumn wind
      I love the snow
      I love the space I’m in
      I love the cold on a winter’s day
      I love the thruth
      Of the things You say
      Sometimes my world gets spinning like a top
      No matter what the price I just can’t stop
      I can’t stop loving You
      No matter what they say

      I love the waves
      On the stormy sea
      I love the stars
      The way they shine at me
      I love the moon
      I see Your light in it
      I love Your Word
      There’s so much life in it

      Sometimes it seems my world is falling down
      How good to know, Lord, that I’ve been found
      I can’t stop loving You
      No matter what they say

      Lord there’s nothing more that I’d like to do
      Than see your face and fly away with You
      To pass those gates and enter heaven
      With my wife and all my children
      Oh Lord I know You must be coming soon
      And I stand before this world
      And shout It’s true
      I can’t stop living You

    • Patrick, thanks. I was not on at that time last night. But im here early (at work!) at 6:30 and your answer was interesting.
      MAtt, I am married and we both want kids, and we are trying. Been tryimg since we got married in October, seems like a while, so some prayers would help! 🙂
      I’ve also thought of the wonderful colors that we can’t see now, its going to be amazing. I was thinking about heaven and everything after we are there while I was walking out of the gym the other day. It is going to feeel so real, so much more real, so much more everything. It’s a tough thing to imagine. But I can’t wait!

    • My pleasure Jeff, I added another response which I put in the wrong place its about 6 boxes down.

      However, as it is written: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.

      The thought just came to me, how is it that so many people have visited heaven and written books of what GOD has prepared for us, if no one has seen it? Maybe I don’t understand 1 Corinthians 2:9 exactly?

    • Ya know this sounds silly, but I what I look forward to the most is being able to approach animals we can’t come close to here on earth, such as lions, bears of all kinds, and other dangerous animals . It will be awesome to be able to touch them and be around them without any fear.

    • I’m not the smartest gov’t offical… but maybe these people that have these visions/ outer body experiences ( which is your spirit leaving and entering???) are only going to this part of heaven now, isn’t there going to be a new Jerusalem where we will all be that has not been created yet? So we do not know what is no created by God? Lets hope there are roller coasters and chicken parm! lol

    • ahhhh, I dont want to live in a old or new Jerusalem. Not that im knocking it, I just had my heart set on the Lord setting me up in Maui. I will hold the fort there.

    • Doesn’t Cap’n Eagle get any relationship advice? (Not sure I follow what that has to do with fallen angels though.)

    • Did I read that correctly? Are my eyes deceiving me? 😯
      You want relationship advice?
      Be careful what you wish for ….
      Ask away!

    • Okay, if I have to ask the questions, where does Captain Eagle find the single Christian gals? They never seem to be anywhere.

      When I was in high school and college it was always the same. The Christian girls were always engaged or married. Now I rarely see anyone even close to my own age and all of the churches around me are corrupt (and there were never any people my age at church when I was a kid let alone now anyway.)

      And it’s not like I’m out looking every day. I haven’t really been looking since college but it would be nice if the right young lady came my way. That’s all I’m saying.

    • Some of the larger churches have singles groups/classes of all ages. They break them up in age groups. I never had much luck in those groups myself, I either met a devil masquerading as a Christian in the group, or bible thumping holy rollers, who were convinced God told them they would be a pastors wife…and wouldn’t even entertain the thought of dating someone not on their way to seminary school. To me one is just as bad as the other. Be careful of the one masquerading as a Christian, they might seem like a lot of fun at first but it’s a trap. They come as an angel of light.
      I did it the hard way; I met a non Christian then by God’s grace lead her to the Lord. (Was not planned that way) I didn’t have a ready made Christian spouse….what’s good about that is she is not polluted with doctrines that may be a bit flakey out there, the bad part is her beliefs mirror mine which can be just as flakey.
      That said, the church is still the best place to meet a potential partner for life, just make sure they are serious about the Lord, I know some folks that go to church just for the sole purpose to hook up with someone, God is not a part of their life. But you will know them by their fruits. They can’t keep up the charade forever; they will eventually show their true colors.
      Here in my city, I hear brother Osteen has a wonderful singles group. It’s all about becoming a better you.
      What does it say about a church that has a bigger divorce group then a singles group? They should have a group called “third time lucky” group.
      Seriously though, if you pray about your hearts desire to meet someone, the Lord will send a wonderful Christian person into your life. They are out there, just a bit hard to find, it’s like finding a golden nugget.
      Too many folks have a preconceived notion on how the person they marry should look or be like, and then when God brings someone in their path, they don’t notice them just because they don’t fit the type of person they are looking for. Just keep an open mind, don’t settle for just anyone, but also give someone a chance even if you feel they are not your type, you might be pleasantly surprised.

