The Supernatural – Prove it to me?

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L. A. Marzulli

Jesus walked on the water? Prove it to me! He healed the sick? Prove it to me. He rose from the dead? Where’s the proof of that? Why should I take what a bunch of people wrote down centuries ago as fact? How do I know they were telling me the truth? There’s no proof…. not a scintilla of evidence, just hearsay….

UFOs are nothing more than swamp gas, or people mistaking the planet Venus for a flying saucer. There’s no breeding program between “aliens,” and humans, as there’s not any evidence of such. All crop circles are made by people with string and boards. Cattle mutilations are the work of predators. There’s no proof of UFOs, not a scintilla of evidence, it’s all hearsay.

I’m trying to make a point and it is this, I believe that there is a supernatural. I believe there is an unseen dimension that, in some ways, is more real than the one we are living in at the moment. I believe that this is really, super reality! I also believe that there is a war that has been waged in this other dimension, for millennia, and that war is now spilling over into our dimension. I believe that The Fallen One has a nefarious plan, and that the Mystery of Iniquity – the secret of lawlessness – has been at work for centuries to carry it out to its fulfillment. This is the coming Great Deception that is filled with supernatural, lying signs and wonders.

I belive that at some point The Fallen One will be thrown out of his domain, the second Heaven, and when this happens, woe to the inhabitants of earth because the devil has been cast down to you and he is ticked off because he knows his time is short! But I don’t have a shred of evidence that this will happen… just the written word of prophecy proclaiming that it will.

I also believe that we are in the birth-pangs that are mentioned in the Guidebook to the Supernatural i.e. the Bible. There are wars and rumors of wars, famines and disease, earthquakes in various places and troublesome times, and for those of us who have eyes  to see, these events jibe with what was written thousands of years ago. Is that proof? To me it is.

I believe that there is a God who is outside our time domain and knows the beginning from the end and the end from the beginning and because of this He is able to tell us the future before it happens, which is called prophecy. While I admit that I don’t have all the answers, I believe that at some point much of what we see and speculate about will become self-evident.

When Jesus walked the earth, the Jews had Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53, at their disposal, but they never bothered to overlay those two scriptures to see the events that took place on Calvary. It remained  hidden from their eyes, until after the event and then it became self-evident, at least to some.

In closing todays post: I believe that the supernatural is real, and we are seeing it manifest in ways that we have never seen before. I believe that something has shifted in the heavenlies and  that we are about to enter the most critical years that humans will ever go through. He is coming back!  The prophecies of His first coming were accurate and true, how much more for His second coming? We are told to watch and be ready. Watch what? The signs that He warned us of that would herald His appearance. Can I prove it? No, I can’t, but I believe in prophecy, and the supernatural, as I am a spirit-filled, man who discerns the things of the spirit that the natural man cannot see…. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!


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86 thoughts on “The Supernatural – Prove it to me?

  1. I was involved in a conversation on Facebook with several researchers yesterday. One of which specializes in sleep paralysis. I just watched the conversation for a while before I spoke up. Turns out the “sleep paralysis” guy thought he was having a private convo and said some stuff. Then when he realized that other people could read it, he sent a private message saying he would never have said those things if he knew it wasn’t private. I lost a lot of respect for him since he’s willing to be one way behind closed doors and another when people are watching.

    During the rest of this conversation, the question of proof for modern hybrids came up. I asked for proof that all abductions are just delusion. As you may have guest, they don’t have any. I asked them to use the Bible to show me the “days of Noah” without the hybrids. Nothing at all. I asked them to show a peer reviewed study linking modern day giantism to pre-flood Nephilim. Not a word.

    The people that are claiming that nothing is going on don’t think they need any evidence, but want everyone else to provide some. I also confronted them about the round argument, “the witnesses are the evidence until they say its the real deal, then they are no longer the evidence.” I’m sure you know who several of the participants in this convo were.

    Great post. You are trying to wake people up, but it seems there really is a group of people trying to put Christians back to sleep. I just so happen to have been (by the grace of God), the only researcher included in the message to an entire group of “no modern nephilim” believers and of course they tried to use the gang up tactic. When I hit them with scripture and asked for some to back their position, not a word has been said since yesterday. I just want to warn everyone to be careful of “researchers” not using the Bible at all in order to avoid the modern nephilim situation.

    • Good for you Dante! I read L.A. statement here & don’t think this will change in our day either.

      “It remained hidden from their eyes, until after the event and then it became self-evident, at least to some.”

    • I find the same all over the net in almost any debate with atheists. They seem to think We have to provide proof that GOD exists while they are secure in their disbelief. I believe that My LORD died for me on a cross, thus saving my soul from eternal damnation. They would rather risk their invaluable souls on a hunch that they cannot support in anyways whatsoever.

