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L. A. Marzulli

I would like to take a moment and thank Eli & Felicity for the initial contact for my speaking in Yuba City. It was a fantastic trip and I met some wonderful folks while visiting there. The Church of Glad Tidings, headed by Pastor Dave and his wife Cheryl are walking the talk. I’ll give you one cogent example. They have billboards that say: Don’t abort your baby we will adopt and raise it! The people there are awake and filled with the spirit of the living God. They are aware of the unprecedented times we are living in and are preparing for them. Pastor Dave also invited Peg and I on a 7 day teaching cruise that will start October 7. (I’ll give you details on that soon.) I’d also like to thank Charlie and Carly for helping me throughout the weekend! You guyses are the best!


This week on Acceleration Radio I will not have a guest, it will be a open line call in night. The reason for this is I”m getting tons of email from people asking questions about what is going on in the world. You can email your questions at or call in on the 800 number that I will post the day of the show. I believe that these are unprecedented times. Global events are accelerating at a pace that is almost impossible to keep  up with. At some point even the skeptic has to start wondering what is going on. As I have blogged about from months, I believe that we are in the birth pangs that are spoken of in the prophetic texts of Matthew 24 and other places. What we see is an acceleration in wars and rumors of wars, famines and pestilence, earthquakes in diverse places, and certainly, troublesome times.

While the earthquake in Japan has focused the media’s attention, on the other side of the world the Middle East is in turmoil and upheaval, Australia is trying to recover from the floods and Cat:5 Cyclone, there are still over 1 million people living in tents in Haiti, fish die offs happen on a regular basis, and on it on it goes. Meanwhile food prices are rising at an alarming rate.

The bottom line for me is that global disasters are accelerating. What will it be next, who knows?

In closing todays’ post: Nuclear reactors in Japan have become destabilized and there is a real threat of another Chernobyl type disaster. Volcanic activity is on the rise as there are several super volcanos with caulderas over 40 miles wide that are showing signs of activity. Business as usual? In my opinion we are seeing an acceleration of events and like a woman who is giving birth they will become more frequent… unprecedented times.



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In Other News:

Japan earthquake: Footage of moment tsunami hit


And the aftershocks go on:


Quake moved Japan coast 8 feet, shifted Earth’s axis


Radiation alert: US ship contaminated 100 miles offshore


Gadhafi warplanes strike rebel-held Libya city


Iran ‘using child soldiers’ to suppress Tehran protests


Hang the rich: Great war inevitable, pundit predicts

135 thoughts on “The Acceleration….

  1. Can someone, who knows, please tell us what happens when
    there is a meltdowm. After there is an explosion and
    radiation is blasted into the air and down wind is that
    it for that meltdown or could it happen over and over with
    those same rods. Please explain

    • However, I saw today that some nuclear expert who has been reading all of the reports has gone on record today stating that every single story he has read on the threat of a meltdown contains incorrect information (he cited the NY Times by name and all of the major news networks). He said that a report on CNN had a false statemnt in every single paragraph. I forget the guy’s name but Rush Limbaugh also had his story on today and they vetted some of the false information found in several articles. So just be careful where you get your information from. Vet it with facts.

      I am seeing stories all over the map on this. They range from that a meltdown wont be so bad to it being the end of life as we know it. The media has globbed onto this story to further their agenda against Nuclear power plants here (the very same people who advocate for every terorist country to have their own reactor.) So who knows what’s true.

      I also heard that these Japan plants were built to withsand an 8.2 earthquake and these were 8.5 or 8.9 so the structure did its job. It just wasn’t prepared for anything this big.

      Another interesting thing, and this was vetted by Rush too before he even read it, which I’ve never seen him do before. It turns out that in the late 1800’s Japan did have an earthquake as big as this that hit at the same time as a hurricane. The NY Times reported it was caused by Telsa’s Wardcliffe electricity machine. The very device that I mentioned yesterday that some believe caused the Tunguka blast and the forerunner of project HAARP. It’s a fact that the NY times reported this (which iswhat Rush vetted), what I find interesting is there are people today who blame HAARP for natural disasters and here we havea double wammy blamed on the prototype machine. Coincidence? Hmmm…

    • Am watching Beck and he says the same thing too. Watch where and who you listen to, lots of disinfo out there. I must say that the Japanese people are so peaceful and orderly during this crisis, this is how the world should act but many won’t. They should be so proud of themselves, I am.

    • I saw someone comment on that too. The reason why, they said, is because in their culture they still sore food and are prepared to survive without outside help for a time. In America few store anything and run to the store several times a week. That’s the difference. If that happened here we’d see panic and looting…I guess it did happen here, New Orleans. My mistake.

  2. Not sure where to bring this up. But there have been a number of teenage boys die from apparent heart failure of some sort in the last few weeks-most of them athletes. Does anybody else remember reading in the bible about a time when “Young men’s hearts will fail”?

    • I believe you may be referring to Luke chapter 21. Verse 26 reads: Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.

    • I believe that the expression men’s hearts failing with fear for the things coming upon the Earth signifies A state of great perplexity accompanied with panic among people in general. listening to survivers of the recent three disasters all exptessed thr fear they felt as it was happening around them.

      I would like to point out here that the greatest fear of all which none of the Wicked shall escape. will be the judgment of Hell-fire at the judgment seat of Christ.

      John B

    • Grant-

      I don’t know about a bible verse relating to this, but I do know a great deal about the conditions which cause these deaths as I and my 10 y.o. son both have one (Long QT Syndrome).

      As tragic as the deaths are, I am happy the media is reporting on them, as they are easily averted if diagnosed early. The two boys most recently on the news died of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), not to be confused with a heart attack. (SCA is an electrical problem, heart attacks are plumbing problems). If diagnosed (via EKG or genetic testing), medication usually corrects the problem.

      While I have had several life threatening episodes (an implanted cardio-defibrillator has saved my life on several occasions), often times the 1st symptom is SCA and death. The survival rate drops 10% per minute after an SCA. There has been a recent push to get Automatic External Defibrillators (AED’s) in schools and other public places as they can be highly effective.

      I guess I just wanted to say, while the conditions are fairly rare, they have been around forever- so not a new phenomenon- the news just picked it up at this point.


