UFOs – The Colonel thinks they’re real!

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L. A. Marzulli

Disclosure has happened! It starts with former Presidents Truman, Carter, Reagan and the Soviet Union’s Gorbachev. I’ve got stacks of generals, including Soviet generals, who’ve come out and said UFOs are real. My point is, how many times do senior officials need to come forward and say this is real?” John told Lee at AOL News and confirmed that former military officers have come forward to discuss their experiences when UFOs reportedly tampered with U.S. nuclear missile sites.


Here’s an interesting story that features retired Colonel, John Alexander. It would appear that the Colonel believes that UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away! I’m going to see if he will consent to an interview on Acceleration Radio. What is interesting to me about this article is that it would appear that there is an ongoing process of disclosure, as those men and women like Alexander go public with their stories. You may recall Edgar Mitchell stated on Karang Radio that UFOs were real. (We feature that clip in Watchers 1) Then last year at the Washington Press Club, former Airforce and military personnel gave their testimonies as to the reality of UFOs. The Vatican has declared that ET should be regarded as our brother. What’s next?

In short, when, not if, the UFO disclosure happens it will be a game changer. Millions of people will believe the lie that ET created all life on earth and are in fact our progenitors.

In closing today’s short but pithy post, let me say that I believe that we are nearing a time when the UFO phenomena will become self-evident. What I mean by that is that when we see mile wide craft hovering over the cities of the world, it will end all debate as to the reality of the UFOs. At that point we will be asking are they benevolent or malevolent…


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142 thoughts on “UFOs – The Colonel thinks they’re real!

  1. That would be great if John Alexander would consent to an interview~


    One of our readers, Nancy, wrote to me this week from Christchurch, the scene of the recent horrific earthquake, which has tragically affected so many lives. Here is what she wrote-

    “Well Andrew, today in Christchurch many churches were forced out into the open to praise and worship God, and many people came along who would not normally go to church.



    • Everything I’ve written thus far sounds sanctimonious, and I don’t intend it to, so this is all I’ll write:

      Praise God!

  2. It is an enigma we face. I know on your Watchers2 video trailer LA mentions how the moon is changing or appears different. Well when they bombed the moon and what would be the effects on earth even if they changed the rotation or whatever, I would think even miniscule would have a dramatic effect on our planet.

  3. Ref. the link on the story about Colonel John Alexander, It doesn’t say where the pictures were taken, but I wouldn’t want to
    live where the tapestries and masks are on the wall. Who knows what kind of spirits inhabit those.

    • I noticed that as well, therefore; discernment bells ring about the Colonel man. Where do you reckon the Spirits may inhabit?

      John b

    • Coming in contact with a UFO is coming in contact with a demonic force, This we all know.
      who really knows the mind of a demonized person? except God. I mean what really goes on within the “inner chambers” of the mind of a possessed person? could it be that this is the place where abduction really takes place? The place of Torment could very well be the place of trauma. just my pondering upon the subject.

      john B

    • I agree there has been disclosure now for a lot of years and it is always made light of.

      But what gets me is the lies and also being made light of is our being in cahoots with the entities starting with Roswell the time of 1947. One of the creatures was kept at Wright Paterson Air Force base until it died. They got a lot of high tech from this creature and reverse engineering from what they found and made out it was only a weather balloon.

      So why then can’t we believe any official story the government ever puts out to the people is because when have they ever gave the people the full truth about anything.

      We could start with the assasination of Abe Lincoln, Civil war and right on down the line. Some may even have examples before Abe’s assasination.

      It is all part of ours now and part of the evil underworld that men in high places are together with. They may even have the secret of being invisible and then visible and the evil ones can morph into all kinds of shapes and perfectly look and sound exactly like a dead family member and more.

      ADMONITION; Make sure Jesus is dwelling within from here on out, examine yourselves to know you trully are in Him and He in you. Make sure you are doing His complete will.

      Then no harm can come to you, you can rest in peace.

