Weekend Wrap Up – UFO over Jerusalem – Egypt and the coming Caliphate

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L. A. Marzulli

I ran into an old friend that I hadn’t seen for a few years and we spent a few minutes catching up. I asked her what she thought of what was happening in Egypt and got, the deer caught in the headlights look. Then I asked if she had heard about the UFO over the Temple Mount… that’s when she started to look nervous. I wish I had those antennae that My Favorite Martian had on the television series of the same name. You know, they just come up from behind your head… that would have freaked her out and she would have run screaming through the parking lot of Howe’s market!

OK, I apologize for thinking things like that, but here’s the rub, there are so many people living in blissful ignorance of what is happening over there! If the UFO footage over the Temple Mount is not a hoax, how does that change your world view? If the footage is real, then we know that something is manifesting in our skies and does so with impunity. Time to wake up and at least address the issue.

As most of you know, Egypt is seething and we see the hatred of USA and Israel in some of the footage that has come from over there. That doesn’t mean that every Egyptian is anti-American and wants to see Israel dismantled, but it should be an eye-opener that there is great discontent, in the land of the Pharaohs.

What concerns me is that the people in Yemen, Jordan, Tunisia, are also demonstrating. While some are saying that this will lead to a democracy in Egypt, I couldn’t disagree more. I believe what we will see is some sort of Islamic republic where Sharia law is the embraced. The Moslem world wants a Caliphate. This is all they know, as there is no mention of democracy, or that all men are created equal, or that they have certain inalienable rights, because Islam doesn’t have any of these concepts within its text, which were the springboard for the democratic government that we have in this country. Please remember that there is little infrastructure, poor education, few hospitals, little or no industry, and, in short, most people live below the poverty line.

The dissatisfaction of the Middle Eastern peoples is creating a vacuum, but herein lies the problem, as to what ideology will fill that vacuum.  I believe it will be Sharia law, that will rule the day as it’s all they know, all they can fall back on, and they have the Moslem Brotherhood that is waiting in the wings to implement it. When the dust clears and a semblance of normalcy returns, Israel will then be the focus. The cry will be to eliminate Israel, to wipe it off the map. I realize that this is an unpopular message, however, I firmly believe that this is where we are headed, as the Brotherhood, has made it plain what it wants, as this is what it creed states: ‘God is our objective; the Koran is our law; the Prophet is our leader; jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.’”

They can’t make it any plainer than that….


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143 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up – UFO over Jerusalem – Egypt and the coming Caliphate

  1. By the way MSNBC did mention the UFO over Temple Mount with video but very brief.

    Had a lot of time to watch the news of Egypt since this thing broke out and I hate our news channels.Always a spin and not the whole story.
    Not to mention the only journalist that has a true understanding of what is going on is Glen Beck a Mormon(which I believe is a Satanic Church in disguise). The way he comes off pushes the majority of Americans away. Kinda think that is the plan.

    • Not to mention Rachel Maddow made so much fun of him about thinking that Islam wants a Caliphate it discredited him.

      Here’s the link to the youtube video of last nights show.Check it out.

    • So do I.
      The Vid I posted was Maddow discrediting him.

      Very frustrating to watch the mainstream media make a joke out of what is truly clear concise information explaining what is truly happening all around us everyday.

      Just wanted to show what those of us who believe are up against.

    • Maaaaan, I am soooo praying for Mr. Glenn Beck… he makes me really sad because he IS right on about a whole lot of stuff, except for the most important thing, and that is Jesus being the King of kings. :-/ I haven’t read his latest book except for some excerpts, and it’s New Agey. I pray that he gets revelation of Jesus and quick… I pray that he gets revelation that Jesus Christ is the only solution to ALL of this.

      Oh my gosh! That reminds me… I watched a documentary on Mormonism on TBN… a Christian guy compassionately confronts a Mormon man with the Bible and the Bible according to Joseph Smith… most amazing thing I’ve seen in awhile, very moving. The Christian guy is so gentle as he basically peels off the layers of this Mormons strong belief in the lies… I cried. :-/

      Anyways… pray for Glenn. 🙂 I actually wrote to him once referring him to your blogs, L.A. … :-O I was hoping he would take a gander at it to really get the WHOLE PICTURE… then there probably really would be “blood shooting out of his eyes” (as he says). If he can’t take all of what’s going on naturally, how would he be able to handle the UFO craziness? I’m rambling… (sigh)

    • Kimberly, I soo agree with you! Mr.Beck says he is a christian but if you read his new book he clearly is preaching another Jesus. I honestly believe he is put there for a reason. You don’t get that high up in the eschalon unless you have some big agenda. He makes 50 million a year from Rupert Murdoch who owns Fox news. And Mr. Murdoch holds the copyright to the satanic bible,Rick Warren is his pastor, and also sends the most pornographic magazines around the world. I used to watch Glenn Beck, but I also feel he speaks alot of truth he is someone to be very cautious of. I do pray for him because he is lost and really needs it.

    • I also agree and think he is there for a purpose. He has stirred a lot of people to open up their eyeballs and look around and see that everything isn’t peachy.. but it really concerns me when he opens people up to that fact that they are in need of God, and then he fills it up with fluff. I don’t doubt though that Jesus sees those who are truly searching for Him and fills them up with Him rather than fluff. 🙂

      I used to watch him everyday, and then I just stopped while not even realizing it (a nudge from the Shepherd to steer me the other way, perhaps?). I think when he starts talking about God it grieves me, so I only pay attention here and there and hope and pray for the best for him and his listeners/watchers. In these times, there is no room for deception.

    • Brian Meltzer’s Decoded show on History Channel ie. the Propaganda Channel
      is dealing with this subject this week.
      Let’s see if he get’s it right this time. The statue of Liberty investigation gave a lot of info on the Satanic symbolism but then discredited the people who believed there was a connection.

  2. You hit the nail on the head LA. People are obliviuos to their surroundings and they just as soon “NOT” talk about UFO’s, the prophets, prophecy, the olivet discourse or the book of revelations or even address whats going. Heaven forbid those christians may actually be right. Most people dont want to believe in God or Jesus. They just want to go on being the master of their domains. They want only to be “lovers of themselves.”

    Sure the leaders or these countries are barbaric dictators but they failed to due what Saddam efficiently did and thats feed the people. I’ve been talking about fasting more and more for two reasons, one two get closer to God and two to prepare myself for the possiblity of food shortages. Food shortages are coming make no mistake about it. I wish I truly had the necessary means to really prepare like I need to but I dont so I have to my trust in God. Just look at the headlines people its world wide and it will make its way to america. I think this summer. You dont have to be an economist to know that this years weather patterns have devastated world crop productions on every continent.