    • I think I should add after reading Adele’s post; I’m not saying it’s not biblical- I just related to the news story in a very personal way.

      I know God has used me with this condition as I was diagnosed from fainting episodes that the Dr’s said couldn’t happen the ways that they did.

    • Hmmm. Could this be a side effect of HAARP if that is what caused the earthquake in Japan? You can scoff at the left using this episode to shut down American nuclear power plants, however, perhaps this was done by design? If you remember the Gulf oil spill cut back drilling and ceased new oil drilling. We are seeing the results now with raised gas prices. The Egypt stuff has played a part but the prices here wouldn’t nearly be going as high as fast if there were more oil being drilled and refined. Perhaps even happened because the Gulf Oil spill failed to raise the prices.

      Now, there are over 100 Nuclear Power Plants in America. They produce something like 20%-30% of our power. If those get shut off and we still have people who need that much power what will be the result? Black outs, shortages, and HIGHER electric rates. This means we will be hit with higher gas prices, food prices, and power prices all at once. Many of the conspiracy buffs believe stuff like this happens to crush the average American. I’m just saying we need to consider this angle even if it seems a bit farfetched, because no one is doing it hat I’ve seen.

  3. For the second week in a row, the most powerful man in the world stepped away from the White House to hit the golf course.

    Even as his administration and the U.S. military help Japan recover from a devastating earthquake, and as the world worries about Fukushima’s nuclear reactor, plus the Libya turmoil, the president could not resist taking advantage of decent weather in the Washington, D.C., area to play his golf game.

    And people wonder why we have become ineffective and have lost our edge on the world stage. I guess if things weren’t so serious this would be laughable, but, I guess at least on the golf course the only people he can hurt are his playing partners, however, our national embarrassment continues. Obama doesn’t even TRY to look like a president. You would think he could put off his golf game for a day and appear a bit more concerned for a close ally that went through a major disaster.
    From Iran to Egypt to Libya, he has shown the world that he is terrified of actually taking a stand and making a decision–he seems paralyzed. I guess I shouldn’t expect something from a person that has no of intentions of leading.
    We are paying a very steep price for having elected this man.

    What frightens me most, however is,as Obama gets his golf game on the world burns, the ‘shadow government’ is continuing to carry out their disastrous plans: participating in the Middle East unrest, plotting to see gas prices at the same level as Europe, contributing to terrorist groups in Israel just to get a Palestinian state in place, etc., etc. Please don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain.

    • Obama is to the U.S. what Mickey Mouse is to Disney – a figure head – not a real decision maker. I believe that is how it’s been with all of our presidents since Kennedy.

    • There is a time for everything…and now is NOT the time for golf! How insensitive Obama and the USA looks while Japan is devastated and the Middle East is in flames and turmoil…what does our President do during this crisis? He goes golfing. What an embarrassment! Cold hearted, selfish, incompetent dolt. I hope our Country can make it to 2012 before this rudderless President sinks us completely without even need of an earthquake of tsunami

    • You know what else? I am all for helping and donating. Obama just promised Japan ?millions. How are we going to pay for it? He will in fact borrow it probably from China.

    • We’re supposed to hate our government, and so gladly accept the unified-world-govnmt-dealie-yo when it’s presented. Little stamp on the hand or forehead, and unlimited credit can be yours (free loans from the Bank of Mothership! 0% interest! For eternity!)

    • It’s funny you should mention his golf game. I had just been thinking yesterday – seems time for he and Michele and the girls to take off on yet another million gazillion dollar vacation — wonder where they will be off to now —
      who cares if the world is falling to pieces.
      They seem totally oblivious and uncaring of anyone except themselves, in my overly judgemental view.

    • Obama is a narcissist, the leader of a country with narcissistic tendensies

      Narcissism is the personality trait of egotism, vanity, conceit, or simple selfishness. Applied to a social group, it is sometimes used to denote elitism or an indifference to the plight of others.

    • GREAT idea, Laura! I would love to see that – LA filled with the Holy Spirit, witnessing to Obama!
      Wouldn’t that be wonderful if Obama and his family got saved!! Wow! Would the angels be singing on that day! Maybe THAT would help turn this country around! Then LA could go speak at Obama’s new church!

    • You know, say what you want against W. Bush but he NEVER played another golf game while in office after 9/11. He said it was inappropriate.

      I remember seeing that within the first few months in office Obama had played more golf games/hours on the course than W., Clinton, Bush I, and Reagan combined. As of last summer he’d spent 1/3 of his time in office on vacation and spent more money on said vacations than W., Clinton, and Reagan. This guy is such a mockery that ANYONE would be better. I can’t believe the stuff the man gets away with that the media would jump all over on if he were Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, W. Bush….I HATE double standards and you can see it on full display if you contrast the way the media treated W. Bush vs. how they treat Obama. They’d attack Bush every opportunity they’d get while they cover for Obama. I find that sort of bias disturbing and it makes me sick.

    • Ever hear the saying, “You get what you pay for”? Well now it is ….we get what we voted for.

      I’m praying that the leader of the free world gains wisdom and discernment in his new role. And that he acquires humility. But mainly I am praying that he becomes like Abraham Lincoln who once said: I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go.

    • There were voices in the wilderness warning about Obama and they were mocked and made fun of. They have been proven right.

      Supposedly Bush prayed a lot like that and look where that got us?

      Lisa – Do you even believe that Reagan was an illuminati? He wasa lot like Ike in the things he spoke out of and the onlyone who stands out since JFK. (I’m not sure about JFK. He may have been elected that way but didn’t he change? They sayhe wanted to abolish the Federal Reserve and that may have been why they went after him.)

    • These earthquakes are a big concern. In recent years the quakes are increasing in power exponentially. The world is used to seeing quakes in the 7 range. But we are now seeing quakes in the 9 range. That is pretty scary stuff. I have relatives near the San Andreas Fault so I am concerned about this. There was a time when a 10 was unthinkable. Not anymore

    • I saw reported that the only edge of this Pacific plate that has not had a big quake yet is the Alaska region. Not sure if that’s true, there’s a lot of panic in the news, but something to be watchful of.

    • I always thought this meant that if Christ didn’t return to personally put an end to the days where this stuff happened. Verses sometimes have multiple meanings though.