    • When I went to the Assembly of God there were a lot of people my age but I had the same experiences withthem you have. We don’t have any other mega churches around me other than one of those.

      My distain for the fake Christians is why I didn’t date any girls there. Sure, they’d say the right things in church but outside church they’d sleep around and party it up. All of them ended up with several children with no dads.

      The closest thing I ever had to a girlfriend was this girl I met who had a daughter. She seemed like she was trying to live right but she always ran back to the dad of the kid. We lost touch and a few years later she was having a kid with some other guy she was no longer with. Stupidly I let myself care about her again and it was the same thing all over. That’s why I stay clear of people with kids now.

      I have no problem leading a girl to Christ. I just don’t think I’d date one during that process because it would be inappropriate. They should seek Christ for Chirst, not to get a relationship out of it. That and my experience with the girl I just mentioned have me leary of going there.

      Oh, I’ve been praying to have a spouse for life since I was in junior high. It would be so wonderful to have someone in your life that compliments you just as you compliment them. I agree, finding that is very hard and so far God hasn’t brought her my way that I know of.

      The only criteria I have is that they’re a strong Christian woman around my age so we could have a family. That’s the only thing I really look for. They can be taller than me, shorter than me, have blue hair and purple eyes and be a teacher, a plumber, a fire fighter, a housewife, whatever. I’m not really picky other than the faith part because all things are dictated by faith.

    • What can I say, I’m a hopeless romantic.
      Lots of couples get married to later find out they are not compatible. There will always be differences in a relationship, likes and dislikes; opinions may differ from time to time that’s all normal. But when you find too many things you don’t agree with or have in common it can be rough goings. The things you feel you can overlook while dating, might not be the case when you are married. The little thing that might nag you a little now and not a big deal to you might turn in to a major deal to you later. You have to know what you’re getting into before you commit. Best thing is to have someone in your life that’s a good balance for both of you. Your strengths and weakness to her strength and weaknesses, where you may be weak in some areas she may be strong, or vice versa . But really most important is communication, and trust. To me, if I can’t trust you, then you are not worth two dead flies.
      Not only is faith important, I feel it’s best to lean politically the same as well. I could not date a woman that is a liberal simply because the arguments would be horrific.

      My own sister who is supposedly is a Christian has not spoken to me in many years over politics, imagine what it could do to man and wife that are married, trust me you don’t want to go there.

    • I’m a hopeless romantic too and that theme is always in my stories. It’s just who I am. Sadly my life doesn’t seem to replicate my fiction.

      I think the reason people get divorced so much today because they’re spoiled. THey’ve grown up believing they MUST be happy 24/7 so when the first conflict comes they’re gone. I was at a funeral last November for a woman who was married for 70 years and I heard a woman say “God! Imagine being married to the same guy for 70 years. How boring!” And that’s the problem. In the past you had people who met and were married in months and they made it work. Today you have people who get married after years and they’re not willing to make it work.

      It may be the reason why I’m single is I’m not willing to overlook differences that are my principles. I’m definately a communicator (as I demonstrate here almost everyday. Ha Ha) so with me there are no surprises. What ya see is what ya get. My brother got fooled by a woman he married and that ended badly too. (Days after their son was born she took the kid and left and bragged up how she’d set him up to live off child support and alimony the rest of his life.) I’m always worried someone is going to dupe me like that myself.

      The good balance thing is what I’m saying. Since I’m such a, shall we say, unique person it’s goingto take a very special woman to counter that. Ha Ha. The funny thing is there are people who can pick up girls because they know me and use that as their in and I happen to be me and I never meet anyone. I also have the uncanny ability to match make people without even trying. very time I’ve ever introduced male and female friends, even if I only know both through my buddy lists, they ALWAYS end up happily married. Again, I can’t seem to do that for myself.

