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We live in the natural world. The sun comes up and the sun goes down, predictably, every day. The seasons change with precision in a seemingly never-ending cycle. All things continue as before and it’s the same today as it ever was…. same as it ever was…. same as it ever was.

That is certainly one way to look at world events. Toynbee, the Historian, commented that history was cyclical, empires flourished and then decline and new ones rise to take their place. However, I respectfully disagree as I believe history is not cyclical but headed toward a climax. While it is true that empires rise and fall, what we see in the modern world is a connectivity that has never been here before. We are in some ways a global village in that since the industrial revolution, with the advent of modern transportation and communications, the world has become a very small place.

There is however, another dynamic that Toynbee, and others have overlooked and that’s the intervention of the supernatural. I believe that the supernatural is more real than what we see around us. I also think that we are beginning to see the supernatural intersect, in real-time, with the natural world. That being stated, I believe that at some point the supernatural will overshadow life here as we know it. We will see things that will blow our minds…

There is an apocryphal story that when Sigmund Freud who did not believe in anything supernatural met with Young, who believed in the supernatural, Freud asked for proof that the supernatural existed. Young stated that a book would fly off the shelf and when this happened and Freud fainted dead away!

We are warned that in the last days, before the  return of Yashua/Jesus that there will be signs in the heavens. That men will faint from fear from what is coming on the earth. That unless those days were shortened no flesh would survive. That even the elect would be deceived if that were possible.

In closing todays post: I believe we are headed, like a freight-train on steroids, toward a historic climax. There are two kingdoms that have warred with each other for untold millennia and this war, that for the most part has been unseen, is now spilling over onto this earth. There will come a time when the Fallen One is cast out of his abode – the second heaven – and when this happens we are told: Woe to the inhabitants of the earth for the devil, the Dragon, Satan, has been cast to earth and he is really ticked off because he knows his time is short. At some point in the future this present system that has enslaved mankind will be done away with. There will be a climax to history and it will be when the rightful king, Yashua/Jesus, returns with the armies of heaven  to set up His kingdom on the earth.


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In Other News:

Japan Nuclear Disaster Caps Decades of Faked Reports



“Chernobyl solution” may be last resort for Japan reactors



Japan radiation fears spark panic salt-buying in China



Alert level at Indonesia volcano raised to highest



Libya declares ceasefire after West threatens attack



Bahraini Shiites bury their dead from crackdown





267 thoughts on “Histories Climax – ENTER THE SUPERNATURAL

  1. Mrs M posted this yesterday and I took notes after several viewings its a stunning prediction from a Geologist who predicted the 1990 San Francisco Earthwuake within 4 days. Here are the notes but its worth watching.

    Geologist Jim Berkland claims that due to a full moon being closest to the earth on Marh 19th, there will be strong equinoxial tides, earth tides and the ground water tides that will create a prime condition for a 7.0 earthquake in North America from March 19-26th. He also notes the recent massive fish die off in California as a major sign of a coming earthquake to California.

    Thats stunning prediction! LA I think your right my friend.


      A new report released today in the Kremlin prepared for Prime Minister Putin by the Institute of Physics of the Earth, in Moscow, is warning that the America’s are in danger of suffering a mega-quake of catastrophic proportions during the next fortnight (14 days) with a specific emphasis being placed on the United States, Mexico, Central America and South American west coast regions along with the New Madrid Fault Zone region.

      This report further warns that catastrophic earthquakes in Asia and the sub-continent are, also, “more than likely to occur” with the 7.3 magnitude quake in Japan today being “one of at least 4 of this intensity” to occur during this same time period.

      Raising the concerns of a mega-quake occurring, this report says, are the increasing subtle electromagnetic signals that are being detected in the Earth’s upper atmosphere over many regions of the World, with the most intense being over the US Western coastal and Midwest regions.

      Important to note are that Russian and British scientists are at the forefront of predicting earthquakes based on these subtle electromagnetic signals and have joined in an effort to put satellites in space to detect more of them.

      More ominously in this report are Russian scientists confirming the independent analysis of New Zealand mathematician and long-range weather forecaster, Ken Ring, who predicted the deadly Christchurch quake and this week issued another warning of a quake to hit on or about March 20th.

    • Who needs nuclear bombs, when you can just have earth quakes that melt down nuclear reactors? A day is coming where the safest place to be is on a nuclear power sub in the middle of the ocean. I love American liberty, but our prosperity has become our Achilles heel. What the sheeple won’t do to try and maintain their comfortable and safe lifestyle, even if it means selling your soul to the evil one.

  2. L.A., I just want to thank you for responding to my post a few weeks ago. After my explanation of my husband’s severe headaches for 4 Sundays in a row, and then me smelling a faint smell of sulfur in our bedroom in the middle of the night, you told me to anoint the room, claiming the blood of Jesus. We did exactly that, and have had nothing but headache-free Sundays since! 🙂 No smell of sulfur, either. Thank you for your help! May God bless you in your work!

    • See, this just proves that we can also have unseen “supernatural” problems.

      Since not even many “Christians” believe in the supernatural (if that could even make sense really) it’s difficult to find someone who has the answers to help get the supernatural problems resolved.

      I’m thrilled yours was though!

      I meet so many “Christians” who fear learning about spiritual warfare & wary about those called into the Deliverance Ministry.

      If you fear something then just stick your head in the sand & maybe you’ll never have to face it. Forget about ever having the faith & knowledge to help someone else out too. No wonder we’re a bunch of weakling pansies here.

      But then on the flip side I’ve heard some Christians take this spiritual warfare to the flesh & go nuts & think they are on guard & being attacked 24/7. They can damage others w/their overt misguided enthusiasm.

    • Poor little grey squirrel probably needs some meds (anti-depressants) from all the stress it has to endure. With all of civilization encroaching on his tree, it finally snapped due to the pressure. I believe my Huskies would make quick work of this little guy………. Squirrels are my huskies forte. That said, I do not allow this kind of behavior, but have had a few brave squirrels enter the back yard much to their demise

    • I suspect it has something to do with me. I made light of a comment a few days ago, all in good fun, however it was not taken that way. After I realized she may be overly sensitive to such joking around, I decided to apologize,and asked to be forgiven as I never want anyone to feel uncomfortable, upset or hurt with comments I make even though they were not meant that way. I thought it was a done deal and time to move on, but evidently, the apology was not accepted. Not much more I can do, my comment was not meant in a negative way or to harm anyone, so not sure why she got so upset. I understand some can be overly sensitive to a little joking around but honestly I did not mean it as she mistakenly took it and quite frankly when I read it back its obvious I was just joking around with her. Ah well, some of us tease each other back and forth, and are cool with it, its all in love and always in good fun, some just can’t deal with joking around like that for whatever reason, they may take life a bit too serious, or not a joyful person, or who knows what, maybe it is as simple as them not seeing the humor in it,,whatever the case the Lord made us all different and perhaps I need to be more sensitive to that. That said,I meant no harm and I certainly didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and if I did, I apologize once again.

    • In the last 2 months I have a squirrel in my wood stove. The people that came said it might return to the same place and it did just that! I didn’t know squirrels were that stupid!

    • Squirrels give your position away when you burn ’em— the oils in their fur, or something, gives off a pungent dark smoke that is visible for miles on a still day.

    • Didn’t this happen already fairly recently or is this the same event? I remember reading about an attack like this somewhere, maybe on this blog.

      If you think this is bad, try having Raccoons break into your house through the ceiling and being there to greet you on your bed! That happened to me a few months ago. And they broke in 4 nights in a row in different spots. We had to put plywood over the whole ceiling to keep them out. Very weird.

    • Captain Eagle, be careful, one thing I have learned from watching, Billy the exterminator, is raccoons can be mean and ornery. Don’t think you want them in the bed with you,just imagine if they fall through in the middle of the night…

    • Have you heard of other means of reducing the effects of nuclear radiation:


      Plus, especially Kelp, Spirulina, and Chlorella. You would have to research the amounts needed of these items to be protective; but it sounds to me like a good idea to find out. I have been using a product called Organic Enerfood for several years now that contains all three of the mentioned items but I do not know the strength of this product and whether they are in the amounts that would be needed. I plan to research that.

      God bless us all and keep us under the protection of His Wings!

    • I just want to tell you guys how I think the Lord prepared me for this event. Both my sister and my mom have thyroid problems and take prescription meds. I want to go the herbal route, so I have on hand all three! And I live on the west coast.

      I got an email this am that says 5 months ago to the day of the eq Japan condemned Israel for building in their own country. I don’t want to go on the record and say it was a direct result, but it is for your own discernment. I’ll quote the statement from Japan:

      But that is not the only prophetic event that took place contrary to scripture. Exactly five months (October 11 2010) prior to this tragic earth quake the Japanese government were involved in laying a corner stone in Jericho to inaugurate the construction of an industrial park. Here is a verse of scripture many may not have memorized, but the Lord who is full of Grace (He gave them five months to repent, five being the number of grace) remembers His word. “And Joshua adjured them at that time, saying, Cursed be the man before the LORD, that riseth up and buildeth this city Jericho: he shall lay the foundation thereof in his firstborn, and in his youngest son shall he set up the gates of it.” Jos 6:26 Exactly five months later to the day this terrible earthquake took place in Japan. Oh America hear the word of the Lord. If you continue to pursue “The Road Map” and pressuring Israel into surrendering her God given inheritance of the land of Israel, the very vengeance and judgement of the Lord shall come upon America and I will divide America.

