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L. A. Marzulli

Our world is on overload… and so are we!

MiddleEastwar…Mexicandrugwars…NorthKoreannukes…Israelnukes…Partialbirthabotion…WIKILEAKS, VaticanSEXSCANDALL…TERROISTS…Sucicidebomberblowsup58People…BERNIEMadoofsonhangshimself, IRANNUKES…WEIRDWeather…UFOsSIGHTEDevery10minutes…Foreclusresalltimehigh…Don’treadWIKIleaks…  BANKFAILURES151…Americansworseoffnow…LastDays… SECRETBankingElite… NewWORLDOrder… KennedyASSASSINATION… SWINEFLU… BRITISHSTUDENTSRIOTINTHE STREET… HACKERSbringdownGOVERNMENT… MISSINGRadioactivematerial.. JerusalemETERNALCapitalofIsrael… SANDSNOW&THUNDERSTORMSinMIDDLEEAST… SUICIDEbomberBLASTS… HEzbollah… 1,800MISSILESTtoVENEZUELA… MEXIANdrugsARRIVEbySUBMARINE… GLOBALWarming… UFOs… Volcanoerupts… NOmoreANTIBIOTICS…EMPbomb… IMBEDDEDmicrochips… PArisHILTON… PRINCEWilliamtogetmarried…  IRANconducts militarydrill… CHILDRENHostagesfreed…GLObalFInancialMEtldown…. ENDTIMES… GLOBALHUNGER… 7.2EARTHQUAKES… OpiuminHARVESTinAFGHANISTAN… STATESrights, IRAQwar… Obamaalltimelow… FEderalRESERVE… Oilat$91.00… harvestingBodypartsfromABORTIONS… Implants… LocustsplagueAustralia…



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In Other News:

Record-Breaking Warmth Grips Los Angeles, Phoenix



20-Degree Temps Coming To Central Fla.



New Cold Blast Invading Eastern U.S. Even More Brutal



Sand, snow, thunderstorms wreak Mideast havoc



The dark side of biotech: expert details grisly fate of fetal body parts



North Korea threatens preparation for `all-out war`



Intelligence chiefs fear nuclear war between Israel and Tehran


38 thoughts on “OVERLOAD!

  1. yikes! All the many many more reasons to dwell on yesterday’s comforting Sunday bun. Thank you again for that bun, LA.
    In the midst of the tornado of turmoil, keep our focus on Him, our safety and shelter, our shield, our protector, our savior, stronger than he that is in the world, stronger than the enemies fiery darts.

    God bless us one and all.

  2. When you are overloaded, look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.
    Now for something totally different:

    Simple Carpenter

    One day Jesus was walking by the pearly gates when St. Peter asked him to watch the gates for a few minutes.
    Jesus agreed and in a few minutes he saw an old, old man approach. He walked very slowly, had a halting
    gait, and long white hair and beard.

    “How did you spend your life on earth my son?” asked Jesus.

    “I was a simple carpenter for sixty years” replied the old man.

    “And what do you hope to find here in heaven” asked Jesus.

    “I hope to find my son” said the man.

    “Well there are millions upon millions of people here, how will you find him?”

    “I’ll recognize him by the nail holes in his hands and feet,” states the old man.

    Jesus does a double take, thinks for a moment and says,


    The old man looks at Jesus and says, “Pinocchio????”

    • Pinocchio’s nose grew when he lied … Jesus CAN’T lie.

      I don’t understand how this could be funny in any way, shape or form.

      Is this a message from satan?

      I’m stunned that anyone would compare the God of the Universe … Jesus … to a fairy tale character.

    • I have to agree with Ken I dont understand the point of your joke or its humor? Is God saying he cant find Jesus compaing him to Pinnochio? Regardless your joke is rediculous, blasphemous, absurd and quite inappropriate.

    • Good Jean Patrick beacuse blashphemy in Last Days is never funny. No really its never funny ever! Coming from an Irishman. Yet we do have to keep our eyes on our fellow Irishmen after all Ireland has turned its eye on Israel enmcouraging Hamas and and the Gaza Flotilla and they have hid their own shamefull catholic molesting priests. Oh never mind…. Seriously when is it ever ok to poke fun of Jesus Patrick and Jean? Never!

