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L. A. Marzulli

Threats Claim Nuclear Bombs Hidden All Over U.S.


In Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural there is a chapter that deals with the possibility of dirty nukes being smuggled into the United States across our southern border. The article above states the same, but the figures are much higher, stating that there 160 nukes imbedded throughout the USA. At the bottom of the article are the usual string of comments and one of them articulates that the article is nothing more than sensationalism. OK, let’s strip this down and expose what in fact may be a very grim reality.

1. Several months ago Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton announced, on a Monday morning, that “terrorists” were trying to use weapons of mass destruction in US cities. (this was around the time when Iran was putting the rods in their nuclear reactor, for peaceful means…. right!)

2. On Wednesday of that week, our pal in Iran, Mahmoud Amedinejhad, announced that if Iran was attacked the Iranians would detonate weapons of mass destruction in American cities. (Idle boasting? Saber rattling, or something more?) You may recall that we did nothing when Iran loaded the reactor, why?

3. About two weeks later a German journalist announced that he believed Osama Bin Laden was in Iran.

So lets connect the dots. We know that Bin Laden was given a Fatwa – a religious decree from an Imam – to use weapons of mass destruction against non combatants, i.e. women and children. We also learn from Paul Williams, whom I quote in P.P.&S, that dirty bombs were purchased by Al Qaeda and smuggled into the US across the southern border in the 90’s. We also know that Bin Laden paid off the Afghani War lords and escaped into Pakistan, however the noose was tightening and it was only a matter of time before US forces would find him.

So here’s a scenario that may have happened.

1. Bin Laden sends emissaries to Iran and offers a quid-pro-quo, you give me and a retinue of my people safe passage into your country and I’ll give you access to the sleeper cells that have the dirty bombs in the USA. Please remember the ancient Arab saying, The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Even thought the Iranians are of the Shia sect of Islam, and Bin Laden is of the Sunni, when it comes to a common enemy all bets are on! So what may have happened is that the Iranians took Bin Laden up on his offer and thus, the threats by Mahmoud I’m-in-a-jihad were, in fact, real.

Are there dirty bombs in the US. I believe the answer to that is yes, however I don’t believe that there 160 of them. I would put the number at less the 20, but if activated they would push us over the edge and create wide-spread fear and panic.

In closing todays post: Stories like the one I linked to above cannot be vetted, but when we connect the dots from other news, we find that there a good possibility of just such an event, taking place. So where does that leave us? Get prepared by stock piling food and water and talk to your loved ones about where you will meet should an event like a dirty nuke, going off in a nearby city, become a grim reality.


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67 thoughts on “Dirty Nukes!

    • So Mike Hoggard has a snippet from Katy P explaining how the song came about, start at 53rd minute dated 3/27: mikehoggard.com

    • Thanks for posting to web addy for Mike Hoggard. It was my first time visiting the site and I am looking forward to some reading and watching. Once again thank you.

    • I had a really freaky incident last night. After following the blog all day and ending up with the reading of “Hitler’s Spiritual Master-Maitreya,” I went to bed.

      Around midnight, I had a very sudden awakening… I had been sleeping, and while I was in the sleep state, I heard, audibly, a voice say very loudly and emphatically, DA! and then I heard and felt, on my left side, a sudden busrt of wind as a going away from me. Of course, I woke immediately.

      Da, is what I call Abba. Daddy does not naturally roll off my tongue, because I never called my natural dad, daddy. So I call Abba Father, Da, short for Daddy.
      I’m praying that the Holy Spirit reveal to me the significance of the dream.

      Anybody have any insight into the area of dream/vision interpretation?


    • SL,

      Uuummmmm….I don’t know. Test that Spirit.

      Just last night @ our small group Bible study we were discussing testing the spirits & one of the ladies was telling a story about a scuba diving incident where she panicked & almost drowned. (Lifeguard came @ the last 2nd & saved her.) But as she was freaking out & going down she heard a very loud evil laugh in one of her ears.

      Now, I know that one is obviously evil & a no brainer.

      Yours? I don’t know. Hard to figure out what the purpose of that was unless the Lord reveals it to you. Since it came “after” reading “Hitler’s Spiritual Master-Maitreya” I guess I’m naturally suspect.

