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  1. Be careful I have watched 3 videos one on about how the IRS is telling pastor’s what they can and cant say. You can google that there’s a big outcry atm over it.

    • Great interview last night. Dr. Bailey has in depth info on the workings of the Illuminati & particular insight on science in regards to the supernatural. He’s right about the Church being basically clueless about these things. I wonder how much of this Christians should/need to know about this stuff. Has the Lord kept the Christian mind away from this topic for a reason? Or just for a season? Humm….

      From a human standpoint it makes sense that it’s all a matter of timing. Satan moves his pawns & God then moves in for a checkmate.

      The info I’ve read about the Illuminati is the same as what Dr. Bailey mentioned. They know Who the real God of the Universe is but they prefer the god of Satan better & believe they can usurp the one true God. So in unlocking of “secretes” of “Illumination” theology they make YHWH out to really be the bad guy due to with- holding secrets/technology/info while Satan the “light bearer” is more than willing to reveal these things to human kind. (Which he does to those in the illuminiti & various occult groups.)

      It looks like the tax issue is heading toward refining who can be tax-exempt & who will not. Politically Correct pastors/false teachers will keep their tax exempt status while those who stand on God’s full Word will be revoked @ some point in the future. It’s not there yet but it sure seems like they’re working on it.

    • Googling 5013c brings up some heated warnings of pastors. Some are saying they were told what they could and could not preach! One way out is to dissolve the corporation says one pastor, but I do not know your circumstances nor do I presume to. I am just shining a bit of light on the subject for evaluation should it be relevant in your particular situation. GOD bless ya!

    • Never really felt it though some of the ice and snow at that moment crashed off roof. Much celebration, the temp has warmed up enough to melt the snow here in Indiana. So much for global warming…. I think we made up the precipitation with SNOW (and cold).
      Heard Whitley Strieber for a few minutes HARP on human induced climate change. His book was the inspiration according to him for the movie the Day After Tomorrow. Very defensive about any questioning of his views on anything really, but especially on weather. Listening to him makes the point of how your spiritual world view skews your interpretation of things in general.

      Rose R

    • i live 2 hours from indi, in ft wayne, our weather has never been like this. we went from freezing as we normally are this time of year, to all the snow disappeared today, the kids have jackets back out, its going to rain and the earthquake is rare in indiana. the world is falling apart. major! im trying to remember the verse in the bible about not fearing but to rejoice for our father is coming. but i will admit , im scared.

    • It was snowing here in Memphis Tn last week,today it is 65.Barbara i have fear also at times and perfect peace at times i guess that is to be expected.I think it is more anxiety than fear for me.

      Isaiah 41:10 – Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with My righteous right hand

      Seek the Lord and his strength;seek his presence continually!

      Psalm 105:4

    • Barbara

      Hi to another Hoosier!
      Just got back from the movies and supper date, and BOY is the weather nice: 64 degrees! Had a few flying ants in the house last couple of days they are confused by the deep freeze and warm day. Next week will be back to “normal”.

      No worries about being a little scared, anticipation sometimes makes us that way. Corrie ten Boom who withstood Auschwitz was told as a child that God gives us the strength WHEN we are going through the trials and not far ahead. Rest assured that will be with you as well, no matter what the trials.

      Rose R

  2. “…We are still working on our 5013c and have filed the paperwork….”-Lynn

    If you’d really like to be a minister for God and His truth,you may want to rethink that 501C3 status.

    For instance:

    …”Churches are automatically exempt from Federal income tax, and contributions to churches are deductible by donors under section 170. There is no need to participate in 501(c)(3).

    Once the church has been transformed into a corporation and or obtains this status, it then becomes subject to control by federal and state governments. In truth an incorporated church is no longer a church but merely a non-profit organization.

    Once a church incorporates the new non-profit organization is subject to total control by the government (who we hire, what we can and cannot preach). If we conflict with public policy nor assault the hearer’s sense of mental well being, self-esteem, sexual orientation etc. (which we do and always will, holding up godly standards and preaching the truth) we can be sued.

    The IRS prohibits such organizations from “carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation” (26 USC 501-C-3). This prohibition extends, not only to the endorsement of a political candidate, but also any other attempts to “influence legislation,” including taking a public stand against such government-protected abominations, such as abortion or homosexuality.

    Favors from Washington, DC have strings attached. In this case, the string is a rope that is being used to throttle our (the Church) powerful voice….”

    (From an article titled “Should The Church Participate in 501(c)(3) Status?”)
    Better still,google “501C3 Strings attached”

    I just saw that I’m not the only one posting about this. Good! Even one of your Faithful followers has concerns.

    • Sandie – Why do you have an ax to grind…. You may be right about the 501c3, but the way you present yourself is hard and like a hammer. Can’t you lighten up a bit? Here’s my phone number let’s talk. 310-457-5564 Call me tomorrow in the am. I’m in California so it’s PST time. We’re 3 hours behind the East coast. Seriously, I want to find out a bit about you and the only way I can do that, short of a personal appearance is for you to call me. Blessings. L.A.

    • Lynn,

      Trust me,there’s no personal axe to grind,other than my observations of you being,as you like to say,a “Watchman”. I’ve seen how you respond,who you respond to,and where your emphasis lies. I’m only debating doctrines,not personalities.

      Personally,talking on the phone is one of my least favorite activities. If there’s something we should discuss,there’s no reason we can’t do it here out in the open.

      Like you,I consider myself a “Watchman” of sorts,and the one thing that matters most for us must be the love and respect for the truth and obeying the word of God.