      There has been much talk as to why this tragic earth quake has hit Japan on March 11th 2011. One of the emails circulating the internet is how Japan made some very strong statements condemning Israel exactly one year earlier on March 11 2010 when the press secretary of the government of Japan said: “The Government of Japan deplores the decisions of the Government of Israel to give permission for the construction of 1,600 housing units in East Jerusalem in addition to 112 units in West Bank just after the Israeli and Palestinian leadership’s acceptance of the start of indirect talks. The Government of Japan does not recognize any act that prejudges the final status of Jerusalem and the territories in the pre-1967 borders. Japan demands that the plans should not be implemented.”

      But that is not the only prophetic event that took place contrary to scripture. Exactly five months (October 11 2010) prior to this tragic earth quake the Japanese government were involved in laying a corner stone in Jericho to inaugurate the construction of an industrial park. Here is a verse of scripture many may not have memorized, but the Lord who is full of Grace (He gave them five months to repent, five being the number of grace) remembers His word. “And Joshua adjured them at that time, saying, Cursed be the man before the LORD, that riseth up and buildeth this city Jericho: he shall lay the foundation thereof in his firstborn, and in his youngest son shall he set up the gates of it.” Jos 6:26 Exactly five months later to the day this terrible earthquake took place in Japan. Oh America hear the word of the Lord. If you continue to pursue “The Road Map” and pressuring Israel into surrendering her God given inheritance of the land of Israel, the very vengeance and judgement of the Lord shall come upon America and I will divide America.

      By; Jan Meador Ministries

      Five months to the day prior to the great quake: Here is the headline and an article from the JAIP website. (emphasis mine)
      Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad inaugurated and corner-stoned the Jericho
      Agro Industrial Park’s Infrastructure projects funded by the Government of Japan

      As part of Jericho 10,000 Program, on October 11th, 2010, a ceremony was held at the future site of Jericho Agro-Industrial Park (JAIP) with attendance of (Palestinian) Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad, for the inauguration of the rehabilitation of part of Mahmoud Darwish Street (1.8 km) and for the ground-breaking of JAIP land reclamation. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Naofumi Hashimoto, Representative of Japan to the PNA, Mr. Kamel Hemaid, Governor of Jericho and Mr. Hassan Saleh, Mayor of Jericho. This road rehabilitation is the first infrastructure project to facilitate the traffic in the southern Jericho, with an impact on establishing JAIP as well, while the project for the land reclamation (1st stage of 115 donum) is the first step on the JAIP site. Both projects are funded by the Government of Japan with the amount of USD 3.1 million approximately. JAIP is a core project to materialize the concept of creating the Corridor for Peace and Prosperity, which was proposed by Japan, as mid-and-long term efforts for its contribution to the co-existence and co-prosperity of Palestinians and their neighboring countries through cooperation among them.

      (This is Japan’s answer to the Road Map and also demands a 2-state solution with Israel giving up large sectors of land for peace.)

      Japan is firmly committed to support the establishment of a viable Palestinian state, and believes that for achieving such goal, a solid basis of sustainable Palestinian economy is indispensable. Japan will support this project of JAIP as part of the PNA Government Program “Homestretch to Freedom”, through continuously working together with Palestinian side as well as with the other partners of Israel and Jordan, in order to start its operation by the end of 2012. Later on the same day, Dr. Salam Fayyad together with Mr. Naofumi Hashimoto also attended the inauguration ceremony for the rehabilitation of Al-Quds street (the Arabic name for Jerusalem) (about 0.7 km) which was implemented as part of the Project for Improvement of Internal City Roads in Jericho. Under this project funded by the Government of Japan with amount of USD 7.2 million approximately, over 70 routes in Jericho City have been improved along with providing Jericho City with roads maintenance equipments.

      Statement by Press Secretary/Director-General for Press and Public Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the decision of the Government of Israel regarding the construction of housing units at settlements in West Bank including East Jerusalem
      March 11, 2010
      The Government of Japan deplores the decisions of the Government of Israel to give permission for the construction of 1,600 housing units in East Jerusalem in addition to 112 units in West Bank just after the Israeli and Palestinian leadership’s acceptance of the start of indirect talks. The Government of Japan does not recognize any act that prejudges the final status of Jerusalem and the territories in the pre-1967 borders. Japan demands that the plans should not be implemented.
      The Government of Japan continues to request strongly that both parties will act in a way that enhances mutual confidence. Japan sincerely hopes that the indirect talks in the peace process will swiftly develop into the resumption of direct talks between the two parties.


  3. Fukushima Radiation and H5N1 In Wild Birds In Japan
    Recombinomics Commentary 13:13
    March 17, 2011
    Information received on 16/03/2011 from Dr Toshiro Kawashima, CVO, Animal Health Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Tokyo , Japan

    Fukushima Radiation and H5N1 In Wild Birds In Japan?
    The worsening situation at the Daiichi nuclear power facility in Fukushima, Japan increases concerns that the H5N1 circulating in wild birds and poultry in the region will be impacted by the release of ionizing radiation. This radiation can lead to rapid evolution of clade 2.3.2 H5N1, which may lead to selection of changes that increase transmission in humans in the region. These changes could quickly spread through displaced persons living in crowded conditions that are far from ideal.


  4. Lo! I was born,fed,bred and indoctrinated. I was given chemicals and preservatives instead of nutrients. I was handed sinks full of flouridated water and denied the true waters of the earth.
    I studied fantasy instead of foundation. I worked for pennies instead of pension. I was taught we came from monkeys and apes and the last breath mankind drew was the end of man in all shapes, forms and fashion.s
    I became beguiled and englamoured of television of stardom and fame. Instead of heroes, I was given coked up heiresses and plastic harlots showing more skin than dignity allowed. I was told to fantasize about mtv and becoming a musician that sang songs of depravity and lurid actions with glee and glory, galore. I found myself alone in the world and beheld it for what it truly was a land full of false promises and penalization.
    Then in my despair I cried out, “Woe is my I am forsaken! I am abused, I am alone!” I found myself repulsed by this false place. I found myself looking for something so long denied, hidden and kept apart. I searched for the one thing the world denied me Truth and it was not until I gave up that it found me. Alone in myself, depressed and disillusioned; I heard a soft, still gentle voice.
    And Lo! Behold I am forgiven! O Praise thee Almighty GOD I am wanted! I am precious! I am loved! Thank thee oh thank thee my soul saving redeemer for you have encircled me in the loving arms of salvation. Now I find myself still despised in this war weary world. I find my words loathed and looked at askance because I was given a truth to share. But my dear friends I care not at the barbs and bruises nor the burns and blisters this place hurls at me.
    Thank God I am forgiven. Praise God I am saved!!! God Bless you guys!!!

  5. Has anyone else noticed that on the USGS earthquake site, http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eqarchives/year/eqstats.php, that there has been complete revision in the last few days. I keep track of all 6.0 and above earthquakes on a hand written log daily, and a computer spreadsheet of all earthquakes every few days. I visit this site to check the number of 6.0 and below earthquake numbers to put on my spreadsheet. When I looked a couple of minutes ago, the 6 quakes of 7.0-7.9 that we have had since January 1st, has been changed to 4. And the 68 6.0-6.9 quakes that we have had since January 1st has been changed to 10 quakes. This is the second time I have seen such revisionism on this site, but the first time was not so blatant.
    Also I wanted to let anyone know that might be interested, that I saw a great Christian movie from Netflix the other night, called “I Am”. I would recommend it highly. Bless you all, my brothers and sisters in the Lord.

    • Louie – You are right about the 7.0-7.9 quakes. I track them also. The USGS website had ‘6’ for over a week and now it’s ‘4’. Something is fishy. My thought is that they adjust their numbers as necessary. In the FAQ section, they claim that earthquakes “are not increasing”, and my guess is that they do not want them to increase………so it’s business as usual.
      Thanks for paying attention!

    • Geez- Something is up! That’s for being the EQ Watchman! More proof of the lies & deceptions going on.

    • Louie & LNL –

      If you go to this page – http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eqinthenews/ (it’s not the page with the tables) you’ll see a list of major quakes so far in 2011. You can count the 7.0-7.9 EQs there for a total of NOT ‘6’ like it was a few days ago, and NOT the ‘4’ that’s their new number, but ‘5’??? Five! Cinco! Does the USGS hire new employees from the Public School system and put them in charge of counting the big ones, or what? (careful now….just kidding) I am a survivor of public education, but I can now count anyway.