    1. Catastropic draught in the Amazon
    2. Fed Chief Ben Bernanke Denies US Policy Behind Record Global Food Prices
    3. 10 Ways Weather is Wreaking Havoc on the Global Economy
    4. How Banks and Investors are Starving the Third World
    5. Roaring Food Prices Menace Political and Economic Stability
    6. World Food Prices Reach New Record
    7. ‘Disastrous’ Harvest For Sugar Beet Farmers
    8. How The Crisis In North Africa Could Make The Global Food Situation Even Worse
    9. Severe Drought Threatens Millions in Somalia
    10. World Food Prices at Fresh High, Says FAO
    11. Record level of Americans are on food stamps; 43 million
    12. North Korea facing one their worst draugts in history

    We are not WALKING towards PSALM 83; EZEKIEL 38 or any other predicted bible prophecies. We are RUNNING! We could very easily in my opinion see the Lords return in months. Not years!

    Bill Salus has a GREAT! article on whats happening in the middle east that he published yesterday. It’s called “Jordan to Soon Sever Ties with Israel!” You can read it at:

    Bill wraps up his article with the follwoing statement, “Suffice it to say, Israel is outnumbered, outmanned, outgunned, and needs divine empowerment when it comes time to face off with the Psalm 83 confederacy.”

    Isnt that summary relating to all of us really. “Without divine empowerment” were nothing. We need to be prayer because we will all soon be in a situation where our environment will be out of our control and we will have to rely on our faith in God.

    Marnatha Father, Maranatha Father, Maranatha Father, Maranatha Father, Maranatha Father

  3. I tell you, if someone doesn’t jump on this UFO/Jerusalem thing and not seize the opportunity to make a full-length documentary on it, they’re missing a great moment.
    Go to Israel, track down the participants and interview them. Reconstruct the scene from the various angles. Search for other witnesses.
    This is big, folks.

    • LA would do it Lynne it just takes money. I’m guessing $10,000 to $15,000. I would love to see someone put the money up for LA and a camera man to go. Lets see if we can make it happen.

    • Not that expensive, if you know how to shoot on the cheap. Round-trip tickets to Israel are about a grand. Find a hotel there to stay in for $30 a night. Rent a car for, I dunno, $30 a day? Be there for five days. Find a local cameraman to shoot (or shoot it yourself, which seems to be acceptable these days). I bet it could be done, with some of the research done stateside (the Mississippi woman’s group tour may already be back home), for $3000. LA, ready to pack your bags??? Do the research and then tell us when you’re ready to go.

    • Lynne – my partner Richard Shaw is the cameraman and editor. We are a team. I would be willing to go, but Richard and I can’t bank roll that…. L.A.

    • Lynne your forgetting editing and production costs. I still think your looking at $8 to $10k minimally. I would guess this would be atleast a 7 day investigation.

    • LA I know Richard Shaw is your partner I was just kidding but I do hope that an blogger will read this and post the $10,000 needced to send you and Richard.

      Bloggers who have that kind of money need to think about the impact that video could have in saving christian souls when the deception gets bigger. Whats $10,000 for Kingdom of God? Whats a soul worth. Who’s money is it anyways?

      What you are doing is all about warning to the elect NOT to be deceived. This video could be used through out media circuits. You two are also proven at producing high quality videos. So there is no risk.

      I really hope someone comes forward with the $10,000.

    • Well, maybe the whole cadre of readers here might be willing to. Probably 100 regulars. If everyone coughed up $100 you’d have your $10k. That would be an awfully small investment for what could prove to be a popular video. You could put out feelers and see if 100 folks would be willing…and then, based on your research, give us either a go-ahead or a no-go.

    • And if it turns out to be a hoax then what? Not only are you out 1000s of dollars, you will look like a fool and lose your creditability. Of course no risk no gain; however, I wouldn’t stick my neck out that far on a few internet videos.
      Who can forget the Bigfoot hoax a few years ago, lots of people including some reputable news agencies ate some crow on that one. Have to admit it looked real didn’t it? Well, it wasn’t. And all these so called Bigfoot experts looked like fools, and lost any creditability they may have had in cryptozoology.

    • I don’t mean to sound negative, I just would be careful on this one, the jury is still out. I’m just saying similar videos have been revealed as hoaxes. On this one I have heard everything from brightness and contrast as problematic, and that the “bouncing” of the UFO shows the film maker had trouble inserting it into the clip. Israel also has some high tech individuals that can pull this off without a hitch. In the American tourist clip that’s currently making the rounds, it sounds to me like the people in the background are reading from a script…sounds like prepared words. The clip is poking fun at the stereotype that suggests that UFOs are only seen by isolated rural Americans in places like Mississippi. Most experts agree that the view of Jerusalem in this clip is clearly a photo or internet image.

    • Tell you what I would do Matt, Go to Jerusalem In the Jewish thicket and preach Jesus there. They would also bury me there. know what I mean!
      Your sense of reservation I share, although The information collected from such a venture would be valid one way or another.


    • With all these hoaxes going on , in what seems to be an alarming rate, I have to ponder what other so called UFO sightings which were once considered solid proof are now suspect. I believe 99% % are either a hoax or can be explained away, it’s the other 1% I am concerned with.
      Until a mile long ship passes above my head I will remain skepital, however, if I am unlucky enough to have that happen to me, let’s hope I have something better then a Polaroid instamatic camera and a Radio Shack Walkie-talkie on me, which is usually the case in these UFO sightings.

    • I would be more concerned to recognize the signs of the times and so on. Signs in the sky like eclipses and stuff and remembering the right verses that go along with that. I am really bored looking at this “small potatoes” videos. We all know they wont manifest down here till they get kicked out of 2nd heaven. This can take awhile if I combine the biblical clues with the occult info. Lately there are a lot of occult clues in music videos believe it or not – I don`t watch them anymore but a friend of mine alerted me to one video. It was a rap video of Ludacris and to make a long story short, he had a sort of a clock for lack of a better terms which counted years. It came to 2011, then for some reason “jumped” over 2012 and stopped at 2013. But I understood it more like that will be the year that the AC shows his true colors. These “things” can manifest sooner. Like you said Matt “Until a mile long ship passes above my head I will remain skeptical”.

    • I found the video I was talking about. The title is Ludacris – Money maker. Now that looked at the stop watch closely when it shows 2013, you can see the lower part of number 2 that moves up when 3 comes into place, so I guess they are referring to 21.12.2012… anyway the video is trash if you know what I mean, but it`s a type of a video that ends up on vigilant citizen site.

    • Hey Bozz, I’m impressed you made it through a Ludacris video more then anything else. That’s a miracle in itself.

    • The reality of ones faith is grounded firmly upon a knowledge of God. “Jesus Knew the Father”
      People who Fall away lack this knowledge. This is an empty faith which is no Faith at all. The reason that there are such deceit in The realm of Christianity Is this lack of Knowledge.

