Jerusalem UFO – Real, Burgeoning and Not Going Away!

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L. A. Marzulli

To the left is the cover of the third book in my Nephilim Trilogy…. life imitating art?

Is the recent UFO that was filmed over the Temple Mount area in Jerusalem a clever hoax? Has a group of merry pranksters pooled their resources to create the grandaddy of UFO hoaxes?

Is the video – see the link above – now with three split screens, the real deal? We have to move cautiously and see what develops before banging the drum and saying, see I told you that UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away! However, we are now several days past the initial posting of the video on YOUTUBE, and my feeling is that this might, in fact, be the real deal. If it is the real thing, what’s next?

I recently spoke with a person who is a distributer for Christian media. She had seen our Watchers DVD and she commented that it was a little scary! She also asked why there wasn’t more scripture used. I replied that all we are trying to do is wake people up, Christian and otherwise, to the overwhelming evidence that UFOs are here and they’re not going away! The church is viciously ignorant of what is manifesting all around us and with the recent sighting over the Temple mount it would appear that the Revealing, might be sooner than later, yet this gate-keeper dithers!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle, The Disclosure Project is discussing the spiritual aspects of contact with ET. Here’s a link to that site, so you can see for yourself! No dithering with that bunch!

For those of you who follow this BLOG, I believe that the revealing of the so-called Extraterrestrial presence is the great deception, as it will change people’s paradigm and world view in an instant. Unless you know ahead of time that this is a deception, of cosmic proportions, you will most likely be swept away in the media frenzy that will accompany disclosure.

Here’s another fact about the UFO video over the Temple Mount. The people who are filming it are oo-ing and agh-ing at what they see. No one is rebuking first and asking questions later and that is the problem, isn’t it? They are accepting it with open minds I might add!

In closing today’s post. I believe that we are living in unprecedented times. We are facing, wars, famines, earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, tsunami’s, and UFOs, that fly in our skies with impunity. With the threat of a dirty bomb being used here and the possibility of an all out war in the Middle East, might this be the set up for the revealing of ET? Remember they will tell us that they created all life here, that they genetically manipulated us, that they started the worlds first religions, and that now, at this critical juncture in human history they are back to usher us into a new age of enlightenment…. Don’t believe a word of it!


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Dear L.A., just wanted to let you know I watched your Watchers DVD and it is GREAT! Everyone needs to see this!— Dawn

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In Other News:

Muslim Brotherhood wants end to Egypt-Israeli peace deal


Obama to Egyptian Army: Remove Mubarak now, start transition


Mubarak Reveals a Brutal Plan to Hold Power


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56 thoughts on “Jerusalem UFO – Real, Burgeoning and Not Going Away!

  1. Journalists get attacked, arrested in Egypt

    After watching the recent videos, of attacks, looting, and a mob mentality, of these so called “protesters”, they are indeed what I suspected all along. I’m my opinion they are nothing more than animals. My dogs have more common sense they these thugs,,( sorry “protesters”) ….Turn on animal planet, watch a documentary on Chimpanzees, or Gorillas , then switch over to CNN, BBC or Fox news and witness for yourself who is most civilized.
    Forgive me if im not PC, thankfully Gods not through with me yet. However, it would take a burning bush miracle to curb my distain for the Middle East. We are told to love our ememys, I have a hard time doing that as most radical Muslims would love nothing better then to see Christian’s dead and cease to exist.

