Sunday Go To Meeting Bun: Jesus would believe in Evolution? I think not!

Sunday Go to Meeting Bun


L. A. Marzulli

Gen 1: 1-2 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness [was] upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

“To suppose, as the so-called young earth creationists do, that God dictated modern scientific ideas to ancient and uncomprehending scribes is to distort the biblical message beyond recognition. Modern science was not in the worldview of the biblical authors and it is not in the Bible.

Science is not a sinister enterprise aimed at destroying faith. It’s an honest exploration of the wonderful world that God created.

We are often asked to think about what Jesus would do, if he lived among us today. Who would Jesus vote for? What car would he drive?

To these questions we should add “What would Jesus believe about origins?”

And the answer? Jesus would believe evolution, of course. He cares for the Truth.  Karl W. Giberson Ph.D.


Well there you have it and I’m glad that Giberson can tell us, without reservation, what Yashua/Jesus, would believe about Evolution. Giberson is most likely a lot smarter than I am, after all he has a Ph.D. after his name. However, I disagree with his position and do so with gusto and an intrepid spirit! In the book I’m working on The Cosmic Chess Match, I propose that the universe is much older than 6,000 years. What we see in the first verses of Genesis, seems to indicate that there was a nasty, cataclysmic, event that left: the earth without form and void and in darkness. The Hebrew word for form is tohuw. It can mean: formlessness, confusion, unreality, emptiness. Void, can be translated: emptiness, void, waste. I believe this points to a recreation of the earth!

Rabbi’s and Biblical scholars have pondered the opening sentence from Genesis, for centuries. Here’s what I believe. There was a war in heaven and the anointed Cherub, Satan, rebelled and dragged one-third of the angels with him. It is possible that this rebellion happened aeons ago and if we are intellectually honest, we will admit that no one knows when this rebellion occurred. This rebellion may have been responsible for the chaotic earth. On that basis, I look at the Genesis 1, as a recreation of the earth and there are others who hold this view as well. (G. H. Pember, Clarence Larkin. I. D. E. Thomas. M. K. DeHaan)

We also have the Gospels to consider, as we see that creation came come about instantaneously. We see Yashua/Jesus create fish that have age when he feeds the 5 thousand. He only has a few small fish, yet he creates mature fish, not minnows, that are large enough to eat. We also see that when he cures the Lepers, He does so on a sub-atomic, cellular, level, and this “healing” happens instantaneously. We also see that He changes water to wine, which is again manipulating matter and energy on the cellular level. How did He walk on water, raise people who were dead for three days from the tomb, know the future with certainty, cast out demons with authority, and stop a raging storm with a few words? He is operating from another reality that supersedes this one. Both science and Giberson dismiss these miracles that defy the natural order of things, as fables and myths, and that, in my opinion, is the problem.

From a scientific perspective, we know that the DNA double helix is incredibly complex, and that in keeping with the Genesis account, this DNA code, produces an animal, tree, bird, or any other life form according to its kind. Contrary to what Giberson states, there is not a single fossil in the fossil record that shows a transition of one species becoming another, which is what evolution dictates.

In closing today’s post. There is a supernatural, as is evidenced by the parting of the Red Sea, Jesus walking on water, the Resurrection, the virgin birth, and on and on it goes. Giberson’s view lacks this game-changing dynamic and so does science, which does not embrace the supernatural, and thus, that is the problem. Jesus demonstrated over and over again, that the supernatural is very real and literally supersedes out natural world. I prefer to call it, super-reality, because I believe it is more real than the present reality we live in. In short, I believe that Yashua/Jesus would have corrected Giberson and done so because not only does he care for truth, He is truth.

115 thoughts on “Sunday Go To Meeting Bun: Jesus would believe in Evolution? I think not!

    • This guy should be in the Katty Perry video (fully clothed of course).
      An incredible article that doctor Giberson wrote, I find it hard to believe that even evolutionist
      would even concur with his lies. Lucifer’s genesis book is evolution and he has his preachers, those who
      have failed to evolve because they preferred a lie more than the truth. Man in all his glory at best has
      only reversed engineered in a small way what GOD created, but now seems to know more than GOD. When mankind
      creates a universe with living beings who biologically evolve, only then can he say evolution is a fact.
      But don’t get cocky here Mr. Christian when Aliens finally make contact they will prove Dr. Giberson correct
      and promote him in their ranks. sieg heil

    • An after thought about the good old doctor above who is fervently fighting his was into the abyss.

      Acts 9:5 (King James Version)
      5And he said, Who art thou, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest: it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.

      Sundown Lady you are bleeping. Incoming message?

  1. LA unfortunately the majority of the world in my opinion just does not want to believe in the supernatural. So evolution makes complete sense to them. Its a “Keep it Simple” mentality.

    Doesnt it always seem just when you recommend a book you read a review that destroys its credibility. A review which makes sense. Much along the lines of “The Shack” great story no sciptual credibilty.

    I recommend “Heaven is for Real” I read a review of it and it was dead on I encourage my fellow bloggers to read the review.

    The Book is really not close to scripture at all. I guess one tends to get caught up in the story rather than the scriptual truth.

    Here is part of the review from Dr Isaac Dix Winston, III
    President, Impact Ministries

    Now at the risk of appearing a bully and taking on a four-year-old (I do like children. I even have one of my own of whom I am most proud!), I find the book utterly unconvincing, but more importantly, unscriptural. In short, I believe Heaven is for real, but this book is not. Again I encourage LNL and everyrone else to read the review.

    • I am of the same opinion Richard. However I never read the book only a few excerpts, so I keep this on the low. And don`t forget guys this is only my opinion.

    • Ok, Read his review & he makes some good points. I had also noticed some of the details such as saints had wings ~ to be far fetched. My perspective is that it was a cute story about a little kids spiritual experience which points people to Jesus & didn’t take it as seriously as the reviewer.

      There are Christians who are very opposed to NDE experiences & will not consider them period as there is no way to vet all of the details & invariably point out things that don’t align pricisely w/scripture. (Even if the person is preaching repentance, salvation, & Christ as the only way.)

      So, I’m not real “shocked” by the reviewer’s comments other than he practically accuses the pastor of “adding to ” or “taking away” from Gods Word & therefore pronouncing a curse upon themselves for writing his son’s comments down through publishing the book.

  2. Lynn would like to point out the 2 mis-translated words in the verse quoted, “Formless, or without form”, and “Void or voidless, is literally translated in the hebrew AND greek, as “Desolate and Destroyed”. Just finished doing a study on these verses to get a clearer understanding of what was really happening during the creation of our world. It brought me some insight to understranding the “Gappers theory” and the explanation of the jurassic period. I also found it interesting, that GOD proclaimed the first day in saying, “and it was so”. How many people actually notice the difference between to the 2 statements God makes, when saying, “it was (so”), or, “God saw that it was (GOOD)”? Lynn I only make light of these few words, because I really am pressing deeper into having a clearer understanding of our Lord God. Yes, I totally agree with your post. How cool is it that I too am studying these same verses, and agree that the abomindable one was interfering long before the garden. Ken A

    • But what does the gap theory imply? That there was a previous world created before ours and there were also people and they were destroyed because they fell also? Or was the previous world inhabited and fought for only by angels?

      You could write a whole new fantasy scenario in a book concerning this, but based on what? On one verse in the bible or two mistranslated words as some claim today? I know there are places on our earth like in India where they found glass on the desert floor. They attributed it, that it must have been a result of a battle of some sort. But if this is proof of something being destroyed before wouldn`t this proof vanish with God recreating everything all over again? I mean there are so many anomalies here that it boggles the mind. I follow the works of David Flynn for example, he has some of the best presentations concerning this but I remain skeptical.

    • One possible scenario would be that that glass if it was ever formed as a result of the battle with high-tech weapons is before the flood… But here again one can drift into Gregg Braden fantasy land (I listened to him before I got born again). I have a rock at home that has a layer of glass on it. I don`t know how that rock happened to be buried under my house but I am certain it was not because of a battle of some sort but just intense heat happening somewhere down there and forming the glass layer around the rock. I wish I knew someone who is an expert in geology to better explain the possibilities and facts.

    • Not everything that Gregg Braden says is crap though. The danger behind his teaching is because he mixes valid scientific research with the new age philosophy.

    • Bozz – I’m with you. If there was a world before this one there would be no proof of it surviving today.

      Many point to dinosaurs but it’s clear they were here with people because, like the Flood and the fallen ones, EVERY culture on earth knows about them. That means they must have had a shared history with these giant lizards.

      Many say that the original earth was for angels. I don’t believe that because I see no Biblical basis for it. Herbert W. Armstrong used to advocate this in his later years when he thought he was Elijah or Enoch. (I think he was spot on in his early years because EVERYTHING he has predicted on the fall of America and the UK has happened or is happening. He made these predictions in the 1940’s. I don’t know what happened to him in his old age but he went off the eep end.)