    • The more time goes by and the more prophecy unfolds… I’m finding out just how literal His words are. So if He has an appointed day that He is returning on… maybe He’s speeding up the days to get us there quicker!!! :-O It’s just a thought, really. But… there is so much literal stuff in His words we have no clue about until they happen… even in the seemingly small/insignificant things. (This is a wacky example.. but here it goes… when I would bake something in the oven, I would use a lousy and loud ticking timer that you wind up where you want the minutes to count down from. And so many times what was in the oven had already cooked before it’s timer was up. So, I wanted to go eat my foods… but not with the loud timer ticking. So I would force the dial to reach the 0 second mark and ding already!… maybe He is forcing the dial!) Hmmm… strange example, I know. 🙂

    • I understand what you’re saying and I know just what you mean about some things being surprisingly literal! For instance when the Bible says “the skin of your teeth…” it was supposedly a saying but then they found out our teeth really do have a skin on them. Some say coincidence but why would anyone think of skin on teeth unless He knew He put it there?

      That may be what’s happening here, I’m not sure. I was just saying it might be out of context because doesn’t this pertain to later on? Or maybe we are just seing the beggining now? Stve Quayle always says it’s talking about the giants eating people, LA and Quayle also apply it to how there will be no flesh alive because he’s all being combined with animal and plant DNA and nano-tech, etc. Others say that this pertains to men dying from wars. And that is why Christ has to step in when He will or there would literally be no flesh left alive. Nt saying your entirely wrong. I’m just saying we need to be careful about reading meaning into scripture that may not have been intended.

      I’d lso like to find out if our days have changed length in the past as well before I’d feel comfortable accepting this as a possible meaning. We know that in the past the earth was warmer than today because there were vineyards in the UK 9which is what brought the Vikings there.) Today it is too cold for grapes o grow there. We also know that the poles have shifted many times in the past (you can actually prove this by looking at pottery. When a pot cools from the kiln the molecules of it will always allign with the poles. When they looked at some pots they’ve found that the earth’s poles have shifted quite a few times while man has been around and making pottery.) We also know that the earth has tilted on its axis before. I have never seen anything on day lengths being longer or shorter in the past but it’s true that several things we believe are constants have changed in the past. That’s another reason I’d like to vet it before accepting it as, no pun intended, gospel. … Or perhaps sometimes I know too much historcal fact for my own good. 😉

    • Oh Mr. Captain Eagle… you’re taking me too seriously. 🙂 But that’s okay… for one… there are so many prophecies, so many of Jesus’ words that unfold in so many ways… like… they are multidimensional, or something like that. And there’s nothing weird about that, that’s just the truth of how awesome our God is and how far the depths of His words go. Plus, I think there is nothing voodoo (please take me as lighthearted there) .. there is nothing creepy about saying He literally is in the process of shortening the days, meaning.. if someone were to think that it would cause them to go weird in their faith or anything. I was just making on observation of hearing something on the news that sounded exactly like that verse. Because I am actively looking for where and how Scripture is unfolding, and if the puzzle piece doesn’t fit, throw it out. That’s all I’m saying… it was just a simple observation with little weight. Hahaha… oh gosh, I never say anything with the intent of making it gospel… nooooo way… the gospel is the gospel period. See? That’s why I don’t think there is anything wrong with speculating and considering things when they come along… that’s all it is. That’s just my silly self making piddly widdly observations… everyone else on here is much more advanced in figuring things out… and that’s just the truth. I’m riding on coat tails in here and I know that. 😀

      Crazy about the pottery! :-O Neat! And the teeth!!!! Awesomeness everywhere… I almost can’t even handle it!

    • Kimberly – I take everythng seriously. It’s one of my greatest flaws. I just think too much. Ha Ha. I really didn’t mean anything by it.

      I’m actively looking for where real world events fulfill end times prophecy too. It’s why a lot of Christians avoid me, they think I’m a kook. Ha Ha. And don’t even try bringing up giants or aliens. They just don’t want to hear it and really think you’re a nut then.

      Your observation could be part of themeaning, I nver said it couldn’t but there’s usually multiple meanings to these things. It’s how scripture works. I just may be suuper sensative to this stuff because I’ve been to so many churches where people come up with stuff and say this is how it is and it snowballs and oes way off track. Sorry about that.

      Yeah, I know a lot of little odd things like that (the teeth and the pottery) That is a ift God has given me. I’m able to connect totally unrelated dots into scripture. When I studied the Old Testament a few years back I would look at a secular global history at the same time just to see what was going on in China and other places when the Israelites were in Egypt. It really brings it all home. A lot of us tend to think that all of this stuff was ancient times, a long time ago, and when you study the Bible like that it shows you just how recent these events did take place.

      When you look at Egyptian history too it corresponds with the Bible. Here’s just a few examples.

      Scoffers say Joseph is a myth because there is no record of him, however there is a record of a man in Joseph’s position leading a peaceful campaign to (I think it was Cannan) There is no military reason why there would be a campaign there and some have speculated that this was Joseph burying his dad.

      Many say there is no proof that there were Hebrew slaves in Egyptian records when they recorded everything. However, it was a common practice to erase failures from the record. Having the God of your slaves crush your empire and bringing it to her knees is a pretty big failure, isn’t it?

      Many cite there was no Moses in the records, even when he was in Pharoah’s house. However, you will see that there is much to do about a supposed female pharoah who was erased from the record. What if this wasn’t a female pharoah/rival but Moses? Some reports even say that this erased figure also had her son erased. If that is the case what if this was the princess ho adopted Moses and Moses himself?

      This is but a sampling of this sort of thing.

      Because I took a lot of ceramics classes in school I also know the meaning of straw in the bricks. This was done because in the firing process the straw would burn away and somehow this made for stronger bricks. When the Pharoah took the straw away it would have resulted in crumbling bricks. This example has no meaning to most people who don’t know about this stuff. But this is how God has always brought the Bible alive for me. I see it in ever aspect of life and to me I fully understand how only a foll can and does deny God exists. I can see Him EVERYWHERE I look.

