A Fictitious Complaint…

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L. A. Marzulli

A Fictitious Complaint…

Dear Mr. Marzulli.

You spend a lot of energy talking about the end of the world. Why write, day after day, about this so-called deception, and doom and gloom prophecy. All that stuff is most likely the crazed ranting of wild-haired, prophets who most likely ate some moldy bread! Who do you think you are anyway? Why fill our heads with this garbage? Why not tell us something that will make us feel good about ourselves? There’s enough pain and misery in this world without you adding to it with you daily rants and posting stories about the coming great deception, whatever that’s supposed to be! You need to be more positive, like that fellow on the TV, Joel what’s his name… he’s not spreading fear and loathing, why should you?

It’s like you’re just waiting for something bad to happen. What’s wrong with you? I know what you’re going to say, that Jesus warned us of what the days would be like before he came back, but come on that’s just a story, and besides it’s Christmas, and the wife and I are shopping for the tree this weekend. Why can’t you write about the tree lighting, mistletoe, and egg nog? That’s what people want to hear! Not all this end-of-the-world nonsense.

I mean day after day, it’s the same old stuff. Don’t you ever get tired of warning us about the coming war in the Middle East? Hey, it’s been almost three years since you started posting here and there’s no war! You need a vacation pal!

Then you go on about ET and how this is the great deception. I think you are the one who is deceived. So there’s life on other planets, big deal. It’s not going to change a thing. Maybe all these other guys are right and your wrong! Maybe Jesus really was an alien. You know what, with all the stuff he did that’s makes sense to me, besides I saw a show on the  History Channel the other night that said pretty much the same thing. You need to get a life!

That’s it for me I’m not coming back to this site ever again.

Have a nice day….

Bob Frisbee

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55 thoughts on “A Fictitious Complaint…

  1. Joel Osteen likes to tickle peoples ears as do many pulpits in today’s churches.

    This is sad and a tragedy.

    We need to tell people what they ‘need’ to hear, not what they ‘think’ they want to hear.

    These same people will unfortunately say one day, “why didn’t you be more forceful in telling me the truth?
    Now I’ll have to spend etenity in hell … if only you tried harder to get me to listen to the truth.”

    When you breathe your last breath, it’s too late to turn to the Lover of our souls. The One who paid the ultimate price to give us everlasting life with Him in Heaven forever and ever.

    If you want your ears tickled, please don’t read this blog, because this is not a place where you will be entertained and coddled for your pleasure.

    If what Jesus said is just a story, then Jesus was not real and therefore we would have NO HOPE whatsoever.

    That’s what satan is counting on … that you don’t believe in Jesus and you don’t turn to Him and accept His offer of Eternal life which is a gift from God.

    Please don’t accept the tickling of your ears and take heed to what L.A. and others are warning us about.

    The time is short and you don’t get a second chance after you breathe your last breath.

  2. WOW! What a fake, I think this person is trying to appear as a CHRISTIAN.However laks any understanding of Christmas as celebrated by many believers in YESHUA!OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR.It has nothing to do with a tree or eggnog although these things are fun and festive LA you are doing what we are commanded to do spread the message of salvation. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.
    LOL. Jan E

  3. Thats a “Great Question” one I think every bible prophecy student questions in their own mind. I know I do. I’m like a little kid at christmas every morning. I wake up early to read all of my prophecy sites and world news “rapture ready” “nugget net review” “prophecy update” “haaretz” “DEBKA” “White House World News” “One News” “Drudge Report” etc…. etc…. The list is long. It takes me hours. I dont even know how to explain the excitement I feel about following or studying bible prophecy. Its a longing for the rapture of the church. Its an excitment to know of the nearness of the second coming. I’m looked at like wierdo when I explain my bible prophecy passion to friends and family. I’m told live for today why dont you! They think I’m lost. When I feel I’m actually found. Whats the PINPOINT? I dont know I guess I’m tired of this world. Death is everywhere; greed and materialism is out of control. There is no more care outside of SELF. I just want to shake my fist and say NO MORE!

