Acceleration Radio: Chris Ward! UFO/Nephilim/Abductees

Pastor Chris Ward!

We are Considering that the Bible States:

They were here before and they will come back again.

“There were giants (Nephilim) on the earth in those days and ALSO after…” Genesis 6:4

“But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be.” Matthew 24:37

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This is the best DVD that’s come across my desk in a long time, and I’ve seen just about everything.— Bob Ulrich, Prophecy in the News

Dear L.A., just wanted to let you know I watched your Watchers DVD and it is GREAT!
Everyone needs to see this!
— Dawn

Watchers DVD is the best production I have ever witnessed regarding the UFO phenomena!
— Chris Ward

I honestly want EVERYONE I know to watch it. Seriously. I wish I had the money
to send a copy to everyone I know.
— She She Kilough

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In Other News:

Ron Paul: Crotch Groped by TSA, Calls for Boycott of Airlines


TSA urges Thanksgiving airport security compliance


CAIR: Muslim Group Updates Travel Advisory for Holiday Weekend


Too Much Leniency for Terrorists


China, Russia quit dollar


U.S. sends carrier to Yellow Sea for exercises after North fires on South Korea

25 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio: Chris Ward! UFO/Nephilim/Abductees

  1. I noticed LA posted a link to the Dollar being dropped by Russia and China.

    I also noticed this on

    No mention of it in USA Today … YET.

    What are the ramifications of this move?

    Is this another BIG step in the downfall of America?

    Luke 12:40 Be ye therefore ready also: for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not

    • That article jump at me bigtime as to what’s going to happen now?
      It’s kind of strange the dow jumped up a bit from tuesday to today. Not an expert on that sort of thing, as I would think it would drop a bit instead?

      Have a Great Thanksgiving everyone. God Bless everyone and their safe travels!

    • A lot of people advise owning some gold and/or silver. I own neither. I have no faith in currency when the fit hits the shan. In the great depression, they confiscated the people’s gold anyway, because the government needed it. I am guessing the same will happen again when the economy collapses. Probably good to have some fiat currency in hand, because if there is a run on the bank it will most likely dry up. That said, fiat currency won’t buy you much when hyperinflation hits.

      Many on this blog have said the best currency is tangible goods, i.e. canned food, water, survival gear, seeds and agriculture tools, weapons/ammo for both hunting and protection. In the end, none of this will “save” us, but it can buy us some time and security for a short while.

      Best asset ever, in my opinion, is a strong faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to come and save our soul, when inevitably we are forced to choose between the Christ or the antichrist.

    • I’m assuming that fiat currency is cash on hand? I agree that being very deep in Yeshua is the only protection we have. We must decrease and He must increase whether in bad times or good. I believe He expects us to use a certain amount of worldly wisdom when warranted and since I have no real understanding of certain things I thought I should ask.

    • Actually, when the dollar goes up the dow goes down and the inverse also. Dow stocks are valued in dollars, if the dollar is worth more it takes less to buy stocks. Also has something to do with the cost of raw materials for goods and services being affected. I imagine this only happens to a point, because if it totally tanks and there are a run on banks, the dow will free fall and collapse.

  2. I just wanted to wish LA and his family a Happy Thanksgiving as well as all of the other bloggers who post here. I am so Thankful for the frienships and the opportunity to share christ with others on this blog. May God be with all of you and your families this holiday. God Bless Richard

    • Right back at you Richard. I am very thankful to read this community’s spirit filled insights to these timely issues at this late hour. Thankful mostly for Jesus and how he works his wonders among us. May God bless you and all you care for.

    • To be clear, when I wrote “community”, my blessings went out to everyone here. Thanks LA for your hardwork in this ministry. You are doing the Lord’s will!

  3. I’ll have to try and remember to tune into this program now that I’m on Thanksgiving break and back home. Just saw the Watchers DVD, and really enjoyed the interview with Dr. Leir. There really is too much that can be ignored. Dr. Marzulli, keep up the good work for Christ and the Church! God bless, and you are in all of our prayers!

  4. Brother Lynn,

    I just ordered “The Watchers” DVD. I am excited and looking forward to have someone with intelligence and gravitas back up what I have been trying to explain to certain people for years. Thank you for making this available.

    I pray you are blessed with Peace this Thanksgiving and that our God, the One True God of the Universe, The God of the Bible, Jehovah YHWH watches over you and yours as you continue to be the great Watchman on the wall for us all during these End Times. May He continue to guide you into the work He set before you and continue to give you insight and wisdom to discern the signs and times of our lives.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    In Christ,

    Jeff D

    • I couldn’t finish watching that.All I can think of the passage in the Bible that talks about making the image speak,so that anyone who refuses the mark will be put to death.You mean people actually pay for that junk.

  5. Blair says role of religion is key challenge facing world.

    THE KEY challenge facing the world “is the role of religion in the public square”, former British prime minister Tony Blair has said.

    “Is it a force for good or a force for ill?

    A force for healing or for conflict?

    A force of reaction or a force for progress?”

    he asked. “How these questions are answered will, in many ways, determine the spirit and the events of the 21st century.” Mr Blair was writing in the current edition of the UK Catholic Tablet magazine.

    He continued: “We are, understandably, preoccupied with the threat posed to us by violent religious extremism.”

    But the issue was wider. Even where there was not extremism expressed in violence, “there can be extremism expressed in the idea that a person’s identity is to be found not merely in their religious faith, but in their faith as a means of excluding the other person who does not share it”.

    Faith was problematic when it became “a way of denigrating those who do not share it as somehow lesser human beings.

    Faith is then a means of exclusion.

    God in this connection becomes not universal but partisan, faith not a means of reaching out in friendship but a means of creating or defining enemies.”

    It seemed to Mr Blair we were moving into a period when interfaith action will come into its own. In that complex context Pope Benedict’s encyclical Caritas in Veritate was “a powerful call . . . that resonates both ecumenically and with the deepest moral sentiments of the different world religions”……

  6. Help: I am sooo computer illiterate…..HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL….Did anyone perhapts record the show last night and from last week…I’d like to download as a mp3 to my Ipod…I use it outside when I walk etc. Any help or advice would be appreciated…ChapDave

  7. Re: the FoxNews link about kilts being part of the protest. My Dad’s unit in WWII the 8th Infantry was stationed for a time in Northern Ireland. The famous Black Watch regiment was stationed with them. For a full dress turn out with kilt, the men had to delete one common item, “white fronts” or tighty whiteys as we call them today. Might be a wee bit of a surprise to any TSA agent!

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