Sunday Go To Meeting Bun!

Sunday Go To Meeting Bun


L.A. Marzulli

Psalm 6:

To the Chief Musician. With stringed instruments. On an eight-stringed harp. A Psalm of David. OLORD, do not rebuke me in Your anger, Nor chasten me in Your hot displeasure.

I love the way David starts his psalm. If he were alive today, we might hear something like: to the chief worship leader, with acoustic and electric guitars and drums! In many churches there is a tension between worship leaders and pastors/elders/board-members, over which instruments can be used. I remember one church I was worship leader at, the senior paster declared that drums were from the devil and there were not to be used. His position eventually split the church, and that split didn’t heal until years later. Instead of destroying the works of the devil, the people fought against each other and that’s exactly what the enemy wants!

Have mercy on me, O LORD, for I am weak; O LORD, heal me, for my bones are troubled.

David is admitting that he is weak. He is crying out to the Lord for healing. Most men, myself included do not like to admit weakness in any area of our lives, yet here we see David being open and honest with the Lord. If we don’t acknowledge our weaknesses we will never overcome them. If I am weak in an area I know, from walking 30 years with Him, that I can’t change me, but He can. When I am weak He is strong!

My soul also is greatly troubled; But You, O LORD—how long?

Again we see that David is laying it all out before the Lord. He’s not hiding anything. He’s stating what is going on the deepest parts of his being and then asking the Lord, how long before you act on my behalf? It’s easy for us to grow impatient when faced with difficult situations, we want answers to our problems and we want then now!

Return, O LORD, deliver me! Oh, save me for Your mercies’ sake!

David is crying out for deliverance and mercy. He knows that when the Lord shows up, his situation will change and he will express his gratitude in a public way. As King, the people looked to David for leadership both in the running of the kingdom and in spiritual matters.

For in death there is no remembrance of You; In the grave who will give You thanks?

David is stating that when the Lord acts on his behalf he will be sure to give thanks. He also states what most of us have  trouble looking at and dealing with,  and that when a loved one passes from this earth, it is final. We will never see them again until that day when we are raised up in a twinkling of an eye and the dead in Christ will meet the Lord in the air, and then the rest of us who are alive will rise and be ever more with Him. We are told to comfort each other with these words!

I am weary with my groaning; All night I make my bed swim; I drench my couch with my tears.

There are times in our life where sleep is far from us, our stomach is tied in a knot, our minds are restless and our nerves are frayed. What I love about the psalms is that there is no phony spirituality. David is at the end of his rope, and he is crying out for help.

My eye wastes away because of grief; It grows old because of all my enemies.

David is beaten up, just like some of us can be at the work place or at home, or even at church. It is a great thing not to have any enemies, but realistically, most of us have people who don’t like us for whatever reason. It’s good to pray for those who spitefully use us. If we pray He will work, if not we will!

Depart from me, all you workers of iniquity; For the LORD has heard the voice of my weeping.

There are people who sometimes believe they are doing “the lords work,” and instead are doing exactly the opposite. Those who slander, and gossip, bear false witness, and malign others, are certainly not doing the Lord’s work. They are, in fact workers of iniquity!

The LORD has heard my supplication; The LORD will receive my prayer.

David knows from past experience that the Lord will hear his prayer. He knows that the Lord will act. He has placed his life in the  hands of the almighty and that’s how we should learn to live.

Let all my enemies be ashamed and greatly troubled; Let them turn back and be ashamed suddenly.

David is asking that those who are persecuting him would be ashamed. In other words that these people would realize that what they are engaged in is not godly, or of the lord, but in fact, is the working of iniquity!

In closing todays BUN: It’s always great to walk through the psalms as in many cases they can bring practical, spiritual, lessons on how we can interact with the one true God who loves us!

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  1. I remember at one stage of my spiritual journey of simply weeping at the sin I saw all around me — neighbors — at work — local government — etc —- and my wife asked me why I was crying and I told her — and said ” I didnt think I had much in common with King David — until now — and I still remember David on his death bed PLEADING with his son Solomon to remain faithful to GOD —- and of course Solomon asked for WISDOM in order to rule over that bunch of stiff – necked and disobedient chosen people —- and GOD blessed him with LEGENDARY WISDOM — but gave HIM a TEST by giving him LEGENDARY WEALTH —and other temptations etc —- and unfortunately he failed the test by ignoring his dads advice —– somehow that story has a familiar ring to it —–