    The bigger question I ask myself is how will God use me in these last days. Sometimes I go round and round in my thought patterns. Are you putting yourself out there. When was the last time you shared your faith. Are you doing all you can? You sin so much when will you transform for God! Regardless it doesnt seem like anyone cares to hear about the warning cry of the coming great deception. Maybe God needs to shake us to a further foundation. One that seeks him and him only. What would do that? Any number of things natural disasters, terrorist attacks. Remember how the churches were packed after 9-11. People were seeking christ.

    I dont know the answer. I guess the logical answer would be I want a be to rescued from this world. I want to go where there is no more pain or sorrow. I want to receive the “crown of righteousness and I want it soon!” The bigger question is how is studying prophecy allowing me to live and work to serve HIS glory. Maybe its all just to save “One Soul” Maybe I have already done that. Whenever I feel really lost I pray for Romans 8:26 In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.

  4. Rain? What’s that? It’s never rained!
    The morning dew takes all the moisture out of the atmosphere. Science says it’s impossible. Haven’t you studied the science of Uniformitarianism?

    Noah, give it up! Get a life and have some fun.
    You are seriously wasting your time. Let’s go shopping.

    Bob must be listening to his buds, Charlie Ostrich and Joe Sixpack.

  5. Now then, Joel Osteen is such a weasel. He needs to see this video here:


    Letter to Mr. Bob

    Dear Mr. Bob,

    Why would the Bible include more prophecies of Christ’s second coming than His first coming if we were supposed to sit back and not think about it? Why would Christ have held the Jews accountable for not knowing the day of their visitation and not expect us to see the signs of His coming?


  6. I enjoyed today’s blog post. We have more then enough “pastors” such as Joel what’s his name.
    Life on other planets? I am in the camp there is no life on other planets. The tired old, God would not have made space so expansive if there was no life on other worlds, or even better yet, Wow, you must be really conceded to believe God would only create man and nothing else in this entire universe….actually, aliens do exists, only not on different planets we can see or not see with a telescope, until mankind finds or creates a telescope that can peer into other dimensions, man might as well, be looking for a shape shifting needle in a hay stack. Ever see those sincere but misguided folk chasing ghosts on the now popular TV shows? Might as well be chasing their own shadows…there is definitely sprits at play, although they will not sit down for an interview and most likely are just simply amused by question such as “what is your name?” really, it quite laughable,,,these sprits are just toying with these people.
    However, Dr Marzulli’s blog has helped me tremendously , since I have been a regular reader of this blog, I have purchased or made arrangements for a large generator to be installed at my home , I have stocked piled food and water, I have purchased legal weapons for my families protection, I have even started modest garden to grow a few things should the need arise, … I started making plans a little over a year ago and although I’m not quite where I want to be, I have a good starts thanks to Dr Marzulli’s suggestions. I’m not a paranoid hermit waiting for the Hail Bop Comet to come get me, I just want to be prepared for what’s surely has been prophesied and it surely to come.

    • God Bless that family for pulling their son out of school.You know what gets me is the fact that not one school system including this one would dare make kids read a book defaming mohamed,but it is ok to defame our Lord and Savior,this is sooooo shameful and makes me furious,I think I will drop that school system myself and let them know just that!!!!!

  7. I was sitting in the yard with my dogs one day last week: re: UFO above Atlanta. I live in extreme south ga. If you look at the Atlanta video you will see two manifestations of what looks like fireballs moving very slowly.

