Holocaust Remerbance Day – It Can’t Happen Here…

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L. A. Marzulli

It has been 66 years since the Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated. Auschwitz was a death camp, a factory where over 1.1 million people were gassed or worked to death. If you or I could somehow go back to 1944, a year before the camp was liberated, we would have reeled at what we would see. The mind can barely grasp the horror of that place.

It bears the signature, in my opinion, of the fallen cherub, the prince of the power of the air, the destroyer of mens souls, Satan. I believe that the Holocaust was a deliberate, luciferic, ritualistic, blood sacrifice, that opened the gates of hell. It was another attempt to destroy the chosen people, and the blood of the innocent cry out even now.

When Israeli president, Benjamin Netanyahu stood before the United Nations general assembly last year, he held up the blue prints of the Auschwitz death-camp and told how his wife had lost most of her family there.

The beginning of the Holocaust happened over a period of a decade. First came the laws that forbade the Jews to hold public office. Next came the propaganda that pictured the Jews as vermin and a plague to the German people. Then came The Night Of Broken Glass, where synagogues and Jewish shops were looted and the broken glass littered the streets. Those of Jewish descent were then forced to wear a yellow star on their sleeve to identify them as Jews. They were forbidden to marry gentiles and finally, when the demented master minds of the third Reich created the Final Solution, the Jews were rounded up and stuffed like sardines in rail-way, box-cars that made the long journey to the death camps.

Women, children, and the aged were gassed immediately upon arrival. They were told they were going to the showers to get cleaned up. I. G. Farben made the gas, Zyclon B, that was used to kill the people who were packed together in the shower area. However, there would be no water from those shower heads, and as the gas was dropped from trap doors in the roof above it finally began to dawn on the victims what was happening. Then came the terrified screams and the wailing of children and the frantic cries of their mothers followed by a deathly silence….

Germany produced, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart. It was a cultural center where the Renaissance flourished, and the protestant reformation began there. Yet, after the defeat in WWI, the people of Germany embraced fascism, and as Hitler took more control of the private sector, personal liberties vanished, and the state became the arbitrator of what was good for the German people.

Not all Germans were Nazi’s and there were good German people who hid Jews in their homes, risking their own lives to do so. When Hitler took the reigns of power no one would ever have imagined the horrors of the death camps. The final solution took the lives of 6 million, Jewish, men, women and children. It reveals what men and women are capable of when the state dictates who has value and who does not. When it legislates those who are deemed worthy and others who are considered vermin.

It can’t happen here though… can it?

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61 thoughts on “Holocaust Remerbance Day – It Can’t Happen Here…

  1. I’m quite certain that it will indeed happen here lynn. It will happen everywhere but how much will God’s chosen see before we are taken up? That I do not know.

  2. Part 2 of the End of Times by Jim Dixon at http://www.CHCC.org

    The other day I mentioned the that my church is doing a two part series on the “End Times” is JUST AWESOME. I cant give it enough accolades. In part two Jim Dixon talks about the three rapture theories; the Bema Seat of Judgment and purification; The Crowns; The New Jerusalem and he talks about Heaven. Jim is an unbelievable pastor. I mentioned he has a Phd from Fulerton Seminary. You can listen to it at http://www.chcc.org click on last weeks sermon. Its called “Homecoming.” Its free. You can listen to it at any time you wish.

    I KNOW I KNOW that LA you and your wife would love listening to it. Barb in VA; LNL; Margaret; I think Bozz and E.Gibbs would love it: Jeff I know you would love it. I know that every christian that reads this blog would love it. Its worth the 45 mintues to listen to it. In fact I look forward to purchasing it and handing it out to friends and family. You leave educated but are left with such feelings of the hope and love. Jim paints a picture that cant be described.

    I really really hope that everyone listens to it. We all need the hope that this message delivers today.

    • I’ve been to 10 Promise Keeper events through out the united states. I graduated from CU in 1994 Bill McCartney the coach of the then CU football team retired to start Promise Keepers. Promise Keepers has been misunderstood but its mission was very simple. Bring men together in an environment where they can profess their love for christ; start mens groups based and to emphasize and practice the basic theory that we are to treat our wife as christ treated the church.

      I will say the most amazing event was at the mall in Washington in 1997. There were over a million men praying for their wives, the father above; their churches and for the president as he flew over in the presidential helicopter.

      Last years Promise Keepers was a special event held a Folsom Field in Boulder. It was called “A Time to Honor” to celebrate our 20th year of ministry, we are called to do three things: honor our wives, daughters, and sisters, be a tangible blessing to the poor and oppressed, and embrace our Messianic Jewish brothers as our spiritual fathers in the faith.”

      Our Jewish brothers were at the event and we prayed; we sang and we danced in the Jewish traditions. Its was truly special. At the end of the event we all wore yellow jewish stars of davids and one by one we held our jewish brothers and we said “NEVER AGAIN!”

      Whats it mean? It means NEVER AGAIN will “I” as a brother in Christ ever allow my Jewish brothers to be persecuted even if it means laying my life down for them. I will stand with them not behind them. It means I will raise my voice to stand against any persecution that may come against them or Israel in the very near future.

      The song above “Never Again” is a song about that very subject tied to Schindlers list. As brothers and sisters of christ I hope you stand with me committed in christ to say NEVER AGAIN, NEVER AGAIN. Amen Maranatha!

