Acceleration Radio: Star Child Skull – Amy Vickers

Tonight on Acceleration Radio my guest will be Amy Vickers. We will be talking about the enigmatic Star Child skull. With recent DNA testing being done on the skull can we determine, scientifically, whether or not this skull is a human anomaly due to disease or something more? You won’t want to miss this informative and riveting interview!

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14 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio: Star Child Skull – Amy Vickers

  1. Bill Clinton at an International UFO Convention?
    January 26, 2011
    By ParaNikki

    Yep! At least that’s what it seemed like. The Global Competitiveness Forum, or GCF for short, is being held in Saudi Arabia right now and just a handful of the high profile guests include former US president Bill Clinton, Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, Google executives, Disney executives, Boeing executives and about 1,000 other heavy hitters, all gathered together to discuss the betterment of global societies, finances and technology among other things.

    The subject of UFO’s was brought to the table to launch a discussion of thinking bigger and broader. The noted ufologist Stanton Friedman opened his panel with a simple statement of three words: UFO’s are real! The discussion continued on with his proclamation that extraterrestrials exist, UFO’s are real and its time for businesses to start thinking about how contact with extraterrestrials could change their business model and begin implementing changes now. Before he left, he told AOL News that even if UFO’s didn’t exist and extraterrestrials weren’t real, thinking as though they are and pretending they’ve already made contact can help businesses to begin to think on much larger scales and reaching for the seemingly impossible.

    Friedman was not alone, however, as others discussed the advancements of technology as they follow science fiction, creating somewhat of a self fulfilling prophecy for mankind as we strive to achieve more and many have such as ‘flip’ cell phones, which were originally designed after communicators used in the Star Trek series, and South Korea’s recent choice to use robots instead of humans to teach English to students!

  2. UFOs Help Innovative Thinkers Look to the Future – Saudia Arabia

    good grief, the byline should read, “how to target market to the pleiadeans” How stupid is this? Maybe Obama could’ve sold it last night as an opening for emerging markets for our goods.

    It should be, ‘wake up! This is the great deception! They want to spend eternity with you in the lake of fire, don’t be deceived!’

  3. And now Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs have been exposed as purveyors or dupes by presenting the “dark side” of abduction by none other than Carol Rainey, Budd’s ex wife. Budd who apparently is very ill is incapable of defending himself and Jacobs has his problems as well.

    Some are stating that it is the death of ufology, while the New Agers and exopoliticos, who want the skygods to show are as happy as clams that “proof” the aliens aren’t the evil monsters some have claimed. Good times and expanded trade is commin’ from the Star Trek galactic federation.

    And the beat goes on……la,de,da,de,dah.

  4. Bandits Kill U.S. Missionary Woman South of Texas-Mexico Border

    Too bad our military is off in Neverland fighting goat herders while Mexican criminals are torturing, quartering, and beheading people within miles of our own border. And let’s not forget how they tape executions, dump body parts and arrange them in disgusting ways in public, and hang bodies from bridges. Not that I’m an expert, but it makes sense to focus on (1) the bigger threat to the US and all things being equal (2) the threats that are closer to the US.

  5. Please keep Uncle Don in prayer. He has begun bleeding out of several places and the docs are perplexed. God bless

  6. Is there a place where you archive your shows? I live on the East Coast and can’t stay up to listen to the show but would love to hear the archive.

    • Stacey,
      I have this same problem as well so I hope someone can post an archive link!

      I was at shatter the darkness today and saw an interesting advertisement………….Mr. Marzulli – is it true? Will you really be in Groton, CT in March for S.E.E.? I attend church down in Groton so I really, really hope you are – it will be great to hear you speak there.

  7. There is only one kingdom that benefits from the current effort to call all of the UFO/Alien Abductions a delusion or lie and it’s not the Kingdom of God. We have no fear and nothing to be afraid of. So, if it’s true – so what?! The only people who need this to be false are those who refuse to believe what happened to them, those who are incapable of helping a real victim, those who have no power or ability to stop it and those who benefit from aliens being benevolent beings. JMO!

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