    • Hi Matt:

      It is my understanding after watching it unfold yesterday that the original protestors were not the perpetrators. It was a new group of “Pro-Mubarak” people who may in fact be parts of Mubaraks original cabinet and secret police in civilian clothes who were starting all the violence, trying to squelch the uprising of the people who want governmental change. Also, just a side note, your anger is totally understandable. Humanly we can’t love our enemies. It is only through the power of the Holy Spirit living through us that we can love our enemies. It makes me think of the story of Corrie Ten Boom and how her family helped the jews during the holocaust and ended up in the concentration camps. Her whole family was killed, even her very close sister and Corrie became very bitter against her enemies, the nazis. But even her sister while being treated badly by them kept reminding Corrie to love them. Eventually her sister died from ill health brought on from the nazi situation, but God worked with Corrie’s heart and in time she forgave and the Lord used her throughout the rest of her life to bring the Good News of God’s love to many people. He isn’t done with us yet Matt, thank goodness for that. I often wonder if I was in a situation like the holocaust how I would react, as I have a hard time even loving people in my own family that hurt me. I remember one time when I was so hurt by a family member and the Lord lovingly rebuked me with scripture, <>
      “If you have run with footmen and they have tired you out, Then how can you compete with horses? If you fall down in a land of peace, How will you do in the thicket of the Jordan? I knew he was telling me, if your own family can hurt you this much and you have a hard time loving them, how will you ever love your real enemies when you face trials and tribulations in your life? I knew He was telling me to learn to let Him live through me to forgive, be healed, and love. Like you said, I’m still a work in progress. God bless brother!! Amen!

    • Ya know Lisa, thank you for your insight on the subject; I enjoyed reading your post. I understand and respect your explanation of the why, what, and who of it all, but frankly I don’t care for the reason. There is no excuse to put innocent lives that have no bearing on Egyptian politics in danger. Again, these people are no better than animals to me and I stand by my statement. It’s gone beyond, protesting, in fact I would say, some of the so called protesters are not there to protest at all, they are simply there for looting and causing destruction… this was verified by the looting and destruction of their own national museum.

      Ok they want change, the world gets it, and there is no excuse to target reporters and camera men/woman because they are from the West. The United States gives $1.5 billion in foreign aid to the government in Cairo each year, and this with the U.S. at risk of running a $1.5 trillion deficit this year. I say cut them off completely…Stop the blood money from hard working tax payers flowing into Egypt hands, which as we all know is hush money for them not to attack Israel. Egypt is no better then a 3rd world countries out there. You would expect this of places like Haiti and such, but it goes to show me what I have always known, you can’t reason with a Muslim, they are beyond reason. Just imagine what Israel has to put up with surrounded by those idiots on a daily basis.

    • By the way, Lisa, I can tell God blessed you with a gentle spirit, that a wonderful thing, you are truly blessed to have that… Unfortunately, I have not had that transition as of yet. Maybe someday, I can see things in grey and not so much in black and white. All I can do is pray about it, and hope to God he does not transform me into Tiny Tim in the middle of the night 🙂

    • Hey again Matt:

      To tell you the truth, I have far from a gentle spirit. It’s only from years of falling on my face in my raging flesh that the Lord is able to get through to me at times. My sharing with you is stuff the Lord shares with me but not stuff that I walk in perfectly. In fact, far far from it. I understand anger, hurt, frustration, bitterness. I’ve been on a long road but through it all, God’s love has been with me, even when it was a corrective love — not always what I want, ha ha. Sometimes I would tell the Lord, hey, leave me alone, I know so and so down the road that needs as much changing and more than me, go work on them. And He reminded me that He would never leave me or forsake me, even when I wanted Him to, ha ha ha. I think no matter what the situation is, the Lord is trying to get me to see that indeed we are not fighting flesh and blood but spirits, principalities, and powers in the heavenlies and it is a real war. People, no matter how vile we may think they are, are not our enemy. It is the entities that use them and influence them that we are to confront in prayer, spiritual warfare prayer. These people are just pawns in the real enemy’s camp (satan). It is evil one who we need to realize is behind all this. People are blind and unfortunately dumb and that includes me, even with the Lord, because so many times we see things in the flesh, not black and white, instead of in the Spirit and our emotions, thinking, and feelings are then fired up but the Lord wants me to see things through His eyes and His word, knowing that even when people align themselves willingly with evil, the Lord is not willing that any should parish, for God so loved the world. He will eventually settle all things in justice. Martyred Christians and persecuted Jews and all suffering people are under His watchful eye and I know He will make all things right when He puts satan under His feet. For that final hour, I can’t wait. Amen! Enjoyed blogging with you and I enjoy your other posts as well. I am happy to have a wonderful place like this to come and share my faults, weaknesses, and be real still knowing the truth in Christ and that He will finish this good work He has started with us all. Love you all, Amen!!