      Oh, I agree on being the same politically but, again, that comes out of faith. If you are a fundamentalist Christian (I.E. the Bible is 100% factual, not myth, not allagory) and live what you believe chances are you will be a conservative.

      My brother and I are the same way politically. He thinks he’s smarter than me because he let college change him whereas I didn’t. He buys all of those lame bleeding heart arguments. He doesn’t believe the Bible is true anymore either after his experience with his ex wife. She was a pastor’s daughter, a pastor who’s been banned from 5 states and whose whole family has been harassing our whole family ever since thedivorce trying to make all our lives as miserable as possible. They even went after my elderly grandparents. Anyway…

    • Captain, you should listen to the online sermons by John MacArthur on his website, grace to you. He has some sermons where he talks about marriage and singleness, and it is very good. You will be encouraged after listening to them, because John MacArthur talks about it from a biblical perspective. He preaches that it is good to be single and unmarried, and then he says it is good to be married. And listening online is really easy as it is embedded right on his webpage, it won’t launch media player or go to youtube.

    • Matt, I was just kidding about Jeff, I had a long day of doing many different things and I was trying to wind down, so I was just babbling away. The way I perceived the answer I got was like this, we were created and in all the knowledge and reasoning power that we have its only logical that GOD was created, however GOD was not created he has always been. If he has always been then those full of the knowledge of GOD would never have thought of the question in the first place, therefore the question does not exist.
      As we exist in our fallen state, we are only privy to what we learn in our environment and what GOD reveals to us. “the foolishness of God is wiser than men” We exponentially ask questions, there is no end to the questions we have.
      Mankind full of pride in their accomplishments profess themselves to be wiser than GOD. As the Lord says Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

    • Are we still in our fallen state?

      Eph. 2:1-6 – “And you hath he quickened, who WERE dead in trespasses and sins; Wherein IN TIME PAST ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience; Among whom also we all HAD our conversation in times PAST in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and WERE by nature the children of wrath even as others.
      But God who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us. Even when we WERE dead in sins, HATH QUICKENED US together with Christ, (by grace are ye saved:) And HATH RAISED US up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.”

      I think we are no longer in our fallen state…except we still wear our earthen suit.

    • I think they got their power from men…whatever power Adam was given…what Adam was given dominion over by God, was transferred to satan when Adam bowed to him.

  7. Patrick – I got Spybot to work. I’m still getting the low memory warning. Now what? It’s annoying to have Netscape close or my scanning prgram when I’m working.

    • I’m on an Windows XP ACER Laptop. It says I should have 4 GB of ram. Something’s fishy here. Now, my screen has come half off the keyboard and this is when my trouble began. It makes me wonder if this damaged the hardware spot that the ram comes from. Where is that? This is broken on the left hinge.

    • Capt’n, Do a search on Google “low virtual memory XP” to get some tips, I remember trying to troubleshoot this problem before, it is not an easy one.
      There should be an access panel on the bottom of the puter to where your memory is, your problem is not a physical memory damage problem thou.

      Find whatever easy to do tips (on the net) and try them first.

      If you have no viruses/spyware/malware/trojans that was your first step.
      Defrag as you say and make sure you have free space on your disk about 20%

      If your problem is recent goto system restore and restore your puter to a point before this started.

    • When I defragged the computer shut down. (I have plent of free space BTW. I cleared everything off when this trouble began but it’s only got worse.) When my computer retarted an error windo came up that said I have no paging files. I went in to increase the ram and I get an error message reason: 8004102b.

      I’ll try the restore but this is very strange. I’ve never had this trouble before.

    • Cap`n If I remember correctly once upon a time I went to the root of C:\ and found the pagefile.sys and tried to delete it, it would not let me, so I changed the filename to pagefile.old and then it let me delete it. Upon reboot it recreated pagefile.sys and my problem went away. You should try to this too. Its safe to do. BTW pagefile is where the VM is stored.

      If all else fails reboot the puter out the window.