    • The people castigating Patrick in this severe way need to take another look at their response.
      A brother in Christ just needs a little prod, not a hammer on the head. It was a joke about carpenters. If you want to chastize a brother you need to understand where his faith is at. We all need a little “help” sometimes, not a hammer.

    • The propaganda is odd. I thought that’s why they hire security & have cameras all over the ceiling recording people.

      One time I left a Target store & discovered when I got home an article I paid for was not in my bag. When I went back to see about it I had to sit in the security office while they ran the pre-recorded tape over the cashier station.He was looking to see if the article was placed in my bag or not. After 45 minutes they replaced the item.

      Partnering w/Homeland Security? Do they think a suicide bomber is going to explode him/herself in the store?

      Or is this a subtle conditioning of the populace for the “civilian task force” agenda in order to implement the dictates of the govt?

      Wouldn’t most people naturally tell security if they saw someone stealing items from the store anyway?

    • Strait Conditioning….. Alex Jones stated today that the TSA is in all Target and Wal Mart stores. He also stated that they will scan your drivers license any time you buy alcohol. He said that all major corporations sell your information back to the government. Mainly they are looking for your home addresses.

      LNL need I remind you that Homeland Security has you on their watch list because you study bible prophecy and are a christian. You’re dangerous.

    • Sorry to say LNL that most folks would not tell if they saw someone shoplifting. But does that require the expense of all those monitors, etc? Seems that is overkill for the level of loss experienced by the store. Hire floor walkers like the old days to keep eye out for thieves.

      Rose R

    • Richard, Yeah I know we’re already on their “watch” list but they are also on YHWH’s “watch” list.

      And since God watches those who are watching us – there’s nothing to worry about. Nothing is hidden from His sight.

    • Step by step, slowly but surely, we are being herded into an isolation pen. ‘Isolating’ is what abusers do to their victims.

  3. We are on overload and there seems to be ONE general concensus “That the Hour is Late; Events in Our World are Hurtling Toward a Biblical Conclusion.”

    Jim Fletcher author of its “Its The End of the World as We Know It” Rapture Ready” Today

    Last week was the 19th Pre-Trib Study Group Conference (www.pre-trib.org)in Dallas
    A capacity crowd heard riveting speakers, expounding on a variety of subjects ranging from the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem, to the extreme problem of Replacement Theology. Kudos to Thomas Ice and Tim LaHaye for hosting a deluxe conference
    The underlying theme of this year’s conference is the reality that the hour is late; events in our world are hurtling toward a biblical conclusion.

    Bill Salus author of “Israelstine” http://www.prophecydepot.com Yesterday

    It is safe to conclude the Middle East could go apocalyptic at any time. Christian eschatologists are at the edge of their seats watching Mideast events closely. Isaiah 17, Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38 & 39, and Jeremiah 49:34-39 are a few of the prophecies they cite that teach the Middle East is destined to become an end time’s warzone.

    Don Perkins http://www.according2prophecy.org “Today”

    While it is true that America’s pulpits are largely devoid of good prophecy teaching (with pastors ironically shying away from this gigantic biblical theme), “the people in the pews are demanding to hear about it,”

    While many christians refuse to acknowledge prophecy saying, “It will never happen in my day” We are in the “Last Days or the Season” according to Matthew 24.32-35 “Learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near. 33 Even so, when you see all these things, you know that it[a] is near, right at the door. 34 Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened. 35 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”

    Maranatha Father Maranatha!

    • Too true, Richard. It’s sleep time in the churches in the US. In Europe it’s intensive care or a funeral home.
      Strangely, how any pastor worth his weight, can avoid Bible prophecy.
      Especially so, in the light of today’s world.
      Unfortunately, many are trapped into believing they are a CEO of a corporation.
      Many are thinking how can I get ahead. If one is counting on this world and it’s goods, good luck to you.
      Tick, tock Tick, tock.

  4. Overload is right! I refer back to yesterday’s “Bun”. Jesus has left us His peace. Even so, come Lord Jesus!

    BTW, I just ordered the “Watchers” DVD. Can’t wait to get it!

    Kevin J.

  5. How I can relate to this Mental “Overload”.

    Who is particularly susceptible to this mental attack?

    Those w/o Christ “watching” what is going on to a degree but particularly those “In Christ” w/spiritual eyes to see so much more of what is going on.