    • Bro dante,

      That’s sad that brother in the Lord did that.

      I just wanted to throw my 2 cents into the modern nephilim.

      I guess I would not doubt that they r here, but neither am I so committed to the idea they are here.

      I guess where I am going with this, and I’m not accusing any of doing this (I was starting to go down this road myself) but I feel some people might get too distracted with the idea that there are modern nephilim and take it to an extreme.

      When I was doing so, the Lord checked me and was like “Frank, what I have done and what you’re going to have because of it is a lot better. Get right.”

      Again, not accusing anyone, I just want to make sure that if we believe there are nephilim now, that we are aware of them, but not obsessed (like I was starting to.)

  2. Has anyone else experienced an up-tick in suicides?Our Pastor recently told the congregation to interceed in prayer because he has been confronted w/a noticable increase in suicides- friends/relatives of people in the congregation.

    Then yesterday a Christian brother Mary knows from Ghana recently changed his name from Michael to Fallen Apart on Facebook & has talk of ending it too.

    Is something going on here? A shift in spiritual warfare or different strategy from the enemy?

    • I have seen an increase here in Calif.of suicides, robberies ect, and the most horrifying- an increase in crimes against children. Perhaps this is indeed an acceleration of the falling away.It is time to raise up our voices in prayer continually for our brothers and sisters worldwide. Luke 21:28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. Lord I pray Please spare the children, take us adults and do what will but spare the children. In Jesus name Amen

    • I am bipolar (usually locked in the manic side of things and since I drink the forbidden nectar of coffee in great amoounts it doesn’t help) and for the past couple of weeks I have felt as if God has turned his back on me. I have felt that somehow I angered God past the point of no return and I would pray and pray to no avail. This morning I felt better however. I did not have any thoughts of suicide and this was a depression far different from my usual cycle. I felt I was under some sort of spiritual attack but I have never faced anything like it before in my life. Had I not been so firm in my faith who knows?

    • I’ve noticed more suicides. I live just outside of Windsor, Ontario, and at the turn of the new year the newspaper had a boastful article that we got through 2010 without any murders. However, they did not mention the violence. This has increased along with drug violence etc, and attitudes of intolerance in all areas.
      Joblessness is on the rise, industry is all heading to China, people are sleeping. A politician says a company is going to build here and bring jobs, everyone is happy…it hasn’t happened yet…!!
      The news that is is published from the U.S. is deceptive and misleading. I often comment on the local digital newspaper, Windsor Star, the other commenters do not concern themselves with ANYTHING outside Canada and how it will affect us (well an occasional Obama comment). Some days my head is spinning at the surrealness of it all.
      Anyway, I just wanted to comment and let FAITHFULELECT know, you are in my prayers. That certainly sounds like demonic attack. Do you have anyone to call and pray with you and send the demons to flight?? I hope so! And lay low on the coffee, that affects me emotionally as well as physically…and remember L.A.’s statement “the supernatural is real” Blessings to you Faithfulelect. Thank you again for an excellent post L.A., and praying for you as well.

    • Thank you so much Carol. Yes it has been a constant struggle for me with my walk with the LORD. The closer we get inevitably I am chased away. I believe we all have many different foes and gifts, I think they target me because I am always on the defensive when I see some uninformed teen badmouthing my LORD and Savior. It sad really because the arguments they make are sooo offbase. It is not only from bad parenting it is from bad seed. Sounds harsh but there it is.

    • Faithful, I worked in the psych field as a nurse for many years and witness 1st hand how your illness affects people and my heart goes out to you and prayers as well. Bless you brother. I pray for everyone and lift them up in prayer evertime I think to whether you blog or just read I pray for all of you no matter and all needs to be met. As well as I know there are many on this blog that do it as well.

    • Faithful Elect; I feel you brother, I too have dealt with this for all my life (bi-polar)Praise God! I do not know why I was afflicted with this illness but have come to accept it as God’s will and believe he has and will continue to use people like us in some unique and special way.All things to the Glory of God.Should you need someone who kinda understands my email is randallphillipsatgmaildotcom insert @ and . for at and dot helps keep down spam lol I will try to be available and in any case will get back to you asap.Your brother in Jesus Christ Randy

    • Hey Friends who are suffering from Bi polar, depression, manic thoughts etc..

      May I suggest you Renounce these spirits. When you feel under that oppressive spirit, simply say “Spirit of _________”, I renounce you. You have no authority or power over me. I am free of you by the Love of Jesus. I am free of you by the Power of His Blood, by the Power of His Glorious Name, the Name above every name.

      Keep speaking the scriptures such as “Happy is that people whose GOD is the LORD. Jesus is MY LORD and thus I AM Happy. For Happy is that people whose GOD is the LORD. Speak the scripture: I have the MIND of Christ. Praise You Lord Jesus. I have YOUR Mind. I have the Mind of Christ.