  2. I remember smiling faces telling me things of comfort though the words I do not remember. I remember a bright light all around me and God sending me to earth and I’ve had a few different reasons behind this but since I cannot be certain I don’t dwell on them, but they were either to warn man against something or for something; again I cannot remember. I remember being led and told I would be born and this would make up for something or repair something that was beyond my ability to fix. I remember in a way I did not want to go into the womb (I sometimes think I asked to pick my parents but again I cannot be sure but was told it was all in God’s hands) even though I knew that I had to and needed to, I simply did not want to leave where I was behind me. I was told that I would be safe and that I would be returned. The next thing I remember I was in this calm peaceful warm environment where all I felt was a sort of lazy stupor. I remember hearing voices telling me comforting words. I remember my mother and father getting into heated arguments (they divorced a year after I was born, they were 18,19 respectively) and those comforting voices would come almost immediately telling me things. Again I cannot remember what but i know that they were words of comfort and peace. I know this sounds strange but it is the truth, it is a fact I have known all my life and it gave endless comfort but worries me as well. It is as if I do not remember what i am supposed to do. Therefore I worry about it endlessly. I know Jesus knew us before we were born was something I learned in my teenage years and I am certain of this fact. I know I am not an angel because they cannot be born. Therefore this really for some reason speaks out WHOLE HEARTEDLY against abortion and that is a cause I have never really fought against. If this is so and my memory is astonishing to say the least, then there are people killing infants that are AWARE as I was in the womb.
    Now this is a checkable story. After my 3rd suicide attempt in 2002 i think it was late november, I was placed in a detox facility until they could find a bed for me at a psych ward in Lebanon Virginia. The hospital psych ward was on the 3rd floor and was called Clear View. I cant remember the name of the hospital but its the only one in that town period. I was given a psychologist to talk to and a psychiatrist that wrote my medicine. When the psychologist whose name i can’t remember she was female asked me my story I broke down and cried. I told her of my upbringing and I went back. I think I went back farther than she thought I could… Anyways the end of the tale is she must have thought about doing something with this or else wanted to simply verify it. She put me under hypnosis and though I still can’t recall going under she said she was able to find me as a 2 year old sitting in the grass, staring up at the sun and talking to God.
    That’s why I think somehow we watch our neighbor win the lottery while we can’t win a smile. We watch our hero’s score touchdowns while some of us can’t even catch the ball. We hear these beautiful women sing on tv and we can barely carry a tune. Some of us struggle with 2 jobs and never get caught up, much less ahead. Some of us are lonely all the time, like me, Even when in a crowded room and I am the center of attention. Maybe there’s that part of us that knows this is all a test and therefore are too afraid of success, or is it something far deeper. Does God look after his own and for our own good when we see the billionaires flying in personal jets and we cannot afford a ticket in 3rd class. Is he keeping us in the game by keeping us out of it? I think God keeps his true children humble because he sees from the ultimate perspective that satan has the whole game rigged. Thanks for listening . God bless you.

    • In the end thats where I know you will find me. As a 2 year old sitting in the grass, talking with God! I also remember the psychiatrist’s name as he did have a practice in Richlands, Va his name was Dr. Gee a big 6’6 guy that smiled alot.

    • The very earliest memories I have are of loving God tho I was only about 3. I would commune w/ Him in my spirit wordlessly mostly. Just feelings of praise, worship and love. My mother was a Godly woman, very kind and tender w/ us and she would speak to us of Him. I remember feeling like I couldn’t get into my body completely at about 4 yrs old and that was disconcerting to me. I was somewhat in it but could tell something wasn’t right so I went to my mom and said, “Mommy, have you ever felt like you weren’t really here?” She looked a little puzzled and w/ a sort of wry smile, said, “Noooo.” So I figured if Mom didn’t know what to do I should just go to God by myself so I did. I said to Him, “I know you had me born for a purpose but I’m between two worlds and I need to be completely either in one place or the other. What do I do?” Immediately, He said to me “Go like this” and I “saw” Him bearing down and sort of grunting like women do during childbirth. So I did that and I immediately popped into my body. I’ve been here ever since. Ha. I do believe we pre-exist because He says that “Before I formed you in your mother’s womb I knew you”. I don’t have any memory of it but I loved Him so much as a small child and tho I didn’t at first know about Jesus I knew I belonged to God and that He had sent me here for his purposes and not my own. I have never felt at home here and have no interest in the things people aspire to here except to praise and love my Father and His Son and to be a blessing to His children for Him. He gave me two glorious sons who are now grown and are married w/ precious children of their own. I cry sometime w/ gratitude for what God’s Word has and is accomplishing in our lives. My youngest son is the youth pastor at the church we attend and my eldest is a man of God in the secular world. I was married for 38 1/2 years to a wonderful man who this past July went home to be with the Lord.

