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Icelandic volcano ‘set to erupt’


Scientists in Iceland are warning that another volcano looks set to erupt and threatening to spew-out a pall of dust that would dwarf last year’s event….

I have been keeping an eye on the  volcanic activity in Iceland, as last years eruption caused the shutting down of many airports in Europe. Now it appears, that another volcano might be ready to blow. This volcano is called Bardarbunga and, according to the article, if it blows it will dwarf last years eruption.

I have postulated that if a dust-cloud grounds the Israeli Air Force, wouldn’t that be a great time for an attack? If Hezbollah, Hamas, the Moslem Brotherhood, and the Iranians, know that the Israeli Air Force can’t fly, would they then pull the trigger as they would clearly  have an advantage in a ground war? With the instability in Egypt, and other surrounding Moslem countries, the region is more volatile than ever. I believe that there will  be a flash point that will ignite the long simmering hostility that exists.

I pointed out in a BLOG last week that the Moslem Brotherhood isn’t concerned about creating an infrastructure, better schools, more hospitals, and a better life for the Egyptian people, its main concern seems to be about wiping Israel off the map!  It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out in the coming weeks….

*     *    *

I was supposed to be on a plane headed to Okalhoma City this morning, but I postponed the flight until tomorrow due to the snowstorm that closed the airport! I will head out in the early morning and most likely BLOG when we touch down in Denver for a connecting flight. (Thanks to all the folks in Nashville for my trusty I PAD!) We will be filming several interviews for Prophecy in the News, about our new Watchers DVD – UFOs are Real Burgeoning and not Going Away!

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There was an article this morning that claimed the UFO over the Temple Mount was a fake. However, in reading the article there is no mentioning of Video 1,2, & 4! Also the article states that: First, no one knows who took the videos. This is not true as Jaime Mousson is flying to Jerusalem to  interview the witnesses who filmed Video 1& 2. In my opinion it would appear that this story is a rush to judgement. As I posted yesterday, we have to wait and see what transpires in the weeks ahead. It may be a fake, it may be the real deal. Why can’t we at least have an open mind and see where it leads?



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70 thoughts on “Volcano!!!

  1. You know that volcano just might give us a reprieve from that global warming that we are experiencing. As I write this from central Indiana which has had 3-4 degree colder winter along with ice, snow, sleet and -2 temperatures in FEBRUARY no less. Made the mistake of saying to a couple of folks “where’s that global warming when you need it” and got blasted with a lecture on how the science is sure and it is man caused (thank goodness I am a woman) and right wing nuts don’t believe it. When was a scientific theory something you “believed” in? Not since Darwinism I guess. Besides, when it is warmer in one area, it will make it colder in another. By the way a colleague on my campus here who is not a Kool-Aid drinker sent me the following:

    “The Arctic ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from Consul Ifft, at Bergen, Norway.
    Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers, he declared, all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard-of temperatures in the Arctic zone. Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met with as far north as 81 degrees 29 minutes. Soundings to a depth of 3,100 meters showed the gulf stream still very warm.”
    SCREAM RUN IN PANIC, oh wait the date of the article Nov.2, 1922…
    (Sorry my moment of rant)

  2. Interesting timing with egypt, and other unrest.

    Keep looking up!

    Also, please pray for blossom goodchild as I dropped a link in her blog comments. Pray that God will move her to allow it to post.and that people will go to the link, see Jesus and repent.

  3. WikiLeaks cables: Saudi Arabia cannot pump enough oil to keep a lid on prices, US diplomat convinced by Saudi expert that reserves of world’s biggest oil exporter have been overstated by nearly 40%


    As the world slowly spins on its weakening pole
    the people will lose more control.
    Distractions abound, plenty of bread and circuses
    for the sheep to go around.
    This is the beginning of the end they cry
    from Wall Street to Washington, comes the lie.
    From liberty to tyranny, in a blink of an eye.

    I never claimed to be a poet but I thought id give it a shot ;)if this dosent pan out,I will give paint by numbers a shot.

  4. My current favorite verses in Isaiah 44: “Thus says the LORD, you Redeemer, And He who formed you from the womb;”I am the LORD, who makes all things, Who stretches out the heavens all alone, Who spreads abroad the earth by Myself; Who frustrates the signs of the babblers, and drives the diviners mad; Who turns wise men backward, And makes their knowledge foolishness; Who confirms the word of His servant, And performs the council of His messengers;….