    • And about the 501C3…it’s not even about me being “right” or not. It is what it is. I’m just stating a fact.

      As one who wants to preach the word of God,it should concern them a great deal. If preaching the word of God isn’t first and foremost,then that’s a different matter altogether.

    • I don’t like to talk on the phone either but if I were extended such an invitation I’d take it. Lynn is only trying to help you.

    • You know, your lastest post and last comment made while I was posting really does seem like an attack on Lynn. I now wonder if some of the comments about you coming here to create mischief are right. I don’t know why else you’d be here participating if you thought that of him unless you are trying to create confusion and chaos. I hope I’m wrong and I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt so please forgive me if I am but can’t you see why people say the things they have about you when you make comments like that? I will pray for you. God bless.

    • Brother Lynn, I personally applaud the logical step of reaching out via telephone to Sandie. Unless she is able to meet in person I believe this is the best way to hear one another out…in private…just the two of you as no one here needs to get involved as the two of you discuss the differences at hand. The last thing needed is for others to chime in on what your discussion(s) involve as you seek the Lord regarding this issue.

      You are doing the right and respectable thing IMHO. You are both in my prayers.

      In Christ,

      Jeff D

    • Some people take themselves a little too seriously.
      You claim to consider yourself a “Watchman” of sorts and said “I’ve seen how you respond, who you respond to, and where your emphasis lies” What are you actually a “Watchman” of? This tell me the things you say are intended to get a rise out of Dr Marzulli,seems to me that is your first intention, you seem to enjoy pushing his buttons. As you claim in your post, you watch to see who he responds to and how he reacts’ sorry but that is just bizarre to me.

      2 Timothy 2:15
      Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth

    • “As you claim in your post, you watch to see who he responds to and how he reacts’ sorry but that is just bizarre to me.”-Matt

      “I’ve seen how you respond,who you respond to,and where your emphasis lies.”-Sandie


      You make it sound like I’m doing something “bizarre”,like stalking Lynn and watching his every move!

      I came here the same as anyone else and have just been observing certain things over time.

      It’s nothing personal.

    • I understand that Sandie, and maybe, just maybe what you wrote came out wrong, but read it over, what does it sound like to you? To a person just reading the post here, that can not read your mind or what you are intending, it reads very strange, that’s all im saying…no offense to you or your post, the comment just seemed weird. If that’s not what you meant by it, so be it. No harm done.

    • Don`t you just wish we would know how to speak and write hebrew or greek? I heard those languages, I don`t know if it`s both or just greek, have much more rich words with meaning. For example you can read from a greek word the intention, the mood, the emotion and so on…

      When I came out of catholicism, I started also to teach my family members the word of God whenever I was around. Because most catholics just go to church and don`t study the bible much. I never read it or studied it before I left. So I came across really hard to them because they were used to all that namby pamby feel good talk in the church but hardly any significant truth as to the real teachings of the word of God, especially for the times we live in. They started calling me the “rod of God” LOL 🙂 But sadly the rod did not help, they are still blind to the truth and think I am nuts.

      So consider Sandie as a “rod of God” on this blog. 😉

    • Bozz,

      That’s one of the nicest things anyone could say about me. Thank you!

      All honor goes to the Lord.

      I’m just a conduit.

    • Bozz,

      I should add to say…I think you’re not so bad yourself! 🙂
      (Especially love those SDA videos.)

      Like you,my family is about the same. Let’s keep praying those seeds bear fruit one of these days.

      Kind of distracted this evening…speaking of movies…my husband and I have been watching the epic “Lonesome Dove”! (I like movies without a ton of special effects sometimes.)

      So,anyway,…back to the couch!

    • I missed the troll when I was away. My weakness is I try to see the good in most people and give them the benefit of the doubt, sometimes to my own loss. I hate to say it but right now I think Sandie may indeed be a troll.

    • One thing I’ve noticed with people who say things just to get attention, or argue just to argue, or argue to cause a commotion, is that when the attention stops coming, often times they just pack up and leave.
      Perhaps when some people here post just to wreak havoc, if we just don’t respond to them, pretty soon they will just be talking to themselves, or decide they can get more attention elsewhere.
      Just a thought.
      God’s blessings to everyone here!

    • Carolyn,
      I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for saying it. Although, I think “Sandie’s” purpose may have been more nefarious than just wanting attention. “She” came to divide, disrupt, insult, anger and confuse.

    • I am still reeling from the other day on this blog,my husband who does not read or participate in this blog said “it sounds like it’s been infiltrated” that was after I told him what was going on here.After that day it has taken me until today to even speak about it not wanting to fan the flames,I felt like I was run over by a truck.It only takes one.Bless all who come here to reason in our Lord’s Name!

    • Frankly Sandie I don’t understand what part of what don’t you understand? With all the admonishments you have been given just like the rapture debate,and had the displeasure of seeing you affect me and others on this blog recently, how can you continue to come here? I would be so upset and apologetic and probably never post here again. Apparently you just don’t get it. I have been praying for you,and hope with all my heart you call brother Marzulli and speak to him. Sounds like your afraid, remember dear sister we are not to have a spirit of fear.

    • Sandie,

      Your behavior has been wicked. You have acted in a bitter, sarcastic, and malicious manner. You have insulted and rebelled against the wishes of the person to whom this blog belongs. You have purposely ignored scripture that answers the questions you pose.

      You are operating under the power of a spirit, but it is not the Holy Spirit.

