A Fictitious account of what may happen in the Middle East…

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L. A. Marzulli

Here is a sample from Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural. I have decided to post this today because of what is happening in the Middle East…. L. A.

How and why people will believe the lie? (A fictional account)

Can you imagine waking one Saturday morning, grabbing a mug of hot coffee, settling into your favorite easy chair and using your remote, turn on the Television? You stare in disbelief as reporters state that New York, Washington and Los Angeles have been attacked by what appears to be dirty bombs.

News coverage shows thousands of terrified, fleeing, people trying to get out of harms way.

Why you’re watching, another ‘alert’ interrupts the broadcast and you see an aerial view of Chicago. The announcer explains that an explosion has just occurred and it appears to be yet another terrorist attack.

The scene changes again, and you notice that the newscaster looks pale. He reports that the combined forces of Iran, Syria, and possibly Chechnya and Russia, along with other nations, have attacked the nation of Israel. He cautions that reports are sketchy, but it appears that Israel has responded to the attack, by using its nuclear arsenal.

Your heart begins to race and you try to make a telephone call, but the lines are all jammed and you can’t get through.

The day passes slowly and reports from the Middle East indicate that there have been mass casualties sustained by the attacking armies. You watch as the first film of the area is shown. You see a black scorched earth where the twisted remains of men and machines lay.  The unthinkable has happened. You cover your face with your hands and weep…

A day later something happens that you’re not ready for. All the movies you have seen and books you have read still do not prepare you for what is happening.

The television has been on all night, and you have slept in your easy chair, still in your pajamas from the day before. You stare at the picture on the television set and wonder if this is some sort of sick joke being played. You wonder if it’s a ploy of the government. You ask yourself if what you are looking at could possibly be real. You see a place that you have seen before. You recognize it as the Dome Of The Rock, in Jerusalem. The camera pans back and above the dome. There are several craft. They are metallic looking and the glint of the suns rays reflects off them. They appear to be motionless. The camera pans back to a nervous reporter, who says that these craft first appeared a short while ago. He also states that contact has apparently been made with the alien craft.

The day goes by and the President of the Untied States addresses that nation. He has a special announcement. You listen as he explains that extraterrestrial craft have revealed themselves at this time, and chosen to intervene in our affairs, because of the use of weapons of mass destruction, in the Middle East.

He elaborates saying that the E.T. presence is peaceful, but that they will not allow us to destroy ourselves, which is the reason they have revealed themselves at this crucial juncture, in our history. He then explains that directly following his announcement the superior technology of E.T. will take control of the world’s television airways, so that on all channels, everywhere, all the inhabitants of earth will see the message, simultaneously. The broadcast begins with an aerial view of the parting of the Red Sea. The water has been heaped up on itself creating walls of water, which leave a dry strip of land between them.

You watch as thousands of people, begin to walk on dry land between the standing waters… and you realize that this movie wasn’t filmed in Hollywood…

The current political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened , in some cases, millenia ago. L. A. Marzulli

Haven’t read this yet? It’s the playbook to what is happening in the Middle East!

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78 thoughts on “A Fictitious account of what may happen in the Middle East…

  1. L. A.: That could be a possible description of something in the not too distant future. It is a very scary scenerio. However, my crazy sense of humor is evident this morning–when you misspelled United States, for a few moments I thought maybe you did it on purpose–the Untied States. I really don’t mean to make light of the possibility of something similar to this happening. We need to stay close to our Lord as our need to depend on Him will become more and more obvious as the days go on; especially with so many alarming news items each and every day!

    Keep looking up!

  2. Jerusalem video vetted!

    Man who took original video comes forward. States it scared him terribly, but now he believes it is a fear that he must face, even though he does not understand it.

    • Did someone tell him what he saw? It’s been revealed to us so we need to tell those who are questioning. Send him a link on Youtube or something. Since we know where these come from (fallen ones) we have the responsibilty to open our mouths.

      I randomly spoke w/a workman at the house the other day & brought up the UFO topic & he told me that he’s actually seen them from his backyard in National City, San Diego.