    • I agree Lisa; I really enjoy Dr Marulli’s blog. All of us are so different with our views and opinions but yet we are connected through the blood of Jesus.
      I never see Jesus as passive, I see him as a warrior. I can’t wait for the day of his return so I can finally see him the way my minds eye sees him.

  2. The alleged UFOs appearing over the Temple Mount is the second event you proposed in your novels, L.A., that may have just come to pass in real life. The first was that the Star of Bethlehem would be called a UFO. Benjamin Creme did that last year. The Holy Spirit is inspiring your imagination.
    I wonder what will happen next.

  3. Hi LA, I’d like to present you with some solid analysis I have created of the 3 videos, along with some supplemental info from another posting which supports what I am saying. Basically, they prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that they have been faked. I am not writing this as someone who is out to prove anything to do with aliens is faked, I started out wanting to believe it really occurred, but when I looked at them more carefully, my years of video and audio production experience set off some alarm bells.

    I also believe that “aliens” are being used as some kind of hoax to help usher in a new age of sorts, if I’ve understood you correctly in your interviews you also believe they are basically demonic in nature when they are real. But I am convinced humans are supplementing any real occurrences of demonic “alien” activity with forged proof in order to speed things along.

    So please read the following link, my post is under the name Henrik. Should be the last post on this page (page 2 of the thread). On page 3 another poster linked to a YouTube video which independently corroborates the principles I’ve explained, and they do a nice demonstration of how it works to boot.

    I look forward to hearing your reaction in light of this new evidence.

  4. wow! a 3rd video! if this is a hoax, someone went all out!

    the funny thing is, no one is talking about it. i’m trying to tell people, but no one’s interested or taking it seriously.

    • This fourth video is from a different angle and it has the identical characteristics of the first two videos. It truly looks visually spectacular. Video 3 which I posted never had a flash before it went up. This one does. Whats interesting is that the camera goes up to another larger triangle UFO above.

    • It’s a hoax, it could be a man made hoax or an evil entity hoax, regardless it is a hoax to fool people one way or another that God does not exist. It is to dispel Christianity, an evil plot by Satan and his minions that control an elite force that want to control the world through deception. These elite are ones who practice pagan occult religions. Who better for the devil to take control of, those of wealth and power. And of course any non-Christian would just right off this kind of idea as lunatic, and or just a religious zealot, well whatever.
      There is nothing a true Christian believer can do but pray with every ounce of faith for yourself, family, and friends salvation. We are faced with the end time events that are prophesied in the bible to take place and the return of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
      Those that refuse to believe in God and His only Son that died and shed His blood on the cross for our salvation and rose to be with the Father and will return for His Church have their choice of freedom to choose. And if they choose wrong it’s their problem, it’s their soul. They were warned and choose not to believe.

  5. Extraterrestrials now live among us in China and in U.S.A., newspapers report
    January 26th, 2011 5:28 pm PTDo you like this story?

    A Canadian newspaper is reporting that Sun Shili, a retired foreign ministry official, states Extraterrestrials are living among us.

    An extraterrestrial from Tau Ceti living in the U.S.A.

    The China ET report is corroborative of this reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre’s 4-part ExopoliticsTV interview and series with Jerry Wills, an apparent extraterrestrial from Tau Ceti who resides in the United States.

    Jerry Wills is an accomplished healer, explorer, and musician with the band UFAUX who recently participated in a world webcast in which Mr. Wills discussed his identity as an extraterrestrial from the Tau Ceti star system (12 light years from Earth) left here as an infant as part of a project of the Council of Worlds for the betterment of Earth.