    • Rose & All – Sandie never called, which didn’t surprise me. She is hostile, to say the least, and when people start attacking me, well that’s the line for me. As a result, she has been blocked from this site. We should, however, pray for her. The fact that she didn’t call me speaks volumes as she is hiding form a one to one. That’s fine but the disruption stops now… L.A.

    • Bozz, “The rod of God” ?! Sandie emptying herself to be used to chasten the Christians on L.A.’s Blog- as if that’s really the truth. It may seem reasonable to you since you seem to agree w/her on many viewpoints.

      I’ve learned (from experience) not to get overly involved w/people who are wise in their own opinions. That is the only “rod” I see.

      It’s too bad she won’t chat w/L.A. That may require of her a walk in humility & perhaps she’s not willing @ this point.

    • I don`t know all the posts Sandie wrote on this blog. I don`t know her in person just as I don`t know anyone of you in person. I just wanted to smooth things out a bit, nothing else.

    • The Soviet Union had underground resistance groups and a lot of political and religious prisoners. Some of the most “successful” resistance organizations were sponsored by the state. They wouldn’t arrest people from a particular sate sponsored resistance group. They would feed off the information and track them down the line in other groups. This is the very same thing that happened in George Orwell’s novel “1984”. The main character found safe haven in an underground resistance group and found out the group was sponsored by Big Brother.

      The same thing goes on in the Church. Many are agents of the father of lies and don’t even know it.

    • Most of my family was or still is Catholic, I have an uncle that was visiting from another city and come rain or shine, he is going to mass on Sunday…a hurricane won’t keep him away, trust me, he feels his salvation depends on it. Anyway, he asked if I wanted to go with him to mass, I hesitantly agreed not wanting to be rude to a guest,., sure, I said, id go along…, we were running a bit late, so my uncle is driving almost 75 mpg, in a 45 zone to get there…I was sweating it out praying we get there in one piece, tempted to hold my uncle’s rosary beads swaying from his rear view mirror till we get there. …,,once we get inside , he says his hail Mary’s and what not’s,, they sprinkle us with some kind of holy water and then before you know it , here comes the incense, at this point I’m wearing out the knees in my slacks from sitting and kneeling every 30 seconds wishing I would have worn something with padding in the knees , as my knees start to ache, I begin to wonder if anyone will notice if I do the half kneel, not quite all the way down… …I look over at my uncle who is now completely engulfed in smoke from the incense to the point I cant quite make out his features,,,,once the “fog” clears he is ready to go, jumps in the car and all is right in the world once again…He near killed us to get their and the mass lasted all of 30 minutes, a few “also with you’s ,” and some nice pipe organ music and heaven is once again attainable….One the drive home he told me I would go to hell if I didn’t get back to the true church… as I rubbed my sore knees , all I could do is smile.

    • I believe that a couple of you here on this blog went to my last church, that is why I left. We have been infiltrated by dark spirits who only hope to disrupt and destroy this blog, and I must say have done a stellar job! Rod of God? NO! more like the left hand of Lucifer.

    • Randyman you sound just like people I know. Because your accusation is exactly what I hear from catholics that surround me. While I try to speak some sense into them that nothing makes sense in the catholic church, for example the constant sacrifice of Christ, that the catholic priests have the power to call Christ from heaven into a “cookie”, while presenting to them the EVIDENCE – the book of Hebrews, concerning this matter, they accuses me that “a bad spirit” is working through me and the conversation ends. And all because they are catholic and consider the priests explanation over the scriptures and that I must have it all wrong. allegorical over literal, that`s how it is in the catholic church. I love them very much but I love the Word of God more. You want to help them and they call you the devil himself. Not to mention my atheist heathen friends who are very open to this but at the same time dismiss it all together as highly unprobable. Talk about frustration, telling the truth these days.

      No disrespect Randy, just voicing my opinion.

    • Sandie,

      Your behavior has been wicked. You have acted in a bitter, sarcastic, and malicious manner. You have insulted and rebelled against the wishes of the person to whom this blog belongs. You have purposely ignored scripture that answers the questions you pose.

      You are operating under the power of a spirit, but it is not the Holy Spirit.

    • These are the quotes that matter:

      1 Thess. 4:17
      Then we which are alive [and] remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. (the rapture question)


      Romans 14:6
      He that regardeth the day, regardeth [it] unto the Lord; and he that regardeth not the day, to the Lord he doth not regard [it]. He that eateth, eateth to the Lord, for he giveth God thanks; and he that eateth not, to the Lord he eateth not, and giveth God thanks.

      This latter quote answers both your Christmas and Sunday questions.

  3. On the previous post there was mention of the new movie ‘The rite’. This movie should be avoided as its source is occult.
    I recall when the exorcist packed the cinemas some 30 years ago, it impacted Fear on many, many people.
    Subjection to occult movies can lead into demonic possession. one person i personally knew could not go to bed with the lights out, as time went on he had to be delivered.
    Christian; don’t think yourself beyond satanic assault if you venture in forbidden territory.
    As a christian I will not be entertained by the devil’s work!

    Some of you make light of the warnings I often post here. calling me a devouring wolf For pointing out the devil’s Lies. consider this; Often one must tear down in order to build. To be upset or anoyed in the face of truth is evidence that ones foundation is defective. “As a man thinks in his heart so he Is”
    Judgment belongs to Jesus Christ. Division is not about who is right or who is wrong, it is about departing from truth.
    There is a lot of Talk about the church being asleep.Wrong! The Church is not asleep. The churches are. there is a difference. The Head Is not severed from the Body. “I am with you until the end” They are no asleep because the don’t believe in Ufo’s or the occult. they are asleep because of the dung piled up on the foundation over the years of conformity to the devil’s lies. They need a clean up and the way God is Doing it in these last days is by calling out a Holy remnant Grounded in the true foundation.