      I also reject the gap theory because a day is a day according to Scripture and the Hebrew. We can also check tis against the Greek of the NT where the grek for a day is used, not age.

      I always took the line about the earth became void and without form to mean that this was in the process of creation, not that it was a fully created world that God then recreated.

  3. I thought I would make this article available because I think it is interesting!
    Warning* This article contains references to the pre-tribulation rapture, may not be suitable for all mid & post rapturist.

    Behold the Bridegroom Cometh!
    New Testament Christianity – The Bride Awaits Here Groom. (in PDF)

    Written by J.R. Church

    • Patrick: Thank you so much for this article by J. R. Church. Everytime I read the story of the Jewish wedding and how it fits so beautifully the rapture of the bride of Christ, it brings joy to my heart, a smile to my lips and tears to my eyes. Praise God!

  4. Let me add some quotes from the scientific community:

    “The likelihood of the formation of life from inanimate matter is one out of 10 to the power of 40,000…It is big enough to bury Darwin and the whole theory of evolution. There was no primeval soup, neither on this planet nor on any other, and if the beginnings of life were not random, they must therefore have been the product of purposeful intelligence.” (Sir Fredrick Hoyle, professor of astronomy, Cambridge University).

    “In fact, evolution became in a sense a scientific religion; almost all scientists have accepted it and many are prepared to “bend” their observations to fit in with it.” (H.S. Lipson, Professor of Physics, University of Manchester, UK).

    H.J. LIPSON, Physics, U. of Manchester, “I think however that we should go further than this and admit that the only accepted explanation is creation. I know that is anathema to physicists, as it is to me, but we must not reject a theory that we do not like if the experimental evidence supports it.”, Physics Bulletin,Vol.31, 1980, p.138

    FRANCIS CRICK, “An honest man, armed with all the knowledge available to us now, could only state that in some sense, the origin of life appears at the moment to be almost a miracle, so many are the conditions which would have had to have been satisfied to get it going.” LIFE IT SELF, 1981, p. 88.

    ‘I know of no finding in archaeology that`s properly confirmed which is in opposition to the Scriptures. The Bible is the most accurate history textbook the world has ever seen.

    Dr Clifford Wilson, formerly director of the Australian Institute of Archaeology, being interviewed by radio by the Institute for Creation Research (ICR radio transcript No. 02791004).

    “Evolutionists think that we have evolved from apes. It is interesting to note that pig heart valves have been used as replacements for human heart valves. Pigskin has even been grafted in humans to deal with severe burns. In fact, pig tissues are the nearest in chemical composition to those of humans. Perhaps evolutionists should spend more time studying pigs than apes.”

    “Researchers suggest that virtually all modern men – 99% of them, says one scientist – are closely related genetically and share genes with one male ancestor, subbed ‘Y-chromosome Adam’. We are finding that humans have very, very shallow genetic roots which go back very recently to one ancestor…That indicates that there was an origin in a specific location on the globe, and then it spread out from there.” (US News and World Report, December 4, 1995).

    ISAAC ASIMOV, “As far as we know, all changes are in the direction of increasing entropy, of increasing disorder, of increasing randomness, of running down. Yet the universe was once in a position from which it could run down for trillions of years. How did it get into that position?” Science Digest, May 1973, pp.76-77

    ILYA PRIGOGIN (Nobel Laureate) “Unfortunately this principle cannot explain the formation of biological structures. The probability that at ordinary temperatures a macroscopic number of molecules is assembled to give rise to the highly ordered structures and to the coordinated functions characterizing living organisms is vanishingly small. The idea of spontaneous genesis of life in its present form is therefore highly improbable, even on the scale of billions of years during which prebiotic evolution occurred.” Physics Today, Vol.25 p.28.

    And from the archeology field:

    ‘I know of no finding in archaeology that`s properly confirmed which is in opposition to the Scriptures. The Bible is the most accurate history textbook the world has ever seen.

    Dr Clifford Wilson, formerly director of the Australian Institute of Archaeology, being interviewed by radio by the Institute for Creation Research (ICR radio transcript No. 02791004).

    But the catch is this. Hoyle for example is an atheist scientist. He is honest in his scientific findings and because he is an atheist, his theory is …panspermia!Aliens created us! The question then arises who created them?

    What is also interesting is that these quoted findings were made even before I was born, yet the world 30 years later is so dumbed down through entertainment that hardly anyone knows this scientific facts.

    I don`t know about what to think about the gap theory. All I know is, it is not mentioned in the bible, so my opinion is reserved concerning it. However the verses bellow could imply that.

    Ephesians 3:9-12 (King James Version)

    9And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ:

    10To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God,

    11According to the eternal purpose which he purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord:

    12In whom we have boldness and access with confidence by the faith of him.

    Could the verse 10 imply that we were created just for this specific purpose or does this verse imply only the process that resulted from the creation? We will have to wait and find out when Yahshuah the Messiah comes back.

    In Christ,


  5. The small straw gods of the damned can’t create a universe in 6 days.

    They have no problem with writers and videos that start off recapping history like, “In a universe long ago and far away….” but they don’t consider that this universe is more like a book or video game or movie than big bang billiards.

    Nor do they grasp that this creation will soon be rolled up and tossed away to be burned like a scratchpad or rough notes, as we move on to the new heavens, new earth, via New Jerusalem.

    Read an article on white flies yesterday and how bacteria rapidly change fly genetics. “Instant Evolution in Whiteflies: Just Add Bacteria”

    Add to this the machinations of the fallen… it’s not hard to understand the world around us, rather than the pseudo-science called evolution.

  6. I personally think that Jesus would/maybe does drive a Jeep Wrangler … it would help Him get business DONE! 🙂 He would also wear Converse shoes when He doesn’t want to wear flip flops… mhmm, I think so.

    Here is a verse to chew on… I love this verse about our Lord!!!
    Luke 6:35-36 “But love your enemies, do good, and lend, hoping for nothing in return; and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High. For He is kind to the unthankful and evil. Therefore be merciful, just as your Father also is merciful.”

    Looooove it.

    • And He listens to blue grass and plays a mean banjo…

      Have you ever seen the Jesus action figure? If not, you have to look it up! I know they mean well but it’s soooo wrong it’s funny. He floats on water and his arms glow in the dark. They call them His ‘miracle hands”. I just had to laugh at that.

    • Hey, have you guys ever seeenthis painting? This is another one of those they mean well but it’s so wrong ideas:

      It’s called “Destiny” and I know it’s supposed to be Jesus but what dad is going to be working away as his toddler Son is playing with foot long spikes on the floor?! I just can’t get over that. It makes Joseph look like a neglectful father. He’s probably thinking “Ah, well. He’s the Son of God. He can take care of Himself”. It’s just so wrong….

      Another one is how they sell chocolate crosses and nails this time of year. Think about it. They killed people on crosses, it represents Christ’s sacrafice for us, so let’s have kils suck on them. I know they mean well but when you think about it, it’s much worse than a chocolate bunny. At least at Christmas they don’t have marshmellow baby Jesuses to eat….yet…

    • Ha Ha. Jesus on steroids! Again, I get what they’re saying symbolically but it’s just so wrong. Imagine if He really did that? He could have and stepped down but He didn’t.

      Ha Ha. Gun toting Jesus is a hoot. What’s he doing? Hunting? Again, He’d just need to call out a rabbit and it would just die for Him. Kinda like Al Capp’s Shmoo.

      In one of my comic books I’ve been working on I have a story around a Jesus painting that offends people. It’s called “Sweet Republcan Jesus” and has Jesus riding into Jerusalem on an elephant with tons of money bags on board. I got the idea when the democrats insisted Jesus was a democat because He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. (For real, Harry Reed said that!! He also turned the Nativity story into one of a poor family seeking health care the the greedy Republican Romans denied them.) So anyway, tht’s how my mind works.

      hmmm. I guess when that book comes out and you see it mentioned you’ll all know who I am. 😀

    • Hey Kimberly, yeah, that’s just not right! I’ll stick with the Winchester Jesus. Thank God, it’s none of the above!

    • He’s probably quite happy with his “4 horse wagon.” (cp. Zech. 6, Rev. 4:5+, and Ezk. 10)

      Or horse driven chariot, if you prefer to relate it to the Armor of God or tabernacle.

      white horse = altar = self sacrifice (hero, rescuer, emergency responder)
      red horse = laver = washing of the water of the Word
      spotted horse = table = fellowship of the saints dwelling together
      black horse = lamp = the light of truth taught by God
      reins = censer = prayers of faith to steer by
      wagon = ark = lovingkindness in service to the needy
      wagon seat = mercy seat = the throne of justice (including also Isa. 59:17 re: zeal)

      (also: evangels, prophets, pastors, teachers, apostles, deacons, elders)

      As for the horse thieves and counterfeits… well, I reckon they’d prefer not to think about their court date coming up.