      I have my part to play in The calling of God, It is called “HUMILITY” He keeps the humble those of contriteness of heart. I do not add to Grace, I apply It!

      In that context the elect (saints) cannot be deceived. It is impossible.

      John b

    • I haven’t read it yet but since the swear word “Christian Zionists” was used I’m already suspicious. It’s equal to “Christian Fundamentalist”.

      Once those terms pop up it means there is already an agenda going on.

    • Bozz at first I had disagreements with Ivar about fallen angels and the book of Enoch. He has since added three new editors one to address the alien deception and the signs in the sky. I find his articles to be very informative. He’s a tough blogger he bows down to nothing. In fact he’s agreessive about the word of God. I read his articles daily. I’m not quite sure where he gets all his information but he is very informative about all forms of deception especially the Vatican. I used to not recommend him when he was not open to the fallen angel theory but now I recommend “NewsthatMatters” to everyone.

  4. The more I read “exagerated non-sense hypothesis’s”, the more I just want to get a t-shirt made and wear it every day that says “John 14:6” Theirs Only on Way to Heaven!

    Read this CRAP! from Dr. Boylan which is a summary from last nights Coast to Coast show

    Star Visitors:

    Appearing in the second hour, anthropologist specializing in Star Cultures, and certified clinical hypnotherapist, Dr. Richard Boylan shared updates on ET visitors and ‘star children.’ According to his information, a powerful ruling cabal plans to conduct a fake alien invasion, to divert attention away from their oppressive tactics. The recent UFO sighting in Jerusalem is an example of this, he added. Humans were bio-engineered by ETs 275,000 years ago, and they continue to upgrade human genetics, with some 96% of grade school children being “star seeds” or “star children,” he cited. There are some 1,483 separate alien races who have visited Earth, including two groups that reside here– the Tall Whites in Nevada, and the ‘Zombie People’ who came from Barnard’s star, and now live above the Arctic Circle, he claimed.

    Could there be 1,483 different forms of fallen angels possibly. Could their be a fake alien invasion? Yes But ET enigneered humans 275,000 years ago. Really This is L Ron Hubbard non sense! Absolutely Ridiculous Crap!

    • That info does stink to high heavens ^^^

      .. 96% of grade school children being “star seeds” or “star children,” Spare me!

      ..the Tall Whites in Nevada, and the ‘Zombie People’ – Yeah sure! lol!!!

      Now what has been on my mind is what do you think
      “LYING WONDERS” means? Could it mean a fake ET invasion such as a holographic type of event or just that the ET invasion comes w/the lie that they (fallen ones) evolved on other planets & our creators/saviors from disaster?

      ..The coming of the lawless one is according to the workings of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders,…

    • Hi LNL~
      I’ve often wondered about this one… glad you brought it up. The Scriptural context with these warnings centers on “the coming of the lawless one”, so Jesus’ statement is definitely not generalized. In studying the text I’m getting the idea that “lying wonders” is just a summation of what the lawless one’s “power and signs” really are: lying wonders. Since confusion and chaos are wrapped up in the ‘coming’ (G3952parousia=advent) of the AC I’m guessing that as believers we just need to recognize the entire UFO phenomenon…in ALL it’s manifestations…for what it is: lying wonders. Probably best we don’t over-analyze the specifics (I kept doing that and all I got was more confused and a nasty headache!) God’s blessings and peace to you.
      In Christ,

    • & think about these verses also:
      Dan 11:39 He will attack the mightiest fortresses with the help of a foreign god and will greatly honor those who acknowledge him. He will make them rulers over many people and will distribute the land at a price.[d]

      Dan 2:43 And just as you saw the iron mixed with baked clay, so the people will be a mixture (‘they’ shall mingle themselves with the seed of men) and will not remain united, any more than iron mixes with clay.

      44 “In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people.

      These kings are mingled and he receives help from a foreign [From H5234; foreign, or (concretely) a foreigner, or (abstractly) heathendom: – alien, strange (+ -er).]
      god. Sounds like some kind of disclosure event to me.

    • Crappe is right. 1483 races here. They must all come from hives then. Or are clones of each other.
      As I have said a couple of times, not one individual has ever broken ranks to openly show themselves with real information from the home worlds.
      Now THAT is tight control! Even better than the Nazis. Sound like a great place to be from. heh.

      This guy Boylan is baloney through and through.

    • A “panopticon society” is what we have become. Now go on a keyword quest and see whatcha come up with!

    • Thanks Moment, wow I never even heard of that word, a google search comes up with over 150,000 hits, how true that word does fit!

  5. A few days ago someone on this blog mentioned that when AMBASSADORS are being called in, well, that’s a serious clue to what’s coming down the pike. Hillary Clinton did just this on Monday January 31, 2011. In fact it was the first of its kind as all 260 US embassies were brought on board. And the envoys in what are deemed the “front line” states are/were being spoken with privately. Any updates etc on this happening?

  6. Ronald Reagan cared more about UFOs than AIDS

    Onlookers watch as almost 1,500 quilt panels bearing the names of New York area residents who have died of AIDS are unfolded on the Great Lawn in New York’s Central Park Saturday, June 25, 1988.

    Ronald Reagan claimed to have seen UFOs on at least two occasions, according to reports from sources as disparate as the Wall Street Journal, Lucille Ball and the National Enquirer. He alerted the Navy to one of his sightings, and he and Nancy believed that Egyptian hieroglyphics referenced extraterrestrial flying crafts.

    In 1985, at the first summit meeting between Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, Reagan surprised the Soviet premier with this odd line of questioning:

    “From the fireside house, President Reagan suddenly said to me, ‘What would you do if the United States were suddenly attacked by someone from outer space? Would you help us?’

    “I said, ‘No doubt about it.'”

    “He said, ‘We too.'”

    “So that’s interesting,” Gorbachev said to much laughter.

    That hypothetical space invaders scenario — a sort of “this island Earth” fantasy that sounds profound to either the screenwriter of a 1950s B picture or a very high college freshman — was so compelling to Reagan that he repeated it in public speeches, on multiple occasions, while president.

  7. If aliens exist, I’m disappointed in them


    Sunday, 16 January 2011 19:00
    Aliens have come up in conversation lately. Maybe it has something to do with them getting their own weekly show on The History Channel. I guess they got tired of the tabloids. For several months, it seemed our only television options were aliens, hoarders or Lindsey Lohan frequenting bars, rehab centers and jails.