    That’s what He’s doing now – It’s amazing watching the Lord in action! Get ready ~ He’s coming!

  5. Hi: Gary Stearman has a very interesting idea on the UFO’s over the Temple Mount. He thinks they are real. He explains his conclusions on a 10-minute prophecyinthenews.com daily update on Feb. 7, 2011.


    • Barbara: Thanks for posting that. Wow, that’s a perspective to keep under your hat, and watch to see what might develop!!

    • I’m not sure I agree with what Gary Stearman had to say regarding the orb of light seen over the Dome of the Rock/Temple Mount. I could be missing something, but I don’t see anything in scripture that describes the appearance of God’s Holy angels as orbs of light. However there is a wealth of new age references to angel guides appearing as orbs of light.

      Some of what I found in scripture regarding God’s Holy angelic beings is in Psalm 104:4, “Who maketh his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire:” and again in Hebrews 1:7, “And of the angels he saith, Who maketh his angels spirits, and his ministers a flame of fire.”

      Here, the fire is not described as orb shaped, it is described as flaming. Also when the Holy Spirit came on the scene on the Day of Pentecost, the appearance was as “…cloven tongues like as of fire…” (Acts 2:3)

      To be safe, I try to let scripture guide me as to what is from the third heaven and what is not–otherwise it is too easy to be deceived–especially in this day. My rule of thumb is, if I don’t find a reference to it in scripture, I question the validity of it being of God, Jehovah.

    • Hi: Gary Stearman is one of the most noted Bible scholars (especially regards prophecy) around today with years of deep and serious Bible study. However, I suppose he could be mistaken–??

  6. L.A., You had better pack some long johns and a snow shovel, as they say here in Brazil, Boa viagem (have a good trip)! I am headed to the fridge to make me some ice water, on the opposite end of the planet here we have global warming (summer) at the moment.

    • Patrick is not kidding. It’s COLD out here in the heartland. Leave your golf clubs at home… unless you bring snowshoes to go with them!

    • Yes, Rose, we could use some of that balmy weather about now. We’re as cold as you are, which is weird for us. My cat walked out the door this morning, stood for about 30 seconds, and ran right back inside. She’s going stir crazy and just pulled over the dogs’ water bucket, but she won’t go outside. I may end up tossing her furry hind end out the door soon if she doesn’t settle down.

  7. “For He is coming, for He is coming to judge the Earth, He shall judge the world with righteousness, and the people with His truth” Psalms 96:13

    “Behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with Me, to render to Every man to what he has done” Rev22:12.

    “Behold, the Lord Comes with Thousands of His Holy ones (angels)to execute judgment upon all and to convict all the ungodly of all their ungodly deeds which they have done in an ungodly way…. Jude14,15.

    we are so much closer now to the fulfillment of these words.
    The shaking will increase, the darkness will increase unto that Great and Terrible day, A day of Wrath, a Day of consuming fire. praise the Lord! King Jesus Is on His way. Amen The Bride says come!

    john B

  8. I’ve been holding back for fear of being taken for a lunatic or something even worse, but this is it and I feel it with every ounce of my soul spirit. We are so near the end I weep for those that will not even take the time to listen to any of our warnings. I have my house prepared and though I have no luck with my sister in laws new boyfriend or her son, I keep trying. These signs are not only all around us they are increasing with a frenzy unparalleled in days past. Soon we will have no tears. Soon we will know no pain. Soon all the years of misery (atleast from my own sad story) will be behind us and GOD will reveal this Unimiginable Kingdom he’s been preparing for us! All the heartache and loss we have suffered during our Test upon this earth will be made up for on a scale inconcievable to our mortal minds. I cant wait to hear our loved ones that have gone before us run up to us with a shout and smile saying “Welcome HOME!!!) Praise GOD guys we’re going HOME!!! The rich, the greedy, the oppressive can have this place and all peace their paper idol can provide. They can rejoice that we are gone. They can sell their programmed agenda to each other all they wish. We’ll be up there ^ praising the LORD GOD ALL MIGHTY and dancing down streets of gold. Goodbye Cruel World wish you were here !
    God bless you guys, one day VERY VERY soon we’ll gather in a crowd and take turns jumping for joy!