      E. Gibbs.

  4. Brothers Richard and Matt.First off I love you both!!! But i fear you are both focusing on the wrong things (just finished reading all of yesterdays blog).you both made some excellent points and I can see truth and wisdom on both sides of this issue but guys the focus needs to be on God. The time is indeed short so let us focus on witnessing and saving souls well we still can. There is no greater tragedy than even one soul lost that need not be. As a part native american i suppose I have a little different viewpoint about America especially after the trail of tears, euthanasia ect carried out against my ppl . But all of that does NOT matter it is history and although interesting the time has come to let our differences go and pull together to help finish God’s work so we can all go Home. And yes I too have family that has fought in every war except the present one.What is important is that we are fighting for Christ. Hope this does not offend either of you ,I speak in love and frustration .Keep your eyes on the Prize!! Yours in Christ Randy Ph

    • Richard, my brother, are absolutely correct about where our focus should be. I have to remind myself of this daily, as I too, reading all the news, can be distracted away from the ETERNAL truth. Thank you for your comment. It is a needed reminder to all of us. L.A. always reminds us about what Jesus said…”when you see all these things, look up….” God Bless you Richard!!

    • Randy words taken to the wise. I too am Native American Cherokee Chickasaw. My grandfather was full blooded, raised on the Arkansas Oklahoma border. Sadly there were no rations in 1930’s for the Cherokee Chickasaw as there are today with the oil reserves. He moved his family to pick crops in California. I cant imagine growing up native american prior to the 1990’s. Sadly many indian nations are nothing but a pick up truck and shanty house. Alcoholism, depression, unemployment devastate those that do not have incomes from either oil or casinos.

    • You did not offend me in any way Brother Randy. To me it is a dead issue. One I will not comment on again. The Lord told me to zip it and so I shall.
      Thanks for sharing your insight on the matter, your wisdom is most appreciated

    • Interesting you should post this, because I’ve been seeing similar things lately here in Ohio! On Feb 14th, I passed under a train carrying car after car loaded with military tanks and such. THEN, a little over a week later, (I want to say last Wednesday) I was driving along in the same area to see a massive convoy of large, camo-painted flatbed trucks carrying 1-2 all-terrain vehicles each. I guessed it around 20 trucks. I took a few pics with my cellphone. I would post them here if I knew how. It seems SOMETHING is up and they are on the move! I wonder if anyone else in the country is seeing these types of things? Anyone?

    • Bon- I see it all the time, but have never thought anything of as I am in a town with not one, but five seperate military installations. I’ve often wondered if living where I do is a blessing or a curse as we could either be well protected or have a big fat target over our city! In regards to LauraR’s post, my initial thought was that it came from somewhere outside of the U.S. and was shocked to scroll down to see it came from TX. I guess all I can say is WOW…and “yep, something is definintely up!”

    • Bon, you can also go to you tube and look at Alex Jones vid series on our police state. Very good info there.

    • Three nights ago, it sounded like the end of the world coming. It was a fleet of military helicopters that flew directly over my house!(not a normal flight path). It was pitch black at around 1 or 2 am and whenI went outside to view them ,all I could see were lights from them and hear the rotors. Pretty low flight path as well.
      There were a lot of trees blocking so it was impossible to get a count on them.

  5. If you look into his eyes and his surroundings you can tell whom he serves.It amazes me how they are using these supposedly famous intelligent men to further their agenda.Shows you just how far intellect will take you. scary

  6. LA I wanted to give a praise report and thank you all for your prayers my son is on a bus and is on his way to a treatment center for a year.

    Thank You and God bless

    • Wonderful!! I am so happy for you and your son, Margaret!
      God is so awesome, and how great that we can go to Him, and that He listens, and answers our prayers.

      I hope your son will continue on this good path he has started on!

      God bless you and your son!! I will continue to pray for you both.


      Thank the Lord, Margaret!! I am so happy to hear that for you. Also it is good that it is a year long program, as that gives enough time for old habits and strongholds to be broken, instead of these places that are for 30 days, etc. It takes a long time to get into such a situation and a long time to be renewed. I believe the Lord will be with him every step of the way. I am so, so happy for you both and will continue to pray for your family. Blessings to you all. Amen!

  7. Dear Matt
    I want to thank your for posting the video yesterday of the ex-member of Korn. What an awesome story! I am thanking you for sharing it, because I am hoping that at some point I can share it with my son. I think it is a story that he might be open to hearing – if he hasn’t already heard it.
    At any rate, it was an awesome story to hear in this world of ever growing saddness.

    Bless you, Matt.

    • I really enjoyed that too. To think of all the people in this guy’s life – his real estate broker was available to open the door when the time was right.

