Land for Peace: ‘Gaza Has Become a Terrorist State’ – The War Has Started…

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L. A. Marzulli

‘Gaza Has Become a Terrorist State’

“Gaza has become a terrorist state, President Shimon Peres said in a meeting with foreign ambassadors. “Hundreds of thousands of mothers and their children in southern Israel cannot sleep at night as a result of the rocket attacks from Gaza,” he said.

Please take a minute to watch this clip from Prophecy in the News with Gary Stearman and Bob Ulrich as it hammers home the point I am trying to make with today’s post:

I believe that the war has started in the Middle East. It began this week with the Israeli’s using their Iron Dome Defense, against rockets that were fired from Gaza, by Hamas. Let’s put this in perspective. Pretend you live in a border state in the USA, say New Mexico, and day after day those pesky Mexicans fired rockets across the border at you. What  would you do? Turn the other cheek and do nothing? Yet, when Israel decides to defend itself, most of the world points a condemning finger at the Jewish state.

You may remember a few years ago when a land for peace deal was reached with the Palestinians. The Israeli’s gave up the Gaza strip for what they hoped for was peace, instead within hours the mortars and rockets began to reign down on them from across the border. Israel is now surrounded almost on all sides by enemies that want only one thing and that is her destruction, make no mistake about this. You may remember only weeks ago when 1.5. million Egyptians met in Tarrir square and chanted together: To Jerusalem we go, martyrs in the millions.

We are seeing the first skirmishes that I believe will lead to an all out war. As I have stated in the past, Kings go to war in the spring and we are now in that season. I thought that it would erupt last year, but thankfully it didn’t, however with the toppling of Egypt’s president, Hosni Mubarak, as well as the instability in other regimes in the area, it now would appear that we may see an all out war between Israel and a combined group of enemies. Is this the Psalm 83 war that my friend and News Magazine contributer Bill Salus, believes is the next prophetic event? We will have to wait and see. In the meantime, Egypt has refused to re-connect the pipeline that brings 40% of Israel’s energy to her. To the north, Hezbollah, which is a proxy of Iran, is armed with chemical weapons, and has declared that it will destroy the Jewish state. There is a new “flotilla” headed toward Gaza and there is also the threat of millions of unarmed Arabs pouring into Israel in May.

In closing today’s post: I believe that we are seeing the beginnings of an all out war in the region, and as I stated previously, our president will dither and do nothing, which is exactly what Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran want. We are seeing the supernatural manifest in that the hatred that is directed toward Israel and the Jews, defies logic. This ancient hatred for the “chosen people,” in my opinion, is satanic in origin and is about to erupt with global consequences. “Jerusalem will become a cup of trembling to the whole earth.” Even so pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


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227 thoughts on “Land for Peace: ‘Gaza Has Become a Terrorist State’ – The War Has Started…

  1. My I borrow your beautiful brains for a few moments? I need opinion/reactions; I’d be very grateful for your input. Do you think it’s true? What would you think of any information presented after this story?

    The extraordinary qualities with which Adam was blessed, physical and spiritual as well, aroused the envy of the angels. They attempted to consume him with fire, and he would have perished, had not the protecting hand of Most High God rested upon him, and established peace between him and the heavenly host. In particular, Satan was jealous of the first man, and his evil thoughts finally led to his fall. After Adam had been endowed with a soul, Most High God invited all the angels to come and pay him reverence and homage. Satan, the greatest of the angels in heaven, with twelve wings, instead of six like all the others, refused to pay heed to the behest of Most High God, saying, “Thou didst create us angels from the splendor of the Shekinah, and now Thou dost command us to cast ourselves down before the creature which Thou didst fashion out of the dust of the ground!” Most High God answered, “Yet this dust of the ground has more wisdom and understanding than thou.” Satan demanded a trial of wit with Adam, and Most High God assented thereto, saying: “I have created beasts, birds, and reptiles, I shall have them all come before thee and before Adam. If thou art able to give them names, I shall command Adam to show honor unto thee, and thou shalt rest next to the Shekinah of My glory. But if not, and Adam calls them by the names I have assigned to them, then thou wilt be subject to Adam, and he shall have a place in My garden, and cultivate it.” Thus spake Most High God, and He betook Himself to Paradise, Satan following Him. When Adam beheld Most High God, he said to his wife, “O come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.” Now Satan attempted to assign names to the animals. He failed with the first two that presented themselves, the ox and the cow. Most High God led two others before him, the camel and the donkey, with the same result. Then Most High God turned to Adam, and questioned him regarding the names of the same animals, framing His questions in such wise that the first letter of the first word was the same as the first letter of the name of the animal standing before him. Thus Adam divined the proper name, and Satan was forced to acknowledge the superiority of the first man. Nevertheless he broke out in wild outcries that reached the heavens, and he refused to do homage unto Adam as he had been bidden. The host of angels led by him did likewise, in spite of the urgent representations of Michael, who was the first to prostrate himself before Adam in order to show a good example to the other angels. Michael addressed Satan: “Give adoration to the image of Most High God! But if thou doest it not, then the Lord Most High God will break out in wrath against thee.” Satan replied: “If He breaks out in wrath against me, I will exalt my throne above the stars of Most High God, I will be like the Most High!” At once Most High God flung Satan and his host out of heaven, down to the earth, and from that moment dates the enmity between Satan and man.’

    • The first thing I would investigate is: Can I find any scriptural evidence (foundation or passage) to support or debunk this information?

    • Where did you get this? I never thought of the whole thing being related to Adam naming the animals.

    • Excerpt: Ginzberg was the author of a number of scholarly Jewish works, including a commentary on Talmud Yerushalmi (the Jerusalem Talmud) and his six-volume (plus a one-volume index) The Legends of the Jews, which combined hundreds of legends and parables from a lifetime of midrash research.
      Legends of the Jews is an original synthesis of a vast amount of aggadah from all of classical rabbinic literature, as well as apocryphal, pseudopigraphical and even early Christian literature, with legends ranging from the creation of the world and the fall of Adam, through a huge collection of legends on Moses, and ending with the story of Esther and the Jews in Persia. Ginzberg had an encyclopedic knowledge of all rabbinic literature, and his masterwork included a massive array of aggadot. However he did not create an anthology which showed these aggadot distinctly. Rather, he paraphrased them and rewrote them into one continuous narrative that covered four volumes, followed by two volumes of footnotes that give specific sources. See Jewish folklore and Aggadah.

    • Okay, Smartypants, but what is your REACTION to the story? What do you think? (BTW, this is also in the Qur’an)

    • 😀 Rosey! My reaction was, humm I’ve read something like this before, then, wow I keep forgetting all the things I’ve read before, then, I recognized something in the post, to that which I saw in heaven, then, I thought I am going to have to reread all this stuff, then, I remembered when my wife against my advisement started doing a study of the Kabbalah, and I recognized certain things in the Kabbalah that I had experienced, then I thought, I need to to go slow and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, then I though I need a big gigantic cup of steamin hot extra strong Brazilian coffee. So then I saw your post and I am tellin you all this whilst sipping my java. Now I’m a thinkin finish coffee then take me a little nap. Whadda you thinkin?

    • I’m serious. When you’re done with your nap (after the coffee???) I’d like to know what the Holy Spirit tells you.

      Coffee does sound good…

    • Rose & Sundown Lady, well I laid down for a nap and what you could imagine happened I could not nap (too much coffee) but I prayed and rested, according to the subject above I asked nothing about it and safe to say was given no insight to it. But here are my thoughts, we are given the divinely inspired word of GOD as our worldly guide, any other information beyond this, non-divinely inspired works, must be treated as such. Just because it is not in the bible does not mean that there is not truth outside of the bible.

      However, the truth outside of the bible has to be discerned with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Much truth outside of the bible in my estimation is/can be prohibitive truth. Perhaps there is much truth in the Kabbalah for example? But for instance the Holy Spirit immediately and unquestionably told me not to touch it and in so doing I tried to convince my wife not to, to no avail.

      I say for the last 10 years+ the Holy Spirit has prevented me from even being on sites/subjects (such as this site) that was not within his approval, so what has changed, I believe that I am at a point in my development to take on and understand maybe such matters without it affecting the base of truth that has laid the foundation of faith and truth within me, notwithstanding, I have seen a UFO myself.
      I have learned things from GOD that I know if I divulge, even some Christians (not all) would not accept, does one give meat to babies? Does one cast their pearls before swine? Does one give advanced algebra to a basic student? Everything in its own time.

      Now about what was posted, it seems like a good story to me(or fable as LNL said) and if I knew it to be truth I would be satisfied. How do you vet every statement made? Will the spirit of GOD say, yep its true? Its possible but not probable. So I receive it as it is “a good story”. So for me when I have time I will reread it all like a jesus freak vacuum cleaner and see what I can gleen from it, then file it under, stuff I have read/reread and wait and see if the Holy Spirit quickens any of it.

    • Thank you. That’s all I ask, and I am grateful that you’ve spent as much time as you have on it.

    • Sundown Lady, smartypants? Let me remind you:
      Those who get too big for their britches will be exposed in the end.

    • Michael Hoggard reproved the term Shekinah. It is kabbalistic and it means something like the wife of God or the female side of God or something. Don`t remember the details.

    • I watched his presentation on that & he makes a good case although most Pastors who use the term are referring to the “glory” of God & not the “wife” aspect. It may be incorrect “terminology” but that’s not their heart’s intent.

    • Hmmmmmmm… Well I hope the intent of their hearts moves them to search out what they preach. They are pastors, they have time. One of the few pastors who is doing his job is Michael Hoggard. How would you feel If I would be sincerely convinced that the word Satan means the glory of God? The meaning of the word Shekinah applies to baphomet. Half man -half woman, androgynous god. And we know who baphomet represents. Terminology is important.

      Lets apply this to the upper fable. Would it be ok, if Adam named an animal Giraffe but would be confused or convinced in his heart that this animal is actually a dinosaur Apatosaurus?

      God is not the author of confusion.