  9. Question… has anyone sat down and talked with their church leader or church group leader about todays nephilim, aliens, etc.? I’m just curious as to what their responses have been… I’m contemplating it myself. 🙂 ~One time, when I was going to a fairly large church where I live, I talked to the lead pastor about starting a witnessing group (Way Of The Master style) and he was drawing doodles on his notepad and asking me more about myself and ignored what I came to talk about. I felt slighted and didn’t return there again.. Now I’m in a church that is truly about making disciples, thank you Lord! Anyways, I’m just wondering how pastors react to this kind of subject. I was surprised to get the response I did just talking about a normal outreach required of Christians, and it seems like the subject about spiritual warfare alone has also become a “sweep under the rug” topic. So I don’t know … in a way, I would like to mention this type of thing to someone at church, but I’m also cautious. :-/ (Aside from all of that, thank you Mr. L.A. Marzulli!! for keeping a true biblical watch on all that is going on in our world as it relates to prophecy. And for being bold enough to humbly proclaim it. 😀 )

    • Hi Kimberly, I did just that and I got the deer in the headlight look by one, he didn’t deny it but it wasn’t something he probably expected. Another time I was at work and talked with this woman about all these things we discuss here, she was incredulous! She apparently went to her pastor and asked him if these things were true and he told her that “yes” they were! I often wonder do they not want to discuss it, because they figure why bother we will be raptured out of here anyway, or fear they will lose their congregations and money. Or whatever, I wish they would grow a backbone and do it. They might be surprised that maybe people would be very receptive.

    • Thank you for responding, LauraR, truly appreciated! 😀 … I can’t imagine being a leader and not looking into this stuff, but you’re right, it’s probably fear. I just think, even just as a Christian, we should be responsible to find answers in the Bible for everything we face. For instance, to keep hearing about aliens and abductions, and other evils that are “seemingly” mythological… we should think “okay, these stories have been ongoing forever, how do I defend my faith or give an answer for all of this?” I really don’t think anything is mythological, simply because we as humans can’t create from nothing, and mythology would imply that we could create… so we need to be prepared to give answers. Frustrating. I wish they (Christian leaders) would get a backbone too. :-/ Haha, oh gosh… the other thing is, when I talk to certain leadership peoples, they don’t take me seriously even if I’m being serious!… maybe because of my age, I don’t know… but I guess it’s the warning I should be concerned with and leave the “how they respond” to the Lord.

      One more thing… know of any Scriptures that would be helpful arming up with? When I was on Jim Wilhelmsen’s site.. I saw the Zechariah verse and thought how you can’t get any more descriptive than that!

      Thank you so much! 🙂

    • Hi Kimberly, all you have to say to anyone take a good look at Genesis 6. I have seen people talk about God killing races of men, women and children and how they think if God is so loving why would he do this? They don’t understand that those beings were not human, and let us not forget Jesus’s cryptic words “as in the days of Noah” and in the book of Daniel I forget where the 4th and final kingdom that “they” would mingle themselves with the seed of men. Who are they? It has to be something other than human. I hope this helps even a little bit.

    • So awesome and so true. Anytime we think God is being a big meany, it’s because we are completely CLUELESS as to what is really going on. And it always turns out that it is out of His mercy and grace that He does what He does. 🙂

      I’ve heard people’s take on “as in the days of Noah” referring to sin abounding… which doesn’t make any sense, because with each generation, sin is going to get worse and worse anyhow. But, I always thought Jesus was giving a whisper to those of us living in those days, like…. giving us a clue to peak into those times for understanding. And I don’t understand how those who talk and preach about prophecy and then exclude nephilim… it’s like they forget that it’s the final battles of good and evil… ahhhhhh… it’s not going to be as ho hum as they make it out to be, and I would want myself and my sheepies to be prepared for living in any unfolding of the end times.

      Thank you a lot… it does help, more than a little bit. 🙂 (Genesis 6 and Daniel something… got it!) 😉

    • One of my favourite subject raising tactics is to casually bring up Gen 6 and see where the conversation goes from there. Pose questions concerning God flooding the entire earth, killing everything not on the ark because people were being bad. If that were the case none of us would be here right now.
      There’s also the numerous times God commands the Israelites to completely wipe out entire cities, leaving nothing alive and keeping none of the spoils.
      I find these are good soft approaches for getting the wheels turning.
      As for church family, I’m blessed to be under a leadership that knows the Word and isn’t afraid to discuss such things. However, as our friend L.A. puts it, there is a “vicious ignorance” in the church concerning these things. Our leadership has been publicly attacked from the pulpit for teaching the truth on these matters- can you feel the love???
      As long as we speak His truth in love we’ve done our part, what the recipient does with that truth is on their heads. It’s distressing to think of the fellow believers who aren’t made aware of the deception because their leadership refuses to approach the subject.
      All the best!