    • …con’t So I can sort of understand where you’re coming from, Faithful, tho I’m sorry to hear of so much suffering in your life. I was gloriously filled w/ the Holy Spirit in 1979 and have to fight my share of spiritual battles but things got easier when I understood that our Lord wants us to die to the flesh and be alive to Him. I get attacked w/ all sorts of things and I have to “keep mine eye single to His glory” and my whole body w/ be filled w/ light. He wants us to love His children for Him and tell them about the awesome work our Savior has done on the Cross for us. I so want to see the Church be filled to overflowing w/ his Spirit and doing the works Jesus did: healing the sick, casting out demons and making disciples of all nations. I find myself praying that so frequently and fervently. And I want Him to begin that work in me. He wants us hungry for Him, pure before Him, filled with love, compassion and faith. I know we all on this blog and all His true children want those very things. We have much work to do.

    • The suffering I go through is not because of my memory it is because of who i am and my faith precludes attacks by satan continiously. I come from wealth but own nothing is just one example. I dont feel sorry for myself I know God keeps us humble for a reason. This is a test on this earth, but it is not a test we cannot pass.

    • Thx rema it took a great deal of courage to post this and I didn’t expect to be believed but who in the bible ever was lol. Everyone speaks of faith until they are presented with it then they run away. This is a fact you look back on your lives and if your honest with yourself you will see that as a truth. As I said though I didnt expect to be believed but if you knew me you would know that I don’t care about that. I am 110% committed to my GOD as he has pulled me out of so many horrible situations that nothing else could explain it. I think we all have a mission on this earth some for greatness some as tests of faith. I am the latter and I am miserable but assured in my sanctificaion to the Lord GOD.

    • Faithful, your story reminds me of accounts that I have read in association with NDEs. This type of experience I am sure creates more questions than answers, both difficult for the one who experienced this and the one who has not. I had a post birth feeling that I came into this world, but I had left behind something better, I only found some comfort when my Grandparents moved from California to Arizona when I was 6 years old and I saw a full moon for the first time and at that moment I knew there was a GOD, being born with asthma was hard but the move to Arizona saved me. In subsequent years 6-8 years old I was prone to nightmares and sleepwalking and during a couple of events I exhibited above human strength and could see what was in closed containers during nightmares dimensionality. What caused all this I have no idea? But what I know for sure is that we have a loving father who we will return to.

    • This is no near death experience. I have known this as fact since birth. I’ve probably researched more into memory and techniques than anyone I’ve ever met. I believe it was Freud that remembered being in the womb as well, or Einstein. What’s strange is that the psychologist believed me and my wife doesnt lol. There are ways to interpret this from the bible in revelations but Jesus clearly told us he knew us from before. I could go on and on but that just gets into the earthly aspects. The true spiritual ramifications are that we or at least some of us are sent here. I’ve often thought that I had questioned what I had seen from heaven and saw man doing something wicked and said something and then it was as if God was saying to walk a mile in their shoes…but again I don’t remember that part. The rest it is clear as a bell. I grew up knowing this. I think that’s why for some reason I kept trying to kill myself and it was always unsuccessful because I knew GOD had this reason for my being here and would not let me die. I’m not even trying to say that’s scriptural though what I am saying is I would gladly take a polygraph on the fact of all i have stated and the for certain knowledge that fetus’s have awareness in the womb, from my experience at least. God bless.

    • Let me clarify what I meant by the NDEs, some people who had them stated that they were in heaven during their near death event and realized or was told that they had been sent to Earth by choice or by appointment, to Earth to participate and fulfill a commission that GOD had appointed them to do, the NDE was a mere interruption as of course they came back to tell about it.

    • So john your saying Jesus lied about knowing us before we were formed? I dont think so. I have never had anything to do with new age junk and if you had read my post seriously you would know that I knew this from birth. This isnt a thought that suddenly formed in my head. I have always known this but extremely rarely did I share it. This is not reincarnation either if you read what I said you would know this.

    • Faithful; i was picking up on Late night’s comment and sharing what i experienced in The 80s.
      Experiences of various kinds many people have. Some can be of God and other can be demonic.
      Your experience of ‘God sending you to earth’ may very well have been a dream you have had at a Time. Pre-existence as was taught By the false teachers of the time ruined many lives That is what i was focusing on.
      Jesus is no Liar, and i would never say that of him, lest he strike me Dead. men are Liars! The Foreknowledge of the Father was not a One on one relationship in our pre-existence. For Apostle Paul Says “Now That You have become known by God” Gal4:9. God knew us in the predestined plan of his Will by omniscience that we would be conform into the likeness of the beloved. It is Like I said we are a work of god By procreation in Adam.