    • Wow, something is really up with this. I guess it’s easier to play with the numbers, than rewrite their never changing statement that earthquakes aren’t increasing. Thanks for the input.

    • Louie – It’s now Saturday. I contacted them last night via one of the links at the bottom of their website. I asked about all the discrepencies. I don’t know if they got it, but check out the USGS table now at: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eqarchives/year/eqstats.php

      The 7.0-7.9 now totals ‘7’. So, it was ‘6’ early in the week, reduced to ‘4’ a couple days ago (while listing 5 on the other page), and now it is ‘7’. Go figure!

    • Dennis – I just got home from a day out, and when I checked I saw it had been changed. I hadn’t contacted them yet, and am really glad you did. Thanks for being proactive.

    • That was GREAT, LNL!!! I’ve seen most of that information before, but he presented it so much better than others I’ve seen! Thank you for posting it! I’ll be passing it on to many friends who are watching! Great encouragement!

      Again I say, Feast of Trumpets, 2011 anyone? I say Maranatha! 😀

    • Very, very good. If that guy who set the date for the rapture on May 21st really knew his scripture, he would have picked Sept. 29th.

    • Thanx for posting this LNL when you direct a link to this site for some reason my video’s cannot play but they do here. I love listening to him.

    • Here’s the link he mentioned for the free planetarium software in order to connect the Feast Days w/the Calander to see if any of the Biblical “signs” line up. Like the Ox w/the Sun (June 8,2011 same position as origional Pentecost) or the Virgin w/clothed w/the stars & the moon @ her feet.(Feast of Trumpets 2011)


    • Thank you Lisa for posting the video and link, this will help my studies in eschatology. I just downloaded stellarium -very cool-. God bless you and your family.

    • If this turns out to be wrong…this will be nothing but a load of itching ears…His second coming is marked by solar and lunar eclipses, immediately after the tribulation of those days. I do not know of any passage for me to WATCH for an ox with a sun between his horns and a woman clothed with the sun. I believe there will be also other celestial signs that we with our limited understanding will not be aware of (Like his death on the cross in the Star of betlehem video), but like Chuck Missler says “Torture the data long enough and it will confess to anything.”

    • Luke 21:36
      “Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.”

      Those are not idle words from Jesus and our hopes are Him alone! He will get us when He gets us! But I will hope that He gets us sooner than later!

    • Bozz, did you watch the presentation? Its explained there.

      Weren’t the wisemen who traveled to see the Messiah actually of the pagan sort? The Jewish people who should have been watching for the signs of His 1st coming didn’t bother.

      I don’t think its wise for us near the 2nd Coming to adopt the same attitude. The wisemen knew to look @ the stars for signals from God as the God placed them there for a purpose. Some people may not find this facinatig as others.

      There are deeper treasures in Gods word for Christians who diligently study it as God chooses to unlock bits of mysteries @ His appointed times.

      If we just adopt the attitude that every Christian watching for signs is a date setting crackpot then Satan will have done his job to discourage us.

    • You misunderstood me LNL. I agree with you, but people twist this into pre-trib secret rapture and start to scratch their itching ears. What happened to Yahshuah warning us of not to go to the desert and to the SECRET chambers? Scriptures warn us that the antichrist comes before Christ, but in the pre-trib secret rapture it`s the other way around. Now, is that not just a little bit suspicious?

    • LNL: Thank you so much for posting the video. I just finished watching it. Over the years, I have heard bits and pieces of these things. Now it is in one place. I was especially fascinated with the news about what happened in Sudan in January! PTL!


  6. A short update about Japan from Moriel. This part surprised me: “Our Calvary Chapel friends from Tokyo are preparing to minister in the most badly affected regions as soon as they are able. They also report that people around them are still closed to the gospel.”

    I thought they would be a little more receptive @ this point. Let’s pray for the Christians over there trying to reach the lost. They may need a boost.



  7. I know that yesterday was St. Patricks day but this came in to me and for some it will rub the wrong way and others a revelation. –

    Here is a couple things about Patrick that perhaps you don’t know.
    1 Born in Scotland–not Ireland in 360 A.D.
    2 Disliked by Catholics He was not a Catholic,never was,hated their doctrines & lies.
    3 He kept the Scriptural 7th day Sabbath (Saturday) as the Sabbath and all the Churches he started did the same.
    4 Catholics hated him and his converts. Sunday laws brutally enforced in A.D. 664.
    5 The Celtic Church fled for their lives because of forced Sunday worship by Rome.
    6 Eventually the Sabbath keepers had to join Rome or die. Rome created & spread fables about Patrick being such a devout Catholic.

    Anyway,just another little history lesson out of thousands the World has been lied to & deceived about. AND, AS SCRIPTURE PUTS IT,”THE PEOPLE LOVE TO HAVE IT SO.”

    I post this for your evaluation.

    E. Gibbs.

    • …and it makes me angry that a holiday in his honor has become a day of sex and beer!

      Ever read about Saint Nicholas? Few know what an advocate for Christ he was. (He even punched a priest in the nose for denying the divinity of Christ before Constintine at the Council of Niccea!!) I know why but I’ll say it, how come all the Godly men’s God filled legacies get perverted…

  8. Wow… you can listen to Japan’s earthquake: http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_thelookout/20110318/ts_yblog_thelookout/listen-to-japans-massive-quake

    Annnd here comes a maybe stupid thought… they happen.. you all know that. Anyways.. for those that have solar power… what happens when there is a solar flare? What if it then becomes a weapon? :-O Like it sucks in all the flare and torches your home? Just curious… I don’t like to think “green” because that’s what I think when I think “green.”

    • When we think green, we should think about Play-Doh®. Or leaves or the ocean or anything except a stupid catch phrase made up to add artificial value to stuff Al Gore wanted to sell us.

      All the normal solar panels will be fine, or will just burn out without damaging anything else. The ‘green’ ones though, will burn houses down. Just because.

      I just basically repeated what you said, didn’t I, Kimberly? Well it hurts to think up new stuff. i think (ow)

    • Most likely the panels will fry and something will catch fire somewhere in the house. In 1856 or somewhere around that year, when there was the last powerful solar flare, the telegraph cables caught on fire. Luckily back then telegraph cables were all there was. Now look at an average house today. And if you live in a house made out of wood, it will probably burn down. Have a bucket of water always handy.

    • The Go Green movement is a joke. We assume that Earth has been the same climate forever and we know that is not true. The pre flood world was tropical (This can be proven!) and the Vikings ransacked England to get their vineyards. Today it’s too cold to grow grapes in the UK. This means the earth was….WARMER. I guess those Vikings just had gas guzzling SUVs…

      And until China and India go green NOTHING we do will have any impact.

      KImberly, I don’t think solar power is that strong. Solar and wind only work 15%-25% of the time. The rest is made up on the regular power grid. It’s a pretty useless technology.

      I only recycle when I get PAID for my scrap. Why else bother?

      Did anone here that there are enviornmentalist who wantto ban toilet paper and make us use leaves? NO JOKE! I’ve seen it reported in a few places now. That thought isn’t very….appealing. ;/ I can se Glenn Beck now running adds to stock ile toilet paper!! Ha Ha…

      Bozz – Are you SURE a solar flare is powerful enough to burn a house down? That’s the first I’ve ever heard that. I know they’ll screw up electronic signals and that’s the biggest fear but I’ve never heard of any fear of burning stuff.

    • The solar flare burns the electronics, cables, etc. I didn`t say the house will burn down because of the flare. The cables can catch fire and if they are near some wood planks…anything`s possible. Check history about the last powerful solar flare. The telegraph cables caught on fire.

  9. Awful quiet here the last couple days.I hope everyone is alright. Don’t fall into the trap of fear that the powers that be are trying hard to lay upon us.The time is short now very short, I can feel it in my heart.Keep your eyes on high for our redemption is near.Love you all and pray to see you all up above! God bless Randy Ph And may this Sabbath find you blessed with the Holy Spirit.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I hope abundant, plentiful comments aren’t annoying people. I was gone most of yesterday and today because of some personal business. I hope I didn’t worry ya. 😉

    • Glad to see you here captain, I do not know why exactly but I have felt deep concern for my brothers and sisters all day today. Something is up but I can’t quite get a grip on it yet.I welcome your comments so keep posting. Smile

    • I’ve been feeling weird… unsettling is more the word. Sometimes it seems more spiritually dark than other days. When I went to bed, I laid down feeling fine. My cat was over at the food dish playing with stuff and being all cute. I started dozing off some… then he scooted a piece of cat food.. barely… and I woke up with my heart beating fast!! Over a piece of cat food!! I feel spiritually jumpy… then I dreamt about aliens flying everywhere… someone came whizzing by and directed a torch towards the sky that opened up a black whole which sucked all the ufos up! I felt stupid about that one… but I do have a reoccurring dream where I look out the window at night… I look up at the stars, and they keep falling down as if they were falling down a waterfall (much like the Jerusalem UFO) … but as they keep falling they keep reappearing from where they fell… I always have a foreboding feeling in those dreams and I always say to myself within the dream, “what are they doing?” I’ve had that dream five times now… last time I dreamt it was two months ago. (that was kinda off topic) Anyways, somedays I feel eeriness more than others… so I’m with ya on that Randy. Hmm.. this is one of those time to up the ante on the prayers. :-O

    • Last night I couldn’t sleep and I reconnected with one of my Jewish friends I haven’t seen online in years and I told them about the aliens/fallen angel stuff and going into great detal about everything I know about it and whenever I do that late at night I can feel a dark presence like so I rarely do that. But i wanted them to know about it. I had a hard time getting to sleep last niht because of it but I felt it was important that I tell them about it. I just didn’t count that in my over all recent feelings. I do feel concern about world events but I’m not at all worrid because I know God will take care of it.