    On the show “Ancient Aliens,” alien experts — I don’t know what other title to give them — argue that aliens exist based on historical documents and accounts. Producers picked a great day to debut the show — April 20, which is also Hitler’s birthday and the date of the Columbine High School shooting. Anyway, they claim Earth was frequented by little green men who shared tips for the construction of the pyramids, statues on Easter Island, Stonehenge and the Nazca Lines. They also believe aliens gave tools to various cultures for technological advancement. The show’s premise is that aliens gave us the basis for religion and culture. So, Jesus, Elvis and McDonald’s must have arrived via UFO.

    Before we delve into the show, let’s talk about aliens. I’ve been looking through telescopes since I was a toddler. My dad’s old Celestron telescope was the source of hours of entertainment when I was growing up. Dad took fantastic photos of the rings of Saturn, comets, craters of the moon and other planets. Every August, we’d watch a meteor shower.

    I never once saw anything that looked remotely like a spaceship, but I met others who claimed they caught a glimpse of something strange. Sometimes I wondered if it was just their reflection in the mirror. My dad worked as a photographer for years, and frequently people brought him unexplained photos. One time a woman brought my dad a picture of something she was convinced was a UFO. Dad took one look at the photo and told her that it was just overexposed street lights. She left disappointed. After she was out the door, Mom said the woman was crazy and noted that her watch, instead of having a metal or leather band, was taped to her wrist. Most alien-existence supporters seem to be the type who utilize Scotch tape. Not all, but most.

    If aliens do exist, I have to admit that I’m a little disappointed in them. Beings who have the ability for intergalactic travel gave earthlings only a few tools and tips to move rocks. Seriously. That’s it? What about a spaceship ride? How about some electricity? Why not tell a few civilizations that human sacrifice wasn’t necessary? Some advice on agriculture? Cures for illnesses? How about populating other planets? Why not tell earthlings that Earth was a sphere and not a pancake? We didn’t seem to figure that out until 1492. Maybe my expectations are too high.

    Sure, I’m curious about some remnants from our past. Take Stonehenge — the ancient, megalithic circle in England. How did people move those four-ton rocks over 200 miles and strategically arrange them? Alien aficionados would say the site served an astronomical purpose , possibly acting as a landing site for spaceships. I would have been incredibly disappointed if I were a person who existed at the time of Stonehenge’s construction and aliens came, but they only came to help move rocks.

    Some alien experts argue that ancients wrote about their visits with extraterrestrials. In a Chinese text, there is a story of a leader who came to earth on a yellow dragon. Alien experts believe the dragon is a metaphor for spaceship. If a leader came to earth on a dragon, I would hope that artists and writers would more specifically describe or depict the event. Also, a leader arriving on a dragon would have been a big deal and would appear in more than one text or picture. Other cultures did better jobs. When Cortes arrived in Mexico in the 16th century, the Mayans painted pictures and wrote about the arrival. Something tells me this story is the Chinese equivalent of a fairy tale.

    Perhaps we’ll never know the whole truth about aliens. I can’t say they don’t exist and I can’t say they do. Well, Lindsey Lohan and hoarders might be aliens. If that’s true, aliens are taking over our televisions.

  8. Seeing all those videos from Israel about that UFO, I was sitting at a lake one night about 20-25 years ago, across the lake were houses, and very dark then all of a sudden I saw a bright light hovering over some houses. What caught my eye was it was so white and bright, then all of a sudden straight up it went just like in those videos. Since my eyes were opened to this stuff I wonder if I was witnessing an abduction. But it was just like that. I believe those videos are the real deal.

  9. I was out shopping today, my first day out since the Egyptian uprising began, and I don’t know if Muslims were just on my mind, or if really there actually were so many more Muslims around. It seems like everywhere I was, there were Muslims.
    The worst part of it to me, is that they refuse to look at me. They sort of look right through you, as if you just do not exist.

    Then when I came home and checked the news, the first report I saw was about this poor girl, 14, who was raped by a 40 year old married cousin. SHE was charged with rape, and then was sentenced to be flogged 100 lashes. She endured 8o lashes, collapesed, was taken to the hospital by her family, and died.


    God help us. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

    • I’m sorry, I meant to say she was accused of adultery, not charged with rape, and was sentenced to 100 lashes.

    • This is a sad shame and what is even worse is the western world panders to these ill reputes even unto the point of tolerating their Sharia Law.

    • Carolyn, have you seen the movie/dvd called “The Stoning Of Soraya M”? Powerful story in this subject matter. Oh, and one more thing– the movie IS banned in Iran.

    • I haven’t seen this movie. Can I find it on YouTube?
      That news story of the young girl was so very sad, so unfair, and so unjust to me, it is beyond words.
      I find myself having to FORCE myself to remember that God created them too, and that maybe some of them can be saved. I guess I need to pray more for God’s love.

    • I have an Iranian Muslim dear friend & am very welcome in their family so my initial contact & experience is very positive. They would be considered moderate to secular Muslim.

      But just as you say Carolyn – when I am out & about & in the presence of traditional Muslims – they will not look in your eyes but look though you. I suppose that is how they are trained to look at infidels? You end up as more of a road block in their way than a fellow human being.

      The Seiks from India seem pretty friendly.

    • Hi Carolyn~
      You can rent the DVD or if you subscribe to Netflix it is available as an online streaming (i.e. watch instantly) movie.

  10. QUESTION — how will the muslims react to aliens and UFOs and the push for a one world government and meaningless one world religion — or will their attitude change if they goad israel into lobing a few nukes at all of them ?

    • I was wondering the same thing too… If the aliens say they created all religions (which is really convenient) then I would assume they have some rabbit to pull out of the hat for the muslims. Actually, it probably wouldn’t take much for them to turn since they are all worshiping and giving their lives/souls to satan anyways. They’ll just end up with the rest in the sway of the evil one. :-/ But, yeah, I was thinking about that not too long ago.

    • Just a thought. It’s possible that the False Prophet may turn out to be a Muslim. Perhaps present himself as the return of Mohammed.
      The Bible states that during the Tribulation, believers will be beheaded and those that do it will think they are doing the work of God.

      Sound familiar?

    • The false prophet Is christian in origin, A Christ look alike (Lamb) speaking with Dragon Authority He is also the ‘man of Sin, The lawless one, The man of peace The AC.

      John b

    • Could the AntiChrist, False Prophet, Mahdi, Quetzalcoatl, etc., returning gods, be “alien” (fallen angels) and part of the deception, since they would be saying that they created us and all religions — not my thought, I’ve heard this somewhere — but a very interesting thought to me. If the ancient alien gospel became the one world religion with the “alien” AntiChrist at the head.

    • Ironically and not many people know this, Muslims are waiting for Jesus to return as well. So if some dude steps off an alien space craft with all lieing wonders and calls himself Jesus, Maitreya, Buddha, etc. you would pretty much have everyone’s attention.