    • Thanks Blair! Good point! About the killings of cities and such. … Yeah, the ignorance is very vicious indeed. And, it breaks my heart, as you said, that believers are not aware of these things because it’s not taught. That’s why it’s sooo important to search for ourselves. I can not image not knowing this stuff and it coming upon us, I would probably shut down and be freaking out… and who knows what would happen while being stung with fear. I would hate for any believer to go through that. That is sooo awesome that your leadership focuses on that!!! It’s a much better place to be attacked for righteousness than for being attacked because of evil. I’m jealous… hee hee… kidding. But I am excited for you. That would be so COOL! 😀

      Thank you Blair… press on in your awesome church and in warning others! 🙂

    • The different ones I have spoken with outside of their respective congregations will concede to the fact yet they seem to think it more than their flock can handle. They therefore do not mention it in their messages.

    • I’ve emailed with my pastor about UFOs. He’s been better than I expected but he hasn’t asked for much detail either. I’m keeping him posted on developments and sightings but that’s all.

      I’ve also offered to be a resource if anyone has questions, but any discussion has yet to occur.

    • Well I for one would approach it like this. I would just come right out and say “I do NOT believe spaceships are visiting here from other planets. I believe anyone who THINKS they have seen one is really being deceived by the devil”. I would then ask if the Pastor DISagrees with me-if he does then does that mean he DOES believe little green men are coming here from mars?
      Depending on how it is asked will dictate the response. If I bring it up the wrong way they may pull out the yellow pages to help me find a good shrink.

    • … that’s just very sad. They are going to think differently once this stuff is unleashed… and by then, it might be too late. :-/ At least in mentioning it to people, when it does happen, they’ll have something to think back on and remember and hopefully that will be enough to keep their sanity and faith in the Lord in those times.

      Frank… that’s awesome you’re putting yourself out there like that… they may have you at arms length because of it, but you may be a huge puzzle piece that they’ll need when the time comes… sometimes God uses us in strange ways, but as long as He is glorified in it, bring it on, right? 😀 You may be answering a mega-ton of answers… whoa.

      Grant… ha! That’s funny… I don’t know if I could pull off the devil’s advocate approach. I would mess that up fast and crash and burn… but it would be an interesting way to go about it 🙂 And if your pastor (ha, we’ll call him Pastor Disagree) looks up the yellow pages instead of praying for you… then I would look in the yellow pages for a different and more fearless church. 😀

    • LauraR, if you watch the video you posted, you will notice that the girl flashes to a website at 3:18 min in the video, I found the website she was using, now visit this link and it will explain some things better:

      The girl in the video closes her video by saying: I wish you all the best in this life and your future lives.
      A typical new-ager projecting harmonic garbage.


      This site that you posted:

      Is talking about an asteroid 200 PN9 (1.6 miles long) that on March 10th will pass through our solar system at a 45.5 LD distance, a LD or lunar distance is the distance from the earth to the moon (1 LD = 384,401 km) so 384,401 km x45.5= a long way from earth, so its nothing to worry about. However on the same page it says it will pass on the 15th of March, but the reference below from Nasa says March 10th, now under this information they say March 10th changing from what they said earlier and what they said earlier they referred to it as a comet/meteor, so what is it a comet or a meteor?? The one they are referring to is a meteor, not a comet such as (Comet Elenin C/2010 X1) in the video.
      Apparently they are trying scare people with incomplete or false information.

      To see a better graph got to http://spaceweather.com/ scroll down to Near Earth Asteroids, look in the chart and you will find information on asteroid 200 PN9 which gives distance from the earth in LD (Lunar Distance) as opposed to Nasa’s chart that gives AU=distance from the sun to earth. 0.11 AU looks scarier than 45.5 LD, but they are different measurements.
      An AU = 93 million miles
      A LD = 384,401 km

    • Thanks Patrick, I got those off Stan Deyo’s website. I am glad you responded because I just wasn’t so sure about it and yes I think someone is trying to scare people. Another thing is I keep seeing articles that talk about a pole shift in our near future. But I thankyou very much now I am not scared as you put that in a good prospective!

