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L. A. Marzulli

On Monday I posted a list of news headlines that should have shocked all of us. I also read them on Acceleration Radio last night. I have stated this numerous times this year, but to belabor the point, I have never seen the global situation this tenuous. The financial markets are out of control. with riots in Greece, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal as people realize that there is a financial Armageddon that is approaching and, in some cases, is already here.

Then we have articles like the one that I linked to below, stating that Israel would not be able to defeat Hezbollah, who are, for all practical purposes, running the show in Lebanon. Hezbollah may have upward of over 100,000 rockets, depending on whose INTEL reports you want to cite.  If we factor in the ongoing vitriol from Iran and Syria can there be any doubt that, at some point, war will break out in the region? Adding to the tension is Netanyahu’s declaration, last weekend, that Jerusalem will never be divided. So much for the Palestinian hopes creating their capital there. I believe that the peace process is dead and that there will be war. Is it Ezekiel 38? I don’t know, we have to wait and see what happens, however, for those of us who have studied the prophecies, we know what to look for, and will adjust our positions accordingly.

I was told recently that there is UFO sighting, reported somewhere on the planet every 10 minutes. The phenomenon is real and the sightings are increasing and its not going away is it? Yet, most people are asleep and remain clueless about what is manifesting all around us.

There is also a link below that ties the occult to the abortion mills in this country, which bolsters my position that abortion is a ritualistic, Satanic, blood sacrifice. I’m going to get the book and also see about getting the author on Acceleration Radio.

There is a storm brewing, and it’s complex in nature as it encompasses the global financial markets, and the war machines of many countries. Add to this the social unrest, the loss of moral and ethical underpinnings, the violence committed by the Jihadists, the 1 billion abortions that have opened the gates of hell, the talk of ET as our brothers, the bizarre weather patterns and disasters and I would pose that we are looking at a global storm, that I believe will change our way of life as we know it.

In closing today’s post. I believe the signs are here that warn of the coming seven-year tribulation period that we are told will happen in the last days. The good news is that the rightful King will come and overthrow the prince of this world, Satan, and set up His kingdom. Even so Maranatha…. come Lord Jesus!

(Check out the link below to the 12 things to do to prepare for what is coming! I wonder if the author reads this BLOG! LOL… L.A.)


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33 thoughts on “Global Storm…

  1. Great Headline today –

    Congress: No to Palestinian statehood declaration

    House of Representatives unanimously decides to remind Obama it supports Israel, passes motion saying US will not recognize Palestinian state declared without Israel’s approval, veto UN resolution to this effect if it is brought forth

    Here is the link –,7340,L-3999994,00.html

    Apparently to our benefit, the House of Representatives has stood up to the Marxist Muslim Barack Hussein Obama.

    It might not be much but it’s definitely a ‘ray of sunshine’ for America as far as supporting Israel and not satan via the muslim move to divide Jerusalem.

  2. I have read on two different sites that terrorist activity is planned in US cities during this Christmas holiday! Do you think there is anything to this, or is it just to put us in more fear?

    God is in control, He will give us the strength we need to face anything that comes our way. Thank you Lord, for the peace that you give us in times like these. We are anxiously awaiting Your return. We know that You inhabit our praises–so we give You praise and honor. Hallelujah! Amen!

  3. “IAF Jet Shoots Down Unknown Object from Jordan

    An Israel Air Force fighter jet shot down an unidentified flying object that penetrated Israeli air space early Thursday afternoon. The object is thought to have been a balloon. Investigaation of the incident is ongoing.
    The object entered Israeli airspace from Jordan, over the southern Dead Sea. There was concern that it would go near the nuclear plant in Dimona, which is located near the spot where the object was shot down.”

  4. I agree LA, what other option does Israel have anymore but to implement prememptive strikes on weapons and missle storage facilities in Lebanon, Syria and Iran with or without the United States? Who’s to say Hezbollah in Lebanon wont use their missles when Hezbollah’s military leaders are indicted? Which could be anyday now!