    How does this accumulation of knowledge pile up & become a hindrance to our joy in Christ? Focusing on the knowledge/world events rather than the Lord & looking forward to His Kingdom regardless of the temporary things we suffer w/meanwhile. Patience & Perseverance of the Saints.

    I guess we can decide how we’re going to get though this. Trudge though the end times carrying the burden of overload or casting it back up to Christ’s shoulders & living in the hope of God’s promises.

    We’re going to look like a sad sack of believers if handle it the wrong way though.

    I bet this is some crafty ploy of Satan to bring us down – if possible. If one way won’t work he’ll look for another.

  6. Our world is in overload, even worse our churches are in Apostasy!
    False doctrines Abound,I won’t list them. False teachers, false prophets, women out of order, Homosexual, Clerical Authority, the unrighteous mammon of Tithe, prosperity gospel, positive thinking gospel, Love gospel, unity in diversity, ecumenism, interfaith, denominationalism….

    The problem is that the Name of Jesus is confessed by multitudes that are in this mix.

    Sorry to say It An’t My Jesus, My Holy Jesus. “Then He will say to those on His Left, Depart from me accursed ones into the eternal Fire”….. Mat25:41.

    John B

    • John B, I must ask… what are the doctrines surrounding “women out of order” and the “unrighteous mammon of tithe”?

    • Hi moment;
      ‘Women out of order’ = The feminine gender under the spirit of feminism exercising a Jezebel authority in place of the Elder Male Gender. See 1Tim2:7-15, 1Tim2:1-12

      the majority of churches have long abandoned and forgotten the Apostolic model of the ‘Collective Eldership’ as the scriptures above clearly show. God’s ordained means to rule local churches is the Elders ‘bearded ones, mature ones, husbands and fathers’ (plural) Men.
      it is Not the priest, not the pastor, not the woman minister, Not husband & wife joined pastors, not the homosexual.
      Churches are being infiltrated by worldly feminism.
      This spirit of feminism paves the way for the homosexual, They are allies in the world which have Gained entrance in denominational net-works which is in turn influences members in the home and causing an increase in christian divorce.

      ‘The unrighteous mammon of tithe’ = the Ten percent of ones Gross income before Tax demanded and collected week after week as requisite for church membership in order to support These ungodly method of authority as pointed above. It seems That the ministry of Grace allows for the Law of Moses when it comes to money. The Mosaic tithe was a social security system for Israel and it included not Money.
      Tithe promoters always Twist scripture making promises of Having no lack even abundance running over to the Tither in his faithfulness to keep on giving.
      Any Giving should be freewill offerings to support the entire church not the Clergy!
      This would not be the case if The order of a collective eldership was in place as these men shared the responsibility of shepherding the flocks of Christ They could earn their own keep as Apostle Paul did giving a good example.
      There is much more to be said about these things but that is the Crux of it.

      John b

    • Thank you much John B… I appreciate your taking some time to reply. I’ve noticed that you frequently refer to the ‘Apostolic’ teachings and doctrines. Are these doctrines found in the general and deeper teachings of the Early Church? And/or is there a present day group (denominational or non) devoted solely to such? Hope I’m not sounding ignorant; it’s just that some of these doctrines I need better understanding of.

    • Moment; Ignorant to the contrary, seeking God’s precious truth revealed in His Word has its reward.
      Glad you asked. Bless you sister. A teachable Spirit is a humble spirit not Puffed up. Theologies have root in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the thing is; there is nothing good about that tree at all, It produced the wisdom of this world. James 3:15

      There is no deeper teaching of the early church, nor any group as such. I have read some of the works of the Church father’s and the earliest creeds recorded.
      ‘Short testimony’ God called me to Himself Via His Word in the bible, spoke to me By it the first time I opened it Eph5:18 never been the same since, lost everything! wife, child, friends, house, the Job experience. Yep! sickness and all But He kept me, and he keeps Revealing what is needed. No time to go into full Testimony.

      There is the New testament A recording of the Words of Jesus and that of his Apostle in the context of(the Gospels, the Epistles,the Revelations)

      When I ref to ‘Apostolic doctrine or Word’ I am implying the mind of the Apostle on a given matter as They wrote it under inspiration of the Spirit and that can never contradict The words of Jesus who Himself was the Word of God incarnate.

      what one reads must be pondered upon and prayed over. There is an order in reading! It must be contextual. Jesus, Apostles, Revelation, Prophets.