    In a 4-part ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Mr. Wills, who is 6 feet 8 inches tall, talks about how he was adopted by a human family, how he dealt with his unusual abilities growing up, how he was visited regularly by an extraterrestrial delegation that briefed him on his extraterrestrial identity and his mission, how during these visits he was told to watch for specific signs during the 18-year period preceding 2012 as to whether the earth and the human population would veer toward peace or war, and how these visits stopped on the day of September 11, 2001, Mr. Wills’ birthday and the date a regularly scheduled visit was of the extraterrestrial delegation to occur.

    I dont know whether to laugh or say Really?

    Continue reading on Extraterrestrials now live among us in China and in U.S.A., newspapers report – Seattle exopolitics |

  6. What do you think? Real move of the Holy Spirit? No one is slithering around like snakes, acting like animals or jerking around. Just rolling around & crying.

    • Agreed, headed by Jezebel, completely out of order, lost of control. Woe! to the false prophets who bring these manifestations upon poor people. Woe! to those who preach a false Jesus, a false love, a false anointing, A false gospel.

      john B

    • If one does not have the gift of discerning of spirits, then how do you know?

      To my knowledge, if the action is not listed among the gifts of the spirit then it is false.

      Am I correct?

    • Well I am not feeling anything at all from it and the spirit moves in me. I may not do what I am supposed to with it nearly as much but I feel nothing but fear and almost a since of anguish from these people well some of them.

    • God is a God of order. The manifestation of the Gifts are orderly. A prophetic word should not bring listeners into a frenzy of Emotional disarray and multiple manifestations of tongues. rather it should create a sense of awesome fear.
      No! look at it again, See the Jezebel Stir Them up by word and then she walked amongst them becoming the focus of the anointing.

      john b

    • John B

      I think you hit the nail right on the head, that is a good discernment of what had taken place there.

      I used upper case letters for unspeakable to make the point.

      Romans 8:26 (Amplified Bible)

      26So too the [Holy] Spirit comes to our aid and bears us up in our weakness; for we do not know what prayer to offer nor how to offer it worthily as we ought, but the Spirit Himself goes to meet our supplication and pleads in our behalf with UNSPEAKABLE yearnings and groanings too deep for utterance.

      Matthew 6:5-7 (Amplified Bible)

      5Also when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by people. Truly I tell you, they have their reward [a]in full already.

      6But when you pray, go into your [most] private room, and, closing the door, pray to your Father, Who is in secret; and your Father, Who sees in secret, will reward you in the open.

      7And when you pray, do not heap up phrases (multiply words, repeating the same ones over and over) as the Gentiles do, for they think they will be heard for their much speaking. [I Kings 18:25-29.]

    • It did strike me as odd how it all got started. It was ramping up to a higher and higher pitch through that prophetess & her sidekicks then as you say John – spread throughout the room.

      I wonder what sort of spiritual ramifications come out of being involved w/these false moves of spirits? I also wonder how it works. Is it based on feelings in the spirit and/or mind?

      One day I woke up w/a strong- some would call it a burden- from the Lord. At least I thought it was from Him. All I can explain it as an intense feeling -gut wrenching/heart breaking feeling for the lost unbelievers & backslid Christians.

      It became so intense I was driving to pick the kids up from school & felt like getting out of the car & crying out to God. I was balling my head off so I pulled off to the side of the road and prayed for it to stop as it was just really something else. It gently & quickly left & that was the end of it. All I can say is that Ill never forget it.

    • It did seem out of order for sure. I haven’t personally been involved in Charismatic circles so I don’t have a whole lot do draw upon from experience. However, those who have relayed their experiences of being in a revival setting where the presense of the Lord falls intensely say people fall down & weep. And being human< the flesh of a person may not react in an orderly and controlled manner. So that's why I was wondering what you thought- so thank you!

    • Reminds me of my wife & mother-in-law charismatically headed to the mall with a 0 balance visa card, whereas prompting me to fall to the ground and weep.

    • I think we need Richard Grund to go and take some pictures and see if he catches some orbs.

      It feels demonic to me.