    • HELP!!! LA and people that know me on this blog please pray for me and my dad my husband just beat me and my dad and left with my car and the stole $2,000 from us and left with my phone he has no drivrs lc and i am scared and dont know anyone in this town i am in
      here in memphis

    • Margaret,
      Praying for you and your family. Let us know what happens, we want to make sure you’re ok. Keep a safe distance away from him.

    • I’m going to look into it myself- but does anyone here have connections to find Margaret a Spirit filled Church in Memphis TN? There’s got to be at least one. It’s better to combat the enemy w/a group of Christians than doing it solo.

    • Margaret, Do not be afraid to file charges against him for domestic abuse. The money he took, I’m not sure you can do anything about that since he is your husband, I’m not sure he could actually charged with burglary.

      But for sure, file a restraining order against him. The police are there for your protection…use them. I will be praying for your safety and well-being.

    • Can’t help you LNL…but as there is no time or distance in the realm of the Spirit, any and all corporate prayer will be effective.

    • Prayers are covering. Find Bible-believing, Holy Spirit filled church group/body of believers ASAP! And like Sundown Lady says, don’t be afraid to file charges…and get a restraining order. Also ASAP!

    • Oh my , this is something else.Poor little church girl is so lost! And what is that covering her 3rd eye/pineal ? Is it writing or what? Doesn’t it just infuriate you for one of ours to be stolen like this?So young ,so innocent, guess that’s the point of the “sacrifice” isn’t it?

  1. I guess I’ll try one more time to introduce myself to my brothers and sisters here. Twice this week I posted something that is awaiting moderation. I have come to really enjoy this site and visit daily.
    Much of what I hear and read here is so foreign to me but I am beginning to see these times we are living in is full of surprises. The UFO/Nephelim theories are something I would have dismissed as
    “coo coo for cocoa puffs” not long ago. I am beginning to change my mind.
    God bless you LA and the rest of you folks.

    • Hi Clang!

      I guess the “key” we found is to only post one link @ a time. Otherwise our posts automatically go into “moderation”.

      Hey, L.A., can you change the settings?

      “coo coo for cocoa puffs” – love it!

    • Thank you for the welcome my friends. “coo coo for cocoa puffs” kind of shows my age
      but I couldn’t come up with anything better. I was beginning to think I did something wrong but I guess LA has been pretty busy.

    • I felt the same way when I first started reading this blog and L.A.’s books. Kind of a “you’ve got to be kidding me…!” But it makes more sense every day. It’s exciting and scary to be seeing all the things God is doing these days. So blessed to know Him.

    • Hi Clang! The welcome mat has plenty of room:^D
      (I too, am from the “coo coo for cocoa puffs” gen!)

    • Clang, welcome. You’ll find much diversity here as well as plenty of love and friendship. For me it’s like getting to assemble together “with the brethren” everyday.

    • Hello Clang! Welcome!

      I love Cocoa Puffs! But Count Chocula is better! 😉

      Much of what is discussed here may seem odd by our fallen world’s standards, but the day is coming where our “odd” topics will be eclipsed massively by REAL events that everyone will witness, share and participate in. We only see the tip of the iceberg now. Buckle up. Pray up. Read up. You are running with the right crowd! God bless!

    • Hey, Clang. Welcome to the site, nice to have new people on board, no matter what their views are.

    • Thanks again gang for the warm welcome. I have been a part of another prophesy website for several years and that is where I got the link to LA’s site. I have been listening
      to LA on acceleration radio ever since and it has been rewarding to both myself and my wife. It has also opened me up to men such as Jim Wilhelmson, Stan Deyo, Richard Grund,
      and others who are a wealth of information. It amazes me how so much of the church dismisses the supernatural as myth when we worship a God who uses the miraculous every
      day. WE are all in for some surprises in the days ahead. Nobody has it all right.

    • Hey Clang, welcome. There is a one link per post maximum or you will get bumped to the moderator. My wife thinks I am weird because I am old school and like Cheerios. Plain cheerios, no sugar or any of the other flavorings. Oh well.