    God ordained ministries always suffer ridicule and rejection and rightly so following in the step of their Lord.

    Be careful what you say, be careful what you think, for it may be that the Lord will not be pleased.

    John B

    • About 8 years ago I was approached about doing a project on Monster movies. I knew very little about them but like all subjexts I study I dove into the topic to learn all I could. This is what I found out. In the 1930’s and 40’s we had the Monster movie. Today these get lumped in with horror as a genre but they are not the same thing. These were films that were meant to get you to think much like the Sci-Fi of the 50’s and 60’s and the Twilight Zone would later do. In the 50’s and 60’s the monster film gave way to the sci-fi craze then in the 1970’s we got the true horror film. I couldn’t even bring myself to watch any of these because they are so gory and was dropped from the project as a result. While the Monster films and the sci fi films had a meaning to them these recent films were blood and gore for the sake of it with no merit at all and I find it quite disturbing that people are actually entertained by this material. I’ve also noticed in the last ten years or so this gore element has become mainstream to the point where every October you can actually buy severed limbs and guts at your local Target or Walmart to spread on your lawn. That is just sick. What happened to the traditional, all American Halloween like the Munsters? (And before anyone attacks me for saying that read this link that was posted on another thread: The article makes me ask what if Satan puts this false information out there about Halloween, Easter, and Christmas having pagan ties to create confusion in the church. Although not mentioned here Halloween began as a Jewish holiday to observe the Great Flood which is why it shows up world wide and is associated with death.)

      There certainly are some sick people out there today.

    • I loved the entire Creature from the Black Lagoon films ….even now, I enjoy them, although seeing the zipper on back on the “creature suit” can be a bummer…but I pretend not to notice 🙂

    • I enjoy the Creature too but surprised so few notice that he’s just a knock off of King Kong. The two films are pretty much the Kong film.

      My favorite of the classic monsters is Karloff’s Frankenstein. I enjoy the comedic ones too like Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein, Don Knotts’ The Ghost & Mr. Chicken, and, of course, The Munsters. All the research I did on the aforementioned project was applied to my own monster comedy project so it wasn’t a total loss and I became exposed to those old Monster films I’d otherwise have never seen.

      What do you think of George Pal’s The Time Machine? I know H.G. Wells was an athiest and the film reflects it but I still find it to be a fun matinee adventure flick. That’s when they knew how to make movies. Not this empty there is no God crap we see today. Even in that film he restarted the human race with the Bible. When Pal did H.G. Wells’ other book War of the Worlds he even brought God into that, much to Wells’ disapointment and the film historians apologize for Pal’s “quint and old fashioned beliefs”.

    • The newest King Kong film, Directed by Peter Jackson. Starring Naomi Watts, Jack Black, Adrien Brody 2005 I could not watch to the end. For some reason I can’t stand when they kill him….I have never made it to the end of that film…Only two movies in the word have made me blubber like a baby… The Notebook and King Kong…, if you tell anyone this I will deny it..;)

    • I’ve never seen the Peter Jackson Kong. When he said in an interview that the Faye Wray character loved Kong sexually I was turned off. I’ve only ever seen the 1933 version and enjoy it.

      I saw the Notebook years ago. It’s very sad and I try to avoid dramas like that. I much more enjoy films like It’s A Wonderful Life that uplift you or a film like It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World that just make you laugh.

    • Captain Eagle, there is a Christian film about time travel, starring our very own Captain Stubing (Gavin MacLeod) from the love boat. It’s called Time Changer. I thought you might be interested seeing that you enjoy Sci- Fi and both of you are captains..:)

    • You notice Captain that in those old SciFi and Horror movies that good always triumphed over evil? Bad guys and good guys were clearly identified as well. Today we are seeing series such as Twilight where the vampires are really not so bad and have better morals than the mortals. Same with “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” the list could go on and on. At one time when we were kids, (1950 to 60’s) there was a respect for the Christian values, it did not “offend” someone if you stuck to your Christ centered views on topics. Now good is evil and evil is good (Isaiah 5:20). I as well am stunned at what glimpses of the horror movie industry puts out. I professionally deal with autopsies and don’t see as much gore as the Halloween costume isle in WallMart.

      Rose R

    • All things are permissible but not all beneficial Said Apostle Paul. I am not against watching Movies but contexts like violence, sex, occult is not Beneficial.

      Hollywood and the Likes is the expression of the vain and Glorious “imagination” of this world impregnating the mind. I am sure Noah would agree! let alone The Lord.

      John B

    • Even PG rated movie now are pushing the envelope as far as violence, sex and cursing, so, if PG is out, PG-13 is out, R is not and NC 17 is out what is left? G?? I enjoy some G rated films but a steady diet of G rated films would leave me in the nut house…The answer is , just enjoy the classics, films from the 40s and 50s, Bowery Boys anyone??? I just watched he original True Grit, I thought it was great. Although I must say Glen Campbell is definitely not and actor. He might want to stay employed as a Wichita Lineman.