    • My dear Kimberly,

      Here you are in pain, sleepless, having a father who is demonized, and still you are cheerful and encouraging understanding for the evil and ungrateful.

      If I ever get a tattoo (HIGHLY unlikely), it will be that verse, so I can remember it when I raise my arms to throttle the likes of Dr. Gibberish the Evolutionist.

    • Oh my dear Rose….. 🙂

      Hahahaa.. I know!!! I’m going to get an invisible tattoo of it on my forehead, hands, and feet!!! 😉 I have to remind myself of it every time I go downstairs!!!

      Anyways… just trying to “count it all joy”, ya know, Rose. I used to be such a worry wort… that I would make myself sick with worry… now as I see the return of our Lord approaching… it just doesn’t make sense to … care about all this “stuff.” Even with pain.. it just won’t be forever. BUT JOY WILL….. YAY!!!!!!!

    • I wish I could do what you do but I come from a long line of worriers. I know in the grand scheme of things none of this will matter at all but when you’re in the moment it’s hard to think about that.

      I’m also stuck at this crossroads in life. I can see everything being set up, as do we all, but I don’t know hoe long this will take to play out. So now I have days where I feel like what’s the point of doing anything when things are this close. But at the same time what if it takes 80 years to play out and I missed out on life by doing that? (See, there I go worrying again…) I’m just not sure how to approach life anymore and being one of the younger folks on this board I’m not sure if many of you can understand what I mean or saying. I gues it’s just hard being a young person living through the end times and I wish I knew how to handle it better.

    • Cap’n, one of the smartest men to walk this planet, Sir Isaac Newton, believed that the world would end in 1666. That was a very bad year: fires engulfed the city of London, the black plague swept through the islands and Europe, civil war broke out… but it wasn’t the end.

      We don’t know when the end will be. Israel is in the land, so it will probably not be another 400 years, but we still don’t know.

      Prepare for the worst. Then, pursue the dreams the Lord has placed in your heart. Bad things are guaranteed, but no one knows the day or the hour.

      Focus on what He wants you to do. If you don’t know exactly, take your best guess and listen to His direction.

    • One difference between 1666 and 2011 is that we have no where to go anymore…I mean like the peeps that came to the America’s for supposed religious freedoms…we’ve run out of options. To the moon maybe, set up a colony? To Mars? To a spaay staay? No where to run, no where to hide…only our eternal dwelling place whether it be heaven or the fires of Mt. Doom.

    • I forgot that about Sir Isaac Newton (many say he was THE smartest man who ever lived.)

      I’ve been rebooting my career this spring after about 5 years of being forced to set it aside and the things I’m doing seems to be working out and it’s great stuff but like today; I woke up at 3 A.M. and started drawing characters. All day long I’ve been drawing new artwork, scanning it, or editing and coloring other artwork. That’s been my day all day today other than my own personal devotionals, a walk this afternoon, and my posts here (which I do when I needa break.) It’s now 6:30 P.M. and I’ve been at this stuff all this time and I don’t feel like winding down for the day just yet.

      Now contrast that with what’s going on in the middle east and it feels so immensely frivilous and unimportant it’s hard to get excited about my work like I normally do. As LA posted the other day, the war may have just begun. We don’t know if this will be quick or a war that lasts for decades, we know that many of the key players want to slaughter all the Jews to bring forth their Imam and that gets my attention. Some days it’s hard to even feel light hearted enough to spend the ay drawing upand writing about whimsical, care free characters. But people have done that through times like World War II (and I’m sure many believed that was the end times war as well) but this time we see even more prophecy lined up and that gives me chills.

      Personally, in my opinion, I’ve always felt that Christs return will be in my life time but later on. I know we’re seeing everything lining up now and begining but a lot has to happen before His return. But things are happening so quickly who knows how soon that could be? In short, I’ll be surprised if He doesn’t return within another hundred years but f it’s as soon as 15 or 20 years away I wouldn’t be surprised. It just makes daily living daunting when you fel that way but I don’t want to push Christ out of my mind, hence my dilema.

    • Capitão, that inward feeling of anticipation is like the inward clock that says its almost dinner time, perhaps one feels this way because there will be a wedding to attend soon. Did you read that article I posted? Get your bridal gown ready! Uhumm what will Capt’n look like in a bridal gown? (better shave them legs!;)

    • That may indeed be what I’m feeling. I just don’t know. I feel conflicting. I’m thrilled that Christ is returning but atthe same time I feel a sense of loss for the life I could have had with the end times interupting it to the point that I almost dread it. I feel realy guilty for feeling that way too but I’m just being honest about my feelings. I know if we got to pick the time when we are born I would have chosen to be in the generation to see His return. It’s just how I am. But now that it’s here (There is no doubt we are on the threshold) it’s a little bit differentof a matter. It’s like when we spend weeksand weeks anticipating something like Christmas then when the day gets here there’s an emptiness because the anticipation is all gone. I don’t know? Am I making any sense?

      Captain Eagle better trim his beard too. Hs Ha.

      Funny you mention Monty Python. Last wek I taught my 4 year old nephew about the Knights Who Say “Ne”! We are requiring a shrubbery!! Ne! Ne! NE1

      Not Nu! It’s Ne!

    • Oh, that’s funny. I’d forgotten how funny those guys were.

      Cap’n, you need to go on a worry fast. When you’re tempted to worry, pray. Then get back to work.

    • Captain, LOL yes we require a shrubery!

      Well I have known for me that when I feel uneasy about something or of two minds I have to make a choice as to which I will serve then not look back after I have made the decision. In some cases I realize I really never had to make a choice at all, it was a test. Coming to terms with what ever it might be is difficult to say the least but we get stuck in these loops until we make a decision to progress. The teacher teaches and is patient, but the student is stubborn and hard headed and the student needs to wallow in his own indecisiveness until the stink of it causes him to move. Baaaaaaaaaaa (simulated sheep sound)

    • Rose – If I prayed whenever I worried I’d never be doing anything else. Ha Ha. But seriously, the reason I tend to worry is because of how the most outrageous things seem to happen to me (some of you know specific stories of just what I’m talking about) and because I have this knack for being a magnet of the strange and unusual I tend to always be on the look out for it in hopes of stopping it but I rarely do. Case in point, it’s nearly impossible for some people to send me packages and have them get here. We’ve tried the USPS, UPS, Fedex, and DHL and every time something happens. When I was working with that publisher he’d send me up boxes USPS and every single one arrived opened or crushed. The illustrator had some books shipped up to me and the post office forwarded them to a whole other town. There are other examples but the latest one was the illustrator sent me up my artwork that took me 5 years to pay for (meaning it wasn’t a cheap package) and we went with Fedex and the Fedex guy left the box behind a fire hall, near a dumpster and marked it as delivered and when confronted he said “I didn’t know houses had numbers on them. I only look at the mail boxes” and since no one on my road uses a mail box he left it at the fire hall because they know where everyone lives. This was also n a rainy day so I was luck the artwork wasn’t ruined. But these are the sorts of things hat happen to me. They’re beyond my control and I don’t go looking for them, they just happen and that leads o part of my worrying. I’m sure it’s why I have high blood pressure too.

      Patrick – Sometimes I wonder if I made the wrong choices in life. When I went to college I was accepted at two places, a Christian college in Ohio called Bluffton (their basketball team died in a bus accident a few years ago) and the place I went. I chose the secular school because they taught animation and Bluffton didn’t and it was cheaper than Bluffton. But I ended up doing print media so Bluffton would have bee the better choice had I known that I’d be doing this. My school did not equip me with nurturing any artistic skills at all. I know that can happen naturally but in my case my lack of ability has been pointed out to me quite frequently. Because I have an animation background my drawings are a bit rough and because I’m a country fella with an old fashioned American can do attitude I do what I need to to end up with the desired result so I’ll ink artwork with a Sharpie marker and “real” artists look don on that. But I can’t help but wonder how different my life would have been had I chose the other school. What people did I miss out on meeting, what things would I have been taught, what friends would I have made. I never minded being the only Christian in the art department, I probably was the only exposure to one that most of those people ver had, which is a good thing, but sometimes I feel like the daily struggles I have come from that experience and I get it pointed out to me by a number of people al the time who try to tear me down.