    One could almost argue that Israel is defenseless. Sure the country is surrounded by 200 million dollar “Iron Dome” missle defense systems; Israel has close to 100 nuclear weapons including the hydrogen bomb; they have an elite air force; they have a strong navy and their ground and special unit forces are some of the most elite in the world but how do you defend against 100,000 incoming missles from Lebannon, Syria, the Gaza Strip and possibly Iran? You Don’t! Israel is the size of New Jersey. North Korea has provided Iran and Syria with the missle technology to hit any part of Israel including Tel Iviv. In addition Iran recently announced they can make yellow cake a highly enriched weapons grade unranium. The last step needed to produce a bomb. Some experts have speculated that Iran could have a testable nuclear weapon by February 2011. That gives Israel very little time to postulate their next move.

    Jimmy De Young, friend of Israel and middle eastern expert recently wrote that Netanyahu personally told him and a group of other individuals that Israel would use the “Begin Effect” when diplomatic options with Iran ran out or if Iran came close to a deliverable nuclear bomb. Iran may be two months from getting the bomb. “The Begin Effect” is named after Israel’s 1982 prime minister Menachin Begin who initiated pre-emptively strikes on Iraq’s nuclear facility without President Reagans awareness or approval. The “Begin Effect” is known for its element of surprise; pre-emptive stikes used for deterance not war. Time is running out for Israel. They cant just wait for Iran and Syria to tell Hezbollah its ok to unleash 100,000 missles. Whether Israel uses the “The Begin Effect” or Hezbollah strikes first either way war is coming to Israel very soon.

    I would agree LA we are VERY VERY CLOSE to either the war of Ezekiel 38 or Psalm 83 with the end result being Isaiah 17.1 the destruction of Damascus when Israel uses a nuclear weapon.

    Intersting side note: Stan Deyo last night thought that we were month’s not years away from war in the middle east and the tribulation period. Stan also known as “Mr Survival” but he wasn’t preaching “the store up food gospel.” He was preaching the “make sure your family and friends are saved gospel.”

    PEOPLE GET READY ! Maranatha Father

    • With 100,000 missles, Israel will go nuclear to eliminate the threat or prevent its own destruction. Never again will they sit back and accept their fate without fighting. I also believe that God will intervene at some point on behalf of his people, the natural olive branch.

  5. Lindsey Williams: Crude Oil Price Targeted for $150-200 per Barrel December 16, 2010

    During his hour-long radio interview on the Alex Jones show today, broadcast over, longtime Alaska oil reserves expert Lindsey Williams told Alex that he’d learned recently from two of this longtime friends, both retired top executives of major oil producers, that the price of crude oil, now rising again, is slated to move to $150-200 per barrel soon. According to Williams, the equivalent price of gasoline at the pump should range then between $4-5 per gallon. In fact, the price for drivers in California is about four dollars already, he said.

    According to Williams, the equivalent price of gasoline at the pump should range then between $4-5 per gallon.

    Williams also told Alex that one of the execs had said him that the Euro is slated for collapse soon, although at an unspecified time. Once this happens, the dollar will collapse within the next two to three weeks, wiping out tens of millions of Americans financially, presumably within a few days or a few weeks.

    Lindsey emphasized once again, as he has done on all his interviews with Alex over the years, that he knows these executives very well and trusts their information because these predictions are always on target and on time. For this reason he implored Alex’s listeners to get prepared now for collapse of dollar and do whatever will be necessary for to survive and then live through this debacle.

    Williams became a friend and trusted confidant of these executives while he served as chaplain for them and their construction crews building the Alaska pipeline during the 1970s. During that stay he learned that both of these executives were privy to the plans of the globalist elite to bring down nations of the world and create a new world order economy. Because they trusted him, they allowed him to sit in on their private meeting and listen to them discuss their often-secret plans and programs.