      If it is any comfort to you Faithful Know that I also feel very lonely at Times I do believe that it is a burden from the abounding darkness all around Unto like Lot In Sodom.
      Let us Lay it upon Him dear Friend and ((renounce)) the past as it is under the blood.

      victory in Jesus

      John B

    • Hi Faithful, I believe you. You had an experience that while is incredible is something only you can explain, is very unique and not many have gone through. I hope you never try suicide again, I believe one reason why you did attempt that is because you want to go back to that place as this world seems to hold little joy for you, maybe sometimes you do. Dear friend, you seem to have such a sweet spirit about you and are highly intelligent as I enjoy reading your posts. Bless you and I will continue to pray for you that you find an answer about all this so you can find understanding.

    • That is an interesting concept to think about. Memory “before” birth. Can’t wait to find out so many of these mysteries! Thanks for sharing your experience. As a child I used to think about remembering a conscience existence in the womb. Haven’t recalled that in years but now you’ve jogged my memory.

    • This concept of memory “before” birth was the foundation of the inner-healing ministry of charismatics and Pentecostals like John & Paula Sanford & Fr John Belushi among many others.
      I would not touch it with a 10 foot pole.

      The concept of the ministry is that we had a prior existence before the womb!
      To receive inner-healing one has to regress back through ones life and re-experience the hurts of the past. The regression goes back to the hurts in the womb and beyond.
      Jesus or Mary If you be catholic is called into the memory and asked to “Touch” the person at the traumatic moment.

      It is a new-age concept of reincarnation with the devils signature upon it. I have seen more people become demonically oppressed by that ministry than any other in the charismatic movement of the 80s.

      The Foreknowledge of God is in His omniscience, it has nothing to do with having a pre-existence with Him. The biblical doctrine of pro-creation places us in the same category as Adam, whereby His Spirit, Soul and body were simultaneously created By the breath of life from God. Adam had no prior existance Neither did eve as She came from Adam’s Rib.

      john b

    • John I agree with you. One must at all cost guard one’s mind continually, L.A. speaks of this quite often, the bible teaches this, you have to literally put on the whole armor of GOD and take all thoughts into captivity. Keep that which is good that which helps nourish you into producing good fruit, anything else is a distraction.
      In my opinion the spirit of deception itself has many feel good remedies, especially for the very symptoms of the disease it created however the remedy itself produces even more confusion than you began with.
      I see little value in believing that we preexisted and even more so the bible does not support this, Jeremiah 1: 5 “ Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;….. there is a footnote in the NIV version that refers to knew as chose, I would assume it is an appointment or predestination of the omnipotent GOD.
      The person who is forced to entertain or resolve this issue is going to have a rough time, if it produces confusion then where is its value? If one embraces it then what fruit will it produce? Is it a mystery of GOD? One of the many obstacles we meet in this race to the finish line.

    • It’s also a Mormon teaching as well.

      “We were first begotten as spirit babies in heaven and then born naturally on earth” (Journal of Discourse, Vol. 4, p. 218).

      “In your life before birth, before the earth was created God presented a plan to his children for their advancement. You were free to accept or reject this plan of salvation. Those spirit children who accepted his plan were given the opportunity to live on earth; those who rejected his plan were not privileged to enter mortality” (The Purpose of Life Pamphlet handed out at the Temple on BYU campus).

    • Forgot about the Mormon spirit baby teaching . The problem is that the evil principalities offer us twisted knowledge which may or may not have some degree of truth to them. They bank on our sin nature leading our minds away from what God simply wants us to follow in His Word. He has promised that all darkness will be exposed by God’s Light so we will eagerly wait for that day. Meanwhile , its good to share & be able to discuss these things openly.

      A brother in Christ sharing his experience w/only me is how the Lord revealed the spiritual abduction/UFO deception. He was fully convinced that it was Holy & from God no matter what proof I shared w/him otherwise. Researching that situation is how I ended up here.


    • Thanks for posting this link Sundown Lady. If you want to hear more about this and especially about the spiritual dangers, go to: . This is Jan Markell’s site. Click on archives and listen to Jan interview Caryl Matrisciana-Jan. 22, 2011–very informative. Rick Warren is spreading a new age religion all across the world with this so-called Daniel program.