      He didn’t know what to think about it & only had what the “History Channel” had to say in considering what it could have been. He remembered the History Channel propaganda & connected it to Ezekiel’s “wheel”- so he was thinking more in terms of a God-like experience & not a fallen angel/demonic deception. Of course I told him who they actually were.

      He would look up @ the stars w/a pair of powerful binoculars & sometimes the “star” would move. One incidence he said the “star” quickly took off while a few smaller “stars” bursted forth from it & went in different directions.

      Had I not brought up the topic he would never had told me & I would not have had the opportunity to show him a different viewpoint. You just never know who has seen a UFO manifestiation because people don’t want to be considred a weirdo.

      Since we’re already resigned to the “Kooks for Christ” club we can put ourselves on the line & open the door for conversation.

      1 Corinthians 1:27-29

      Instead, God chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise. And he chose things that are powerless to shame those who are powerful.

      God chose things despised by the world, things counted as nothing at all, and used them to bring to nothing what the world considers important.

      As a result, no one can ever boast in the presence of God.

    • He probably is a creep, but if Lindsey Williams can be taken at his word, then “the creep” was probably set up through the channels of the Global Elite. They are allegedly orchestrating everything, and of course, Lucifer, the cosmic christ, is orchestrating through them. And to top it all off…YHVH is actually in control of it all…the whole plan…the Aleph Tav…Jesus the Christ…the Son of the Living God…He spoke the end from the beginning. Glory!

    • What you say might have some truth to it; however, I just don’t believe there is a conspiracy under every rock we happen to turn over. I think this is a case of a rogue nutcase, acting on his own behalf to forward the radical Muslim moment. What fuels this “creeps” rage is his embrace of a religion that’s promotes death and destruction to all nonbelievers.

    • This vid actually ends at 24:50 and then starts over again (?). It’s from 2006 so perhaps it was previously posted. This laser weapon inflicts wounds similar to what we read about in Zechariah 14:12, although Zechariah refers to that event as a plague.

  3. I can only imagine such a horrific scenario. Many chrisitians I know talk the talk but when it boils down to it, I dont think they can really imagine a heaven. I dont think they actually visualize themselves in heaven worshiping God, Jesus and the saints in all their glory. I dont think christians have any idea what the new Jerusalem is by reading some of the posts from yesterday. I dont think they can comprehend a new body or spending eternity in a new body or the thought of no more tears. And I dont think they realize what we will do in heaven or will do during the millenium. And I especially dont think they realize that we are not living for this world but for the next. Life is but a blink of an eye compared to the time we will spend in heaven.

    There are so many reasons I think about it every day. I wonder how many christians realize that we are one bad scenario away from meeting Jesus at the Bema Seat of Judgement. One terrorist attack, one car accident, one earthquake one whatever.

    In the book “China Cry” a true story about the communist Maoist government in China in the 1950’s. Soilders have grouped the christians together and they are executing them one by one however before they do the soilders give them the opportunity for life by telling them they can denounce christ and save their life. One by one the line and say no. One by one they are shot at point blank range.

    In my opinion that could happen to every single one of us that are christians in the very near future.

    My point is I wonder how many of us think about and prepare for the real possibility that we may loose our life in the very near future? How many of us have told the ones we love that we are in the last days, that we love them and that we hope they made the commitment to christ? How many of us have repented in prayer? How many of us are ready to meet God with a clear conscious?

    One of the reasons I think so many christians love the thought of the rapture is beacuse they are afraid of death. I have no fear of dieing I have been at the cusp several times.

    I thinks its time we all realize the very potential of death and persecution. I think its time we prepare for it. It time to get ready for the next step. Life in heaven or the new jerusalem.

    • Hey Richard! 🙂 I think a lot more Christians realize this more than you might be aware of. For myself, I have a hard time even getting excited about earthly things, and it’s been that way for a while. And Heaven, it’s all I can think about, especially in the face of the evilness all around. Plus, God has written eternity in the hearts of men… we are designed to be able to imagine heaven, and some actually do. I think Jesus’ voice reaches much farther and wider than anyone of us will know for right now. I absolutely love the thought of the rapture, but that does not for one second keep me from counting the cost of laying down my life. One does not outweigh the other… I equally and passionately consider both, not one or the other.