  3. Several years ago, I had a very disturbing dream that I was in a concentration camp just one town over that they use now for football games. It already has barbed wire fencing facing inward, I saw in my dream that they had people lined up around the perimeter of this field. A person in a mustard yellow uniform told me to “go”. I saw myself walking to a boxy type of area. I felt so alone, broken hearted and yet a great peace. Then I was made to sit down, across from me was my husband and son and mother-in-law. I was yelling out for my son and reaching for him and him me. This prison guard slammed my son on my lap and we started to say The Our Father, and we knew we were gonna die. Something in the seat was about to let go, then I awoke, after I got up from that, I looked at the computer and it was unbelieveably Holocaust Rememberance Day! Is this what is to come? I haven’t a clue, but I knew in this dream what it felt like exactly what they the Jews and others must have gone through what separation,heartbreak was. I will never forget that as long as I live. It was horrific!

    • Very disturbing dream Laura. I am concerned for my three kids and hope and pray that The Lord will come and take us home before it gets that bad – and it will get that bad.

      Dear Jesus, many of your true followers are hoping and praying that you would call your children home before the worst of the tribulation occurs and even earlier. It says in Your Holy Word, that you could come at any moment and take us home. I pray Dear Father that you would rapture your children (us true believers) home before the tribulation. Rescue us dear Lord and soon I humbly pray. I pray this believing you will answer our prayers in Jesus’ name and by the power of The Holy Spirit. Thanks, praise, honor, and glory to you Lord Jesus our God.

    • Yes Mark it was and thankyou for your prayer and response. While I had this dream, I had one about the rapture as well, in that dream the point the Lord was trying to drive home was asking me if I were ready. When He asked me that I hesitated. That was the point where now I ask Him to please help me be ready no matter.

  4. FEMA Game Prepares Kids for UFO’s and Earthquakes
    January 27, 2011
    By ParaNikki

    A game recently released on the state of Illinois’ emergency preparedness website is said to be an earthquake preparedness game…. with UFO’s and extraterrestrials. Hmmm…. Many said that the UFO disclosure by the government wouldn’t be a speech to the press, but a slow gradual process of barely recognizing their existence through small minor movements… like government games for kids perhaps. I haven’t personally played the game yet, but I will definitely be downloading it for my daughter. You can download the game as well by going to the game’s website. Here’s a video explaining more and taking you on a walk through of the game.

  5. The most hated race on the planet is “the Chosen race”

    Contrary to popular belief among many denominations, That “Chosen Race” is God’s “Royal Priesthood”
    A “Holy Nation of God’s possession” that bears the mark of God the Father (the righteousness of Christ Jesus)in this world.1pet2:9

    These “priests of God” are the only ones Who carry Christ Jesus Formed in them.
    The Evil one hates these priests of God with a vengeance, for they portray The Risen Crucified Lord Who defeated him.

    “The four corners of the earth are gathered Like the sand of the seashore against the saints” Rev2o:8,9.

    Soon the “Lord Jesus with his mighty Angels will be revealed from heaven in flaming fire” 2Thes1:6-10.

    This I saw in a dream last night. There was Great thunder with multiple Lightening everywhere, the cracking of the lightning shook the earth with awesome power. the land was in darkness. I saw massive black clouds rolling across the land, the stars like unto a meteorite shower falling with great speed upon the earth. I saw the saints with hands lifted praising God. I saw myself in their midst. Then Angels in War formation from nowhere flying across the earth and then I saw Jesus coming in great power His face being most prominent Stern and fearful, and a Roar of praise went up from the saints that were gathered praising God. then I woke up.

    john b

    • That dream brings many verses to mind very close to it. Here is just one and more can be read about it in verses that follow this one. –

      Isa 13:9 Behold, the day of the LORD cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate: and he shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it.

      Many now are having visions and dreams and so it means He must be making wake up calls around the earth.


    • Indeed i believe that The dream i had was that of the “Day of the Lord” That Great and terrible day which shall come unexpectedly upon a world in rebellion of Almighty God and of his Christ.

      We are His people, His Chosen saints in These last days.
      Let us Lift high the cross of Christ, to be sure the enemy will rage at this symbol of his defeat.
      Let it be known that we have the Victory hallelujah!
      The Lord shall direct our path in this Great darkness. Thy comfort O Lord delights my Soul. Amen

      john b

      John b

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  7. I recently visited the Holocaust museum here in my home town; it was very sobering to be so close to actual artifacts from that time. They had an actual box-car used during that time and to see it up close was shocking indeed. At the end of the museum tour there is a small room, with a few seats where they run a short film by Steven Spielberg. In the film he interviews and documents the survivors of the camps. Spielberg wanted to make the film as historic proof of the atrocities that occurred. What better way then to interview the survivors. I have to tell you, after the short 20 minute film, there was not a dry eye in the house.
    One film that I feel really hit home with the ruthlessness of the Nazis was the 1993 film Schindler’s List ,another Spielberg creation and one of my all time favorites and the only film where upon leaving the theater I felt totally numb from what I just witnessed. It was a very well made film and I believe it captured the evil of Nazi party quite well; the film in my opinion is a masterpiece in cinema.
    If anyone has a Holocaust type museum in their community I urge you to visit, there is nothing like seeing it up close and personal. Some may want to close their eyes and not think about or deal with what happened many years ago, however, that doesn’t change the fact it happened and could possibly happen again.