    Both executives have maintained their friendship with Williams since their days on the pipeline project with him. They have also been willing to reveal the future plans of the globalists every so often ever since. Furthermore, they have even let him reveal much of this information to the public during his radio interviews, through the videos he produces.

  6. I find it really interesting with all that is going on, and I defer to your blog today LA, that on this winter solstice we have one of the longer total blood moons. Then June 15, 2011 and December 10, 2011 two more total blood moon eclipses. I am very frustrated, as many of you are also, that I can not get the believers around me, or in the church I attend, to care or understand what is going on. They all think I am just too obsessed with prophecy, and don’t want to hear about what is happening all around them. Sometimes I just want to scream and shake them, WAKE UP!!!, WAKE UP!!!, WAKE UP!!!.
    Thank you for today’s blog LA, right on. Keep on Preaching it.

    • Louie: You’ve just expressed my own frustration. I have almost become silent on the subject around my family because they look at me as though they think I’m ready to slip totally over the edge. My youngest son seems to be more aware than the rest of them, or at least not afraid to talk about it. Maybe we should organize a club of all who experience this same thing–I’ve alrady heard from quite a few. It’s a shame we don’t live close together so that we could have serious Bible studies on this subject. I have prayed and prayed for God to direct me to some people in my own community, but so far that prayer has gone unanswered. I’m sure God has a reason for that. Of course there is this community and I’m thankful for that.

      Maranatha and God bless everyone!

    • I agree, Barbara, and Louie, I have almost become silent also, because no one wants to hear it, not even the very few saved members of my family.
      I am also SO VERY GRATEFUL for this blog, LA, and for all the people here … for being able to discuss these things openly among devoted believers in our Lord Jesus, and among people yearning for the truth of prophecy and the deception to be told – and heard.

    • same here my 15 yr old caught on quite quickly took me about 6 months to get my wife halfway awake, and her side of the family think that I am nuts. Thank GOD my side are on the boards and aware. We should start some kind of real time chat guys with all of our varying degrees in different areas of expertise we could atleast educate some of the youth out there. Have you guys seen some of the things they say about the bible? Its not that they are just athiestic its that they are ignorant of the word…or too lazy to learn it. I could use some help but have no internet expertise to do it. I think GOD has brought us all here for a reason. LA is doing his job and then some, but we gotta get people here and educate our youth.

  7. I have been told by my family that I am obsessed with prophecy and not to talk about it any more….ie. do not warn or mention it at all. That is all I know.

    • I agree with what Jeff said, hang in there. If any of your christian friends are even slightly interested in prophecy give them LA’s book Politics Prophecy and the Supernatural or Epicenter 2.0 by Joel Rosenberg or Dr Dvaid Jeremiah’s book “What in the World is Going On?” or his new book “The Coming Economic Collapse.” I would also recommend “Oil Terror and Armageddon” by Dr John Walvoord and Mark Hitchock and “The Departed” written by Terry James. All of those books do an excellent job explaining the book of Daniel, the coming wars and the rapture. I can tell you from experience people hate to think that their materialistic world may end shortly. So rather than consider it they just ignore it. They would rather be surprised. Most people I love are also ignorant to their surroundings sadly regarding current events. What coming food shood shortages? What wars in the midddle east? What New World Order? I mean the list goes on and on.

      ChapDave just dont get discouraged. As Jeff said there is a reason you have a love for prophecy God will use you when the time is right.

  8. Please don’t ever stop talking about the end times and the prophecies we have been given. I know what you are experiencing and have learned that God is working through you even now. We…like Brother Lynn are all Watcmen for our families and loved ones. We are to sound the clarion call until the danger has passed. When it all starts to come down, everything you have been talking about will suddenly take on a sense of urgency. Guess who those you have been talking to will come to seeking answers to questions that before had told you to your face was crap? YOU!!! God has placed you where you are right now for such a time as this. Remember Isaiah 55 and Hebrews 4:12.
    May God Almighty grant us His Wisdom.
    In Christ,

    Jeff D

  9. I agree. People think we are nuts. I can’t seem to get through to other Christians either. It’s very very discouraging. I like what Jeff D said about being watchmen for our families. Maybe we are alone for that very reason. Maybe we were ‘woke up’ for that purpose, so that when the time comes, we will be of help in the time of need for our families who just dont get it.