    • Carolyn, I have a autograph copy of the book Save Me from Myself: How I Found God, Quit Korn, Kicked Drugs, and Lived to Tell My Story. Was an excellent book, I finished reading it not long ago. I will send it to you if you feel your son might like reading it and you feel it might help in someway. You can have it, I bought two copies when he was at my church and had him sign them.
      Here is a “look inside” on the book.


      I know what you mean Late Night Lisa, its amazing how his real estate broker took a chance on being fired. He saw a hurting man, and was sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s nudging to share the gospel with him. As i said before, I actually met Brian at my church and we talk sometimes on facebook,he is the real deal.
      It take boldness to speak to someone about the gospel. Have you ever been somewhere and you see someone and you feel you sould share the goodnews with them, but for some reason you just dont? I know I have. I pray I can be more bold for Christ as I continue growing in my walk with him.

    • Dear Matt
      I just can’t get over what an amazing story this is. I am so grateful that you shared this. How God can reach so far into the darkest of places with His grace and love to save someone, like the story of the lost sheep that He left the other 99, to go find and save. So amazing that wonderful God of ours!

      I am also so grateful to you for your offer to give me his book. That is so nice of you, Matt! My son (the computor guy) just purchased one of those electronic downloadable reading gizzmos, I can’t remember what you call them, so if I get a chance to share this with him, I know he will want to look the book up there. But THANK YOU so much for the offer, I really appreciate it. And thank you for the name of the book.

      God bless you, Matt! God bless you abundantly!

  8. LA

    would you concider getting John Di Nardo on to
    talk about planet X. He is a Christian and uses
    scripture to back up what he says

  9. Here is one all should see, where muslims want to take it to.

    We are in a world going bonkers for sure.

    E. Gibbs

    • Part of an article from Rapture Ready news about sharia law:

      Polygamy outlawed – so why not sharia?

      “People say…’You can’t restrict their freedom of religion’ — [and] meanwhile they’re working to restrict our freedom of religion, working to restrict our freedom of speech and freedom of conscience and so on,” he points out. “But that’s okay because [they argue] we can’t restrict their freedom of religion.”

      That argument is “ridiculous,” says Spencer. “In the first place, America has moved to restrict the freedom of religion of various groups in the past, notably by outlawing Mormon polygamy in the late 19th Century…and forcing the Mormons to accept that or not to be considered to be a legal group in the United States.”

      Consequently, the Jihad Watch leader says he does not know why it is not possible to say that a religion that espouses sharia law is also seditious and not acceptable in the United States.


    • Here? In the PC United States in 2011? Good luck with that. We are already having abomination shoved at us and we have to take it, or else.

      With the love for everything Muslim from our leaders lately, I seriously doubt that anything like that could get off the ground.

  10. I don’t suppose the colonel thinks UFOs are also burgeoning and not going away, does he?

    Good post LA.

    So I have a general question, if anyone wants to take a stab at it.

    Has anyone ever heard of someone seeing an alien, say from a movie during an abduction, have they? For example, something from star wars/star trek. If not as an abductor, perhaps as a screen memory?

    Thoughts please.

    • Hi Frank, I have not heard any of that, but did hear that Jesus and peoples dearly beloved ones have. Or disguised as such.

    • Yeah, iheard that too.

      The reason being, I recall being in my aunt’s trailer at about 4. I ran down the hall to get a toy sea horse, and screamed “ET” repeatedly as I went. The I ducked into my cousin’s room, and I swear I saw greedo from star wars. Another time I swear I was picked up in another cousin’s room by mr. Peanut.

      This sounds absurd, but I can’t recall if it was real, or a dream. It felt really real, and I don’t recall reacting like I have from other dreams. I do recall other bad dreams, and the memory is slightly different quality.

      Not saying I’ve been abducted just wondering out loud.

    • Mr. Peanut? Wow! Real or dream that’s incredible Frank.
      As a kid I use to love 3 musketeer bars, had a dream, well I think it was a dream that they came to my room in the middle of the night, not sure aliens would pose as 17th century French guards however.

    • Frank I don’t want to cause any stress or flashbacks for you, but if you could look at the link below, can you tell me is this is what you saw in that room? And if so,was he wearing his monocle?

    • As a child, I witnessed something weird as well, like you Frank I wasn’t sure if it was a dream or not. It certainly seemed real at the time
      Looking back on it many years later, it was as if I knew this person somehow. I have since seen pictures on the net similar to what I had seen that night, which I will post below. I can’t quite place him, but I know ive seen him before which is a bit spooky to me.