    • I’ve been wanting with anxiety to go to the museum near where I live. I know it will tear at my heart and make me very sorrowful. Thank you Matt for sharing. I will gather some courage from God and go visit with a prayerful mindset. I also think Schindler’s List is a masterpiece and I’ve only seen it once, it was painful and shameful to watch, to think that this will happen again in some form is almost to hard to think of. Oh Lord Jesus deliver us from that evil day.

      Let us be strong in His Word daily.
      Let us praise and thank Him daily.
      Let us give You the Glory daily.
      Let us share your Word and be a blessing to others daily.
      Let us fellowship with other believers in these trying times daily.
      Let us pray to You Jesus many times daily.
      Let us bare the fruits of The Holy Spirit Daily.

      Bless us Dear Jesus.

  8. It’s happening in North Korea and worse. Yet just like prior to world war 2 the world is ignoring it. The “dear leader” is starving and killing millions of his own people while he lives in disgusting luxury. The country is full of concentration camps. The crimes that get you sent there is folding a piece of newspaper so the crease runs across the face of the dictator or trying to leave the country, that’s a treasonous act and worthy of death. Check it out people, horrific things are happening there and not a peep from the world leaders. But we can pray that the Lord Jesus will take down this evil dictator and allow His Word to flood into that dark country. http://www.thebyteshow.com/Audio/DougRiggs/DougRiggs_NorthKoreaNeedsYourPrayers_TBS.mp3 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ms4NIB6xroc Check these out and see if your heart doesn’t cry for these poor people. If it can happen elsewhere in the world, it can happen here.

  9. Brandon – I couldn’t disagree with you more! I’m pulling this down as it is plainly anti semitic and you had the nerve to put this up the day after Holocaust Remembrance day! L.A.

    • LA, sorry if I came across to cold. But I am concerned at the blindness of many who praise and support the modern day nation of Israel, not Spiritual Israel who are follower of Christ.

      LA, You might disagree but lets take a look at the facts. Do you support Israel? Do you support the innocent blood being spilled by the Israeli government in the name of Zionism? Do you know these evil people follow the Talmud and not the Torah?

      My whole point is Christians need to wake up. Supporting Israel is wrong. If you support Israel, you are supporting all their violence (sin) as well. The main stream media has only shown support for Israel, never showing the other side of their crimes. Have you ever checked the holocaust of the innocent Palestinian people, many who are CHRISTIANS??? Satan is right at home where our Lord was crucified. And soon He is going to return and crush the Zionist Jews who say their home is the holy land, but it’s really not, and who call themselves Jews and really are not.

      “Over five decades now, Zionists have killed Palestinians with impunity. And in the 1996 shelling of a U.N. base in Qana, Lebanon, the Israelis killed more than 100 civilians sheltered there. As an Israeli journalist, Arieh Shavit, explains of the massacre, “We believe with absolute certitude that right now, with the White House in our hands, the Senate in our hands and The New York Times in our hands, the lives of others do not count the same way as our own.”” http://www.ihr.org/leaflets/what_christians.shtml

      I feel for ALL the innocent people who were killed in every war, not just the Jews in WW2. If you are a student of the truth, you will find all the wars were the product of the elite Zionist Jews who rule the USA, Europe, Israel, and are trying right now to rule the Middle East. Iran is next.

      “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws” — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild: **Ashkenazi Jewish ethnicity**

      Many look at the Muslims as the primary enemy. Not so. In his book, “You Gentiles,” Maurice Samuel states the following of his people, the Jews, “We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.” ONE WORLD ORDER????

      The Israeli government hates Christians. Do you honestly think modern day Israel is God’s nation??? It’s whoever follows Christ and keeps His commandments that God loves. [21] Whoever has my commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves me. And he who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him and manifest myself to him.” Killing innocent Arab’s is not from God, that is not loving your neighbor!

      This might as well be written to the Jews of modern day Israel who run that government:
      [13] “But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. For you neither enter yourselves nor allow those who would enter to go in. [15] Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you travel across sea and land to make a single proselyte, and when he becomes a proselyte, you make him twice as much a child of hell as yourselves.
      (Matthew 23:13-15 ESV)

      LA, Christians need to start distancing themselves from Israel. We are not to have fellowship with people who curse Jesus Christ and kill our brothers and sisters in Christ. We all need to turn off the Zionist news stations because it’s brainwashing the masses. Jesus once said, “you will know them by their fruits.”

      We truly do live in a matrix.

      In Christ,

    • Brandon, while what you write may be correct, please do not forget that the Lord is not finished with Israel with all its many faults. The bible predicts that anyone who burdens themselves with Israel will get hurt, in the last days Israel would be a cup of trembling, that they divide the land for peace, and the Lord Himself is going to rule from that city the world for a thousand years. So much prophecy yet to be fulfilled in Israel alone. Do you think the Lord is surprised at what is going on there? The ones I believe who do these things are the ones that say they are Jews and are not, they are of the synogogue of satan. I am not surprised, but I pray for Israel as we are told to do by God Himself in His own word. We need to put that in prospective, not all even in Israel would do those things and feel the way the ones you speak of do. God fully well knows who is His and you cannot lump all of Israel into that. I have a love for the real Jewish people not the Satanists.