    The atmosphere on the day I was out looked as if a area of the sky was a lighter blue, almost blueish white. I saw four of the fireball looking manifestations. I originally noted and thought they were some sort of jetstream from aircraft. However, they seemed only to appear and disappear in this area. I still wonder if it was a manisfestation of sunlight, however, this follows a few days of prayer asking the Lord to help me discern the times. I went back out at 3pm and sat in a different area. Two silver orbs went over silently, in a perfectly straight line, one after the other. I ruled out jet fighters as they were round and following each other. I have never seen two jets follow one directly behind the other due to the engine exhaust. If you look at LA’s posting of the Atlanta video, let me know what you think of the fireballs or whatever, as I saw four appear and disappear in a similar geographical area. Blessings… Dave

  8. If you are familiar w/Rodger Oakland he’s been going though some major trials & a friend wrote him this letter which he shared.(Thought it was quite good as it touches on those w/a message of “warning”.)

    Dear Roger,

    Melody forwarded the email below and after reading it I thought that I could share a word of wisdom with you. This would not be a word such as Job’s “friends” offered because the most help they offered were during the first seven days they arrived to see Job and remained in silence.

    I think the Lord is showing us that we are not alone during these turbulent times. You and your family have suffered much, and yet there is “something” that has kept you in the fight. In spite of so much difficulty, you have not abandoned the work for which He called you. I have learned that these experiences only occur to those men who have truly been called by God for a job that is not ordinary or common. The conferences you have given, especially in Russia and other places have benefited so many people who are hungry for solid teaching. Those of us who are firm in the sound doctrine cannot expect to be rewarded here. I always remember the words of our Lord in Luke 6:25-26:

    “Woe to you who are full,
    For you shall hunger.
    Woe to you who laugh now,
    For you shall mourn and weep.
    Woe to you when all men speak well of you,
    For so did their fathers to the false prophets.”

    I have learned many things in these last years that for some reason I had never seen before. I think that when the Lord calls a man for a special mission where he will experience tremendous hardship and opposition, that man who is called cannot refuse God’s calling.

    1. Look at Moses’ life and his calling in Exodus 4.

    2. Take a look at Jeremiah. There were hundreds, if not thousands of false prophets with “positive messages” for the king. Jeremiah wanted God to give him a positive message too, but there weren’t any. That’s why he wants to quit as God’s spokesman. He tried to quit, but what were the results? We read them in Jeremiah 20:7-12:

    7 O LORD, You induced me, and I was persuaded;
    You are stronger than I, and have prevailed.
    I am in derision daily;
    Everyone mocks me.
    8 For when I spoke, I cried out;
    I shouted, “Violence and plunder!”
    Because the word of the LORD was made to me
    A reproach and a derision daily.
    9 Then I said, “I will not make mention of Him,
    Nor speak anymore in His name.”
    But His word was in my heart like a burning fire
    Shut up in my bones;
    I was weary of holding it back,
    And I could not.
    10 For I heard many mocking:

    ” Fear on every side!”

    ” Report,” they say, “and we will report it!”
    All my acquaintances watched for my stumbling, saying,

    ” Perhaps he can be induced;
    Then we will prevail against him,
    And we will take our revenge on him.”
    11 But the LORD is with me as a mighty, awesome One.
    Therefore my persecutors will stumble, and will not prevail.
    They will be greatly ashamed, for they will not prosper.
    Their everlasting confusion will never be forgotten.
    12 But, O LORD of hosts,
    You who test the righteous,
    And see the mind and heart,
    Let me see Your vengeance on them;
    For I have pleaded my cause before You.

    Note what he says about his “friends” in v10b. If his friends were saying this about him, what do you think his enemies were wishing? If you look at v. 7, Jeremiah is saying that God induced him by not telling him what the cost of obedience would be. And do you remember at what age God called him? Jeremiah 1:5 says:

    ” Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;
    Before you were born I sanctified you;
    I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”

    If we take a look at Jeremiah 20:8 it appears that every time God inspired Jeremiah to speak, the message was always “negative”:

    8 For when I spoke, I cried out;
    I shouted, “Violence and plunder!”
    Because the word of the LORD was made to me
    A reproach and a derision daily.