    • Shekhinah is derived from the Hebrew verb שכן. In Biblical Hebrew the word means literally to settle, inhabit, or dwell, and is used frequently in the Hebrew Bible. (See Exodus 40:35, “Moses could not enter the Tent of Meeting, for the cloud rested [shakhan] upon it, and the glory of the Lord filled the Tabernacle.”

    • Shekhinah does not sound nor is written the same as shakhan… whatever, I am not a Hebrew scholar. You are implying that the word rested [shakhan] = glory of the Lord, when it is not so in the verse. I trust Hoggard on this one.

    • Sounded islamic to me, perhaps from the talmud there’s something like it too. Also sounds like some verbiage from isaiah got twisted.

    • If anything aroused the envy of angels, it might have been Adam having been created in the image and likeness of Father/Son/Holy Spirit and his placement…seated with Christ in heavenly places. I have heard people teach that Lucifer envied Adam’s positioning to the right hand of the Father, in Christ, which was a position that Lucifer thought he should be appointed to, and for that reason, he rebelled.

      As for the naming of the animals, I have heard teaching that Adam did indeed receive the work of naming the animals. I always perceived it to be in the manner of God teaching Adam how to download information from the Godhead. In other words, God showing Adam that he had God-like abilities.

      I have often wondered if Lucifer thought that in getting Adam to bow in submission to him, Adam’s God-like qualities (or Glory) would be transferred to Lucifer. But, when Adam submitted to Lucifer, God’s glory was removed entirely from Adam and Adam was then cursed to work the ground by the sweat of his brow.

    • There is some argument as to whether that word “angels” (elohim, in the Hebrew language) is to be translated “angels” or is to be translated “God-like ones”…both are listed as acceptable translations.

    • Elohim is the plural for god; however, it is often translated in the singular as the God of the Bible because He has more than one personality (three in one). The word is never translated as “angels” except when it is paired with “bene elohim,” which means “sons of God,” which we know to be either the angels or those who are born again. The terms refer to original creations of God.

    • Correction/addition: “Elohim,” according to the work done by Mike Heiser, can also be more of an “address” than a designator of a particular being.

      God, angels, dead humans, fallen angels, demons, ghosts, etc., all fall into the category of “elohim” when used this way. What I put up above is the literal meaning of the Hebrew.

    • I’ve never heard any of this. I have read several theories on why Satan rebelled and they all stem from jelousy. He was either jealous of God for His power or he was jelous of Adam because he was created in God’s image and Satan was not. Steve Quayle even goes so far as to say that Satan is like a jealoius lover and wants to destroy mankind because we remind him of the love he once had for God since we are created in His image. Now that’s some speculating I CAN get into. 😉

    • This is speculation, but I always believed that Lucifer’s rebellion happened long long before Adam’s creation. I can’t buy the animal naming legend as being a point for rebellion by Satan.

    • Quite possible Doug. The way I see it is that In the beginning, God…the plan was already in God before he spoke it out…Light Be! So, from before the foundations of the earth, the plan for earth could have been known to all celestial beings.

    • i €always took it that Satan’s rebellion was before creation too. But I do think the jealousy thing could still be valid. By being created in God’s image where he is not I can see why that could cause a resentment of Man and why he plots our destruction. I can also see how he is jealous of God’s power. That’s why I feel it is correct that Satan’s sin is jealousy because it explains all his motives.

    • Doug, if you believe in a literal six day creation, Lucifer couldn’t have been created too long before Adam, because in Job we are told that all the sons of god saw God laying the earth’s foundations and shouted for joy. I was reminded of this just this morning at bible study.

      I agree so much with late night lisa that this is just fable. Scripture is so clear that it was sheer envy of God that caused Lucifer’s rebellion. Or at least it appears clear as day to me.

    • Jacqueline, could you kindly list those scriptures you are referring to? I’d be greatly enhanced in my knowledge of scripture if you would.

    • Job 38:7 says that “the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.” What are the angels (the morning stars) singing and shouting about? Just before, God said to Job, “Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth?… Who hath laid the measures of it, if thou knowest? Or who hath stretched the line upon it? Whereupon are its foundation fastened? Or who laid its cornerstone, when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?” (vv. 4-7). So the angelic hosts were rejoicing at the creation of the earth, so we know their creation predates that.

  2. LA I agree with you.

    Jesus Continues to Reveal Himself to Muslims in the Middle East

    Every day, Muslims listeners of Christian radio and television broadcasts who are curious about Christianity call in to ICC sponsored representatives to talk about Jesus. Here is one of many encouraging testimonies where an ICC sponsored Muslim background believer known as Ahmed (not real name) was able to contact the Muslim and lead him to Christ. Ahmed tells the story of how Mohamed found Jesus:

    Mohamed found our number on a satellite television broadcast used to expose Islam and its teaching. Mohamed called and started by swearing and insulting. He was surprised that I was calm and in spite of what he said, I told him that I love him because Jesus commanded me to do so. Mohamed asked; who is Jesus? I said to Mohamed, “it might be hard for you to understand what I am about to tell you, but I will pray for you that Christ will reveal himself to you in a personal way and tell you who is he. If you are serious in your search to find God, you should call upon God and ask him to show you the truth about Christ.”

    After about month and half (I was praying for Mohamed every day) Mohamed called and said, “Christ came to me in a dream and said to me; ‘if you want to know God you must know me, and if you want to know me you must know my Words.’ And then He handed me the Bible and told me – ‘my words are in this book’.”

    Mohamed was shocked when he woke up to find that the Bible that had been given to him in his dream was in his hands! Mohamed realized that what he saw was more than a mere dream.

    On the phone that day, Mohamed gave his life to Christ and became one of His children. The mighty work of God whom I serve keeps me speechless!

    • If this is a true story then The good Master is filling up his banquet hall with people “from the street” because others don`t want to come. You know, that parable about the wedding feast.

    • 1st testimony where I’ve heard Christ showed up & handed someone a “physical” object. Interesting!

      One of my daughter’s classmates – “Noah” had a meeting w/Christ not so long ago. He’s the son of our Pastor’s daughter.

      It’s much better to hear the story in person. (It’s archived w/Windows Media,Real Media, & Iphone Media)

      “His Right Hand” April 3 – You’ll get a better perspective of the entire picture if you begin w/the prior explainations of “France” @ the 28:00 mark. Then Annie comes on telling about her son’s experience w/Jesus.

      (The testimony after w/Wes Bentley is awesome too in regards to Sudan.)

    • Not so great… but nothing spiritual was to blame this time, only physical meanness. Ahhhhhhhhhh… tonight… I’m hitting myself over the head with a frying pan to get sleep… I’m going to give it a try. 😉

    • That seems a wee bit extreme. Try this: put on soothing, Godly music – preferably instumental. Then attempt to memorize a Psalm. Do one a night. If you can’t sleep, meditate and memorize. Don’t worry; if sleep doesn’t come, you’ll be strengthening your spirit.

    • Rose… Rooooose… :*-/ but that IS what I dooooooo…. I’ve done that every night for years and years upon years, just as a part of my daily living routine… that’s why I turn to extreme measures such as the good ol’ frying pan technique. 🙂 Read/memorize the word, then hit your head with frying pan.. “ooo, pretty stars….zzzzzzz.”

    • I too love these stories of muslims dreaming about Jesus. Iheard one guy got a whole gospel in a dream, and it was basically word for word Luke.

      Also, I hear the uighers in china (muslims) also have these dreams

      Praise God!

    • Kimberly. it would be wonderful to go frying pan shopping with you as you try out all the pans.
      What sound do you usually look for? A plunk or pang or bong?

    • Patrick you are HILARIOUS!!! I love it. Laughter is good medicine. Or maybe you crack me up because my real name is the feminine form of your name (softcurls ain’t my real name …. ), and so birds of a feather flock together? or birds with the same name flock together? or band together?

      Kimberly: what about this — have you tried working out before you go to bed? so that your body is really tired? I know folks say not to work out before you go to bed, but I have done that, and my body is so tired I just conk out and sleep like a baby. I shall pray for you, it sounds like a bummer what you are going through. 😦

    • Patrick… I’m much more of the “bong” liking. I would rather it we stainless steel… no non-stick kind of pans. Preferably a pan that does not weigh a ton, and being that I want stainless steel, that might be hard to come by. Oh… and big enough to be able to fit about four hamburger patties on.. not that I’ll use this for cooking (it should just stay hanging on the wall next to my bed) … but it’s the size I’m going for. Look for coupons!!!

      Softcurls… I already exercise before bed.. :-/ That’s the only time of day I have the energy for it. I’m a lost cause (weep weep) Oh well. 🙂 Thank you for your kind prayers… we all have somethin we’re struggling with, don’t we? Grr grrrr 😉 Come fry pan shopping with us! 😀 !!!

    • I really think testimonies like this are great! I wish I’d see even more of them.

      Kimberly – I have ALWAYS had trouble sleeping because my mind is ALWAYS working. It’s hard for me to shut down and if I’m left alone I can keep going for up to 5 days on one nights sleep. What I learned to do in high school is have noise on to concentrate on so I can drift away. I used to listen to Christian radio but for the last 10 years or so I play a DVD with the commentary on and drift to sleep that way. Sometimes it even influences how well I sleep. Maybe a sermon or Christian radio program to concentrate on will help you? You can play them to loop so it will last through the night and help keep those creepy crawly demons away. Give it a shot and see. It’s a lot better than the frying pan like that Elmo sound alike Baby Dinosaur who would always hit his dad on the head with the frying pan and cry out “Not the Mamma! Not the Mamma!” Anyone else remember him?

    • Captain… you have wax in your ears, get yourself a box of Q-tips :-p… I doooo, I listen to my ipod and put it on repeeeat! It has to be the frying pan method, I’m afraid… it has to come to this.

      Haha.. oh I forgot! I told myself this a long time ago, and I have forgotten…

      The only cure of the no-sleepies is this man right here!:

      … zzzzz

    • I’m sorry, Kimberly. Captain Eagle is VERY absent minded. (Like the Fred MacMurray Flubber movie) You did mention the ipod before. Sorry.