    • The good, the bad and the ugly and For a few dollars more from Clint Eastwood. Or Ben-Hur, now this is what I call a movie. 🙂

    • Clint Eastwood’s Play Misrty for Me…for some reason that movie terrfied me. One of the first nice-guy-being-stalked-by-psycho-female thriller. Eastwood invades Hitchcock territory with this film. I actually used to date a girl who was annoyingly alot like Jessica Walter’s Evelyn in the film . More realistic the movie feels like, more powerful the experience obviously is and to me this film was almost frightfully realistic.

    • Matt – That sounds like an interesting movie. I’ll have to check that out.

      My favorite Time Travel movie is Back To The Future III. I know a lot of people bash it because it’s the same plot as the original but I enjoy it because of the old west setting that makes it feel like a Jules Verne story and it has much less innuendo than the other two films. (There’s another thing I absolutely abhor. How in the 1980’s it became a common practice to needlessly pepper a film with vulgarity just to get a PG-13 or R rating when it was a good story to begin with. These things didn’t make the films better, they are distracting to me and even from a worldly standpoint they date the film.) That is why I enjoy older films. They succeed in being intelligent without showing you everything. In many cases they now show everything because they can. In the past they didn’t and your mind went to the good or the gutter depending on your own soul. If I choose to see a film from that time in a Godly matter I do, if I choose the worldly way I can see that. It makes much easier to watch a film when you don’t go there when they made films in this way.

      Yes, Indyrose, I agree that in the past good and evil were clearly drawn. I grew up in the 1980’s and 1990’s but I frequented the cable stations like AMC (who used to show OLD movies) and TV Land because I enjoyed the old programs. Whenever they remake The Twilight Zone or The outer Limit’s the episodes are nowhere near as good because they blur the lines of morality nd are coming from a Godless paradigm. I watched nearly all of the new Outer Limits episodes when they aired on Fox in the 90’s and I always felt drained afterwards. I think this trend of blurring the lines began out of the hippies of the 1960’s who made it a positive trait to question authority. When Nixon fell this group gained momentum until it became the dominant culture. It’s just like American ranks at the bottom of math scores but number 1 in self esteem. That is what we now emphasize as a culture.

      Mind if I ask if the police shows like CSI and such are accurate as far as what you witness in an autopsy?

      Every Easter I try to get through Ben-Hur but I always fall asleep. Ha ha. One of these days I’ll get through it. Hands down the greatest Bible movie is The Ten Commandments. DeMille made it with a Biblical respect, even though he had a mistress at the time, and it is the only Bible movie that has run continuously on network TV for decades. We as a country accept this film. A few years ago they tried to remake it from the blurred morality standpoint and it bombed. So there ya go.

    • This episode of UFO Hunters deals with ufo orbs. You will notice many of these ufo orbs are being described as being seen in places that are associated with native aboriginal lands. Are these portal places where the old spirits and gods are manifesting again? In England most of the crop circles show up in an area called Wiltshure which is also associate with megalithic pagan sites where the old gods and old ways were once worshipped. The Bible predicted that Babylon would be a place
      were unclean birds, fowl spirits and devils would dwell. Are we seeing a pattern here?


      [19] And Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldees’ excellency, shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah.
      [20] It shall never be inhabited, neither shall it be dwelt in from generation to generation: neither shall the Arabian pitch tent there; neither shall the shepherds make their fold there.
      [21] But wild beasts of the desert shall lie there; and their houses shall be full of doleful creatures; and owls shall dwell there, and satyrs shall dance there.
      [22] And the wild beasts of the islands shall cry in their desolate houses, and dragons in their pleasant palaces: and her time is near to come, and her days shall not be prolonged.


      [2] And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

  4. Lynn – I have an unimportant question for you. Someone gave me a copy of that new Batman movie with the Joker in it as a Christmas gift. I heard you talk about this film in an interview as having something wrong with it but I forget what (I haven’t had time to watch it yet.) The man who gave me this is why I started listening to you in a way. You and he sound a lot alike both in content and mannerism to the point that when I first heard you on Coast years ago I was astonished because at first I thought it was my friend. I’,m kind of surprised he’d send me this but he’s a big comic book person so I can see why from there but I’m not. I just wondered what it was that was wrong with the film before I decided to watch it or not. Thanks!

    • Captain Eagle – I’m not sure what your referring to. The Batman Begins movie shows Bruce Wayne learning the secrets of Martial arts in a Buddhist monastery. I believe that this can be a spring board into the demonic. I’m not saying that all martial arts are this way, but they can lead to it…. L.A.

    • It was the sequel to that one (I hadn’t seen either. I’ve never seen the last franchise of Batman movies either) I thought it was some issue with content like what you’d said about The Watchmen (I’ve never seen that either) But perhaps I was mistaken. Thanks for the answer though.

  5. A beautiful devotional from one of my favorite authors, Henry Blackaby to help us close out 2010:


    So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, “It is finished!” And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit. (John 19:30)

    “God always finishes what He begins (Phil. 1:6). God never speaks a word without ensuring that it comes to pass (Isa. 55:11). Christ is both the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end (Rev. 1:8, 17). Christ is as much at the end of His work as He is at its beginning.

    Jesus was given an enormous mandate. He was to live a sinless life, remaining absolutely obedient to His Father. Even the manner of His death was to fulfill numerous prophecies that had been foretold in Scripture (Matt. 26:24, 31, 54, 56; 27:9, 35; 46; John 19:28, 36–37). Yet, despite the extremely complex assignment Jesus received from His Father, He could shout triumphantly from the cross, “It is finished!”