  11. Ok, I guess it’s my turn. I come to you fine people as the Lord I feel has prompted me to as humbly, very humbly to pray for me. I hate to ask. Without getting into to many details as I work in a private home and have done so for the last 4 years. While I am thankful for my job there are things I cannot deal with here. I don’t feel well enough to go to another job, but need answers and am in tears over this. I thankyou for any and all prayers!

    • LauraR, I have prayed that the Lord give you wisdom for your situation and that he binds that which perturbs you, in his grace, be free.

    • LauraR,

      I am praying that our Great Waymaker will make a way for you and that you will see it. Abide in Him and He will be with you.

      His Blessngs be upon you.

      E. Gibbs.

    • Laura you are indeed in my prayers,sounds like things are getting spiritually unacceptable for you.I pray that you will receive direction and peace to make the right decisions concerning the matter.I pray that the lord will restore you to wholeness .There are always uncertainties ahead, but there is always one certainty,God is good and he knows your needs.You have trusted Him in a few things, and He has not failed you. Trust Him now for everything, and see if He does not do for you exceeding abundantly above all that you could ever have asked or thought.I pray his perfect will in your life.LOL

    • Dear LauraR
      The Lord will certainly lead you through this, trust Him.
      I pray that His peace will wash over you and fill you, and that He will make His will and direction clear to you. And that He will give you the comfort of knowing He is with you.

      His blessings to you, Laura

    • Father God:

      Thank you so much for LauraR our sister in you. I thank you Lord that you are always with her. I thank you that your thoughts are always good concerning her. I thank you for the protection you have given her by your holy angels that encamp around her. We ask here today Lord for your mighty hand of protection and your awesome power or discernment be upon her. Please make clear to her if this is where you want her to be and give her peace…and if this is not where you want her, give her eyes to see and ears to hear what you are telling her about leaving. Thank you that she is not alone…your Spirit is with her, your Word is with her, your prescence is with her, your goodness is with her, your holy angels are with her, and her sisters and brothers here are with her. Bless her Lord as she has blessed us all so with encourgement and prayers for us. As she has done to the least of us, also bless her likewise Lord. Thank you for the privildege to pray for her. I also ask that if you are telling her to fight in the spirit in this situation that you give her clear directives about which weapons of spiritual warfare to use and when. Thank you so much for your grace and mercy in all our lives and thank you that you hear our cries on her behalf and you most definately hear her cries to you. Surround her today Lord. We praise you and thank you in Jesus mighty name. Amen!

    • Dear Lisa
      I love when you pray.
      The other day, on fasting day, you prayed. I thought afterward, how I wished that we had all followed your lead and added our prayers to yours.

      I am going to add my prayer to yours now.

      Father, Lord, Please hear our prayers. Please bless Lisa, and LauraR, help her not to fear, but to just trust in you. Please bless LA, keep him and his family and his ministry in your care. And please bless this group who have gathered here, please keep us under your wing, and fill us with your Holy Spirit and keep us calm and away from fear.
      Please also direct us in your will for our lives.
      And please open the eyes of our loved ones, our family members and the people round about us who don’t yet know you. Please let them see you, Lord, and come to know the love and grace you have for them.
      In Jesus name I pray. Amen

    • Carolyn:

      Bless you today. I pray writing it out like that because I know so many times people have situations and say pray for me and we say I will or I will be praying but I know the edification I have felt when a brother or sister say right then and there, wait, let’s pray right now. Not just later by myself to the Lord but let’s pray for your need right now. I know the Lord doesn’t want us to be prideful religious people in our prayers and that is not what I intend when I write it out here. I do it because the person requesting help needs it right there and then. Even if we don’t see an immediate answer, just lifting our needs to the King of Kings changes our demeanor and we drop that heaviness and feel relief and peace. At least I know I do. Just like when I am alone and I am going through something and I cry out to the Lord over it and He leads me to a particular scripture, it may not even be a complete directive answer for my particular situation I am crying about but just reading that Word He gives me, even if I don’t completely understand it at that time, it always brings immediate peace and relief. It let’s me know He does hear me. He reassures me He will always take care of me. Not necessarilly like I think or when I think but He is always there, always…and if we know He is all good and all powerful, we can learn to trust Him in anything. Amen! God bless all. I love you guys all.

