S.E.E – Conference!

Well, we are just days away from the first ever conference for The Porch & SRT – SEE a Supernatural Explanations Event.  We took a step of faith and set out on a road to bring revival and Holy Spirit Fire to the Groton, Connecticut and New England area.  One person from that area wrote us and thanked us for doing this because “no one comes to Groton”.  And, we discovered that that big name ministries will not venture into that area because of the numbers game and money.  Well, we aren’t doing this for personal gain.  We are doing this for the Kingdom and the underlying hope was and is to bring some financial support into the war chest to help the people on SRT’s waiting list.  And, we are doing this to WAKE UP the Remnant.

It’s amazing to me that the ear ticklers and pulpit entertainers can pull in millions of dollars for the lavish lifestyles they live while those who are out on the front lines struggle to make ends meet.  I know that it’s always been this way since the beginning of God’s relationship with man but it still shocks me.  When Nehemiah showed up to repair the Temple he couldn’t find the priest because they were out in the fields working.  The people had stopped supporting them and they had to leave their assignments in the Temple to feed their families.  The Apostle Paul patched and made tents to earn money because the church was not doing its job.  In today’s society, and in the church, this example is used as a guideline for ministry when in fact it’s an example of what is wrong and not what is right.  If you know of a ministry or minister who is out in the trenches with the lost and dying and destroying the works of the devil then you should know they need your support.  Sorry for the “off-road rant”, as we call it on Reflections In The Dark, but I felt it needed to be said.

To all of our regular SRT “Aerial Support” prayer warriors and those new to things here are your assignments:

From the time you get this email begin to pound the powers & principalities in the area with warfare and intercessory prayer.  This area has been held under a religious bondage and demonic heaviness.  The two Pastors aiding us in this quest (Pastor Brad Whipple of Seaport Community Church and Pastor Johnny Burns of New Life Christian Fellowship) have a heart for the Lord and to see the captives set free.  They know firsthand of the overwhelming battle to fulfill that calling.  We believe this event can and will bring down FIRE from Heaven to scatter the enemy and bring Upper Room revival to the area.

I am flying on Thursday morning at 10 am into Providence, R.I. and then driving to the hotel in Groton, Connecticut.  Larry will be flying in on Friday into the same airport and driving himself as well.  Please pray for traveling mercies and protection for us and everyone traveling to this event.  Also, pray for our families while we are gone.

L.A. Marzulli is flying on Wednesday into Boston to visit family and then on to Groton on Friday.  Russ Dizdar and his wife Shelley are driving to Groton, CT from Akron, Ohio which means they are leaving probably on Wednesday as well.  Remember them and their families in prayer.

The event itself begins on Friday night at 7 pm at Seaport Community Church.  Please keep the praise & worship team, Tribe of Praise, covered in prayer.  For most of them this will be a new experience of seeing the free flow of the Holy Spirit have His way.  I will be speaking that night on The Supernatural Realm.  My goal is to show how when God created everything He created it to be primarily spiritual in a natural setting.  In the midst of this I will be showing how the powers of darkness do what they do and what we can do about it.  By the end of the night I expect there to be many people who “see” for the first time.  We will end the night in prayer for the people seeking the infilling of the Holy Spirit and freedom from bondage.  Pray for them to receive what they need from the Lord and for the anointing to rest on that church and its Pastor.  Pray that I let the Spirit flow through me to get His Message across.  Also, pray for the preparation it takes to do that.

Saturday, at the hotel, begins at 10 am and the first session goes until 2pm.  The second session begins at 6 pm and goes until 10 or until the Spirit is done.  Please pray for L.A. Marzulli and Russ Dizdar to be bathed in the anointing of the Holy Spirit and for their words to help enlighten people and, more importantly, to arm them for the coming days ahead.  The things that L.A. and Russ are covering are things the church at large are ignorant about – the demonic deception behind the UFO/Alien phenomenon, End Times Prophecy and the maneuverings of the satanic into everyday life, including the church.

Sunday we’ve been invited to do two services at New Life Christian Fellowship.  At 10 am I will be speaking at the regular church service and then at 5 pm we are coming back for a special session for those who want to go deeper with the Lord, to get set free from bondage and to “prepare for battle”.  Larry will be flying back on Sunday afternoon and we ask for a prayer covering for him and anyone else traveling from the event.

L.A. Marzulli, myself and someone who took a step of faith and came in from Hawaii will be traveling on Monday.