      Speak these scriptures through out the day, every day until Jesus comes for us. That spirit will leave you. When it comes to torment you, renounce it. Keep renouncing it until it leaves you for good. Blessings and may you experience the Power of the Word and the Blood of Jesus on you.


    • No LNL, but what I have been seeing is parents killing their children,like leaving a 13month old alone in the tub and has a seizure disorder, balance problems because mommy wants to play games on facebook! He died recently. A Florida mother shoots her 13 y/o son and 16 y/o in the head because they mouthed off! Just watch what happens on Nancy Grace on a nightly basis. Are we living in the end? Unnatural affection as the Bible states. Another mom gave birth to a baby in a public toilet, and left the baby there. Someone did find that one and is in the hosp. That is only a few!

    • I had my college fraternity reunion last summer. Two of my faternity brothers took their lives. I still have a hard time with their loss.

      There is no doubt in my mind that we are in a spiritual warfare but I am living proof that God is fighting for each and every soul. In 2007 I had unbelievable loss. I was in my own inescapable hell on earth and I was in it for close to a year. I attempted to take my own life on 3 separate occasions by overdosing on alcohol, prescrption sleeping pills and cocaine. Each occassion I spent weeks in comas. On my last attempt I wanted to make sure I wasnt coming back. I drank a bottle of Jim Beam, a case of beer and over 100 sleeping pills. The Drs told my family I wouldnt make it but I did after a week in a coma. Praise and thanks be to Jesus. My son Jonathan and my family thank you so much as does my girlfriend Sheena.

      Since that time period I have had a spiritual revival that has been unexplainable. Its been supernatural and christ filled. I have been born again. I’ve been revived. Now more than EVER! We need to be in the word. We need to be in prayer! And we need to fast for our friends, family and this struggling sin filled world. Lastly we must remember God is in control. We have to quit trying to do it on our own! Each day we must come to the cross. We can to walk by faith.

      Greater is he that is in me than in this world!
      I can do all things through him that strengthens me!

  3. I need prayer i have been away from blog a few days as i am having a crisis that i do not know how to handle.My son is on the street in Alabama he has a history of drug abuse and alcohol and i sent him 200.00 dollars last week he is calling me to come and stay with me and my husband will not let him.I am beside myself with worry for him and cannot answer my phone because the hearbreak is to much for me i want to help him but he usually ends up very abusive to me please pray for him i am at a loss as what to do.

    • Will start praying now! God bless you Margaret. Please do not give up hope , years ago I was as your son and The Lord finally got through to me so there is always hope!! Randy

    • Thank you Randyman i am in tears i am so afraid for him i have done all i can for him praying and begging God to save him!

    • Yes Margaret, I’m praying. I hate cliches but this one has always helped me as our children are far from God. “Let go and Let God”. You must have some peace in your spirit, pray for that. And never give up. The Lord is merciful and longsuffering. I know that personally!!
      God bless you and your son Margaret!!

    • Dear Margret,

      I deeply simpathisize with your situation and I understand and it is by all means not easy nor will it be easy.
      I will continualy pray not only for your son but for you and your husband. I am reminded that GOD is our father, the true father of each and everyone of us, even more so for your son, as we love our children, GOD loves the childresn even more, cast your burdon upon the lord knowing that he will receive it and ask for wisdom to keep your hearts and guide you into making the right desisions in the times to come. I pray the lord opens your sons eyes and that he shows him the deceptions of this world, and of alcohol and drugs that he might turn to the lord and be free.

    • Such good words, Patrick, and I completely agree with all that you have said. Anyone who has children knows the heartache and fear that arises when they are on shakey ground, especially when there seems no way to help them.
      It is so very very true however, that God is our father, the very best of all fathers, who IS love, and knows exactly what to do.
      There is no better place for our children to be, and for us to be, than in His watchful care.
      I will pray for that, Margaret, that God will keep His watchful eye and His caring hand upon your son, (and as Patrick said, on you and your husband). And that God will show your son the way to His loving open waiting arms of protection.

      Lord, please keep us all in your care as these end times progress and the battle becomes more and more difficult. In Jesus name. Amen

    • Dear Margaret,

      Some people have to hit bottom before they see how much they need help. Trust God. He loves your son more than you do. Praying…

    • Oh Margaret, I too will pray heavily for your situation, I can’t even imagine what that feels like! Bless you and may the Lord give you peace!

    • I am not new to this blog as a reader, but I am new to it as an active participant. Having no home church, I am finding myself right now in need of prayer and support. You seem to be a very cohesive and loving group, and I would appreciate anything you can send my way.

      My dad, who has always been prone to very angry and violent outbursts, decided when he was in his late thirties to join the secret society of freemasonry. He worked his way up the ladder to become a member in good standing with the Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. From what I have read, although I am not certain, when you reach that level of masonry, the Koran replaces the Bible and Allah becomes your god.