      We can try to prepare for every single possible scenario, but in truth, we will never know until it happens. That’s why Jesus said to us, His sheepies, that we are to remain steadfast on His face… only. This “other stuff” honestly, is not nearly as important in comparison to His face. We need to definitely spend these days being careful not to alienate our brothers and sisters.. we need to love each other and bare one another up.

      Death is not our focus. Persecution is not our focus. Love is. Jesus is. 😀

  4. I listend to Lyndsey Williams on Alex Jones two days ago these were my notes from his discussion with Alex Jones.

    Lydnsey Williams said the Globla Elite told him that the dollar will be collapsed within the year 2012. He said the Henry Kissinger a Bildeberger formed an agreement with all oil producing nations from 1977-1981 to buy American Tbills to pay for our debt. American Oil companies have had their wells shut down for the purpose that and we will need those wells when we betray our agreement after the dollar is collapsed in 2012. Because we will not repay those Tbills.

    He said that oil will go to $200 a barrel within the next year.

    The standard currency of the world is crude oil. The Muslim Bortherhood is being supported by the global elite. He said all over the Arab world the Global Elite will double cross the Arab world. The Muslim Brotherhood will be in each Arab oil producing country trying to overthrow their governments. Eygpt and Libya are just the beginning.

    The goal is to bankrupt America! The dollar will be collapsed by the end of 2012. The goal is to make the Federal Tbill worthless. The goal is also to bring the market to its knees when gas is at $200. He said the Gloabl Elite want gas to be $7 dollars a gallon in the United States by 2013.

    America has enough oil to self produce for 100 years. America will then self produce and gas will set at $7 dollars a gallon.

    NOTE THIS NOTE THIS By the end of 2012 we will have a new world global currency. He was told this by the global elite!

    He also said that their will be planned food shortages for specific price fixing.

    • Richard,

      Lindsy W. has been now for several yrs. giving very good info on what the powers in charge are going to do. I haven’t missed any of his presentations.

      E. Gibbs.

  5. L.A. – Such a scenario seems quite credible. I’ve wondered how the Book of Revelation can produce its promised blessing to those who read it. Yet it does. Perhaps by preparing us beforehand for those things to come, and allowing us time to check our spiritual conditions and to make sure that our faith is in the True and Living Lord Jesus Christ.

  6. Matt,
    Concerning your question yesterday about ghosts:
    1. It is impossible for us to tell exactly what kind of entity that was.
    2. Mike Heiser also has found that the people in the Bible believed in human ghosts as well as non-human spirits (demons):
    3. This troubles me because it begs the question: why would God allow the human dead to roam the earth? My only possible answer is that the folks back then were as confused about it as we are, and were reacting like the nations around them.
    4. The link above is the first part of three, and the second is missing. I can only assume that Mike is rehashing it. We’ll see.

    When I first read Mike’s blog, I was surprised. What has led you to believe in human spirits walking the earth? Do you have a hypothesis concerning why God would allow this?

    • Hi Rose and Matt, it has always made me wonder what ghosts really are. If you look at some stories like on celeb ghost stories, they talk about how loved ones showed up after they died and warned them to avoid something and helped them somehow. That,s where I get confused because if these things are suppose to be demonic why would they help, the only thing I can glean from this subject is that they are demons and perhaps they do this to get people to believe and what it will usually do is lead them to new age. They never usually speak of the Lord. If you look at the story about the rich man and Lazarus, Abraham told the rich man no one could go back and like wise not cross the line between their respective dimensions. I think they are very deceptive and the bible calls them familar spirits. This is only my personal opinion.

    • I agree with you, Laura. The spirits that try to masquerade as humans are demonic.
      However, two instances come to mind in the Bible that create another category. The first is when King Saul called Samuel the prophet back from the grave, and the second is in Matthew when the disciples are in the boat in a storm and Jesus comes walking on the water to them. They scream “ghost”! He doesn’t correct them when He gets in the boat. He doesn’t say that there are no such things as human ghosts (and the original language makes it very clear they are referring to
      human ghosts). It does leave a crack in the door.

