The Seething Arab World…

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L. A. Marzulli

The Day of Rage: Thousands clash with police as protests boil over on streets of Egypt and Lebanon

Cairo sources: Mubarak’s son Gemal flees to London with family

Last week in Tunisia, Arabs took to the streets because of food shortages. Now, in the land of the Pharaohs, the people of Egypt are taking it to the streets! It would appear that there is great discontent in the Arab world due to extreme poverty, lack of employment, government corruption, a poor infrastructure, lack of goods and services, lack of adequate education, and despots, like Egypt’s Hosni Mubarack who now, after he eventually resigns, wants his son to take over.

To the North the country of Lebanon is fighting for its very existence, as the Iranian backed Hezbollah threatens to topple the government.

Iraq had another suicide/homicide bombing in Bahgdad and the secatarian violence – read Sunni Moslem against Shia Moslem, continues as it has for 1300 years.

The Arab people are waking up. With Satellite TV and the Internet, many Arabs get the sense that as a people, or nations, they are not moving in the right direction in regard to the upward mobillity and the opportunities that are afforded in other countries in the 21 century. I belive that this is the reason so many Arabs leave their countries of origin and seek out a better life and more opportuinites, in the EU, and the United States.

With that in mind the elephant in the room may be, Islam itself. As others have stated, it would appear that Sharia law and the 21st century are incompatible with one another. It is hard to embrace the tenants of modernity such as equal rights for women, when women in most Arab countries are still considered second class citizens. In Saudi Arabia they are not allowed to drive. When people must stop what they are doing five times a day to pray, how does this affect the work place and productivity? When after 8 years of occupation in Iraq by coalition forces, there is still the raging sectarian violence and intolerance of the two main sects of Islam.

In my opinion, there needs to be reform, but where will this reform come from and who is brave enough to lead it? The Arab street is raging right now. It may blow over or the government of Egypt may crack down on the people even harder. In Sharia controlled Iran, many people, especially the young, want something better and look at the existing government as repressive.

In closing todays post. The unintended benefit in this is for the moment the Arabs are fighting their rulers and so their eyes are off Israel. Will this new sense of freedom that the people of Egypt and Tunisia are looking for spread into Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria? How will this  unrest affect the Middle East in general? Once again I would point out that these are tenuous and uncertain times.


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The Day of Rage: Thousands clash with police as protests boil over on streets of Egypt and Lebanon


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13 thoughts on “The Seething Arab World…

  1. Its funny the Arabs are trying to buy off the poor in Syria, Eygpt and Jordon by giving them subsidies. Go Arab Mobs! Take your countries back from these Dictators. Venezuela and Cuba your next.

    I used to get shocked every once in a while be reading a news article and now it seems to be daily. The corruption; the greed; the lies they just seem to be rampant. There seems to be no end in site. The should have promoted last nights Union Address as a comedy.

    I am still baffled by the stock market over 12,000 today. The global elite are falsly pumping volume into this dead market economy. We are heading for a second double dip recession or as Dr David Jeremiah puts it with his new book a “Coming Economic Armageddon” There is so much going on right now people are just numb. Its not business as usual. I dont know whats around the corner whether its a natural disaster a terrorist attack or war in Israel but something big is going to happen soon.

    I can just feel it!

  2. As the Arabs/Moslems amass to fight amongst themselves, surely when a lull arrives they will turn their anger toward Israel.
    Consider this boot camp for the next big war.

  3. you just sparked a thought mr. marzulli, (imagine that 😉 ) is it possible to look at the arab world in another way? as in , we cant understand why they have such brutal rules, laws, customs etc… but there is on phrase you and minister fortson say alot.. “as in the days of Noah , so too shall it be in the coming of the son of man” is it possible that is another key sign? women were stoned in the days of Jesus and Noah, they wore head coverings to cover their hair, they did not take part in politics, they just take care of home and kids basically. could be nothing but it just kinda popped into my mind.


    barbara in indiana

  4. I was just reading comments from yesterday’s blog and found one from Carolyn concerning the videos about the New Madrid fault line. (I have watched 6 of these videos–5 of them were about 9-12 minutes; the last one was about 33 minutes)

    Here’s my take on the videos about the New Madrid fault line–the guy who is making these videos seems to be earnestly trying to get the information out. If he has survivalist videos, I have not seen them, nor does he sound like someone who has been channeled; in fact, I would say he is not a Christian because he never ties what he has found out into Biblical prophecy plus his language is a little on the rough side. However, he probably is a survivalist (he lives in the mountains of NC); but so are a large number of Christians who believe in a mid-trib or no rapture.