      It’s also hard for me to wearas many hats as I now have to wear. Because I’m on my own now I’m doing the story, the art work, the marketing, the websites, the layouts, the printing, everything. Plus I work a day job to fund this stuff as well. Some days I feel like I’m just a life support system for a bunch of imaginary characters. Not that I don’t mind that. I love my characters. It’s just looking like I may have spent my life in their service for nothing if they never et to live because this is the end. Maybe that’s part of why I feel the way I do too. That and I never got to have a family of my own and now it looks like I never will. The future sure is daunting…

      But I’ll still keep plugging away at my characters and stories because I must. I just wish that so much anxiety didn’t come with it on top of living in the end times. :/

    • Capt’n I know where you are coming from. I was at a point similar to this one once. I felt like what I was doing was not producing anything of value. I went into the kitchen of my house sat down and pondered and I made a decision at that point that my life was better served not doing what I wanted any longer. Out of my decision I said to GOD I am through, I quit, I give you my life completely to you that I might do good (as a Christian who did not know how to read the bible at that point), at the point the heavens open so to speak and waves like water flowed from the top of my head to my feet and flooded me. At that point I was fully indwelt by the Holy Spirit and he stayed with me teaching me for around a year.

      Anyway looking back is no option for me, it is counter productive, I was taught to look forward. I was taught to live each day as any other, if the world tears apart I will adapt and continue my day to day routine. Why? Because I am a servant of the most high GOD. I am where he put me, doing what he wants me to do with a wife he gave me, the old Patrick is gone forever, truly.
      I tell you this because you remind me of the day I died.

    • Yeah… you just have to come to a point of surrender… holding so tightly on things we can lose in an instant can keep you from holding onto the only thing that matters. Once you let go, you realize how BIG God is… and …well.. there’s nothing like trusting in God and the peace that comes with it. You almost feel stupid for NOT worrying, but it’s come to a point where I just… can’t. God is too lovely to worry about this and that… and if we all knew what awaited for us in Heaven, we’d be laughing at ourselves for ever considering a fretful thought. So… from an x-worrier… surrender … surrender and trust every stinking day until you see Him face to face. 🙂

    • Captain, I hear what you are saying. I too have felt and often still do feel a sorrow inside. I call it mourning for my earthly existence. I do better when it is just me, but I feel strange when I am around so many people planning this or that for the future, looking forward to events or enjoying specific secular entertainments that I know are filled with prophetic red flags. I feel phony when I smile and halfheartedly agree that I liked a movie or that I am looking forward to something. I know we can not stop living our life and we must push on, because living a Christian life is a good role model for others to witness, but joy is hard to find sometimes when everyone around me is oblivious to the truth.

    • “I tell you this because you remind me of the day I died.” …just to be born again.

      Hear hear Patrick.

    • Patrick – Maybe I’m about to have an experience like you, then? It would be wonderful if I did. It’s hard for me to look forward when it appears there’s nothing of earthly value ahead. I feel like the world events are pushing me up to the edge of a cliff and when I get to the edge that’s when Christ plucks me up. I’ve continued to do my day to day routine and, like yesterday, I was VERY productive but it would be nice that after all of these years of effort I would get just one teeny weeny tiny day in the sun with my work before it all hit’s the fan.

      Kimberly – You’re right. We probably would laugh at ourselves for worrying if we truly knew how great Heaven is. I do worry about having a “normal” life because it seems every red neck drunkard who just drifts by in life is able to have a much more stable life than I have. I don’t know why that is but it’s true. I know I’m under spiritual assault all the time and maybe that’s what’s caused the things to befall me that have befallen me that have kept me where I’m at. I’m just not sure. It’s also a bit hard to let go of your life’s work when you feel it’s what’s God’s called you to do and you come to love and enjoy and take pleasure in it. It’s hard knowing a time will come where none of that matters. (I sure feel guilty even having these feelings but I think it’s good to be able o discuss them in hopes I can overcome them.) It’s just a constant struggle to have so many things thrown at me that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with it all.

      Watcher – That’s exactly how I feel. I feel like I’m mourning my earthly existence and it’s hanging over me like a brick shouldn’t. People around me too are blissfully oblivious to what’s going on like a bunch of lemmings. This only adds to my loneliness as being a watchman type.

      All of this advice has been a little bit helpful but I fear I’ll still be struggling. It’s probably a good sign I recognize this weakness and vulnerability now rather than later, right?

  7. This dovetails with what Jack Van Impe had on today. He said that the Jesus of Islam is not THE Jesus because when this Jesus returns he is supposed to repent for starting Christianity, declare he was wrong, and demand we praise Allah or die. And if we don’t this Jesus wil personally execute us.

    LA – This is an area I have extensively researched and I hope you have also considered this fact. It is somewhat impossible to determine the age of the universe because, according to the text in Genesis, each thing God created was created in a day and was created at a mature age. The animals and Adam were not created as babies, they were created as adults. That being the case, it is possible that the Universe was also created with a falsely old age. The universe COULD be 6,000 years old but because it was created with an implied age that is why scientific calculations result in the billions of years old. (part of this is calculated from light year time and because they claim the universe is expanding at a set rate)

    Personally, I tend to believe that the universe is older than 6,000 years because this number is from a priest who added up all the generations in the Bible and arrived at that number. I think he said the world was created on a Tuesday as well. Because we have evidence that the earth is older than 6,000 years due to man made archeological anomalies (the water erosion on the Sphinx dates it to being around 12,000 years old.) and there are man made artifacts like gold chains and cups and human remains found in coal deposits all the time. It’s possible that those things were caused by the Great Flood but aging of monuments like the Sphinx is hard to discount. If it came from an angelic culture here before the Creation wouldn’t it have been destroyed when God recreated the earth? I believe such structures came about in the time after Adam but before Noah with help from the fallen ones.

    But before you discredit that the earth isn’t young, please explore this angle to the account; that everything that was created was created with an implied age that was older than it actually was.

    • I think of Matt 7:21-23 when I think of the false Jesus of Islam:

      “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

  8. According to Enoch Yahshua/Jesus was appointed of the Father to make visible the creation and the life giver of the Hosts. His name you remember Isiah 44:6 is Yahweh of Hosts and of course it is brought He and the Father are one, the Father is the deity in Him. How else could Jesus proclaim “I am the first and the Last”. How many firsts can you have, just one! All creation was by Him scripture says and so it no doubt is even before He made most things visible, but not all are, our eyes are not opened to see the Spirit beings that surround us. The invisible creation was here from all eternity no doubt.

    We are protected by the unfallen angels we cannot see and the indwelling Saviour we cannot see, but if we are HIS they are there and the evil ones see them and they stay clear so it behoves all to get right and stay right to keep His indwelling.

    E. Gibbs.

  9. Patrick – Thanks for the link about spy bots. I’m downloading it now. I’ll let you know if it works.

    The reboot is something else. Now when I type it’s doing it. It could be the hardware or a virus. It’s VERY frustrating…I just hope I can get this computer to last through August. That’s the soonest when I’ll have the extra cash to get another new one just for online use.

    Your computers are about like me and my little figurines of film and storybook characters from all over the world. I have at least 3,000-5,000 of them if not more. (I’ve never counted them.) It’s taken me over 20 years to get that many too but I don’t get too many new additions to my collection anymore.

    Since you’re computer savvy , I have a question for you. I have a computer that got hit by lightning through the phone jack. When you turn it on it’s running but no picture comes on the screen. Do you think it’s possible that only the areas that affect the screen display were damaged? I’m not sure of the right words but if I took the board that holds the memory and put it into a working computer, it would work right? Is this a hard procedure to do? (I assume somehow you have to attach the memory to whatever area goes to the screen?) My new computer came with a guide about how to add a drive to that but I’d use an older computer as to not risk damaging my new baby. I’m just curious what’s on the hard drive I don’t have backed up but it dates back to when my brother was in high school so it could have ANYTHING on it as he’s a man of the flesh. :/ That’s why I never took it in anywhere. I wouldn’t want there to be scantily clad women on it and have them think I put them there. :O

    • Patrick – Are there any free programs that fixes errors? This thing at the link found over 3,000 errors on my computer (although it may not mean anything bad) It would only fix 100 without buying the program and evn then I got the error messege that there wasn’t enough memory to fix it. Maybe there is a virus issue after all.

    • Capt’n, Spybot will fix the problems, once you do the scan, there is a fix button on the same screen. It counts cookies as problems they are normal things so the errors are not critical, I delete everything anyway, I have never had spybot encounter something that could not be deleted safely. What I do I go through the problems one by one to read them, if you have a trojan it is good to know its name because once you delete it thru Spybot reboot the puter and scan again, it might show up again, so you will need to find another method on the net related to Trojan you have to get rid of it.
      I just realized you might be using a different program, the one you should use is: Spybot – Search & Destroy. Also the software on this site is free. But you can make a donation. What program are you using?