      Kimberly – Did you ever read my posts on here about the dream I’ve had since a child about getting left behind at the Rapture and having to lead others to Christ through the dark times? It’s pretty intense and the best way I can describe the feelingis if you lived in the original Planet of the Apes. That future world has that ton to it (but no talking apes on horseback! I just mean the anxiety feeling Heston has in the film.)

    • Hey Cap’n, do you think it possible that you might have some Hebrew blood in your veins? 😉

      144,000 of the tribes of Israel will be here in the thick of things. Those folks will be true superheros! Principality smashers! They may never lead a crusade at a stadium, but their work may be the regular equivalent.

  10. Two-faced Texas Christians portrayed in new ABC pilot


    As a Christian this is extremely disturbing. However at the same time as a Christian who has to look in the mirror at what we have become I have to admit that we have brought this on ourselves. A divorce rate that mimics the world, sexual conduct that smells like a sewer, and modesty that makes us look like hookers. Why would the world think anything other of us then this show portrays? The unfortunate thing is that while we deserve what we are getting our Lord does not and we are to blame.
    Certainly this saying has become true in our seeing;
    Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.

    • Sadly though this reflects the lifestyle of most “christians” I met. I will never understand how you can clim to be in a religion then reject all it stands for. It’s like Mel Brooks. He’s an athiest yet he gives off the impression of embracing Jewish culture. Isn’t God a big part of that culture?

  11. I was thinking the same thing Randy,,everyone ok out there?,,,,No one is holed up in their bunker yet are they? test test,,,1,2 1,2, 2,2,,check, check

    • That’s one tough squirrel. Your huskies must be brave to face those little critters…

      Isn’t it hot where you live? How well do huskies do in Texas? We had an akita here and the poor dog was miserable in the summertime (she lived on my air conditioner vents).

    • The key is AC, the dogs nor myself could not survive here without AC…they do struggle a bit in the summer but in the winter when it gets cold,,like in the mid 60s, they really come to life and full of energy.

    • By the way, akita’s are nice dogs, your lucky to have owned one. I hear they make very good companions, and very smart.

    • Our akita was a great dog. She was 120 lbs., but she could climb! We named her Abbie, but ended up calling her Houdini because she could get out of any fence, yard or chain. She was a handful.
      She also was more of a one-man dog. She learned to integrate with our family, but we had a few hairy moments in which she challenged my authority.

    • Hasn’t this happened before too? I remember at least a half dozen reports on Bibles like this stirring us up over the last 15 years. People are truly ignorant when they think they can tamper with the Word of God as if God’s PC. It’s why I reject the NIV. When I learned how that translation came to be I cannot trust it. Yet it’s the most widely used translation in churches…

    • If you’re referring to the article then never mind. I read it but if it’s something different I’d be interested. I’m a King James girl myself.

    • The NIV was written by two guys named Westscott & Hort and (I’m going from memory, I learned this when I was 16) first of all, there are like 5 or 6 ancient codexes of the Scripture. I forget each one’s name but they are like Codex A, Codex C, etc. and there’s a Codex Alph. Some only have a few copies in agreement with each other but the codex that has the most (and I forget which) is where the KJV was translated from. W & H used the one that had like a few dozen copies if that where as King James Source material had HUNDREDS of copies. Then they started editing things out. I forget the number but it’s something like 1,200+ differences between the two versions.

      And Matt, one of themis removing the word “begotten” from John 3:16. I know people who use this as a Bible test because most modern translations remove that word. Without it the contect of who Jesus is totally changes and that is where the support for the theory that He only became the Son of God at His baptism gained steam.

      I’m strongly against ommitting words from Scripture. I know that the Hebrew and Greek have words that have multiple meanings and the KJV translators used he English ones they felt led to being th most likely. I also look at it this way. The KJV has been the most widely used version of the Scripture. Do you really think God would have allowed an incorrect version of His word become the standard for western civilization for 400 years? Sure, it’s not perfec, what translation can be, but it’s as close as we can get unless you get someone doing the same thing who can provide notes on the multiple Hebrew meanings for some words. All that does is provide depth to the ebrew text thatthe English cannot provide. Different language, different words.

      There were some things wrong with the Living Bible too. I can’t remeber them all but one is that they update the language every few years to stay current and update their copyright. (but mostly the latter reason) Why should God’s word need to be updated every few years?

    • Say Captain Eagle, Matt and others, what about the NKJV version? New King James. After discussions with a friend about the inaccuracies of the NIV version (much to my chagrin as I have used that version my entire christian life), I got the NKJV. Much easier to understand as it does not use the old english style.

      I guess I’m a King James gal, too. 🙂

    • I’m reading a NKJV version myself just to get the feel for it. I know some people object to it but this came out after I studied about the other translations so I’m just addressing it now. I know some people rejct it just because it’s new but as long as I find it was translated correctly (and what I have yet to determine is if they redid the whole translation or if they have simply updated the KJ english to modern english. I have a problem with neither as long as they left all the words in tact.)

      Nothing wrong with being a King James Gal. I don’t have a hard time with the old KJ because I’ve alreays read it and Shakespeare. (Orson Wellls, who didn’t live a Christian life even said those are the only two books of education anyone needs. You don’t find that sort of respect from even the non Christians anymore.)

      Now, I do have a couple comic book Bibles and I have no problem with doing that (or a Bible film) as long as it remains true to the SCripture. In both cases they are adataptions and should never be taken as the Word. In one of them they even reference the passage they’ve adapted so you can read the actual text. It’s a great way to study Scripture and gives ou a feel for the time and place because they tried to illustrate it correctly.

    • Most of us are acquainted with who Michael S. Heiser is and what his area of expertise is. So I trust this self-admitted “language geek” (and believer) to point me in the direction of learning about the various Biblical translations. Mike’s professional opinion is that owning/using more than one translation is very helpful. His personal “favorite” is the ESV. Seriously, this man knows what he’s talking about. I recommend visiting his main page for connections to all the awesome sites he has. You won’t be disappointed:^D
      Note that he also has a blog called “UFO Religions”

    • I’m checking him out (had heard him speak about aliens before) but what I’ll say is it’s only good to use multiple translations if both are valid. The NIV is not so it does more damage than good. Because it’s the most widely used it’s the one I’d found the most negative background on.

    • I like using e-sword.net, free software you install so works when offline with many translations you can install and click back and forth ,even has a compare button. Very neat and handy. Most of the translations are free some due to copyright restrictions cost some, but it has. many worthwhile ones such as KJV ,Geneva,KJV-1611, as well as Greek and Hebrew ect.Also has some commentaries and the like available. worth looking at and using for sure. My daily Bible is a NKJV which so far has been properly translated as far as I have found. If anyone knows of any errors please share them with me.

    • I use the NKJV occasionally, too, for reference but like you, Cap, I’m familiar w/ the olde English and it doesn’t distress me. I want accuracy.

    • If you can only have one, have a KJV. Nice to have additional versions to compare, though. Knowing how to read Hebrew and Greek (and Aramaic?) and reading original transcripts would best.

    • For Cap’n Eagle~
      Just so ya know, Mike Heiser only suggests having more than one translation available for language comparisons- not to promote one or another. He does, however, recommend using Bible Gateway if you want access to various translations. Like Randy Ph I have the E-Sword downloaded. Awesome stuff!

    • Your welcome as well James. I thought everybody knew about e-sword or I would have mentioned it sooner. Ooops!

    • No this one is legit.Deep groaning sounds. The sounds from hell was pretty errie too but I believe it was proved to be a hoax

    • I think if we heard the sounds of hell… well, I don’t think we’d ever be the same again. I think it would be too horrific to get over without God’s power. I heard the Art Bell sounds from Hell.. and it just sounded like an upset stomach. If we really heard hell, we’d be on the streets right now begging people to turn to Christ. :-/

    • Art’s Sounds From Hell always reminded me of background noise in a Fun House. However, the story he claimed these came from MAY have really happened. I can remember being 8 years old and reading it in Church Magazine. It was all there. The Russians drilling for oil, the drill slipping, the winged creature, and the sounds emitting from the hole of screaming and gnashing of teeth. It’s always stayed with me but Art’s sounds are the only “evidence” I’ve ever found of the story. I can’t find any reference to that church mag.