      Can you sum up the video. I can’t watch, remember? 😉 😦

    • Haha.. awww, Captain… I’m just giving you a hard time 😛

      Again.. I knew you couldn’t watch the video because you… you have… dial-up… ahahaha… okay.. I’m done being mean…

      The video is of Bing Crosby singing Silent Night with his big droopy glisteny cow eyes. He always makes me sleeeeepy around Christmas time. -_-

    • Oh no.. oh nooo… it’s 12am-ish… can’t sleep a wink… cat is running around like a crazy bat on wheels (<—- that shows I'm going looney bins) I'm thinking at what point will I go hysterical!?! Then I thought of this… and how I must not keep this all to myself… no, this I must share.

      This is the best LAUGHTER scene ever know among humans… one of my FAVORITE movies… watch if you only know what it is like to a) get to the point of hysterics for one reason or another and b) laugh.

      I promise promise PROMISE… If you need to LAUGH… this usually helps instantly! 😀 (OH! I don't know why it has subtitles.. but if you're from Finland and don't know English then fear not!)

    • Yeah. You’re mean! >: )

      I love Bing Crosby. I have just about every Christmas recording he ever did. But, yeah, he always did sound and look like he was drifting off to sleep.

      You need one of these next to your alarm clock:

      I actually wound up with 2 of them but one works and the other doesn’t. He’s VERY freaky looking, isn’t he? I bet he’d give you all sorts of new nightmares like the Bing Crosby Doll is trying to kill me. Ha Ha…

      You were mean again! Your link crashed netscape and I lost my first version of this brilliant reply. You mean old girl you! 😛 May you eat a thousand chocolate Easter bunnies and it go straight to your hips! 😛

      I’ve never seen The Money Pitt so I don’t know the scene you’re referring to. The stuff that makes me laugh are silly things. Ever see the 1960’s film The Great Race? That’s a really funny one because of Jack Lemmon as Professor Fate. Don Knotts’ The Ghost & Mr. Chicken is really good too. His other great film is The Love God? Ever see it? If they made his movie today it would be rated R but somehow they made a film where Don Knotts is a Hue Heffner type and it’s rated PG. For that premise alone it’s worth watching.

      Old TV shows like The Munsters, F Troop, Get Smart, and Hogan’s Heroes are guaranteed laugh makers too!

    • Oh, Kimberly, that scene is funny… and painful. I live in a house that was built in 1890 – I can commiserate with this poor character.

      We were in Monterey when Tom Hanks was filming Turner and Hooch – another favorite movie of ours. It was fun to watch the production.

    • I used to read the “begats” to fall asleep but now those are fascinating as we understand the days of Noah and the nephilim hybrid problem! Now what? Back to reading the white pages of the phone book!

  3. L.A. Said:
    Let’s put this in perspective. Pretend you live in a border state in the USA, say New Mexico, and day after day those pesky Mexicans fired rockets across the border at you. What would you do? Turn the other cheek and do nothing? Yet, when Israel decides to defend itself, most of the world points a condemning finger at the Jewish state.

    I have seen many perspectives, and SIMPLE logical comparisons such as this one. The magic of it all is those who profess themselves to be wise in this world cannot even understand this simple comparison. The writing is on the wall!

    • The thought about turning the other cheek (one of the most difficult for any Christian to accept because of our sense of justice and personal security) had me thinking this morning. The thought came to me that (if it were possible) every Christian in the world at any point in history boldly stood up and proclaimed that Jesus is Lord and there is no other way to heaven but through Him and then did NOT defend themselves to the inevitable and coming wrath of man prompted by their hatred of the Christ, the world would immediately fall apart at that exact point in history. Satan would take that opportunity to conquer the physical world. And then Jesus would return and usher in God’s kingdom on the Earth. Hence, in reality, there really is no fear to turn the other cheek and we can not right the injustice by our own hand. God’s will will be done. There is nothing Satan can do to stop it.

    • Amen!

      It sure would seem that more souls would come to saving faith in the Lord if we did EXACTLY what we were told! The golden rule all the way!

  4. Could be La. Her enemies would do well to recall that God plus one (and israel9 is a majority.

    Still, falls in line with the kings of the earth. Likelly wwiii will erupt and then we’ll get a great “savior” who will be an antichrist figurf. Probaly he will be deposed by other saviors till we have the real antichrist who will be destroyed by our Lord.

    Come Lord Jesus, come soon!

  5. Greetings to all~
    On the plus side of Yahweh’s beautiful creation, Spring is springing. Yet “kings” are wailing. Oh dear… the Washington Post editorial about Saudi Arabia (see one of L.A.’s links) is chock full of Brookings Institute (think tank) ideas/propaganda. Beyond the oil thing, I have always been at a loss to even pretend that I understand the twisted relationship we have with Wahabist (Islamic extremists, Bin Laden family, al-Qaeda)) Saudi Arabia. (Remember when the POTUS bowed to him?) And Iran is the Saud’s enemy…who is also a US enemy. I suppose the lesser-of-two-evils recipe is the order here? Anyway, that Washington Post piece creeps me out. It kinda looks like a prime example of special interest monies suggesting/telling Mr. Obama what to do. Overall the Saudi Arabia vs. Iran game seems to be loaded. Does anyone know just who’s bankrolling these two players??? In the meantime, in an open admission, George Soros (another of several bankrollers) is casting his lot with the Communist Chinese over (get this) the Capitalists! Brothers and sisters the world is indeed churning and burning in its greed. Maranatha Lord Jesus!

  6. OK – I am not going to freak out as I press on to purposely fly right into the Lion’s Den. I will not freak out – I will trust in the Lord. (I’m going to keep telling myself this. Boy-when the rubber meets the road I gotta tell you – The conflict between the flesh & the spirit is truly something!)

    The movie “Soul Surfer” is out now – so if you want to see a “great” movie then this is it. Hopefully if you like movies you’ll support this one. Lots of spiritual warfare to keep the Christian components “in” the movie as you can imagine.

    Sarah Hill who is the “Surfer girl’s” friend was brought up in our Church & came back from HI for the movie debute & spoke about how this movie came about. Here is the “inside” scoop:

    Ray interviews Sarah Hill- begins @ 30:00 mark.

    • Lisa on the fifteenth of May I will be fasting and praying for you, your group and Israel in particular. I would ask that any of us here that can to please join me in this on that day.This may very well be the start of the middle east war. I pray that a shield of protection be around you and fully protect you from any harm. In the name of Jesus Amen

    • Yes–will mark it on the calendar. They need not only our financial help (food, shelters against attacks) but of course our prayers, too! Good idea, Randy! 🙂

    • I wish that were possible. If you turn off the power, the cooling units don’t work and the cores overheat. I’m no physicist, but that sounds bad…
      The only way to keep these plants safe is to keep them on.

  7. This is from a curious passage of scripture (besides the fact that I believe it is the only recorded sermon that Paul ever preached): “Then Paul stood up, and beckoning with his hand said, Men of Israel, and ye that fear God, give audience. The God of this people of Israel chose our fathers, and exalted the people when they dwelt as strangers in the land of Egypt, and with an High Arm brought He them out of it. And about the time of forty years suffered He their manners in the wilderness. And when He had destroyed seven nations in the land of Chanaan, He divided their land to them by lot.” (Acts 13:16-19 KJV) [Capitalization of certain words is at my discretion]

    God destroyed seven nations in the land of Canaan and divided their land to Israel by lot. Do you think those seven nations have any relationship to the seven heads of Revelation 12:3? “And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.”

    Just thinking…

  8. Has anyone heard about this year being the year of 1 !?!??!?!?! My sister told me about this… and it’s just so… strange! :-O Am I just completely out of the loop on this, or have you guys not heard of it either?

    • This is the only year that we have the dates 1/11/11 and 11/1/11 and 11/11/11

      If you take the last two digits of the year you were born and add that to the age you turn this year, it will either be 11 or 111

      Example: I was born in 1985 and will be turning 26
      85 + 26 = 111

      It supposed to add up to that or 11 for EVERYONE!!!!! 😯

    • Wow, nice catch there Einstein! 84 + 27 = 111… it sticks. Intriguing.

      Look at it from the most High`s reality… The Trinity 1x1x1 = 1 😉

      But I heard the year 2012 will be called the year 1. This is actually the year 0 then.

    • Oh my gosh Kimberly, it worked for me too… 111 !!
      And I must say, you are a young pup!! Ahhh I wish I was 26 again…

    • Now wait Margaret. Take 2011 – 92 = 1919. So if your dad was born in 1920, 2011 – 91 = 1920. You sure your dad is not 91?

    • Bozz, I bow down to your Einstein-ness as I am humbled by the Trinity equation… the Trinity is the ultimate 1 …. (sigh) 🙂

      Softcurls!! I wish I FELT 26 (hahaha) .. my mom who is 59 can run circles around me! :-O So, yeah, I wish I was 26 again too…

      Margaret… either your dad is “chosen” 😮 or… did he already have his birthday this year?? It has to be what age you turn this year…. check again or your dad is super super special…. ooooo. 😀

    • Haha… oh nooooo Bozz!!! 😀 I always seem to reach an odd functional impass!!!! Hahaha, and people look at me like that allll the time… awww man, I love Data.

      I think all prisoners should be tied up with Chinese finger traps and thrown into a ditch… it would save humanity and be funny to watch.

    • oh my gosh must what was i thinking 1020=91=111.I am so used to him saying he is 92 i did not add it up!!!!must be the stress from the move

    • Bozz! Here is a look into the world of Star Trek …. through the teachings of Reading Rainbow :-D..


      Whoa people… I forgot the date of 1/1/11!

    • That`s because I have Methuselah genes Matt.

      Yummy, cake. Actually his forehead looks more like a pudding. Double yummy.

    • “Noooooo…. my equations, they are wrong… woe is me, my equations are wrong…. woe-ness. How could I be so close, yet so far off… the answer was staring at me in the face… pudding, not chocolate cake! I’m undone!!!” Anyways.. I just had a mad-scientist meltdown, because… his forehead does look like pudding. Could you imagine having a chocolate frosting and or pudding forehead!?! Gross, yes. But also… convenient. :-O

    • This is now stupid in my eyes… I did it for years past, and it graduates upward from the year 2000…

      the only neat thing, is that everyone always adds up to the same number for each year.

