Watchers: The Review by Coast to Coast Radio Examiner!

The Watchers by L.A. Marzulli

Donna Anderson

L.A. Marzulli, author of “The Alien Interviews,” wants you to understand that UFOs are real, they’re burgeoning, and they’re not going away.

After listening to Marzulli on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, I had to see his video, “The Watchers”. Marzulli makes a compelling case for interdimensional visitation as opposed to extraterrestrial visitation. Knowing that he’s done a lot of research into ancient texts and prophecies regarding the fallen angels and the demonically charged super soldiers, I was curious to know what he thinks about present-day UFO phenomenon.

The Watchers” asks a number of questions. What proof do you have that these UFOs are truly not of this world? Are people interacting with aliens NOW? What is the difference between orbs and crafts? Why are people so willing to believe that these entities want to be our friends?

And perhaps most important – what ELSE is happening?

Marzulli isn’t your run of the mill researcher spouting this theory and that. While there are hundreds of UFO sightings across the planet every month, the percentage of people who report actually seeing one is still relatively small. However, Marzulli and his wife have actually had a UFO encounter and he describes it in “The Watchers”.

Marzulli says that there’s just too much compelling evidence, making it impossible for anyone NOT to admit that these craft and orbs are not of this world. The governments of the UK, France, Mexico, Belgium, Brazil and others are all releasing evidence, disclosing their findings.

And as for proof, Marzulli points to Edgar Mitchell, a former Apollo astronaut who says that he’s seen UFOs, Roswell was real, there WAS a crash, bodies WERE recovered and our government has covered it all up.

One important question that “The Watchers” asks is why do people assume these beings are benevolent? The video has some detailed footage of cattle mutilations that certainly can’t be called a ‘friendly encounter’. And what of the human mutilations that have been reported? The abductions and sexual experimentation?

Marzulli warns that, because we have no previous experience with this paradigm, we’re quick to assume that these entities are just here to study us and learn about us. And he says we have television, movies, books and video games to blame for it. The media all make aliens appear sweet and friendly but there’s overwhelming evidence pointing to the contrary.

And interview with Dr. Roger Leir, included in the video, brings this point home with alarming clarity. Leir has surgically removed some 17 implanted ‘devices’ from people who claim to be alien abductees. And what he’s learned from these devices is scary as hell. While most people assume that these people have been implanted for the benevolent purpose of being able to track us and learn more about our habits, Leir believes, after careful research, that these devices have a far more sinister reason for being.

In “The Watchers,” Marzulli describes and explains the classic alien abduction scenario in frightening detail, Leir provides footage of the surgical removal of alien implants, and we see examples of cattle mutilations that will make your skin crawl. For those of you who think E.T. Is going to step out of the ship with his arms open wide and his heart light glowing, think again. There’s just too much evidence to the contrary. Marzulli’s arguments are just too compelling NOT to consider that these entities are anything but interdimensional beings, the Fallen Angels, and they don’t necessarily want to be our friends.

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29 thoughts on “Watchers: The Review by Coast to Coast Radio Examiner!

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  2. I am so happy for you LA, that is really great news!!

    Look what i ran across

    Researchers: Ancient human remains found in Israel

    JERUSALEM — Israeli archaeologists said Monday they may have found the earliest evidence yet for the existence of modern man, and if so, it could upset theories of the origin of humans.

    A Tel Aviv University team excavating a cave in central Israel said teeth found in the cave are about 400,000 years old and resemble those of other remains of modern man, known scientifically as Homo sapiens, found in Israel. The earliest Homo sapiens remains found until now are half as old.

    “It’s very exciting to come to this conclusion,” said archaeologist Avi Gopher, whose team examined the teeth with X-rays and CT scans and dated them according to the layers of earth where they were found.

    He stressed that further research is needed to solidify the claim. If it does, he says, “this changes the whole picture of evolution.”

    The accepted scientific theory is that Homo sapiens originated in Africa and migrated out of the continent. Gopher said if the remains are definitively linked to modern human’s ancestors, it could mean that modern man in fact originated in what is now Israel.

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  5. Praise God Brother Lynn,

    The Lord seems to be giving you the exposure needed to reach that fringe element that is out there yearning for Truth.

    I pray He continues to work through you as a Watchman on the Wall for our times and is your Shield, your Protector, that Strong Tower of Refuge you can run to in time of trouble. We know the enemy has placed a huge target on your back because of your willingness to allow the Lord God Almighty to work through you to accomplish His purposes.

    May God’s work go unhindered through your ministry as you reach more and more.

    You are in my prayers.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

  6. In the lore of Scandinavia, Scotland, and Ireland, when God cast out the arrogant angels from heaven, they became the evil spirits that plague mankind, tormenting us and inflicting us with harm. The ones who fell into hell and into caves and abysses became devils and death-maidens. However, those who fell onto the earth became goblins, imps, dwarfs, thumblings, alps, noon-and-evening-ghosts, and will-o’-the-wisps. Those who fell into the forests became the wood-spirits who live there: the hey-men, the wild-men, the forest-men, the wild-women, and the forest-women. Finally, those who fell into the water became water spirits: water-men, mermaids, and merwomen. These angels were condemned to remain where they were, becoming the faeries of seas and rivers, the earth, and the air.