    • Glenn Beck talking about whats going on throughout the middle east with the riots. “Caliphate Goals” Very Good Presentation! I highly recommend it.

    • Beck must be reading my BLOG! LOL! Notice he talks about the Straights of Hormuz and the GAte of tears….!

    • Glen Beck gets the point across, but we have a problem and the problem is here. Corruption overflowing to the brim, greed to power and money, strings being pulled, bureaucracy deeper than the deepest part of the ocean, liars everywhere, the ungodly being number one, the list is long. Can it be fixed, sorry I really don’t think so, it’s too far gone, I don’t think we can find enough people to pray for the forgiveness of North America. I think God has finally started allowing the Angels to blow the trumpets and the Lord has begun to open the seals of the scrolls.

      But what we can do is pray for the Salvation of others including ourselves and continue to re-commit our lives to the Lord.

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  8. Here’s another fact about the UFO video over the Temple Mount. The people who are filming it are oo-ing and agh-ing at what they see. No one is rebuking first and asking questions later and that is the problem, isn’t it? They are accepting it with open minds I might add!

    I am also struck by the reactions of the onlookers as the UFO descends, hovers and shoot upwards.

    Perhaps someone in another location did rebuke the orb, which then flashed and shot upwards?

    I cannot help but think that the Church will be taken out of the way before the revealing, because those of us who understand this deception will be raining down the rebukes in Jesus’ name.

  9. On a compleatly different but related note. I usually don’t watch “V” because I think it’s a stupid show, but I did this week. This week the aliens went to the Vatican and threateded the college of Cardinals with flooding the world with fake miracles unless they silenced any priests speaking against them. The Cardinals caved. Though I am not Catholic, I found this very offensive since the logical thing for any purportedly Christian group to do would be to immediately scream bloody murder that the Visitors were planning on using their advanced technology to fake miracles. But I suppose if they did that the series would come to an end, which would be no great loss. I attribute this to the writers and producers being non-believers and an almost complete lack of imagination.

  10. Nobody rebuked anything because they’re not real. Read my message above if you haven’t already, and read the content of the link carefully. People are wasting their time debating about nonsense.

    • Henrik
      Your arguments are on par with the 9/11 truthers who want us to believe hundreds of people were in on the planning. For three and now four different people from different continents and cultures to all be in on the hoax is stretching our disbelief.
      It’s the real deal.

    • No, my arguments are based on easily verifiable facts and you’re just passing blame and rhetoric about “truthers” in a poor attempt to obfuscate that. Anyone who researches what I’ve said or possesses even the most basic fundamental knowledge of video or audio editing techniques (plenty of free lessons out there on the net folks) can see that they are forgeries. What anyone concludes about who planned it after accepting that, is their own business and doesn’t negate the primary fact that the videos are forgeries.

  11. On Coast to Coast tonite…Anthropologist specializing in Star Cultures, and certified clinical hypnotherapist, Dr. Richard Boylan will discuss the recent deployment of an anti-UFO ship by the National Reconnaissance office, as well as updates on his work on Star Seed children.

  12. Strange Lights in Utah Sky

    Two residents of Utah County reported seeing unusual lights in the night sky over their homes. According to Lynette Chidester, a group of three red lights eventually appeared that made no sound and started dropping white streams. Mike Galbraith, who served in the Air Force and recorded the red lights, does not think the falling white trails were military flares. Neither witness could identify what the flying objects were, but both agree they did not seem like conventional aircraft.

  13. On yesterday’s blog I posted about fasting.. I found this fairly good short video teaching on fasting.. some of you may be suprised…thoughts anyone?

    • I’ve been thinking about fasting Kirt. Have you read Franklin Jentzens book on fasting. Franklin brings up some very interesting perspectives that when you fast you just dont fast from food but you try to fast or limit other things that interfere with your walk with God during your fast such as the internet, tv etc. He also mentioned that you dont fast for personal gain.

      The following is a three part series on Fasting from Franklin Jentzen. Its good.