    • Reverting the computer to a previous configuration seems to have worked!! The only downer is it took Spybot away with it. The program is still installed but the shortcut is gone and there doesn’t seem to be away to run it without it.

      Oh, I will be booting out this computer as soon as I can get a replacement.

    • Capt’n explains why you and Kimberly get along so well, she is the lieutenant in charge of the 11th tactical air command all female squirrel fighter squadron. Salute!

  8. Great BLOG L.A.! I post these on the Facebook fans & friends page I made for you. Out of curiosity, in your understanding who exactly is, “The Restrainer?”

    Kevin J.

  9. WORMWOOD: A plant with Gall & bitter juice Deut29:18.

    Rev8:18 says; “Men died from the waters, because they were made bitter” This implies Drinking bitter waters. the area affected are water sources, rivers & springs.

    The name is also used figuratively for injustice Amos5:7; 6:12. It also implies for punishment Jer9:15; 23:15 and bitter suffering Lam3:19.

    I am of the view that Wormwood represents all of the above.
    God will and is presently making the wicked drink the “bitter waters” because of the rejection of His living water, His river of life, His spring of salvation.

    What we are witnessing is the fruition of the “Tree of the Knowledge of good and Evil”. The fruition of The wisdom of Man having consumed the fruit of death (the satanic nature of the serpent).

    John b

    • This is going to sound really silly but it’s true. Wormwood is mentioned in the song “Lazy” from Holiday Inn so whenever I hear that term I think of Bring Crosby and Irving Berlin. I think the ryhme is something something wormwould something something a child would. And Berlin got a lot of flack for rhyming wood and would instead of could. The sang dates back to the teens or 1920’s I believe.

  10. Articles by Moriel Ministries. (I’m out of the false revival loop ~ didn’t know there are shenanigans going on in Alabama now.)

    1- The Biggest Reason Many Will Be Left Behind
    2- The First Jehovah’s Witness Soul the Lord Has Given Us
    3- Q & A :: The Alabama “Revival”


    • Account Of A Christian Who Was Demonized
      By Being “Slain In The Spirit”
      Kurt Koch, Occult ABC, “Charismatic Movements” and “Demon Possession”, 1978, pgs. 33-34, 50-52


      Mark (not his name) was a Christian in a church that he thought was formal and dead. He went to a Pentacostal church, where hands were laid on him, and he was what they called “slain in the spirit”. He was lying on the floor in a trance. When he came out of it, he was praising Jesus in a loud voice, and he continued praising Jesus.

      While attending this Pentacostal church, Mark also received a gift of tongues. The name of the spirit of the tongue was “Domenigaio.” Here are some of the notes taken when this demon was cast out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

      “Domenigaio, how many associates are with you in Mark?”

      “I am alone.”

      “When did you enter him?”

      “When he was slain in the spirit.”

      “Who sent you?”

      “The devil, from the pit.”

      “Do you acknowledge our authority over you in Christ Jesus our Lord?”

      “I do.”

      “What is your commission from Satan?”

      “To deceive.”


      “In his love for the Lord Jesus; ruin his faith; have him follow Satan.”

      “You were posing as the Holy Spirit, weren’t you?”


      Mark denounces this demon in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and he is cast out into the pit in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

      The name “Jesus” keeps coming into Mark’s mind, so we command in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that, if there is a demon in him named “Jesus”, he come forward and give his name.

      Answer, “Jesus.”

      “What Jesus?”

      “Jesus of the devil.”

      “What is your work, what did Satan commission you to do?”

      “To fool him; to steal the glory from God.”

      “When did you enter him?”

      “When he was slain in the spirit.”

      This demon had to acknowledge his defeat by our Lord Jesus Christ, through the blood of the cross, and was cast out and into the pit, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

      We see here again that demons sometimes claim to be Jesus. Further, it here becomes evident that the so-called “baptism of the Spirit” in the charismatic movement is usually an opportunity for demons to enter.

      Experiences with the so-called charismatic movement teach us to pray more than ever for the gift of discerning of spirits. These experiences also warn us to be led, in faith and obedience by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit, into all truth. cont….http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/slain.htm

  11. Megachurch Pastor Tackles Confusion over End Times Prophecies


    A respected megachurch pastor addressed the confusion over end times prophecies in his new book by differentiating what the Bible clearly says about topics such as the rapture, the Antichrist, and the millennium rule of Jesus, and what is left to speculation.