    • Awesome article! Sad… but truthful. :-/ When I would look around at the people attending the church I used to go to (signs and wonders type church) I couldn’t help but notice how they seem so fixated and controlled by the leaders.. and I wondered if they were even worshiping Jesus in spirit and in truth. The leaders would pace up and down the church seeing who was and wasn’t worshiping “right” and it forced so many people to worship to please men rather than the Lord. So, I understand what this article is saying, and I also believe there is a huge mission field within the church, a lot of church ground that needs to be reclaimed. :-/ Sobering article… thank you for posting!!! 🙂

    • Tis indeed, I think about it alot, who would go? I feel sometimes I am ready, and sometimes I feel He would leave me here and I know I would deserve it. One day several months ago, I posted something early in the day and kept checking back to see if anyone was posting and nothing. So my imagination started running away with me. I began thinking OMG did the rapture come? Where is everyone, then shortly after people started blogging, whew! I was relieved I wasn’t left here. But can you imagine what people would think and how panick stricken they would be?

    • Laura; all will know when Jesus is revealed in glory on that Day.
      It will not be a secret as taught by many.
      That Day will surprise the wicked who are not expecting it. But you are expecting it dear sister. so; it will not come upon you as a thief..2Thes5:1-10. be comforted

      john b

    • Thanks for that article. Sometimes I wonder if I’m worthy to go myself and I have shared that same view of people at churches I’ve been in. (I’ve known many people who behave one way on Sunday then are sinful the rest of the week. His idea for his own video is a thought that has crossed my mind because of that.) I’m still not sure if I’d go myself but I do fit all 9 points of being an Evangelical that he posts there so who knows. (To me that is what a Christian is. It seems like a tremendous contradiction to label yourself one and not follow those things.)

    • It seems to me that we will be caught up in the rapture and come back with Jesus at His 2nd coming otherwise how would you explain this verse about the bride of Christ coming out of His Chamber/Closet or Huppah in the hebrew look it up and the meaning! It doesn’t seem the bride is on earth when the Great Tribulation period happens. Other wise why is the bride in the Lords chamber and coming back with him! Chamber and Closet means the same thing! This is a prophecy of the 2nd coming of Christ and how He presents His bride to the world!

      Joel 2:16 Gather the people, sanctify the congregation, assemble the elders, gather the children, and those that suck the breasts: let the bridegroom go forth of his chamber, and the bride out of her closet.

    • Is it true thatthe catholics say only their recognized saints come back with Christ? I’ve heard that (don’t believe it) but have heard that…

    • Good point Josh!

      9points evangelical:
      1. They say they have made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ that is still important in their life today.

      2. They believe when they die they will go to Heaven because they have confessed their sins and accepted Christ as Savior.

      3. They say their faith is very important in their life today.

      4. They believe they have a personal responsibility to share their beliefs with non-Christians.

      5. They believe Satan exists.

      6. They believe eternal salvation is possible only through grace, not works.

      7. They believe Jesus Christ lived a sinless life on earth.

      8. They assert that the Bible is accurate in all it teaches.

      9. They describe God as the all-knowing, all-powerful, perfect deity who created the universe and still rules it today.

      I believe added at #2 should be a repentance of sin. And maybe a #10: They follow Christ whole heartedly, completley sold out to Him, spreading the good news of the gospels.

      Repentance is a change of thought to correct a wrong and gain forgiveness from a person who is wronged.

    • Mrs M, I remember I had the dream the night/morning of 3/4-5, so likely I would have posted it on 3/5. I remember we had been talking about “the Assyrian,” and I had mentioned Ezekiel 31. You then stated that in Ezekiel 31, the Lord was probably speaking of the demonic entity that inhabited “the Assyrian” and that it was Abaddon or Apollyon.
      Anyway following that conversation, I dreamed that night. Four demon entities were present in the dream. One was very up close and “in my face.” The one in my face was a black skull…shiny black, like slick black, the eye holes were red, and it was smoking a slim cigar with a red ash. Then “out of the blue,” a fist of light colored flesh, the right arm, came smashing into the black skull and smashed it in at the frontal area. Then I woke up. I was slightly shaken, but as soon as I collected my thoughts, I knew that whatever that was, was not able to touch me.

    • Psalm 91:7 “A thousand shall fall at thy (my) side, and ten thousand at thy (my) right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee (me). v8)Only with thine (my) eyes shalt thou (I) behold and see the reward of the wicked.”

  4. (pssst… I posted my drawings on my blog for those of you who would want to see them! They are a very little way I like to share my heart and the stuff that is in my brains (don’t be scared, tee hee hee) (mega disclaimer note: they are not for sale, my intentions are not to take away from LA… I’m just sharing what I do have with all of you peoples that I love so stinking MUCH!) 😀

    • Now for a slight different version of “Arms Wide Open”

      Well I just heard the news today
      It seems my life is going to change
      I closed my eyes, begin to pray
      Then tears of joy stream down my face

    • I know, when I heard yours, it reminded me of this song as well.
      The singer Scott Strap came from a Christian home, he grew up in a very religious household because his father was a Pentecostal minister; when punished, he would be forced to copy passages from the Bible. At one point, he grew so desperate to seek freedom from the strict rules of his religious father that he sneaked out of his home in the middle of the night and stayed at a friend’s house for a month before leaving again for Houston, Texas where he lived in a squat with eight others.
      He has always struggled with his Christianity as I have done in my past.
      He went on to write songs for The Passion of the Christ. A cd of songs inspired by The Passion of the Christ film.

    • I can certainly understand that. I have the same background, at least the Pentecostal preacher dad. Bailed out as soon as I turned 18. It was many years until I was ready to listen to God. He never gave up on me.

    • Where can we see your artwork? I’m finding it very uplifting to be around so mny Christian artists for a change!

    • Haha… I tried to be all discreet with my “psst” and you guys are all cute-like commenting away. 🙂 Thank you! All of you get a tremendous hug. Hahaha, LNL… you made me snort out loud (SOL!) You made me feel like a chubby-checked baby wearing a bonnet cap! 😉 Thank you kindly for all of your comments. Oh, Doug! You can click on my name, and it takes you there. 🙂

    • Thanks Kim. Wonderful work! You do work large!

      My covers used to be 1 and a half or two times up when I used to hand paint them.
      Now, with the computer, it doesn’t matter.
      The machine I love to hate or hate to love. heh.