  2. Tracking the Birth Pangs

    The first part of this page includes the major headlines since the beginning of 2010. After that I have included a list of links and news sources related to biblical prophecy and the “birth pangs” described in the Bible. We can expect to see an increase in frequency and intensity of catastrophes and disasters, both natural and manmade, as we come closer to the End Times. As the world convulses in anticipation of the Lord’s soon return (Romans 8:19-23), we will all be affected by these things.

    Disclaimer: Always pray for discerment and study the Scriptures for yourself when using these sources, as the commentaries are interpretations of fallible men.

    Specific Birthpangs since 2010
    Luke 21:25-28 “And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring; men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.”
    Jesus told us that a number of specific things would be going on leading up to his return. But it is when these thing “begin” to happen that our redemption is nigh, which I believe is alluding to the rapture of the Church. I have included this section of recent headlines relating to these things, so that you can be the judge if that time of redemption is getting near.

    The following list is intended to give a glance at how close and strong these birthpangs have become in just the last year or so. To make the list more easy to scan, I have not included the news items relating to the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians. They are in the news on virtually a daily to weekly basis. As an interesting side note, it was suggested to me that the “fear” spoken of in Luke 21, may be enhanced from the sensationalizing the news media does with each birth pang.

    The following are also not included in the list due to large numbers of news reports on them. They include: several suicide bombings in the Middle East, the nuclear threat from Iran, the many violent conflicts between people groups mostly in third world nations, widespread diseases, plagues of all kinds, moderate earthquakes all over, including places that don’t normally have them, and most notably, the strained economies across the globe. To add to that, we are entering into the peaking period in the sunspot cycle that presents the potential for massive solar storms that threatens the world’s satellite technology.