    • Yeah you are right. Still does make you wonder, I have to think they are demonic, when my mom died several years ago, I had several visitations from her or what I thought was her. I had a vision one night, I had just closed my eyes and there she was. I was in a parking lot, she was sitting in a maroon truck, she had one in real life, she spoke to me and told me to open my hand and she tried to put something in my hand, it was her voice and it looked just like her. I opened my eyes immediately and was stunned. I didn’t give her any opportunity to give me anything or speak any further, cause the bible forbids us speaking to the dead. I so wanted to speak to her, I loved her so much and was still grieving her loss. It’s almost like they try to get you when your down.

    • That must have been horrible for you. I’m so sorry. Those sort of experiences require that we test the spirits, and the spirits do everything in their power to keep us from testing them. They are evil, evil creatures to do such a thing to a grieving daughter.
      That is why I just assume something like this is evil; if I accidentally rebuke a heavenly angel in the Lord’s name, I doubt he’d be upset.
      Despite what Heiser says, I’m going to assume that every supernatural or “alien” entity is evil; if he’s righteous, I won’t be hurting him.

    • That’s right Rose, if you rebuke in Jesus name 1st and they leave well you know and if it’s the good guys they won’t leave and proclaim our Lord and no I don’t think good angels would mind cause we are following bible dictates. I have noticed that happens after people who I am close to die, not soon after strange things truly happen.

    • Oh yeah… even Jesus says “Look at my hands and my feet. It is I myself! Touch me and see; a ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have.”

      Also in Job somewhere it says once a spirit departs it can’t return to it’s home again… something like that…. I think it’s in Job (???) :-/

      I would think that since demons can morph and copycat stuff, I wouldn’t put it past them to mimic people who lived in the past. And then it can really play with peoples minds about how they view eternity… that good people go to heaven and bad people go to hell… if it doesn’t point to Jesus and the gospel message then it doesn’t have a good purpose. It also gets people all mystified and peaks their interest in the supernatural… a lying nasty trap.

    • Oh! Which reminds me! One time my sister and I were in the kitchen (from the kitchen we have plain view all the way to the hallway leading to the garage/ the layout goes from left to right: garage, hallway, living room, little dinning room, kitchen)… Our dad was working intensely on a car in the garage while we were fixing dinner or something in the kitchen. We were laughing about something, and I thought I heard my dad come in from the garage, just about past the hallway near the living room t.v. and just stop and stand there in the most bizarre and unsettling pose… like he was handing over a tool (like a wrench) to someone… just frozen in that stance. And I saw this in my peripheral, so he looked dark and had a baseball cap on. Well, I thought he was just looking at something on the t.v. for a minute before going back out, so I didn’t make anything of it.

      So I kinda stopped laughing with my sister because I felt weird… and I almost didn’t even mention it to her, but I said “that’s weird, I swore I saw dad standing over there by the t.v.” My sister got the weirdest look on her face and she told me she thought she saw him too! Even more weird… I asked her to tell me what she saw and she described him exactly the same way I did (shadowy, hunched over handing over something stance, baseball cap, same exact place)

      We went outside in a mad dash to ask him if he came inside the house, even if it was for just a second… and he said no. We thought he was playing with us, but he said no, we were almost making him mad because we didn’t believe him… he said he was under the car for quite a while trying to get something loose.

      So… what the hack was that!? It looked just like my dad (mannerisms,physical appearance, everything) , my sister and I saw it, and it didn’t leave us feeling all too comfortable. I think demons can take on any form they darn well please.. rebuke everyone of them. :-O

    • Kimberly, thanks for that story. I love hearing what others go thru. Yes I agree rebuke 1st then ask questions later. I had to laugh yesterday when you posted about khadaffi’s skin color almost made you puke. You are a blessing, you really are!

    • Haha, LauraR … I am most humbled that I find a way to bless you by shamelessly insulting the horrid appearance of evil bad men. 😉 He should feel somewhat special though, being that he has a million and one ways to spell his name… I know I would feel special.