    • I know when I ask someone to pray for me, and they take the time and care to pray for me then and there, it is a very comforting thing. It feels very caring. And also, and especially, because of what the Scriptures say about two or more praying together. It makes me feel even closer to God, and even more in fellowship with my sisters and brothers in Christ.

      20″For where two or three have gathered together in My name, (S)I am there in their midst.” Matt 18:20

      God bless you, Lisa. You have such a kind heart.

  12. You got it dear. Everything will be ok. Our God is an awesome God. Lifting you up in prayer now. ALL will be ok. Love randy Ph

    • I found it on YouTube too:

      The video has been proven as fake-it is in Portuguese (link follows) but you can still watch it and get the idea, I listened to the report, a guy was sent the video and he posted it, the ones who filmed the video did not identify themselves or take credit for it, graphic editors studied the film and pointed out the flaws showing that it was fake, see report below:

    • I am so sick of all these fake videos. Do people really have that much time in their lives to waste on a lie or prank? Lord forgive me but the word “losers” comes to mind.

    • I am sick of these fake videos too and the people making them, it makes finding the real ones a lot harder and chasing your tail is no fun in the end, unless you are a Chihuahua.

  13. Their all dropping flares now. The new “thing”
    What bugged me was they filmed jumping out of the car as if that was a set up for their show. If you saw something like that for real you would be practically falling out of the car to get a look and then getting your camera to shoot it. They seemed well prepared for it.
    CG is good these days and along with it, the hubcaps and ceiling lights reflection in windows has gotten good as well.
    They never get one that is right over your head and as big as the sky with all the sharp detail of a craft.
    Obviously, the aliens are a bit standoffish and shy. 🙂

  14. I just wanted yo stop in and thank you all my brothers and sisters so much for your fellowship.It really means the world to me. Having accepted Christ my old “friends” now have turned away from me and I from them as well to help keep from falling back into old ways. I have yet to find a decent bible believing church though I keep looking! So basically this blog and a few other spots online make up the most of my fellowship with like minded Christians. You are more precious to me then you can know. Praise God I can not wait to meet you all in Heaven. We must have a La Marzulli blog get together feast in my heavenly mansion awaiting me.It is impossible to feel alone in this world with such a wonderful family. Love you all Randy Ph

    • Randy, like you, I lost my entire “so called” friends as well when I came to the Lord. Of course these were not true friends and over time God replaced them with even better Christian friends who would stand by me even in the bad times as well as the good.
      I also find this blog a blessing and have learned so much for all the bloggers here. Its really is good to have fellowship on this blog with other brothers and sisters in Christ.
      I will pray the Lord will lead you to your new church home, a place he wants you to be where you can grow in your relationship with him.

    • Randy! Me tooooo! 😀 I can’t wait to meet everyone in Heaven too! Can I come to the feast!?! If I am invited, can I bring fudge to the feast? 🙂 We all won’t have to talk about aliens anymore, or deceptions, or wars and such. Sigh… it will be great… All of you people hold a special place in my heart, most truly.

      I hope you find a good church too. Sometimes I think it won’t be until we are all gathered to Him, but I have also been surprised… for instance, when I found all of you huddled under LA’s blog. 🙂

    • Haha, you guys are funny. Matt, the rest of my post said “.. all we’ll talk about is fudge. Yum, it will be great. All of you people will have cheeks packed with fudge, like chipmunks. I hope you find fudge too. Sometimes I don’t think we’ll have the best fudge until He gathers us together. I won’t be surprised if He threw on an apron and whipped up some fudge to set before us on a LA blog feast table.” How could you have possibly forgotten all of that, Matt? 🙂

      I would sooo send you peoples fudge! 😀 I just made some for my church group last night, and all of their eyes glistened and it made them giddy. I am almost convinced that fudge could solve major world problems. We could send some in a huge box to that cross-eyed monkey man, Ahmadinejad! I bet he would hide out in a bunker and shove his face and never again return to the surface of the earth. Just a thought. It could go like this.. fudge for the wise is a yummy blessing, fudge for the wicked is tasteful trap… and by the fudge of the Lord, His enemies will become fat! (haha, I’m kidding… I’m not adding to His words, that was sooo not gospel 😉 )

    • Ha!! “cross-eyed monkey man, Ahmadinejad”
      Look at it this way Kimberly, if they ever decide to do another remake of Planet of the Apes, they can save some cash on makeup and prosthetics by hiring Ahmadinejad to play Cornelius

    • (whooaa, I made a comment and it disappeared before my very own eyes!! And I can’t seem to find it on here.. It’s probably floating in space somewheres!) :-O

      Anyways… now that I forgot what I even said… you are making Sonny roll over in his grave for making such a mistake! That right there is the exact photo of the monkey man himself!