      1. what did Jesus say on the matter or Topic Ex; The Second coming and scenario contained.
      2. The Apostles must confirm it.
      3. any symbolism, imagery,must fit in context of the Two previous points.
      4. Last but not least the prophets and the Old testament.

      We must never take random verses to Express Doctrine. However; A random verse can be given By the Holy Spirit as a Revelation For some personal issue or an exhortation as Stated in testimony above.

      Care must be taken not to use scripture in order to promote one’s Ideology (going beyond what is written) If the word is Quiet So should we be.

      False doctrines are those made up outside of divine inspiration. The doctrines of men.
      We are warned about this being prevalent in the Last days But the one expressing the doctrine confesses Jesus as Lord. Here is the danger!
      I have many articles of faith in Blog form on my site Moment http://www.myspace.com/NoHell.There is also the earliest Apostle creed on record you are most welcome.

      john B

    • This all makes perfect sense… to the spirit and soul. Many thanks for your sharing these bits of His glorious wisdom. YaHWeH keep you safe and blessed, John B.
      “The will of God will never leave you where the grace of God cannot keep you”– (Anon.)

  7. Dear Lord Jesus:

    You are the glory and the lifter of our heads and when our hearts are overwhelmed, please lead us to the rock that is higher than us. We realize that we would be even more overwhelmed if we didn’t have your spirit within us or if we had to suffer through the tribulation to come. But we thank you oh God, for your mercies endure forever. You are not a man that you should lie and your word is refined like silver seven times. We can trust in you as you never fail. Your word will come to pass just as you proclaimed it would and we will be lifted up with you to live in your prescence forever more. We love you Lord and ask you to please forgive our iniquities and continue to have mercy and grace upon us. Use us by your mighty power to bless those that don’t know you yet and help their hearts to open to your word and Spirit. You are the great and mighty God. You are from everlasting to everlasting. Of your kingdom there shall be no end. Your magesty outshines all light, as you are the true light and life. We love you and give you praise. You are worthy of all our worship and we honor you Lord. We know we are nothing without you and need you every minute of the day. We want so much to be with you, to bless you, and to love you more. All creation bows before you and cries Holy, Holy, Holy. Lord there can be no end to the praise and worship of you as you deserve it all for all of eternity. You are good and there is none like you. Hallelujah, Amen!

  8. I will not be shopping at Wallmart in fact i will mend my socks and pants i will by my food from a local market but NO MORE WALLMART!I assume sams club is also part of this .

  9. Ok this is going to sound really weird (especially coming from me). Me and my little girl watched Surfs Up this afternoon and it really spoke to me. GOD is like the waves that Cody wants to conquer but keeps fighting. He wants to be a winner/the big guy on top. He wants the fame and glory of it all (kindof like lucifer). Zeke shows Cody that it is not all about the end result as much as it is about the journey. And that by trying so hard, he is missing everything (a girlfriend, friends, mentor, time…)
    The climax of surfing is when you’re in the tube/indescribable. What Cody learns is that by NOT trying, but RESTING and letting the wave carry you, you stop doing all the WORK, because the wave does it. Sure you may have to battle a Tank (the haughty penguin) or go through the Bone Yard (valley of the shadow of death), but the LORD is with you all the time.
    The end of the movie, Cody gets real fulfillment: fellowship. Fellowship earned through hardship, endurance, patience, trials, listening to his mentor.

    Hebrews 4:9 There remains then , a Sabbath rest for the people of GOD; for anyone who enters GOD’s rest also rests from his own work, just as GOD did from His. Let us therefore make every effort to enter that rest…..


  10. Look who’s now getting special travel privileges84 million ‘trusted’ to access U.S. though Security, Prosperity Partnership.

    …”Global Entry is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program that allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low risk travelers upon arrival in the United States,” the CBP website proclaims.

    “Though intended for frequent international travelers, there is no minimum number of trips necessary to qualify for the program. Participants may enter the United States by using automated kiosks located at select airports.”

    “A key part of the [Nov. 30] agreement is a trusted traveler program that allows airline passengers who have gone through rigorous background checks to bypass lengthy screenings at airport checkpoints,” wrote All Headline News correspondent Tom Ramstack, reporting from Mexico City. “They must also provide biometric information – such as fingerprints – that can be encoded onto trusted traveler cards and run through electronic card readers.”

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