      Ever hear Art’s Bigfoot sounds? Last I knew Steve Quayle thought they were authentic.

    • The “sounds from the pits of hell” I admit I fell for it, and was pretty shaken up by it at 3:00AM in the morning when Art played it. Creep out factor was off the charts that night. Could not go back to sleep….Art Bell the Vincent Price of radio, sure did his job of freaking me out that night.

    • Man I wish I could see it! I know Steve Quayle says giants are in suspended animation in Tibetan caves so my interest is peaked! Is the sound relative to that idea?

    • Yes, Cap’n, but they are recording the same sound in caves all over the planet. It is as if the earth is “ringing.” It is a low, groan/chant/musical sound. Not an ugly, loud or discordant sound, but something ominous.

    • This makes me think of something I read in the Bible (??? I can’t remember where though. Job? Psalms? Maybe all throughout?) … maybe someone else will know what I am talking about… but somewhere it states or alludes to all of His creation worshiping Him (sun moon stars, everything with breath, etc.)… it also made me think of Romans 8:22 “For we know that the whole creation groans…” Hmm 😮

    • Oh, Kimberly, this will blow your mind then. Did you know every atom vibrates an audio signal? When Abel’s blood called out to God it actually did! Our blood even has unique sounds just like DNA. Isn’t that incredible stuff?!! 😀

    • (GASP!) I did! I did already know that, and it did blow my mind my when I first learned it!!! So coooooooooool!!! .. I read an article on Stan Deyo’s site last week (him or Steve Qualye) about DNA transmitting light! That was a rad article too. I’ll try to find it and post it. 😀

    • Yes Patrick ,Welcome back,
      Well the names have all changed since you hung around,
      But those dreams have remained and they’re turned around.

    • Hey, Mr. Kotter, I got a note!”
      Epstein can’t participate in gym class today, signed
      “Epstein’s Mother.”

    • 🙄
      Now why did you go and bring up welcome back Kotter for? It brings back forgotten memories of brain cells that I lost!

      Here you go Sweat Hoggs:

    • Thanks Rose!

      Good job Randy!

      My wife forced me on a cruise and as we were leaving Rio for Salvador, the clouds miraculously cleared just in time for me to snap this photo (thanks Jesus!) I shot it at a full 12x zoom.
      I hope to be seeing the real Jesus in like fashion shortly! I am ready for the heavenly cruise on the heavenly Ark.
      Everyone one here ready? (no need to pack!) He is coming in the clouds.

    • LOVE your “DrawInks” (superduper pun) and every other medium you’ve utilized! Out of curiosity, on “Shadow Wings” (another great pun) did you do all the fine wing detailing yourself or use a leafy template? Either way, it is exquisite:^D Btw, I have this miniature gallery of Biblical/prophetic imagery around my PC area. Please tell me if it’s okay for me to make a printout of your supernatural warrior in-the-negative to add to the mix…it’s a perfect fit! Can hardly wait to see more of your artsies. You also have a talent for wordsmithing. You go sister:^D

    • Aw, thank you lots and lots, In A Moment. 🙂 Haha, yeah, on Shadow Wing.. I was cross-eyed for awhile after drawing that.. so no template, just me, my pen, and my crossed eyes. Tee hee. Oooo… a miniature gallery, you say? :-O Haha…. sure you can print it out! I’d be glad to be thrown into the mix!! Whoooa… I like the word “wordsmithing” … I wrote those writings when I was going through some serious hardships… like a winepress period in my life, and when squeezed, that’s what came out. Thank you again for your kindness!!!! (BIG HUG!)

    • Wow. I didn’t know you could really stick your eyes that way! Now I’ll have to be careful drawing. Been at it all day….:) Back to the old drawing board…literally.

    • I’m with brother Randy Ph! None other than overlooking Rio de Janeiro. Isn’t a nickname for that statue called “Christ of the Andes?” So were you flying into or out of S. America when you captured this image moment?

    • In A Moment, I live in São Paulo about 1.5 hours from the port of Santos where I caught the cruise ship Vision of the Seas (Royal Caribbean), with ports of call to Rio, Salvador, Buzios. I was departing Rio (1st port of call) in route to Salvador.

      This photo is the Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado mountain overlooking Rio.

      The one you are mentioning I think is this:

      Christ the Redeemer of the Andes (Spanish: Cristo Redentor de los Andes) is a monument high in the Andes at 3,832 metres (12,572 ft) above mean sea level on the border between Argentina and Chile. It was unveiled on 13 March 1904 as a celebration of the peaceful resolution of the border dispute between the two countries.


    • If it`s a statue that represents the one true God, it`s a graven image and goes contrary to what Deutoronomy 4:16 says.

  12. To everyone feeling sad yesterday, I’ve been experiencing the opposite. I’ve felt sad for quite a few years but since the last few mnths (I think it started in Decmber) I’ve been feeling better and better in my personal life. Over the last few weeks I’ve had my enthusiasm and excitement rekindled from a flicker to a mighty flame. I’m still worried about global events but on a personal level I’ve had my vigor restored and I feel at least ten years younger. It’s as if I’ve skipped over those sad years entirely. I hope I don’t make anyone depressed with my newfound happiness. But in truth, for the first time in years of really bad things happening to me I’m thrilled to be Captain Eagle. 😀

    The Paul review – same crap, different day. I knew this would be the angle when I saw the trailer on TV where he brings the dead bird to life and eats it. No interest in seeing this film.

    I say agin, Hollywood makes films that SHOVE their morality down America’s throats. They mock traditional values and God and replace it with trash like this. The goal is to reprogram the young people to think the way they do and if you look at my generation or the one that’s behind me it’s working. You wouldn’t believe the number of people I meet who base their moral view on Star Wars, Tedy Ruxin, and The Smurfs.

    • By the way, part of my good feeling, I believe, is because I’ve been getting prayed for on this blog. There are times I truly feel the Spirit come over me like I never have before. I attribute it to you guys praying. Thanks a bunch! I need it and apreciate it tremendously!!

    • Can you imagine if Iran had a Roswell Incident? How would that go down. Would they kill the ET on sight or try to convert it to Islam first them kill it? I wonder how they’d react in that sort of situation. Probably just run away, right? This is the culture where Steve Quayle mentions there being modern day canibal giants and a few months ago there was a story about a man or woman posssessed by a genie so they do deal with the spiritual supernatural realm over here. I just wonder what would happen when the modern guise for the supernatural shows up there.

    • I actually have a model of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang here on my desk! It was given to me by some of the people behind the film. 🙂 It’s a treasured momento because of that.

    • Nice! That would be quite the treasure! My kids love that movie and so do I… 😉

      I want a case of Toot Sweets!

  13. If you ever dreamed of a vacation in Hawaii, Tahiti or Fiji now is your chance…please pack hazmat suit along with your swim trunks…and also make sure your snorkel gear comes with filter.

    Disaster crimps Pacific tourism

    “Hawaii tourism is suffering a triple whammy as Americans fearing airborne radiation from Japan’s damaged nuclear power plants are canceling Hawaii trips, Japanese are canceling Hawaii visits to tend to matters at home, and Asian travelers are unable to connect as usual through Tokyo, according to the Star-Advertiser”
    “Hotels are being hit hard. Starwood Hotels and Resorts expects April bookings for Waikiki to drop by 25 to 30 percent, Keith Vieira, senior vice president and director of operations for the chain’s Hawaii and French Polynesia locations, told the Star-Advertiser”


    • See, this is why I even question there is a danger or not. We get so much misinformation on both sides of this that now I have to ask myself if there IS a danger of radiation levels or if there ISN’T a danger and the stories are simply designed to create fear, result in panic, and cause the US dollar to fall even more? If people on the left coast are afrid to be outside then they wont be spending money and that will add to the problems some of those states are in. With Hawaii it will be devastating. They make their money as a tourist destination.

    • Cap’n, this emergency is very real. What isn’t definate is how it will affect the U.S. We should start seeing radiation rising on Monday, although some elevated levels have been recorded in CA already.

    • I’m only skeptical of both POVs because both have an agenda. Also, when Chernobyl happened, which I understand was still worse than this, you had people as close to the event as 40 miles away who weren’t even aware of it for days and not even get cancer. I also ask if this is a real threat when we are half way around the world from Japan then why didn’t most of Europe die off from Chernobyl radiation levels? Even the people who were 40 miles away didn’t get cancer. That’s why I’m not ready to jump on board that this is as dangerous as some make it out to be. You’re not getting as potent of radiation as it has traveled farther to get to the US and when you have the historical example of Chernobyl where’s the reasoning to get this worried about it? That’s all I’m saying.

    • I’ll have to check this out. (Don’t get the Hallmark channel) I remember seeing him in a Hallmark Santa Claus movie that was pretty factual in how it tried to explain some of the Santa Claus mythos (whixh is what I like out of fantasy, making the impossible plausable)

      I see there’s a new Christian one too. It has that guy who was in that Hercules TV series as the star. Somehow he gets to see what his life could have ben if he had followed his calling and been a pastor. It sounds like The Family Man meets It’s a Wonderfl Life.