For anyone who is interested, there will be a DVD of the event  offered for sale later on.  We are also looking into the possibility of offering online as a pay-per-view event.  If that works we will consider doing all future events as such.  The enemy uses the digital technology for his advantage.  The Kingdom of God should be taking advantage of that to further the Kingdom Business of getting people saved, healed, delivered and filled with the Spirit.  This event is a template of things to come.  The Lord is leading His Army out on to the battlefield!

Now to where things get grittier – when we stepped out in faith there were some that were encouraging us to do this that said they would help us financially and to help find financial support.  For whatever reason, they have not done either.  Possibly, the Lord wanted us to trust in Him and not in the flesh.  Times are difficult right now financially and we know that many other ministries who could support it won’t because there is nothing in it for them.  Sadly, that is fact even in the church.  That is why I am praying a double portion blessing for the two churches that have stepped up.  Again, any profits after expenses will go toward the three pending SRT missions of people & families in life and death situations regarding demonic bondage, possession and attack.

We offered pre-registration deals to inspire early sign-ups which some people took us up on.  However, at the moment I write this we are only a 1/3 of the way to our break-even point.  There is a PayPal donation button on the SEE Conference page (http://www.supernaturalresponse.net/s-e-e.html)  as well as at the regular site for The Porch.  For those who don’t like using PayPal checks made out to Solomon’s Porch can be sent to the address at the bottom of this email.

Please stand with us in prayer for an outpouring of financial support and an inpouring of people for all of the sessions.   We know that prayer works and the Lord can do exceedingly and abundantly beyond anything we can think or imagine.  Stand with us and let us watch the Lord work.

Thanks for your time, prayers and support.  It is always appreciated and never taken for granted!

Shalom & Blessings,

Richard J Grund

The Porch



P.O. Box 713 Windermere, FL 34786-0713

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  1. More than 20 dead from 6.8-magnitude Myanmar quake

    More than 20 people are believed dead after a strong earthquake in northeastern Myanmar. The magnitude-6.8 quake shook buildings as far away as the Thai capital Bangkok on Thursday night.

    It was felt in Hanoi, Vietnam as well.


    This is becoming a daily occurrence. It’s no longer a matter of when, it’s a matter of where.

    • You serious? I just rolled my eyes and groaned. I’ll never get over how most people to this day don’t know what Mormons are really all about. I’ve only passingly studied them and that was enough for me.

    • I will add that years ago while flipping through the channels I caught their South Park episode on the origins of the Book or Mormon and it was VERY funny and pretty much how it happened. Pretty catchy tune too. To Youtube everyone!

    • I have only personally known a few Mormans, and to be honest they were like zombies to me. Had like a blank far away stare at times, was weird. But then again I have met a few Christians with the same blank look, so can’t really go by that. The one woman I met who was a Mormon stressed how important it was to marry a Mormon man, no ifs, ands, or buts about it…had to be a Mormon or else. Never found out what the or else was.

    • Hey, I happen to be related to Nicholas Cage through my cousin Francis Ford Copola by I agree. 😛

      I missed Glenn Beck inthe article. I’ll still never get over how a guy so smart can fall for the joke that is Mormonism…

    • Matt.. people like that always seem like the Stepford Wives. :-O

      Captain… provide blood test results that you are related… do you expect us to believe everything?… 😉

      And, you didn’t miss Glenn in the article… because he isn’t in the article.

    • To say Nicolas Cage over acts; let’s just say he makes William Shatner look like a Shakespearean trained thespian.

    • I agree, Shatner is cool beans, they tried to get him on Dancing with the Stars and he turned them down, good you for Shatner!!
      Who can forget when he lost it at a comic con convention a few years back and said, “you trekkies need to get a life” that was classic Shatner.

    • I did the Toronto Comic Con several years ago and Patrick Stewart was supposed to be there but he had a heart attack so they flew in Lavar Burton and the Klingon and I remember saying to someone “How sad must that be to know you make up half a Patrick Stewart?”

      I did that show twice and I forget which one Elijah Wood and Samwise were at but he was such a diva. He arrived late, I saw him throw a bottle of water all over a worker becauseit wasn’t the right kind, and after about an hour he was bored and left. There were at least 500 people waiting in line to shell out 200.00 each for his autograph. We figured he must have made a hundred grand at that show in all but what a jerk.

      I met Elvira (I was shocked at how old and tiny she was. She was barely 5 feet tall) and Kevin Sorbo from Hercules had dinner at the table next to me. He’s surprisingly short too.

      June Lockhart is the coolest celeb I ever me. I talked to her for like 10 minutes when I was setting my table up. Boy did she hate that new Lost in Space movie. She went “It was the loudest d#$% thing I’ve eve seen!” I just had to laugh.