    • Well, I’m not really a “rapper” type – mostly because I’ve hated what it’s all about – gags/violence/sex but this version can get my groove on!(I like just about anything w/a good beat.) Our kids dance but I wouldn’t let them take any hip hop style classes. Now if it glorified the Lord- I could change my mind.

  11. Best line I heard about the Egyptian crisis from a late night comedian

    “Protestors in Egypt are telling their government to “accept the realities of the modern age we live in.” Then they were attacked by guys on camels with whips”

    • I am no comedian, But I have this notion that what Egypt really wants is ‘Freedom of Sin’ as the west have Gay rights, Abortion, inter faith ect. I believe that this is what the Brotherhood is up against.

      john b

    • I just got this in an email, very disturbing that our media is not telling the truth: (from a christian in Egypt):
      We decided to take to the streets to voice our opinion. On Tuesday February 1st we went to Mustafa Mahmoud square in Mohandessin. There were about one thousand people there around 3:30 pm. (yes, we broke the curfew). the crowd grew to about 2500 by 5:00 pm. People were calling their friends over the phone telling them to come. We left at about 6:30 pm and returned yesterday, Wednesday, starting at 11:00 am. The small group had swelled to TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE standing together with banners saying things like:

      – yes to stability, yes to Mubarak

      – give change a chance

      – we are sorry Mr. president

      – we accept dialogue, we trust you

      – no to ElBaradei, no to the muslim brotherhood (many like this one)

      – we are the Egyptians, where is Al-Jazeera, let them come and see

      – no to corruption, no to vandalism

      – we got what we asked the president for, so why are people still in Tahrir? Who are they? What do they want?
      Etc., etc., etc.

      By 2:00 pm, the crowd had grown to SEVERAL HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE, maybe up to a million, stretching from Sphinx square to Sudan street. We had a great sense of unity and victory. We met with people who were in the original protest in Tahrir square who decided to join us saying: we got what we asked for, and now we accept Mubarak’s changes and proposals”.

      We left around 4:15 pm. The numbers had grown even more, POSSIBLY OVER A MILLION. As we drove home we saw the same slogans on banners all over the city, on cars, on walls, on shop windows. We learned that similar demonstrations are taking place ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, IN MAY DIFFERENT CITIES. THIS IS THE CRY OF THE PEOPLE OF EGYPT THAT IS BEING TOTALLY IGNORED BY THE INTERNATIONAL NEWS MEDIA. Is this on purpose??!!! I am perplexed!!! I am wondering: How come CNN, the BBC, and others are reporting ONLY the anti-government protests as the voice of the people? This is not JUSTICE, this is not TRUTH. There have been reports that these people are being paid by the government. NOT TRUE! I was there with many many others. I SAW THE STREETS.

      Now to the situation in Tahrir square. Only a few people (hundreds?) are still there from the original protesters. They have been slowly replaced by other HIGHLY ORGANIZED GROUPS. They all have the same model of cell phones. They all have the same blankets (eye witnesses). THESE ARE NOT THE PEOPLE OF EGYPT.

      Some witnesses claim that they don’t look Egyptians, and don’t sound Egyptians (different accent, different dialect). THIS IS A BIG ORGANIZED COUP TO TRY TO CONVINCE THE WORLD THROUGH THE MEDIA THAT EGYPT WANTS MUBARAK TO GO, AND THE MEDIA IS PART OF THE DECEPTION.

      People in Tahrir square are escalating the situation on prupose to topple President Mubarak FOR THEIR OWN HIDDEN AGENDAS. This is TYPICAL OF THE MUSLIM BROTHERS, AND EVERYBODY IN THE STREETS OF CAIRO KNOWS THIS. We heard people on the streets saying that the plot to take over the country is now clear. THE INTERNATIONAL MEDIA DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS. The escalation of violence in Tahrir square is because of this.

      Egyptians who love Egypt, the millions that took to the streets yesterday, want this to end. They fully understand that president Mubarak is between a rock and a hard place, that he cannot quench the unrest in Tahrir through the army, so the people want to go to Tahrir to disperse the crowds there by themselves. People in Tahrir are vastly outnumbered. If Egyptians go the Tahrir square to take control of the situation, more chaos will erupt, giving a chance to the international media to blame the President even more.

      If Egypt falls, then neighbouring countries are going to fall one after the other. WE NEED PRAYER, WE ASK FOR TRUTH, WE ASK FOR JUSTICE, and above all LORD, in wrath, REMEMBER MERCY. Stand with us. The Lord calls Egypt “My people”. He is calling on His HOLY COUNCIL in the land of Egypt to stand before Him, to make declarations in the heavenlies to establish a new ‘constitution’ in the land based on the principles of the Word of God, to establish a ‘new foundation’ for His kingdom to come. Pray for the schemes of the enemy to be annulled and voided. Pray for deception to be exposed. We humble ourselves and pray. We seek the Face of the LORD. We turn from our wicked ways. LISTEN TO US LORD, FORGIVE US, HEAL OUR LAND. In the Name of Jesus.
      In Him, standing for God’s purposes in Egypt,

    • The article doesn’t present any smoking gun arguments against the footage, IMHO. Just because it’s small? That’s just a bias that UFOs are “supposed” to be big. Just because more videos shot at 1AM haven’t surfaced? I think 4 is a pretty impressive number. Not everyone feels compelled to post on youtube.

      Keep in mind that if this is the real deal, issues such as “reflections” may not matter if it’s truly supernatural. Since when do UFOs or demons obey our laws of physics?

      Personally I’d try to track down the people who shot it. Don’t know if that’s possible. Do as much stateside research as possible and then try to line up interviews with the key people either here in the US or there in Israel. Don’t have to send a crew (too expensive) but rely on a one-man band. LA, maybe you can establish a contact in Jerusalem who could follow through and even shoot the interview (altho’ I know it’s weird not to be there in person yourself to inject your own emphasis on the proceedings)?
      I may be over there later this spring if my plans for hiking the Israel National Trail fall in place. See my web site at http://www.lwgear.com for the backpacking videos I’ve produced over the past 25 years. (If I don’t go this spring it will be partly because I’m trying to finish up the documentary I shot of my backpacking adventure on the Continental Divide Trail.)

    • E.Gibbs those orbs could be anything?

      Deception is rampant? Why seriously doubt it? I suggest embrace for what it is something that projects fear and warn other christians to be on their guard.

    • While I think we need to consider it’s a hoax, the size of the UFO doesn’t determine realness. Especially in light of other sightings.

      Foo fighters were not large, yet they are given much credibility.

      Also we should consider since this is not a craft, but a spiritual entity in all liklihood, size will also be immaterial.

      Oh, and during the betty andreasson abduction, her abductors shrunk themselves to lilliputian size, and probably did similar things to their ship, but I can’t recall offhand.