    • I’m using the one at the link you left. They only deleted the first 100 and wanted me to buy the program. Where do you get the 100% free one?

    • Hey Capt’n The best thing to do with the monitor problem is try a different monitor, any monitor you have will connect, if you determine that the original monitor is good, next thing will be to swap a video card from another computer, video cards die more frequently than monitors, in a worse case scenario both monitor and video card could be bad, but that is highly improbable but not impossible since it was hit by lightning. Lightning has a strange way of picking and choosing what gets burnt out, I had a component that was un- repairable once upon a time and in the same setup nothing else was damaged.

      To swap memory you first need to make sure of what kind of memory one computer uses and see if the other computer will support it. (there is a little free program on the net to do this) plus it would help to know the make and model of your mother board (do you have the manuals?) or you could find this out with the program I mentioned (for running computers).
      Memory is easy to swap, you unsnap the fastener on each end of the chip and lift the chip out of the slot. To install you look at the connector side of the chip and it has a key-notch, match that up to the slot and evenly push the chip into the slot until the fasteners self lock (remember to short-out your body before touching memory by touching a grounded source). Remember to also unplug your computer before removing/replacing components. If you know for a fact the puter is running, such as HD light blinking and/or you hear HD movement w/o a monitor then the memory is probably ok. Also remember that many sites have step by step procedures illustrated for what we are talking about.

    • I’m sure all 3 of my computers have hardware issues then.

      The original one 9struck by lightning) has the light going and you can hear the inards running. If it were friend it wouldn’t do that?

      The other two were HP’s and they were trouble from the start. Neither one will start up now.

      I have an old HP around here somewhere my aunt gave us and I’d like to put the three hard drives in there. I assume you can do at least 2 because this laptop has a C drive and a D drive built in. this computer belonged to my aunt’s “wife” or her gay son and I’ve never booted it up because I was warned there may be some wild things on it and I just wasn’t interested in wading through filth. (They didn’t have the quickstart disc and the ones I have ddn’t work on it.) So I thought I could take the 4 computers and make one good one out of them.

      The other reason I’d like to save the lightning one is because I had all of my zip discs compressed to that C drive and without it I can’t read my zip discs. Some of those zip discs have files I want to get to again. But it sounds like it might be possible that the hard drive is okay then. Is it possible to put the memory from a Compaq into an HP hardware machine?

      Oh, where do you go online to find info on this for “dummies”? I’m not very computer smart. I know all 3 art safe to tinker with as they haven’t even been plugged in for year(s) and I know it’s not a monitor problem with any of them.

    • Capt’n you asked: Is it possible to put the memory from a Compaq into an HP hardware machine? Answer: Yes
      The computer manufacture (brand name) does not determine the memory type. The Mother Board (MB) manufacture in relation to the MB architecture determines the ram chips to be used.

      Look at this way you have two computer platforms 1) Mac 2) IBM compatible, if your puter is not Mac then it is IBM compatible which shares (whatever the brand) components within the platform.

      Download this utility to help ID your MB, processor, memory etc. Play with the program its free and it wont destroy anything and learn how to ID your memory as a start. program (ROG CPU-Z)

      On any puter that you have that is not running, remove a ram stick and note the part number or serial or chip number and manufacturer, go on the net and try to ID it by these numbers.

      If you have the computer manuals it should also tell you what type of Ram you can use.
      If the ram is of the same type between computers you can use them in either.
      Some MB’s can take different types of RAM, to know this you have to see the MB manual or Manufactures website.

      Note with using the CPD program you can get your MB info go to the manufactures website and look for the RAM this mobo uses. Or Use CPD go to the tab SPD after memory and it will tell you what slots and how many memory chips(sticks) you are using with the part number etc.

      You can do a search on google such as “computer memory types and how to Identify” go to a few different websites let them teach you the difference, gather all the info about your memory as I said above and try to ID your memory types for a clearer understanding.

      If you do a little study on the memory and what kind you have it will not seem so complicated, you take one step at a time, you don’t need to be scientist and don’t be in a rush.

      It is better to map out what you want to do with the computers in priority, so that you can learn one task at a time and not get them all confused.

      Such as, remove HD from non-working computer, add to working computer retrieve data.
      Most computers can have up to 4 HDs. Learn on the net “how to add a hard drive as a slave drive”.

      My head hurts! I feel like Kimberly just hit me in the head with a pan.

    • Rosey, when I was young I remember a story I heard about when GOD created Adam, the first words that Adam spoke as he beheld the garden was “I need a good pair of boots”. 😎

    • I’m googling now but have a follow up question. Okay, say this laptop has 4 GB of ram and i wanted to put the hard drive in my new computer, which has 8 GM or ram. would that be possible? (I know the Compaq has much less ram than the HPs because they’re older, The Compaq is a 1997 and I wanna say the whole hard drive may be as small as 2 GB if that. I’m not sure what the ram on he HP’s are off hand but I wanna say 1 or 2 GB)

      What confuses me is the ay I understand it is ram is the memory that is set aside to run programs and perform tasks. If that theory is correct then why wouldn’t the transfered hard drives become like a flash drive plugged into the computer and rely on the ram of the new ‘mother” computer?

      Hope I’m not a pest with my questions. I’ve learned more from you today than I ever have on my own or from others so I hope you don’t mind my inquiry.

    • Capt`n Memory (Ram) has no relationship to the HD, the HD is magnetic storage for programs/data. Memory (ram)is temp storage while the computer is turned on, to handle functions, swap information. Ram is more or less an interim go between, between the processor and HD to speed calculations and multitask.
      Do you understand how I explained it?

      Just a tip:
      On windows XP and 7 32 bit, the max RAM that it uses is up to 3GB, but more like 2.6 GB, so if you have 4gb of Ram in this setup you are almost wasting 2 GB.
      Windows 7 64 bit is for systems with 3 or more GB of ram.

      RAM=Random Access Memory

      Windows 7 32 bit operating system with 2 gb of ram is max, then add whatever HD or HDs you want this is just storage space. Then add a Video Card minimum 256 mb of ram, more ram on the vid card for games, photo/vdeo editing, 1gb is the sweet spot.

    • Capt’n there is so much information it is hard to explain all at once in a reply or even in many replies but let me add this. Windows does manage an extended function by utilizing part of the storage space of the HD as virtual memory, it is slower than ram, but gives a slight boost in addition to Ram, memory is faster at the transfer of data than the HD, but windows maintains an allocated space on the HD to manage a swap file to speed up transfer in conjunction with the ram.

    • A Jewish man once told me on day 6 God made Adam and rested then God made woman and nobody rested. Ha Ha. So unPC but it’s old fashioned and cute.

      Patrick – Is this why when I buy a My Book it has less disk space on it than advertised? It allots some of that for ram?

      Now, does it matter what Windows was on each computer when I combine hard drives? The Compaq was 98, the HP is XP and the second HP I regressed from XP to 2000. (I had to get that one to run a film program I had in college because the program wouldn’t run on XP)

      My new computer has Windows 7. It’s taking a lot to get used to it. It’s like analog vs. digital to me. I don’t care for how everything runs like flash. I’m just too used to the old way.

      That new computer I got is a Lenovo. Ever hear of that brand? It had the most bang for the buck wich is why I chose it. I’ve always had trouble doing video and art files because I never haveenough ram. Since this had 8GB and all others had 6GB I went with this.I hope I don’t come to regret it.

  10. Brother Lynn,

    Thank you for exposing more of Satan’s lies cast upon an apathetic world with a “Couldn’t care less attitdude” along with the attitude of “My mind is made up. Don’t confuse me with the Truth”.

    This rediculous and sad proof of out right arrogance and disrespect for God’s Holy Word is another in a long line of “False Christianity” pundits and so-called Pastors such as Rib Bell that has ensured so many because that broad road is an easy path without sacfrice and pain.

    It is so easy to listen to the whispers of the enemy’s lies that Jesus would have believed in evolution because they are then freed of the consequences of their actions (sin). Evolution dismisses the abosolte Truth that our Lord spoke every day; Truths that were hard to accept because it forces us to look at who we are in reality…sinners in need of a savior. But alas, to look at ourselves in Truth is to admit we are sinners. Therefore the lies of Giberson teaching the great heresy that Jesus Cheist would have taught evolution coupled with the other heresy of the very popular Pastor Rob Bell that a loving God just would not, could not send unbelievers to an eternal punishment in he’ll just because they didn’t measure up to the standards of what is really nothing more than a God with an iron fist makes these lies extremely attractive to any and all who want to continue their journey down the broad path. After all, since an all loving God will never judge their sins, much less throw them into hell, what is to keep people from leading whatever kind of hedonistic life style they want.