    • Im sorry I can’t imagine Elijah Wood as a diva; he seems so soft spoken. Now Sam Wise I can almost believe. You have to realize the 100,000 grand they made that day is like 25 bucks to them. Not a big deal as far as money goes they are there because they are ordered to by agent or studio.
      Funny you should mention diva’s , I have a friend that is a waiter at a trendy LA restaurant , he told me, the worst tipper and rudest guest he had ever had was Susan Sarandon. She had a group of people with her and not only did she not tip, she was very demanding , and rude to the staff, then to top it off, she expected the restaurant to comp her and her parties entire meal. Another bad tipper he said was John Cusack but his sister Joan was a great tipper when she came in. He said on the nicest guys out there and would let other diners chat with him for awhile was Ben Stiller’s father, Jerry. He said the guy was a hoot and always friendly with the waiters and customers when he came in.

    • Kimberly – Would I lie to you guys? All I have is a family tree and I was the only one who knew who “Coppola, Francis Ford” was. I’m related through his wife and I’m a closer relative than Cage. I’ve always thought about shooting him a letter but if I got invited to the vineyard then I’d have to go to SHUDDER California.

      Matt – I was shocked to see Wood behave this way but I swear I DID SEE IT. He treated that show worker SO POORLY then to do that to his fans. Samwise just laughed when Wood spit the water and threw the water bottle at that guy.

      That’s not how show appearances work. These are not associated with studios. These are set up through the agent forthe actor and how they make money on the side. That is why a lot of the actors at shows are from sci-fi shows of 30 years ago.

      I’m not surprised with your waiter friend’s experiences. That’s about how I’d have pegged each of those celebs. I’d love to meet Jerry Stiller (I actually know Ben Stiler as being his son though. Ha Ha. Ben is nowhere near as funny as his dad.)

    • I’m having coffee with a friend of mine this morning; who happens to be mormon. She has just gone through a divorce (ex is an alcoholic)- we don’t overtly talk about religion, but if anyone wants to pray I would hope I could be used by our Lord to plant a seed.

      Won’t be seeing the musical; I don’t really do that well with regular musicals- can’t imagine it with mormonism as the backbone of it!

  2. I just want to say i am a chriatian and not a natzareen.
    All the way through that video was “new-age music” being programed into the listeners brain.
    satan knows that the majority of Christians are now favouring Jewish fables by the agency of Messianic teaching this sect’s teaching is to strengthen his deceit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    victory in Jesus Jesus Jesus Amen

    john B

  3. March 25, 2011 at 8:01 am
    I just want to say i am a chriatian and not a natzareen.
    All the way through that video was “new-age music” being programed into the listeners brain.
    satan knows that the majority of Christians are now favouring Jewish fables by the agency of Messianic teaching this sect’s teaching is to strengthen his deceit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    victory in Jesus Jesus Jesus Amen

    • True, true, true. As Christians we are a new creation…a whole new race of beings…old things have passed away, Behold! ALL THINGS have become new. Jesus is our everything. All the law all the feast days all the ritual worship the Jews were obliged to practice is all wrapped up in Him. He is our all in all.

      (But don’t go overboard and get confused by the “Jesus only” Pentecostal holiness bunch either.)

  4. Would I believe you when you would say
    Your hand will guide my every way
    Will I receive the words You say
    Every moment of every day

    Well I will walk by faith
    Even when I cannot see
    Well because this broken road
    Prepares Your will for me

    Help me to win my endless fears
    You’ve been so faithful for all my years
    With one breath You make me new
    Your grace covers all I do

    Well I’m broken- but I still see Your face
    Well You’ve spoken- pouring Your words of grace

    Well hallelujah, hallelu
    (I will walk by faith)
    Well hallelujah, hallelu
    (I will walk by faith)

    I will walk, I will walk, I will walk by faith
    I will, I will, I will walk by faith

  5. Brown dwarf as cool as coffee foundAstronomers have found a star that’s only as hot as a cup of coffee, making it a candidate for the coldest star known. That is, assuming it’s a star.

    While a cup of coffee may sound hot — the newly discovered object is about 200 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius) — our sun is about 10,000 degrees F (5,500 degrees C). So, by comparison, it really is quite cold.

    The object is considered a brown dwarf, a cosmic misfit that’s cold enough to blur the lines between small cold stars and big hot planets. Astronomers consider brown dwarfs failed stars because they lack the mass and gravity to trigger the nuclear reactions that make stars shine brightly.

    The newly discovered brown dwarf, identified as CFBDSIR 1458+10B, is the dimmer member of a binary brown dwarf system located about 75 light-years from Earth.