    • It is more than likely a hoax than anything else. I think they get a kick out of seeing how gullible people are.

      There is tech. the big boys have that us leetle ones ain’t to know nothing of, they are having fun at our expense.

      E. Gibbs.

  12. I’m not saying that we should turn our analytical minds off. There’s got to be a way to do our own research (and not depend on what the internet is telling us…who are these critics anyway?) and THEN connect the dots.

    Remember the occasions in the bible where one group heard the voice of God and the others heard just thunder? Same thing happened with Saul on the Damascus road. Saul hears Jesus while the others just see a light. (Acts 22:9) Obviously different people interpret “reality” differently, as God intends. This UFO, demonically controlled, reflects the same dual real/not-real nature.

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer said “Believers see a sign. Unbelievers see nothing.”

    • I’m still wondering what the difference between a UFO “Orb” and a traditional UFO is? We have seen footage of Orbs before and they look more like a flying spirit ball of some sort. Isn’t this supernatural phenomenon based on energy/frequency?

  13. Polar Shift Update:

    During the third hour, scientist David Sereda discussed pole shifts ( illustration) and a recent FAA advisory regarding magnetic anomalies in the Bermuda Triangle. Sereda said he believes the FAA advisory, which indicates GPS will be unreliable in the area due to Department of Defense testing, is merely a cover story. According to Sereda, a ham radio operator has discovered the magnetic field anomalies in that region are not manmade, thus could not be military-related. Recent events, including an evenly-distributed vibration that struck the whole planet and the massive bird die-offs, may indicate Earth is getting ready to find its new magnetic north and south positions, he explained. Such a polar shift would cause devestating earth changes, Sereda warned.

  14. Blackswan Review

    My girlfriend has been a ballet dancer and dance choreographer for 15 years so she was excited to see the movie. Last night we saw the movie. I was disgusted my girlfiend enjoyed the dancing.

    So heres my simple review based only on adjectives of my opinion of the movie without destroying the plot for those of you who may see the movie. Simplistic, schizophrenic, drug induced, psychotic tendencies, homosexual pornography, NC17, well acted.

    With that being said I dont recommend this film to any person under 17. As far as I’m concerned it was a waste of my time and I am now dumber for seeing it as well as being $20 dollars poorer.

    • By the sound of it,I would not recommend it to any one.
      The Lord said; “Unless ye become as little Children You shall not enter the kingdom” The little children have a purity about them.
      That is what Jesus was emphasizing. Not that we are to have the foolishness of a Child but rather the Purity of a child. “Be ye babes in evil” Said Apostle Paul.

      This is where I do believe many Christians Fail to grasp The call to holiness “Ye shall be holy as I am Holy saith the Lord” with out which none shall see the face of God.
      As this world produces more and more Evil via the vain and glorious Imagination of Man, We are to separate ourselves! becoming A Light that reflects the Glory Of our Lord. We are to be Lot & Noah of Old in a world ripe for judgment.

      John B

    • Amen to that! I read a Christian review about that movie, and seriously wanted to vomit. For myself, if a movie is not meant for kids, then I don’t anything to do with it. It’s sooo crazy how movies increasingly get worse and worse, and everyone is fine with it and rewards them even. It makes me think of Psalm 10:4 “The wicked in his proud countenance does not seek God; God is in none of his thoughts.” If God is not there, then it’s just… ugly.

    • Unfortunately I was invited to a sneak preview of this film, only reason I went is because of the hype for the film which I thought was and is so wildly overblown. First off I felt it was well-directed, the actors generally deliver good performances despite under-written roles. The lack of script is a serious flaw for me: but the graphic detail of what she does do is laid out: she vomits, she slashes herself, she lives with her mother, and she has lesbian sex – sort of, but she has no background, no character, the movie is, frankly, vulgar: everything is telegraphed in an obvious and clumsy way. No intellectual input is required from the audience. In other words I was bored to tears.

      This film comes across as a horror movie with an unnecessary disgust factor aiming for the roof. I covered my eyes many times. Not in fear but in a kind of shame that a movie could be this bad. It is not even a good ballet movie, the dance sequences are choppy compounded by the uneven hand of the director everywhere.
      When the audience started to laugh about 1/3 of the way through, I knew it was all hopeless. That’s how appallingly bad it all was. In the final scene, the laugh meter topped out. It is that unbelievable and unintentionally comedic.

    • I will tell you a good family film that can be enjoyed by the entire family, go rent Secretariat. It is one film in many years where both old and young can share and enjoy; it contains the elements that make you both laugh and cry as most good movies should. The film is a very uplifting, inspiring, exciting movie about a true story. The story of a determined woman who raises one of the most successful, dynamic racehorses of all time. Secretariat is stirring and joyful, with many references to God, Jesus Christ and the Bible and a pro-capitalist message celebrating American values, it is refreshingly entertaining film coming out of Holly-weird for a change. Of course the critics hated it, even more reason to watch it.

  15. Jerusalem And Her Enemies by Joseph Campbell

    What appeared to be an angel (Some say UFO) descended directly over the Temple Mount, hovered for a short time and sped away with the speed of light. Was this trick
    photography? That certainly is possible but are there Angels watching over Jerusalem?
    The Bible promises, absolutely, that God’s Angels are keeping watch and protecting this chosen city. “I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the LORD, keep not silence,” (Isaiah 62:6) What is happening in Egypt has more to do with Jerusalem and Israel than Egypt.
    There are dark persons and forces from hell determined to destroy Israel, and not only Israel but every political person or government that would protect Israel. Before Gog and Magog can march, the coalition of Russia, Iran and other partners in this scheme must try to naturalize every possible stumbling block. They have President Obama in their pocket so Egypt must be brought under sway. Israel’s next major enemy after the Islamic world is the Dominion theology or the post-Millennial majority through-out the church denominations. Every time you hear a minister or a misguided church spokesman speak of “Taking Dominion” you know they are anti-Israel. They are mis-interpreting scripture to promote their right and duty to take possession of this earth. This is what the King of Kings will do after the seven years of the “Great Tribulation”. This future moment is “Israel’s Crowning Hour” and for religious people to try and steal it from Israel is sad. The nation of Israel will be the Capitol of the whole world and Jesus Christ will sit on the Throne of David. The Ruptured Saints will return with our Triumphant King and rule the earth as His Kings and Priests.


    • Matt, what style of “Christian rock” music do you prefer… if at all? A group I heard a couple of weeks ago simply amazed me– almost to tears. Beauty-full stuff in a style I don’t usually gravitate toward.