    • You already know how I feel about your artwork. 🙂 It’s far better than the filth I saw being produced in college. (You probably would have been drummed out of my art school and that’s the highest compliment I can give anyone. 🙂 )

      But remember, folks, our dear little Kimberly has NEVER been to art school! That is natural, God given talent!! That is VERY, VERY rare and makes her work alll the more unique. I went to art school and the bst I can draw are cartoons (think of what you see in your Sunday Paper….Peanuts, Blondie….or cartoons like the Flintstones or the Jetsons.) Drawing photo real work is the hardest thing anyone can do and the fact that Kimberly can do this will so little training is a testament to the talent God can give us. 🙂

    • By the way, I’m the same way about selling the original art. (It’s always been hard for me to part with somthing I’ve poured so much of myself into.) That’s why I do print media. You might want to set up at Cafe Press. I’m sure people would buy your artwork printed on stuff and it doesn’t cost you anything. Have you ever thought of doing that? It might be worth looking into.

    • Hey! In defense of the cartoon peeps… I wouldn’t be able to do that in a million years! 😉 Seriously. My drawings are a one time shot, but to be able to keep a cartoon and to keep it consistent is crazy amazing to me. Besides! Cartoonists could save the world(!!!!), they keep people’s hearts ticking with the whole laughter is medicine thing. 🙂 It’s true.

      And I would sell them, I actually sold the Passion one, but legally it’s not right for some reason (because most of what I do is from movies) but that’s fine, it’s just something I enjoy doing. I could maybe do the Cafe Press with my other ink drawings, but they are more design, tribally things. Yeah, print media is your way to sell your stuff. 🙂

    • I know cartoons are like that and we have our own artform but to me what I do isn’t very artful. (I’m mostly just an idea guy who draws to the best of his ability to get my stories and humor out.) What you’re doing is real art and I’m mostly blown away that this is all natural talent. I just see God’s hand at play in you on so many areas that I’m truly humbled by it. I even forwarded your blog to a few art friends of mine. I bet they’ll be just as impressed as I am and they’re more into the kind of art you’re doing so their opinions hold weight.

      It is legal to sell this artwork. Yu’d have to read up on it (I’m shakey on the details a the moment) but the gist is this. In the 1960’s Andy Warhol started doing artwork of pop culture things (Marilyn Monroe, Campbell’s Soup Cans, etc.) and he challenged the laws and sold his artwork. I believe the reasoning was that this was his own artistic interpretation of that stuff. That is what your work it. Some of it is based on films but it’s your artistic expression of that. (I got thm all too. I even watched that Pirate movie the other night!) I just could never part with anyting I drew or made. It’s great that you can.

      Do you do a lot of commissions? Someday maybe I’ll have you do one for me. I’d love to see the characters from my original novel I wrote in high school rendered like this on my wall.

      Oh, have you ever worked with pastels? If I ever find mine from college you may have them because I’ll never ever use them and I had every type and sortthey made. It’s like charcoal drawing but in color. I have no idea when or if I’ll find them but if I do you can have them. I’d much rather see them being used on stuff like this than gathering dust in the attic or garage.

    • Beautiful. Quite a talent! I am properly impressed Kimberly. Top notch grade A fair to middlin superb. Sorry ran out of words lol Randy Ph

    • How cute! So many artists on here, and I had no idea! Let’s see… there’s Captain Eagle, Doug, Josh, and me (anyone else?). 😀 Josh, what kind of art do you do? 😮 … Doug, you’re an illustrator!?! So awesome!!! I always thought that would be fun to do, but yeah, those pesky machines… grr… love and hate indeed! 🙂

    • Yeah, Kim. I do government and gaming stuff. But I have done Bible art over the years as well.
      Worked for a SS publisher a long time as well as the aerospace industry doing paintings for the space shuttle and the moon mission before that.

    • Digital Art, Traditional, Cartoon & Comics, Still life, Figure Drawing, Portraits, Landscapes, Vehicles, Logos, Murals…..Well pretty much just about anything in any type of medium, From pencils to Digital! For the Past Year I have been doing some work on CS4 and Corel Painter! Its great to know there are artist on this blog especially believers!

  5. Awesome Kimberly , they are wonderful drawings. Thanks for sharing. The Lord blessed you with amazing talent.

  6. I had read that Japan gave for the first time a substantial amount of money to the Palestinians some days before the quake.
    I read it in the Jerusalem Post.
    Davids Israel Omen written by David Brennan came to mind. This could be a judgment on Japan then. Any thoughts?

  7. I dont know if i want this girl praying for me .We need to pray she stops praying for disaster IMAGINE WHAT 40 DAYS OF PRAYER WILL DO!

    • Did she mean to say, “Look at Japan, that’s a direct answer to my prayers”???
      Can you say freaky? This lady is a nut if she believes that.
      And people wonder why some Christians are singled out in the media as unstable…all they have to do is find one, like this woman, then all the rest of us are labeled as lunatics

    • And she also said just wait untill it happens to America,they are praying for it to happen here NUTS!!!

    • o she thinks God answered her praying for Atheists through the Japan EQ & now is thrilled for God to literally shake up Europe & the U.S. next – Then qoutes “Every knee will bow & every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”.

      I think she’s skipping a few steps here. Possibly a Dominionist. She’s celebrating Lent
      so there is a clue to her affiliation.

      That vid is pretty horrifying!

    • Did she say mental season oh I think it was Lental. Yes she is Catholic but sounds like she would fit right in with the Westboro Baptist Church! I would not want her praying for anything she is almost salivating when she talks about how God will judge Amerika.

    • Oy Veh! She should have just prayed for frogs or lice, not earthquake!

      Seriously needs help with her Christian walk.

    • Whhaaaat?… umm, don’t ya kinda want the repentance of a nation to happen before most of it gets… I don’t know… killed!!! 😯 Once those atheists she “cares” so much about are dead, it’s too late. And I don’t remember the Lord ever being overjoyed by judgment… He’s usually screaming at us to repent before it comes to that! Craziness!

  8. UFO sightings over Japan predicted in secret British alien report files

    Submitted by Dave Masko on 2011-03-14

    BRAY’ POINT – Confirmed reports of UFOs “hovering” and thousands of “flashing lights” over the epicenter of Friday’s main earthquake in Japan – located off Miyagi Prefecture, about 230 miles northeast of Tokyo – and UFO’s spotted near Osaka and Yokohama, are predicted in the recent British government release of 8,500 pages of secret unidentified flying object (UFO) reports that point to 60 years of UFO sightings “during times of world crisis.”