    • A pastor was speaking on the other day & mentioned demonic “familiar spirits” who are around us & can impersonate people. They come back as your dead aunt, etc…

      Demonic entities don’t have to do everything evil/bad. They can choose to do good although through the action they hope the fruit will eventually rot & turn bad. Sort of like Fatima/Apparitions. There are healings & different manifestations which appear good. That’s why people don’t question the source because for some reason we think evil will only produce evil. But it’s more like Snow White’s apple. It will kill you after you’ve bitten into it.

      In my rebellious teenage years some of the people I befriended were of the wrong sort. They were entrenched in Heavy Metal music & Wicca. I listened to some of the music but although invited down the rabbit hole I was not going to go down very far. Sort of peered into the black abyss & decided evil was lurking there. I can’t say messing around w/it didn’t have negative influence because it most certainly did @ the time. I knew enough not to crack open their Satanic Bibles or Wicca books but not wise enough to refuse playing w/the flame.

      All that to say I think my affiliation w/this invited “things” into our home. I never saw a physical manifestation but a few times felt it. When I came home @ night when my parents
      were gone I would take my dog in w/me to check out the rooms for intruders. Usually she would walk from room to room ahead of me & sniff around.

      This one night I came home to an empty house & felt a presence & my dog did too! She immediately ran under my father’s desk & was wide eyed & petrified. I could not coax her to come back out.

      This freaked me completely out so I went & locked myself in the hall bathroom w/the light on & waited until my parents came home to come out myself. I told them what went on but they brushed it off.

      I couldn’t get over what a lame protector my dog really was! Remember Balam’s donkey could see/sense the angelic host standing in front of it & wouldn’t move.

    • I think animals sense that these entities are not only predators, but that they are “god-like” and animals know they have no defense against them. It really unnerves them.

      You tell great stories – I always enjoy reading them.

    • Late Night Lisa! You reminded me of a time when I experienced something without “physically” seeing it… I was reading my Bible in my room (this was a few years back, I was probably 19 or so) and when I was reading, I came across something very encouraging for us as a family at that time, so I was very uplifted and went to go share this with my mom and sister. So all three of us were sitting in her room (which is next to mine) and we were doing the usual, just sitting together and laughing and talking about how rad and lovely God is and so on and so on. I was so wrapped up in what we were talking about I almost forgot to mention what I read, but I did remember and said I’d be back and sprung up to go get my Bible so I could share it with the both of them.

      As I was walking to my room, all of a sudden I had an enormous amount of dread come over me, and I was super confused… and before I went to open the door to my room, I was extremely hesitant and sickeningly fearful… and for absolutely no reason! I was almost embarrassed with myself because I thought this was wacky and I was just being stupid. When I opened the door to my room, the lights in my room felt different… much more dim… but they were not physically dim, they just felt that way. And then I had a lightening fast picture in my head of the most horrific thing: there was a gigantic disproportionate creature in the corner of my room (which was so huge it basically filled my room) but he was crouched over the area where I read my Bible and heaving and drooling) I did not even enter my room. I ran to my mom and surprised her because she did not expect me to come back with such an extreme mood change. I told her about it, I was shaking, so we sat there and prayed and cast the ugly thing out. Went back to my room and it was like it didn’t even happen. Jesus’ name is beautiful and powerful! 😀 Gosh, I guess the creepy thing didn’t want me to read from the Bible or something, I did anyways. 🙂

