The Coming Chaos…

I fly back to LA today and will arrive there around 9:30 pm. Jane in shipping aka, the Pegster, my wifey, and faithful companion of 26 years, will greet this weary traveler at the airport.
I’m BLOGGING today on the I-PAD APP that my friend Steve M. told me about. It’s good, but still limiting, so I won’t be posting the usual: In other News today. Suffice it to say there is so much going on that it can be overwhelming.
I want to call your attention to a story that happened last Friday, in Egypt. A radical Moslem Brotherhood Cleric, addresses thousands of worshippers in Tarrir Square. He had been forbidden to do this since, Mubarak took power, now just a few days after the so-called pro-democracy movement ousted the oppressive Mubarak regime, the radical face of Islam rises to the surface. I’ll state it again, there will be no democracy in Egypt, they will embrace Sharia and some sort of Islamic Republic.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Yemen, Libya, Bahrain, China, and Wisconsin, are all in various stages of protest. Then there’s the 52 people killed just across our southern border over the weekend, which may have been a record, but let’s remember that Arizona is being sued by our federal government for wanting tougher border & immigration enforcement. I think Congress should spend next week end in Juarez! That would be interesting wouldn’t it?
I predict that we will see the collapse of the dollar this year. There will be food shortages world wide. Housing foreclosures will reach record numbers. The Industrial real-estate market in the USA will collapse, which will further add to the chaos. What we are seeing in the poor countries in the Middle East will spread to other nations, as people who have lived decades in poverty will demand something better.
As of this post the demonstrations in Wisconsin are peaceful, however, wait until food prices begin to reach record levels, and gas is over $5. a gallon. It’s coming and we need to prepare. If you don’t want to face this, that’s fine. Just keep your TV tuned to American Idol, and the so-called, Culture Warriors on the Bill O’Reilly show. They will keep you appraised of what’s going on. Don’t worry folks, take another swig of beer, or chew some Aspartame laced gum, and repeat after me… It’s just business as usual, business as usual, business as usual!
Oh, I almost forgot the solar flares that may disrupt the electrical grid, the over 500 earthquakes that have happened along the Madrid fault line, the two volcanos in Iceland that have alarmed volcanologists, the biblical floods in Australia, the million people still displaced by the earthquake in Haiti, droughts and fires in Russia, flooding in Pakistan, and on it goes. Oops, just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse those pesky UFOs are showing up more than ever! I just hate when that happens, but the Vatican has assured us that ET should be regarded as out brother! I’m glad they set me straight on that!
In closing today’s post. I watched a TV preacher last night. Most of you know who I’m referring to, but I won’t mentions Joel’s name… Ooops sorry, that slipped out. Where’s the delete button on this thing, anyway? Not a peep about what’s going on, not a peep.
As a watchman I would be remiss if I did not tell you what I see. In my opinion the chaos is coming, and we need to prepare. These are the birth-pangs and it’s only going to get worse. Get prepared now and stay alert!

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    • That should say 10 signs you can delusionally convince yourself that the ecnonomy is doing well so you can prepair yourself emotionally for the coming disaster instead of being surprised like you were in 2008.

    • warning! this video is disturbing. however it reveals that Whorish spirit of hatred towards the saints. Brave saints, Victorious saints, Glorious saints loving not their lives.

      john b

    • John B.

      That kind of treatment will soon be universal for the True Christian, sooner that most think, that video shows you the Santanic hatred for the belief system that bothers them immensely.

      This will be at our doors before long, that deadly wound is close to being healed, means we are close to the last 42 mos. of time.

      E. Gibbs.

  1. The LDS folks do have a good preparedness manual. Found an online copy of it at:
    Don’t agree with their theology, but the do have experience with storage of food.

    Can’t recommend more highly the book Dare to Prepare by Holly Deyo. Would make a great wedding gift for a couple just for the practical information on storage and use of food items!

    • That is solid, thanks! 😉

      Oddly enough, my wife HATES to talk about doom and gloom, but a few weeks back she was reading some of Holly Deyo’s book from the library. I hope it got through to her some!