  7. LA just finished listening to your recent Coast to Coast interview ! Wow you really nailed it this time.It just keeps getting better. May the Lord continue to do great works through you. In His name

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  9. Congrats on the review! It is not easy for Christians in this day to grab the attention of a secular audience such as Coast to Coast. This is what seed planting is about, taking the risk in a forum where you might get slammed and share the real spiritual nature of the phenomenon. You have been firm and kind with your beliefs when you are interviewed on the show and this in course leads to interest in the DVD you have produced. Again, congrats on the great review on the DVD and the interview.

    Rose R

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  11. LA, prayed that hearts and minds will be reached continually for Jesus as you go preach to C2C and meet them where they are.

    On a side note, can anyone point me to theological discussions on parallel universes? I want to use parallel universes in a fictional way, but i want to deal with theological issues related to it. In one sense, you could have a narnia situation where there seem to be more worlds than earth and narnia. And Lewis seems to have put a God figure into place.

    So, are there any other ways or people have looked at this?

    Im especially interested in the sliders or dc comics kind of angle. Like what are the implications of there being 500 versions from differnt worlds of like batman?

    I dont think its a real issue, but i want to fictionalize it.

  12. China Closer to Deploying Anti-Carrier Missile
    China is moving closer to deploying a ballistic missile designed to sink an aircraft carrier.

    This is a game changer folks.
    Thanks to Chinese immigrants who pose as American citizens and were given classified clearances then decided to “help” mother China by providing classified technical information acquired at U.S. defense contractors. China has acquired much technical material from naturalized U.S. citizens working for defense contractors. Obviously there is a problem with the U.S. government granting classified clearances to these naturalized citizens. Remember Johnny Huang? He had a Top Secret Clearance granted by someone in the Clinton White House and never had a background check.

  13. UFOs travel through the sky of Kalmykia Dec 28 2010

    UFOs in December, began to actively surf the skies over Elista – the capital of Kalmykia, the ex-head of which, by his own admission, had already communicated with the humanoids in the yellow suits, and then urged the public not to hesitate to talk about aliens.

  14. Sorry in advance for the length …… I take the time to read every post, but I don’t post often. 🙂

    I’d like to get opinions on the topic of “conditioning for belief in THE LIE”. At some point, and I think in the near future, God will “send a strong delusion, so that they may believe THE LIE”. Like many of you, I believe THE LIE will involve hybrids, clones, UFOs, nephilim and ETs to paint the picture of mankind sprouting from anything other than the one true God, our Creator.

    We see propaganda supporting this conditioning from Hollywood, books, New Agers, professors, scientists, astronomers, etc ……. just about everywhere you look, if you have eyes to see and ears to hear.

    Let’s consider the recent announcement of a new study that claims there are 300 sextillion stars. That is 3 trillion x 100 billion, which is 3X greater than previously thought! A week later, an announcement from NASA greatly expanded man’s definition of conditions necessary for life. In fact, it dramatically altered their definition of life itself! So, not only has the search field expanded to a number of stars that we can’t even fathom, the acceptable target has been drastically enlarged……more “types” of life forms to look for in more places! They’re obviously not going to rule out anything, anywhere. Scientists believe the odds of discovering life outside our planet have just increased exponentially! (Watch your tax dollars!)
    Much of the world seems to expect that life indeed will be found somewhere else in the universe.

    My question to this group is, “What do you think?” Now, before you answer that, remember that Satan has already sold that idea to millions. But, if proof of life even in the simplist form was discovered, wouldn’t it cause a quantum leap in the number of people believing THE LIE? Wouldn’t that be a “slam dunk” for Satan as he races to the finish line? It seems like it would make it much easier for skeptics to believe the concept. In fact, it would be so powerful that it could cause “even the elect to be deceived, if that were possible.”

    Would that discovery invalidate your belief in the Creation, as we know it? Would it make a difference to you? Could it happen without conflicting with the Word?

    Personally, I don’t believe that “intelligent” life is out there somewhere. We are at the center of God’s creation. On the other hand, would the discovery of a simple life form or even a fossil record shatter my belief in the Genesis record? No! Would it promote Satan’s cause at warp speed? Absolutely!

    Could it happen? Don’t know. Give me some feedback, please. And it’s OK to use scripture to back up your opinion. 🙂

    Love You All in Christ’s Name! This is a great group to “listen” to every day!

    • Hi Dennis,it really seems like they’re upping the ante.I am so thankful that I truly do not believe we who know these things in depth the way we do and discuss them,will not be decieved.I couldn’t even imagine what kind of a delusion God would send other than the alien gospel,or is it something even more disturbing? But can you imagine when they show up with all of their technology and false miracles, if you or I didn’t know these things than maybe we could be decieved.

    • I think they will wait for either the rapture or some other drastic event where they get to pretend to be saviors or can explain away GOD’s plan. I have thought about this a great deal and nothing else comes to mind as to why they would not have already appeared and began their evil plans in mass. I think outside the box’s box and I have beat my head up against this issue logically and came up with nothing so the answer is something spiritually will be the catalyst.

    • Because the war in heavenly realms has not started yet, looking from our perspective (time) and the fallen ones have not been cast out of the second heaven yet to manifest in mass down here (probably as UFO`s). The one who holds them back will hold them back till the time appointed. Now it is archangel Michael or the Holly Spirit, it is the subject of your discernment. I personally think it is archangel Michael under the sovereignty of the Most High Elohei of course, because how can you explain away the tribulation saints then without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit? Of course this is from the futurist standpoint. My view is more of a historical and futuristic combined together (remember the counter reformation where they tried to put all this stuff strictly in the future not to expose that certain apostate organization). There were 1260 years where a certain apostate organization persecuted the saints and there will be the final 1260 literal days of the great tribulation.

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