    January 6 – Extreme cold temperatures cause over 100 deaths in Europe
    January 12 – 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti
    February 7 – “Snowpocalypse”/”Snowmaggedon” east coast blizzard
    Feruary 20 – Flooding and mudslide kill and injure several in Portugal
    February 27 – 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile
    March 4 – 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan
    March 14 – 6.6 magnitude earthquake in Japan
    March 16 – Violent protests in Thailand
    March 20 – Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted
    March 28 – Evidence of a massacre found in Congo
    March 29 – Suicide bombing in Moscow Metro stations
    April 5 – Galaxy 15 satellite hit by solar storm
    April 7-8 – Kyrgyzstani riots – President flees country
    April 9 – Landslide buries over 200 people near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    April 10 – Plane crash kills Polish presiden and top Polish officials
    April 13 – 6.9 magnitude earthquake in China
    April 14-19 European air space shut down from Iceland volcano
    April 20 – Major Gulf of Mexico oil spill begins at Horizon
    May 2 – Massive flooding in Tennessee and Kentucky
    May 6 – Stock market glitch sent DOW tumbling 9 percent
    May 10 – Threat of the euro collapsing – EU and US commit $1 trillion to Greece
    May 16 – 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Puerto Rico
    May 24 – North Korea sinks a South Korea ship
    May 31 – June 6 – A flotilla incident hurts relations between Israel and Turkey
    June 1 – November 30 – Hurricane season well above average with 19 named storms
    June 11 – Flash flodding in Arkansas kill 20 people in the Ouachita Mountains
    June 24 – Violent storms n Brazil kill 46 people
    July – Pakistan flood cover one fifth of country in water
    July – Heat wave and drought in Russia causes widespread wildfires
    July – Heat wave in the U.S. and Canada kills several people
    July 26 – Wikileaks comes into the media spotlight with U.S. military cables leaked
    August – Flooding and landslides in China kill over 700 people over 1,000 missing
    August 4 – Officials say over 28,000 people killed from Mexican drug cartels since 2006
    August 9 – North Korea accused of firing 100 rounds of artillery into Sea of Japan
    August 10 – Niger River floods over 5,000 people out of their home.
    August 29 – Volcano Sinabung in Sumatra erupts forcing thousands to evacuate
    September 1 – Major floods in Sudan leave 57,000 homeless
    September 4 – 7.1 magnitude earthquake near Christchurch, New Zealand
    September 5 – State of emergency declared in Guatemala due to heavy rain
    September 7 – Trade unions protesting fuel prices cripple India
    September 7-8 – 3,500 people evacuate in Bouder County, Colorado
    September 10 – Natural gas explosion in San Bruno, California
    September 18 – 100,000 people without water after large storm
    September 24 – Nigera opens two dams due to flooding affecting 2 million people
    November 2 – US voters give Republicans greatest win since 1894
    November 12 – Volcano Bulusan in the Philipppines erupts to 700 meters
    November 29 – Volcano Mount Bromo in Indonesia forces closure of airprt
    November 30 – State of emergency declared in Venezuela after heavy flooding
    December – Uprising begin in Tunisia
    December 5 – Russian satellites crashed into Pacific ocean after failing to orbit
    December 5 – Flooding in New South Wales, Australia cause thousands to evacuate
    December 7 – 76,000 people affected by Sri Lanka floods
    December 8 – Many witness a meteor fireball in United Kingdom
    December 8 – Eiffel Tower in Paris closed due to snow
    December 24 – Heavy snow causes large-scale disruptions in Europe
    December 25 – First snowfall in Atlanta, GA in 128 disrupted flights
    December 25 – 7.3 magnitude earthquake in Vanuatu
    December 31 – Protests in Tunisia over unemployment
    Winter 2010/2011 – Several winter “Storms of the century” from midwest to east coast
    January 1 – 5,000 blackbirds suddenly die in Beebe, Arkansas followed by
    other reports in the weeks after of other massive bird and fish deaths
    January 2 – 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Chile
    January 2 – 200,000 people affected in Queensland, Australia by flooding
    January 8 – Shooting rampage in Arizona kills a judge and injured US Rep Giffords
    January 9 – Food prices cut in Algeria in hopes to suppress riots
    January 11 – The Arctic sun rises two days ealier than expected over Greenland
    January 12 – Lebanon government collapsed
    January 15 – Flooding in Australia affects 13,000 properties in Victoria
    January 20 – 2010 declared the warmest year ever recorded
    January 25 – “Day of revolt” in Egypt to protest the government
    January 26 – Suicide bombing at Moscow’s international airport
    January 30 – Tropical cyclone Anthony turns Queensland, Australia into a disaster zone
    February 1 – King Abdullah of Jordan replaces cabinent in hopes of preventing unrest
    February 1 – Shinmoedake volcano in Japan erupts to 2.5km
    February 3 – The UN reports that food prices have reached a record high
    February 11 – President Hosni Mubarak of Eypt steps down and gives power to military
    February 17 – Libya “Day of rage”
    February 22 – 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand
    February 27 – Protests in Beirut, Lebanon
    March 11 – 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami cause widespread damage in eastern Japan
    March 18 – Oil prices soar as UN approves no-fly zone over Libya
    March 19 – Super Full Moon – closest approach in 18 years
    March 19 – Iconic filament eruption on the sun
    March 23 – Middle East unrest spreads to Yemen
    March 23 – Terror attack in Jerusalem – bus bombed
    March 24 – 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Myanmar
    March 24 – Over 100 people killed in protests in Syria
    March 24 – Worst drought in 44 years reported in Texas
    March 26 – Protest of over 500,000 in the UK turns violent

    • Today even my unbelieving girlfriend brought up the “May 21st” Preacher & 2012 scenario & was asking me about the “end of the world” since everyone in her family concurs that “something” is going on. People are taking notice whether they will turn to Christ or not.

      I’ve already warned her about this a zillion times -now we’ll see what it takes for her to turn to Christ – if she ever will.

      I hate to say it but if something happened to my family (which she deeply loves) that could be a turning point for her. (Of course I would prefer it to be something like “the Rapture” rather than a “Beheading” -but the Lord’s will be done.)

    • Lnl,

      My mother inlaw in china even heard about it. Apparently their news is saying someone in america said the world will end on may 21 with a large EQ.

      I told my wife that the world is not ending may 21 and she can tell her mom that too. It was a good chance to share the Biblical truth with my wife, and I hope she shares it too.

    • Disclaimer-I know nothing of these metal tablets so I’m not going to comment.

      But- didn’t Joseph Smith claim to have gotten some kind of metal tablets from an Angel Moroni which founded the basic tenants of Mormonism?