    • I don’t think that this means anything because our calender is not the Hebrew calender and it is also off by 5 years either way. (Most scholars say Christ was born in 5 BC or 5 AD so that means it’s off) But this is why I don’t think the dates like this really mean much. It’s just interesting.

      interestingly there is a movement to start a new system called A.O. After Obama. I KID YOU NOT!! Spike Lee, Al Sharpton, and others are out advocating it.

    • Hi Bozz: here is a true story, one which i personally experienced.

      Years ago before comming out of Babylon, I attended catholic retreat held by a priest Jack Soulsby.
      all were gathered in a chapel and Soulsby had the lights turned down, whereupon he lit a rather large candle upon the Alter telling us gathered that the lite of the candle represented Christ in our midst.

      He then proceeded with his teaching wherein he referred to a particular event saying Quote; “it may occur 6 times or 66 times or 666 times”

      I thought it odd at the time that he should make reference to such a satanic number. Then he called all forth to bow before the lit candle I was the only one that did not do this it was not long after that i cut all ties with That church.

      john b

    • Chuck Pierce, who is a wonderful, spot on prophet, prophesied that this is the year of one. Meaning, integration of our own fractured brokenness, and integration into unity. He said it would be a rough go for the first 6 months, like the transition phase of labor, but not to lose heart; rather that we should “trump” satan and come out on top. There was a lot more to it and I can bust out my notes if you want me to. This is one prophetic guy who, when he speaks, I watch it unfold all year long.

    • You gotta ask yourself unity under whom?

      All this year 1 stuff mentioned by supposed Christian just make them more suspicious to be in bed with the new age delusion. Lets not forget that many Christian pastors are in fact practicing masons and that deception started in the church. The best way to destroy something is from within.

    • There is no such thing as Christian unity before Jesus has returned. It is a lie cooked up by Satan to unify us under the power of worldly evil. He appeals to our desire for peace and security, but Satan is not sincere in this promise.

      Matthew 10
      32 Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.

      33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

      34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

    • Chuck Pierce teaches “works” as opposed to grace…it’s our responsibility to do this, to do that, etc. It’s the church’s responsibility to get itself in unity. According to the Gospel of Grace, Jesus said, Let me do the work…rest in me…I’ve already done it. Our work according to the Gospel of Grace is to labor to enter His Rest. Our work is not doing, it’s believing.

    • I wondered if that would get pounced on! I know that the prophecy watchdogs hate Chuck Pierce, but I have never heard him teach works at all! Jesus said that the works of God are believing upon Him Whom He hath sent, and that is certainly the message I am referring to. The work of trumping satan is to stand upon the word of God, and having done all, to stand. We are commanded not to despise prophecy, but to test the spirits, to test all things, and to reject what is evil and to cling to what is good.

      I very much appreciate the criticism, it is in the right spirit and promotes unity in itself, because iron sharpens the countenance of a man’s friend! Thank you!

      But salvation by works, and doing works are two different deals. Pierce never says to work for your salvation. But even Paul says, “I, therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you to walk worthy of the calling with which you were called, with all lowliness and gentleness, with longsuffering, bearing with one another in love, endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” Ephesians 4. And Jesus said, “This is my commandment, that you love one another,” right? And some translations have Paul saying, “strive” to maintain the unity!!

      My dear brothers and sisters, I am a pit bull for orthodoxy and scriptural integrity. I challenge you in love to listen to some of his teachings with trust in the Holy Spirit, without any fear, and just ask the Lord to reveal to you anything that is unscriptural. God really wants us to earnestly desire prophecy. Here with LA we are strong on the recorded prophecies! But there is a dread of the current prophetic movement, and I posit humbly that it is a flawed, fear-based weakness. Paul knew that the prophetic is sloppy and a growth process. That’s why we don’t stone prophets any more. We thirst for the gift of prophecy and then sift it as we go along.

      By the way, I bet everyone here attends a church that fails doctrinally, even prophetically. Some of our churches don’t even preach about transhumanism and Nephilim and are leaving the flock out to dry. A non-denominational church I’ve attended preaches sin, the cross, heaven and hell, the whole gospel, even end times stuff, then the pastor busts out and says, “Don’t believe the preacher if he says God spoke to him today.” Ugh. There is so much compromise out there–forms of godliness denying the power thereof. I hate it.

      I have been so incredibly edified by Rick Joyner and Graham Cooke and Chuck Pierce. They are scriptural, and they understand that the kingdom of God is not merely a matter “of words, but of power.” Wait. Put your stones down. I’m not a heretic and I’m not unscriptural. I love this discourse and I welcome all the criticisms.

      I have tested them and proved them and I’m happy to field objections, in love.

    • I reject the word unity in ALL its forms. Unity is a vague and subjective term. I will not listen to any calls for unity nor will I desire it. The only desire I have is that people turn to Jesus as their savior. If that has a unifying aspect to it, then so be it, however unity is not the goal. Salvation through Christ is.

    • Hi Bozz,

      I checked out your link. Thank you for it. I have to get my daughter to Girl Scouts, but I wanted to make two quick comments. I have been to Colorado Springs and I just MARVEL at that place. It blows me AWAY. It almost wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it is the spiritual capital, you know? Like a place where spiritual authorities headquarter, but I’m talking for good and evil. Focus on the Family is there. Navigators is there. Much more is there but it’s not on the top of my head. You know, it is like a spiritual WARFARE capital. I swear it. One of my hugest spiritual battles was birthed and fought (and won) there. I believe the blog is on to something, but that the prophetic movement is not sinister. I know firsthand that there are such mighty forces for the Holy One, and such mighty forces for the evil one, in Colorado Springs. There is a big spiritual battleground there.

      Think of Ezekiel shaving his head, going naked, eating over dung, and not mourning his wife. Prophets are sloppy, suspicious, and highly offensive sometimes. We have to read the scriptures and apply them to now–we have to remember the pharisees were disgusted with Jesus because He offended their sensibilites and DID NOT COME as they thought He would–conquering victor ushering in peace. And He lamented that they knew neither the scriptures nor the power of God.

      The Holy Spirit can be very crass, undignified, offensive, and untidy. Yes, all things must be done decently and in order. No, He is not the author of confusion. But neither does He dwell in a box, nor does He hesitate to blow away our preconceived notions of how God works.

      I was a Hinn hater, and honestly, I still do not trust the guy one bit. But God made me sit through some of His teachings and at a conference a stranger came up and gave me a word of knowledge that was exactly the trial I was in the midst of, and it set me free. God showed me that with prophecy, you just have to dump the bad and keep the good. He made me watch TBN’s Praise the Lord, which I detested because of the phoniness, and He rebuked me that they may be fools, but they sure proclaimed the name of Jesus more than I did.

      I know a lot of the prophetic movement is offensive and circus like. But these are my two thoughts:
      1) They thought the apostles were hammered, not holy.
      2) Paul tells us that there will be false prophecies from legitimate prophets, but that we have to flow with it and keep pursuing it.

      Blessings to you.

    • Sorry* “spiritual capital of America.” And I am not proposing that it is. I have no clue. I am trying to describe with hyperbole that it is one big spiritual puppy.

    • Hi Hopeful,
      I respect your distaste for the word, “unity!” A lot of evil is done in the name of unity!!!! And I agree that the goal is getting souls in the kingdom! Goal one. However, do you hate the very concept of unity, as well? Because it is one of our greatest means to fulfilling the Great Commission. It validates that we are children of the Most High and that our message is true: “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35

      The Great Commission is two fold. We are not to make converts, but disciples. We aren’t supposed to just catch the fish and cast ’em on the beach. We are to clean ’em and get ’em market-ready. And we fail at that. We don’t disciple people as we should. And Jesus said, the proof of a disciple is love for one another. So part of the Great Commission you so correctly cling to as priority one, is to love each other. We don’t have to call it unity, but Jesus said it himself in John 17, so it’s good enough for me: he prayed that we would “be one.”

    • No, I do not hate the concept of unity. It will come to pass when the Kingdom of God is revealed. To believe a unity may happen prior to that is to willingly disregard prophecy in this regard. We will be unified in Christ and never before then.

      To love your brother as we are commanded requires no corporate body. That is from one soul to another. To have faith in the most high God does not require a corporate body. That is a personal longing of a single soul. Unity will happen when the world sings the glory and praises of the Lord with one voice, when every knee bends. Unity will not happen because any person or organization desires to unify us for any cause. No matter how glorious that may sound, it is the work of Satan.

    • I believe the Unity that Jesus speaks of is one of the Holy Spirit with God. He says it twice in different words, “that they may be one as we are one” speaking to Abba. He is not referring to a unity of the people in a corporate body or institution. He is speaking of the unity of Jesus’ spirit dwelling within us. Nazi Germany was unified and there was no in-dwelling of a Holy Spirit in that country. Unity for unity sake is bad.

      What I would propose is that we all be unified in a common goal… which is salvation through Christ. If you seek unity, let it be that goal and never a watered down version of the gospel that says there are many paths to heaven as is a popular theme these days.

    • Satan has already been trumped, “And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.” (Col 2:15 KJV)

      Our stand is from a position of victory in Christ Jesus…the work has already been finished. Ours is to say, devil…cross that line…I dare you in Jesus Name.

      Praise the Lord, for He alone is worthy of our praise.

    • Hi Hopeful!

      You make some very interesting points! And I am in wholehearted agreeement with you that unity devoid of the Holy Spirit, unity that is forced and man-made, is earthly, sensual, and demonic. We are certainly on the same page there. But what I don’t understand is how you assert that we will only have unity when His kingdom is revealed? Could you please give me those scriptures, because I have never found that idea in my bible reading. What I do find is a canon replete with commands to unity. Immediately I think of Psalm 133:1 –“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” But there are so, so many others. And certainly Jesus was almost preoccupied with us being united in love in His John 17 prayer, His last prayer for us before He suffered.