    • Rose, there was this hunter that went out hunting with his two dogs in the early morning hours in the deeps woods around the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. He was walking along an old logger’s road that had not been used in years, thick tress on either side of him, at some point in his walk the dogs ran up ahead of him which he says is not unusual as they like to chase squirrels and rabbits as they bird dogs and they enjoy chasing anything that moves… He claims he lost site of his dogs on the trail, as it was beginning to rain he planned to go about another 200 years or so before calling the dogs back and calling it quits for the day and begin to head back to his truck some 1/2 mile back. As he comes upon a slight bend in the road, he sees his dogs come running full speed in the opposite direction passing him and leaving him in the dust, they would not even respond to him calling to them as they ran by, they just shot straight down the trail with their tails tucked. The man finding this unusual for hunting dogs, suspects maybe a bear or some other animal may have caused his dogs to respond that way. The man walking out of the bend in the road looks down the trail and sees, a group on union solders heading his way, his fist thought is why would they be here so deep into the woods,,firguring it to be some sort of. historical reenactment. As he watches them get closer to him, he calls out to them, and as he does, they simply vanish before his eyes. He said he just about lost it, ran back to his truck as fast as he could and got out of there and never went back. The dogs had been waiting for him at the truck and were cowering under the vehicle and had to be coaxed out. What did this guy see? It was near the battle field of Gettysburg which has been reported as being haunted. Demons? Energy left over from the departed? Living in that area he had been to a few reenactments himself before and at first he thought that’s what he was looking at, however, he couldn’t understand what they were doing miles into the woods on an old logging road that was actually private property and the road so deteriorated you needed a 4 wheel drive just to get in there if at all, he himself with a 4 wheel drive truck had to stop half mile back,. He remembers, as they got closer he noticed how detailed the uniforms were and the ruggedness of the men. Everything was too good, too detailed to be a simply reenactment.

    • The Ghost Hunters would call that a residual haunting, although I’m not sure “haunting” is the correct term. It is a recording, one we don’t understand yet, but I don’t think it’s supernatural in origin. I do believe this happens.
      The question is, does this occur when there are no human observers present? This could be tested with equipment.
      Also, what would happen if this had been rebuked in the name of Jesus? That would really tell the tale.
      (I would still rebuke it if it happened to me; rebuke first, ask questions later. A recording wouldn’t care.)

      The question I asked has more to do with what GH would call “intelligent” human spirits that interact with living people. Do they exist on earth other than Samuel who was obviously sent by God to perform a particular task (tell King Saul some very bad news), and then taken back to his resting place?

      Thank you for taking the time and putting forth the effort to write that story. It is very interesting, and I appreciate it.

    • I just reread this story and may have to revise something I said. The dogs reacted in fear… why would the dogs be terrified of a movie?
      Those may have been demons.
      I don’t know. This is a boggle.

    • Speaking of ghost hunters, Ive seen the so called “Shadow People” its like a black mass that moves. Also EVP’s of children saying things like “Im cold” or “Im here”
      its all so very strange.

    • Also, as far as the dogs go, animals can sense sprits and entities way more often than that of humans, not sure the reason for it. Have you ever had a pet stare into a corner for no reason or growl and bark and nothing there? My dog freaked me out one night, I was sitting on the floor petting him and for no reason he looked up like someone was standing over us, I felt a strange, almost menacing presence and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up, you know when you sense something near you and you just want to leave the room?

    • Have you yourself seen shadow people, or did you see them on GH?
      I think the EVPs are a type of pys-ops, psychological warfare. They tempt people to question the character of a God who would leave children in a cold, dark and lonely place. I really believe those are a deception.
      That must have been a very distressing experience with your dog and the presence. Did you get up and leave?
      I’ve owned animals all my life, and although my cats do stare off into space and my dogs chase invisible butterflies, I’ve never felt anything in conjunction with that. So I can’t say I’ve experienced it, but I have spoken to others who have. They were quite upset at the time it happened.

    • rose the psyop is exactly the way i see it as well. Althought mostly i think they have tons of different way to do this and are doing it constantly. They say that in 3rd world countries the supernatural runs rampant.

    • Not on TV Rose, I have seen them. It was when I was into some very disturbing music in my past. Not sure why they manifested but I’m sure that the music had something to do with it…”Shadow people” as they are called in my opinion are very sinister and I believe have bad and evil presence about them.

    • When my husband was young he saw them, too. Very scary stuff – he knew nothing about Jesus or the Bible at the time, but he knew these things were evil and dangerous!

    • I think the shadow people thing is what me and my sister saw when we thought we saw our dad like I said in my comment above. And they do feel very sinister. My house is spiritually divided, so this might be the reason in my case. Haha… I feel like I’m just rambling my stories like a nerd, but anyways, there was a time late at night I was walking to my room which is upstairs. We have a huge window over the front door so you could see someone coming up to the house, especially from my room. So as I was nearly entering my room when, in my peripheral I saw something like a dark and unusually massive man making a mad dash to the front door. He was way huge and looked kinda like an old-timey mafia man. From how fast he was going, it looked like he would have easily knocked the door down. But that was it. I felt disturbed, not fearful but disturbed, so I prayed… I didn’t know what to pray for so I prayed for whatever came to mind.