    • and one more thing Richard, just like here in the U.S. do you agree that we should be supplanting our brand of “democracy” and stuffing it down the thoats of people all over the world? and what about the atrocities have come from this nation alone, and brokering deals that try and force Israel to divide their land and remove jewish settlers from their own homes, and God is adamant in His word He does not want His land Israel divided. I live in this nation.Tell you this, I will stay here because of our own government we are hated and resented. Just because I live here doesn’t mean I like what they do.

    • I’m sorry but I don’t think what Brandon is saying is true. I think what he is saying is what the mainstream media not only in this country but around the world wants us to think about Israel. Much of what he says is what the anti-semitic world media is feeding us. There may be those who are corrupt in their government, but have you looked at our government lately? Or many others in the world? Should we hate everyone who resides in a country with corruption going on? We who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour shouldn’t be hating anyone except our true enemy, satan. The true God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob gave the land of Israel to his people who we know as the jews. Jesus himself came thru their bloodline, thru Mary. No I say love the jews, hate the sin. Like L.A. said the Lord is not done with them yet and the Bible clearly states that we should support them and pray for them. I would clearly say that the Rothchild you mentioned would certainly qualify to be a jew in name only.

    • Leslie and all! What Brandon is posting is, in my opinion the same kind of propaganda that led to the Holocaust in the first place. As Paul tells us, the Jews are the branch and we are a vine that has been grafted in. The 70th week of Daniel is yet to be fulfilled… The third Temple will be rebuilt and the the Jews at some point will look on Him who they have pierced and mourn for Him as an only son…. L.A.

    • Leslie and all! What Brandon is posting is, in my opinion the same kind of propaganda that led to the Holocaust in the first place. As Paul tells us, the Jews are the branch and we are a vine that has been grafted in. The 70th week of Daniel is yet to be fulfilled… The third Temple will be rebuilt and the the Jews at some point will look on Him who they have pierced and mourn for Him as an only son…. L.A.

    • “In the Book of Genesis, Chapter 12, Verse 1-3, we see what God says about His response to how people treat Israel:

      And I will bless those that bless you and curse the one who curses you. And in you shall all families of the earth be blessed.

      In the Book of Numbers, where the Bible is telling us about the Nation of Israel that God delivers out of bondage in Egypt, it tells us:

      He crouched. He lay down as a lion, and as a great lion. Who shall stir him up? Blessed is he who blesses you, and cursed is he who curses you.

      Although many will point out that this Scripture had its fulfillment in the Old Testament days, it does not seem to have any time-related limitation on it. It does not say, I will bless those who bless you only until the Messiah comes. . . or have any other conditions that would limit the result of actions toward Israel.

      Some will object that the promise of blessings applies to nations only, not individuals. To this we respond that our God is a just and faithful God, not giving promises in the Bible and then taking them away through trickery of the meanings of words!


    • “In the Book of Genesis, Chapter 12, Verse 1-3, we see what God says about His response to how people treat Israel:

      And I will bless those that bless you and curse the one who curses you. And in you shall all families of the earth be blessed.

      In the Book of Numbers, where the Bible is telling us about the Nation of Israel that God delivers out of bondage in Egypt, it tells us:

      He crouched. He lay down as a lion, and as a great lion. Who shall stir him up? Blessed is he who blesses you, and cursed is he who curses you.

      Although many will point out that this Scripture had its fulfillment in the Old Testament days, it does not seem to have any time-related limitation on it. It does not say, I will bless those who bless you only until the Messiah comes. . . or have any other conditions that would limit the result of actions toward Israel.

      Some will object that the promise of blessings applies to nations only, not individuals. To this we respond that our God is a just and faithful God, not giving promises in the Bible and then taking them away through trickery of the meanings of words!”


  10. Peace. We dont solve social problems by killing people. Period. No more titles, names, countries, peoples. We are all human. Christ bore in His flesh our sin. Will we bare in our flesh for another?

  11. I feel for Brandon and those like him who are being led astray by satan’s propaganda. Throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelations the Israelites are God’s chosen people. But they have constantly rebelled against Him, it is no different now then it was from the beginning. But the Lord has always raised up a remenant of Jews who believe in Him, it is no different now then it was from the beginning. He needs to study Romans chapter 11 in particular that tells us that those of us gentiles who believe in Christ Jesus as the Messiah are grafted into the body of Christ in place of those Jews who have rejected Him. This is one of the most wonderful features of Salvation, that we who are not of the actual bloodline of the nation of Israel can by faith in the Lamb of God, the Messiah Christ Jesus become His chosen people along with Israel. And because we as believers in Christ Jesus are now grafted into His body, we should not hate those who are the natural branches of His body. We are now one body in Christ Jesus our Saviour, our Messiah. I don’t think Brandon realizes this, else he wouldn’t be believing the propaganda that our enemy has filled the world with which did lead to the Holocaust.