      Thanks for letting me know!

  14. I have a question maybe some of you can answer. I have always been curious as to why alien abductions seem to happen only at night? Every story I have ever heard or read about, they enter a room at a certain time, like say a bedroom and it always at night. This is one of the reasons I still remain somewhat skeptical.

    • I have wondered the same thing, Matt BUT then I found that not ALL abductions occur at night. I have seen stories that happened in the day. Unsolved Mysteries even ran one where it was afternoon and a UFO chased 2 women, they pulled over, got in a fetal possition on the car floor and woke up in a field next to the car. (It was something like that) and hey had missing time and found out they had been abducted.

      I think most happen at night because it may be easier to conceil their manifestations in our realm. Some have stated on here that most abductions happen between midnight and 3 AM (Thanks, guys. Now I can’t sleep anymore. Ha Ha.) If that is true there may be something to that. But you have to admit, it would be a lot easier to hover your spacecraft over a house late at night when most are asleep than to do it in broad daylight where there’s be a lot of witnesses.

      Art Bell also used to have people on who would say that UFO’s are around in the day, just less people see them because they aren’t looking up. Whereas a night time UFO is easier to spot if it’s lit up. Could be a factor on the day abductions too.

    • That was my first thought. Plus, people who are sleeping are already in an “altered state of consciousness.”

    • Lots of burglaries happen at night too; it’s easier to conceal illicit goings-on from potential witnesses in the dark.

    • Matt, while on topic here do you remember the song recorded by Genesis that deals with an alien abduction? There are two videos on YouTube that showcase the song best…. one is the music vid and the other is concert footage where Phil Collins provides brief commentary about an abductee who realizes he must “Keep It Dark”………..

    • In A Moment, I remember that song was on Abacab album. I stop listening to them after the “Then there were three” album. The band wasn’t the same after Peter Gabriel left and Collins took over the band. He really took the band in a different direction with the music.
      Speaking of Phil Collins, he has announced his retirement from the music industry.
      He has “nerve damage in his hands, which is what, happens after playing drums in professional rock bands for 40 years. He also has a dislocated vertebra and hearing problems, making performing simple tasks difficult if not impossible”

      Do you remember the Romantics and the song, Talking in Your Sleep?

      Here are some different lyrics set to that tune.

      When I get up after a full nights sleep
      I fall down to the ground in a dust heap
      I’m all sore and dinged and completely worn-out
      Here’s what happens late at night when the lights go out

      Crazy aliens they abduct me
      Always hovering above me
      And I know it ain’t right
      ‘Cause I’m workin’ through the night.

      ETs, they’re spaceships need upkeep
      So they work me while I sleep
      ETs, they treat me like a sheep
      ETs, need to turn off the saucer beeps
      Or I’ll wakeup from my sleep 🙂

    • Why you little Longfellow you! Ha ha haaaaaaaaa! Did you just ad lib that???
      Peter G’s song “Solsbury Hill” is about his departure from Genesis. That’s also when I took them off my favorite “Prog Rock” groups list. Btw, remember Steve Hackett’s epic about “Watchers Of the Skies”? Telling, eh? Speaking of, based on Phil’s drumming traumas, it’s a wonder that Graeme Edge is still drumming with the Moodies…. he’s a few years older than Phil! Oh well, kinda fun to reminisce and make light of a heartbreaking industry. Lots of sad stories from that neck of the world.

    • Watchers of the skies is a fav, as well as Suppers Ready. Brings back memories! man what a concert they put on back in the day,sigh… never the same after Peter left for sure

    • Yep, Genesis was heavy on the mythic plotted song. As well as the satirically driven pun like “Selling England By the Pound”. Definitely talented.

    • Scenes From A Night’s Dream lyrics always creeped me out for some reason.

      Little Nemo rubbed his eyes and got out of bed,
      trying hard to piece together a broken dream.
      His visions lifelike and full of imagination
      it’s strange to think they came from such a tiny head

      Carpet Crawlers another strange one.

      And the song Snowbound, when the they sing, “pray for the snowman”..made me somewhat sad because he was melting. 😦 lol

      If you really like older Genesis music,,check out a band called Marillion. Two songs that sound exatcly like older Genesis,,Kayleigh and Lavender off an album called Misplaced Childhood. Marillion was formed in 1979 as Silmarillion, after J.R.R. Tolkien’s book The Silmarillion. They are from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England and have about 16 albums/cd’s out. When you hear them you will be amazed at the resemblance to older Genesis music.

    • These bands are real musicans, not what like they have today. Talented bands back then, wrote their own music, played their own instruments, did not use computers to sing through like an autobot,,,thats only for no talent hacks that are over produced and only there to be markeketed to the masses. Back then you could make it on talent alone, you didn’t have to look a certain way , we bought the music because it was professional and had talented musicians and writers…today you would be hard pressed to find someone that writes their own music and plays their own instrument. I remember like it was yesterday how cool it was to come home with a new album, I could not wait to open it up to see what was inside, as far as album art and pictures…the ones that opened like a book were really cool, I would go over the lyrics and look for who the band members thanked on the sleeve, to see how many mentioned God. I took art class all through school, made teachers very upset because all I wanted to do was album art covers…lol
      I did a remake of Asia album cover I still have today…Asia was big back then with Steve Howe and Carl Palmer

  15. Isn’t that convenient? The entire first family is in Brazil for a week. Now would be a great time for the United States to shake the foundation with earthquakes galore, while our Socialist in Chief is safely out of the country.

    • Hopeful, is that a nod to Dana Carvey’s Church Lady? Ha! If not, my apologies as I don’t intend to derail the seriousness of your comment. I was watching Fox News and the anchor said with the POTUS out of the country and not being strong about Libya, that the world is ‘leaderless’ and we don’t have a strong world leader during this crisis. Hmmmm that got me thinking …

  16. Satire to follow:
    They have a .xxx website now, which on the face is a good thing to more easily filter and block such sites. Soon to follow will be their next target with a .god extension. All things religious (well the Christian stuff anyway) will be required to have a .god extension so that the government can monitor fanatical behavior and squash uprisings of peaceful Jesus lovers around the world.

  17. Many abductions and or contacts in the daytime. More are at night in recent years by way of follow ons that began with children in the daytime.

    • 3. [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mQYfXo-S1k

      “Gen.2:7 tells us that a living human is made up of TWO things: body+spirit (breath of God). These two things combined make a living soul. So when a person dies, the two things (body+spirit) are separated (Eccl.12:7). The ‘soul’ is no more, or, rather, is in a state of ‘sleep’ until the resurrection. The soul is not something that has existence in and of itself. This is Platonistic philosophy, not biblical theology. Luther and Tyndale both touched on this subject when debating purgatory.”

      “It would seem that you are the one making a category error, no BOT.  This is common even in Evangelical circles. They make the mistake of thinking the ‘spirit’ and ‘soul’ are the same things. The ‘soul’ is simply what a living body is when it has the spirit (ruwach), or breath of God animating all living, breathing things.”

    • Yes! That was an awesome teaching from Mike Hoggard. Thank you so much for posting it. In it he said, the 33 is the signature of Jesus Christ. But, as Lucifer is the imitator of Jesus Christ, he also uses the 33, and it is a symbol representing the Baphomet. According to Hoggard, the Star of David is also representative of the 33…as above, so below…

      [I do not believe the devil has the ability to come up with anything original, therefore, everything he attempts has to be a twisted imitation of what YHVH has already set in motion.]

      The Bible says, “According to [my] faith, so be it unto [me]…” (Mt.9:29)

      I see it this way: if I look at the cloud formation (which has taken the shape of the Golden Spiral, or the Fibinocci whirlpool), and I see the Aleph Tav, the signature of Jesus Christ, my faith renders the cloud formation and whatever is in it, powerless to harm me, because I know and believe Jesus Christ has defeated all the power of the enemy, and I also know that I belong to Him. Now, every time I see that cloud formation moving closer to this continent, I will see the signature of Aleph Tav.

      But, if I look at the cloud formation in fear and I see instead the devil’s ability to harm me, then I’ve just given it permission to harm me.

      “[I]overcame him [the enemy] by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the Word of [my] testimony; and [I] loved not [my] life unto the death.” (Rev. 12:11)

      My testimony? “In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I render the cloud formation coming toward this continent powerless to harm the Blood Bought, the Church, the Redeemed.” Amen.

  18. Just FYI the signs of the times. The Christian schools aligned their breaks w/the Public schools but now they are thrown off. They used to be able to play & plan things w/friends in Public school. It still works for summer because 3 months overlap.

    Now for Easter break the Public system moved it 2 weeks prior of Good Friday so that their Spring Break wouldn’t be connected to a Christian Holiday. The first PC step was to secularize it. Then it was outlawing any religious terminology but now they’ve added moving it off the origional dates all together.

    • I think the same thing may happen to Corporate America. I will not be surprised if my company no longer has Christmas and Christmas Eve as a company holiday, because it is considered a religious holiday. We are a multi-cultured company so that may be the reason they yank these two holidays from us. I truly hope I am wrong, but I can feel it is coming.