    The road to destruction is broad and MANY will find it with their help while the narrow road that leads to eternal life is so very hard and only a few will find this one. But thanks be to God for your BLOG where you throw down the lies of Satan and we can come to share our own experiences of how the God of the Bible has set us free from the diabolical schemes couched in “feel good” philosophy to trap the unwitting and undecerning.

    You are so right; the supernatural world is moving into overdrive as the time of the end is so near. People have no idea. Only those willing to obey His commands Thank you for todays bun.

    In Christ,
    Jeff D

  11. Just want to be clear here. I’m not postulating that man was created and then destroyed, and then re-created again in the garden as adam and eve. Just as LA is saying here, there was more going on in the first verses of Genesis, than we were taught at sunday school. I think these deeper discussions on these issues, were lost in our current translations, and maybe even in earlier translations, because man has perpetually had a way of interpreting the scriptures to fit his own ideas of God. “Pressing In”, means understanding the greek and hebrew/aramaic languages. By NO means am I a scholar or anything close, but rather than just being a Sheeple, and believing everythings someone says, I take it to the Lord in prayer, ask those who know more than I, and open my “Strongs” dictionary and, so that “He” can give an answer through me. As soon as I jump on my soapbox, God knocks me off. So I remain teachable, ‘For what man can know the mind of GOD”?

  12. Great post Lynn! I am right with you on it.
    Why would God make something formless and void? God is not the author of confusion.
    Translating that verse, the word used for “was” actually means “became”. A change in the state of being.

    The admonishment to Adam was the same as the one to Noah. Replenish the Earth.
    I personally believe there was an inhabiting civilization here on the original Earth. They were destroyed in the rebellion of Satan and his host. That’s why I don’t buy Satan’s turning after Adam was created over some jealous rage. It happened long, long ago.

    Next, check out the planets of this solar system. Other than the gas giants, the rock planets are all ruined. Pockmarked with immense craters and destruction. War? Mars and the moon are hammered much more on one side than the other, which would indicate it all happened in a short span of time.
    Yet the Earth is in pretty good shape, pointing to a do over, but here only by the the Lord God’s work.

    It is also possible that those inhabitant’s spirits are the demons. I get a lot of flack for that, as most now believe they are the spirits of Nephalim.
    And of course….there is the possibility that they are the drivers of Unidentified flying craft.
    In the UFO lore, there is discussion that they once owned this world and they want it back.

    Armstrong wasn’t all that accurate in his prophecies of the past. I have a whole list of them that are from fantasyland he made back in the 1930s and 40s.

    • You have a point Doug. It reminded me of Joseph P. Farell talking about this. The catastrophist model of the universe and everything that goes along with it.

    • Doug – Buy why couldn’t the universe mess have happened after creation? I believe that the face on mars is real because it has pupils and teeth. (Anyone else ever look into that?) and I believe the fallen ones put it there. They could have had their universal battleany time though. It’s going on even now.

      If there as a civilization here then what was it? Why was it destroyed? These are questions I have about that that keep me from buying into that view.

      I’d like to see the list. I can only go by what I’ve seen and the ones concerning the fall of the dollar, america becoming a credit nation, and others seem to be accurate. I don’t believe anything one man says but he seemed to have a very good track record back then from the ones I’ve sen. It’s possible some are being surpressed though and given how kooky he got near the end maybe he had some just as kooky stuff in his hey day that’s not well known.

    • Cap, this got dropped so far down from where I posted it, that I almost gave up finding it.
      Don’t worry about missing out on your future. When you get to the end of the road(where I am), you’ll see that it went by so fast that it was no biggie. Yes, there was a lot of joy and good things, but there was a lot of trouble and disappointment too.
      Jesus Himself got only 33 here. How can I expect I should have more.
      Besides what is coming WITH Him will make this place look like a babies daycare program.

      I just find it strange that God would create these planets in such dismal shape. It seems to me that destruction hit them all pretty hard since they started.

      Huge bolides are not raining down on them or us now, or we would all be gone. So when? The flood? hardly, or there would be some record. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been an ocean for Noah to float on.

      I believe the war/rebellion began long before this present Earth was made and may have spread far and wide beyond this system.

      Armstrong: Coming up.

  13. I read the article by Dr. Giberson and applaud his correct assertion that Jesus is for truth. However, Giberson has the same “blind spot” that many biological macro-evolutionists have. That is, the theory of macro-evolution is neither a testable nor is it a repeatable hypothesis. Where as, the Second Law of Thermodynamics is testable and repeatable and would apply to living systems, as well. As Bozz above referenced Asimov, this means that generally everything in the universe is “winding down” from higher order to low order.
    By inference macro-evolutions assert macro-evolution must have happened because of common “conserved” genes between species but they fail to account for the improbability of this by applying the more certain Second Law of Thermodynamics.
    Anyone who has taken high school science should be able to see the truth of this. You can do a high school physics lab to verify the Second Law of Thermodynamics but you cannot produce a new specie in biology lab. At least not in your life time, according to macro-evolution, or you would never graduate! Even secularists observe that species go extinct but we have yet to observe any new species coming into existence.
    The Creator of the Universe even tells us this:
    For the creation was subjected to futility, not of its own will but because of Him who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself also will be set from its slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God. Romans 20-21
    Even now come LORD Yeshuah!
    p.s. I also read some of the comments on the CNN article and sadly, there are many misinformed people out there. Pray that their hearts to would opened to the saving Truth of our Lord God Jesus Christ.

  14. Okay, so I woke up at 4:45 this morning to hear rain pounding and wind blowing. I said out loud, “In the name of Jesus, peace be still. It stopped in a minute and it was going to be just another anecdote for my grandkids. Then when it was light out I looked out the front door to see a huge 5 foot long 10 inch diameter piece of driftwood that I keep next to my front walk had been blown sideways and my garbage can had no lid. I was feeling sorry for myself losing a measly lid and went up and down the street and around the block looking……wonder where this is going yet? went to the local weather site:

    April 10-11 Storm Reports

    With damage reported in Manistee this morning, I’m going to start the storm reports posting, which will be updated throughout the event.

    Winds were reported at 79 miles per hour at 450am and 62 miles per hour at 455am in near Manistee. A storm survey will almost surely be conducted to see if this was just damaging winds or a tornado.

    Yikes! All that was just a block and a half away from my house! Assessing our damage, one lost trash can lid and a cheap plastic greenhouse tipped cattywampus but not damaged……there is power in the name of Jesus!

    • Not just for your grandkids Elaine, but also for us younglings here on the blog. I really appreciate this kind of stories. Very encouraging. Makes me wanna share a story of my own, however I somehow am story telling shy or kept back when it comes to talking about personal spiritual experience (knowing that everyone here has plenty!) and just keep it to myself. There is so much to learn from the elders.

    • Bozz.. you are holding back… stories…? All this time while we are giving our very own campfire stories… you are sitting back whistling to yourself? 😮 Don’t be story telling shy, Boooozzz…. share. It is sooo true that we can learn a mega ton from our elders… but younglings like ourself have much to give tooooo. 🙂 Do tell…. I’ll make s’mores. 🙂

      Elaine!!! 😯 That is so scary!!! But also SOO awesome!!! We know such a MIGHTY God! 😀

    • Kimberly don`t get me started. Not only that I am kept back on this, but I am also lazy to type… 😎 Because if I would write everything down I could type here for two days (like it normally takes me when I do a long post) if I take into consideration that English is my second language and I have to use a dictionary here and there that I have on my computer lol. Ok, I am exaggerating a bit, but that`s how it is at my end.

      I don`t want for people to think that I am boasting or something. Or to be mistaken for that young Burpo kid, who it turns out has written a fantasy book (Who needs a book on heaven or anything else for that matter, when you have the bible anyway?).

      Ok, I will try to sum up one of my strongest experiences that got seared into my memory. I was a kid growing up in a catholic family. Never read the bible (ok, I glanced over one with pictures at the age 10), just going to catholic mass. I was also an altar boy in primary school. That was a fun period in my life. Standing behind the priest at the altar and chatting with my friends also altar boys all the time, doing pranks while the priest was doing the mass. Most of other altar boys were my classmates in primary school, so go figure. Sometimes we got so loud behind the priests back (in front of the whole church of let`s say 300 people) that he made a back kick with his leg to tell us to shut up! Fun times! Anyways as a catholic who never read the bible I was like every other worldly man out there prone to demonic harassment. But I had faith. I believed in and loved Jesus so much that at the age of 8 (when I became an altar boy) I announced that I will be a priest one day. The funny thing is when I read 1 Peter for the first time more then a year ago, I discovered I was a priest and a king like everyone of us, all-ready. Now that is a funny unfolding of events. Anyways lets shorten this story up. During my life I had many demonic attacks. I saw things I will not tell here (maybe on email if you want). I did not know nothing about the blood of Jesus and the power of His name. I was scared of the dark as a young boy and so on.