    • In a Moment, I have to be real careful on some of these co called Christian bands, you really have to watch that fruit they produce for lack of a better term.
      I remember when the band Evanescence came on the scene they were promoted as a Christian band and sold at Christian book stores, the band members actually met at a Christian youth camp, unfortunately, when they made it big they denied Christ and said they never were never a Christian band and said they resented the fact they were marketed as such. Leaving Christian books store pulling the cd from the shelves…that said…
      I enjoy Kutless, 12 Stones, Big Dismal, Jeremy Camp, 7th Day Slumber, just to name a few. I have seen most of these bands live and can attest to them being sincere in thier walk with Christ and wanting to help the youth.

      Kutless has a song that really touches my heart and really hits home for me… its called “Just like me.” It’s about having the opportunity to tell someone about Christ and blowing it. For me it was an opportunity to speak to my brother about Christ.
      He called me one evening when I was out and about, going to a show downtown, it was raining and I was having a hard time finding the place, he called me to just talk and I told him, hey, im going to have to call you back, I kind of blew him off thinking, no big deal, I will talk to him tomorrow. Last thing he said to name was he loved me, and I hung up. Next morning I get a call telling me he had passed away that very night, I was devastated and felt such guilt it was beyond imagination. There I was living my own life, doing my thing, and I couldn’t pull over and take 5 minutes to speak to my brother, who lived out of state and I didn’t talk to that often. I believe God allowed him to speak me, and make that call, and let me speak to him one last time before he passed on no matter how brief it was. I know now we have to tell the people in our life that we love and care about them every chance we get as we are not guaranteed another breath in this life.
      When we have an opportunity and we are lead by the sprit to tell to people about Christ we shouldn’t miss the window of opportunity, that presents itself, but it seems I am guilty of that over and over again. We might be the only one separating that person from heaven or an eternity in hell.
      What song or group were you referring to that you enjoyed?

      Anyway, here is the link so you can hear the song. I posted the lyrics below.
      I apologize about the length of this post, thank you Dr Marzulli for allowing me to post this.

      My conversation is leading nowhere
      And we talk of God but still I don’t share
      So many times that I just never saw the chance

      It’s like me to never see
      When it came, when it went
      Now it’s gone away
      It’s so like me to never see
      When it came, when it went
      Now it’s gone away

      The phone rings with news that he’s gone
      Just the time I shared my heart was prepared and another soul was won
      So much truth to tell, I am so glad I saw the chance

      It’s like me to never see
      When it came, when it went
      Now it’s gone away
      It’s so like me to never see
      When it came, when it went
      Now it’s gone away
      Sometimes I still never see when perfect opportunities come my way
      Would my care increase if I truly believed that a life could be saved

      It’s like me to never see
      When it came, when it went
      Now it’s gone away
      It’s so like me to never see
      When it came, when it went
      Now it’s gone away

    • Funny story, wife and I went to see 7th Day Slumber at a local church not too far away from us, we get there and we notice its all kids going in. I’m like ‘man, I’m not sure I want to go in there is its all kids, so I called information to get the phone number of the church, I call and ask, can anyone come see the show or is it just for youth,,whats the story? Of course they tell me sure come on in,(after I confess to hiding in their the parking lot) well, we muster up enough nerve to go in, the band is greeting at the door and they look at us and seems to be somewhat shocked and taken back at our age, no big deal right? I walk inside the place trying to lay low as it were, trying not to directed any unnecessary attention to us…we find a table in a dark corner and try not to make any direct eye contact with the 12 to 16 yr olds who are there to have a good time and seem to be suspiciously walking by our table…I’m almost sure they thought the church hired some old fogy chaperones to make sure things didn’t get out of hand. Either that or I was someone’s dad keeping an eye out,,,,well, the band was so good, at the end of the night, I managed to leave the table I was cowering at to make it to the front of the stage where I was head and shoulders above everyone eles,,it was then the kids relaized,,I couldn’t possibly be anyone dad, its funny how Christian music can bring people together its doesn’t matter your age, culture, rich, poor, it was just a good night despite feeling like time had passed me by.

    • Hi Matt~
      Feeling blessed. Thank you so much for stepping up and sharing the story about your brother. I can only imagine how you felt then and the “fallout” you’ve had because of it. But I’ve no doubt that the Almighty Creator has whispered breathtaking words to you… words of comfort and peace that only He can impart to His child. So onward you go.
      The name of the group I heard recently is “Visual Cliff”. Their style is what is known as progressive rock…. with a metal tinge to it. I’m not fond of metal at all! But the metallic stuff is coupled with symphonic fusion smoothly. And when there are lyrics they are intelligent, moving, and deep; musical stories drawn from Scripture. ((Although I do prefer lighter doses of the metal parts:^D)) You can hear samples of their music on Amazon. Mp3 downloads and CD’s are available. If you do listen I’d be interested to know what you think. Take care and God bless you brother.

    • Earthsuit another short lived Christian band in the same vein as 38th Parallel, both went belly up after a few cd. I really liked 38th Parallel, from what I understand, some core members were offered corporate jobs a few others started families and the rest flew the coop never to be heard from again.

    • The only thing I can agree w/is it looked to be an angel of some sort – if an “orb” is an angel. Now if it’s a fallen angel or a holy angel we don’t know. Given the same thing type of display supposedly occured in “Utah” I have my doubts it would be a “holy” one.

      I wonder if Joseph Campbell is up to speed on the demonic UFO agenda?

  16. HELP!! I need some help… I just now got to listen to Wednesday’s show (JIm Wilhelmsen) and did I hear him right when he said it’s possible the Nephilim could be leaders in the church? Did I hear that right? My ears perked up when I heard that because I left a church I had been attending for 3 years about a year and half ago, and I am just now getting out from under the oppression of that church. The whole time I was attending that church, I didn’t feel right but could never find the reason for that feeling… when I did, I left FAST. Anyways, I’ve never seen so much weird stuff in church leaders before… their eyes were way weird and (I’m not joking) they would hide when I came around… yes, I know that sounds wacky (I thought so when I saw it!) So, I checked up on them today and the main leader, and every time I do, it gets weirder and worse. They are from the Apostolic Movement, way into Dominion Theology, and very much a militant cult. Now I’m reading something that may have to do with DNA!?!?!?! See, I’m freaking out and I may be blowing this way out of reason, so I need someone else (someone who has not been involved emotionally/spiritually in this movement and who is also aware of the reality of the Nephilim) to read this and tell me I’m being silly… or not being silly. I would appreciate anyone’s thoughts and will love you to pieces. 🙂


    • Kimberly,

      I checked both those sites and would not have anything to do with them. We are in the days there is hardly any true ones left. We are in the day Amos speaks of,-

      Am 8:11 ¶ Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:

      I for one can not be a member of any denominational church, I have chosen to be a home churcher.

      Jesus said Mt 7:14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

      And that is a fact for these last days for sure.