    • Richard great teaching. 🙂

      Here are just a few scriptural highlights I jotted down about fasting

      we can fast for our children.
      ( I have stated before that I have a grave concern for my family and what will happen to them during the tribulation I now know of another way of trying to protect them, fast for them) side note- answer to prayer 🙂

      Fasting will bring about quick answers in your prayers.

      If you want to super charge your fast read the word of God while fasting.

      Make the focus of your fast the word of God not the fact that I am missing food

      Worship Him during a fast

      Fast when we are facing a mammoth task, Nehimiah (sp) when he rebuilt the wall

      Fast when you face physical danger Esther and the people fasted for 3 days when they were about to be wiped off he face of the earth

      When surrounded by enemies, Joesphat was surrounded by his enemies, Joesphat said, Lord we know not what to do, he fasted.

      Jonah fasted for Ninevah and God changed his mind..

      We can fast for other people.

  14. Hi Richard,
    As I mentioned yesterday, I’m not saying you are saying this but I want to state… In know way am I fasting for personal gain… This is going to be a big struggle for me… At times I can get cranky when I don’t get to eat when I want to… and I hate that feeling, that food can put such a strangle hold on me.. 😦 The bread of life needs to be a stronghold on me 🙂 In other words taking in our Fathers bread (his word)

    Matthew 4:4
    But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

    I see that we are going to go thru the worst time this world has ever seen and can see that even if we stock up on food we may run out or be forced to stay a foot.. So I foresee that we may not always have food handy or be without for periods of time and think we should experience going without food so that we know what to expect spiritually and physically.

    Also, I see in scripture that we can grow stronger spiritually with our Father by fasting. As Y’shua did in the desert and Moses was on the Mountain with God 40 days and 40 nights. I also was reminded in the video that I posted that the disciples were unable to cast devils out because they did not pray and fast. I’m not fasting with the intention to go around casting devils out.. but those were Y’shua’s words…I believe it is a step in our growth with our Father that at some point we should consider taking.

    Also let me say that I’m not saying that fasting is important as believing first that Y’shua my master paid the price for our sins at the cross and rose again in 3 days and that we need to keep commandments and serve Him..

    Y’shua is our perfect example and if he fasted I believe we should be following his example in this area..

    I will watch the video you posted
    Thank you

    • Kirt you’re funny

      I want to fast for spirtual clarity. I also want to fast for spirtual guidance in regards to some of my decisions. Especailly with my employment decisions. I also want to shake some bad habits. In addtion to the many of the reasons you listed that are in Jentzens video. Really I jsut want to get closer to God.

    • Kirt and Richard.

      You are thinking on the right track. I will paste a couple verses as this is what the churches of today do not want to heed and most Christians. They are not doing it. To break one is to break them all.

      Re 14:12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.
      Re 12:17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

      Remnant is the last of the true ones and that better be us. That Royal Law still stands and is as eternal as is Yah. At the seventh Trump He puts the Ark of the Testimony on display. We know what is in that Ark!

      Re 11:19 And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail.

      They are eternal.

      E. Gibbs.


    Are the Two witnesses represented in Rev Ch11, two literal persons or are they symbolical figures revealing something contrary to the widely held belief of modern dispensation Theology? let us look at the scripture.

    The two witnesses appear in context with the Temple of God and of those who Worship in It Vs2,3.
    The Greek word here for Temple Is NAOS =”Sanctuary within”. The Word Does not referrer to a literal Temple But a Spiritual one as also shown in Rev 3:12 and 2Thes2:4.

    The Greek word for A literal Temple As was Herod’s is HIERON Mk11:11. Mat24, Lk21.

    It is The saints, Those having received adoption By the Spirit of God who worship in Spirit And in Truth within the true sanctuary. They are “Gods Household, the Royal priesthood, His holy Nation and chosen Race” 1Pet2:5-9
    Outside are the nations Trampling the Outer court Rev11:2.
    The witnessing ministry is within that context. [power received from the presence of God in the sanctuary for Witness to those Outside of it]

    The Witnesses prophesy in “Sackcloth” by divine Power Gotten from The Sanctuary. For they are also the Two Olive trees & the Two Lamp stands before the Lord of the Earth. Vs4.
    This is in contrast to Religious Authority or power dressed in clerical Regalia. These witnesses are without rank & Title Among Men. They are divinely Ordained for ministry by God and not by Man.