      Perhaps it’s our terms that we disagree on? What does unity mean to you? To me it is summed up with what Paul says in Romans 15, NIV: “May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus, so that with one heart and mouth you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Hopeful, I’m sure we agree with each other on that! It seems like the unity you detest is the false, counterfeit unity that is enforced by demonically-inspired organizations, not the lovely one bestowed by the Holy Spirit, the one we are commanded and beseeched to obtain in this life by David, Jesus, Paul, and many others. Do we agree on this? We must in a big way! No?

      I’m a completed Jew and I can tell the difference between a Nazi- or Obama- unity and the unity of the Holy Spirit from soul to soul, as you say. Pierce was not talking about Nazi unity. He was talking about Holy Spirit unity. Unity for the sake of the glory of God. The unity our great God and Father yearns to see in us, His precious children. The Romans 15 passage says the goal of unity is that we with one mouth and one heart, we might glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. That, sweet Hopeful, is what I propose. And preaching the gospel certainly qualifies for glorifying our great God!!!

      Sundown Lady, yea and amen to everything you say. There is no further victory to be won from Satan. Our mighty Jesus did it all in His life, death, and resurrection. The trumping Pierce speaks of is the overcoming we are to WALK in, not to win. “The weapons of our warfare are spiritual, not carnal, for the pulling down of strongholds,” etc., “They overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of His testimony.” The victory is ours through Jesus alone, but we still walk in the flesh. We do not war according to the flesh. So Paul tells us there’s still a war. That’s what this blog is about. And trumping satan just means to war according to the spirit and walk in the victory Jesus already won, not laying down in despair, unbelief, works of the flesh, but to stand on God’s word so that HE can work the integration that this year is about: the year of becoming one. One within ourselves, so we are not fragmented and ineffectual, and unity with one another, that all men may know we are truly His disciples. Which will bring a greater anointing for the Great Commission. Does this stuff only make sense to me? Help!

    • The unity brings the anointing, by the way. Psalm 133 continues: “It t is like precious oil poured on the head,
      running down on the beard, running down on Aaron’s beard, down upon the collar of his robes.”
      That sure word of prophecy speaks of the anointing of the high priest, Aaron! Could it be clearer? Unity brings the precious anointing of the Holy Spirit to do the work of the High Priest: RECONCILING PEOPLE TO GOD!!! We are a royal priesthood called to declare the praises of Him who called us out of darkness into His marvelous light! We need unity (define terms: good, scriptural unity given by God) to be effectual and productive in our high calling.

      I don’t know bout y’all, but I want anointing, and I pray and walk promoting that bond of peace all day long!

    • Jacqueline,
      From my point of view, I’ve read some of C.Pierce’s work and found myself being at odds with his writings in a lot of places. It seems to me he places too much responsibility on the church for positioning herself in Christ and too little confidence in Jesus ability to move His Body where and when He wants it to move.

      My favorite example of warfare is in 2 Samuel 5:17-25,
      “But when the Philistines heard that they had anointed David king over Israel, all the Philistines came up to seek David; and David heard of it, and went down to the hold. The Philistines also came and spread themselves in the valley of Rephaim. And David inquired of the Lord, saying, Shall I go up to the Philistines? wilt thou deliver them into mine hand? And the Lord said unto David, Go up: for I will doubtless deliver the Philistines into thine hand. And David came to Baalperazim, and David smote them there, and said, The Lord hath broken forth upon mine enemies before me, as the breach of waters. Therefore he called the name of that place Baalperazim. And there they left their images, and David and his men burned them.

      And the Philistines came up yet again, and spread themselves in the valley of Rephaim. and when David inquired of the Lord, he said, Thou shalt not go up; but fetch a compass behind thee, and come upon them over against the mulberry trees. And let it be, when thou hearest the sound of a going in the tops of the mulberry trees, that then thou shalt bestir thyself: for then the Lord shall go out before thee, to smite the host of the Philistines. And David did so, as the Lord had commanded him; and smote the Philistines from Geba until thou come to Gazer.”

      There is both a carnal and a spiritual warfare going on in that instance. It’s awesome. This passage of scripture gave me the keys of effective spiritual warfare.

    • Jacqueline, you said, “We need unity (define terms: good, scriptural unity given by God) to be effectual and productive in our high calling.”

      That’s what I’m talking about…works…We need to bring ourselves into unity in order to receive something. So we’re receiving the ability to be effectual and productive in our high calling through our own works of becoming unified as a body.

      That’s works…that’s not Grace. Grace is undeserved favor…we become effectual and productive in our high calling through Jesus finished work at the cross…He has unified us…already done…end of story…it is finished…resting…resting…resting…not struggling/working to bring the Body of Christ into unity…Jesus already accomplished…

      Oh, but you don’t see it? So you have to help Jesus along with it…He didn’t do enough at the cross, we have to help him now.

      Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

      Resting…resting…resting…in His Completed Work.

    • Right, then, I suppose we can agree to disagree. I love the Samuel passage you cited. But what I don’t see how that is any different from what I am talking about. David didn’t just rest. He acted in faith according to God’s word. We always have to position ourselves to receive grace, don’t we? Be it repentance, believing, confessing Christ, being still, preaching, exhorting, taking correction humbly. . .it’s all “works” then, isn’t it? It’s not like you act how you want and we all get equal power, equal anointing. Look at the parable of the talents. Each received authority, or rebuke, according to his faithfulness with what He has been entrusted with. Christianity isn’t a sit-on-your-hands-and-sing-Kumbayah deal, I know we agree on that.

      It seems you think the message is that we have to “bring ourselves into unity.” I don’t know where that notion comes from. We can only trust and obey God, rest in Him, as you so rightly emphasize, and see what he does. If we are doing that, we will end up walking in love, and the unity comes by Him, and God is glorified, and the power just comes.

      Look, when I’m being a selfish brat, there’s no anointing. When I am repentant and restful, quiet and confident, I (by the grace of God) am often anointed. I can’t force it, but I do see a general pattern. Even Is. 31 says, “In quietness and confidence is your strength.”

      All the grace in the world is available to us. I can’t “help Jesus,” I do get that. But some Christians are mighty in God, some are starving weaklings. How do you account for that? More grace for some, less for others? Or is it that “he who is faithful in little will be faithful with much” and He gives authority accordingly? How do you explain that? If you say it is faith, I would agree wholeheartedly, yet add along with James, “You say you have faith. Show me your works. Faith without works is dead.” The David passage had Him resting, seeking, trusting, and acting. They all go together.

      What you say about rest, rest, rest is so true. My precious son has told me he is a homosexual, and he’s young. God woke me up in a dream and said through an angel, “Woman, great is your faith. Be it unto you according to your desire.” So now, I rest. I rest. I rest. Yes, I pray, I act, I obey. But I don’t look at those waves. I don’t go helping Jesus heal this boy’s hurts. I rest. I can’t add to what Jesus does. We have no discord on appreciating the supremacy of rest. We must hear His voice and harden not our hearts.

      By the way, I have only heard Pierce three times. They were all home runs and proved emancipating, edifying, and the Holy Spirit reminded me of his words time and time again. I am grateful for it. I would appreciate it if you were able to quote the passages that troubled you, because it is so important to test all things and be like the Bereans. I’m not dogmatic about any of this. I just want to prove what is good and reject what is evil.

    • My apologies for the caps. I don’t know how to do bold or italics. I just want to say this:

      We are saved by faith alone. We are sanctified, though, by cooperation with the Holy Spirit. Nothing of our own efforts and flesh availeth anything. This passage touches it:

      For this very reason, make EVERY EFFORT to ADD TO YOUR FAITH goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; and to godliness, brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness, love. For if you possess these qualities in increasing measure, they will keep you from being INEFFECTIVE AND UNPRODUCTIVE in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. But if anyone does not have them, he is nearsighted and blind, and has forgotten that he has been cleansed from his past sins. Therefore, my brothers, be all the more EAGER TO MAKE your calling and election sure. For if you DO these things, you will never fall, and you will receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

      2nd Peter 1:5-11

    • You said: “I just want to prove what is good and reject what is evil.”

      Good needs no proof. The spirit that proclaims Jesus is Lord is good. The flesh that clings to worldly existence is evil. If you are looking for scripture that is against unity (an earthly fleshy unity of the masses and not a spiritual unity between our spirit and God) then you must look at the prophecies yet to be fulfilled. Unity IS coming upon the earth, but it will be at the hands of Satan. There is no getting around this. No wishing this to not be the case. No amount of good Christian intentions will void this truth. It is prophetic and it will come to pass.

      This is why I avoid talk of earthly unity, because it will be subverted by Satan for his desires and for his ends. I am not claiming that Pierce is or is not giving false teachings. To be honest, I didn’t study it that closely. I am just blowing a trumpet of warning against anything related to having unity in this generation upon earth, before the return of our King.

    • Jacqueline, I may have came on too strong, because I do like what you are saying. You have the spirit of Jesus working strong within you and I hear the sincerity about a unity of our love for the Lord. In all things, we DO agree on that. Just saying, don’t ignore the prophecies and watch out for your expectations, because a genuine world-wide unity of the masses loving Christ is a pipe dream. I am saddened to say, no matter how much I desire it, it will never happen and it is not something we can bring about.

    • Jacqueline,

      I apologize if I’ve come on too strongly. I have a tendency to do that and then I come off as if I’m hollering at people and being mean, and that is not my intention.

      All I know is this. The most powerful demon the Lord has ever brought me up against was when I was a drug addict, an alcoholic, and a prostitute. And in that condition, Jesus brought me into the presence of one of the most frightening demonic entities I have ever experienced. It was so frightening, I felt as if part of my brain went out the window. And what was my part? I held my fingers up in the sign of the cross and started singing Jesus Loves Me…that was all I knew at the time. There was no positioning myself to receive grace.

      Case in point…the anointing to run that thing off came on me, all right…and it had absolutely nothing to do with me and everything to do with Jesus.

      How do you explain that?