      Later that night my dad woke up in a massive panic attack, crying and screaming… it was horrible. My mom was trying to comfort him, but the moment she mentions Jesus his defense goes up and he gets angry. :-/

    • You are NOT a nerd, my dear, and please don’t stop telling your wonderful stories in your wonderful way. I am so happy that you know about spiritual warfare and you have people who can pray with you.
      I’m sorry to hear about your father; I will put him on my prayer list for Monday (the fasting and prayer day).

  7. Hi Margaret,
    When I read this article, it made me think of the dream you posted earlier. Of course, I have no idea if there is any connection, but in the very last paragraph, it says, “We must rise above the weeds and take back our breaths, so we suffocate no more.”


    • I stand corrected…you did not say “a dream.”
      Do you remember the book by Dr. Suess? Horton Hatches the Egg? After Horton sits on the egg in place of Mayzie, the creature that hatches out is a cross over between Horton and Mayzie…

      Okay, I’ll admit, I’m a kook.

    • Gosh those people have lost their minds that dont even realize they are the weeds.We are the wheat and they are trying to choke us out.And i sure would prefer to be called a kook than a weed i agree with Rose join the crowd!we have so much fun here on LA,s blog he also has a good sense of humor.

  8. Hellllllo everyone! I have to link my favorite song today. It’s been my favorite song for years, ever since it first came out. And, to me, it’s pretty powerful. I can’t go too long without listening to it, and when I do and I come into agreement with it.. I promise you can feel layers of self fall off. It’s a song of surrender. A song of repentance and forgiveness. A song of being washed in Jesus’ blood. Loving your enemies. Dying to self…. experiencing the love of God… feeling the correction of God.. on and on it goes with the good. So, if you want to be blessed for 11 minutes or so…. take a listen… I’m sure a lot of you may already know it. 🙂 .. live version is much better.

    • Gadzooks! What!?! Me!?! Nuh uh…. I’m just a cotton-headed ninny muggins… her word was waaaay more rad than anything I have ever seen! It took me a good five minutes to try and even utter its radness. I could not be counted worthy to be compared to Rose From Kentucky… I am lowly in my wordage. See? “wordage”… pathetic.

      QUICK! Say “Superduperjellyscoopercoolbeans!!!” 10 times FAST! 😉

    • One of my all time favorites as well. Every song on Jars of Clay’s self-titled album is a hit IMO. I never get tired of those songs and many of them have lifted my spirit and made me look upon Jesus, very inspirational!

    • I so super agree… they are so awesome… I really love Prisoner Of Hope right now, Silence, Safe To Land, I Need You, Oh My God, Light Gives Heat, Sing… okay, so basically all of them! And yeah, they never ever get old… I even think their very first album is still one of the best ones! Anyways, high five to you! 🙂

    • Kimberly,

      In 9 above you made a comment about spirits entering but once and I think you should see what Jesus says on that account. – –

      Mt 12:43 When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none.
      Mt 12:44 Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished.
      Mt 12:45 Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.

      That really pertains to what we are seeing all around us doesn’t it. More and more we are seeing the masses possessed. How much more wicked today than then, wow !

      E. Gibbs.

    • Hello, E. Gibbs! I found it! 🙂 Job 7:9-10 “As the cloud disappears and vanishes away, so he who goes down to the grave does not come up. He shall never return to his house, nor shall his place know him anymore.”

      I think the differences in our verses is that the ones mentioned in Matthew are demonic spirits and the one in Job is a human spirit after leaving the body.

      Not sure about that, but I think so. :-/

      And yeah it is more wicked, each week seems to get more worse than the previous one… yuck, and it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.