      Having served many years as a Shriner, my dad retired from his occupation and his active participation with the Shriners became less and less. Every birthday, and holiday, I would attempt to give him a gift to remind him of Jesus Christ. He always refused my gifts. (When we were young, we went to the Lutheran Church every Sunday and my dad was even a Sunday School teacher.)

      Now, at 80, his health has failed him, and he has completely lost his mind. They have transported him across the state to the state mental hospital. He is on heavy antipsychotics, but his violent, abusive outbursts still continue. He is also obsessed with his private parts and acts out in repulsive and disgusting behaviors.

      I do not know what is happening to him, but I think perhaps he is attempting to fight with the spirits of Islam, the spirits of darkness who have come to collect him. I know that Jesus can appear to people on their deathbeds and conversion can take place before death.

      Even though he was brought up as a Lutheran, but I’m not sure if he was ever saved.

      I had a dream the other night, and in the dream I saw him approaching the gates of hell. I asked the Lord to intervene. Even in spite of the pain and suffering he inflicted on me all my life, I would not hope for him an eternity without Jesus.

      I guess I just needed someone to talk to about it. None of my siblings are believers in Jesus Christ, so we are not on the same wavelength. Thanks ever so much for being there.

    • You are very welcome here, and I will pray for your father. It is so painful to see the ones we love so far from Christ, but as long as there is life, there is hope. Remember, the fervent prayer of a righteous person avails much. Keep praying, and I will join you.

    • I grew up with a friend I met in kindergarten and her father was a shriner also. I think I read they have to be 33 degree mason to be a shriner- anyways her dad had parkinson’s disease and the medication they gave him made him pretty much perverted as well. That’s what they told her anyway. I will pray for him, but you should go pray and lay hands on him, and as it says in the kj version in the book of Mark, you should fast as well. Margaret, I will pray for your son as well.

    • I will pray for you also, same with my family I am the only one who believes. Like I always say it’s lonely at the top! My cousin is a Shriner 32nd degree freemason and is he a mouthy, filthy bugger. I do pray for him and know he needs salvation. Do they even realize how stupid they look with those fez hats? No offense to any person just those silly hats!

    • Sundown Lady (That’s a great name!)

      It does make one wonder if he is oppressed by a demonic spirit/s from his involvement w/the Masonic Order.

      Many Pastors will admit that not all people who sit in the pews on Sunday are saved. Some are only willing to go as far as being religious. Unless we become as little Children – humbled- we will not have what is needed for salvation in a relationship w/the Living God through Christ.

      My parents sent me to a Lutheran School for awhile but they never went to Church. They thought the school looked down on them for that & their response was “They just want more $$”. It was a blessing for me though because that is how I came to Christ. Unfortunately, nothing was reinforced @ home so I eventually wandered off. (For far too long!) But what I learned did keep me in check from doing things that could have really got me far off track.

      Those Masonic orders lead one to believe they can gain secrete knowledge & become “god-like” themselves.

      I will pray for your dad – we just never know how God works in the lives of others- especially when the righteous intercede & lift them up before God’s throne. Trust the Lord that He’s got it under control. I had to do the same w/my dad & let it go into God’s loving hands.

      Right around the time I came back to the Lord is when my dad came down w/Alzheimer’s & didn’t have the opportunity to speak w/him about Christ before his mind went. He just wasn’t the type to bring up spiritual things at all. He believed in God but was not a born again Christian & I was still messed up from the JW stuff I hadn’t gotten built up in knowledge & the faith yet. (Talk about bad timing!)

      I wonder to this day as well but I know the Lord was with us & I prayed like mad for him until he died. I know God heard my prayers & hopefully I’ll see him glorified in Heaven one day.

      The best thing for us is now that you’ve made yourself known we have another sister in Christ to chat with!

    • :-/ Sundown Lady … you and I have sooo much in common concerning our dads, soo much. My dad has always been full of rage, to the point were I think he is literally possessed.. he sounds like an animal, sometimes it sounds funny, mostly it’s scary and makes my heart race out of control. There are many wholes in the walls from his fists. Sometimes I fear for me and my family’s safety. I have tried over the years to tell him that Jesus loves him and that every human needs Him desperately… I would write letters to him telling him how much I love him and he would crumple them up and throw them on the floor. He also told me God sent me to him as a curse. Things are getting worse… I still live with my parents (because of a health condition) and I’m stuck here and it’s hard. It’s especially hard because he will sit out in the open and watch pornography like it’s no big deal. I confronted him about it, and he acts like everything is fine and dandy. There is no shame. I too have the same kind of scary dreams about my dad suffering and be tormented for eternity. I also have the same hopes that Christ would reach him before its too late, even on his deathbed.. my dad’s health is horrible too.