    According to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency and other Japanese media, there’s been hundreds and upwards of “thousands of UFO sightings” over the country since Friday’s 8.9 magnitude earthquake. Also, video footage from the news channel NHK World English and personal videos show a UFO speeding with bright lights in the sky and then skimming over the Pacific near the quake zones in Japan. The UFO sighting videos have been show on regional TV and the Internet since Friday, with the world UFO community noting “strange light trails following the UFO’s over Japan.”

    Moreover, a rare air defense video from Japan shows a new UFO flying over the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Regan early Monday morning, as the carrier and accompanying guided-missile cruiser and destroyer ships arrived off Japan’s coast to help with disaster response.

    Here at Bray’s Point – a popular location for viewing UFOs by the local Oregon “watcher” group – there’s more or less calm along the stretch of coastline that was slammed on Friday with massive Tsunami waves.

    Famed UFO author and “watcher” Jacqueline Estrella and her daughter Marie surveyed the Bray’s Point beach on Sunday afternoon looking for the usual Japanese fishing floats and other debris that she said “is common after a major storm.”

    “You look directly out across the Pacific and if you were traveling by, say any vast amount of speed, would find yourself in Japan because it directly across the sea from us. I told Marie that you wonder what our friends up in the sky are doing right now over there and here for that matter. It’s a wonder, and a great time to be alive if you believe,” Estrella added with a big grin.

    This story is number two in an occasional series of reports about what the secret British UFO files contain, and what new information these documents reveal.

    Secret UFO files point to world disasters and sightings

    The British government’s massive hoard of secret UFO files – that basically confirms that we are not alone and UFO’s and alien life of some sort has been visiting Earth since there was a human being here – also points to startling record keeping that links major world calamities to what one secret file calls as “startling increases in UFOs.”

    The British UFO files also tap into U.S. Freedom of Information Act files – per the Brits cross referenced their UFO findings with yet to be released secret American government reports on UFO sightings – and mention a “Federal Bureau of Investigation of the late Dr. Josef Allen Hynek.”

    The British files are vague when it comes to Hynek, a famed American UFO hunter and an icon in the world history of UFOs and alien life on Earth. Still, the files try and explain why Hynek – an astronomer and physicist – was a consultant to the American Defense Department for nearly 15 years, and also served as the founder for the “Center for UFO Studies” that’s longed reported secret UFO findings to both the U.S. government, its allies and even the United Nations.

    The British UFO reports link Hynek’s studies on “world disasters” and why UFO sightings increase. For instance, there’s been hundreds of Japanese media reports over the past several days about UFOs in the skies over those Japanese cities that have been hit hard by the earthquake and the resulting Tsunami.

    Hynek, former chairman of the Department of Astronomy at Northwestern University, and director of the Lindheimer Astronomical Research Center, was a somewhat strange sort of fellow, as this reporter remembers during a 1977 interview that I had with Hynek when reporting my first Air Force UFO story.

    Now, some 33 years later, this reporter notes a 1977 memo — in the newly released secret British UFO files — where Hynek gave a report to a congressional House subcommitte on the “historically significant ties to UFOs and disasters” in both the U.S. and other parts of the world.

    Hynek, it seems, was ahead of his time in efforts to explain why there’s “many more UFO” sightings at a time of crisis, be it a war or an earthquake here on Earth.


    • Great Post Gordy

      I follow LA’s theory whether its natural disasters or war what a great time for alien deception.

      Look what you did? We are here to help! We created you.

    • Ya know,I was wating for a report like this. Really, what took it so long?
      If you’re seeing things
      running through your head
      Who can you call? – Ghostbusters!

  9. March 11, 2010:
    Japan deplores the decisions of the Government of Israel to give permission to construct in East Jerusalem and the West Bank

    The Government of Japan deplores the decisions of the Government of Israel to give permission for the construction of 1,600 housing units in East Jerusalem in addition to 112 units in West Bank just after the Israeli and Palestinian leadership’s acceptance of the start of indirect talks.

    The Government of Japan does not recognize any act that prejudges the final status of Jerusalem and the territories in the pre-1967 borders

    January 11, 2011:
    Japan condemns the demolishing of a part of the Shepherd’s Hotel in E. Jerusalem to construct housing for Jewish people

    • I see Japan condemns the demolishing of part of the Hotel To construct housing for the Jewish People. That was on Jan 11 and the earthquake and sunanmis happened a month later, seems to me judgement has more than likely fallen upon Japan. I was thinking if this catastrophy has had anything to do with their treatment of Israel and there it is! Thankyou for posting this Margaret.

  10. They’re here to help…..yeah, sure.

    Hynek also came to the conclusion that they weren’t interstellar or interplanetary. He stated the great variety of the numbers of them would disprove this.

  11. Volcano / Earthquake Watch March 14-19

    Significant Geomagnetic Storms was observed during March 11, accompanied with powerful solar winds this new geomagnetic activity is expected to be geoeffective March 14-16 and could produce two large 7.5 magnitude earthquakes during this watch.

    Northern Hemisphere is the main area of watch, coronal hole targeted sits 29-33 degrees north latitude. main areas at risk for a potential 7.5 magnitude earthquake are : Baha California/LA, Ryukyu Islands-Japan, Southern Iran, less probable are the regions Sichuan China, Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge or Volcanic activity in the Canary Islands Region(La Palma)
    Southern Hemisphere watch has a coronal hole 5-9 degrees South Latitude, possible regions at risk are Banda Sea, Flores Sea or the Kepulauan Babar region-Indonesia

  12. As someone who has an intimate familiarity with nuclear reactors, I think if some radiation escapes everything will be ok, sure some people will get sick, unfortunately. However, it’s not as if we’re dropping A-bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. More people get more radiation by talking on their cell phones and going to the tanning bed or soaking up the sun obsessively. Water is a wonderful moderator, and Japan is surrounded by water.

    I think someone posted a clip of a girl praying for disaster, at one time I would’ve been asking for the same, but I learned as I grew in Christ that we should not pleasure in the fall of the wicked.