    • That IS what I’m saying, even when I’m being a brat, the anointing is available to me. It’s a gift from my Lord Jesus. He doesn’t take the gift away just because I get in the flesh…I don’t have to earn it, I don’t have to deserve it…He paid for it once, and for all time. There is nothing I can do that is good enough to deserve it. Jesus is the anointing…He said He will never leave me nor forsake me. I believe I’ll receive it!

    • Sundown Lady, if I am not out of order let me state something in reference to what you said earlier.
      We have all been prostitutes of this world system, but thank the Father through are Lord Jesus Christ we are set free to no longer live in the flesh but by his spirit.

    • Gosh, you guys, no need to apologize. I didn’t think you were harshe. But I appreciate it. We are all passionate for the Lord and the truth. I love a friendly discussion; it only sharpens us. Thank you for your kindness.

      Oh, Sundown, what a beautiful illustration. It makes my heart sing. Praise God. I can so relate, too! I was still smoking pot and immoral and barely returning to Christ when I had that kind of thing happen, too, and I made the sign of the cross, catholic-style, and it departed. I am SO not saying we have to earn our anointing! God freely gives! I never said we must have unity to have anointing. I didn’t say we must earn the anointing. That would be false teaching all the way. But scripture clearly demonstrates that there is a power that comes with unity, and I keep on giving examples but it seems like no one is acknowledging them? Another example, look at Acts. This church walked in the power of the Holy Spirit, and they were continually doing stuff “in one accord.”

      There are no prerequisites for God providing His grace. It is undeserved favor, as you say. There is a balance, and there is error on either side if we don’t stick on the straight and narrow, you know?

      One thing. May I say that I’m a little disappointed that some opinions are offered without citing scripture? I’m not trying to be unkind, but our beliefs should be based on the Word of God alone. Where does it say that there will be no unity until the Kingdom? How can it be argued that Jesus wanted us only to be one with the Father when He prayed, “that they may be one, just as We are one; I in them and You in Me, that they may be perfected in unity, so that the world may know that You sent Me, and loved them, even as You have loved Me.” Jesus wants us so close, so united, that we are like the Trinity! Wow! I can’t find any evidence anywhere that we ought to be vigilantly avoiding unity with each other. And this false unity thing keeps popping up. It’s a no brainer–we know it is bad!

      Hopeful, I’m not trying to prove a case, just to “Prove what is that good, and acceptable and perfect will of God” like it says in Romans 12. God forbid should I just be arguing to prove an idea of my own. I think the only place we differ is that unity on earth is of necessity from the evil one. But think about this. satan only counterfeits God’s authentic actions, right? He subverts God’s true wonders. Christ, antichrist. Prophecy, fortunetelling. Faith, fear. Grace, works of the flesh. Worship, Slayer concerts. Right? Well, if there is a false, counterfeit, satanic unity that we are hurtling towards at Mach speed, then what is it a counterfeit of? It is a counterfeit of the true unity Jesus and Paul and David wrote about under inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Please show me where the unity of the brethren is a dangerous thing in Scripture.

      Aha!! Okay–I see where we are confused! Suhweet! Hopeful, you said, “don’t ignore the prophecies and watch out for your expectations, because a genuine world-wide unity of the masses loving Christ is a pipe dream.” Yeah, yeah, yeah, this is a no brainer. Neither Pierce nor myself are speaking of this unity of the masses. God forbid! “What fellowship has to light with darkness? and what concord to Christ with Belial? or what part to a believer with an unbeliever? ” I’m talking about the unity of believers. Whew. Where did you guys get this unity of the masses idea?? Silly rabbit.

      Okay, are you guys tired of this yet? I have to work on a presentation I get to give Thursday on the Passover and honestly, I’m getting distracted. Can we put this to bed soon?

      Much love,

    • Yes, like discussions with my wife, we’ll debate for hours only to realize we agree with one another. Don’t even get this group started on a rapture debate 🙂

      Nighty night unity discussion. Let the true believers of Christ be united in one voice to the Lord.

      Peace be to you Jacqueline and good luck on your Passover presentation.

  9. LA please check out the reading for NYC radiation monitoring station on the website, the alert level is set at 100 CPMs and the current reading is at 4,998 CPMs. I can’t get any information on this, can you??? thanks

    • Hi Debbie K~
      Thank you for reminding me about this idea that has lately crossed my mind: being that Japan is waaaaaaay, waaaaaaaay far on the opposite side of the East coast of the US and across the Pacific, wouldn’t it make more sense that rad readings would be coming from “homegrown” reactors in New York etc? That the media tool is being used to convince Americans that rads from Japan could be causing this, just makes me shudder at how truly dumbed-down we have become. What do you think?

  10. Pingback: Land for Peace: ‘Gaza Has Become a Terrorist State’ – The War Has Started… « Coming World War 3 / One World Government

  11. There is no denying that war is coming very possibly nuclear. The real threat of dirty bombs.
    Japanese radiation leaking and spreading.
    Only God knows what else the Shaking will bring upon this sinful world.

    The culmination of all this would make the planet uninhabitable!

    The promise of God found in 2Pet3:13 is is a formidable reality which WE The redeemed of God shall soon experience.

    For this promise WE are to be looking for as the Apostle himself was. “NEW HEAVENS & A NEW EARTH IN WHICH RIGHTEOUSNESS DWELLS”

    Therefore beloved; (that is only us which are in Christ) since YOU look for these things, be diligent to be found by Him( that is Jesus at His appearing)in peace, spotless and blameless.

    John B

    • John B.

      Sure thing that we must be overcomers of the world and Satan and his angels now. Only the overcomers will go through those Golden Gates. He empowers each and all who will fully surrender all with His indwelling and then we can walk as he walked and it must be. No prize otherwise!

      E. Gibbs.

    • By the way, I haven’t got a reply to my request yet. I know there are much more important things going on in the world than my trivial little problems but I will share what this is all about. (I didn’t have time this morning.)

      For about 9 years I have been affiliated with a publisher and I just finished buying out their stake in my material, which took me several years. I have all of the original artwork except one piece that the illustrator gave to a guy. I need to get a scanning of that illustration to reprint the book so I wrote the guy who has the art and asked him to scan it for me. I’m hoping and praying he’ll offer to just sell it to me then I’m completely in the clear. It would take a miracle for that to happen though because I have been so slandered by parties involved in this stuff and this guy said of me last week that I’m a malignant tumor that needs to be eradicated. Since that’s the case I need all the prayer I can get that somehow this last piece works out for me so I can get on with my life and career. I’m sorry to be a bother with my petty problems though. I really hope I’m not bothering anybody with them. 😦 It’s just so hard being all alone in this stuff (You have no idea what I have been through, especially the last 3 or 4 years.) It’s given me anxiety attacks and high blood pressure but I’ve felt a positive change in all areas about 2 months ago. If this final thing works out it’ll be a full recovery for me. That’s why I asked for the prayer. 🙂 But if this war is it and swift I’m afraid it dorsn’t matter much inthe grand scheme of things. 😦

    • Not one aspect of our lives is too small for Jesus to be unconcerned about. You can count on my prayer support…God’s will be done in this matter.

    • Hi Cap,
      I will be praying for you regarding your art and acquiring ownership of it or at least a scan so you can do your book.
      Also, for the protection from the Lord in it all.

      I am having a hard time keeping up with everything as I have been very busy with my work and a funeral and various and sundry things as most are these days.
      (And I ain’t a kid:) )

    • Thank you all for the support and prayers. I still haven’t heard anything yet. Still praying. It’s very frustrating when you are at the mercy of others through no falt of your own. 😦

      Sundown Lady – I just feel like doing what I do isn’t really all that important when we may be seeing THE war starting up in the middle east. That’s all I mean. I also carry the burden of being a disappointment to my family doing what I do. I think they would have been happier with a Captain Eagle who fit in a standard box than what they got. I’m good at what I do, it’s just that your average rural joe doesn’t get it and that embarasses them. I even get heckled when I go shopping at Walmart over doing characters and stories in print media. It’s very frustrating. The car mechanic or the bank teller never gets heckled. It doesn’t bother me all the time, just days like today. But anyway…

  12. Ok we are still in Iraq,Afghanistan, now in Libya,special forces most likely still in Yemen soon to be in Sudan? Am I the only one who thinks the big O needs to give back his not so Nobel peace prize? Giving him the peace prize makes as much sense as if they had given ol Bill C the husband of the year award or something, I mean come on!!:evil: 😈

    • There are indeed some liberal freaks who are demanding he return it.

      I like that. The Big O and we ain’t talking Oprah. Maybethat could be a Letterman sketch? “Oprah, Obama. Obama, Oprah…”

  13. I have a question: If Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek, who did Isaac pay tithes to? Jacob, who did he pay tithes to? Or did Abraham’s tithe cover them all?

    Just thinking…

    • If Abraham is the father of all the faithful in Christ Jesus as Apostle Paul said, Then, yes! It covers all even unto Today.
      Tithing implemented in christian churches is not according to Apostolic teachings. You will not find it in the New testament nor in the early church. for we are not under the law!

      John b

    • I remember when I used to attend regular services and the silent pressures the very poor faced when tithing was brought up. It was shameful and oh how the wealthier members of the congregation loved to lord it over those in threadbare dresses adn old slacks. It saddens me to this day to think about how some never came back and fell in sin over the years. I just hope some returned to the fold. Pass the plate ! Now watch me flourish my fifty with one hand and point at the guy who gave a buck with the other…

  14. The former Minnesota governor has accused the United States of deploying its ‘tactical weapon,’ the HAARP, which ’caused’ the recent massive temblor and the ensuing tsunami in Japan.

    “The US’s HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) weapon system can cause natural disasters, including earthquakes and tsunamis like the one that happened in Japan,” James George Janos, better known as Jesse Ventura told CNN’s Piers Morgan in a recent interview.

    The Slovak-American politician, who served as the 38th governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003, noted that the disaster in Japan could be explained through conspiracy theories.

    According to the theories, HAARP could be used as a directed-energy weapon, a weather control system, an earthquake-yielding device and/or for mind control.

    American Conspiracies is a book Ventura wrote in 2010 which discusses conspiracy theories related to several notable events in United States history.