    If one were to title his sermons they would all be on the topic of “Violence and Destruction”. So he decided to resign as Rev. Dr. Prophet Jeremiah according to Jeremiah 20:9a:

    9 Then I said, “I will not make mention of Him,
    Nor speak anymore in His name.”

    A man called by God, and not by the Gospel of Greed, as Dave Hunt calls it, will suffer. Jeremiah became tired of suffering and made the inevitable decision to resign his job. And what were the results? Just the thought of it caused him to suffer physically as well. Jeremiah 20: 9b:

    But His word was in my heart like a burning fire
    Shut up in my bones;
    I was weary of holding it back,
    And I could not.

    It could be, Roger, that in your case, everything you’ve been doing has been the preparation stage, just like Moses experienced for 40 years, tending sheep in the desert. Then he spent the next 40 years serving as a liberator and legislator and as God’s representative. Nothing was easy for him. There came a time when even his brother and sister opposed him (Numbers 12).. He was unable to enter the Promised Land, but the Lord took him to heaven where the angels must have given him quite a homecoming welcome.

    I have been praying for you, your family and your ministry for some time. If it were possible, I would so much like to have you come to Paraguay and stay with us for a while. Maybe the change would be good for you. Think about it.

    Please remember: the man that God chooses for difficult missions is NOT able to quit. These are men of conviction and determination, unmovable, untiring and true to God’s Word. They are determined to push forward at all cost. I have the conviction that when God equips His servant for a great job, He also equips him to withstand the storms. There are many men in the Bible who God used mightily. Among them are Jonah, who couldn’t shake off his responsibility and was the first to take a “submarine” trip. Micah is another. Elijah had 850 against him, 450 prophets of Baal and 400 of Asherah (1 Kings 18:19, 22).

    Today we would say… 450 of the Emerging Church movement and 400 from the New Age in opposition. There are almost no faithful men left standing. In spite of the numbers in opposition, the prophet of God was not right when we said “I alone am left a prophet of the LORD”. Compare this with Romans 11:2-5:

    2 God has not cast away His people whom He foreknew. Or do you not know what the Scripture says of Elijah, how he pleads with God against Israel, saying, 3 “LORD, they have killed Your prophets and torn down Your altars, and I alone am left, and they seek my life”? 4 But what does the divine response say to him? “I have reserved for Myself seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to Baal..” 5 Even so then, at this present time there is a remnant according to the election of grace.

    I close for now, hoping to hear from you, even if just a few words. If God permits, next year we will be celebrating 20 years of radio ministry here. It would be so good to have you and your wife join us in this celebration.

    In Christ,
    J.A. Holowaty

    • Thanks so much LNL for posting this. I had read it earlier yesterday as well and was going to post it but didn’t get to it. It was the Lord prompting you I’m sure. WHere I didn’t get it done, the Lord made sure another did. Praise Him…He is so faithful even in the littlest of things. Amen!

  9. I find it strange that people would believe that some highly advanced beings have travelled perhaps light years or crossed dimensions to come to earth and then just hang around our skies and not make any contact or let their intentions be known.I find it easier to believe that they are not from some other planet but are spirit beings the fallen angels and the reason they have not made contact with the general population is because they are manipulating the major governments of the world, and thier true plans for World domination by way of Lucifer in command are not yet complete. They need to deceive as many as they can into believing they are our saviors, I believe that they gave us the advanced knowledge in the 1900’s the knowledge to go to the moon, computers etc.I find it amazing that mankind for 10,000 years until the 19th century had made very little advancement and now an explosion of knowledge, folks it was knowledge that got to Eve and Adam and its knowledge that is driving man away from God today, we think we are so smart, we are looking for the God Particle, how about we look to God and Acknowledge his astonishing engineering marvel called the Universe, and start looking at the Universe from the view of a designer. I cant believe that all the complexities of the Universe around us and everything in it just happened out of chance, its like saying if you wait long enough all the scrap metal in a junkyard will magically arrange itself to form an F16 Jet with no designer.Anyway God bless you all and L.A thanks for all you do.