      However, I have my two sisters and my mom, we are all believers and can hold each other up… so, if you even need encouragement, prayer, whatever…. don’t hesitate to email me. I would be happy to be your sister in the Lord and help you in any way that I can. I’ll pray for you like you are my very own 😉 email:

    • Oh another thing about the freemasons, one of my dear friens who attends church nearby told me several of the pastors of that church were freemasons, when I explained to my friend about them she confronted them and one told her “oh we only did that because that is the only way we could get anywhere.” Like it’s no big deal. Bill Snoelben was a 93 degree mason and ex wizard says that when you get to the 32 and 33 degrees they learn who their master really is and that is lucifer. Those pastors cannot have one knee on the throne of God and one on the devils. Most of the men in the lower degrees dont know these things and have no idea what they are getting into.

    • I am glad you have come to this blog, Sundown Lady. There are so many caring people here, and LA is an amazing watchman.
      I have a family of unsaved people who don’t want to hear about Jesus. It is heartwrenching, and frustrating. My mother doesn’t have that much time left, and she hangs up on me if I even mention Jesus name.
      I have concluded that all I can do, which is also the best thing I can do, is to put them all in the hands of the Lord, and pray. When I was saved, I think it was partially because of the nonstop prayers of my Grandmother.

      I will pray for you and for your father.

      The Lord is near. 6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
      Phil 4:5-7

      God bless you and your father, Sundown Lady.

    • Thank you all for welcoming me. You have all said such kind, uplifting, and heartfelt words. As I scroll down the blog, I can sense the presence of God’s anointing. It really is an assembling together of God’s elect…a gathering together of praise and worship to glorify the Lord, of sharing both personal experiences and end times information, in Jesus Name. I don’t know why I waited so long to join in!

    • Sundown Lady, another thing to consider is when people are old, ill and have some sort of pathology I have seen patients swear, and act out in ways they would not ordinarily do. Usually especially when people have alzheimers they will do the things your dad will do, they can get very violent and sexually proccupied. It’s funny you use the name Sundown Lady because after 3pm many elderly patients will exhibit what they call sundowner syndrome and their problems seem to exacerbate at that time,will pray you dad will get a lucid moment from God so you can speak to him about the Lord, remember anything is possible with Him!

    • Yes, I’ve read that about sundowners, but it came on so suddenly, it surprised me…and I needed to process. I have taken great encouragement and comfort from the words you have all spoken. I realize now, it is okay and it is necessary for me to let go and let God…prayer is the answer now, as he is 500 miles away.

      The name, Sundown Lady, because I am a Lady, and sundown marks the end of one day and the beginning of the next, according to God’s time: Genesis 1:5b – “And the evening and the morning were the first day.”

      And right now, we are a hair’s breadth away from the end of the age and about to enter into the beginning of the most AWESOME DAY — exceedingly, abundantly above what we can possibly think or imagine — of the rest of all time and eternity.
      Shout Hallelujah!

    • Dear Sundown lady,

      In my work I study the dementing illnesses, and the behavior of your dad might well be due to both the pathology of his dementia and unfortunately the combination of medications he is on! Even a minor change in blood oxygen due to a cold can change the mental status of someone who has one of these aging disorders. Kind of starving the engine of fuel by clamping the hose.
      However this does not mean that your dad does not have lucid moments. We will pray that God will use those times and your witness! Lord bless you and your dad.

    • Sundown Lady,
      I love how you explained your name, how beautiful!
      That we are at the one age “and about to enter into the beginning of the most AWESOME DAY”

      Awesome indeed!

    • Hi Margaret~
      One of my sisters has a son in the same condition. My nephew is a believer (unsure about your son) but he has succumbed to the pull of laziness and addiction. Here are strongholds that must be torn down. (see—> 2Corinthians 10:4) God needs us BROKEN and humbled before He can complete His work in us. (see—> Psalms 51:17) I have no doubt that your heart aches for your son and that fear of further abuse intensifies that. As difficult as this is to do (and I have prayed with and counseled my sister many times) you must rely on God alone through this, you must entrust your son into His care. You know the Scripture about pearls before swine? Well, believe it or not I discovered a gem in that analogy and felt led to share it with my sis– she finally was able to truly let go and let God. And now I share it with you in the hope that you too will find consolation. Please go to and see what the Holy Spirit would show you. Do keep me posted on the situation and feel free to ask L.A. for my email if you’d like to talk. He is with you sister.
      In Christ,

    • My parents and I were never close but when I developed a severe drug dependency due to pain medication addiction for an unruptured aneurism I have, they actually moved away in embarassment. When I recovered thanks BE TO GOD!! I forgave them however I never forgot this nor did the rest of my siblings and relatives who still live here. Addiction is a monster and if it was a man I would break him in half. I can only urge that you stay in contact dear sister. This is your blood and we are ever to forgive. I walked on his side of the highway and please believe me when I say he is in far greater torment than he is causing to others. I will pray for both of you with all my heart. Urge him into a treatment facility, I was able to get free care all they gave me where sleeping meds but that helped greatly. It is such a devastation drug abuse and no one welcomes it, unfortunately ours is the road of temptation. Praise God one day we shall see the tempter thrust in chains!