    • Randy, my sentiments and words exactly! I feel like this is where I fellowship and people here feel like family! Last night after I got home from work my computer got booted off the web and I had to wait until this am to post.

    • Randy, I lost my friends when I got serious about my walk with the Lord, and then I lost them again about 20 years later when I started seeing what the Bible really says and “unplugged” from the Hegelian, left/right, neo-con paradigm. Talk about pain and the rage of betrayal…
      However, the Lord we serve is so gracious. When I finally forgave and let it go, He dropped people into my life and showed me things in His Scriptures that I had never seen before – things of wonder and beauty (and I’ve been reading the Bible for a long time).
      You are all a big part of that. I praise God for you.

    • Hi Randy
      This is also my place of fellowship. Especially now, it is so comforting to have a place to feel accepted, and to be able to talk openly about the topics that LA brings up, and that all of us chat about here. Even in the Bible based churches that I have found that are wonderful and scriptural in most of their teachings, the topics here on this blog are excluded.
      Also this is such a caring bunch.
      When I first became a Christian, I had friends, and now even family, who just completely cut me off and wouldn’t (and won’t) even talk to me!
      Thank you all for your warm, welcoming and Bible based fellowship! And thank you greatly, LA, for giving us this place to gather!
      Have a blessed day friends.

    • Thanks for the link Gordy. Being broadband challenged lol I love audio and Stan Deyo is a favorite as well. Home run. Randy

  15. Pat Robertson: God Won’t Let Ahmadinejad Start Armageddon

    Christian Broadcasting Network founder and “The 700 Club” host Rev. Pat Robertson believes the present world will end someday — but not at the behest of nuclear-armed Iranian strongman Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    Although alarmed about Iran’s headlong pursuit of nuclear weapons, Robertson says he can’t bring himself to believe that God would let Iran’s president trigger a nuclear holocaust.

    Asked whether unrest in the Middle East and Iran’s nuclear ambitions could be seen as a prelude to Armageddon, Robertson cited Old Testament prophet Ezekiel, who predicts in Ezekiel 38:5 that a coalition of other nations will rise up against Israel in a final battle “that’s made up of what looks like Russia, Turkey, Iran, the Sudan,” and other nations.

    “So it’s all shaping up, and they are going to invade Israel in ‘the latter days,’” Robertson tells Newsmax in the exclusive interview. “So that to me is one of the most key prophetic signposts that we have available to us. And it’s coming to pass.”

    But despite those worrisome signs, Robertson, who also founded Regent University and the Christian Coalition, tells Newsmax that he does not believe God would allow Ahmadinejad to wreak nuclear devastation on the world.

    “I don’t think that God is going to allow some crazy guy like Ahmadinejad to blow up the world with an atomic weapon,” Robertson says. “I just don’t think he’s going to allow it.

    “Now, God may bring a meteor on us, and we’ll know who did it. But he’s not going to turn this world lose to the crazies. But it certainly is frightening to think that nuclear technology is available to the A.Q. Khan network in Pakistan, or to Ahmadinejad in Iran, or to the people in North Korea,” he says.


    • I have love and respect for Pat Robertson as a brother in Christ and as a minister of the Gospel but I was shocked when I watched a bit of the 700 Club the other day and Pat said that he believed Obama when BO said that he’s not a Muslim but is a Christian. I don’t recall the exact wording but that was the gist of it.

    • Oh ok,,didn’t see that, thanks.
      So how do you like living there? Do you enjoy it? Are most of the churches Catholic?

    • Matt, I like living here thou it has taken some time to get used to the different culture and language, if it was a 1st world country here then it might be near to perfect, since it is a 3rd world country it has its good and its bad spots. I enjoy living here it’s like exploring a new universe. The majority of the population here is Catholic but the evangelicals have been on the increase for the last 10 years, so I think it has dropped to about a 78% Catholic nation. Some of the better things here is racial harmony and people are more family oriented.