    The project HAARP is jointly funded by US Air Force, Navy and University of Alaska.

    It is said that the project is similar to numerous existing ionospheric heaters around the world, and has a large suite of diagnostic instruments that facilitate its use to increase scientific understanding of the ionosphere’s dynamics.

    Many have expressed concerns over the system’s application as a weapon. The HAARP program may also be behind the 7.8 earthquake in China in 2008 and last year’s quake devastation in Haiti.

    Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: “HAARP” (FULL LENGTH)

  15. BTW Cap, and chap Dave in case you missed it, the steve Quayle c2coast apl 5 show links are posted on the LA’s lighter side the marzulli-lama post on thursday.

    • Thanks, Randy! I’m downloading them now. I couldn’t get the Deyon one to complete so I gave up. I left it going 3 nights in a row now and it always quits on me. I guess it’s too big for dial up to get in one fell swoop. If anyone knows if LA’s much larger version now works I’ll get that? Those I can pause and return to over the course of a few days.

      Is there an easy to navigate archive of LA’s shows? That one Coast page used to have a section devoted to them but now they’re gone. I’d love to catch up on some of the past shows I have missed over the 2 or 3 years he’s done it. I have a few already.

  16. Two Suns Rise?

    On Sunday, April 3, 2011, I was taking pictures of the sunrise from my home in Kentucky, and kept getting a weird reflection that looked like two suns. I saw it with and without the camera, so I moved to different positions to reduce the glare or whatever was causing this effect. I am sure it was an optical illusion of some kind, but interesting nonetheless. I also couldn’t help but notice that it looked more like a sunset than a sunrise. The sky just doesn’t seem natural anymore.


    Taiwan News – Second Sun : 2011 – link to video

    • Oh my gosh!!! That is the EXACT site I was lead to that got me out of my cult church of 3 years! I was sitting around, depressed/confused/frustrated… then a light went on in my head to google “how to tell if your church is a cult.” I wasn’t even sure why in the world I was thinking that…. until I read the info on there (Attack Of The Super Apostles). It was at that moment that everything made sense… all the time I went there I knew something was wrong… took 3 years to find out why… left that church like a hot potato.. ugh.. oh my gosh. Anyways… that IS goof info right there.

  17. Did anyone catch this? Last night I saw hat 20/20 ran an hour long story on the ‘evil” Southern Baptists. I fell asleep but what they did was find some extreme ones and apply their beliefs to all Christians. (One said something like if you aren’t leaving bruises on your children then you aren’t spanking them hard enough and another said you spank hard enough to bruise but not hard enough to break any bones. They were starting into women when I fell asleep. One guy said women aren’t supposed to let themselves go after hey get married because it’s a sin.) My question is where are all of the shocking exposé’s on The Church of Islam and Muslims? They advocate real oppression of women, forcing them to be covered from head to toe, stoning them if they are seen in public with a man, etc. Yet we NEVER hear a critical eye applied on them. It’s always Christians or groups the media deems Christian (Mormons and Catholics) that are ever ridiculed in the news. I want to see the same fairness applied to Islam as well.

    Also note when this story airs, at Easter time. They ALWAYS do this at Easter and Christmas. That’s not to say I condone the behavior I saw but they were taking the words of one and applying it to all and I’m sure you can find a kook in ANY group. (Sorta like how we have Kimberly. 😉 Ha Ha) But I just wondered if anyone else caught it and, if so, what they thought.

    It’s also interesting timing with all that’s going on in the midle east by the way. Maybe that’s so as things become more and ore evident they will ridicule us more and more because any fool can see Revelations is right.

    • Cap, I saw it and was appalled. It was focused on IFB – Independent Fundamental Baptist. I don’t know if that includes all Baptists churches. It was evident that they, at least subliminally, wanted the audience to lump all Christian churches into the same category. And I agree w/ you. Why don’t they do an expose on Islam? We know why. They’d be murdered.

    • By appalled I mean sickened by the evil that is spewing forth from those pulpits. The crimes incited by those “pastors” need to be exposed and prosecuted as, obviously, do the “pastors”. However, I’m also appalled by the tactics the media uses to persecute Yeshua.

    • Captain you remind me of Hoggard constantly telling: It is not called Revelations but Revelation. 😉

    • If we want to be loved by the world we must be of the world, If we want to be loved by Christ we must be of Christ. The world is only doing as prophecied in the Book, turning away. The Christian people in large parts of the world are being persecuted and killed for simply being Christian.Can we expect any less? America is also turning away and the persecution is already starting in many small ways and will soon expand rapidly. Many of the people running this country truly hate God and everything He represents because they serve a different master.Shows like this are only the start of what the God haters have planned. Go onto most blogs out there and just read the complete hatred for us and our God it is truly stunning the comments left on them.Shows like this are indeed make purposefully to cause the sheeple to despise the Christians. Get ready and put on the full armor of God every morning people we are going to need it!! Yes shows like this are appalling but not unexpected and I am sure we will be seeing many more to come. God bless you all,it is time to toughen up and get ready and get right with the Lord now,now,now. Time is short. Randy

    • I know but I’m just saying it’s blatantly obvious that there is a glaring double standard here but no one will call them (the media) on it. If they think those kook pastors they found were bad they need to see some of those Imams and what they do. Remember , these are the same people decrying racism over that 9/11 mosque.

  18. Great, another ‘beauty’ from lady gaga coming (lady gag???), just read this article,

    here’s one of the quotes from the article: “The song is about honoring your darkness in order to bring yourself into the light,” Gaga told Google. “You have to look into what’s haunting you and need to learn to forgive yourself in order to move on.”

    And it’s really fun to dance to, she added.”

    Well, that’s ok as long as it’s fun to dance to, we do have our priorities after all, sheesh. I’m doing my best to keep my girls from pop radio these days, we have a couple of good Christian music stations that we listen to that they enjoy. LOTS of prayer asking the Lord to please protect their minds and hearts from this stuff!! And I know I’m supposed to pray for this obviously lost woman, she is one of the lost that our Lord is seeking, but it’s hard when she is putting this garbage out there & misleading so many people, so hard. Maybe she’ll have a Saul/Paul Damascus Road experience, and then set the world on fire with her passion for Jesus Christ, wouldn’t that be something???? Lord we DO pray for that, please??? Some days my spirit groans so heavily, how long Lord, how long?

    • She’s no lady!That is a title of respect which she has not earned much like gentleman. And gag gag indeed, never so glad as I am lately that we do not have a tv set. Actually no longer miss it with all the crap on there nowadays.But I agree although it is hard to pray for God haters such as her, it is indeed what we need to do! Hate the sin but love the sinner!! God bless. Randy

    • Yeah! Let’s all honor our drakness to come into the light!!! That doesn’t even make sense?! How does being DARKER make you LIGHTER. She’s even speaking in double speak.

    • truly, i think honoring darkness pushes you further into darkness… probably what she’s after anyway…

    • She is one sick evil twisted nasty woman and right you are Randy, she is no lady! She is a Christ denier and hater. Just the fact she has to sing a song about a desciple that betrayed our Lord. It speaks volumes about how she really feels and who’s side she is really on. She can candy coat it all day long and say all kinds of nonsense about what she says the song is saying to her. Garbage by any other name is still garbage!

    • Oooo, I’m a “sista” 😉 …. I can’t get over that part… I was trying to think of why they would do that to a little boy… I know they have no mercy.. but what could he have done.. stole something, lied..? ugh… it just makes me sick.

      Thank you for the sleep prayer… (HUUUUUUG) 😀

    • Why do you think of Kimberly and Sharia Law going together? I’m lost? It’s not like chocolate and peanut butter.

    • Hi Capt, within the last few weeks Kimberly was trying to find articles about sharia law trying to be instituded in this country. I think it was in Florida that a judge ok’d sharia and I can’t for the life of me remember the whole story, but she was very interested in looking this stuff up.

    • Because we all post stuff like that I did’nt make the connection.

      I’d still like to know how they’re going to get America to accept it without anyone resisting.

    • I don’t believe that Sharia will be implemented in America, but not because of our not accepting it or the masses fighting it. Hateful ideologies and dictatorial regimes that support them are not the end game for Satan. They are the pawns that create chaotic order and become a catalyst for people to long for peace and security again. The antichrist can not present himself as the savior of the world and the world openly accept him, without first having the world desperate and clamoring for a savior. These radical ideologies are only a precursor to a moderate and “peaceful” solution to the anarchy, which will eliminate anyone who gets in their way. This will include control of every facet of our life, including the acceptance and worship of a one world religion. They will provide real solutions to our famines, pestilences and energy needs. They consider religion and the struggle for resources to be the cause for all injustices and war, so by creating a one world and one world religion you will create a sustained peace on earth, enforced by the elites and supported by the willing masses who desire peace and security. Sounds great on the surface, if it were not the greatest deception in the history of mankind.

  19. A morality pill?? To read article and comments go to http://www.vigilantcitizen.comlatestnews/racist-angry-take-a-pill/ Compelled unity. This is TPTB’s answer to their contrived definition of “hater”. Definitely a read and weep article. The implications are astounding and horrifying.
    “And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries (G5332 pharmakeia= pharmacy, by extension, magic) were the nations deceived.” Revelation 18:23 (KJV)

  20. America ‘Moves Towards Abandonment of Israel’

    An unnamed former highly-placed U.S.intelligence official has broken silence and says that America may soon be abandoning Israel in favor of the Arabs. “This is just the beginning”, he said, “Israel could be about to lose the support of the United States.”

    • Hmmmm…at that point, the faults will ricochet off one another, water will slam onto our shores, the Chinese and Russians will pour over our borders, our wealth and ability to sustain ourselves independently will dry up, and ever stitch of freedom for which our fathers shed their blood will evaporate in a moment.
      God help us. We will deserve it. And more.

    • Doug Hagmann is the reason I believe there really is a contingent of Chinese troops to the south of the Texan border. Steve Quayle and Hawk have been saying this for awhile, but with no proof. Hagmann is a tough sell – not easily swayed by rhetoric – but he was convinced by one of his military sources that it is true.