    Their Testimony will not be of progress and world betterment, not of Peace & safety, not of Social justice and Equal rights as is The current trend in Christendom [the social Gospel]
    These witnesses must testify Of death & judgment, of the day of Wrath & perdition of the Ungodly, of the coming of the rejected Lord coming in Flaming Fire, taking vengeance on those who know not God, and who Obey not the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ 2Thess1:7-9.

    We are not to look for Two Divinely endowed persons, as Moses and Elijah to appear on the end-Time Scene as is presently taught within many denominational networks.

    The number “2” like other numbers in this book, has a symbolical meaning.
    Two is the number of divine sufficiency in Testimony. Deut17:6, Mat18:16. The Lord always sent forth his disciples by Two together; and in earlier times there were Moses & Aaron, Joshua & Caleb, Zerubbabel & Joshua, Haggai & Zechariah.

    The Two witnesses have the “characteristics of Moses & Elijah” For according to Vs6 They have like the latter the power “to shut heaven that it rain not in the days of their prophecy”, and power, like the Former, “over waters to turn them to Blood and smite with plagues”. Likewise we are not to consider Literal Fire proceeding out of their mouths to devour vs5.

    Vs7 states that the Beast from out of the Abyss [Apollyon] makes War with Them, This also Reveals that the witnesses are not two literal persons (One Does not Make war Upon Two individuals, rather War is made upon A company of People.
    This is a suppression Of the Testimony and Witness of Jesus Christ By the beastly governments of the World under the leadership of Antichrist. There is a great rejoicing by the populous of world at their Death [Martyrdom is implied] Vs9,10

    The rejoicing of the Enemies of the Truth was very brief. For a mighty outpouring of the Spirit is indicated by the words of Vs11, bringing a “revival to the testimony”, in a final Harvest or a “gathering in” before “The Rapture of the saints & judgment of the Wicked”.

    Vs12 A voice from Heaven saying To Them “Come Up Here”, and they “went up into heaven” in a cloud, beheld by their Enemies.
    [see 1Thess 4:16-18]
    Vs13 and in that Hour judgment begins. This takes place immediately before the sounding of the Seventh Trumpet announcing the coming Wrath.Vs18

    Vs8 The City of their slaying is “mystically” called Sodom & Egypt where Our Lord was Crucified. The words “Where our lord Was crucified” signify that The Guilt of His Crucifixion is to Be Laid upon all those in the Whole world who have rejected the Mercy that flows from The Cross.

    In concluding: I hold The view that the Two witnesses is symbolical of the “Testimony of Jesus” upon the Earth by the Mouth of His Saints of all Generations, with The Emphasis of an end-Time suppression of the Gospel [as is presently happening] and the calling of a godly Remnant to be gathered in unity of Spirit during The Great Apostasy prophesied By Apostle Paul In 2Thess.

    [see Blog Antichrist an Apostate in the Temple]

    • John B.

      John the baptist was sent in the spirit and power of Elijah before and now for the witnesses that go forth in chap. 11: of Rev. Yah is preparing 144,000 for to do the same thing. Here is the two verse that reveal it.

      Re 7:3 Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed “the servants of our God” in their foreheads.
      Re 7:4 And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel.

      This is preparing a special number for the last great witness to men outside of those who have already are of Him. ( in His Temple ) Which have been measured up. verse 1 of Rev 11:

      Each one of these 144,000 will have a tremendous number to reach. Earth holds close to 7,000,000,000 people- divide that by 144,000 and that number is 48,611 and with all the false hype that is being done by men, Satan and his angels they must have the power and spirit of Elijah.

      E. Gibbs

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