    • Romans 11:24 ‘For if you were cut out of the olive tree which is wild by nature, and were grafted contrary to nature into a cultivated olive tree, how much more will these, who are natural branches be grafted into their own olive tree’.
      This portion of scripture is one which has been misrepresented within the majority of denominations. The reason for this is based on a most recent formulated pro-Jewish theology which asserts that the cultivated olive tree is the modern nation of Israel.
      Let us examin the tree, begining at the ‘roots’. The Apostle tells us that the root is Holy Vs16. There is in Isaiah 53:2 a prophetic word concerning Christ, ‘He (Jesus) grew up before Him (God the Father) like a tender shoot and like a Root out of parched ground’—– Jesus is the incarnate word of God, (the Holy one of Israel,) He is called the Holy one of God in Lk4:34. He is the root of Jesse Isa11:10. He grew up ‘out of parched ground’ ( a nation which had abandoned God and the authority of His word in favor of the traditions of men) Mk7:3-13.
      The olive tree is symbolic of all who are in christ, redeemed by His shed Blood; the tree is the new covenant people of God made up of all who are in Christ (the Root of the tree), for there is ‘neither Greek or Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision’ Col3:11. There was prior to the work of reconciliation to God a distinction between Jew (natural branches) and Gentile (wild branches), but He (God) has broken down the middle wall of partition between the two Eph2:14. all are now grafted into One Olive tree.
      God’s calling is irrevocable Vs29. The calling, by the word of the Gospel message goes out to all men, because all men were committed to disobedience, it was the only way that God in His wisdom chose to reveal His mercy Vs32. when Paul says in Vs26 ‘and SO all Israel will be saved’, he is referring to all who are in Christ presently and to all who will be prior to the return of Christ, and not to the Jewish nation as such in a future time at the return of Christ. It is plain to see in the verses above, that there is no permanent distinction for all eternity between Jew and gentile; that is gone once and for ever. The Cross of Christ has made this a reality, be you a Jew or Gentile. (both branches must be grafted into the Olive tree for they are both outside of the life of the Tree)
      When Paul says in Vs26 ‘the deliverer will come from Zion, He will remove ungodliness from Jacob’ he is not speaking of a future event, He is quoting the prophet Isaiah in showing that it is fulfilled already in Christ’s atonement for sin. for in Vs27 He says ‘this is my covenant with them, when I take away their ‘sins’. The new covenant is already in place. dear friend, everything that the Apostles said has to do with the salvation of sinners in this present dispensation of Grace. Understanding the rhetoric of the Apostles words ‘And SO’ does not mean ‘And when’, it means ‘how’, it means, ‘it is this way’ ( by the blood of Jesus), that salvation is made real’ to all Israel, the Israel of God, who are His new covenant people, which is figuratively this ‘one olive tree’ whose Holy root is Christ Jesus. The Apostle Peter addressing Jews says unto them ‘For you once were not a people, but “Now” you are the people of God; you had not received mercy, but “Now” you have received mercy 1Pet2:10 I emphasize the word (Now) twice said by the Apostle, if it is Now that mercy is revealed making ‘not a people’ to become ‘a people of God’, then I ask, where in that, is there a future promise given to the Jews. How many olive trees are there that be cultivated by the hand of God? The answer is one, there has always been only One olive Tree,
      Only One! in it are the prophets, the forefather’s, the bond-servants, the Saints including the Apostles, and it will be seen for its holiness at the revelation of Christ when he returns to give all who have believed on him for salvation the crown of life, be they Jew or Gentile.

      John B

    • LOL I just had to respond to this. Is there a denomination that you and Brandon go to that teaches this kind of interpretation, are they sending you out two by two to spread it around? If so let me know in case there are some in my area so I can avoid it like the plague. I believe in Christ Jesus as the Messiah, yet I have to trouble accepting that Israel, whether they were before the Lamb of God’s death and resurrection or after or now being still His chosen people and that before He returns they will see whom they pierced and rejected and believe and so be saved. Not all, but certainly the 144,000 from every tribe of Israel. I don’t get this anti-jewish thing, it certainly isn’t from God and I don’t see a justification for it in Scripture. Sorry, your twisting of scripture and then adding your own interpretation of it doesn’t convince me and hopefully the majority of true believers.

    • John B, WELL DONE MY BROTHER!!!! John and I are what you call followers of Jesus Christ. We don’t follow man’s doctrines, we follow the Scriptures truth the best we can. We don’t seek praise from men, we do our best to speak the truth. By the way, the way John applied exegesis to the text is the way most reformed protestant denominations do. Its not like we came across something new.

      Leslie, What John just did with Romans 11 is called Theological hermeneutics or exegesis. For you to laugh at what John did is disturbing. What part of that don’t you understand.

      There is ONE body of the Church. Show me one place in the NT where it is mentioned of the body and another body of God’s elect. You won’t find it. Everyone since the day of Pentecost is now under the new covenant.

      [25] But now that faith has come, we are no longer under a guardian, [26] for in Christ Jesus you are ALL sons of God, through faith. [27] For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. [28] There is NEITHER JEW OR GREEK, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are ALL ONE in Christ Jesus. [29] And if you are Christ’s, then YOU ARE Abraham’s offspring, heirs according to PROMISE.
      (Galatians 3:25-29 ESV)

      I highlighted not to shout just to emphasize. Paul teaches there is ONE body, that’s it. The Jews who reject Christ and live by the Law are cursed.

      This is why the doctrine of election/predestination is so important. Jesus said in John 6 that His sheep hear his voice and follow Him. Then later He goes on to give the Pharisees a tongue lashing and tells them they are not His sheep, that their father is the devil. Pretty strong words for someone that you consider God’s chosen people.