    • If you look at the situation as “doom and gloom” of course it will be off putting to say the least. From the other perspective, it is caring and providing for your family in a sensible way. I was raised by parents who went through the depression. For my Dad being on a farm with both parents it was not so bad, as a boy he hunted, fished and trapped. Mom’s Dad was killed in a farm accident when she was about 11 years old or so. At 12 she was working out side the home. She said it was a wonder she could stand to look at “soup beans” because they lived on them on the farm. So providing and putting away in a store house became second nature for them. I was taught to can and preserve food, and to hunt and fish as well. I do have some knowledge about as Dad called it medicinal roots, herb and bark. Remember Euel Gibbons and the “Hunt the Wild Asparagus” book? Not bad knowledge to have. I would envision that as we come together we share knowledge and skills to help each other during these interesting times we face. So CelticKevin hopefully your bride come to see this more as just good planning no matter what happens!

  2. This is something we need to be aware of because of the oil spill it is affecting the whole world(pestilence)is something we are warned would take place in the last days.

    Prominent Gulf Coast scientist dies of unidentified illness
    One research finding I think there is consensus on is that there new species of bacteria are evolving in the zones most polluted by BP’s Macondo well oil and gasses. Since Dr. Stone’s sudden illness sounds like it may have been due to a novel infection, during the course of his Gulf research he may have been exposed to a newly emerged bacteria strain that is very dangerous to humans.


      Permanent Biological Contamination of the Gulf While natural viruses and bacteria respect species barriers, the storm of artificial genetics created by synthetic biology engineers — in order to eliminate the flow of crude oil and gasses in the Gulf of Mexico — are actually designed to cross species barriers. This has created new viral and bacterial pathogens never seen before. It is directly responsible for the spreading of drug and antibiotic resistant viral and bacterial outbreaks along the Gulf Coast,

  3. Yes -what the world is witnessing -is what was prophesied – and that this is the beginning of sorrows-the order of all things in all dimensions is a design and we are part of that design – but we are not a species we are a level of being called:Human being .Yes the warning given of the great deception that is coming and in that coming event mankind by his own choice will be a part the deception as well believing that those other beings who we call :aliens -they are not aliens – are here to save us and show us the way to enlightenment- they are constrained and have been for they know who governs all things . Use wisdom and think and use common sense -we are all spirit beings in a package – called :a body of flesh (we all know this) because we are of such great value to the creator -the truth has been told and shown to mankind many times over -but man uses his flawed thought process to evaluate what he refuses to accept -the plain truth of our existence on this Earth -that the supreme being is the answer -there is no other! Jesus said :my Fathers house has many mansions -in other words many dimensions -and to bring Humans to his knowledge is what free will is all about -so choose whom you will serve -my people perish for lack of knowledge -push your own mind to ask(God wants you to do that -is ask anything to know ) and do not settle for blind answers -because you have it within you to know the truth-Peter asked Jesus :when will the kingdom of God come- jesus said:The kingdom of God is here -within You ! You were fearfully made and you know the answer -be not afraid to admit you were wrong in your understandings because we all fall short of the mark -Just never stop wanting to know the real truth because it is in front of- You all- and truly believe in Jesus and what God has done for us all-for once gone from this place of living you can never have another chance -so be not deceived by others or yourself -open your imagination and use it -thats why it was given to you -Peace -Daniel

  4. On the Gulf oil disaster -the well released 200-million barrels of crude oil but -a long with that came out 3 times as much natural gas -which you never hear about-that also was mixed with the ocean water and is still locked in the water colunm-not to mention :corexet -which is 10 times more hazardous than the oil itself and will not dispurse and all this because a preventer was not installed on that well to save $500,000 dollars for that- part . All for Greed – for the love of money! I lived in the Sarasota for 15 yrs moved in 2009 back north and I loved to fish there but in 2005 there was- Red Tide- that stayed all year -instesd of just a few weeks . I ask a- Mote marine- scientist what causes- Red Tide -they could not say-then I ask a friend who is a commercial fisherman what causes -Red Tide- he said its the run off of all the chemicals from spraying lawns to toxic pollutants from commercial companies . When Red Tide hit -everything living in the water -Died – not just a few fish -everything – So imagine the scope of what BP has unleashed is-much more than Red Tide ! Native Indians were right -white man speak with fork tongue!

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