    • Let’s start simple, let’s acquire enough knowledge for a vehicle to go over 100,000 miles before it’s ready for the junkyard. Mankind could use a little alien intervention there.

    • Actually God is the one Who sends the delusion, and then they will be deceived. Nothing happens until God allows it. Remember, even satan and his minions are a tool in the Hands of Jehovah.

    • Yes they are tools and because God could see the End from the Begining, He allows the strong delusion, he doesn’t send it, he could of stopped it, but because he already knows what path will lead to the best outcome for us he allows Satan to choose that path because it will lead to the best possible situation for us. God knew that Satan would rebel against him before he created him but He created him anyway why? Somehow I think it all ties in with the Choice we all have to make Good or Evil God or Lucifer we have free will because God wanted companionship not Robots. Just a thought I had on my mind.

    • “God knew that Satan would rebel against him before he created him but He created him anyway”

      I always wondered about that myself.

    • Susan is correct Sal; It is God that sends the strong delusion.
      “And for this cause God shall send them a strong delusion…… @Thes2:11

      John b

    • Matt,

      I believe the key to answering your question is in Ephesian 2:4-10

      God created man knowing he would sin and fall and therefore need a ‘saviour’ to ‘mend’ that relationship with God through the saviour, messiah, Jesus.

      Knowing satan would fall also provided the ‘catalyst’ to entice Eve in eating the forbidden fruit.

      And remember that Adam was not deceived but took of the fruit willingly to be with Eve.

      This also is a type of Christ – Adam loved Eve so much he was willing to ‘die’ for her in order to be with her thereby setting up your answer which is so eloquently stated in verse 7

      Eph 2:4 But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us,
      Eph 2:5 Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved;)
      Eph 2:6 And hath raised [us] up together, and made [us] sit together in heavenly [places] in Christ Jesus:
      Eph 2:7 That in the ages to come he might show the exceeding riches of his grace in [his] kindness toward us through Christ Jesus.
      Eph 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: [it is] the gift of God:
      Eph 2:10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

  10. LA, your blog by the skeptic reminds me of the Scripture–2 Peter 3:4,”And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as [they were] from the beginning of the creation.”

    I get the same response from my sister when I try to warn her. She’s a Christian, but she likes Joel Osteen. She basically just told me yesterday in an e-mail “If you claim to be the “present day John the Baptist” (which I never said I was) you are NOT! Your attitude is a total turn off and I do NOT want to receive any more of these messages from you”, and “Sorry to say Susan, but your life is not a life that is an example of Christ’s love.”. Jesus warned us that this would happen even among our own brethren, so it does not surprise me one bit. I just didn’t expect if would be in my family.

    Take care, LA, and don’t stop. God bless,
    Susan, Medford, OR

  11. Those of you who are picking on Joel Osteen should get a life! Who are you to judge a servant of another. I’m into end times prophecies just as much as most of you are but I also like to hear positive Christian teaching. Joel Osteen fills a big hole in this area. There are many Christians who are starving to hear something good and positive and Joel fills that void for them. If you would pick up one of his books and really read through it you will discover that there is much wisdom and practicality on how to live out the Christian life. Do not judge, brothers and sisters, for one day we will all have to give an account of our finger pointing. God bless you!

    • Hi Robert, just to let you know, I live in Houston and have visited Brother Joel’s church on many occasions. I agree he is a wonder motivational speaker, even better then Tony Robbins at times. Unfortunately, due to gifts from other people I have read all of brother Joel’s books, and I’m sorry I cant say that this type of fluff has anything substantial to add to my Christian walk or life. It might be good for some, but I don’t read anything in his books that I can’t read from any motivational speakers books.
      I’m sure brother Joel has a good heart and thinks he is doing Gods work and maybe he is, my opinion of him stems from what he has said publicly, and is public record for all to hear.
      Where does Brother Joel stand on the gay issue? Where does he stand on the Muslim issue?
      Where does he stand on sin? Does anyone even know? He avoids what is considered taboo subjects as not to offend anyone, and by doing so, has offended me.