  16. Political & Economic Disclosures (Tue 03-01)

    Activist historian Webster Tarpley will discuss the invisible hands behind the changes in Egypt, and how it brings us closer to World War III, as well as how we can pull out of the current depression, and why Wikileaks is a well orchestrated “striptease” by the CIA to reveal selected information.

    First Hour: Chris McCann of Family Radio talks about the prediction that Judgment Day will be on May 21, 2011.

    listen here:

    • The above link is to yesterdays coast to coast. Evidently according to Chris McCann of Family Radio May 21, 2011 will be the day of the rapture.

      Personally I will not be suprised if absolutely nothing happens on this day.
      Still intresting show though.

    • The following is a link to the may21,2011 theory http://ebiblefellowship.com/may21/index.html

      Sorry if people have heard this already, this is the first time i have heard of the theory behind the date.

      From what I have heard and read about it I think it is wrong and just another way to cast a bad light on us who believe we are in the last times.

  17. Last night on Coast to Coast Chris McCann of Family Radio talked about the prediction made by Christian preacher Harold Camping that Judgment Day will be on May 21, 2011. According to McCann, this end date is based on a genealogical timeline that Camping derived from the Bible. On May 21st of this year, select people will be taken up in the Rapture, while others are doomed by a huge earthquake, and other calamities, he suggested. In an effort to get their message out, Camping’s organization has rented out billboard space across the US announcing the end date.
    Anyone eles heard of this guy?

    • This disturbs me. The date he has chosen corresponds to the dates of the national level FEMA exercises on the New Madrid fault, 18-20 May. If some organization is trying to deliberately trigger the NM fault line and they succeed, it would not only destroy the country from Memphis to St. Louis, it would usher in an excuse for nation-wide martial law and the forced implementation of things like the nat’l ID card, check points, the control of the internet, and other totalitarian measures like what we saw after 9/11.
      When I read that FEMA has spent more that a billion dollars on MREs – enough for 1.4 million people – and, of course, a corresponding number of body bags, I became concerned.
      I hope I’m just being paranoid, but this is a heaviness in my heart. I’m still fasting and I will continue until the Lord either releases me or this date has passed.

    • Can you imagine what would happen if a group of people also “disappeared” during that time? Chaos – exactly the conditions the proponents of the NWO want.

    • On March 19th, a full moon will occur at around the same time it reaches its closest point to Earth in recent history. Rare planetary events such as this are often associated with above-normal tides, an increase in volcanic activity and more frequent earthquakes.According to Berkland, such correlations are more than coincidences. They demonstrate a true connection between the moon and earthquake activity, he said.
      At least two major quakes may suppoort Berkland’s theory. The December 26, 2004, magnitude 9.1 in Sumatra, Indonesia, occurred on the day of a full moon. Likewise, the March 27, 1964, magnitude 9.2 earthquake in Alaska occurred on the day of maximum high tide.


    • Yesterday,
      All my troubles seemed so far away,
      Now it looks as though they’re here to stay,
      Oh, I believe in yesterday.
      Thread # 9 yesterday, got it thanks Rose.

    • Margaret,
      We will pray our way through this, my dear.

      You are absolutely correct.

      Re-re-response #9.

    • You said it Rose, “the date ‘he’ has chosen.” I really don’t believe any one will know the date of either the rapture or the 2nd coming. Otherwise, why would Jesus say he was coming like a thief in the night? (Matthew 24)

      Above all, Jesus told us to not be afraid, distressed, anxious or any of those attributes of fear. But he told us to watch and pray and believe that He is able to finish what He started.

  18. I don’t know about Camping but the Millerites of the mid eighteen hundreds were so sure the rapture was about to occur that they climbed up on roofs to wait.
    Also around that time some cultic beliefs began with others who predicted the end of all things.

    Personally, I don’t think it’s a day or an hour and the Lord said He nor the angels didn’t know it.
    It is the Father’s decision and I believe it is more based on the number that comes into the fold or a preventative act of God to stop Satan from running away with things.

    Like, “That’s enough!” or “Time’s Up!” instead of an actual day.

    All date setting does, is give the world the excuse that there’s nothing to it when the date comes/goes and we are all still here.

    • Amen Doug, they may well be planning a false rapture to try to further divide and confuse the Body of Christ. Since Christ Himself did not know I am 110% sure that Harold Camping does not know either. Randy

  19. I have heard that these rainbow clouds show up right before an earthquake i dont know if it is true

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