  4. We are surrounded by celestial beings and our eyes have not been opened to see them all. It has come the time though that many of them are being allowed to make an appearance. Here is an example from scripture.

    Nu 22:31 Then the LORD opened the eyes of Balaam, and he saw the angel of the LORD standing in the way, and his sword drawn in his hand: and he bowed down his head, and fell flat on his face.
    Nu 22:32 And the angel of the LORD said unto him, Wherefore hast thou smitten thine ass these three times? behold, I went out to withstand thee, because thy way is perverse before me:
    Nu 22:33 And the ass saw me, and turned from me these three times: unless she had turned from me, surely now also I had slain thee, and saved her alive.

    One cannot prove God or anything from His Word to ones that have not His Spirit.. When one has His Spirit in them then that Word is far more than print on paper. Then is when the partaker of that Word can know with surity that HE is who He says He is and that His Word is Truth.

    This unbelievers can and will not ever know.

    I suppose the question then is, why are so many now seeing all these entities and strange crafts and critters. I am of the opinion it is because the whole world now is just pretty much taken over by the evil ones of the underworld and evil men that run in cohort with them.

    I do not believe they can harm in no way anyone whom Christ is dwelling within. They can see His Presence and cannot touch you. He is Greater than they and know He will protect and keep His beloved ones.

    We must make sure of that indwelling and surrender all and obtain Him within. He is our Saviour in more ways than one.

    E. Gibbs

    • Dear SundownLady~
      Interesting article. To me though the green movement goals are no surprize; while in my first two years of college I learned about “deep ecology” and was also required to read books called “The Aquarian Conspiracy”, “The Tao Of Physics”, “Order Out Of Chaos”, “Man and His Symbols”, “Pedagogy Of the Oppressed” etc etc. In fact a whole slew of globalist agenda literature! Yes, the globalists have been hiding in plain sight for a long time, tipping their hand here and there as needed. But today it’s pretty much an in-our-faces proclamation. Remember that old saying about the “Ma Bell” corporation “We don’t care because we don’t have to”? Well, that about sums it up for the globalist Luciferians. Btw, your story about your dad really prompted me to additional research on secret societies, FM, and civic, fraternal organizations. That the Koran has a connection to FM lodges really took me by surprize! You and your dad are in my prayers. Yahweh is with you sister.

    • Hi Joe~
      Strange stuff. I first became aware of these gigantic ghost towns last night. Pretty much that ‘WOW!’ is the word. First of all how do “we” know that these places are indeed built solely by the Chinese? Secondly are there multiple sites globally? If yes to that then maybe, just maybe, we would have an answer as to who AND why. But from an initial surface logic it would seem these ghost towns have been erected to accommodate a population post some world-shattering event. Surmising and imagination rule the day until a flat-out declaration is made.

    • Ya thats what I think as well Laura. I am sure the illuminatti satanist puppets have many different versions of fema camps under many different guises, in many different cultures.

    • Yikes! This caught my attention on Stan Deyo’s site today. … whatever it is, it sure is unsettling. Maybe they’re expecting… visitors…? 😮

    • Oh! Sorry… I was just referring to the Ghost Cities article thingy… how it caught my attention when I was rummaging through Stan Deyo’s site today. That’s all. (I knew it would pop up around here too) 🙂 It probably is most certainly for the elites. I have just never seen a full city built before with no inhabitants.. super creepy looking.

  5. Great post L.A.! Thank you for continuing to sound the alarm as it continues to get increasingly unpopular to do so for all of us. Jesus is Coming soon. I, like you, can discern the time in which we live. The prophetic Word is being fulfilled at an alarming rate. It is very difficult to keep up with it all frankly.

    Kevin J.

  6. Sometimes I Go to the mall and sit and pray, I see all the people pass by. I see a new generation marked with evil! Teens, Boys and Girls skimpy dressed covered in tatts, ears noses brows lips pierced with silver inserts. And the Lord says: These are the walking dead, A Lost blind generation. I sense His Grief for them all as I sit.

    This is the reality of where our young people are & it is on the increase. This is where the age of evolutionary enlightenment has brought us, into a darkness where oneself no longer has value & self respect.

    I ask our lord To keep you Margaret and that He be merciful to your boy. victory in Jesus Amen.