      E. Gibbs

    • Oh gosh no… I left and didn’t look back. However, when I left, I had no idea what they were really about. It’s wasn’t until later. But something about them bothered me and is still bothering me, so that’s why I’m curious if there is a connection with the DNA thing-a-majig, the Nephilim, the church that turns to the Anti-Christ. …. Basically when I read the information on those websites I about fell over. Damon Thompson and his pack are not some ho-hum influence, they are sprouting up everywhere, that’s why I’m concerned and major curious if there is a connection.

      You are a “home churcher?” Don’t you think it’s still important to fellowship with others? I mean, if anything, to build relationships with people so that when the crud hits the fan, you are there and able to make sense of stuff when others are scared and confused. You know… salt, light… those things. I know it’s hard when it seems like everyone around you is deceived, but by being there, in fellowship with other believers (whether they are mature or baby believers), you may be allowing God to use you in His time, to be a solution. Just a thought. Honestly, I have a hard time with it too, at times..

    • Kimberly,

      Yes i do have fellowship and it is best with people who are True believers. Most of my fellowship is by phone and email and Spiritually with my Lord.

      I do not get depressed and lonely. Home church is what was the way Jesus and the Apostles did. We once had a small home church group but many had to come so far and travel is expensive and so we couldn’t keep it up. How can I do any thing else?

      I can not and will not go where error is being taught and when you stand up against it the ire of the dragon comes down on you. The churchs of today have returned back into the Mother.

      One is not alone when with the Lord in the Truth, we are in the majority, the world is in the minority.

      E. Gibbs

    • Oh, well in that case, that’s totally awesome! I didn’t know what you meant by home church, because a lot of people I know have given up on fellowship with others and they isolate themselves and just watch preachers on t.v. So, yeah, home church (real home church) is the way it should be. Most churches now are no different than going to a movie (sit down, watch, and leave.) 😦 Heck, I wish I could find believers of the same mind around me. Everyone my age is either too scared or could care less about the end times, and that’s all I can think about! “Hello people!!! Seeing Jesus’ face, there’s nothing better!!!!”

      Anyways, sooner or later, we’ll be eternally surrounded by those who love Jesus, and they won’t be too far away, or through an email or phone, but in person! (chills chills)

    • Look up Russ Dizdar’s Preemption Broadtcast. He has one called ” How to Detect a Satanic Chosen One…They are among you”. Has anyone read “The Black Awakening”? He might have some info in there as well.Russ does speak about the Church being infiltrated as well.

      (Or go to http:preemtionbroadcast.podomatic.com.)

  17. UFO Sighting over Volcano Villarrica, Chile of Pink Diamond Craft, Feb 5, 2011, photos.?
    Looking at the live Chile cam right now I see these images that I am posting right now. In the upper left hand corner of the screen is a UFO in a diamond shape. The sun is hitting it just right causing the cloaked shields to reveal themselves, not to the human eye but to the digital eye.

  18. John B. I think you are referring to the Antichrist. He is “The Man of Sin”.

    There is an Antichrist and a False Prophet.Rev.19:20
    “And the beast(antichrist) was taken and the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast into a Lake of fire burning with brimstone.”

    • Hi Doug; I am taking the scriptural perspective on this understanding of who Ac is. according to Apostles word in 1Jn2:18,19 which is where we have the plainest indication as to the origin of Ac “Just as you heard that AC is coming, even now many Antichrist’s have arisen… They went out from US”. The US referred by John is the Apostolic Christian Body into which Apostle John had his Fellowship.

      From there Apostle Paul Says that the revealing of the Man of sin, A miracle working religious figure is in conjunction with the End-Time Apostasy. Apostasy = a Falling away from the Original christian faith Both John and Paul are in accord.
      Jesus said many would come in his name saying that he was the Christ and deceive many.

      I see the false prophet more in Line with what the Apostles John and Paul Called AC as the false prophet who performed signs Rev19:20 also the miracle worker.

      These two beasts could also be Bodies or Groups Governmental and religious by nature Such was Rome represented in John’s days By The sixth Head “one is” Rev17:10.

      In My understanding Doug, The Ties of Roman Catholicism to the ancient Roman empire and the Pope taking to himself the Emperor’s name Pontifex Maximus places Him As The Man of sin. Furthermore every reformer form Luther to spurgeon including the Wesley’s Held that view. I strongly believe That the reformation was the Death Blow to the beast (The political system of Rome) which is presently being revived By the interfaith movement of mystery Babylon.

      An update On The coming ecumenical Meeting to be held in Assisi in March this year. (The pope will consecrate all of the religious leaders at the meeting to Mary the mother of the church Catholic.
      It can be seen in this The scale of the Apostasy wherein Christ is worshipped along with Mohamed, buddha ect.. This is the Image of the beast in propagation. The Image Is the ecumenical God! sooner or later all who oppose that system will be persecuted under the final persecution of the saints.

      What I share Is Truth. I stand with those saints of the Past who Opposed the Spirit of AC in their Day.

      John b

    • THE antichrist is Satan, all others are AN antichrist after their father the devil.

      2 Th 2:8 makes it clear if you realize the original word “anomos” for “that Wicked” Is alpha lawless. Nomos is lawless and with the a it is alpha lawless.

      2Th 2:8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:
      2Th 2:9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,

      The KJV is right in capitalizing Wicked and the two verses are understood best by reading them as one.

      E. Gibbs

  19. Prototype of X-47B Navy unmannded jet
    A prototype of the X-47B Navy unmannded jet. The robotic, bat-winged bomber designed to take off from a US aircraft carrier has passed its first test in a debut flight in California, the US Navy said.


    If I took a picture of this flying over head, and posted on the net, what do you suppose would be the outcome?

  20. Chick-fil-A controversy shines light on restaurant’s Christian DNA


    The ongoing Chick-fil-A flap – which has gay rights groups blasting the restaurant chain for donating food to an anti-gay marriage group – may be a fleeting controversy for a privately held company that is more accustomed to fiercely loyal patrons and generally positive press coverage.

    But Lake Lambert, author of the book Spirituality Inc., says the flap may be a sign of more turbulence ahead for Chick-fil-A as it attempts to hold onto its conservative Christian business culture while expanding its chain beyond the Bible Belt

    Sad news for anyone that loves waffle fries.

    • You’re absolutely right Rose from Kentucky. Id rather talk about UFOs and Earthquakes, who needs waffle fries? They are a bit overrated anyway don’t you think? Now if you see a UFO shaped like a waffle fry, I’m definitely interested.

  21. Hi Frank~
    I listened to Earthsuit and my ears have decided they are definitely a fusion rock band… they seem to have a mix of pop, new wave, R&B/soul, reggae, jazz. Do they still play as a Christian group, “crossed over” or disbanded completely? Thanks for chiming in.
    His peace to you:^D

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