      The real clincher, though, was the interview Alex Jones did late last week with Lindsey Williams. Williams was about to speak about the Chinese, but he was interupted by a “loop jam.” These are common in movies when a burglar wants to hide from surveillance camera. He creates a “loop” that replays some activity from the recent past so that it appears on casual inspection that everything is normal.
      Well, this was done with an audio loop to Williams. People who put on Alex and listen while they work probably didn’t notice, but those who really listen, or who are familiar with this sort of chicanery, noticed. Why would they block this information if it is pure conspiracey nonsense?

  21. I went to see Nick Vujicic today. Now that person is an amazing witness for Christ. Very humorous also considering his circumstance. A true joy in the Lord.

    • Btw, he lives in California now, so you guyses can maybe catch him while surfing or something. That`s right the man surfs without arms and legs!His friends help him, but he does a lot of stuff you wouldn`t think he can by himself.

    • The man told so many jokes, I am still laughing. I will try to sum up one if I can present it in written word here: One day someone drove him somewhere and Nick was sitting on a passengers seat. Because he has no legs and arms he has a lot of place to manouver or to move on his seat. A lady in another car came alongside his car in front of a stop light on a crossroads. The lady looks at her left side and sees Nick in his passengers seat smiling at her. The woman could only saw his head and his neck through the windshield and not his entire body. She assumed that Nick is just sitting there like any normal person would. Then Nick decided to make a little fun with the lady staring at him. He did a full 360 degree turn on his seat with his whole body and because the woman could only see his head and his neck, she thought the man in the car besides her just twisted his neck for 360 degrees! She got so scared that she hit the pedal to the metal and drove from that place like she just escaped from Fast and Furious movie scene! She most likely wondered if she is in the twilight zone hehehe

  22. Kimberly, the medication that you are taking levothyroxine 100mg is the same as what my wife takes hers has a different brand name (she does not experience sleeping problems). I noticed that the side effects can cause some of the problems you say you are having. Have you reported this to your doctor?
    You might inform him also about the frying pan method as he might consider it for his other patients. Bong bong bong on the 3rd bong you may fall asleep.

    • Yeah, my doctor reacts really weird towards me… he’s always looking at me like I have planets orbiting my head or something… doesn’t take me seriously… and always begins every sentence with a long and drawn out “yeeeeeeahhhhhh um, wellllll….” by the time he’s done saying that, I feel small like an itty-bitty pea. Anyways… I think this is fibro related… because it kinda comes and goes like this every month.. so sleep should be coming around soon.

      Oh no… nuh uh… the frying pan method is mine… it’s how I will make the big bucks. 🙂

  23. Brother Lynn.

    You have great and needed urgency in your words in todays posting. Thank you for staying on the important information you faithfully provide each day without fail or apology.

    How you are able to take the current world events and discern the signs we are commanded to look for is consistently refreshing and convicting. Thank you for not jumping the reservation and chasing useless rabbit trails but instead keep our attention focused on the very serious spiritual warfare
    the whole world is engaged without end .

    I am personally finding the enemy active in ways I have never personally witnessed. It is both tiring and exciting to see how angry the e enemy of our souls becomes when those he has had trapped for years except for the first time ever that Jesus Christ breaks the chains and sets captains free.

    I am convinced more than ever that our days are soon coming to an end as The King is preparing His Bride for the wedding. I’ve never witnessed the Lord move hearts to break as I am right now.

    Thank you for ever leading the way and never leaving the fronts lines in the spiritual war agaist Satan’s schemes. Thank you for continuing to be a Watchman who discerns the times as you tirelessly fight this Good Fight.

    In Christ,
    Jeff D

  24. Ride, captain ride

    Ride, captain ride upon your mystery ship
    Be amazed at the friends you have here on your trip
    Ride captain ride upon your mystery ship
    On your way to a world that others might have missed

  25. A documentary that provides interesting evidence that Goliath was a historical fact:

    Footsteps of Goliath 1/4

  26. By the way, if I should suddenly vanish for long periods of time have no fear. I wasn’t raptured (unless you were too), abducted by “aliens“, eaten by giants, out time traveling, gallivanting across the universe, kidnapped, or murdered. This computer may be on it’s last legs and it’s starting to act really funny. This is the first laptop I’ve ever had and I’m not sure I’ll ever get another one. I had it for 2 years and it worked fine then the screen started coming off from the keyboard because of the type of hinge they used. Last summer the screen shattered because of it and I’ve been using this hooked up to a monitor. Yesterday the whole back came apart and I think it damaged the hardware because no I keep getting a “no virtual memory” warning and it’s shutting off and not restarting, etc. I backed everything up yesterday just to be safe but I think this may give out. When I can get a new one I’ll be back in full force but that may take a few months. I’ll try to be around when I can in the mean time. I hope no one misses me too much. You’ll probably be relieved that I’m gone. Ha Ha…

    • Actually Capt’n we would be worried if you just upped and vanished. Plus Kimberly and you have a knack of keeping each other in line, so she might have to upgrade to a Teflon frying pan just to make through the long lonely days & nights!
      BTW, the no virtual memory thing might be you have too many programs/tabs etc open/running. Might run a virus scan and Trojan scanner to make sure something is not sucking away your mojo. The shutting off and on is more of a problem!

    • I have Norton and Kerpersky on here and they haven’t warned me of a virus. I have thought about that too. The computer shuts down without warning now as well. That may be because of how this keyboard is split and it’s internallally hitting the snooze button. Only, because there’s no virtual memory it’s like you’re unplugging it and it has to check everything before it boots up.

      How can I know for sure ifg it’s a virus or not?

      The most irritating thing is last week I finally got a new standard computer to do my creative works on. I had an HP but it ALWAYS gave me problems where it would over heat (when I had it looked at HP had forgot to put a fan inside it) Then it started not wanting to start last year unless I ran a hair dryer over it for an hour. Eventually that didn’t even work. I’d had that one for 10 years so it was time to get a new one. I typically have an online computer (my oldest model) and an offline computer (my newest model) but because of my string of bad luck I couldn’t get a new one till now. It’ll be this fall before I can afford a second to get back online again.

    • You should try a full scan with the anti-virus just to rule viruses out. Download spybot (Free) to check for trojan criters here:
      you can also use spybot to see what processes are running on your puter to see what is sucking memory.

      The auto reboot thing is a system protection procedure, if you disable auto reboot then it will show you the BSOD (blue screen) then you can copy down the confusing code then search on the net with that code to see what it refers to. Sometimes an auto reboot can be because of a power supply issue. Before you do any of this you can check your system event files to see what problem it is reporting.

      I`ve got 6 puters on a network, imagine my fun!

    • Six puters! Does it take that many to keep up with your students’ homework? You must run a challenging school… I only have enough squirrels for one.

    • Rose Rose Rose.. I am a man, they are not just computers ha! Them thare is me babies! I nurture them, feed them electricity, upgrade them when they are good! And you dear Rose how many pair of shoes do you have in your closet(combat boots do not count!)? :mrgreen:

    • My son confiscated all my combat boots when he was about 14. He could proudly say to his friends, “My mom wears (wore) combat boots…” although, in this part of the country, that’s not terribly unusual.
      I have no idea how many pairs of shoes I own; I’m still in denial.

    • Rose, all my computers have names but it would be inappropriate to the consciousness
      of those reading this post if I were to divulge them. 😮

      I don’t know about you Rose but I miss my combat boots! 😥 Interesting that you wont say
      how many pairs of shoes that you have, my wife says the same thing! She just says “some”
      and I ask her is that countable or uncountable? 😕

    • I had a sneaking suspicion that this conversation is a rabbit trail you and your wife have run down many times… I will politely bow out.

      Pure foolishness to get in the middle of a long-standing controversy between a man and the wife in his head. 😉

    • Cap’n, you’d be greatly missed if you flew away. I’ll see if some of my techie commando squirrels can skitter up there and fix your ‘puter.

    • That would be great! Ha Ha. I’m actually having trouble with my new one. It has that new Windows on it and it takes A LOT of getting used to. But this time I shouldn’t run out of space. It has a 1 TB hard drive and 8 GB of ram. For a few months I’ve been scanning 16 years worth of artwork so I have my best stuff archived as well as my latest efforts. As you can imagine, that takes up A LOT of space and unfortunately some of the CD’s I had previous work burned to have corrupted files. That’s why it’s great to get everything on a hard drive and then I can back it up with a My Book.

      The other thing I’m having trouble with is I didn’t buy the new LED monitor so I’m using an old square one and it’s too dark. That makes it even harder to color stuff because the colors end up too light. I took a look at monitors Friday but I didn’t see any in my price range. I want to get a good 20″ one for around 100.00. What’s really irritating is the Saturday before I bought my computer I could have got one for 50.00 with it but I was waiting for a tax return check and of course it came Monday so I was out of luck on the deal.

  27. Hey, can I ask you folks with kids a market research question? Do kids still play with paper dolls? (Not the ones that you dress with clothes, but like a playset) When I was a kid they still make books with cut outs in them where you could make a Rodeo or a Circus or a Fort. I even had one of a Sesame Street Parade.

    Why I ask is this morning when I was shaving I was thinking about the artwork I recentky purchased and it struck me that some of the character art would be perfect for doing paper dolls with. I’m colorizing the artwork anyway so it would just be a matter of printing that artwork on cardstock. I haven’t looked into any options yet but I’ve started asking around if kids even still play with paper dolls anymore since they don’t do a lot of things that used to be common place as a kid (Mother Goose, Tall Tales, Etc.) So, I’d appreciate some feedback from anyone who might have kids.

    • Yes they do, Cap’n. Last Christmas I purchased several books of paper cutout dolls that were Elizabethan players in a Shakespearean theatre – very popular. They were at Borders; my nieces loved them!

      Historical characters (or characters in period costumes) are what I’ve seen thus far.

    • Our Boarders just shuttered. I’ll have to look online.

      If I do these myself I’m thinking of selling them by the sheet but you’d have to cut them out yourself. Do you think that would be a problem? I’m going to see if I can print them low enough where I can charge 3.00 a sheet. Still mulling it over though.

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