    A thought to Soft Curls, our current President is Abraham Lincoln realized, and please note that I think Abraham Lincoln was one of the worst presidents in the history of the United States as far as The U.S. Constitution is concerned, but if the U.S. Constitution does not matter then our current President is the best ever because he is greater than Abraham Lincoln in using his powers to accomplish that which he is set to do, especially if he can replace the sovereignty of the U.S. into a greater regional authority. I mean no offense, really, God allowed President Obama to come to power, b/c that’s what America really wanted. God’s in control and won’t pour out his wrath on the righteous as the wicked. We are children of a different kingdom, so why worry about President Obama? Rather we should worry about he who can destroy our souls and try to live accordingly. For who has the greater power, President Obama or the King of Kings, Jesus Christ?

  13. Concerning end times prophecy… take the volcanoes alone.. and it’s obvious that He’s retuning soon. When I was a kid, it seemed like a volcano erupted and hurt people once every decade, if that (most of you would know better than me on that)… but now there are a gazillion volcanoes just itching to explode and wreak havoc all at once. Revelation 16:20 “every island fled away and the mountains could not be found.” Not too long ago I could not imagine that… now it seems like it’s at the door step… it sounds a lot like tsunamis and volcanoes, which is the norm now.

    • I agree. A volcanoe was a very, very rare thing. Now you see a few every year.

      I always ask just how much WORSE will it get before the return. How far along do you think we really are? Are we just entering this period or are we partly into it? How long do you think it will take to get to the climax? A year? A decade? 50 years? A century? It all depends on how bad things have to get and how fast it takes to get there.

    • Gosh… I’m feeling like He is turning the door knob at the door. I really do. I can’t see the church being here more than 10 years (max!) months at the least… I feel hyper-sensitive to Him coming, so I’m feeling it as being sooooon. I feel like in 2008, that’s when I felt like someone put the foot down on the gas peddle and it is speeding up so fast to the end. Like, 2008 is when things started unraveling super fast. I’m seeing that it does not take a whole lot, actually it takes very very little for things to turn ugly quick.

      Yeah, things are going to get much worse… people have no idea. :-/

    • It depends on your definition of the church I suppose. If you go by that that article on the rapture said we are very rare even today.

      I can see this cycle beggining in the mid 1800’s though. The chess board in Europe really started being set then. You could say that it has been on going long before that but it was the demise of several monarchies that brought us the sweeping changes we got in the 20th century. They brought about the change in countries and technologies that make that end all possible. I have no idea how worse things will get but I think they can get a lot worse than we realize. It could be 10 years but it could be 30 years or more. Think how bad things will get with 30 years of this rev up? As far as I know there is no real way of knowing (I asked this question of LA for this week’s show. I hope he comments.) I think we will be very surprised by how bad things will get before His return. We just know He is coming and that’s the important thing.

    • The true church, true believers are rare indeed, but that does not mean we are nonexistent.. otherwise He would have stopped the show a long time ago. By the way you say things… you concern me a tad, Captain Eagle. :-/ I just want you to know that if you simply follow Jesus and love/obey/fear His name, then you are His. No one can snatch you out of His hand. I was majorly shaking in the confidence of my faith last year, to where I was praying that He would not even allow me to squiggle out of His hand. I can’t stress it enough… don’t count your worth based on your standards… because we are by no means worthy of anything good… but He showed us our worth by what He did on the cross. You’ve gotta put the helmet of salvation on and let no doubt in your Captain Eagle head, especially with the days we have ahead of us. Salvation He made easy for us… it’s now the gifts we strive for… it’s living a life that glorifies Him that we strive for. 🙂 Okay… live a life confessing your sins, repenting, loving, trusting, hoping, praying… and do not fear. 😀 I hope I wasn’t out of line by saying that too you… I just don’t want you to have any doubt… and with the enemy being all the more crazy these days.. he is going to go after the confidence of our salvation.

    • I know we do exist but we are becoming as rare to find in a church as a Bigfoot sighting.

      How do I concern you? That I sometimes feel unworthy? I explained this before but you may not have been here at the time. What I mean by that is I’m not like a lot of people who feel a personal closeness with Christ. I pray but it’s never this friendship many speak of. I know why I believe what I believe but it’s a very fact based thing for me. I know when God wants me to do smething because it’s a gut feeling I get that I know is God based on experience. I just never have been able to get to this relationship type level and I don’t know why. I want it more than anything but I don’t know how to getthere. That’s why I’m not sure if I’d get left behind or not. I might be able to do more work for Him if I were leading the Way to others but I’d be terrified at the same time.

      You are not out of line at all. I truly do appreciate the advice and I greatly respect your opinions. Given the last bit I explained what do you think my problem is?

    • You have mentioned the worth thing before… so yeah, that’s what concerned me… haha, but I don’t think you have a problem!! No, no. We all go through periods of time where we wonder where the Lord is, but I think those are times of testing. Just remember though we are not His because we necessarily “feel” His presence… we are His if we love Him and obey Him 🙂 And, I think a good test to know if we are His is if it is our desire to please Him… only those with the Spirit living inside them can even desire that… worldly people don’t even think twice about pleasing God in word, thought, or deed. Anyways… just checking up on my bro! 😀

  14. Gah! My post didn’t take!

    I replied to matt about EQ way up there…

    Here’s the summary…

    I have a gut feeling that since we’re seeing more EQ, and mor in populated areas, I think we’re gonna see CA get the “big one” that is said to be overdue.

    Think about it. We’re getting more EQ. They were remote at first, now they are hitting populated areas more and more.

    New zealand (twice)
    Now japan.

    Its only a matter of time til san andreas or new madrid go off. Then we will be in trouble.

    • Don’t you guys ever think about when the “Big one” hits? That’s always been a big turn off about CA to me because it will one day happen and we’d be living through a Katrina like disaster. (I’ve never got that New Orleans mentality. “Hey, let’s build our coastal town BELOW sea level…” It’s like the guy who built his house on the sand to me.) I know every region has it’s own possible natural disasters but some are less likely than others. How do you live withtat mindset that this is supposedly long overdue to happen? It’d make me head for anywhere else but there (other than New Orleans. 😀 )

    • Never have been afraid of earthquakes been through many and two big ones. Now hurricanes or tornados yeah that is scary ,hiding in a basement or shelter waiting to see if your house is still there ect. earthquakes happen suddenly so why worry ahead of time? Granted I am not real close to the coast so less tsunami worry.I guess it is just whatever you are used to.