    “In terms of its physical properties, it is really much closer to typical gas planets that are being found by radial velocity surveys than most brown dwarfs we know about,” Michael Liu of the University of Hawaii’s Institute for Astronomy


  6. Plans for Denvers new waterport ? If this is true it is not good news.Japan is doomed so is USA coastline,They have a method to their madness!!!

  7. Operation Odyssey Dawn is the perfect name for the Libyan attacks. The military said they regret naming it that, because it has created confusion based on Homer’s Odyssey was about a protagonist named Odysseus spending 10 years trying to reach Ithaca, encountering sirens and a cyclops along the way. More confusion about a confusing engagement already.

    A thought struck me today… and it is very diabolical. The U.S. is actively trying to support uprisings in countries that have been peaceful with America (say what you will about Ghadaffi, but Libya has been fairly stable) and totally ignoring uprisings in nations that are anti-American. I believe Obama is bombing Libya, because he did not do what they expected him to do, which is to step aside like a good boy, like the Egyptian President Mubarak.

    Why? Because they are laying the ground work for Muslim nations to band together and start WWIII, which we know Islamic extremists are already eager to do anyway so that their Mahdi will come.

    Why the heck would our government want WWIII? These rogue nations are the only thing standing in the way of a one world government. Our military is best in all out war scenarios, not peace keeping/nation building missions. They are good at breaking things. So Obama will provoke them until they band together and start WWIII. Then we will bomb them into the stone age and these elitists can have their Utopian pipe dream they have been dreaming of, where the world is united, there is no imperialism and no fighting for resources… and oh yeah, they have total control.

    Sadly Satan is playing both sides. Both the illuminati elitist backed governments and the muslim extremists are useful idiots, played against each other to destabilize the world. Only the A.C. will be able to unite us all and bring about peace and security, albeit a false one. Enter in the alien agenda that will supply an energy source that will make the demonized oil and nuclear power obsolete.

  8. Survey: Religious blame climate change – not sin – for natural disasters

    More than half of Americans believe in a personal God who controls everything, yet a survey released today finds that most see natural disasters as increasing in severity because of climate change rather than God’s wrath. In the wake of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the Public Religion Research Institute surveyed a random sample of 1,008 adults March 17-20. It found that few believe that God punishes nations for its sins or that earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters are a sign from God.

    • A stench in God’s nostrils indeed! good insight in the spirit of Babylon “Let the Lord arise, let His wrath go forth! Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty.

      Come out of her my people! Love not the world nor the things of the world, come to Jesus The Great Shepard of the flock He leads in righteousness, purity, love.

      Victory in jesus.

  9. Brother Howard Pittman comes on with a very sobering message to the saints of God.Howard shares his testimony of what happened to him after he died and was shown some alarming things. He was shown how satan is carrying out plans to attack and destroy Gods people. this is a true end time message from a man who is a true man of God. please listen and share this with friends and family.


  10. Babylon- Past, Present and Future Part 1 of 5 – an excellent documentary on Babylon and the spirit of Babylon past, present and future.

  11. I heard on Fox News theres’ a new drug that was approved that can cure melanoma. Can anyone PLEASE find me out the name of it so I can tell my grandpa? Maybe he wont ave to lose his eye after all!! Thank you so much!

    • Thank you so much, Jennifer! I think this is it.

      I’m kind of worried about myself now because it came out today that his great grandfather had one eye and these sorts of things skip generations. I take after him in that I look at least 10 years younger than I really am. When he was in his 70’s he was only gray at the sideburns. Anyway, I want to get checked out myself. I had an eye exam last fall and mentioned how my eyes hurt sometimes but the doctor said it was nothing. I didn’t know about this family history though. Since I depend on my vision for my career I’m kind of worried.


    • Ruggie- I think your idea of a forum is great. I keep getting lost trying to find certain posts.

      You might want to send L.A. an email. I’m sure you know this, but his email address is on the main page of his profile.

    • Hi Jennifer, I think when LA get’s back from the conference, I’ll send him an email about this possiblity. I could setup a forum for him and He can have designated moderators and administrators. I would be glad to help as either. It looks like there’s not too many problems here, and many who comment and follow LA’s ministry/blog and research are civil and level headed folks !

    • Hi Jennifer, I just emailed LA about this potential forum and We’ll see what He thinks. I know He’s on the road now and is due back soon, so maybe I’ll hear from him this week sometime. Like I said it would be my pleasure to set-up a nice forum for his blog/ministry for all to post and discuss current events and Bible Prophesy.

    • Hi Ruggie- Hope the forum works out. I don’t know the first thing about forums (technically speaking) but any thing I can do to help I will.

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