    Dr. Jim Dixon, senior pastor of the 10,000-member Cherry Hills Community Church in Highlands Ranch, Colo., wrote Last Things Revealed with the aim to help Christians better understand the Bible’s core teachings about the last days, overcome their fears of the end times, grow in their faith, and share the love of God with others in the time they have left on Earth. The book is based on Dixon’s eight-part sermon series called “The Last Things.” Bestselling author and apologist Lee Strobel, who is a member of Cherry Hills Community Church, wrote the foreword to the book.

    “I think it is important for every generation to study eschatology, to study the events that are prophesized,” said Dixon, a respected scholar who helped found the Evangelical Presbyterian Church denomination in the 1980s, to The Christian Post on Thursday. “I am not saying that we are the last generation. [But] I think that I would be surprised if Christ doesn’t come back soon. By that I mean perhaps in my lifetime, perhaps in my children’s lifetime, or certainly in my grandchildren’s lifetime.

    “I am not trying to set the day or the hour. I’m just saying I think there are many signs that we are in the season of his return.”

    Agreed Upon End Times Signs

    While scholars disagree on many details about end times prophecies, Dixon said there are signs that most agree upon. Most scholars agree that the Bible clearly says that in the last days there will be apostasy, or false ideas and lives within the Christian community.

    Dixon separates apostasy into two forms: doctrinal apostasy, regarding what believers’ think and believe, and moral apostasy, what followers of Jesus do. He cited 2 Timothy 4:3-4, where Paul says, “For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths” (TNIV).

    “I think we are seeing apostasy in our time in an unprecedented way. I think we are seeing more church leaders leaving orthodoxy,” said Dixon. “I think that is the key sign. I think we see mainline denominations leaving the historic Christian faith. We see Christians questioning the deity of Christ, questioning the meaning of the crucifixion, denying substitutionary atonement. We see Christians questioning the reality of hell and the eternal judgment.”

    Another key sign is natural calamity, Dixon said. He pointed to the “amazing” numbers of earthquakes, including the ones in Chile, New Zealand, and most recently Japan, as examples.

    The Denver-area pastor noted, “A 9.0 earthquake is seismologically apocalyptic. The largest one ever recorded was in Chile in 1960 and it was 9.5.”

    Other end times signs include pestilence and famine. Scientists are now creating genetically-engineered pestilence and there are about 2 billion people who make $1-2 a day and are starving. There are also the signs of moral erosion of Judeo-Christian values in the world and the rebirth of the nation of Israel in 1948 and the return of the Jewish people to their homeland.

    “All these things are certainly signs of the time. I think there are many indicators that the return of Christ could be relatively soon,” remarked Dixon.

    Details of the End Times Up for Debate

    Many details about the more popular topics regarding the end times, such as the Antichrist, the rapture, and the millennium rule of Jesus are more speculative, according to the Fuller graduate. Although scholars and pastors give definitive answers sometimes about these prophecies, the Bible is unclear about the exact details and it is not necessary to be in agreement, Dixon asserted.

    Regarding the Antichrist, what is clear is that that he will be against Christ, try to take Jesus’ place as the king of kings, try to gain power of the entire world (2 Thessalonians 2:1:10), and be consumed by hatred (Revelation 12).

    What is unclear is if the Antichrist is a single person or another kind of entity.

    “Sometimes the Antichrist is called ‘he’ and sometimes ‘it’ or ‘they,'” pointed out Dixon in the book. “The Antichrist, however, is never ‘she,’ so women are off the hook.”

    He noted that some scholars argue that the Antichrist can be both “he” and “it.” In 2 Thessalonians 2:3, Paul called the Antichrist the “man of lawlessness.” But the pronoun “it” could mean the spirit of the Antichrist that the Bible says is already at work in the world, said Dixon in the book.

    Notably, many people have tried to decode the number of the Antichrist or the beast, 666, as recorded in Revelation 13. Some believed that Roman Emperor Nero – who murdered his parents, pregnant wife, and Christians by setting them on fire as human torches at night – was the Antichrist. The letters of the Greek name “Neron Caesar” when translated into Hebrew added up to 666.