  15. Talk to my father for a little while tonight on the phone, he told me while stationed in Japan he lived in GOJ housing (Government of Japan). These houses were remarkable. He said they were built on rollers. Why? Because they do experience so many earthquakes each year. They also built rooms made of metal, put pocket doors in so you could close off any room, should there be a fire, and the fire is contained. One of the things that was told to him, in his briefing was, that you could toss $400.00 on the dash of your car, walk away and do some shopping, come back and it would still be there. . .if it wasn’t it was because an American took it. They have beer machines, like our soda machines, out on the streets. There is a drinking law and their children would never take it upon themselves to go and buy beer. . .unlike our American children would. Once while he was on base there were some businessmen that had a conference with his Base Commander because they wanted to know what to do about the American teenagers that were going into their stores and shoplifting . . .this is something, again, they didn’t have a problem with within their own community. Integrity is something they lived with everyday and one of the reasons why there were so many Americans that were choosing to stay in Japan instead of returning to the States.
    Courtesy, integrity, reliability, honesty, are all traits that the USA needs to concentrate on as we get more and more crowded in our cities. Good manners helps populated areas function more smoothly.
    I would love to go somewhere and leave my house door open, car door or anything of that nature and it still is in the same condition I left it. I wouldn’t do that here, folks would rob me senseless! If it doesn’t belong to you don’t touch it, common sense goes a long way.

    • I just heard on the radio there is no looting going on in Japan. If it happened here in the US, there would be. That would be nice if everyone in the US was as nice and honest as on this blog and in Japan.

    • I also heard on the news that people were waiting in long lines – quietly and calmly – not yelling and angry.
      Why is it so different in Japan, where apparently only a small percent of the people are Christian, than here where so many of the people are Christian?? Doesn’t that seem backward? It seems that being Christian would bring about these good patient honest qualities. I don’t understand.

    • Part of the reason why the people in Japan are behaving this way could be this. After WWII when America rebuilt Japan and Europe we installed our American public school system there. Then in the 1960’s we dropped our’s while these other countries retained it. If you find this odd that older may be better pick up some of the text books Wallbuilders sells that are reprints from the early 1800’s. Then compare to what elementary kids get today. These text books from then are like college level now. NO JOKE. But the kids DID know more back then. John Quincy Adams was only 14 years old when he became a United State Ambassador to Russia. Csn you imagine a modern 14 year old being entrusted with such responsibility today? It really says something for how educated these kids were back then. They knew the basics that have not changed, math, English, today they water both down to the point where most people have poor command of both.

  16. Was just reading about the Chernobyl disaster. What I find amazing is, the world didn’t even know there was a problem until a few days later when workers at the Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant in Sweden (680 miles from the Chernobyl site) were found to have radioactive particles on their clothes. It was Sweden’s search for the source of radioactivity, after they had determined there was no leak at the Swedish plant, that at noon on April 28 (days after the disaster)that led to the first hint of a serious nuclear problem in the western Soviet Union.

    • I also heard today that the reason that happened is because the Russian plants cut a lot of corners and were poorly built and staffed. The plants in Japan and here are much more up to codes and better run. However, this is even more reason to watch what happens in places like Iran who are building these plants however they want.

      I also have seen reports that Chernobyl wasn’t as bad as people think? The big thing were the kids who got cancer in their glands that we can now prevent but were unaware of at that time. From what I understand the wildlife and vegatation came back, just not the people because of the stigma. One nuclear expert even said he wished they used a different term than meltdown because it sounds worse than it is.

      I’d be even more concerned with people who live near electric sub stations. They ALWAYS develop cancer yet you rarely hear reports about this.

    • What is really sad is the fire fighters who rushed in to put out the fires were not told how dangerously radioactive the smoke and the debris were, and may not even have known that the accident was anything more than a regular electrical fire Some of them picked up pieces of graphite with their hands not knowing what it was.
      In the aftermath of the accident, 237 people suffered from acute radiation sickness, of which 31 died within the first three months. Most of these were fire and rescue workers trying to bring the accident under control, who were not fully aware of how dangerous exposure to the radiation in the smoke was.

      After the disaster, four square miles of pine forest in the immediate vicinity of the reactor turned reddish-brown and died, earning the name of the “Red Forest”. Some animals in the worst-hit areas also died or stopped reproducing. Most domestic animals were evacuated from the exclusion zone, but horses left on an island in the Pripyat River (4 miles) from the power plant died when their thyroid glands were destroyed by radiation doses. Some cattle on the same island died and those that survived were stunted because of thyroid damage.
      Many of the vehicles used by the “liquidators” or first responders remain parked in a field in the Chernobyl area to this day, most giving off high doses of radiation over 20 years after the disaster. I wouldn’t exactly say its back; well it is if you enjoy ghost towns.

    • It is true Capt that the Russian plant was VERY under constructed. There was no containment building,just the “bricks and mortar” surrounding it. I have read a couple of books by an ex-pat Russian The Legacy of Chernobyl by Zhores A. Medvedev. Matt is right, things were FAR more messed up than we even know today. Some elderly folks have moved back to their farm areas kind of in defiance of the radiation. Since the older you are, the longer it takes usually for the effects to show up.
      As of this morning there has been significant release of radiation from the Japanese nuclear plants. The effects might not detected here, but of course things might get worse. IF there are reports of higher levels of radiation coming here in the near future here are first step precautions that make sense: nursing mothers should not eat fresh green leafy vegs and they should be careful about the dairy they consume. If you have an infant, check date of production of the formula they might be on so manufactured prior to the danger. I know it is pricey, but get some canned or powdered milk for the kids. The radioactive iodine can concentrate in dairy products. Stock up even a little if you can on powdered and/or canned milk. They can go into your pantry and be used up anyway if I am being jumpy!

    • When I was in the military, my supervisor told us a story of when he was at a listening post in W. Germany and heard the Russian soldiers talk about cattle glowing and their eyes and tongues seeming to melt and drop out.
      I wonder now what happened to those soldiers.

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