    • BRandon & John – Here’s a hypothetical for you. If you and I were living in 1920 and I told you that I believed in the prophecy of Exekiel 37 – which states that in the later days Israel would be gathered back into the homeland, what would you say? I believe , and correct me if I’m wrong, that you would say that it wouldn’t apply to the age we’re living in. Yet, that prophecy was fulfilled and so will the other ones that concern Israel. We may have to agree to disagree and move on as we are not going to convince one another. Here’s what I suggest, hold on to our positions lightly and watch what happens, as we may have to adjust! Blessings to both of you! L.A.

    • I wasn’t laughing at what he did I was laughing because you guys don’t give up. I’m not trying to persuade you of anything, I’m just stating that I don’t see where your coming from and I too am a believer and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. I guess I’m not as sophisticated as you I don’t do hermeneutics or exegesis. I just study my Bible and ask the Lord to reveal His truth to me. I get the part that those who accept the Lord Jesus as Savior is one body and those who refuse to accept Him as the Messiah are none of His. What I don’t get is why your emphasis on the Jewish people when scripture from Genesis to Revelation says they are God’s chosen people and they will accept Him as Savior before He returns. I look at the Scripture as one unit, one truth from God and I don’t pick and choose what I’m going to follow from it and what I’m not, I follow the whole thing. I don’t claim to know everything, but what I do know is God loves us and there is only one way to Him and that is through his Son. So, there ya go no flowery speeches and interpretations of scripture. No pointing at the Jewish people stating how cursed they are because they rejected Jesus; I just pray that they will accept and come to believe in the Messiah that they crucified and like Jesus did on the cross ask the Father to forgive them for they know not what they do.

    • Leslie;I agree That you agree that we are all believers and followers of the lord Jesus Christ.

      When He ascended on high He Gave Gifts to men… in order to grow the Saints into maturity. we all differ And have various callings. I do not belong to any denomination. I read my Bible as you do. I apply a Method to The way I read it And yes Pray for understanding, like you I do not know the Whole Thing.

      Here is a verse of Scripture; May you Ponder upon It as I have. For it can only have have one understanding. Therein is the Mystery of his will.

      “He made Known to us the Mystery of His will according to His kind intention which He purposed In Him (Jesus), With a view to an administration suitable to the ‘Fullness of the Times’, That is; the summing up of all Things in Christ, Things in Heaven and things upon the Earth”… Eph1:9,10.

      “But when the ‘fullness of time Came’, God sent forth His Son”…. Gal4:4.

      God bless you.

      John b

    • I agree that as believers when we have differing opinions and views on issues we can’t resolve, that we agree to disagree and go on from there. And thanks John for the verse. One thing I did get from this is when you said that I was living in the torah, that really captured my imagination. That phrase living in the torah sounds like a great title for a song or a poem. Hmmmm…..May the Lord Jesus keep you and bless you.

    • LA, right now with what I am seeing in Scripture I would tell you that it isn’t a prophecy for today, that it happened in the distant past. I would also ask why it is not mentioned in the New Testament? If it was so important, why didn’t Jesus, Paul, Peter, or John tell about it?

      I ask you this. If the state of Israel is a fulfillment of Ezek. 37, are you going to tell me that everyone in that state are filled with God’s Spirit since 1948? Because that is exactly what Ezekiel prophesied.

      [14] And I will put my Spirit within you, and you shall live, and I will place you in your own land. Then you shall know that I am the LORD; I have spoken, and I will do it, declares the LORD.”
      (Ezekiel 37:11-14 ESV)

      So in other words, you have to show me how the state of Israel today are ALL followers of Christ and all their sins are atoned for, even though most Jews who live there deny Christ. Plus, if God’s Spirit is in ALL of the Jews there, why do they continue to kill and bomb innocent men, women and children? Wouldn’t they be totally against killing? Wouldn’t they be evangelizing to the world?

      I know exactly where you are coming from because I held your dispensational view. I have lately started to question that because of the lack of evidence in Scripture and the violence that the country of Israel has produced, especially against our own country (attack of our USS Liberty, proof they new about 9/11 before it happened and aided in the attack).

      The one thing that I can prove is there is no, I repeat, no Scripture in the New Testament that shows Israel has to become a nation again for Christ to return and rule. If one follows the a-millennial view which seems to have very good Scriptural evidence, one can understand what Paul means when he says there is no difference between Jew and gentile, we are all part of the same family tree now, so long as we are born again believers, chosen by God to enter the Kingdom. The ones on the outside looking in (not really looking in because they are deaf and blind to the Kingdom) are the non believers, Jews and gentiles, no difference.

      If we have to disagree so be it. I think Scripture shows that After 70 AD when the temple was destroyed and the Jews were scattered, that was it. Jesus never mentioned them coming back, Paul never mentioned it, and so on. We are under the new covenant of grace and it’s open to Jew and gentile alike. Whoever believes is adopted into the family tree. The next time Christ comes back, it will be for judgment and the new Heaven and Earth. We all need to be ready because it could happen at anytime!

      In Christ,
      May God keep blessing you L.A.

    • BRandon – Jesus tells us that Jerusalem will be controlled by the Gentiles until the time of the Gentiles is over…. which happened in 1967 when ISRAEL regained possession of the holy city. Here’s the bottom line for me, it will become self evident in the future… Blessings. L.A.

    • Are there one people of God or two??

      Gary DeMar explains, from a Biblical perspective. This is sooooo important. We need to get back to the truth in Scripture. Israel as a state today is not in the Bible.