    Christ now resides within each believer. His assignment today is to complete God’s will in each Christian. He is just as determined to do this in us as He was to complete God’s will for Himself. You will have to resist Christ in order to remain out of the will of God. What is it God wants to do in you? Have you allowed Him to complete what He has begun? He will not force you to receive all that He has for your life. If God’s work has not been brought to fruition in you, it is not that Christ has not been diligently working toward that end. Rather, you may need to release areas of your life to Him and be as determined to see God’s work in you completed as Christ is. Review the things God has said to you over this last year. Are there promises God has made to you that you have refused to allow Him to complete? If so, commit to yield your will to God today.”

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

  6. Around a month ago I had dream or vision about the rapture which I had prayed about. All I remember was being awoken to a bleak and sorrowful future. It was as if the Lord was telling me to see to my own house before worrying about it. I had not told anyone of this until 2 hours later my son was saved. He has been revealing his salvation with much praise to his friends at school. One of them came to our house last night and was overcome with a desire to be saved. I instructed him on what he had to do and he took the Lord Jesus Christ has savior.
    These things are what true Christians should be doing – saving our lost brothers and sisters from the lake of fire- and not instructing those of the faithful what they need to do. Especially since these teachings are creating divisions upon this blog I can only point out to that bad fruit as wrong. My own personal tree was a black and withered thing but since returning to the fold I am bearing fruit and it is wholesome and clean. I do not attack the loyal thereby making first time viewers of this blog seeing us as a group of bickering, divisive, bitter people. I take my fight to the athiest boards, to the new age boards and spread the good news as CHRIST instructed us to do.
    In summary, I ask everyone to read the postings/blogs that have created a firestorm and decide for themselves if this is what Christ tells us to do and if we are being loyal to our GOD in doing so. Is spending our time preaching to the saved and children of the kingdom of GOD more important than reaching out to the lost and spiritually thirsty? These lost brothers and sisters of ours WILL burn eternally screaming out forever more their utter despair. Who are we? Are we teachers of the lost or theological instructors of dogma???
    I pray with all my struggling self, with all my impoverished imperfection and with every ounce of energy that I have that we reach out to those that need it most. Are we carrying the same cross that JESUS died upon or are we nailing others to it???

    • Faithfulelect! Once again you demonstrate wisdom and grace. Brava to you! Destroy the works of the devil! Save those who are perishing! L.A.

    • Yes indeed…and be sure and let us know when your book is finished Faithful, I suspect it will contain much insight.

  7. Bozz – If you had explained the calf thing I wouldn’t have asked you about it.

    If you were a Biblical archeologist and had a replica of that calf would that then be the same thing to you?

    I’ve been asking you why it’s your understanding that the modern Christmas Tree is the same thing mentioned in Jeremiah. I ask because I wantto see the connection too.

    Ever hear of the Paradise Tree? It even predates the Christmas Tree. That same page someone posted discusses it too:

    I know that the Word of God has nothing to do with burning people at the stake but these same people who banned Christmas were some of the same ones who thought the Bible said they should burn people. (And it wasn’t the catholics who burned people in America.) That demonstrates being misguided to me. The Protestants who first came here forbade colors, are colors Satanic? I find no Biblical basis for that either.

    God never said anything about Christmas, as you have pointed out, and you end with suggesting He did and doing any Christmas customs is going “against what God said”.

    I’ve heard that Pilate’s birthday was a feast day in the first century church. Has anyone else ever heard that or seen conclusive proof that this was the case? When you read the Biblical account it sounds like Pilate tries to get Jesus off several times but the Temple leaders wont have it so he finally gives up in frustration and washes his hands of this (which was a Jewish custom I might add) In modern times Pilate is portrayed as the villain when he was just an incompetent. But was he really respected in the early church?

    • The connection is Salomon:

      Ecclesiastes 1:9-14 (King James Version)

      9The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

      10Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us.

      11There is no remembrance of former things; neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after.

      12I the Preacher was king over Israel in Jerusalem.

      13And I gave my heart to seek and search out by wisdom concerning all things that are done under heaven: this sore travail hath God given to the sons of man to be exercised therewith.

      14I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and, behold, all is vanity and vexation of spirit.

      You can not see what you don`t want to see or are not able to see. No disrespect. We all deal with the same problems. Satan went into the world and deceived the whole world. Generations change, memories fade away, maybe some traditions cease from time to time when the Holy Spirit is strong among the people and they don`t quench it and are obedient to Him. But when that generation passes away, the same thing happens all over again. Traditions come back, just slightly repacked but it is always there, revealed by scripture. The fact is in our generation we have the best understanding of scriptures like it was prophecied to happpen. I see the connection and I don`t need no other books or articles, although it helps and it is always fun to learn about history. If the facts are presented correctly of course. All the answers are right there in the bible, but we have to see them first.

      I am just alergic to everything catholic or everything that goes against the Word of the Most High is all. And it is not just catholicism. The Spirit of prophecy says that in the last days the daughter harlots will go back under the mother harlot and we see that happening, don`t we? At my parents home they have all kinds of statues of Mary and the child (again Babylon connection), angels and paintings supposedly of Jesus and Mary. Although nobody today knows what they looked like. I saw some simulations on youtube of Jesus`s appearance (short hair) but that`s it. So this represents a clear violation of the 2nd commandment to me (Deutoronomy 16:4 is even more specific).I am not legalistic, but the 2nd commandment still stands and guess what, catholic church took it out.