      But now to the story that I wanted to tell. I was 17 years old and in high school. I was all-ready falling into the trap of alcoholism at that age, so I began my period of being really lost and it culminated in college. Anyways, back to high school. Me and a friend of mine were walking down a busy traffic road. It was around 5 pm. We were talking not minding the traffic. Then we came to a crossing for pedestrians (zebra) and we wanted to cross the road. While cars were buzzing by I became absent in my mind. I don`t know how to describe it. Kinda like a daydream or a hypnotic state. My mind went blank. I just starred in the distance speechless. My friend was still talking to me, but it went in at one ear and out at another if you know what I mean. I did not pay attention to what he was saying. Then all of a sudden I just started walking forward on the crossing like hypnotized. I did not look right nor left for the coming cars. Also the road from my right side came from downwards. So we were on a higher ground. The cars that came from my right therefore could not see me on the top. Also the speed limit there was 90 kmh that is around 56 mph if I am not mistaken. So there I was, suddenly crossing the road like in a hypnotic state. My friend later told me that he shouted my name many times nervously, watching me just crossing the street like I was begging for a car to run me over. But I did not hear him. To this day I can not explain what happened to me on that day. But… when I was at the middle of the road, I suddenly heard a voice that was not human. It was not my friend. I can not describe it. The only word that can describe it, is angelic. It was loud but yet gentle and clear. It called me by my real name (Bozz is just my nickname that friends call me by). But lets say here Bozz is my real name, because my Slovene is different from English types of names. The voice said: “Bozz, stop.” And I stopped. At that moment a car drove by me around 50 mph about 10 cm from where I stood. I “awoke” from my hypnotized day dream state and quickly crossed the road. My friend followed on the other side. He was totally scared, angry and confused. He shouted at me: Didn`t you hear me calling you?! What`s wrong with you man?! Do you wanna get yourself killed?! And I was just lost for words. I pondered in my mind what just happened and whose voice I heard, because it was definitely not my friends voice. We started walking and after about 3 minutes when I realised that I could have been run over by a car my knees started shaking heavily and I told my friend about the voice that made me stop in the middle of street and saved me from being hit by a car. I was 17 years old. When my life continued, I put that experience in the back of my head, almost forgot it, didn`t think about it after that day. The next day I was like nothing happened.

      So there you have it.I released the story on the world wide web. When I became born again, the incident on the road came back to my remembrance. I kid you not. The voice that I heard was probably from a guardian angel or even the King of Kings himself, I don`t know. Now that I look back, growing up, I had many demonic attacks, spiritual warfare, that culminated when I became born again, when I discovered the Truth. Started reading the Word of God and praying. And no wonder why, I was in alcoholism (hedonistic lifestyle), listened to heavy metal music, began to heavily dabble in new age philosophy (meditation and all that), and many other things. If we would go camping somewhere and we would all gather around the camp fire, I have quite a few spook stories to tell that happened to me and things that I saw. But now I know the Truth. I still deal with some stuff here and there but I am not scared of the dark anymore 😉

    • Bozz, it is precious how GOD opens our mind to the past after we are saved to say hey look here
      I have been with you all the time, watching over you. The Lord speaks to us always at the appropriate time and in between in ways to be discerned.
      I bet you are wore out after typing all that!

    • Bozz – Have you ever heard A Letter From Michael? Google it. You will find an Mp3 of it somewhere. It’s a radio broadcast about a similr experience a gy had in the Korean War. It’s supposed to be true but I can’t find anything about the background online. I get chills every time I listen to the story. But it’s similar towhat happened to you.

    • Seeeee? See, Bozz.. you told an awesome story!!! I ate about fifteen s’mores! :-O That is just pure RADNESS!!! I love, LOVE, to hear how God rescues His peeps! And He rescues us even when we have our backs towards Him… it just drives me crazy how awesome He is. And heck!.. if you have more stories… do email me! Goose bumps! … anyways.. thanks for sharing your story for everyone and their grandma to see. 😀

    • Patrick, my hands fell off! I just wish the Lord would speak more often like this to me, when you would just nod and say: “Yep, that sure was the Lord. Thanks, Lord!” Oh well. We have the Holy Spirit`s guidance.

      Captain, I sure will google and try to find that mp3.

      Kimberly, you just expounded my english vocabulary. I had to google what an s’more is. You just make me slobber all over. First a chocolate cake, then pudding and now an s’more. Yummy 😎

    • Hmmmm… Captain I found this:

      It does not sound right to me. Praying to the archangel Michael… When you scroll down under the story, there are “fresh” revelations supposedly of Jesus. One is even saying that His mother (as in Mary) will crush the prince of darkness. This is catholic (Nicolaitan) doctrine, very wrong. Only pray to Yahshuah/Jesus and no one else. The only mediator between us and the most High Elohei.

    • Bozz….it was truly worth the effort to type that up! How often we are on auto pilot and the Lord takes care of us? I have “Hebrews 13:2” printed on my business cards. Odd for a picture framer but it is just a reminder that we never know who God will send into our life!

  15. People who say that Jesus would have believed in Evolution have not read their Bible. Our Lord was a “young-earth creationist.” Jesus consistently treated the miracle accounts of the Old Testament as straightforward, truthful, historical accounts (e.g., creation of Adam, Noah and the Flood, Lot and his wife in Sodom, Moses and the manna, and Jonah in the fish). He continually affirmed the authority of Scripture over men’s ideas and traditions (Matthew 15:1–9). In Mark 10:6 we have the clearest (but not the only) statement showing that Jesus was a young-earth creationist. He teaches that Adam and Eve were made at the “beginning of creation,” not billions of years after the beginning, as would be the case if the universe were really billions of years old.

  16. Okay, I am over my protection from the storm adventure and will comment on L.A.’s post….
    My Daddy was a genius (I think of him whenever I listen to Stan Deyo) and he always said that someday science would prove God and that all those “scientists” who did not accept on faith would be trembling and gnashing their teeth. I think Dad was right!
    And another great mind, C.S. Lewis, said that Jesus never did anything unnatural….always natural but superly so!

  17. I read the article by Dr. Giberson and applaud his correct assertion that Jesus is for truth. However, Giberson has the same “blind spot” that many biological macro-evolutionists have. That is, the theory of macro-evolution is neither a testable nor is it a repeatable hypothesis. Where as, the Second Law of Thermodynamics is testable and repeatable and would apply to living systems, as well. As Bozz above referenced Asimov, this means that generally everything in the universe is “winding down” from higher order to low order.
    By inference macro-evolutions assert macro-evolution must have happened because of common “conserved” genes between species but they fail to account for the improbability of this by applying the more certain Second Law of Thermodynamics.
    Anyone who has taken high school science should be able to see the truth of this. You can do a high school physics lab to verify the Second Law of Thermodynamics but you cannot produce a new specie in biology lab. At least not in your life time, according to macro-evolution, or you would never graduate! Even secularists observe that species go extinct but we have yet to observe any new species coming into existence.
    The Creator of the Universe even tells us this:
    For the creation was subjected to futility, not of its own will but because of Him who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself also will be set from its slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God. Romans 20-21
    Even now come LORD Yeshuah!
    p.s. I also read some of the comments on the CNN article and sadly, there are many misinformed/misled people out there. Pray that their hearts and minds would be opened to the saving Truth and grace of our Lord God Jesus Christ.

    • Hi Tony~
      Some vague notion struck a chord in my mind as I read your post. That the creation was/is subject to “futility” kinda sheds some light on the environmental/”green” movement agendas. Those think tank professional “experts” must have some inkling about what’s about to occur on planet Earth and to humanity. “Save the whales”, “Save the dolphins”, “Save the…whatever”. “Greenhouse gasses”, “global warming” etc. are other eco issues that the globalists are exploiting. Not sure where I’m going with this but only that somehow, some way the globalists know that their worldly system is doomed so THEY are doing their utmost to make it not so.
      Yahweh’s peace to you,

    • “Moment”, I believe you have a point. Although, “…we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places…”, two themes seem to reoccur in this cosmic battle. From the human fleshly side is that man can do it all apart from God. And from the Spiritual side, that the worldly dark rulers want to “disprove” God and often use counterfeits of God’s plan.


    The reporter asked Stephen Hawking last week what he “foresees as the evolution of the human race?” He responds about hoping humanity can escape disaster first.

    Hawking is a proponent of “self designed evolution,” basically transhumanism. He wants to engineer defects out of DNA, such as aggression, to prevent the self-destruction of the human race.

    You’d think he’d understand that others are engineering super-soldiers, part-animal part-human – predators.