    And Protestant movement leaders Martin Luther and John Calvin believed the Antichrist would be a corrupt pope. The words “Italian church” in Greek add up to 666. But then the Catholic leaders said they found ways to make “Martin Luther” add up to the number 666. People have also found ways to make the math add up to 666 for historical figures Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Bill Gates, Dixon pointed out in the book.

    “Playing with numbers doesn’t really help us unravel mysteries about the Antichrist,” he wrote. “It only muddies the water.”

    Regarding the rapture, the Colorado pastor said that what the Bible is clear about is that it will happen (1 Thessalonians 4 and 2 Thessalonians 2:1). The rapture is the process when believers are “caught up” or received by Christ when he returns.

    The controversy about the rapture is regarding when it happens. Scholars disagree if the rapture will occur before, during, or after the tribulation. Pre-tribulationists believe Christ will bring about the rapture or remove his followers before the tribulation so they will not have to endure divine wrath in the last days. Mid-tribulationists believe that the rapture will take place in the middle of the tribulation, and post-tribulationists say the rapture will take place at the end of the tribulation and Christians will need to endure all the disasters along with unbelievers.

    “I don’t believe the Bible is clear on this issue,” Dixon wrote. “Each view has biblical passages that appear to support it. For thirty-five years, I’ve studied these things, and I can defend all three positions. But in my view, none summarizes all of the passages.”

    The popular apocalyptic fiction Left Behind Series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins takes a pre-tribulationist view of the rapture.

    Another highly controversial area about the end times is regarding the millennium rule of Jesus on Earth (Revelation 20:1-10). The Bible says that when Jesus Christ returns, he will rule the world for 1,000 years. What scholars disagree upon is the timing of the millennium, a time where Jesus will bring justice and peace to the world.

    The pre-millennialists believe that Jesus will return to reign for a thousand years before the last judgment based on a literal interpretation of Revelation 19-21. The post-millennialists say Jesus won’t return until after the millennial. Post-millennialists believe that instead of Jesus reigning for a thousand years, the church will reign and bring justice and peace to the world.

    And lastly, there is the A-millennialist view, which defines the word thousand to be symbolic of completion or wholeness. According to this view, we are already living in the millennial with Jesus reigning spiritually over the church, not the world. The millennium, according to A-Millennialists, began on the day of Pentecost (when the church was founded, as recorded in the book of Acts) and concludes with the second coming (when the church will join with Jesus Christ in the New Jerusalem).

    Most evangelicals, including Dixon, are pre-millennialists.

    “A lot of Christians pick up Left Behind and they read the books and they think that this is a summation of what the Bible teaches,” said Dixon during the CP interview. “And really, often times it is simply representing one possible perspective amongst many perspectives in the Christian world.”

    To people who fear the end times, Dixon said the only way to overcome that anxiety is for them to give their lives to Christ.

    “Christ is our savior, he is our lord, and we overcome fear by finding the peace that he alone can bring and it is the peace of salvation,” said Dixon.

  12. A Biblical Examination of The Apparitions Of The Vigin Mary and Other Supernatural Activity In The End Times.

    For instance, tens of millions visit apparition sites hoping to encounter the Blessed Virgin Mary. Many believe that these increasing manifestations signal the advent of a new era on earth. Thousands of messages that we are entering a critical moment in world history – cataclysmic changes may soon occur. Those who follow the apparitions believe Mary has come to turn us back to God, while others insist that these events are either fabrications or the working of Satan. Does the Bible anticipate apparitions, signs and wonders in the last days? Does the Word of God reveal the origin of these phenomena? How might the apparition of Mary and other paranormal events transform the world in the third millennium? (scripture not KJV). QUEEN OF ALL –

    Queen of Rome, Queen of Islam, Queen of All – http://biblebelievers.com/tetlow/queenofall01.html
    Eternal Productions – jtetlow1@rochester.rr.com. 877-370-7770 http://www.eternal-productions.org .

