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L.A. Marzulli – Watchers, Fallen Angels, Principalities, Powers

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Hear L. A. Marzulli, best selling author, is back to discuss how to get healed and free of attacks by “fallen angels,” cosmic beings and powers of the air. How do we deal with principalities, powers and rulers in the heavenlies?

Eph 6:12 is here. Do they indoctrinate mind to mind? Use implants? Use the deceptions in ET religion? The mark of the beast? How are fallen angels behind the great deceptions and false doctrines?

What can survivors of cults do to get free the lies, programming, mind control, curses, demonic powers, triggers to astral project to obey the will of fallen angels, etc.??  How do you get every part of you free and delivered in Jesus?

In this interview, we will try to answer many questions:

Same fallen angels as Genesis 6, Jude and Peter?

Do you cast them out or rebuke them in Jesus’ Name?

How do you put on the full armor of God?

Got spiritual authority if you are spirit-filled?

How to win the battle over cult mind control?

How to renounce the cult programming lies?

Break the power of new age third eye, etc. in you?

Healing fragmented identities from cult damage?

Book camp of washing your mind in the Word?

Resources to help you get the cult out of you?

Ministries who open doors to help survivors?

Triggered to astral project to cult meetings?

Deprogramming parts with cult programming?

Asking Jesus, “If it is not from You – take it!”

Calling on Jesus’ Name, the blood of Jesus?


Integrating parts of you as a whole person?


All parts of you healed and evangelized?

Blood of Jesus stronger than programming?

Use scripture to win the battle for your mind?

Get rid of the third eye, new age, occult influence?

Healed of oppression on a molecular cellular level?

Possible to close all open doors to cosmic powers?

Still dabbling in the occult or cloaking something?

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5 thoughts on “L. A. Marzulli – 6 pm (pst) Tonight!

  1. Hi L.A. You’re really making the rounds on Blog Talk Radio lately, I can barely keep up! Just as soon as I get one downloaded there is another ready to go! This is a good thing, thanks for putting yourself out there on the wall.

  2. Is it possible to download the show L.A. did with Carlotta on Cross-Walk-Talk? I missed it and really wanted to hear it!!

    • Beth,

      I downloaded it in my windows media player and saved it and can now hear it anytime I want and come back and resume where I left off. I just did it and you can too.

      I really love the 425 prophecies.


  3. Absolutely wonderful information! I was especially touched by your personal testimony! What a great God we have. Even though I grew up in a wonderful little church and was saved at age 9, in my somewhat ordinary life I did some backsliding when a young adult; and I found out through that experience why Jesus had to shed His precious blood for me; and that God is patient, loving and willing to forgive when we confess and repent. I always think of the story of the prodigal son when I think back on my time of rebellion.

    Your encouragement and your passionate urging for Christians to “wash” in God’s Word and to stay in His Word is a wake-up call to me in my “sunset” years that I cannot rest on past experience but need to be especially alert in these “end times”.
    I am anxiously awaiting His return and am confident in the peace and protection He offers; but realize that I must be on guard 24/7 and wearing the armor!

    Thank you so much L. A. for your sharing your knowledge and experiences with us. May God bless and protect you and your family.


  4. LA,

    Excellent program, I myself identify exactly with everything you said as to tactics of spiritual warfare. The information that you gave is of upmost importance to those in Christ at whatever stage they might be in. As your battle is, so it is for the members of the body of Christ, we are scattered throughout the earth, we are soldiers in Christ, and I say this to anyone who feels alone in the battle, be strong, we are Christians, for WE are many!

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