    • Matt, I think that the problem that you have with Joel is that he is non-judgmental in his approach. That seems to bother a lot of people it seems. We have all heard the sin message over and over and made to feel guilty over and over. People need to be in the Lord’s presence sometimes and just realize how much He loves them. That is what attracted the outcasts and the sinners to Christ 2000 years ago. His unconditional love for them helped them to change. The woman at the well was living with a man who she wasn’t married to and the Lord offered her living water. Why can’t we look at Joel as a needed part of the body of Christ instead of condemning him. The sin message is very prevalent everywhere in the Bible belt but the message of Christ’s unconditional love is very rare.

    • Maybe you are correct Robert; I understand loving the sinner, but not the sin.
      It just amazes me when he is put in the spotlight and asked question on shows such as “The View” where of course he will be slammed with controversial questions he seems to fold faster than a lawn chair. Not really giving an answer to pointed questions. My point is you can’t always straddle that line, in hopes of not losing church memberships or million dollar book deals. A few scriptures come to mind as I ponder Brother Joel.
      Revelation 3:15-16 We know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, will I spit you out of my mouth.
      Matthew 28:19 Having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.
      2 Timothy 4:3 For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.

    • We are not to judge any man. Often though, the expression of ones discernment towards an others Doctrine may come across as judgmental.
      Now; There is nothing wrong with denouncing wolves in sheep clothing specially those who Fleece the flock via the collection of “unrighteous Mammon” by Tithing principles belonging to the Law of Moses.

      john b

    • Very well said John B, I don’t judge the man, although I see no sin in having an opinion of him. In all honesty I do my best to ignore brother Joel, changing the channel when necessary ,only time I see him is when he is on a TV show hawking his latest book, and out of morbid curiosity I tune in to see if he has changed in any way which usually leaves me scrambling for the remote.

    • Here is a video of Joel Osteen leading his congregation to accept Christ through the sinner’s prayer.

    • Nice videos, you must have scoured the vault for those, however, have you seen the one of him on The View? He is squirming away in his seat as the ladies on the view question him about homosexuality? He never did answer the question, though I do find it amusing he put himself in that position knowing he was most likely going to be put to the stake by the hosts of that show.
      Brother Joel was ready for them however, he had more moves than Emmitt Smith sitting is that chair. At one point I thought I saw little beads of sweat roll down his head as the question got more controversial by the minute. I can’t say as I blame him knowing I’m one bad answer away from blowing millions on a book deal. All jokes aside, if he does it for you and you’re blessed by what ever his massage is, that’s great, he does not do it for me…call it a personal preference.

    • Joel Olsteen to me is suspect. We can’t judge the guy’s heart but we can look at his fruit & what he preaches compared to God’s word. This we are specifically told to do. And if they are out of line of God’s word to correct them & if they continue to lead people astray to expose them.

      My pastor continuously preaches on the love & grace of the Lord while at the same time points out sin & the need for repentance & sanctification.

      “Matt, I think that the problem that you have Joel is that he is non-judgmental in his approach.”

      Yeah- I have a HUGE problem w/that. The problem is that God is the Judge & the Bible is His word on what is right & acceptable. If what a man is saying does not back up 100% what the Lord God Almighty says- then something is amiss.

      Olsteen should be teaching the Full Council of God’s Word equally. Love is important but so is Sin/Judgment. Faith as well as Unbelief.

      To be in the spotlight representing Jesus Christ & weaseling out of a direct question about Homosexuality/Muslim salvation is an abomination. We should be willing to die upholding the truth of God’s Word & many Christians do just that.