  12. Everyone, this is not racial propaganda. I’m not saying the Holocaust was justified, not at all!!

    My point is I will not support those who are against Jesus. We need to start studying our Bibles more. There will not be another nation of Israel. It lost it’s right to be a nation when they denied Christ. All of spiritual Israel was scattered when Rome destroyed the temple. It was destroyed because of Israels unbelief! Once Jesus returns, then He will set up His Kingdom and rule from the great city, THE NEW Jerusalem.

    Think about it. What religion hates our Lord Jesus Christ more than any other??? What religion KILLED our Lord Jesus Christ???

    From a one of the best articles I’ve found on this subject. Please go a read the whole article if you want to see where I am coming from.

    “Why did God punish the Jews so severely? Because the Jewish nation rejected Christ and failed their probationary period of 490 years. Israel’s right to occupy Palestine was based on obedience to God. Because Israel rejected Christ no Jew has a right to Eretz Israel on the basis of a covenant. Jesus had warned, “the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce its fruit”. Matt.21:43) The Jewish covenant with God has been abolished, Christ declared that God “will rent the vineyard to other tenants” (Matt.21:41) Although Christ announced the annulment of Israel’s national covenant, every individual Jew is offered a relationship with Yahweh through Christ.” http://www.jesus-is-lord.com/judaism.htm

    Ask yourself a question. Why do Jews pray to a wall in Jerusalem? Didn’t Jesus say not one stone would be left?? Didn’t Josephus write that the temple and city was completely demolished, fulfilling what Jesus said in Matthew??

    [2] But he answered them, “You see all these, do you not? Truly, I say to you, there will not be left here one stone upon another that will not be thrown down.”
    (Matthew 24:2 ESV)

    The truth is the only thing that matters. Let’s find it!

    In Christ,

    • Brandon – You must grasp that all prophecy centers around the Jewish nation. Are there bad Jews, sure there are, just like Catholics and Protestant ministers. However, may I suggest that the Synagogue of Satan has been used in the past, and now in present day to create this false “doctrine.” That passage is taken completely out of context. The Jews have ban gathered in their ancient homeland, just like Ezekiel 37, clearly and with great specificity states. We are about to enter the time of Jacob’s Trouble. We call this the seven year Tribulation. Please understand that, They – The Jews – will look on Him who they have pierced and mourn for Him as an only son. You can’t wiggle out of that prophecy. You can’t deny that after 2000 years the Jews are back in their ancient homeland. They worship at the Wailing Wall, but someday will worship in the recreated Temple. All of this must be fulfilled and it will be. Jesus tells us it will. I believe you are on very shaky ground.

    • I went and read your link and after reading it I can see why your saying what your saying especially if you are taking what this guy was saying at face value and not verifying for yourself what scriptures he was using to back up his claims. I saw a whole lot of scripture twisting there to try and back up his point of view, a lot of verses being taken out of context which is what happens when people are trying to lead others from the truth. The fact is there are many prophecies in the Old Testament that tell us in the last days that Israel will once more become a nation, and guess what? That has been fulfilled, there is no denying that unless your blind or have been living under a rock or want to promote hatred. You asked who hates christians more than the jews? Well, lets see I would say that would be Islam. And who does the unsaved world think should be given Israel? That would be the Palestinians, and last I checked they are for the most part Muslims. You say you won’t support those who are against Jesus…well I am sure glad that Jesus doesn’t have that attitude, else none of us would ever have been allowed to accept Him as Lord and Savior. He would have never said while dying on the cross “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” My friend you need to study the Bible and ask the Lord to remove the scales from your eyes and the hatred from your heart, then you will find the truth.

    • And this proves what? Just looks like more hate mongering to me…pure propaganda! You go ahead and believe this stuff if you want to, me, I will believe what the Lord tells us in His word and that is to love one another, to love your enemy, do good to those who hate you.

    • That video did not come across as anti Semitic propaganda (The reality is that human nature is sinful and that men Knoweth the way of peace)

      Be ye Jew , Be ye Gentile it matters not! Ye are all sinners bound for Hell…
      Men will argue the point But My citizenship is presently mount Zion to be made manifest in the New Heaven & the new Earth and not some piece of real estate in the middle east.

      It is a truth that A ((religious Spirit)) and not The “Spirit of God” is behind all of This. and The infiltration is in the Christian right. Pawns of the devil in support of A Great deception! God Our Father is not concerned about A piece of land, His concern is The Soul of A Jew and the soul of a Palestinian As both without Jesus are Lost forever. WAKE UP!

      John b

    • There is a coming Glory!!! and it is only to those who have presently been made Righteous by faith In the ONE & FOR ALL TIME Atoning sacrifice of Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ.
      There is no More Messiah coming, No more sacrifices, No more Temples, No more Physical Mt Zion, No more Torah. There is Only GLORY By Faith in the Gospel Of Jesus Christ.


    • Brandon – Rense is blatantly Anti Semitic. I’m not saying that Israel is perfect or that there have not been stuff done by both sides that were wrong. However, I believe that the Jews are going to go through the 7 years of tribulation and afterward, they will look on Him who they have pierced and mourn as one who has lost an only son! Rense has been banging the Anti Israel Drum for years, and it’s one of the reasons he won’t have me on his show as I stand with the Jewish people. Let me ask you this. China has killed, slaughtered, almost 70 million of its own people, we don’t hear Rense and others rant on that do we? No, it’s only when the Jews do something, like the raid on the boats last year that got Turkey all in a huff. Never mind that those boats were carrying rockets and armaments to the Palestinians, who by the way will never recognize Israel. It’s always the Jews who are at fault. There is a reason that they have been gathered back into the land. Jerusalem is now a cup of trembling to all the nations, just like prophecy warned us would be the case in the last days. If you don’t recognize this, you are like a man sitting at a baseball game with a blindfold on. You will have no idea what is going on. L.A.