  10. Wow Time is indeed short. Check out the description for yesterdays Coast to Coast am. I have been praying for guidance weather to even listen , but believe we must know the enemies plans when possible. Anyway her it is.

    Satanism & Black Magic

    Lifelong practitioner of the occult, Winter Laake discussed the history of Satanism, the ritual use of Black Magic, and why Satanism is gaining in popularity. Satan “wants to awaken mankind to its true inherent nature,” which could be considered a kind of evil, a power that is lacking in mankind, and without which he will fall into stagnation, he explained. The idea of “good” has been malformed and bastardized by a series of biblicists, he continued.

    Laake, who is also a psychic, said he’s been involved in helping law enforcement with missing person cases, but is sometimes considered suspicious because of his belief in Satanism. He clarified that he is not interested in harming others, unless they have crossed his path. In which case, he described using “remote influencing,” such as sending out negative scenarios to a person while they are sleeping (that is when they are most vulnerable), or using “sympathetic” Black Magic, such as obtaining some of a target’s hair, and then conjuring up a ritual, utilizing certain symbols and dates, to cause an ill fate to occur. Laake does not espouse to the idea of karma or the “Law of 3,” and as such is not concerned about retribution for these type of actions.

    He discussed Christian broadcaster Harold Camping’s campaign citing May 21, 2011 as Judgment Day or Rapture, and revealed that he is part of an effort to avert this outcome via ritual or Black Magic techniques. Laake also talked about his vision for the year 2050, when mankind achieves a “Satanic singularity” with machines– they will have merged with us and death will be redefined, he said.

    • My uncle who’s only a year older than I am was the lead guitarist for a band that dabbled in this stuff. He used to be an atheist back in those days and I walked closely with the Lord in my teens and stayed away from them. These people decided they would do some sort of mock ritual one night by a nearby small river. I don’t know the particulars but I know from 3 of their friends that witnessed what happened next. They heard something huge moving from the forest closer to them. First they saw huge splashes of water as of giant steps taken in the 5 foot deep running water, then they saw small trees crashing to the earth when this invisible force crossed over on their side of the bank. Needless to say those particular “dabblers” stopped their dabbling that night and ever after, as they ran screaming from the river in tears! True story .

    • Michael,
      Wow. This sounds like an H.P. Lovecraft story. How sure are you that these guys are telling the truth?

  11. 5.2 earthquake rumbles off Oregon coast

    KATU.com PORTLAND, Ore. – A magnitude 5.2 earthquake struck of the Oregon Coast on Wednesday, but was far enough away that it was unlikely anyone on land felt it.

    No tsunami was warning was issued after the quake hit at 2:02 p.m. The epicenter was located along the Juan de Fuca plate fault line about 145 miles west of Coos Bay.

    The location is an active quake region. A similar quake measuring 4.7 hit near the same location just hours earlier on Tuesday

  12. Joel Rosenberg spoke at Calvary South here in Denver not long ago. He was talking about men and women throughout the middle east reporting of having dreams about Yeshua. Maybe that’s part of the fullfillment of Acts 2:17?

    Joel Rosenberg

    In Iraq, “Muslims are seeing visions of Jesus Christ. He is coming to them and speaking to them, and they are repenting and giving their lives to him. Shiites! I’m talking about Shiite Muslims seeing visions of Jesus and becoming his followers…”. In Iran, what is bringing them to the Lord is visions and dreams of Jesus.

    In the words of one Iranian pastor: “A factory manager recently showed up at a church. We didn’t need to share the gospel with him. We didn’t need to persuade him of anything, which was good, in a way, because many in our congregation are terrified to share their faith. But this man already believed because Jesus had spoken to him in a dream. In fact, he said that Jesus had been personally teaching him the way to follow him for two hours a day for an entire year.”

    Pretty Cool!

    • Richard, I believe it! “Jesus had been personally teaching him the way to follow him for two hours a day for an entire year” The exact same thing word for word happened to me 20 years ago.

    • Patrick; how did You know it was the Lord? what did he say to you to let you know it was him? I only Question because there has been as many apparitions of jesus as there are of Mary made by many.

      Mary is also appearing to Muslims. There are also Muslims who now speak with tongues as a result of these apparitions. All of this must be discerned and approached with some degree of scepticism.