    • Lots of companies already completely ignore the Resurrection (easter) as a holiday for their workers, but acknowledge the Birth (X-mas), which has always confused me. I suppose it’s because His resurrection is the event ‘they’ chiefly want erased from history, and X-mas is already almost totally commercial and secular.

    • Here’s one that blew me away…. a friend of mine (“Jane” I’ll call her 🙂 ) works at the USOC. This past Christmas, the VERY PC HR department wouldn’t even allow a giving tree (tree with names of those in need- you take a name, buy something the person requested and put it back under the tree to be delivered) in the lobby, because it might offend someone (I.e. it MIGHT be associated with Christmas…which would be associated with Christians).

      “Jane” hates to go to work there as she feels the presence of darkness (i.e. evil forces at work)- It is very insidious, yet palpable. Luckily, she has two Christian friends there to whom she can go for support.

      Anyway, “Jane” is working to be able to leave there 🙂 Just taking longer than she wants it to!

    • The battle over Christian and traditional holidays is something I monitor VERY closely given the line of work I’m in. The moving of Easter break is nothing new in my neck of the woods though. They did this at least 15 years ago. Colleges did it even before that.

      I find all of these removal of anything Christmas or Easter to be silly but still dangerous. For example where I work we got a calendar from John Deere and it has Christmas and Easter removed but it has all the catholic, muslim, and Jewish holidays. I’m okay with having other people being allowed to celebrate their holidays, what I have a problem with is that it’s anything goes for everyone else BUT Christians.

      I’ll throw the patriotic holidays in there too because Flag Day, Memorial Day, and Veteran’s Day have come under fire for being pro war. Independence Day has been attacked because America is “evil. But he one that gets the most flack is Thanksgiving. Just this year some actress made a big stink that it was about raping and murdering Indians and that’s not what it was about at all. I think it was Angelina Jolie who said that. I can’t keep the lib-tards straight anymore. But Thanksgiving is the most religious patriotic holiday that we have and few know that. It began as a day of Thanksgiving to God but in the 1960’s kids started being taught it was about thanking the Indians for helping the Pilgrims and that’s not what it was at all. Know your history!

      But this stuff REALLY irritates me…

    • Sounds like they are playing a game where Jane works.
      Jane Jane Jane, does need to leave there, I will her in my prayers.

    • Captain Eagle, I’m just as irritated as you are. And the whole politically correct garbage too. It just sends me into orbit. Can’t say what you really want to say because it just might offend someone. My company just got some type of award or appreciation for being GLBT friendly. I couldn’t believe it when I read that. Then got an email from upper management who was explaining our new reorg and he actually used the words “new world order”. I practically fell out of my chair when I read that. Seriously.

      Matt, please pray for me as well, can ya? I don’t want to break a hip should I actually fall out of my chair one of these days. 😉

      {rant over…for now}

    • I will pray for you softcurls, ya know, I work at an oil company and it’s like a viper den. Very hard to keep your sanity when you are surrounded by demons. This is now the work place environment in many companies in the US these days. As Christians we are to stand strong in the face of adversities, however, when you do that, you single yourself out as “not a team player”….. For instance, I have been invited many times to “gentleman’s clubs” for lunch with upper management/owners of the company…I of course politely decline, but at a price.
      I am sure I have lost out on many promotions and bonuses due to my Christian stance and not being one of the “good ole boys” in the group. Office politics can be brutal when you are a Christian and want to make a stand for your beliefs… They still send me the dirty jokes and other things in emails which I just delete without opening.
      I have said no to their request to party with them for so long, but it’s no use; I still get a constant barrage of request to attend these things. I won’t even go to the Christmas party as it is nothing more then a drunken fest. Thankfully none of their offers even tempt me as I just want to live a life that’s pleasing to the Lord however difficult it may be.

    • This is why I don’t make it in the world. I don’t play that PC crap game. It’s BS and I’d much rather know where I stand with you than all this nicey nicey touchy feely garbage. People call me stupid for speaking my mind but I’d much rather you know where you stand with me than not.

      America NEVER guarenteed a right to not be offended but today we sure live in a society that believes that.

    • God is in control. He is removing this pagan holidays from us and pointing to his feast days. How many times did God work through heathens in the OT to straighten things out among his people? The judgment always begins at the house of God.

      I don`t care for Christmas and Easter, let them take it away. They were never Christian feast days.

    • Easter is not the resurrection, what is wrong with you people? The feast of first fruits is. You will just make the judgment of God more painful in your life, if you will cling to this heathen “holy” days.

    • Matt- Don’t know if you intended the pun with them “playing games where Jane works”… But as it is an olympic training center- they certainly play games (in more ways than one).

      And yes, I (oops, I mean she) could use prayers. The place amazes me. I have never seen so many narcissists in one place. The back-stabbing is unreal; as are the unethical practices I see occur on a daily basis.

      My ticket out of there is passing a national licensing exam. Didn’t pass it in January; studying to take it again in May.

      Any and all prayer is welcome 🙂 So, thanks Matt.

    • Call me clinging to this heathen “holy” days then. I don’t celebrate with booze or alcohol, but I enjoy Christmas carols, old holiday movies like it’s a wonderful life, and fellowship with family. On Easter morning we go to church, have fellowship together and break bread with dinner later in the day.
      I seriously doubt I will burn in hell for celebrating these “pagan” holidays. I don’t believe we serve a God that would judge us on these things. . He searches each individual’s heart and knows the reason why some of us choose to celebrate the way we do. One personal reason for me is it’s the only time family can get together and have fellowship. Most companies won’t give time off for feast of first fruits, although I wish they did.
      Personally I have never heard of feast of first fruits, sounds like something they may celebrate in San Francisco, for the mean time I will stick with old fashion pagan Christmas and Easter and take my chances when I meet Jesus face to face.

      Hi Jane, I had no idea she works at an Olympic training center. Weird coincidence though.
      I was referring to a song.

  19. Jesus is coming,Jesus is coming,Jesus is coming!!!! I’d thought I’d shout it here, at least I know that the people on here believe it and I won’t get the huh what nothing that I can do response like I do from the people at my church. The good news, I’ve been handing out prophecy tracts for years to the offices and the places I visit throughout my week and the same people who looked at me like I was nuts now have lots of questions and are eager to hear. What’s sad is the church is sound asleep and more interested in craft fairs,and mom’s night outs and looking and sounding like the rest of the world.

    In an insane society a sane man must appear insane.

    • It won’t be so super over here.. I can’t even get a peep of it… it’s raining :*-( I promise it’s always raining when there is something going on with the moon. Grr.. I do wonder… if it’s a Supermoon… does it wear a cape tonight? I won’t know.

    • Why don’t you just do some talkin’ to the moon,
      And say, you didn’t like the way he got things done
      Sleepin’ on the job

    • Go outside and yell “Hey Man In The Moon!!! Get your butt out here right now so I can see you!!!”

    • See, I would give the ol’ moon a good talkin’ to, but he has a temper. He turns red in the face and threatens to shake his fist as to rattle the earth. I would hate to be responsible for moon-caused quakes on the earth. So I leave him alone as he snoozes behind the clouds… in his “super” cape. Very disappointing.

    • Oh, my goodness!!!! I sooooo didn’t mean that as it sounded. Yikes. Talk about a pun so totally not being intended….Sorry about that. I’m actually blushing. :/ Oops…

    • Captain Eagle, not sure that will work,,both you and I know, you’re never gonna stop the rain by complainin’.But that doesn’t mean the moon will soon be turnin’ red.

    • Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head
      And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed
      Nothin’ seems to fit
      Those raindrops are fallin’ on my head, they keep fallin’

    • You don’t need to tell me about Mr. Man in the Moon. I have worked with him in my creative works for 15 years and he is, indeed, quite a character. I bet you didn’t know he’s quite a dancer and he’s in love with the Tooth Fairy. (For real, folks. This is what you’ll find in my published works.)

    • Matt – as every good dreamer knows, how you get the rain to stop is you pay a call on the King wo Rained For 40 Years. It’s all up to him how long it rains.

    • Ahem.. I too will sing a tune… and a truthful one at that!

      “When the moon hits your eye (see, that right there is the moon giving a shiner *violence!*)
      like a big pizza pie
      thats.. amore
      When the world seems to shine
      like you’ve had too much wine (the moon causes drunkenness)
      that’s amore

      Bells’ll ring!
      Ting-a-ling-a-ling!!!” ..”

      … happy song? Yes… but this shows that I too am not the only one who has confronted a red violent moon… 😯 … let it rain.. how super can the moon really be, anyways?

    • I’m singin’ in the rain
      Just singin’ in the rain
      What a glorious feelin’
      I’m happy again.
      I’m laughing at clouds.
      So dark up above
      The moon’s in my heart
      And i’m ready for rain.