      I haven`t heard that about Pilate though. Pilate was there and played the same role like for example Cyrus (Isaiah 44:28). just that he had a more difficult decision to make but he fulfilled the will of the Almighty. Many ask if Pilate will be in heaven or even take part in the 1st ressurection. My answer would be, if he believed later on, yes, otherwise no.

    • Solomon’s “There’s noting new under the sun” quote gets twisted to apply to anything some want to apply it to but what was he really talking about? I’ve seen it applied to specific things like the Nephilim to generic things like the evilness of man. What do you think he was talking about?

      It’s not that I don’t want to see. I seek the truth. That’s all where I’m coming from. What you said about me could easily be applied to you as well. I mean no disrespect either but when there is no traceable line back to the pagan tree how can you say a Christmas tree is Satanic? (I even posted a link that only discusses the Paradise Tree which probably played a role in popularizing the Christmas tree among Christians 500= years ago.) How can you NOT be interested in books, articles, and history? They either support or deny what we believe. I believe the Scriptures because all aspects of life support their validity as fact. Only the fool closes his ears and eyes to study the truth. When I study the Bible I like to also study what was going on elsewhere in the world during the same time. Few people I’ve met do this but it leads to some interesting things like finding Egyptian and Chinese records to back up what the Bible says happened only you get it from a worldly perspective. Coincidence? I think not.

      Here’s another question along the lines of the calf example. What of fake trees? What if your tree doesn’t have gold and nails on it like you say the Nimrod tree had? Are they still the same thing?

      What about the Nativity set? As I said before I have one I keep up year round as a symbol of the event. I have other sculptures I’ve bought over the years relating to Jesus life such as his resurrection, riding the donkey into Jerusalem, praying in the garden, the Last upper, etc. I do not worship these statues but I have them around to remind me daily of what He did for me and so that when I have a guest in my home they know obviously where I stand and it sometimes begins a dialogue.

      I don’t know If this is true because I have no way to vet this but supposedly the story goes that Pilate’s wife was Caesar’s niece and also one of the “groupies” who followed Jesus from town to town. This is supposed to be where Pilate learned of the “I wash my hands of this” saying as it was not Roman but Jewish and at the time Jews and Romans did not intermingle. Some say Pilate’s wife even had a dream or vision that he should not allow Christ to die (which I wouldn’t say was of God since His sacrifice had to be played out.) After Pilate tried and failed to get Jesus acquitted he even tried the unobserved custom of freeing a prisoner at Passover. Rome never did that before. The crowd chose the murder instead.

      After the crucifixion Pilate, Herod, and Cesar wrote each other a series of letters on the aftermath of the crucifixion and the gist was “Oh, crap. What did we just do?” and these letters are supposedly in the British and French museums. For allowing Jesus to die Caesar had Pilate brought to him in chains and both Pilate and his wife were executed. A legend says that at the execution there was a vision that Pilate would be at Christ’s side to judge and all of the Roman god statues shattered. This was most likely an Apocryphal idea though. However, I’ve always been intrigued by the suggestion that there are these letters where His enemies acknowledge His deity but I have no way to know if it’s true. I can only rely on what other authors have sid and there are many wolves in sheeps clothing there. As an after note some of these authors say that Christ was being added to the pantheon of the Roman gods when Rome fell and use this as both a contributing factor to the truth of the story and a reason why God had Rome fall before this could happen.

    • I didn`t say I am not interested in books lol. I like all the info I can get. I just said that all the answers are there in the bible in the first place. But we know one thing that the word written in the bible is infallible and inspired by God, for which other (hystory) book can you state the same thing?

      Yes, what I said can easily be applied to me I agree. I stated that we all deal with the same problems that truth seeking brings along. But we have the Holy Spirit to guide us and the bible to learn from.

      The important thing here is that Salomon asked God for wisdom and he gave him wisdom. His words were inspired by God and are everlasting.

      I said it numerous times and I`ll say it again. No, fake trees are not the same thing. But then again, what other day of year do you fasten a tree in your house with a specific purpose like this? My answer to you considering the statues and everything would be the same as I wrote – violation of the 2nd commandment.

      I know you don`t worship the pictures. But you worship Jesus Christ and he is on the picture and that makes it the same and nobody knows how he looked like in the first place. How can you say then, this is Jesus on the picture? Did the apostles when they preached Jesus say “Wait a minute, let me show you a picture and a statue I have here with me” or did they preach the Word? God did not want a “second Greece” with statues of him and His Son and everything else that is mentioned in the bible. That is why he commanded the things he commanded in the 2nd commandment. Be ye separate. I lived in that environment and still do and it grieves me so much when I see a clear violation of the 2nd commandment in my parents home and how they are ignorant about this. When I started reading the bible, I knew immediately this is wrong.

      The paradise tree is a new one to me. It seems that people will say anything to defend this tradition. That article is so suspicious. As soon as I read pyramids, I knew this article is misleading as in mystery, babylon the great misleading. Although some people argue that the New Jerusalem that will come down is a pyramid. The paradise tree is in paradise (in heaven) and is under the 2nd commandment then. The page is from lutherans, lutherans are going back under vatican. My relatives are lutherans. When I argue with them about the many similarities that they incorporated from the vatican these days, they just say “So what?” Shame, people forgot what the reformation was all about. Luther didn`t have all the answers back then as he came also from a catholic environment but he started the whole deal and he was right!

      Thanks for the info on Pilate, I never have researched him in detail. Interesting.