      Col2:23 Apostles clearly shows That “the Firmly established Faith is a result of The Gospel You have heard”

      We are told that “Faith comes by Hearing The word” on the opposite hand Apparitions have to do with seeing something! So; There is a difference.

      You can never be too careful.

      John B

    • John, I have never seen an apparition nor have I seen anything with me eyes. I was filled with the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit led me to read the bible and taught me how to pray, greater than this he revealed the son of GOD Jesus Christ to me, other than this I had exercised almost all the gifts of Spirit, which was part of my training. In short the Holy Spirit taught me how he works and how I can work in the spirit, by him working through me, I am nothing more than a servant, nothing more nothing less.
      Now the visions I have had and being in the spirit on occasion under the training of the Holy Spirit, I have seen many spectacular things, but I can only utter these things by the spirit as he sees fit.

      So to answer your question, as I was in the spirit I was taken to the time of the crucifixion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, when I arrived I was walking with my eyes toward the ground, I looked up slowly and saw three crosses and three people being crucified as I panned up quickly I noticed a Plaque on one of the crosses and I remembered from the bible what it was, I tried to focus to read it and I was immediately brought back, bible in lap, I began to praise the Lord and I cried. Nothing was said to me nothing had to be said, I understood what I was being taught.
      As you can see from my story I saw no faces. After my training ended in those days, then the demons came, the second phase of my training. I am a servant of the most high GOD, and he brought me to Brazil where I serve him today, he loves his children and I love him and I serve him.
      I am on this blog for a reason as you all are, and the person who runs this blog is also led by Holy Spirit.

    • Thank you Patrick for answering My questions. Yes we are all here for a reason and together We share our experiences of God’s work in our lives, keep on running the race I am with you Amen.

      john b

    • John, I am in a country full of Cathaholics, my wife is a Cathaholic, I am a Christian (GOD did not assign me a denomination) Not too long ago my wife and I toured Portugal, of course it was a must to go to Fatima, upon arriving I saw many people mainly older people on this hot day crawling on the hot pavement on their hands and knees, both I and my wife felt this was a pitiful site to see people suffering crawling on the hot ground, on one hand I admired their devotion to the Lord, on the other hand I perceived bondage, I wanted to cry out stand up in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, for he has paid the price, rejoice in his victory.

      My wife explained to me that most of them were there to fulfill a promise as they had prayed to the Lord for healing for someone in their family and as barter promised to do a pilgrimage or penance or whatever you call it if he performed a miracle. Later we went to the well where the children of Fatima encountered the Angels and they were drawing water from the well to give to tourists, giddy as most people were to drink this water I past up on the deal, however, I wanted to believe that this was some sort of miracle water but GOD never taught me these things nor did he ever teach me about Mary, GOD taught me about Jesus Christ.
      As to practices of the Catholic Church, apparitions and the like I want to believe for their sakes so that I might see them as justified before the Lord, however, I cannot, because GOD did not teach me these things.

      Now to the Muslims seeing Mary and Jesus “I want to believe for their sakes so that I might see them as justified before the Lord” unfortunately I believe there could be deception here(but I do not know enough about their situation to judge at present), but since we are all children of GOD I trust the Lord will turn any deception of the evil one into salvation for those who wish to acknowledge Jesus as Lord. I agree with you faith comes by hearing the word, now the question can GOD reveal the WORD by a vision or a dream?

    • Patrick; I am an ex catholic in the sense that i do not affiliate anymore. The problem with catholicism is it Hierarchical system which demand submission to the pope. which I believe Is an Apostate. Many doctrines which are contrary to the teachings of the Apostles are binding Good genuine people in a none genuine form of faith. Not everything taught by Catholicism is heretical only that which goes beyond the written word. That is what constitute Apostasy!

      The Mary Thing is no different to the Masonic doctrine of The (Fatherhood of god and The brotherhood of man) It is an ecumenical propagation of the “Image of the beast” wherein one can worship the ecumenical God of his choice. Not all men are children of God the Father Only those sanctified in the lord 1Cor6:11, 2Cor6:16-18.

      I believe that God can call and reveal his word By a vision or a dream But that would be a rarity of event like into Apostle Paul I think That visions And dreams Apply mainly after conversion as means to give guidance or warnings to oneself or the body of believers Acts of the Apostles have them on record.