    John b

    • John B: And the really sad thing is that you can go into the “churches” and even though the young people there are not dressed (sometimes almost) as you described and do not have all the silver inserts; they are still totally ignorant of who our God really is–they are following what is currently “acceptable” behaviour and practices. It breaks my heart. I pray for my own grandchildren who are ages 14 to 30 because even though they were raised in church and were taught and even made professions of faith, most have wandered far away (I put a lot of blame on the influence of ungodly high school teachers!) There are only 3 of the 8 that I feel may still be fairly close to the Lord, but not being their judge, I don’t know if “close” is close enough! I guess I can only keep praying for them.

      Margaret: Your son will be one more name on my prayer list–at least my family has not had to deal with that kind of problem and I can only imagine the pain it brings you. God bless you and comfort you.

      Sundown Lady: Also praying for your situation.


    • Hi: Thought I’d better explain something here. I hope you understand I am not talking about all churched young people; nor am I talking about all high school teachers. I know there are some God-fearing teachers still in our shcools and some really wonderful young people–I was just speaking from some personal experiences.


  7. California witness thought UFOs were an ‘invasion’

    by Roger Marsh

    A California witness reports observing a dozen white-orange UFOs described as 100 feet wide and 300 feet tall on November 27, 2010, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. “She thought it was an invasion,” the MUFON field investigator stated, who submitted the report for the witness on February 2, 2011.

    The witness described the shape of the objects.

    “Each craft was surrounded on the periphery with 30 to 50 flickering white-orange lights, which outlined the shape of the craft,” according to the witness. “The shape of each craft reminded her of an upside-down coffee-mug.”

    The silent objects moved in formation, then stopped and hovered.

    “The craft moved in a formation pattern slowly circling, and some of them moved down towards a water pond nearby, while the rest remained in formation. She doesn’t know if any landed or not. There was a flash of white light, and the craft were then motionless, and just hovered. The craft were completely silent, no sound at all.” cont…

  8. Dear Sundown Lady:

    I will be praying for you and your father. Praise you Lord, praise you, you are the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father and you are the true Father…We ask today that you touch this man with your spirit Lord and bring him to salvation before his time on earth comes to an end. You paid the price for this person and your desire for him is to receive you and love you and live with you forever. I believe you can and will help him even in a second of time to see you and understand who you are and receive you before he leaves this earth. The dream you gave his daughter was a warning to pray and we lift him to you now Lord for your mercy’s sake and ask that you do above all that we can ask and think in Jesus name to bring him to salvation and to heaven with you. Thank you Lord, thank you. And we ask for the power of prayer to be upon Sundown Lady for her father until his passing and a peace for her at the same time, knowing that you have all things under control. Thank you Lord for your awesome faithfulness to us. We love you Lord, we love you. Amen!

    • Praise the Lord. Thank you, Lisa, I agree with the words of Life that you have prayed and I release my faith with yours that they will come to pass, In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

      And thanks to all who are praying for Margaret’s son and my dad and agreeing that God is able to do what He said He would do. Amen. So Be It.

  9. Amen and Amen. This blog is indeed a powerful voice unto the Lord. I assure you Margaret, Sundown Lady and all that we are all praying daily for this voice and all who attend it. Praise God and lift them up in prayer. Randy

  10. Tonite at B&N there was a book signing and discussion with a psychic and tarot card reader. I walked by several times (mall walking) and I prayed for them, and asked God to disrupt or if He wanted, I could cast things out. Nothing happened. I didn’t go talk to them, and I didn’t do any thing beyond pray for them, which is a start. I was not in a situation where. Icould do much, and I know if I had gone to disrupt them and preach the gospel, i’d have been thrown out. As it was the security dude gave me several dirty looks.

    Why didn’t I go over ? Would people have repented? Or would they have just said “there’s another insensitive Christian.”? Can u pray that God will make me more bold in preaching His word?

    Also, dori since your another minnesotan, can u join me in praying for a local channeler/psychic? We can email him too, and I’m thinking bout it, but I think it might go better if he dealt with someone who had a similar background. I was gonna link him to your testimony, lynn dickie’s and gaz parkers. Beyond that, I have no idea how to proceed.

    Here’s his site

    • I had an interesting run in w/a tarot card reader situation once but a little different atmosphere.

      We were walking by a guy on a downtown street who had been setting up a table for readings. Of course that situation was instantly on my “radar” & we passed by & went out to dinner.

      Later in the evening we were passing him again & I noticed he had a few people in line this time. There was a young lady getting a reading done & I thought to myself that I should give her a tract (which I always have on hand).

      Being the 1/2 of chicken that I am……I sent my eldest daughter (so cute who could refuse?) back down the street to give her the tract. My unbelieving friend then followed her not knowing what I had sent her to do.