    His information is not channeled. It is taken straight from FEMA documents and Homeland Security documents which he shows on his videos–you can actually read these documents as he reads them. They are on record for anyone who knows how to get to such information.

    Evidently, there is a planned National Level Disaster “Exercise” in the New Madrid Fault area sometime soon. The papers show that FEMA is asking for someone (request dated Jan. 20, 20ll) who can supply 14 million blankets a day for 10 days–quotes to be in by today (Jan. 26). They are also asking for suppliers of 14 million packages of pre-prepared food a day for 10 days.

    In addition, someone in the Navy requested (10/25/2010) from suppliers a huge number (I’ve forgotten the number) of underwater body bags.

    This does not sound good to me–but as for making plans to survive such an event as suggested, I think is beyond our capabilities. I would say that we have to trust in God for our protection on this one–if it does happen!

    Maranatha – God bless us all!

    • Hi Barbara
      It was LNLisa who was commenting about the videos. I have never seen them, but if I get a chance, I will take a look.
      I was just asking Faithful if he would explain his comment and question in more detail, as I am very behind on all this New Madrid Faultline stuff.

      God bless you!

    • Hi Carolyn: I’m sorry I didn’t express myself very well. I realize that you were just asking and that LNL made a comment about channeling, etc. It sounded like she had seen a totally different video. The video that Margaret posted in her comment is an excellent video, explaining all these things–there is a lot of technical stuff in them and this guy (who probably is an activist) is very knowledgeable and he gets lots of his information from other “you-tubers”. He shows a lot of concern that as many as possible should be aware of what he thinks is a planned “exercise” that may be a cover-up for the real thing. Let’s don’t lose sleep over it, but I think a lot of prayer is in order. God bless you Carolyn!

  5. 2011 International Prophecy Conference
    March 3rd 4th and 5th

    Chuck Missler: Speaking Topic TBA
    Perry Stone: Speaking Topic TBA
    Donald Perkins: “2nd Coming of Christ & The Battle of Armageddon”
    Larry Bates: “A Nation in Crisis: The Meltdown of Money and Government in Crisis”
    Grant Jeffrey: Speaking Topic TBA
    Hal Lindsey: “Islam the Fuse of Armageddon” “World Powers of the Last Days”
    Joe Vankoevering: Speaking Topic TBA
    Gary Kah: Speaking Topic TBA

    Last years conference was on GOD TV. I havent been able to see who is sponsoring it this year. It might be on the internet via livecast. I will keep everyone informed.

    • Thank you Richard for saying you will keep us informed. I am looking forward to hearing these. But it is not possible for me to be there.

  6. If the Egyptian government falls, it will rock all of Islam and the world. The Hamas-types have been waiting for this. I expect lots of bloodshed, but in the end the Egyptian Brotherhood will come to power. This group started in 1925, and is the father of all Sunni terror groups. It is just like Hamas. There is no doubt the Brotherhood is coming to power.
    Remember, look at these events through the “eyes” of the Prophet Obadiah. This is the key book for the hour. If you understand Obadiah, then all the other prophecies fit nicely together. The events you are now witnessing are leading directly to the Obadiah war, which is the trigger for Armageddon.
    The events you are now witnessing in the Arab countries are heading towards the all-out war with Israel. I believe these events are also heading towards Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. I still think the war is going to erupt over Jerusalem
    This is just like when the communist countries fell. You are living through both history, although there is not much time left, and the fulfillment of prophecy. Stay focused and glued on the coming of the Lord Jesus for His church.

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