    • They were golden tablets that came with magic spectacles that consisted of two stones called Urim and Thummin set in silver bows. The Urim and Thummin is mentioned in the old testament I cannot remember where exactly, but it is worth a little study time to understand the history thereof.

      Climactic scene of the pageant was Moroni’s appearance, in the form of an angel, to Joseph Smith, 17-year-old son of an upstate farmer, which Smith reported in 1823. Moroni, he said, told him about the tablets and informed him that he had been appointed by God to lead the world back to the true church. Joseph translated the tablets (said to be about eight inches square and covered with fine writing in “reformed Egyptian”) with the aid of a pair of spiritual spectacles buried with them; the spectacles consisted of two stones called Urim and Thummin set in silver bows. No one but Joseph ever actually saw the golden tablets—he explained that it was instant death for anyone else to see them, and he kept them covered with a cloth or locked in a box whose hiding place he changed frequently. He deciphered them behind a screen, from which he dictated the Book of Mormon.

      Read more: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,810512,00.html#ixzz1I7QCPANX

    • Moron-i? Oh yeah, I saw those spectacles in the Nick Cage movie…um…the one where they steal the Declaration of Independence…

      Of course he did…keep it secret! keep it safe!

    • Boy, my brain must be getting age spots. After reading up on Mormonism I didn’t recall the magic spectacles or the silver bows. Geeze- I didn’t even remember the tablets were “gold” or that they were so small in size.

      Thats it! I’m praying for increased memory. This is just limiting my full potential. ): But maybe God wants me to remain this way – one of those who can be used to confound the wise.

    • Sorry to say that my first take on these tablets was looking for Illuminati symbolism in the etchings. Look closely at the picture of the painting of Christ on the Cross. Do you see the dragon in the background? In amongst the buildings in the city? Facing it, on the left hand side, there is a long grey/black neck and head curling up like smoke that would come out of a chimney…the wings are draped over the rooftops to blend in with them perfectly. (Or maybe my vision is playing tricks on me.)

    • Took me a few minutes to spot it but I see what you are referring to Sundown. You must have vision like a hawk to see something like that…and it does appear to be symbolism of some sort. I also looked at a map of Japan and noticed the dragon-like formation you were referring to a few weeks ago and there may just be something to it…reminded me of a book I have called “Face on the Pacific Ocean Floor-a Sermon in Stone”…interesting stuff.

    • Hey Steve Mc, thanks for saying so…really appreciate the encouragement. Ever since I started in on this Illuminati/global elite stuff, and because of the times we’re in, I’m always a skeptic in regard to things released in major media outlets.

    • Whether these sealed metal plates were made by Gnostic, real Followers Of the Way, or a modern hoax shall be revealed before too long. Sundown, are you talking about the actual painting?

    • In A Moment, thanks for the link above it added some more information that was lacking in the other article. I hope it is not that Gnostic Mumbo Jumbo, I had enough of that from the dead sea scrolls!
      Now the loooooong wait for them to translate/decode this, my first thought was geez this is interesting
      news but the wait is going to be a killer, interestingly L.A. mentioned the same thing in his broadcast tonight, I guess I am not the only one who hates waiting. I have a suspicion the information on these plates will be interesting just for the reason they were inscribed on lead plates, I assume during that time period wasting lead plates was not a common practice.

    • I agree, after reading the review Rango is not a film for children to see.
      Went to see The Lincoln Lawyer and it was very good with many twist and turns in the plot. Excellent thriller with courtroom drama thrown in.

  3. Anyone remember the fiction book back in the 1960s or early 70s called, “The Third Testament”? It got some notoriety for a time. Basically, it renounced what the scriptures had told of Christ, along the lines of Brown’s books and movies. Fictionally, it changed much of the world’s thinking.
    I am on the lookout for something that will accelerate a “falling away” be it a modern hoax or an ancient one.
    Our faith will most likely be tried and tried sore.

    I will be curious what the message of these books is.

    • Doug, keep an eye on Mike Heiser’s blog “PaleoBabble” for honest and up-to-date information about this discovery. Because of Mike’s credentials he’s got an inside loop connection to this sort of stuff. Blessings:^D

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