    The only one that can really honestly wake up our families is God. For whatever reason, he reveiled these things to us, and hopefully for a purpose, other than to be ‘in the know’.

    Don’t give up! My husband says he doesn’t want to hear about it, but I catch him repeating the things I tell him to others. I think he is listening, whether he acknowledges it or not, and so, are others.

  10. I too am quiet. God has been very quiet to me lately as well. I have told many around me, have gone through the odd looks and people thinking I have lost my mind. The seeds have been planted. Now we wait patiently with faith. When the fit hits the shan everyone will be scared, but we will be the only ones who aren’t suprised. People will need comfort and direction, which is pointing them to Jesus. That is when the REAL work will start. Our race has not even begun yet.

    BTW, saw this article. They will tinker with the work of God until they find a biological “shell” fit for a demon.

  11. Hopeful watcher and all, I am at last allowed by the holy spirit of God to Interact with you once more in this Blog. I do not know for how long. This time, God gave me series of messages and also Quotations that supports them; from the the Holy Scripture( the Holy Bible) to Share with you. I will be sending you this quotations and corresponding texts on a daily basis (because they are many) untill all the Quotations and messages are exhusted.
    Hopeful watcher, the Lord God says to tell you; that the chapters/verses contain answers to questions you all seek for. You are to take your Bible, read, review and analize the following quotations from him that I will be posting into this blog with all those who listens to you on this blog and elsewhere. God says to tell you. That he is the Ancient of Days! that He is the Lord, That is his Name. He will never share his glory with anyone. He will never share his glory with any spirit or Force. Almighty God! that is his Name! Remain Blessed and be with the spirit of God. Amen.

    • Vivian. I’m not sure who you are or what you want, but I will not allow to use this BLOG for your own aggrandizement. This is not a forum for you to post what you believe is from G-d. We don’t know who you are, but after going to your website, I am extremely suspect, thus you will be allowed to comment but not post your so-called revelations. L.A.

    • LA, I want nothing from you or anyone else. However,GOD WANTS HIS CHILDREN. Thats exactly why God also gave the revelations from passages in the bible. So that when the times comes, we all can read from our various copies of bibles and decide for our selves what we want at this end time. SALVATION? or DISTRUCTION?
      Lamarzulli, everything has been accelerated! I have been asked to send you the Quotations which contains very important messages to all creations. Expecially the elects of God.
      I will post in a quotations daily. The choice of what to do after that is yours.

  12. Vivian, you have been lurking for quite some time and now you pounce with your worldly and altruistic message of love and hope. I know your game. It is an EVIL one!! Despite your giving heart, deception is what you share. I pray that you do it unknowingly. You push for cooperation and global unity that will diminish the role of Jesus.

    JESUS!! FAITH IN JESUS and He alone. Do not come here selling your watered down, new agie spirituality. Jesus is my King! The qualities of love you state were expressed by Jesus, but another will co-opt these principles for their own evil gain. I pray that you take that loving and large heart and open it up to Jesus so that He may work his wonders upon your life.

    • Hopeful Watcher, Thank you very much. I gave my life to God and accepted Jesus Christ as my personall savoir a long time ago. It is the love I recieved from Christ Jesus in the past life that has sustained me and made it possible for me to born again and be present in this generation.
      Remain Blessed and be with the spirit of God. Amen.