      It ends up that she doesn’t give the tract to the lady “I” thought was supposed to have it but rather the lady waiting in line. After she quickly took at look at the tract she literally came running up the street to my daughter & told her (and my unbelieving friend) that she was having a hard time & had prayed to God. She knew this had been the answer to her prayer & she was not going to the Tarot card reader anymore.

      At first I was a little irritated w/my daughter for not following my specific instructions- which sure ended up teaching me a lesson after I understood what had transpired.

      Even my unbelieving friend was surprised but she’s still not saved even though she witnessed the Holy Spirit in action.

      Sometimes we don’t always read the unction of the Spirit correctly but The Lord can remedy our mistakes. We just have to step out in faith (which to me looks like a man eating cliff.) & see what He does. Just remember that most of the time we don’t get to see the results that quickly if at all.

      B&N would really be tough. I’m sure your prayers had more of an effect on that situation than you realize & that may be exactly what the Lord wanted you to do.

    • Your prayers may not have had an effect in the physical world that you could notice, but I’m sure the enemy took notice and the spirits that were there to attach to people were hindered in their work. You must be very careful and discerning in these instances. It is still a free country and to disrupt a legal gathering like that would be wrong even though you know it is evil. Prayer is your best option in those circumstances. You may want to keep an eye out for individuals to whom the Holy Spirit may send you to give them the Christian perspective and the Gospel.
      Or, you may want to consider having a Christian come in and present a different view. The store is obligated to present both sides or it is being discriminatory.
      Most people seek the occult because they believe the church has failed them. Be ready to show them that there are Christians who have answers to occult phenomena. They will listen to you when they perceive that you’re not there to judge them.

    • Frank,
      I want you to consider how Paul behaved when he talked to the people on Mars Hill in Acts 17. When he saw all the statues of false gods and it upset him, he went to the synagogue and the public square and had discussions with anyone who wanted to talk to him. Some of the leading thinkers of the time caught wind of what he was saying and invited him to speak on Mars Hill, a prestigious place where new ideas where heard, and he explained who Jesus was and why he was so important. Some laughed at him, and some believed and were converted.
      Notice what Paul didn’t do: he didn’t go screaming through the city rebuking every idol he saw. He didn’t try to pull them down himself, nor did he treat those who believed and revered them with disrespect.
      He battled in the spiritual realm, and in the realm of ideas. Too often Christians act like vandals and disgust people with our rudeness and disrespect.
      Remember, the Holy Spirit is always at work. Step back and look for where He is working, and join Him in His work. Then, you will know you are doing the right thing and your words and actions won’t be in vain.
      Places like Barnes and Noble, Borders, Books’A’Million, and others are our modern Mars Hill. Always be ready to give a reason and explanation for your faith and help with supernatural problems, but be highly respectful of those who do not hold to your belief system. It will be a sign to them that your beliefs are very strong – you don’t need to force them on anyone because they stand on their own merit.
      God bless you. Malls are fertile ground for evangelism.

    • Wise word rose. Thank u very much.

      I think that as I was praying, and shortly after, the enemy must have sent those feelings of guilt and inadequecy. After, all, the prayers may have disrupted his work. Chuck missler has a very appropriate (for me today, thanks God!) Piece on hearken the watchmen.

      Also, can all pray for me, and then for blossom goodchild and here blog readers? I sent a link their way, and want God to move and chg hearts and minds and glorify His son


  11. Margaret, I have been where you are and will join in praying for your son. I know God is able to answer your prayers! Never give up! Please read Psalm 40 and insert your son’s name in when reading it through. God gave me that Psalm to pray over my son and it has been such a comfort.
    In August of last year I had a similar situation and asked everyone here to pray. My son, Jason, was doing drugs and was in a bad environment. He is doing much better now and although there are still areas he must surrender to the Lord, I know he is on the road back to Truth and healing! I thank you all for your prayers and ask that you continue to lift him before the Lord for complete deliverance.
    Lady Sundown, I am praying for your father, as well. My dad is also 80 and was a Mason. He is a believer and has not participated in Masonic meetings, etc. for over 25 years now, but still does not like to hear anything about the shortcomings of the lodge. He claims it was all in fun and for a worthy cause (as the Shriners are so active in helping crippled children and burn victims). Anyhow, I truly believe there is NO ONE beyond the reach of God! We never can know every thought that passes through someone’s mind in any period of time. If the Lord can make himself known to Moslems around the world in their own homes, then He certainly can touch the mind and heart of your dad in a hospital room! Ladies, I will unite my faith with yours and praise God for the answer to our prayers! God bless you both.

    • Patrick, thanks for passing along that link. It’s a treasure trove of information. We home school and this is a great tool! 🙂

  12. Cheryl, I am happy you found some material for home schooling, really! it is not always as easy as it looks to find material amongst the endless amount of webpages on the internet, happy teaching!

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