    Queen of Rome, Queen of Islam, Queen of All:
    The Marian Apparitions plan to unite all religions Under the Roman Catholic Church –
    http://biblebelievers.com/tetlow/queenofall01.html .

    • Why is everyone so worried about 11-11-11? There are numerous calenders clicking away, depending on what culture you’re from or in, and none of them match up. The only calender that matters is the one that God is using. This is going to be another 21st century thing (not Y2K) where EVERYONE was preaching for decades that Jesus was returning in 2000 because it was the first year in the AD that begins with a 2. This stuff is just silly.

      When that 2012 date comes around the only ting I think could happen is that the fallen ones will do something on it because it’s now expected. If they don’t it will just come and go and be as quickly as forgotten as Y2K.

      Just don’t worry about it.

    • Satan and those that worship him use numbers just like God does (7,40, and so on). Halloween (31st), reversed is 13. May seem silly to some, to others, a time to be vigilant, not scared, but aware (my people perish for lack of knowledge).

    • Richard, just curious, you said the nephilim might do something on that date–isn’t that a big deal? 🙂

    • Ahhhhh The Naked Archaeologist, who lays things bare.

      I used to watch his program on the History Channel. Turned out to be purely entertainment for me. Funny how Simcha would always have an answer for some mystery, all in 30 minutes time!

  13. OK, I need to vent and finsish beating this dead horse.

    So here’s my follow up on this garbage I’ve been listening to. I’m sadly not finished with it yet, and if I were watching it on TV, I’d have ripped my eyeballs out. That’s how painful this is, psychologically.

    So this Dawn of Shades episode(Nigel kerner and john biggerstaff,“Gray aliens and the harvesting of souls” His site, I believe.)

    This guy is so full of jibba jabba, Mr. T wouldn’t even pity this fool. Even November Hanson wasn’t biting on some of his junk, and she’s fairly “open minded”

    So, he kept up his new age (yet pseudo scientific sounding) beliefs about the soul being eternal because it’s part of the universe, yada yada and that the grays are robots trying to figure out how we survive death.

    Part of this guy’s theory somehow involved the shroud of turin. When he finally got into addressing his thoughts on the shroud of turin, he was basically saying that satan was an alien and “took Jesus up” into space to offer Him the kingdoms etc. His thoughts are that Jesus knew what the aliens were up to and “left a message” for us through the shroud that we need to reject the aliens. His blasphemy didn’t end there though.

    He also said that in apocraphyl writings Jesus told James how to resist the grays is to say some certain phrase in whatever writing it was. Of course, you and I know, that it’s only the name power and authority of Jesus Christ that can stop these “aliens”.

    So, He de-deified Jesus and said that “if we can live like Jesus, we can resurect too” just like Him. He also presented a lot of the evidence that LA touts about the shroud, and more or less bought into a resurrection theory, minus what the Bible says about it.

    That’s about where I quit. I may finish, but i need to go puke first.

    Anyways, here’s my take. This guy is the New Age’s answer to claims like ours (and sort of also Nick Redfern’s ‘Collins Elite”) and of course i think he’s there to debunk the Christian claims about stopping alien abduction.

    The enemy knows what we know, and many people are probably being delivered because of ministries like LA’s, CE4, etc. and the knowledge of Jesus Christ’s power over the “aliens” which are really demons. This guy is out there to throw the scent off and lead people back away from the real Jesus.

    (gets off soap box)

    Anyways, there’s the background for anyone interested in where this went.

    • Wow Frank, you got me curious to see who this guy is and what he is saying, but todays evil has been sufficient enough for me and I can’t squeeze anymore brown matter in my cranium, perhaps I will have a look see later, but in the meantime I am enjoying reading your point of view on this situation.
      Goes to show they will wax worse and worse, we were forewarned of the coming freak show.

    • Sounds a lot like Mormonism to me. They believe we can all become like Jesusand later God and will each have our own solar systems where we have our spirit children with our harems of wives. The spirit children are the souls of the humans. Accord$ing to them black people are Satan’s children and have no souls and can never be saved. Never seen them called onthat on TV though.

      Mr. T is supposed to be a Christian. I hope we see him around when God throws Satan into the Lake of Fire and Mr. T says “I pity the foo’ who don’t bow before the Most High!”