      How did Jesus teach us to live? Not my will but yours (The Fathers) will be done. Nothing has changed. It’s not Joel Olsteen’s perspective that should be taught but God’s perspective as revealed in His Word.

      It’s deceptive for a Pastor to give 110% of his focus on one aspect of God (his personal favorites) while giving another attributes a
      -5% focus (the one’s which cause him personal discomfort) & sweeping it under the rug. That is not an example of a life crucified w/Christ.

      To me what he did on Larry King is not much different than Peter when he denied Christ 3 times. By not answering the question he is leading people to question if the Bible can be re-interpreted to suite their own personal tastes.

      Was Peter eventually restored? Yes. Could Joel Olsteen? Of course.

      Has Olsteen changed his tune? Is the fear of man going to hold him back when presented w/the same question about homosexuality? Is he going to speak for God & proclaim that Jesus is the only way a person can be saved? Muslim, Hindu, what-have-you isn’t going to cut it?

      We can’t know- neither do we know how the Lord is working in Olsteen’s life or what will be the end result for him. That’s between him & God.

      James 3:1 “Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.”

      God is going to Judge & He will judge by His Word.

      Meanwhile Robert are you going to “judge” your fellow Christians who are weary of those claiming to come in Christ’s name who will not or do not represent Him fully?

      1 Corinthians 6:9,10 “Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders,nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.”

      Acts 4:12 “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.”

      John 12:47,48 “As for the person who hears my words but does not keep them, I do not judge him. For I did not come to judge the world, but to save it. There is a judge for the one who rejects me and does not accept my words; that very word which I spoke will condemn him at the last day.”

      Joel Olsteen Exposed

    • That’s right Late Night Lisa, we are supposed to be fruit inspectors.

      Too many shepherds are starving their flocks by motivational sermons and entertainment based services. In these perilous times when Truth is under attack, we need to be in God’s Word and weigh everything we hear and see with His Word. That is not judging, it is discerning. Remember also, we will be judging Angels. 1 Corinthians 6:3,… and how much more things that pertain to this life?

    • exactly the right word…starved, and it should not be that way. Most of those decrying against Jesus and the work of the cross are simply ignorant or too lazy to read or find a preacher that actually mentions him. In preaching to satisfy and keep the coffers full the vital word is not being preached and neither is repentance and redemption. The youth of today are STARVED when they come to the house I throw meat their way and get them thinking even if they think I am some lunatic I will not be before GOD being asked why I did not warn and approach. God bless you all!

  12. Bob Frisbee or whoever you are….your piece was funny(I personally believe it’s a joke-the letter is tooo perfect) but I believe you are concerned about the “when” Jesus will return and all that surrounds that topic. Regarding Mr. Marzulli talking about the topic of UFOs and other such things from now til 2012…2025….2099 or whenever is okay. God’s word says keep looking up, he doesn’t give us an exact date. He can accelerate, slow down, change or do whatever he wants to his end time-timeline. We are given clues though, we just have to be ready.

  13. I guess Mr. Frisbee doesnt realize he has been conditioned and mindcontrolled his entire life from birth by his culture, parents, grandparents, friends, teachers, doctors, pastors, television, experts, scientists, hollywood, all orchestrated players in the matrix of the deception he already lives in created and run by Lucifer and his minions who was a Reptilian and a Fallen Angel. Not to mention his mind and body have been overloaded with un-natural destructive influences as a result of this technological world resulting in nearly infinite pollution from food/water and industry. Don’t tell him that his very letter of complaint is a result of thoughts programmed into him which are not even his own. gasp. Merry Christmas.
    someone get this guy a redpill please!

  14. Guess we shouldn’t burden poor Bob Frisbee with the pagan origins of the Christmas celebrations (starting with the date) and including the tree. We’d be dousing his holiday mood with hard doses of reality.

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