      This is my Email Address feel free to say hi sometimes johnbnotohell@gmail.com

      Victory in Jesus
      John b

    • Ha!

      How about: “I rebuke you in the name of the Lord Jesus. Nanu, Nanu…”

      It seems to cover all the bases.

  13. Lava-like substance triggers panic

    A lava like liquid substance erupted at Malkapuram village in Dharmavaram mandal on Saturday.
    A shepherd first noticed a strange odour and plants withering. The inquisitive shepherd alerted other villagers who came to find out the source of the bad odour and finally zeroed in to the field belonging to one farmer Lakshminarayana Reddy.
    At the field, the villagers found two deep holes from which lava-like black like substance erupted.
    Scared at the strange phenomenon, the villagers alerted a geologist for studying the strange phenomenon .
    According to an eye witness fire along with the black substance erupted out of the Earth surface at two different points. Geologist Mohana Rao said that a disturbance in the Earth had occurred after the earth quakes in Thailand, Tirupati and Delhi.


  14. U.K. Muslim Students Reportedly Taught to Hate Jews

    Muslim Students in Britain Reportedly Taught to Chop Off Hands of Thieves, Hate Jews

    Textbooks claiming Jews were transformed into pigs and apes have been distributed to up to 5,000 students at weekend schools across England, according to The Telegraph. Another book for 6-year-olds says that people who don’t believe in Islam will suffer “hellfire” in death.

    This is absurd in this day and age. This should not be tolerated. More myths and fantasies in the name of religion polluting the minds of the youth, how sad.

  15. I could be wrong, but would venture to bet, since everyone else does so, that Israel is far more likley to strike iran or go into gaza again OR provoke attacks than for ANY of the arab countries. The unrest that Egypt represents in the arab and muslim world, as we can see, in the various demonstrations in saudi arabia and yemen and many other places WILL build an open door to Israel and it’s US allie to see to it that they have an excuse to come down on Iran. The US has been arming ALL sides and would LOVE to have an excuse to begin yet another WAR for “Freedom”, yeah , freedom to kill, maime,mutilate men women and children that many deem LESSOR than their white anti-jesus christian counterparts in the west. The physical armageddon may yet fulfill itself in the middle east, but the Soul armageddon is primarily playing out in the US and west but primarily in the US where all resurrected to (according to prophecy) because the US is clearly the new babylon, the rich and the nation all others fornicate with, where money and soul death rule though with talk of holiness in religion and spirituality and atheism ALL the same thing – honoring anything but the One Real True Kingdom of God, except in shallow appearances and worthless talk.

    Murder of living humans IS the biggest physical crime against the Kingdom of God. A body is murdered of course in any number of ways but a soul is murdered when it’s MIND is taken over which is evident by it’s loyalties. If we live for our nation, we are dead. If we live for our religion, be it science, spiritual new age, paranormal, organized religion no matter what denomination or for government or even for flesh family, we are NOT living for the Kingdom of God.

    Now it’s all in degrees of course. None of us live entirely for Kingdom of God if at all and we all probably live for family, govn’t, career, and some type of belief or disbelief so I’m not saying there is anyone who is exclusive for Kingdom of God or if that’s even possible when the REP from the kingdom of God isn’t physically among some of us.

    I guarantee and would put my life on it, that talk of the second coming of Jesus being emminant will continue for as long as humans walk the earth.

    I guarantee there will be no rapture of anyone unless it’s a gov’t or alien spacecraft with a ladder or ramp. No one will be levitated up into a cloud. Illusion abounds though. It’s far easier to believe in something fictitious as no one can disprove it or prove it and as long as we want to remain in such a state we will remain ignorant of reality when it’s before us.

    You talk of war with israel as if you welcome it. Maybe you don’t. But I HATE all who HATE what they have no business hating -other people.

    What we should HATE is animal behaviour and that has nothing to do with how nice your suit is or house or car or bank account or ability to sound intelligent.

    True EVIL never looks evil.

    Why doesn’t anyone ever challenge the things I say? All anyone ever does is tell me I’m misguided. Isn’t it interesting that none ever say what in specific is misguided or if they do happen to venture something and they count themselves christians or believes in Jesus, they NEVER quote something Jesus said to counter what I say and quote from Jesus.

    It’s because of who we are in allegience to, truth or lies but calling truth lies and calling lies truth.

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