    • Lol I love the mr. T idea. Listen here sucka!

      Yeah, this almost mormonism lite. I’m finishing up today, and my new age bells went off. This guy said we can become gods, and made it seem like it’s something natural we all can do.

    • Ha Ha! That’d be even great! I forgot he used to say that.

      Haven’t seen the A Team in years. I remember being a little kid and watching it with my dad. Mr. T was the man back then!

    • Wow thats a long article, I’ll read it after I take my LSD meds.
      Did you just see that Sperm Whale and Bowl of Petunias falling from the sky?

      More on the Sperm Whale and Bowl of Petunias falling from the sky:

    • And did you know what the bowl of petunias really is? (I assume this is from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) We find out later that it’s the reincarnation of this being that Arthur Dent accidently kills in all of its incarnations so when it comes back as a big monster it seeks revenge. (This was mant as a slam on reincarnation when it was written, the man was an atheist.) I find that funny.

      A few times when Douglas Adams writes about God it is funny. I like the line that goes something like “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the earth and right away this was seen asa bad move and made a lot of people angry….” That just makes me giggle. Of course a lot of his material on God are meant as slams too, this one may have been but I don’t take it that way.

    • Capt’n “There is a theory which states that if ever for any reason anyone discovers what exactly the Universe is for and why it is here it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another that states that this has already happened.” Douglas Adams

      I like Ecclesiastes in the bible, I only wish that Solomon (or who ever wrote it) had a sense of humor.

      “We have normality. I repeat, we have normality. Anything you still can’t cope with is therefore your own problem.” Douglas Adams I am with you I think Douglas Adams is funny, even for an atheist!

    • My humor is a lot like Douglas Adams. I first became aware of him through my sick frind lee when he was my teacher. 42 is always popping up in my stories and that quirky humor can be found in several of my stories. In the story I wrote in Lee’s 10th grade class I even had a passage about the mysterious Kwoons. We couldn’t remember how it went but there wads a martial arts class with the word “kwoon” in the name and we were trying to figure out what a kwoon was and finally settled on it being a strange noise that no other word can describe. It’s sort of a squeaky shrill sound but neither of those two. Anyway…

      I think it’s Douglad Adams humor that he was such a staunch atheist and his dying is what caused the Hitchhiker movier to get made. It’s like God was even having a joke on poor Douglas. It’s a shame such a clever mind rationalized God right out of his life. I’d loved to have met the man.

    • Patrick…Generation Gap.

      Saw that movie as a teenager. Freaked me out. I looked a lot like Mia Farrow and Twiggy…short short hair, skinny, skinny…

      But, you’re right, you wouldn’t want to strain you brain. How those LSD meds workin for ya?

    • Dear Ms. Twiggy

      I do not know if you have noticed “The Change” but most people have a low attention span. Being that it is in fashion these days any article over 1 page is considered a book.
      When you are in a hallucinogenic state you to tend to have a low attention attention span. (stated by researchers who are not under the influence)
      Dagnabbit I forgot what I was going to say next, I’m peaking at the moment….drool :0þ…
      I am discombobulated.
      Speaking of generation gap, LSD nowadays especially for older people means Low Sodium Diet.

    • As the article points to, if the A.C. was spawned in 1969, then he would be 42. ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ could have possibly been the Illuminati’s coming out party for the spawning of the A.C., complete with human sacrifice, aka Sharon Tate/baby in womb. Similarly as GaGa’s performance this year of being birthed out of the egg…the Illuminati’s coming out party announcing the “greatest revolution in human history beginning 3/11/11…complete with human sacrifice aka Japanese eq & tsunami…20,000 lives.

      (OK, I’ll admit my mind is bent…I think waaaayyyyyy outside the box…just speculation.)

    • My brother was spawned in 1969… I always thought the horns were a genetic mixup… Maybe I need to keep a closer eye on him… 😉

      He does like liver…

    • Wasn’t Rosemary’s bay based on “true” events like The Exorcist? (I’ve never seen either)

  14. Praise report!! My wife has come through with flying colors!!! 😀 Thank you Lord God most high, and thank you prayer warriors and friends. My spirit is at an all time high because my better half is still with me 😀 😀

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