  9. Hi All!

    I’m hoping someone can help me. A few days ago I ran across a post here that I’m trying to find again. It was a link to a site about the internet being the 4th beast of Revelation, or the beast that comes out of the sea….or something like that. Does anyone remember it? If so, can you find it? I have tried but have not succeeded. 😦

    Thank you!
    Alice Again

    • Alice Again,

      The four beasts that say “come and see” are in Rev. 6: and I think only the kjv states “come and see” but these four are in Heaven around the thrown and the others are the two beasts of Rev. 13:1 is the first mentioned and Rev. 13:11 is the second beast of the chapter and there is no more in Rev..

      The beast of Rev. 13:1 is the beast that raises up out of the sea. I’m sure it ian’t the internet. Opinions run to about as many as there is people.

      E. Gibbs.

    • I just feel like the Lord is trying to tell me something…like, the plans of the Global Elite have suddenly been ramped up in speed and intensity. That a great shifting has taken place in the realm of events very recently, (that’s no secret, just look around), and part of the shift is in direct reference to the message gaga sent out in her latest performance.
      Transhumanism. That is a satanic, deceptive, twisted theft of who we, the blood bought, the church, the redeemed are. We are new creatures created in Christ Jesus. We are a new species of being. Old things have passed away, behold! all things have become new. In Christ Jesus, our God has delivered us from the power of darkness-the kingdom of fallen man-and has translated us into the Kingdom of His dear son.
      Now here comes the transhumanist manifesto and they are claiming to be us…and many, many will be deceived by them.

    • I read on a site today that all this transhumanism, cybernetics, cyborg mumbo jumbo is preparing indoctrination into recieving the chip. Some say this will be the mark of the beast and it certainly could be.

    • Tom Horn & Gary Stearman Discuss Transhumanism missionettess
      Lucifer holds a special contempt for mankind, God’s unique creation. Once again he’s making another attempt to pollute the human genome and destroy everything God has declared to be “good.” Tom Horn returns to the set to talk about the shocking advances being made in the twisted field of transhumanism. Are we the last generation of humans

    • Margaret,

      I was going to post that show with Tom Horn, but I thought ‘I bet Margaret will have already done it…’. Well, here it is!

      You are amazing, my dear, amazing.

  10. Oil Settles Near $97 on Rumors Gaddafi Shot .Oil sank from 2-1/2-year highs near $120 a barrel Thursday in a late-day rout, dragged down by an unsubstantiated rumor Muammar Gaddafi had been shot and Saudi Arabia’s assurances it can counter Libyan supply disruptions. to believe the Libyan leader was dead after the rumor swept through oil markets and sent prices tumbling more than $2 a barrel just before settlement.

    Prices surged in early activity on news the Libyan revolt had caused large disruptions in the OPEC nation’s oil supplies — potentially up to three-quarters of output — though the scale of the loss could not be confirmed.


  11. I see CBS canceled the TV show Two and Half Men due to Charlie Sheen’s substance abuse.
    I think CBS needs to get Moammar Gadhafi to replace Charlie Sheen and continue filming.

    • NO! What is happening with you? First a kitchen painted with the palette of his face? and now a sitcom? Instead, you should approach him about starting an entirely new show, it could be the both of you discussing current world events over coffee and newly inspired Gadhafi colors… “Good morning everyone.. so glad you could join us today on Gadhafi Coffee With Matt… today lets talk about me, me only, and my true colors, and my favorite new stylish glasses”

    • There reports are Gaddafi injects Botox. If that’s the case Botox has never looked so tacky – and the shocking revelation that he uses it can’t be good for business.
      Baggy-faced dictators don’t fit into that brand image. Muammar Gaddafi is a man who is rivalled only by a basset hound in crumpled complexions. I just happen to glance at the news the other day and it took me a few moments to realize they were interviewing Gaddafi for a moment I thought they were doing an entertainment piece with Jackie Stallone.

    • Kimberly,

      Just wnated you to catch these words from Jesus on the subject you raise in 9 above.

      Mt 12:43 When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none.
      Mt 12:44 Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished.
      Mt 12:45 Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.

      That really pertains to what we are seeing all around us doesn’t it. More and more we are seeing the masses possessed. How much more wicked today than then, wow !

      E. Gibbs

    • Great idea Matt. And if that does not pan out for the Gman then a reality show with him and his sons living in hiding in some third world country shack would definitely be a hit!

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