    “Why do the heathen rage…” (Ps. 2)

    “And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou should give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and should destroy them which destroy the earth.”
    (Rev. 12:18)

  19. Gen 1: 1-2 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness [was] upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

    I just don’t understand why people desire to read so much into this when nothing more descriptive is stated.

    In the beginning God created the heavens & the earth & He started w/a pretty blank slate-without form, void, & darkness. A canvass is very plain & blah until you put the paint to it & then the masterpiece is created.

  20. That’s one of the reason things like that come up. Note. “Created the HEAVENS AND the EARTH”. Why not write it Earth and the Heavens? Since the days of creation speak of the Earth before the sun, moon and stars.

  21. Armstrong Prophecies:
    1934 “As nearly as we can calculate from the dates of ancient history, the year 1936 will see the end of the ‘Times of the Gentiles’. Those “Times” have not been completely fulfilled until that year.
    The present world-chaos Tribulation is to be followed by “The Day of the Lord” right after 1936″ (fail)

    1938 “But then what will Mussolini and these 10 dictators do? Notice the prophecy absolutely sure to happen in Revelation 17:16,17…Thus shall the Catholic Church come to her final end. Thus saith the Lord!” Mussolini and the Pope will hatch up an idea between them of setting up a world headquarters at Jerusalem”(major fail)

    1939 ” Once world war is resumed, it must continue on through the Great Tribulation, the heavenly signs……
    This you may know! This war will be ended by Christ’s return! (fail)

    1941″Plain Truth readers know world events, begore they occur! Hitler is the BEAST of Revelation….There, Bible prophecy does indicate that Hitler will be the victor in his present Russian invasion!” (major fail)

    1943 “But Hitler or his successor, (if there is one), and the False Prophet shall FIGHT against Christ! And the battle that ensues in this struggle to see whether Hitler’s New Order or Christ’ Kingdom shall rule this earth for the next Thousand years, is the battle of the great day of God Almighty! (another fail)

    To keep this from being overlong, I will just give bullet points.
    One third of the world was not wiped out in 1972.
    Millions of lukewarm Christians were not martyred in 1975
    The human race was not extinct in 1982

    These are all wrong prophecies and predictions by herbert W. Armstrong. Yet people still think him some kind of self anointed prophet.

    • I’d never seen those Armstrong predictions. I guess he wasn’t always right. He may have even been a false prophet showing his true colors at the end.

      Do you think the stuff he predicted correctly about America not manufacturing and becoming a debtor nation was just a lucky guess? That was the one that got my attention. I read it just before September 2008 and that “crash” happened a few days later very similarly to how he said it would go down.

    • I believe many (not all) false prophets are Godly people, meaning they do not wish to do harm or mislead, but they let their pride get in the way. They have not humbled themselves before the Lord in order open their ears to receive any true prophetic prediction, therefore God gives them grace of being foolishly wrong to humble them. This Armstrong guy has not gotten the message yet. You can bet he wants to be a prophet, so that he can receive the glory among men and not for the glory of being a humble servant to God’s will so that God will exalt him in due time.

    • Captain, to answer your question, only God knows if it was a lucky guess. As I said in my comment above, I believe he may be getting partial truths and a heaping spoonful of humbling grace.

    • Sounds like he got many of the prophetic events covered, just every date does not come to pass. Goes to show we are not to be date setters, because only God knows when he will lift His hand of protection. I actually believe that there have been thousands of instances through history that we have been close.

      It was not from a lack of trying on Satan’s part that the end didn’t happen on these dates in the past. He should stick to being a watcher of the season and leave the dates to our most high God.

    • Reading his bio now on wikipedia. Yikes, lots of false teachings and things to mislead the masses. The one that got to me the most was that he said we should focus on a “Gospel of the Kingdom” and not a gospel of Christ. That is a horrible teaching.

      Now that is a teaching that Satan can endorse, since Satan minimizes Christ and wants to create a man-made Utopian kingdom on earth with him as supreme ruler. Just awful.

  22. I have never heard the perspective regarding the Genesis 1 statement and the “recreation” of the earth after some type of cataclysmic event. Since Genesis starts by saying that in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth and that the earth was without form, void and dark, I have always believed that the earth being without form was it’s original state, not a re-creation after an earlier creation. I suppose a careful study of the original Hebrew/Greek text might clarify this, but perhaps this is one of those on-going debates among theologians. In any event, it’s an interesting point to consider.

  23. Vineyard Confidential
    Is Dan Aykroyd Attracting UFOs to the Vineyard?

    The Island has a long history of unusual sightings. But are they wishful thinking or real?

    By Holly Nadler 5:43am
    Picture two aliens in a spacecraft. For seven gravity-free nano-seconds they’ve glimpsed nothing but black ocean, then lights! Civilization! Their GPS informs them, “You’re closing in on Martha’s Vineyard. You are advised to hold here because the social activity in the high season is more frenzied than anything we’ve studied anywhere else on the planet, with any of the species.”

    So that’s a hypothetical about why our Island has been prey to a lotta, lotta UFO sightings.

    Chilmark resident, ghostbuster and movie star Dan Aykroyd has made it a point to examine alien activity here or anywhere in earthly precincts. In the documentary “Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs,” released in 2005, he states, “There should be no debate anymore that UFOs exist.”

    But back up a sec: Let’s look at the E.T. tableaux over our own hemisphere. Normally it’s a sign of abject lunacy to admit you’ve glimpsed flickering lights over Katama. Heaven forbid you reveal that you’ve been abducted by aliens for one of those unmentionable probes. Yet it happens!

    “This is real. People are being abducted,” says Aykroyd. “Mind-control is in play here, and we have to be vigilant.”

    The actor maintains that 54 percent of Americans believe in UFOs. If you take a straw pole of all your Island friends and neighbors, chances are a few of them will have seen, well, something “rich and strange,” to pull Shakespeare in on the discussion.

    Many of the alien hi-jinks have been recorded in local papers and newscasts. Like the September 1953 story about a woman who stood in her yard and eyeballed orange lights east of Cassiopeia. An April 1958 dispatch reads, “Signs in the sky continue to disturb Vineyard residents,” and the article goes on to specify these same residents seeing “shapes like half-moons.” Oh, and here’s a good one! In 1967, from the deck of the Navigator restaurant in Edgartown, diners witnessed three lights draped low over the harbor, “pulsating.” One man was so distraught, he fled the restaurant without paying his check. Yeah, we’ve heard that one before.

    But here’s the jewel in the crown of our local UFO phenomenon: In the summer of 1963, JFK—yes JFK!—sat on board his launch with several friends in waters northeast of Martha’s Vineyard. All of a sudden, a disk-shaped object materialized within several hundred feet of the boat. The sphere looked to be about 60 feet in diameter. The bottom shined bright, just like Steven Spielberg’s “come and get it” spaceship in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” While JFK and his passengers gaped, the object shot up at tremendous speed and vanished.

    The president had apparently bought in to the whole Roswell/Area 51 code of omertà, because he instructed his guests, “We don’t talk about this!”

    Obviously, at least one of them did.

    The sightings continue into our present age. On September 19, 2009, Vineyard eyewitnesses called the Dukes County communication center to report strange lights in the sky. Facebook and Twitter went nuts with the news. Reports flooded in of derby fisherman spotting multi-colored spots in the southern horizon. A fisherman with his son and his son’s friend beheld a weird vision over Squibnocket at dusk: A bright, tiny beam that morphed into a football shape, burned, exploded like a firecracker, then disappeared.

    So back to the question of whether or not Aykroyd, in his trips to these shores involuntarily brings alien cruise-mobiles with him. He himself admits, in a 2007 interview on that he’s seen UFOs zooming over his house on Martha’s Vineyard.

    If we consider the law of attraction, it’s commonly accepted that the more you think of something, the more that thing follows you around. For example, during the many years that I researched and wrote about ghosts here on the Island, the more ghosts trekked with me down the streets, winking off lampposts, climbing up stairs and even messing up my computer when I wrote about them (okay, down boys!).

    The next time you spot Aykroyd strolling up Circuit Ave. with the fabulous Bill Murray, or eating pizza on the Chilmark Store porch, take a look later at the nighttime skies.

    Aykroyd has a good idea of what to do if we make contact: “Let’s go to some neutral place, scientists and world leaders . . . let’s sit down and have a forum with the extra-dimensional beings, and kind of get to know each other.”

    The Lampost, anyone?

  24. God has two books in Heaven, The Book of Life, and the Lamb’s Book of life.

    God’s Book of Life might have each person’s DNA Code listed, at the time of Conception.

    Anyhow, He’s keeping track of everything.

    Jesus referred to the Creation story more than once, for sure. Ih Jesus bleieves, we have no reason to question it, AMEN.

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