    • I will have to take you at your word at this, so this is glad for my ears to hear. In that case, know the prophecies that have yet to be fulfilled, for they speak against world unity which you desire. Like the Isrealites of old who did not see Jesus as the messiah, because they ignored the prophecies of Daniel and Isaiah, you may be misled to the second coming of Jesus, because you ignore the prophecies espoused by Paul in Thessalonians and John in Revelation. Do not pick and choose the passages of the bible, because some spirit (of God?) pointed you to them. Read the entire word, because it is ALL the inspired word of God.

    • Although the spiritually blinds may not see it. God Has succeeded in Establishing his Kingdom on Earth as it is in heaven, under the Government of God. FYI this refers to spiritual establishent of God’s Kingdom to be ruled by the Government of God; not physical Establishment. For it is not yet time For physical manifestation of the Kingdom.
      LA you have got it all wrong. We the members of God Government Ministry do not seek to unite the people in your current world as it is to be rulled by God. God will never allow his Kingdom under the Govenrnment of God to exist in this filty and currupt world or be subject to any othority other than his own. Not at all. We are preparing the way and talking about the Government of God that will Rule the New earth and its inhabitants, as it is in heaven. That is why the Ministry is called God Government ministry. ‘ the garthering of the saints.
      For now we are still waiting for the New Earth and New Heaven Isaiah chapter 65 verses 17 -25 and Revelation Chap. 21 Verses 1- 27 that will replace the existing Ones. the ministry’s sole task right now are to foretell the iminient physical arrival of God Kingdom and Government on earth (New Earth), seek out the children of God and garther them before the total distruction of the old Earth planeth and its old ways. Sumerily, God Government Ministry serves as an outreach to humanity with the hope to find and prepare and garther. the elects of God before it is too late.
      Oh my God! so, your misguided perceptions about the ministry and my person are your reasons for all the attacks and negative comments towards me? hum!
      Sorry, we have no interest in the old physical world. God has intersts in his Children and has instructed that the ministry be set up as a garthering of the saints before all is distroyod. Note: most informations at Ministry’s site are spiritual and only those born of the spirit of God will read and understand them. May Almighty God Guide us all to the accurate truth. Amen

    • I relish a Kingdom of God on Earth and wait for it with anticipation. Whom and how do we elect the ruling body that will govern this Kingdom? I am being facetious here. If I have miss-characterized you or your organization, I am most humbly apologetic. Just my red flag goes up, because Satan also wishes to create a governing body on Earth that is spiritual and godly. I can not ignore prophecy that says we will be governed with an iron thumb. If you are preparing the way for after Satan’s wrath and after Jesus comes to claim HIS kingdom, then more power to you. This I would support. But if you think you can establish a kingdom of God prior to the AC, you are mistaken.

      2 Thessalonians 2
      3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

    • Vivian you state: We the members of God Government Ministry do not seek to unite the people in your current world as it is to be rulled by God. God will never allow his Kingdom under the Govenrnment of God to exist in this filty and currupt world or be subject to any othority other than his own.
      Why would you refer to fellow human beings as “your’ world, when it is our world and you are included. L.A.

  13. I think we are getting a taste of a global storm brewing right here on this blog. Blessings to all. Princess Vivian, you are in my prayers.

    • Ha-ha-ha-ha! LOL.
      Hopeful watcher, Pls. ignor talking and worring about me and Analize the first Quotation from Zephaniah chap. 1 Vs. 2 – 18 for us all. You know the bible more than any of us here. Remember, I am only a messenger. I confess to the holy spirit of God. I have no power of my own.
      Remain Blessed and be with the spirit of God.

    • Based on that Zephaniah scripture, I would say you have a lot to worry about. You wish to place your faith in an instution built by man, rather than the Son of God, Jesus. Sorry.

  14. Thanks for the post. I am really struck by the issue of blood sacrifice and it’s effects on opening the door for demonic activity. I don’t remember where, perhaps in a Tom Horn book, but it was postulated that the 9/11 incident in New York was a blood sacrifice. The thing to remember is that the Devil can huff and puff all he wants, but our God Jesus is stronger!

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