      It is obvious, we won`t be able to agree on this. I stated my position on this and my position is strictly with the Word of God and it speaks clearly to me about everything I see in the world. When I came out of Babylon, the first thing I said to myself was “no compromise” as I researched how everything in today`s church is compromised. And that is also why the great falling away is occurring and will come to it`s climax in the near future. But like in Elijah`s times when he prayed to God that he is alone, God said to him that he still has 7000 people in Israel who have not bowed their knee to the false gods and all their lies and abominations. I try to be one of those 7000, figuratively speaking, today.

      God bless you my friend.

    • By the way that passage about Salomon is ment to be understood literally not allegoricaly. The scriptures are ment to be understood literally, except when the scriptures reveal that there is a figure of speech or allegory. Let scripture interpret scripture. There is no allegory in this passage. You interpret it literally and apply it historically considering everything that you think is “new under the sun” but it`s really not like Salomon inspired by the wisdom that God gave him, revealed to us.

    • May I suggest you do a study on the word Asherah poles and groves. They are one in the same. 1+2 Kings Hezekia brought out the groves from the LORDs house b/c they were an abomination to the LORD.

      We will only study out that which we feel uncertain about, b/c we should want to walk holy to the LORD.

    • I never said a history book can’t be flawed but when you have several sources saying the same thing that tends to show what they say happened is how it happened.

      I’m always leery when people say they only use the Holy Spirit to guide them because in my experience I have seen this lead to some pretty unbiblical “revelations”. You still need to test the “guy feeling” against the scriptures, which I do.

      But what are Solomon’s words applied to? I take the Bible to be 100% literal as well. What I’m saying is I work in a creative field and when I’m involved in a new creation does it apply to that? I don’t think that’s what it meant but some have tried to tell me it means just that to discourage me from what I do.

      Actually, I have a tree up for Valentine’s Day (red), Easter (Pink) and Halloween (Black). I put characters on my trees like Charlie Brown and Snoopy. I do it as a decoration to celebrate the seasons, not paganism.

      Are you sure there isn’t a difference between a Man and a picture are statue of him? I work in publishing and I’m always drawing my interpretation of characters both historical or fictional. In the end it’s always my depiction and not meant to be taken as the real person. The difference with Catholics is that they pray to these statues and pictures.

      I knew of the Paradise tree before the article but couldn’t remember if it had predated or postdated the Christmas tree. Where were the pyramids mentioned? I missed that.

      I agree that there is a great deal of ignorance among the various denominations on their origins just as there is an ignorance of Christians as to what the Bible says. However, how does this change historical facts? You will find mention of the Paradise Tree in non Lutheran literature as well.

      I’m not sure how true that Pilate stuff is. I’ve just heard it mentioned in a few places before and find it interesting.

    • Marie, are you saying that a grove is the same as a single tree? I know a bit about the groves in ancient times but never connected them with a single tree before.

  8. Hi all, several weeks ago I brought up videos of people who either have cats or reptilian looks to their eyes.This is not one of those vids.LA I realize you are relaxing but could you please look at this,as I am not computer saavy could someone please post this video for me? This is a french tv show and they devoted this vid to it.Thanx alot!

  9. Captain Eagle,

    I have never watched CSI! But for the most part the way autopsy is portrayed in TV land is rather silly. Dramatic solution to the case all in less than 60 minutes with lots of commercial breaks! The real detective work is after the autopsy in the analysis of the tissues, crime scene and so forth. Fortunately I deal with cleaner, non forensic things now. Our group studies Alzheimer disease and related disorders, so it is limited to central nervous system.

  10. Urgent question for L.A. and any of you who are well-informed on UFO reporting:
    A dear sister in Christ and I saw 6 outta this world brightly shining “orb thingies” on the night of December 29 (between 9-9:40 pm)!! She and I are ready to file a report but wondering what the “best” venue for this may be. Any comments on NUFORC (a Pacific NW desk located in Seattle) or others in the PNW? Thank you and Yahweh’s blessings for a sane and Grace-filled New Year:^D

  11. May God grant you His understanding and insight on this matter Sandie. Remember Paul’s words on not causing the weaker brother to stumble in 1 Cor. 8. I pray the Lord will minister to your heart through these words.

    May you grow in Christ in these Last Days as I pray we all do

    Respectfully in His grip,
    Jeff D

    Jeff D

  12. sorry again I wrote it wrong pls forgive me,last time really.

  13. I have not seen Sweet Mary from Canada post here in a while. Hoping she is ok. If you read this Mary please post more if possible, your loving words and outpouring of the
    Holy Spirit is what this blog and Gods people need right now. I thank you for some of your previous posts because they greatly encouraged me at a dark time. It is nice to see(read I guess) from one who so obviously is filled with God’s love for fellow man. I confess this is my hardest road to try to love my fellow man, life and people can be incredabley cruel.Any guidance that can be given would be appreciated in this.

    • Ditto me too. I’ve always enjoyed Mary’s posts.

      I forget where I read this on this blog about how to pray (the story with the woman and the fire) but I have a request for myself. I set up a work schedule for my solo books I’d like to adhere to this year so I can have some books of my own to sell aside from the ones I do for others. Can you pray that God gives me the strength and energy to get this done? In the past something always happens to stop me from succeeding. I hope that this year is different. Thanks!

  14. I’m slow at getting around to listening to the program. Very interesting. I didn’t understand something that was said – it was that the name of Jesus is not effective on nephilim and then he said something about many have had “Jesus Programming”. What in the world is that?
    — Thanks, Beth

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