    • BTW: If I remember the interview correctly, this is not just a seminar–it is a planned weekly event to last a whole year to supposedly help people “get healthy”.

    • Thanks Barbara. I will be sure to listen to the interview and I see there are other subjects of interest there also. Right now I am listening to one of the Walter Veith lectures–The UN and the Occult Agenda. Really eye-opening! I know he is SA, but he seems to have done a wealth of research in presenting his lectures.

      I was very saddened when I came across the article about Rick Warren’s stuff. I knew he was a poser, but I didn’t know how great a poser he was until I read that article. This is some seriously exceedingly deceptive stuff…how easy for the unsuspecting to get sucked in. Makes one wonder just exactly how much longer our Heavenly Father is going to allow us to stay down here…

  3. The Reality of Contact Part 1 – lecture deals with abductees, star children, alien symbolic art, crop-circles, the awakening, contact, new age philosophy, etc.
    Please use Biblical discernment when watching this powerpoint lecture!

    • Thanks Gordy, I seemed to sense within the 1st minute of this vid, that this was something I might not want to watch…I am really hypersensitive to dark stuff. (I remember as a child when I first saw the previews to King Kong vs. Godzilla, I was so scared that night, I went up and lay down on the floor in my parents room. My mom thought I was a dog that had sneaked in through the garage door and she picked up a shoe to throw at me.) So thank you for posting the “heads up” and confirming my hesitation. Please know, I am not suggesting to any one else to view or not to view.

    • You mean get ready to hear nothing about the bible. This is a Zacharia Sitchen crowd but it was intersting. The contactees make no attempt to mention or rebuke with the blood of Jesus. The non christian belivers in UFOs and aliens are nothing more than weegie board manipulators

      Thanks for the posting it Gordy

    • On the third video. The lecturer said Repitillians are not so bad. She said they actually exhibit a lot of love? Really?

      The cave paintings of UFO’s were interesting from native tribes. She quotes Zacharia Sitchen and planet X in his book the 12th planet.

      She does talk about the book of Genesis briefly but she does say that humans were created by ET’s through genetic manipulation. Oh my! Wow and aliens gave us additional genes sweet! And there are many star children who are highly inteligent who are also telepathic. Hmmmmm

      Oh and we reincarnate. A four year old said he helped build the pyramids. Sweet

      Oh now there is hidden knowledge under the pyramids we just need to find it. Hmmm

      Wow her studies on children who have been abducted age 4 and under is really interesting. She details her interviews with about 15 kids with their drawings.
      Actually really interesting check out Video 6.

      She talks about Lion Beings? I have never heard of that.

      As much as I poked fun at the videos it was very interesting.

    • I do so enjoy watching what the other side is up to! Mother ship HAHA! Talk about decieved and being deceived!

    • Gordy
      Did you notice this clip from “the Future Perspectives” Mary Rodwell showed this video of Tracy Taylor,she thinks it is an authentic hybrid, the eyes do seem strange

    • Hi Margaret,

      Yes, her eyes do look a little strange. Bloggers please pray for Mary and Tracy that Christ will be revealed to them and they will understand the deception behind the ET contact phenomena.

    • These kinds of so-called “awakened” or “enlightened” individuals will be ambassadors for a Luciferian agenda. Most people will choose to believe a lie that they can see in front of their eyes over the truth that is passed down through God’s word. I have sympathy and compassion for such individuals who they call Star Children (because I know that mercy demands compassion), however I am not a fool to accept anything they might have to share with humanity. If it is in opposition to the words and teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, then it is not a righteous or holy in God’s eyes. It is the work of Satan, no matter how attractive or enticing the message and lieing wonders/miracles they perform. May God give me the courage and strength to be steadfast to the testimony of Jesus, when everyone around me tells me that the “truth” is in front of my eyes.

    • In my backslid days the demonic tried to get me to believe I was a “star child” though a masseuse friend of mine. Looking back on it now – he may have imparted who knows what into me due to my ignorance of New Age. He always finished up the job by placing his “healing energy” hands over my forehead – probably opening up my 3rd eye! (Aimed right for it.) I was just so clueless~ It was only by the grace of God I didn’t turn down a wrong path. I knew enough of the Bible that this “star child” business was weird/a lie & not something God would want me to pursue- so I didn’t.

  4. …delivering a good report to everyone who prayed for my dad. He has greatly improved in the memory department. My sister said he remembered us all by name. He is reading the newspaper and could talk intelligently about what he had read. He still has the sundowners outbursts but not to the same ramped up degree as before. Praise the Lord…thank you Jesus! And thank you again to everyone.

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