    • Ah, Singin’ in the rain. A classic! Ever see how it debuted? It was sung by the victims of the Great Flood as Noah sailed away. NO JOKE. It’s on the DVD of the film as an extra. Yeah, I’m so sure they were gleefully singing about their own demise…But too funny.

    • nothing special, it was a little more bright that`s all. When you watch the media concerning this, you think o man the moon will be so close tonight, it will be like in those sci-fi movies with multiple planets around and up close. But then you go outside and the moon is still the same old moon.

    • Moon songs, rain songs. I think we have a theme going. Me also thinks we’re a bunch o’ silly gooses on the looses! (Moon I guess!)

    • Is it REALLY a goose attack? (dial up, remember…)

      And speaking of a silly goose, we all know about Mother Goose but what about Father Goose? What’s his deal?

    • Well, you know what the say, One pill makes you larger,and one pill makes you small,
      the ones that mother gives you don’t do anything at all.

    • This movie with its premise sure does attract a lot of curiosity: What could happen if you take a pill that can: speed up your mind, and drastically increase your intelligence, therefore getting you a professional job with money and influence? Therefore, this movie definitely gets you to think. Some “What would you do” situations occur, and knowledge that the main character goes into risky territory is really invigorating.
      However , the rating calls for,thematic material involving a drug, violence including disturbing images, sexuality and language.

      Oh well , might have to pass on this one…too bad, I like Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro films.

    • I think that is what the mark of the beast will be. A shot or a pill or a chip that will change you into a much “better” person – longer life, perfect health, enhanced intelligence, the ability to see into other dimensions… The only catch will be… you won’t be completely human anymore.
      Give up your humanity and you give up your shot at salvation (and the authority of dominion on this planet given to man in the garden).
      It’s satan’s kill shot, and many will fall for it because they love themselves more than they love their Creator.

    • “Not human anymore”…kind of like Joan Rivers? We might not have a pill that does all those things yet, but doesn’t stop people from trying to change themselves with surgery and Botox. Just look at Qaddafi…eeewww, that’s Botox run amuck. The man is a cartoon character of himself.

  20. Just had a small group at church, and our main focus was the japan EQ. We all talked about what we thought. There were many good responses, and a good discussion ensued. The responses ranged from a brief mention on matthew 24, and a lot on how people only care how this crisis affects their material wealth (that is, americans. My group was apppaled at how materialistic people were).

    Despite this, there wasn’t much mention of Christ’s return, aside from the brief mention. One individual did say that he thought it wasn’t end times necessarily, but just the result of the fallen world. He was partially right.

    Most of u know where I stand, so I won’t get into what I said. (Iam posting on this blog rather than joel osteen’s afterall)

    Boy, is this going to be an interesting group to be in! My goal is to make their eyes pop out wider each time we meet! Some one suggested movie night followed by discussion…heh, heh, heh (rubs hands deviously). Let’s just say, LA might be selling another copy of watchers soon. I told my group leader that ill definitely have an interesting choice.

    • I don’t remember what I was talking about with my church group, but we were talking… and all I said was “I am really leaning on when Jesus told us to be of good cheer because He has overcome the world.. those words run through my mind daily… and for anyone who believes in Him, they are helpful and comforting words when we are going through personal problems and even when…” (and here’s where it got silent and still with bugged out eyes… I said “… and even when we look and see all the global troubles were are having, with wars and weather… we have the promise that He has overcome.” Everyone became really awkwardly tense the moment I said “global troubles.” I think a lot of people know what’s up… but they aren’t ready to face it, and they definitely aren’t ready to speak about it. Hahaha, I wonder what they would have done if I just ran my mouth about Nephilim and aliens and such… I wouldn’t do that… but I might if I had a remote with a rewind button! :-O

    • Good for you Frank! It’s interesting to watch the responses isn’t it? Some people have some really good different perspectives to add & others live in a scared mindset.

      David Wilkerson wrote a short devotion not long ago called : “How Big is Your God?” Which basically ties in w/how much are you ruled by unbelief? Do you read the Word & believe it? Do you really know Who God is? Do you remember what He’s done in your life?

      But those strong in faith should remember those weak in faith & gently encourage them to find out how Big our God really is! Sometimes we take it personal when it’s a matter of their individual walk w/the Lord.

    • Frank, I’d love to be in a group like that. I’d probably get booted out by the time I get to the fallen angels, giants, and aliens. For some reason most church people don’t want to hear about ET ’cause “that’s kook talk”.

      Kimberly – I’d be talking about that stuff in your situation too but that’s just how I am. It ALWAYS freaks people out when I connect the dots of the end times for them and I have known that awkward silence all too well. Last fall I was telling this Christian guy I know all about stuff LA and Steve Quayle talk about and he thought I was a nutball. lol. I just closed with “Well, if you ever se “aliens” come onto the scene who claimed to be our creators you’ll know what it really is.”

      Lisa – I think most Christians are only so in name. They have no idea what he Bible says. They are unable to talk about any Biblical subject or story in great depth or detail. They have no clue whatis going on in the world. That is why I feel LA is right in how easily they would become decieved by ET.

    • Kimberly, what an awesome, blessed hope! Sad that some just don’t get it.

      Good advice lnl, thx for the kind words.

      Cpt. Speaking of kook talk, I just shared my blog with a longtime friend. He didn’t respond for a while, but the I emailed him again, he gave me some positive feedback, he probly kept the negative to himself. The best complement he gave was that he’d never thought about aliens in that way (as a demonic thing) and found some stuff interesting. Id like to know where I’m wrong, but I guess Christ will have to tell me that some day. I just hope I’m right enough to get people to Him.

      Also, I think I was spiritually attacked last night. I say think, because it was a fairly innocent dream about a cat that used to be in the family, but somehow I ended up like having fear in the dream, and calling to Jesus. I tried to rebuke, but the words were mixed up in my head, so I only could say Jesus. I awoked, and still could only think Jesus. I think, but can’t be sure that I felt hands. On my chest, but it was so weak, I can’t even be sure it was real.

  21. Tomahawk (missile) Unit cost, $US 569,000.

    $62.6 million for 110 of them

    I feel its more then fair to have the cost be charged to the libyan frozen assets after all this is for the libyan peoples democratic aspirations.We’ll help them,they just have to foot the bill.

    • Cruise missiles were designed to carry nukes… They are not all that cheap… Any other use by them is fiscally irresponsible…Nice paycheck for maker Raytheon.
      With warhead attached they cost 1.2 million each,,,the 569,000 amount was without it being armed.

    • Good to see my tax dollars being spent to bring thw hope of Jesus Christ to the world…oh, they’re not? Great.

  22. Hi L.A.,
    Hope you read this post because I want you to know I saw three of those “starry” UFO’s again tonight. Same area, same time. Eventually heading off in same direction as before. I’d really like to know what these things are and why they keep showing up here. **sigh**

    • What would you do if you really came in contact with an alien? I have often wondered that myself. Would you rebuke it then run? Stand your ground? On coast to coast not long ago, a guest they had on sent in some pictures of a hooded creature that came into his room at night . It was short and had like a dark monks robe/hood on. He said it had red glowing eyes though you can’t see any eyes in the picture, its just all black around the face area.
      I have had what they call night terrors before and I can honestly say I felt a presence and did not want to open my eyes if I could have. I try and calm myself down not being able to move and I pray and talk to Jesus and slowly I can move again and open my eyes. I hate when I get those, thankfully doesn’t happen often anymore.

    • So when you say an alien, do you mean Gaddafi?

      {jumps behind couch and snickers to self}

      Seriously though that is a good question. It’s either Fight or Flight. I’d like to propose a third option: pray like crazy. Pray for Jesus to protect you and cover you.

      I had a similar experience many years ago where I woke up from a sound sleep just completely paralyzed with fear. I guess that is a night terror? I was overwhelmed by the spirit of fear and could only move my eyes. Very strange. I now believe that I was under some type of spiritual attack, and I now know to say Christ’s name out loud should that ever happen to me again. It’s amazing the power in the simple prayer of “Jesus, please help me!”.

  23. For the past 20 years, a gay couple from New York has been raising a son — a doll named “Digby.” Mark Kirby and A.J. Sapolnick say they decided to “adopt” Digby for the same reason other couples decide to have kids or adopt children.

    Gay Couple Takes Adopted Doll Around the World (and They All Wear Matching Outfits)


    How bizzare is this? The second picture makes them look like a cheap nickel and dime side show at a carnival or wax figures at Madame Tussauds.

  24. Where would Jesus jam? 1800s church hosts rock concerts.

    Central Presbyterian Church only has two rules for rockers who play its sanctuary as part of South by Southwest: Don’t drink; and don’t shatter the stained glass.

    Other than that, pretty much anything goes.

    “No one’s bitten the head off a bat so far,” said co-pastor Joseph Moore – testament to the fact that the minimal rules have worked out fine so far


  25. Oy! Jesus does not endorse rock star idols.

    You might as well assert that he’d evangelize at a ball game or mardi gras.

    A casino would be better, where people have to break from the intoxication when they lose everything.

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