  13. There is a world wide anti-semitic spirit spreading across our globe today, much like what happened in pre-world war 2. I’m sure back then if they had the internet and global communications like we have now it would have spread even more. I’m going to be really frank here by saying you people who use christian terms to justify your hatred doesn’t fool anyone except those who hate as you do. I think most of us who come on this site do so because we know that our host L.A.Marzulli brings to us insights and information that backs up prophecy and is timely to what we see going on around us today. Israel is indeed surrounded by her enemies and it seems she has enemies spreading their poison even here. That video was blaming the jews for what is going on in this country which is just the most rediculous thing I have heard in a long time. You keep claiming that when Jesus returns you will be among his saints. I don’t know what Bible your reading, but my Bible is quite clear that no liar, no hater, no backbiter will see the kingdom of God. So get off your delusional cloud, quit using biblical terms to justify your hate and start loving one another. There is no one perfect in this world, be they jew or gentile.

    • Leslie; seems like anybody who don’t agree with the restoration theology is anti-Semite. well you are wrong! I Take that You are now Addressing Me as anti-Semite. Your theological “stronghold” is made manifest by Your venomous accusation just like the Pharisees did unto the Lord. You are living in the Torah and have stuffed up your years. you need to see past the prophets and realize that we are in the Fullness of time and that the resurrection Glory awaits Saints alone.
      The perfection that is in Christ Jesus is not sinlessness, That is why there need be a resurrection.
      Judaism is not Christianity. Not all men are brothers and Sons of God. It is only those in Christ Jesus that belong To the Fathers family. That will be proven by The Judgment of the Living & the Dead when Christ Is revealed In Glory.

      Traditional Christian doctrine for almost 2000 years has held that God had a covenant with the tribes of Israel (The Mosaic covenant) The Jews broke that covenant and crucified Jesus Christ their messiah.
      God’s new covenant is based on Faith in Jesus Christ & his shed blood. So; in expressing this biblical truth I am Anti-Semite! Then Apostles were anti-Semite.

      The book of Hebrews in the New Testament makes this abundantly clear.
      “For finding fault with them, he saith, Behold, the days come, saith the Lord when I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Judah:
      Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers, in the day when I took them by the hand out of the land of Egypt; because they continued not in my covenant, and I regarded them not, saith the Lord”. Heb8:6-10

      Almighty God established the new covenant for those Israelites and for all people who accepted the salvation of Christ. Belief in Jesus Christ is the one and only requirement to join the New Covenant. Those who don’t accept Jesus Christ are clearly not in this New Covenant and cannot be saved from SIN.
      Those who embrace Judaism, a religion that hates and rejects Jesus Christ are Not His people, for they are not in this New Covenant & are no heir of salvation.
      This stand by many that the Jews are God’s people is a great deceit among the christian denominations.

      There are two things you always hear from those who support this theory (1) that the Jews of today are the “chosen people of God” and have a covenant with God that we must respect, and: (2) that the Bible says that, “I will bless thee that blesses you and curse thee that curses you.

      Any christian who does not support Israel & do not believe that The modern occupants of the State of Israel are God’s people are cursed according To The Adherents of the Above statements.
      How does that conform to the words Of Apostle Paul?
      “for you suffered like things of your own countrymen as they did from the Jews, who killed both the Lord Jesus and the prophets, and drove us out and displease God, and oppose all men. . . But God’s wrath has come upon them at last”.(1 Thessalonians 2:14-16)

      Let it be considered according to Apostle’s words, Whom it is that God’s wrath has come and abide!

      john b

    • John B – It’s not either or it’s both and. Yes, the Jews rejected Him the first time and those of us who are born again are THE temple. I agree, However, in my opinion the 70th week of Daniel is what this is all about. The Jews are the Jews and the church is the church. I will state the prophecy again. They will look on Him who they have pierced and mourn for Him as an only son. That has not yet happened. It is future and I believe happens when His feet touch the Mount of Olives.

    • I don’t know if your anti-semitic or not actually. But all this angst against the jews tends to point in that direction. I have to agree with L.A. on this, the Jews are still God’s chosen people, consider this…if they weren’t His chosen people why would the names of the 12 tribes of Israel be on the 12 gates of the New Jerusalem? (Rev.21:12) The Old Testament is still God’s word, nothing in there has been thrown out, yes there was a new covenant made thru the death and resurrection of our Lord, but that doesn’t mean that God’s chosen people and His promises to them are nil and void. I grew up around people who pick and choose which scriptures to use to support their point of view so your twisting of scripture and out of context posturing doesn’t confuse me nor does it convince me. Just cause the government of Israel at the present might be acting much like the governments of the rest of the world including our own, doesn’t mean that God is going to throw out His plans for them that are clearly spelled out in scripture. Course seems to me your too busy picking and choosing which scriptures to use and which to ignore to see what it is actually saying. That is about all I have to say on this subject.

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